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Twenty-five years ago, Big Fish Audio recorded and created the first commercially available virtual instrument, the Prosonus brand of orchestral libraries. Since 1986, Big Fish Audio has consistently produced the highest quality sample libraries available. Over the years, our sounds have been featured in hundreds of charting songs and top film and television soundtracks. We are the largest distributor of sample libraries in the world, and we create the most up-to-date loop and virtual instruments libraries using our extensive recording facilities and team of producers. As when you hire a musician or engineer in the studio, experience is vital. And from the very beginning, Big Fish Audio has sold license-free sounds. Your purchase of our product IS the license: if you've bought our product through a legitimate source, you have the unlimited right to use it in your musical compositions.

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 - Ambient Skyline
Ambient SkylineBig Fish AudioChill Out2011-06-08

Inspiring and unique 5GB collection of ambient and cinematic chill out loops, rhythm beds, music beds, and much more. Recorded and performed by seasoned professionals on top of the line gear, these sounds will bring a new kind of magic to your music. With 5GB of original content (duplicated into acidized WAV, REX, Apple Loop, and RMX formats), and 2,266 loops and samples from ambient guitars to a collection of effected rhodes loops, these sounds can add an esoteric new dimension to many different musical settings. What's in the collection? > 10.88 GB total content (5GB of original 24-bit WAV files) > 2,266 original loops and samples (941 Loops and 1,325 one-shot samples) Loops Include: > Ambient Guitar Loops > Ambeint Rhythm Loops > Atmospheric Rhodes Loops > Atmospheric Loops > Electric Bass Loops > Experimental Guitar Loops > NYC Ambience (field recordings of Grand Central, Penn Station, 42nd Street, and more) > Tonal Rhythm Loops > Kick and Hat Loops One-Shot Hits and Phrases Include: > Ambient Alto, Soprano, and Tenor Sax prased one shots > Ambient Flugel Horn phrased one shots > Ambient Vocal phrased one shots > Chill-Out Pads & Atmospheric one shots > Guitar Atmosphere one shots > Minimalistic piano one shots

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 - Urban String Sessions
Urban String SessionsBig Fish AudioHip-Hop / R&B, Orchestral2011-06-08

The holy grail of studio recordings are good string sessions. The problem is they are so expensive and it's so hard to find great players. Not any more... Urban String Sessions fills that need perfectly by providing you with beautifully recorded studio strings that are perfect for Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, and any number of other musical contexts. These loops were recorded with just enough players to make a lush sound but not too many to overwhelm your tracks. Each loop is also broken out by section giving you greater flexibility over the mix as well as the ability to create more extensive arrangements by bringing in and out different sections throughout your music. Urban String Sessions provides you your own professional studio string players without breaking your studio budget. What's in the collection? 214 x total string loops supplied both as 24-bit Wavs and Apple Loops. Tempos range from 60 to 110bpm. Note: ONLY String loops included, other instrumentation heard in the audio demos are not part of this product.

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 - Cinematic Percussion
Cinematic PercussionBig Fish AudioOrchestral2011-06-16

30 construction kits of stunning cinematic percussion featuring live performances from one of the film industry's most sought-after percussionists, M.B. Gordy. Totalling 2.6 GB of live percussion recordings, Cinematic Percussion includes a myriad of rhythmic instrumentation: deep giant taiko drums, exotic Middle Eastern hand drums, shakers, metals, beads, timpani, snares, gongs, piatti, tuned slates, oil drums, waterphones and more. Create any rhythmic score, from the eeriest of ambiences, military engagements, island sacrifices, ultimate disasters, spine tingling thrillers, superhero confrontations, chase scenes and more. Each of the 30 construction kits come loaded with loops ready to mix and match, dice and splice or use as-is right of the the box. All kits are tempo-labeled (60bpm-180bpm) for total production ease. The collection is presented in multiple formats (24-bit Acidized Wav, Apple Loops, Rex2, Kontakt 3). The Kontakt/Apple Loops version contains Kontakt-mapped versions of all loops from the construction kits laid out across the keyboard for easy and automatic timestreching. NB: This collection requires a fully-licensed version of Kontakt 3.5 or later.

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 - R&B Swagga
R&B SwaggaBig Fish AudioFunk / Soul / Disco2011-06-16

38 smokin' hot construction kits loaded with attitude and authentic R&B swagger, combining sultry Rhodes, sexy keys and assorted smooth instrumentation. What's the most important thing you can put into your R&B tracks? Swagga! And it's this swaggering R&B elixir has been infused throughout this 5.8GB collection, from the drums, bass and guitars or the synths, strings and rhodes through to the organs, harps, pianos and flutes. Each comprehensive construction kit contains a radio-ready blend of instrumental loops custom-designed for the charts. Each kit contains a full mix as well as each individual element broken out. Each kit also contains bonus folders of drum loops and hits, giving you the freedom to build your own beats from scratch. All kits are key- and tempo-labeled for complete convenience. The collection is provided in multiple formats (24-bit Acidized Wav, Apple Loops, Rex2).

