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DMC Champions DJ Shiftee & DJ Enferno have combined forces to form E.A.S.Y. Watch them roll out their take on #RealDJing where turntablism meets live performance in this video for their latest single, “Like That.” Afterwards, they break down their routine and show how they use sample packs to take their live set to the next level. Below, check out their selection of hand-picked sample packs to use in your new production or live set.

E.A.S.Y. - Way Out

"At E.A.S.Y., we're all about romance. In our pack, we wanted to provide drums, synths, and beyond to help our fellow producers set the mood. So dim the lights, open a bottle of Pinot, and slide these samples into your DAW for passionate music making all night long." - E.A.S.Y.


"The synth leads are hype. E.A.S.Y. doesn't always get hype, but when we do, we get extremely hype." - E.A.S.Y.

Trap Vs Twerk 2

"Useful risers and sweeps in this one. True story: if the music thing doesn't work out for E.A.S.Y., we are going to become chimney sweepers just to be near sound fx." - E.A.S.Y.

Twerk The Bass!!!

"Big sub kicks that go boooooooooooom with 12 "o"'s." - E.A.S.Y.

Twerk Sessions

"Those blips and blops (technical term) in the percussion make us want to get our Timbaland on." - E.A.S.Y.

BLAP KIT BoomTrap Volume 1

"Dark and brooding drum samples, like Christian Bale in The Batman movies. We are especially feeling the timbaland-esque percussion one shots." - E.A.S.Y

BLAP KIT Vox Chops

"Normally we have to get our vocal chops from Enferno singing romantic ballads into his home microphone, so it's nice to get another option here." - E.A.S.Y.

Boom Bap Beats & Bits

"Yeahhhhh goin back to our roots. We love throwing in more vintage sounding drums to give it that flava. E.A.S.Y. recommends rocking backpacks and hoodies while using these samples." - E.A.S.Y.

The Keys To Hip Hop Vol 2

"E.A.S.Y. loves to tickle ivories, so we are especially feeling all the keys in this pack. Can get our tickle on. Gots to get our tickle on." - E.A.S.Y.


"Lots of cool chirps in this one, like a very aggressive bird throwing up its gunfingers." - E.A.S.Y.

Organic Chillout

"E.A.S.Y. eats organic and loves to chill, so this pack fits right in with our gluten free-non gmo-farm fresh-cage free lifestyle." - E.A.S.Y.

Shocking Build-Up Effects 4

"We were shocked, shocked I tell you, to hear the shocking build-up effects in 'Shocking Build-Up Effects.'" - E.A.S.Y.