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A new project founded by Kane Roth, About Noise rec. is a new collective of talented, passionate, creative sound designers and artists who want to provide you with high standart audio sample packs, which are exciting and useful with outstanding, unique sounds at affordable prices.About Noise is for musicians, producers and djs who require top quality, creative audio samples that will help you progress and enhance your music in the best way possible. All the sounds and loops are 100% original, 100% Royalty free, without any additional fees.Get your groove moving in a matter of minutes with your noise sample packs.Let your noise be your music!

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 - Pure Deep Techno
Pure Deep TechnoAbout NoiseTechno, Minimal / Deep Tech2017-04-24

This is a solid and creative package of pure sounds to explore the deeper side of Techno. A great selection with inspiring loops for Deep underground, Tribal and Techno. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • House • Tech House

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TECH-HOUSE TO TECHNOAbout NoiseHouse, Minimal / Deep Tech2017-06-22

505MB of powerful, sublime sounds from Tech House to Techno, this pack is a must have! A great selection of driving basslines & percussions, stunning vocals for the perfect tonic to get the dancefloor moving all night long. Uplifting sounds for your future Tech House production or Deep & Techno. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House • Techno • Vocal

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GROOVY TECHNOAbout NoiseTechno, Tech House2017-06-30

Amazing bass, stunning vocals, percussive and groovy loops. A powerful pack of sounds to sweep the dance floor. Create unique tracks specifically crafted for Dark Tech-House, Techno, Minimal Techno & Underground Techno. All the sounds are designed to perfect your groove for your future productions. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Minimal / Deep Tech • Vocal

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TRIBAL TECHNOAbout NoiseHouse, Techno2017-07-06

Deep tribal sounds with great percussion loops, useful sounds and organic elements for Techno, Tech house, minimal & after-hours music. This pack contains just what you need to push your boundaries and open up your creative side. The ultimate sounds of modern, groovy percussion’s give shape to your noisy ideas. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Minimal / Deep Tech

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ATMOSPHERIC SOUND FXAbout NoiseTechno, Sound FX2017-07-16

A mega pack of crazy Sounds FX, Textures, Dark soundscapes, cinematics, atmospheres & background sounds. No matter what genre of Techno, Dark Techno, Breaks, Downtempo, Experimental and even more. This is a must have collection of sound fx. A very high standard pack to get unique atmospheres to fire up your tracks. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Dubstep • Minimal / Deep Tech

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MINIMAL TECHNOAbout NoiseTechno, Minimal / Deep Tech2017-07-26

Personalize your next Minimal Techno track and make some serious Minimal beats. This pack features a selection of creative sounds to get inspired and will help you create several tracks with different atmospheric tones specifically crafted for Underground Minimal Techno music and tribal vibes. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • House • Tech House

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 - Basement Techno
Basement TechnoAbout NoiseTechno, Minimal / Deep Tech2017-08-12

Basement Techno brings you superbly designed sounds that range from Underground Deep dark to Techno. This pack is a perfect addition to your dark samples collection with intricate and powerful loops. Find the real sound of world renowned clubs such as Berghain and Tresor! Plenty of hypnotic sounds and loops to get lots of inspiration. What's inside the pack including Extra Loops • 30 Full loops • 17 Bass Loops • 4 Music Loops • 12 Texture & Fx Loops • 24 Percussion & percussive Loops • 2 Hybrid Loops • 13 Top Loops/HH/Claps/Rides • 46 One shots • 11 Kick Loops

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 - Techno Minimal
Techno MinimalAbout NoiseTechno, Minimal / Deep Tech2017-08-24

This pack will help you to get some serious Techno and Minimal beats. Personalize your next techno minimal track using this selection of great sounds and loops to get inspired all night long! An Authentic library for producers who are looking for something special and qualitative that will set you apart from anyone else. Create several tracks with different atmospheric tones specifically crafted for Techno and minimal music, Underground, tribal and tech house.

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 - Drum Loops
Drum LoopsAbout NoiseTechno, Drums2017-09-07

Amazing Drum Loops, organic & percussive rhythms, ultimate fantastic Loops to get you inspired to create your own unique sounds. This package will help you get your groove moving in a matter of minutes. For djs who like to own and create their Dj set live, this is a package you need to deliver powerful sounds and engage with your audience with these hard hitting Drum Loops. These sounds will help you create Underground Tracks, Techno, Minimal Techno, Dark Tech House, Dark Techno, Tribal Techno, & Underground Techno. What's inside the folder: • 130 Drum Loops including No kick loops. Drum loops are made with: Kick drum, Top, Clap, Ride, Hi Hat, Texture, Percussion, Percussive sounds, Bass & Hybrid Elements. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House

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 - Creative Top Loops
Creative Top LoopsAbout NoiseTechno, Minimal / Deep Tech2017-10-09

Wav format @125Bpm 100 WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit. Featuring 203MB of amazing, creative, organic, groovy and percussive Top loops made with percussions, textures, HH, ride, clap, hybrid elements and Percussive sounds. This pack is a perfect addition to your Top loops samples collection for all genre of Techno, Underground, Tech house, Minimal,Dark, House, Deep, whatever the music you make, you will get get inspired to create an unique groove in your future productions. What's inside the folder: • 100 Top Loops Kick drums in the demo are not part of the product but are added free of charge. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House

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 - Dark Minimal
Dark MinimalAbout NoiseTechno, Minimal / Deep Tech2017-11-10

Wav format @125bpm _131x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit. Featuring 276MB of creative Minimal loops, included dark vocals, organic and grainy percussions with stunning effect, driven layered kick loops, top and full loops ready to roll. This is a useful selection of loops and sounds ready to be fired into your daw for your future dark Minimal or Deep techno production. Full loops folders including all stems and extra loops. What's inside the full loops folders: • Mix loops - 21 • Bass Loops - 15 • Drum Loops - 10 • Sound FX & Textures - 16 • Percussion Loops - 29 • Top Loops / HH / Clap - 24 • Kick Loops - 10 • Vocal Loops - 4 • Hybrid loops - 2