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 - The Crate: Ultimate Urban Samples
The Crate: Ultimate Urban SamplesBig Fish AudioHip-Hop / R&B2011-06-23

Big Fish Audio deliver a 6.5+GB goldmine of the purest, rawest hip hop and R&B loops and one-shots. Featuring beats, bass, guitars, keys, FX and more, each sample is custom-designed to add sheer sonic sparkle to any urban production. Big Fish Audio boldly turn their back on the construction kit format, instead opting to deliver almost 7GB of drums loops and hits, guitar licks, orchestral hits, key and synth loops, FX and more within one comprehensive library of sample inspiration. Totalling over 6,000 individual loops and hits, the collection is offered in both 24-bit Wav and 16-bit Wav format for increased hardware and software sampler compatibility. Download and get digging for your ultimate urban sample!

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 - Kings Of The South
Kings Of The SouthBig Fish AudioHip-Hop / R&B2011-06-23

40 hard-hitting, speaker-splitting, crunk-flavoured hip hop construction kits loaded with bangin' beats, red-hot synths, cone-melting basslines for urban producers seeking the unmistakable southern style. Totalling a mammoth 2.3GB of multiformat content (24-bit Wav, Apple Loops, Rex2), King of the South takes stylistic hints from Lil Wayne, T.I and Young Jeezy to deliver a bang-on-the-money selection of loops in radio-ready construction kit format. Each kit comes stacked with a full mix as well as each individual element broken out, such as kick, hats, snares, mixed drums, bass, lead, FX, giving complete arrangement freedom to mix and match loops at will. For added control each construction kit contains a folder of drum hits so you can build your own beats and fills from the drum sounds within each construction kit.

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 - Indie Rock Collection
Indie Rock CollectionBig Fish AudioDance2011-06-30

Indie rock in its purest form: 3+GB of gritty guitars, dirty drums, driven bass, piano and more across 10 construction kits oozing with authentic indie rock attitude. Rock music has come a long way since its early beginnings.  Today, it can be heard in many forms and sub-genres born out of various music movements, bands, and regions. Now that the music industry is heavily dominated by the internet, unknown Indie Rock artists have emerged from under the radar, and have created a genre with a sound all their own.  Indie Rock Collection perfectly captures the sound and feel of some of today's most popular Indie bands across 10 real-deal construction kits. Each kit has multiple sections to work with to allow for fuller arrangements and expanded musical possibilities. All 10 kits also include the multi-track drum parts from each kit, giving you the freedom to custom-mix the drums just the way you like them.

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 - G-Strings
G-StringsBig Fish AudioFunk / Soul / Disco2011-07-06

Hip hop guitars get the platinum treatment from Big Fish Audio in thishuge 7GB library of construction kits loaded with glittering fret-work by from legendary guitarist Tommy O (Janet Jackson, P. Diddy, Toni Braxton, TLC, D'Angelo). The multi-talented Tommy O has teamed up with the well-respected eCITY All Stars to offer 1,050 samples across 40 fully-loaded kits of R&B and hip hop flavours laced with the most G'd up strings you've ever heard. Each kit contains a full mix, as well as all individual instrument elements broken out for maximum mix control. For added flexibility, all drums are also multitracked and all individual drum hits are also offered, making it easy to customise you rhythm section. All loops are provided in 24-bit Acidzed Wav, Apple Loops and Rex format.

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 - Risque: Pop Kits
Risque: Pop KitsBig Fish AudioDance2011-07-13

15 catchy and addictive contemporary pop construction kits that seamlessly merge elements of hip hop, pop and dance in style of today's biggest artists, such as Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and Rihanna. The lines between urban, pop and dance have officially been blurred and the billboard charts are topped by artists liberally merging these genres into one cohesive, energetic sound. Risque: Pop Kits reflects these cutting-edge, chart-topping sounds, offering 352 loops of drums, bass, synths, plus live instrumentation including guitar, orchestral stabs, piano, horn, flute and strings. All kits include all instrument elements broken out, with drums offered as a full mix as well as stripped loops (i.e. kick-only), plus a folder containing the individual drum hits. Totalling 2.6GB of content, the collection is presented in multiple formats (24-bit Wav, Apple Loops, Rex2) for cross-platform compatibility. For radio-ready loops, look no further than Risque: Pop Kits.

