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Audiotent deliver professional, royalty-free samples, synth presets and construction kits designed to keep progressive house, minimal and techno producers inspired and motivated.

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 - Motion // Techno FX
Motion // Techno FXAudiotentTechno, Progressive House2018-07-11

Motion contains 107 FX samples. A broad selection of timbres ranging from glitched percussion, bass drones to crunchy noise textures. All the included samples are designed and processed to fit effortlessly into the mix. What's included? • 107 x Techno FX wav samples • 31 x Bonus loops (all the sounds/loops from the demo) *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House

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 - Particle // Full-Size Techno Library
Particle // Full-Size Techno LibraryAudiotentTechno, Tech House2018-07-25

Particle is a complete library of over 600MB Dark Techno sounds. Featuring energetic and contagious loops with maximum flexibility. What's included? • 27 x Bass Loops • 27 x Synth Loops • 27 x Pads & Textures • 27 x Vocal Loops • 27 x Percussion Loops • 27 x FX • 27 x Kicks drums • 27 x Hats • 27 x Percussion • 27 x Clap & Snares • 108 x Drum Loops *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Progressive House

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 - Rumble // Techno Sub Tools
Rumble // Techno Sub ToolsAudiotentTechno, Tech House2018-06-20

Add some low-end attitude. Rumble delivers 107 purposely programmed and processed bass loops. Covering a wide variety of grooves ready to drag and drop into your latest project. Everything from reverb techno rumbles, rolling saturated toms, to melodic analog sequences. Discover the unique sound of Rumble today. What's included? • 107 x Bass/Sub Bass WAV Loops (60 x 126 BPM & 47x 128 BPM) *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Progressive House

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 - Massive Presets
Massive PresetsAudiotentProgressive House, Presets / Patches2014-02-10

Audiotent are extremely proud to present you with the very latest collection of 64 sounds for Native Instruments Massive. We have left no stone unturned with every preset, meticulously designed from scratch and using all eight macros in every patch. Pushing the Massive to its limits, Audiotent has you covered in every area of production - from throbbing basses, searing leads and huge progressive plucks to evolving aps, lush pads and keys, full-on chords, sparse percussion and spacial effects. Just fire up the patches and unleash your next EDM anthem! Presets included in the pack: 15x Bass 10x Lead 5x Arp 10x Pluck 5x Pad 5x Chord 5x Key 5x Perc 5x FX Please note: the audio demo uses drum samples and simple white noise transitions that are NOT included in the pack. This pack contains Massive presets only. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • House • Minimal • Tech House

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 - Kick Presets Vol. 1
Kick Presets Vol. 1AudiotentDrums, Presets / Patches2014-08-04

Audiotent bring you a 50 of the finest kick presets ready to load straight into Sonic Academy's Kick Drum Synthesizer. Are you tired of searching through all of your drum samples to find that perfect kick? Then this expansion is for you! We have carefully recreated 50 punchy, chest thumping kicks from artists such as Audien, Alesso, Michael Woods, Axwell, Tommy Trash, Vicetone, Mogaui, Deadmau5 and Hardwell. These can then be easily tuned to the key of your latest track, leaving you with a perfect sounding low end. We've also included 50 AIFF Click Samples so that you can mix and match your favourite kick presets to come up with new fresh sounding kicks. Product Details: 50 x Sonic Academy Kick Presets 50 x AIFF Click Samples Please Note: Sonic Academy Kick 1.0+ is required for the presets *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Progressive House • Electro House • House • Tech House • Techno

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 - Wall of Sound
Wall of SoundAudiotentProgressive House, Electro House2015-02-02

Audiotent presents "Wall of Sound" If you're looking to master that hugely popular and most sought after full frequency packed sound that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, then look no further! Audiotent offers you 8 full construction kits, each incorporating uplifting breakdowns, tense build ups and memorable melodic drops. If you're inspired by artists and labels such as: Audien, Ilan Bluestone, Jenaux, Paris & Simo, Moguai, Lush & Simon, Sick Individuals, Anjunabeats, Armada, Revealed and Axtone then this latest "Wall of Sound" pack is for you! Each kit contains: Kick, Drum Loops, Claps & Snares, Percussion, FX & Risers, Lead & Chord Layers, Bass and MIDI files. All kits are key labelled to help make it as easy as possible for you to get creative. Also, as an added bonus, we’re also including 15 extra midi construction kits, comprising of separate Bass, Chords and Lead MIDI, a total of 45 separate MIDI files to help kickstart your next chart topping release. All sounds and MIDI are royalty free and you can use them in all of your latest productions. The samples in this pack are also a great learning tool for you to study and analyse on how to achieve that full sounding Wall of Sound mix. Download, be inspired, be creative! Included in this pack: • 8x Construction Kits (Including MIDI files) • 60x Single Drum Hits (15x Kicks, 15x Claps & Snares, 15x Hats, 15x Percussion) • 15x MIDI Construction Kits (15x Bass, 15x Chord Layers & 15x Lead Layers) • 24bit 44.1 khz .WAV Download contains: • 256 x 24-bit Wav Stems • 60 x 24-bit Wav Single Shots • 69 x MIDI Files Download size: • 1.27 Gb (unzipped) • 883 MB (zipped) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • MIDI • Trance

