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Wide Open Tools

Wide Open Tools is a label for Samples and Loops founded by Philip Bader and Adel Abbes. Music producers obtain a variety of tools to enhance their own sound production by using the essentials delivered in each of the Wide Open Tools packages. The concept behind Wide Open Tools is to cooperate with well established artists in order to enable other music producers to integrate these particular styles in their own music production, and thus to obtain the sound they have always were dreaming of. Wide Open Tools derives its name from this "wide open" concept which opens up entirely new possibilities for all interested music producers. The possibilities are nearly endless.The radical goal in sharing the key essentials of well known artists' music styles with other music producers at the bottom line is to let people play around with sounds and samples they always wanted to have and thus develop their own style through using these tools. Music producers can additionally make use of the Wild Open Tools packages to develop their own sound further. All Wide Open Tools artists are experienced enough to know how their sounds work and what effect they have on which particular crowd in which particular situation and they are willing to share this knowledge with other artists who are willing to make use of this particular meta-knowledge. With each package Wide Open Tools gives away a piece of each artist's soul. Genres: Tech House, Deep House, House, Techno, Minimal, 100% Royalty Free Samples and Loops