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 - Hook City Urban Pop Edition
Hook City Urban Pop EditionBig Fish AudioHip-Hop / R&B2011-07-13

From swagged-out club bangers to hyped-up hip hop hits, Big Fish Audio serve up 30 construction kits in the style of hip hop's biggest stars, from Flo Rida and Jason Derulo to Jodeci and Chris Brown. Totalling 565 loops, each kit packs in a full song-starting ensemble of loops containing beats (full mix, plus stripped loops), bass, assorted instrumentation (guitar, synths, organ, strings, piano), FX and more. Each kit also contains an extended radio-ready vocal hook, sometimes served with a non-looping variant. Custom-designed for the charts and club, Hook City: Urban Pop Edition delivers red-hot instrumentation and party-starting vox hooks for producers and artists alike. The collection is offered in 24-bit Wav and Apple Loops format.

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 - Studio Guitars: The Michael Ripoll Project
Studio Guitars: The Michael Ripoll ProjectBig Fish AudioDance2011-07-20

1000+ fret-busting guitar loops and licks for rock, pop, blues, funk and jazz jams from Michael Ripoll, one of the most sought-after guitar players in the music industry. With credits that include pop superstars as varied as Mary J. Blige, India Arie and Stevie Wonder, Big Fish Audio bring one of the world's top guitarists direct to your DAW for the first time. Bursting with blissful acoustic jangles, screaming blues riffs, visceral funk loops, cerebral jazz progressions, classic pop licks and hard-hitting rock leads, Studio Guitars delivers radio-ready riffs and melodies across 91 comprehensive construction kits. Intuitively divided into eight sub-folders of Acoustic, Blues, Country, Funk, Pop, Rock and Xtra Guitars, each folder contains all-guitar construction kits, each loaded with lead, rhythm, intro, chorus, verse, fills and outro loops. All loops are tempo-labeled and all kits are key-labeled for total convenience. Whether you're looking for full melodic songstarters or individual riffs, Studio Guitars is a rich treasure trove of stadium-rocking guitars waiting to be plundered. The collection is offered in 24-bit Wav, Apple Loops and Rex Loops format.

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 - Epic Drums
Epic DrumsBig Fish AudioDrums2011-07-21

1200+ high-octane cinematic drum loops and intricate rhythmic beds for producers, composers and sound designers seeking percussive impact and high energy rhythms. Expertly played by top professional percussionists, Epic Drums employs a vast array of percussive instrumentation to stunning effect: from massive toms and Roto toms to Japanese Taikos and Indian Dholaks, huge orchestral cymbals and rides to synth drums and FXed cymbals and beyond. Each kit contains a full mix as well as all instruments broken out into individual loops for total mix and match control. Spanning a variety of time signatures and tempos (65-180bpm), Epic Drums is a uniquely versatile collection that moves beyond the standard 4/4 offerings of many drum loop collections. Offered in Acidized Wav, Rex2/Stylus RMX and Apple Loops, there are also Kontkat/Apple Loops versions of the construction kits which assign the loops across your keyboard with automatic timestretching for those with Kontakt 3.0.2 or later.

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 - Hip Hop India Modern Percussion
Hip Hop India Modern PercussionBig Fish AudioHip-Hop / R&B, World2011-07-27

A stunning 6GB blend of authentic Indian percussive rhythms and red-hot urban beats expertly played by Sanket Athale, a master of both Indian and Western percussion playing styles. Loaded with bona fide Indian percussion, from clay pots and manjira to ghungroo and dholak, to dimdi, table and beyond, Hip Hop India will find favour amongst, hip hop, world, chillout and soundtrack producers hungry authentic ethnic percussion to spice up their tracks. The collection is divided into 49 ultra-detailed construction kits, each stacked with loops that fit seamlessly together to create detailed and dynamic percussive grooves laced with sub-continent swing. Loops are offered in both mixed and stripped variants for complete mix control and beat-making freedom. As always with Big Fish Audio the attention to detail is unparalleled, employing the services of master Indian musician Dinshah Sanjana to produce and record the collection in order to submerge you in the sounds and rhythms of India. The collection is offered in 24-bit Wav, Apple Loops and Rex Loops format and all loops are tempo-labeled for total convenience.

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 - The Afterparty: Hip Hop Club Kits
The Afterparty: Hip Hop Club KitsBig Fish AudioHip-Hop / R&B2011-07-27

Ten construction kits of super-swaggin' hip hop beats, club-inspired synths, bigroom bass and more the from urban all-stars Big Fish Audio. Everybody knows the Afterparty is where the party really begins: driving drums, bumpin' percussions, gated synths, soaring leads, slick keys licks and assorted instrumentation, all expertly engineered for cutting-edge urban dance inspiration. Inspired by hot, sweaty and sexy after-hours parties, The Afterparty is all you need to create red-hot VIP hits, from hedonistic dance-infused bangers to late-night slow burners. Each kit contains a full mix as well as all individual elements broken out. Drums are broken out into individual stripped loops as well as individual drum hits for complete custom beat making. All kits are key- and tempo-labeled (68-135bpm) for added production ease.