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 - Tech-House Planet
Tech-House PlanetAudiotentTech House2011-04-29

10 deep, driving, club-shaking construction kits of pumping tech house elements, featuring throbbing basslines, twisted synths and tech-tastic drum workouts. Audiotent make their S2S debut with a robust collection of 299 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots custom built to reflect the chunky mainroom sound of the moment. Each kit folder contains a full mix as well as individual sounds: beefy bassline grooves, atmospheric synth progressions, large space effects and tight drums separated into kicks, snare/claps, hats and percussion. All the melodic elements have MIDI files for total creative control. There is also a bumper collection of 100 monster drum hits (kicks, snares, hats, percs) to fire up and build your own custom grooves from scratch. Finally, there's a selection of 20 filthy bass and 20 snarling synth loops to get your creative juices flowing. All loops are key- and tempo-labeled (127bpm) for total production ease. The collection is provided in multiple formats (24-bit Wav, 24-bit Acidized Wav, AIFF/Apple Loops, Rex2) for total cross platform compatibility.

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 - Melodic House - Sylenth1 Presets
Melodic House - Sylenth1 PresetsAudiotentPresets / Patches2011-07-14

From searing sawtooth leads to beautiful ethereal pads and super-subby bass parts, this pack contains 64 inspirational, euphoric and melodic synth lead patches designed for melodic house, electro, trance, chillout and everything in between. All presets have been carefully designed to fit the mix with little or no processing. This collection contains only fresh and up to date sounds that will enhance any modern production. To top it off there's 20 carefully programmed midi files included, ready to drop straight into your DAW. Download contains: 20 MIDI files and 64 presets for Lennar Digital Sylenth. Download size: 122KB (zipped). * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Trance • Progressive House • Electro House

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 - Tech-House Tools
Tech-House ToolsAudiotentTech House2011-10-27

Audiotent return with 340MB of chunky big-room beats, fat 'n' filthy basslines, jacked percussion loops, killer kick-free tops, juicy tech synths, plus 60 associated Midi files for melodic elements. Aimed squarely at the mainroom, Tech-House Tools merges peak-time tech energy , hints of minimal-inspired drum programming and a sprinkle and deep-tech synthesis to create an essential collection of club-smashing elements. The collection features 20 deep and bouncing bass loops, 20 fully-formed floor-rocking drum loops, 40 mixed nu-perc loops, 40 melodic and stabbed leads and 40 kick-free tops. There's also a folder of 60 Midi files for the melodic elements - 20 bass files and 40 synth files. Midi gives you the creative freedom to choose the sound, key, velocity and notation, amongst other things, so your groove sits right. The collection is presented in industry-standard 24-bit Wav format and all loops are precision cut to slot together seamlessly. Download contains: 160 x 24-bit Wav loops, 60 x Midi files. Download size: 434MB (unzipped)

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 - Progressive Sylenth1 Set
Progressive Sylenth1 SetAudiotentPresets / Patches2011-11-19

Bursting with deep and driving basses, hands-in-the-air leads, powerful plucks, atmospheric pads and rush-inducing FX, Audiotent sculpt a precision selection of 64 Sylenth1 presets for progressive house tracks. Pushing the Sylenth1 to its limits, Audiotent offer the full range of synth-based sounds - from throbbing basses and soaring leads to huge prog plucks, expansive pads and FX - that are primed to get heart-rates racing on the dancefloor. The collection contains 20 basses, 20 leads, 20 pads, 10 plucks, 10 pads and 4 FX presets - each mapped with a host of editable parameters allowing you to instantly customise each preset to fit your next track. Please note: this collection contains Sylenth1 presets only. The drums used in the audio demo are NOT included in the pack. Download contains: 64 x Sylenth1 presets. Download size: 508KB (unzipped). * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Progressive House • Trance

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 - Progressive House Drums
Progressive House DrumsAudiotentProgressive House2011-12-21