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 - Pop n' Soul Guitars
Pop n' Soul GuitarsBig Fish AudioDance2011-08-04

Embrace the sonic soul of the six-string with this exhaustive 8GB collection of the hottest electric, acoustic and nylon guitar loops for contemporary R&B, Soul and Pop producers. Taking stylistic cues from the world's top R&B and pop artists such as Usher, Rihanna, Alicia Keys and Beyonce, live instrument specialists Big Fish Audio serve up 25 radio-ready construction kits of infectious guitar intros, licks, hooks, leads and bridges. Each kit contains four different song sections (Verse, Chorus, Bridge/Breakdown and Outro), giving you the creative flexibility to build the track your way: use as is or mix and match for 100s of new melodic ideas. All loops are served in as both a live/amped loop as well as a direct version, allowing you to fire up virtual amp plug-ins, re-amp and tweak every single loops in near limitless ways. Big Fish Audio are the kings of live instrument samples and Soul & Pop Guitars is no exception, bringing authentic live-played guitar loops direct to your DAW in stunning fashion.

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 - Pure Rock Hits
Pure Rock HitsBig Fish AudioDance2011-08-09

Twenty timeless rock construction kits packed with 9+GB of hedonistic rockstar energy, unforgettable melodies, enormous guitar licks, earth-shattering drums and more. Iconic and legendary rock songs all have a way of moving and inspiring us and Big Fish Audio put the power of rock inside your DAW like never before. Pure Rock Hits contains over 5GB of original content aimed to help you create a little rock magic of your own.   Spread across each of the huge construction kits are influences from some of the biggest rock groups of the last 20 years, such as Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Coldplay, Lifehouse,  Hootie & the Blowfish, Bon Jovi, Matchbox 20 and many more. Packing just shy of 1500 loops of guitars (electric and acoustic), bass and drums, as well as pianos, organs, synths and extra percussion, each kit is presented in full song format - from intro to outro, and everything in-between. For added control, all drums are offered in stripped multi-track format, allowing you to quickly and easily create custom drum mixes in minutes.

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 - Purple Drizzle
Purple DrizzleBig Fish AudioHip-Hop / R&B2011-08-09

Street-ready collection of 10 construction kits merging red-hot hip hop beats with super-smooth R&B elements: pristine beats, deep basslines, slick synths, big brass, strings and more. Mixing tricked-out west coast synths and searing strings with detailed drums patterns, Purple Drizzle runs the line between up-front hip hop and urban-infused pop, inspired by artists such as 50 Cent, Rick Ross and Drake. All kits include all instrument elements broken out for limitless mix and match control. Drums are offered as stripped loops (i.e. kick-only) to make building your own beats a breeze. All kits are key- and tempo-labeled (73-150bpm) for total production ease. Totalling 1.2GB of content, the collection is presented in 24-bit Acidized Wav and Apple Loops format.

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 - Sweat R&B Construction Kits
Sweat R&B Construction KitsBig Fish AudioFunk / Soul / Disco2011-08-17

Big Fish Audio bring in the sample heat with a sizzling selection of 15 R&B construction kits packed with fat beats, silky guitars, thick and juicy synths and assorted instrumentals. Weighing in with 1+GB of 24-bit Wav content, Sweat R&B is an airwaves-ready arsenal of platinum-quality samples for use in R&B, urban pop and hip hop productions. Each kit packs in precision-programmed beats, velvet bass, slick synths and various real-deal instrument loops which slot together seamlessly to create a track in minutes. All kits include all instrument elements broken out, with drums offered as a full mix as well as stripped loops (i.e. kick-only), plus a folder containing the individual drum hits so you can customise each kit to the max. Totalling 2.5GB of content, the collection is presented in multiple formats (24-bit Wav, Apple Loops, Rex2) for complete cross-platform compatibility. For chart-ready urban inspiration, look no further than Sweat R&B.

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 - Quirky Guitars
Quirky GuitarsBig Fish AudioDance2011-09-01

2.4GB genre-defying collection of assorted guitar and string loops across 12 construction kits, featuring off-the-wall riffs, madcap melodies and kooky textures primed for creative manipulation. Step through the looking glass and enter a musical world of upside down and inside out that's packed with never before heard inspiration. Focusing on the melodies, rhythms and textures of instruments as varies as the acoustic guitar (hi-strung, de-tuned, natural), banjo, mandolin, vintage electric guitars, glockenspiel, bells, music boxes, old synths, organs and others secret ingredients, the collection is a rich smorgasbord fit for a creative feast. Quirky Guitar is a wellspring of modern and creative sounds. The collection boasts 320+ loops across 12 inspiration-sparking construction kits - each key- and tempo-labeled to keep your creativity flowing. Each kit contains a full mix, plus all instrument elements broken out, allowing you the freedom to mix and match at will. So whether your needing a few rhythms and textures to add dimension to your existing tracks or want that one-of-a-kind melodic hook that can jump start the creative juices, Quirky Guitar's rock and pop rhythms, crazy and unconventional textures and melancholic melodies make it an essential studio companion.

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 - Electro Pop Hits
Electro Pop HitsBig Fish AudioDance2011-10-05

Big Fish Audio deliver ten bang-on-the-money electro-laced pop construction kits that merge elements of electro, trance and urban pop to reflect the sound of today's biggest stars such as Lady Gaga and Tinie Tempah. Produced by crack production duo TrackStar (MTV), each kit is incessant and hooky and painstakingly designed to be on a sonic par with chart-topping electro pop tracks. Packed with 390 sizzling loops, Electro Pop Hits delivers inspiration igniting elements in construction kit format to kick-start your workflow. Each kit comes with a full mix plus all individual elements broken out - including multi-tracked drums. All kits are key- and tempo-labeled for total production ease. The collection is offered in 24-bit Wav, Apple Loops and Rex2 format.

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 - Hook City: R&B Vocals Edition
Hook City: R&B Vocals EditionBig Fish AudioVocal2011-10-05

Big Fish Audio and VIP Loops combine to deliver a mammoth 2.2GB collection of 15 platinum construction kits with full vocal hooks - from sexy ballads through to bouncy R&B bangers. From straight-up verses to auto-tuned hooks and screwed vocalisations, Hook City R&B Edition brings professionally performed and recorded vocals to your productions at an unbeatable price. Each kit contains a full mix, a full instrumental mix, plus all instrument and vocal elements broken out into individual loops - giving you total production and arrangement control. All loops are key- and tempo-labeled, making it easy for you to mix and match loops to create 100s of all-new ideas. The collection is offered in industry-standard 24-bit Wav and Apple Loops format.

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 - Rhythms of Arabia
Rhythms of ArabiaBig Fish AudioWorld2011-11-17

3 GB collection of exquisitely performed and recorded Arabian percussion loops from master percussionist, Issam Houshan, covering a host of traditional rhythmic styles to create a comprehensive collection of Middle Eastern percussion loops that will find favour amongst house, world, chillout, soundtrack producers and beyond. Totalling 1,124 loops, Rhythms of Arabia covers Baladi, Malfuf, Maqsum, Saiidi, Chift (Chiftitelli) and Saudi playing styles, all played with authentic instrumentation including Dehollah, Duff, Riq, Tabla and more. The collection is intuitively divided into instrument-labeled folders with tempo-labeled sub-folders (80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130bpm), making it a breeze to find the right samples for your production. The collection is presented in multiple formats (24-bit Wav, Apple Loops, Rex2) and all loops are tempo labeled.

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 - Hi Voltage
Hi VoltageBig Fish AudioDance2012-01-26

Raw, wild, furious and never willing to be be tamed: 11GB construction kit showcase of heavy and hard rock music, featuring explosive drums, deep bass and super-charged guitars. Totalling 15 full-song construction kits (containing intro, verse, chorus, outro), each kit contains a full mix, each instrument broken out, plus mixed and multi- tracked live drum loops - allowing you the freedom to mix and match to your heart's content. Since you get the full session, you get every nuance and every detail right at your fingertips. The collection covers the whole rock spectrum, packing in big, bad, bone crushing drums, furious and untamed electric bass; and more mean and nasty detuned and alternate tuned electric guitars than anyone should be aloud to handle. Unleash the new breed of explosive power, artful hooks and melodic anthems ready to combust and give your tracks the untamed attitude they deserve. Spark your raw creative flames and inject your tracks with the ravenous emotional power and skull splitting sounds of today's hottest rock stars. Hi-Voltage Kontakt version is part of BFA's KLI Series and includes a custom user interface with various features to help make it easier to customise the included loops and sounds exactly how you want. You'll find all loops automatically sync to your host tempo. Each loop is presented in four different ways. First, with the Kit Combos you'll find each loop as part of a complete construction kit laid out across the keyboard for easy and quick arrangements. Second, with the Single Instruments you'll find that each instrument is grouped into similar instruments to allow you to quickly find all specific instruments in the library. Third, each loop has it's own patch in the Sliced Loops section with our custom loop editing interface. Rearrange, remix, or completely rework each loop to fit with your music exactly how you want. Please note: Using these Kontakt Patches requires the full version of Kontakt version 4.2 or later.