Audiotent with another sterling selection of beat bounty - this time moving into progressive house territory with 300MB pared-down grooves, tech tops, glitch loops, noise loops, drum fills, hits and more. Tempo-synced at 127bpm, all the sounds are offered as 24-bit Wav files and are uniquely categorised into folders of glitch loops, hat loops, low-end loops, no-kick loops, noisy loops, percussion loops, drum fills, as well as 300 precision engineered drum one-shots for limitless beat creation. What's in the collection? Glitch Loops - 30 glitched and twisted machine-garbled grooves for unconventional topline texture. Bass loops - 30 kick drum rhythms and sub-heavy beats optimised to shake the dancefloor. No-Kick Loops - 30 mid-range loops packed with snares and synth- derived percussion - just load a kick to lock the groove. Percussion Loops - 30 pumping, full-fat loops dominated with chunky 808 and 909-style toms, knocks and hits. Hat Loops - 30 top-end loops of white noise hats and crunchy drum machine hits to complete your beat. Noisy Loops - Varied mix of 30 programmed-from-scratch FX loops and heavily processed drum grooves. And much more...300 kicks, claps, hats, percussive, glitch and noise hits - plus 10 bonus drum fills and 30 key-labeled synth loops. All loops are offered as pristine 24-bit Wav files to ensure maximum fidelity on any system. Download contains: 220 x 24-bit Wav loops, 300 x 24-bit Wav one- shots. Download size: 300MB (unzipped).

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 - Progressive House Energy
Progressive House EnergyAudiotentProgressive House2012-07-07

Malicious mainroom mayhem fills the latest must have summer sample pack from Audiotent, Progressive House Energy. 10 construction kits, 153 wav's and 39 MIDI tracks all produced by hands in the air impresario Stedd, are exactly what progressive house producers will need to track out their next chart topping club banger. From huge house kicks, rounded low end bass, and ethereal leads, we expect to hear Progressive House Energy samples in the biggest anthems from the biggest producers throughout festival season 2012! This pack was produced by Stedd. 10 construction kits 153 WAV files 39 MIDI files 292MB (zipped) * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House

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 - Ultimate Synth Shots
Ultimate Synth ShotsAudiotentElectro House2012-08-11

The biggest hands in the air synth shots for the next pumping prog chart topper can all be found in Audiotents latest Ultimate Synth Shots. 200+ synth shots make up nearly 70 megabites of gloriously uncompressed audio that will add the perfect main room polish to your next progged out peak hour chart topper. Just drag and drop these key and tempo labeld samples into your preferred DAW and you're ready to....roll! Download contains: 250 x 24-bit Wav one-shots. Download size: 69.2MB (unzipped), 48.2MB (zipped) * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Progressive House

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 - Ultimate Noise FX
Ultimate Noise FXAudiotentSound FX2012-09-05

Packed with 170 Samples divided into these categories: 30 Noise Falls 30 Noise Rises 30 Phasing Noises 30 Simple Noises 50 Sidechained Noises subdivided into 126, 127, 128, 129, 130BPM. The samples are presented in industry-standard 24-bit Wav format. Please note: this collection contains noise effects only. The drums and melodic bass/synth elements are NOT included in the pack. Download contains: 170 x 24-bit Wav samples. Download size 201MB (unzipped)

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 - Trance Melodics
Trance MelodicsAudiotentTrance, MIDI2012-11-14

Audiotent bring you the sky-high euphorics and hands-in-the-air construction tools needed for your next PLUR'd out trance production in their latest production pack, Trance Melodics. 100 loops of blissed out bass and searing, soaring synths build create one of the greatest and most all inclusive trance packs in the history of humanity. Audiotent's Trance Melodics is the perfect song starting kit to create your next trance symphony and send you sailing the endless euphoric sea of sonic majesty. Included: 50 melodic bass loops 50 matching bass MIDI's 50 melodic synth loops 50 matching synth MIDI's 5 bonus re-processed synth loops 5 bonus re-processed bass loops PLEASE NOTE: the audio demo uses drum samples which are NOT included in the pack. Noise effects are taken from Audiotent - Ultimate Noise FX library. This pack includes MIDI files, bass and synth loops only. Download Contains: 110 X 24-bit Wav loops at 130bpm 100 X MIDI files 200MB (unzipped) * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Progressive House • MIDI

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 - Ultimate Noise FX 2
Ultimate Noise FX 2AudiotentSound FX2013-02-01

The highly requested second volume to an Audioten't best seller Ultimate Noise FX collection. Once again, filled with epic risers, phasing sweeps, massive falls and descenders it makes a perfect library to maximise euphoria and tension in your productions. All the samples have been carefully crafted by our sound designer Stedd and presented in a 24-bit crystal clear .Wav format. What's in the collection? • 170 Noise Effects • WAV Samples divided into these categories: • 30 Noise Falls • 30 Noise Rises • 30 Phasing Noises • 30 Simple Noises • 50 Sidechained Noises subdivided into 126, 127, 128, 129, 130BPM. Please note: this collection contains noise effects only. The drums and melodic bass/synth elements are NOT included in the pack. Download contains: 170 x 24-bit Wav Noise Effects. Download size 151 MB * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • Electro House • House • Progressive House • Techno • Tech House • Trance