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 - Dancetronic
DancetronicBig Fish AudioTechno2012-07-06

Dancetronic is your one stop library for the newest and hottest dance music. 1.6+ GB of high energy dance music paired with 16 construction kits allowing you to keep the dance floor packed! Also included are the Drum Tracks and the Hits allowing you full control over all aspects of your music. Don't take our word for it, listen to them demo and try and stop yourself from dancing all over the place. - 1.6 GB of total content (652 MB of WAV content) - 262 acidized WAV loops - 262 Apple Loops - 262 REX Loops - 15 contsruction kits

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 - MOSAIC Synthetic Groove Pak Vol. 1
MOSAIC Synthetic Groove Pak Vol. 1Big Fish AudioTechno2012-07-10

MOSAIC:Synthetic Grooves Pak Vol.1is exactly what it sounds like, synthetic grooves created to fit a wide variety of musical styles and settings. There are 178 grooves included, each available in acidized WAV,Apple Loops,Rex,and RMX formats. These grooves are nothing like the standard grooves you've heard in many sample libraries. Think of MOSAIC as a palette of musical inspiration that has the potential to move your music into any number of new and exciting directions. Whether it's electronica, hip hop, industrial, or a film score, MOSAIC has you covered. Try taking an existing drum part and layer one or more MOSAIC grooves with it. Or find a MOSAIC groove you like and build around that, and see the results this unique and exciting library will bring to your music. These grooves have been organized into nine folders. Within each of the nine folders are loops that were specifically created to work perfectly in sync with each other, but they will also mix well with other loops in the Pak, or from elsewhere. You will certainly find a place for these loops in your music for a long time to come. Each of the 178 groove loops are duplicated into acidized WAV, REX,Apple Loops, and RMX formats. Nine folders are included, each with a selection of loops that can work well together. We suggest you experiment with different loops both within a single folder as well across many different folders.

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Steve Stoll - Locked Groove
Locked GrooveBig Fish AudioTechno2012-07-10

Big Fish Audio is very pleased to offer this exclusive techno loop collection from Steve Stoll, a world-renowned techno producer and DJ. Locked Groove contains over 300 loops featuring Stoll's signature sound. The loops are designed for both the laptop DJ and techno producer, which you can mix together or with your own sounds to create floor-filling techno, house, and trance tracks. The loops come in WAV and Rex file formats, and the disc has been optimized for use with Ableton's Live. The disc also contains the loops on standard audio tracks for 'old-school' sampling and/or auditioning. As a producer, Steve Stoll has released tracks under his own name and as The Blunted Boy Wonder. He's remixed the likes of Gary Numan, Hardfloor and DJ Rush, and worked with artists such as Pete Namlook, Ken Ishii, and members of Front 242. Traveling the world, DJing in Moscow, Tokyo and Berlin, Steve has performed at such famous clubs as Tresor (Berlin) and Fuse (Belgium). His techno label, Proper NYC, has been going strong for over ten years. In short, the man knows techno!

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 - The Deep End
The Deep EndBig Fish AudioHouse2012-07-13

The Deep End. Big, thick, chest thumping bass, ambient synth melodies, smooth rhodes and relentless drums form together to create Deep House that will shake the roof off. With exceptional lines and melodies including saxophone, experimental vocals, bassoon and guitar, this house product is unlike anything you have ever heard, and stays a cut above in a world full of the mediocre. Powerful, Exciting and unique, The Deep End is a must have for any Dance producer's library.

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 - Click
ClickBig Fish AudioSound FX2012-07-13

"Click." If you make electronic music, that's probably all you need to know. Whether you call it "glitch music" or "microsound" or "laptop electronica," it's the sound of the digital error. The space between the ones and zeros, turned into music. The laptop has become the instrument, throwing aside the need to reference anything but numbers, the soul of the machine. And you hear this music's influence spreading to rock, hip hop, pop, etc... It's time to cast off the shackles of analog banality, because with the collection of sounds on this CD, you're ready to build the foundation for your next digital opus. Tempos: 80-146 BPM Beats & Clicks Cinematic Clicks Cuts & Clicks Dub Clicks Experimental Clicks Indie Clicks Jazz Clicks Lo-Fi Clicks Sci-Fi Clicks Vox Clicks

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 - Circuit Breaker 2 - Electro House Download Pak
Circuit Breaker 2 - Electro House Download PakBig Fish AudioElectro House2012-07-13

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 - Cerebral Techno Loop Pak
Cerebral Techno Loop PakBig Fish AudioTechno2012-07-13

If you know techno, then you know Steve Stoll, one of the originators of the "minimal" techno sound. This is the second installment from the world-renowned techno producer and DJ. Here's your chance to draw from the same pool of loops that Steve Stoll uses to create his monster productions and remixes. The Blunted Boy Wonder is among the best when it comes to producing and remixing techno, house, and trance tracks. This set brings you over 350 loops, plus additional sounds and drum machine hits that nail that packed house sound you're looking for. In WAV, REX, ACID, RMX and Apple Loop formats, these loops and sounds are ready to be chopped up, layered, transformed, and manipulated into your next groove. 734 MB of total content (301 MB of 24-bit WAV files) 389 WAV loops and hits total This product includes three sub-folders: Drum Grooves Melodic Grooves Textured Grooves Each contain elements that will work well between each other. The Drum Grooves folder also contains a folder of 31 drum hits

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 - Circuit Breaker - Electro House Download Pak
Circuit Breaker - Electro House Download PakBig Fish AudioElectro House2012-07-13

The defining sound of modern dance music is all wrapped up in this download pak from Big Fish Audio. It seems at every turn you hear Electro House filling the clubs and pumping up the dance floors. If you're ready to flip the switch on this scene, Circuit Breaker: Electro House Download Pak is your ticket. We've provided you with 6 excellently crafted construction kits breaking out each element for maximum flexibility. Also included are some tasty extra loops and sound fx to round out this collection. So let the music move you, let it inspire, and let the creation process begin! -This download contains 869 MB (Unzipped) of content (354 MB of 24-bit WAV files). -The contents of this download include six construction kits. -Their are three extra folders of 24 arpeggios,20 drum loops,and 15 sound fx. -In total 154 WAV loops and sounds are included. -Each kit contains a main mix plus each element broken out into it's own loop. Also included in each kit is a folder of drum hits.

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 - Dubstep Impact
Dubstep ImpactBig Fish AudioDubstep2012-07-16

Prepare for an all out assault on your speakers with Dubstep Impact. Big Fish Audio and producer Jack D. Elliot have created 10 blazing construction kits with the distinctive dubstep style that has taken over electronic music. Massive synths, vicious drums, and huge wobbles are packed into this 1.38 GB library. With over 250 original loops you'll have everything you need to stand with Dubstep powerhouses such as Skrillex, Dastik, Borgore, Gemini and more!

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 - Electric Ghetto
Electric GhettoBig Fish AudioDance2012-07-16

Take a trip to the wrong side of the tracks, but be very careful because the Electric Ghetto will make you a statistic! Electric Ghetto is the toughest Rock/Rap/Industrial pack ever produced and only followers of the likes of Limp Bizkit, Korn, Ministry, NIN and Zombie will be pleased by the groove-grinding madness of these sounds. Extended construction kits that develop and change for ultimate variation, self-contained songs, guitar, synth, bass, guitar riffs, Hip Hop beats, creepy atmospheres and more crazed mayhem sure to set fire to your mix! Insert this nastiness only if you dare. "...one sample collection that delivers exactly what it promises." 5 out of 5 - SOS. "Good source of raw material for hard-edged electronic dance tracks." - Keyboard. "a very phat and versatile Pack." - Knowledge.

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 - Elemental Drum & Bass Vol. 1
Elemental Drum & Bass Vol. 1Big Fish AudioDrum & Bass2012-07-16

Welcome to a unique sound collection for the discerning drum & bass producer, created by master engineer and electronic music pioneer Jamie Myerson. With a full palette of 100% original and new breakbeats, basses, synths, effects and acoustic instruments, this collection is sure to breathe new life into your productions. Both sensual and scientific, with a precision rarely found in sound collections of this type, Elemental Drum&Bass Vol.1 is sure to lift your tracks above and beyond. - 1.22GB of content on download (583MB of 24-bit WAV content) - 471 original files which include: - Chords - Drum Loops - Percussive Loops - Phrases - Melodies - Sounds - FX -158 patches are included for Kontakt, EXS24, and NNXT. Patches include: - Synths - Fx - Rhodes chords - Basses - Atmospheres

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 - Elemental Drum & Bass Vol. 2
Elemental Drum & Bass Vol. 2Big Fish AudioDrum & Bass2012-07-16

Elemental Drum & Bass is back with all new top quality Drum & Bass material. This just isn't more of the same, but raises the bar to an even higher level than before. Elemental Drum & Bass Vol. 2 was expertly crafted by master engineer and electronic music pioneer Jamie Myerson, with a colorful palette of 100% original and new breakbeats, basses, synths, effects, and acoustic instruments. Both sensual and scientific, with a precision rarely found in sound collections of this type, Elemental Drum&Bass Vol.2 hits the mark for any professional Drum & Bass production. - 486 WAV Loops - 486 Apple Loops - 140 REX2 Files - EXS, Kontakt, and NNXT Sample Patches included!

 - Glitch Hop
Glitch HopBig Fish AudioGlitch Hop2012-07-16

Even when it's beautiful, Glitch Hop is disturbing. It's the wrinkle in the bedsheet, the sand in the vaseline. Artists like Prefuse 73,Telefon Tel Aviv, Matmos, Kid606, and others fuse hip hop beats with clicky, digital tones that are as gorgeous as they are defective. Glitch Hop producers are not content to make mathematical abstractions. Instead they combine this with funky, head-nodding beats to make a music that is both challenging and instinctively booty-shakin'. And now Big Fish Audio and producer Brian Saitzyk have distilled the essence of this sound into Glitch Hop. 3.2 GB on disc (1.7 GB or 24bit WAV files) 1,143 Loops and Hits on disc (458 WAV Loops and Hits) Construction Kits - 34 construction kits from 75 to 110 BPM in various keys. All of the construction kits contain a full mix and all the elements broken out into individual loops. Each kit also contains a folder of hits and a folder called 'drum tracks' 'Drum Tracks' give you access to the individual elements of the drum loop. You can now mix it however you'd like, or use an individual element separate from the drum mix.

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 - Intelligent Glitch
Intelligent GlitchBig Fish AudioGlitch Hop2012-07-17

Intelligent Glitch brings you a large collection of IDM drum grooves with a heavy emphasis on a glitch style that pushes the boundaries of the musical genre. With over a gigabyte of original material (over 2.3 GB in all formats), Intelligent Glitch will beautifully create new musical moments of bliss and tension all at the same time. Also included are 90 atmospheric loops and over 100 percussive hits that will help you create your own glitchy IDM beats. Intelligent Glitch has been made in Acidized Wav, Apple Loops and REX formats. If your looking to edit and "glitch-ify" these loops even further we recommend using the rex files to allow total flexibility in editing and rearranging these beats. Finally, for Stylus RMX users we have also included a quick and easy installer for the RMX format of these loops.

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Jack D. Elliot - Jack D. Elliot's Electro House Generation
Jack D. Elliot's Electro House GenerationBig Fish AudioElectro House2012-07-17

From producing to making chart topping remixes, Jack D. Elliot continues to put his stamp on the electronic music scene. Electro House Generation gives you the goods from huge synths to little blips and driving drums to soaring leads. Over 950MB of content (397 MB of 24-bit WAV files) in various keys and tempos along with multi-track drum parts from each kit gives you the right sounds in the right way, to make the right mix. Get the house pumpin' with Jack D. Elliot's Electro House Generation.

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 - MOSAIC Synthetic Groove Pak Vol. 2
MOSAIC Synthetic Groove Pak Vol. 2Big Fish AudioTechno2012-07-17

Big Fish Audio brings you the groove again with MOSAIC:Synthetic Grooves Pak Vol.2. Like its predecessor, Volume 2 is exactly what it sounds like, synthetic grooves created to fit a wide variety of musical styles and settings. There are 178 grooves included, each available in acidized WAV, Apple Loops, REX, and RMX formats. These are not your typical grooves, instead they are a bit twisted, a bit eccentric, with a touch of the peculiar. Think of MOSAIC as a palette of musical inspiration that has the potential to move your music into any number of new and exciting directions. Whether it be electronica, hip hop, industrial, or a film score, MOSAIC will get you there in no time. Each of the 178 groove loops are available in today?s four major formats: acidized WAV, REX,Apple Loops,and RMX formats. Nine folders are included,each with a selection of loops that can work well together.

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 - MOSAIC: Synthetic Groove Pak Vol. 3
MOSAIC: Synthetic Groove Pak Vol. 3Big Fish AudioTechno2012-07-19

Big Fish Audio brings to you the third edition of the highly anticipated sample library series, MOSAIC: Synthetic Groove Pak Vol. 3! Volume 3 takes what we did in the first two volumes and raises the bar even further with even MORE twisted sounds, eccentric fx, glitched out rhythms, and fresh samples. Now with 185 loops in 4 different formats, you can take these colorful sounds, add them to your productions and create an original Mosaic for any style of music including electronica, hip hop, industrial, and even film score. So as they say in the art world, paint itself does not create masterpieces, artists do. Take what we have here and add life to your productions!

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 - Remix Revolution
Remix RevolutionBig Fish AudioTechno2012-07-19

Finally, something for the remixers! Remix Revolution brings you the goods from one of today's most in-demand remix producers. With remixes that have reached #1 on Billboards Dance Charts, Jack D. Elliot has produced remixes for Britney Spears, Nick Lachey, N' Sync, Christina Milian, Backstreet Boys, Ashley Tisdale and more. Now he's giving you the tools to make that pounding remix you've been looking for. Remix Revolution includes 38 construction kits ranging from 122 to 142 bpm, with remix-style drums, bass, synth and more. This new gem gives you the loops and samples perfect for your next remix jam. 3GB of content (1.25 GB of WAV files). 848 acidized WAV files 848 Apple Loops 605 REX files (some files were not rexed due to limitations of rex files) There are 38 construction kits. Each kit also contains a folder called "drum tracks" which contain the individual multi-track drum parts. These will allow you to mix the drum exactly to your liking or to quickly mix and match different drum parts together. Also included are 247 additional drum hits including: claps, crashes, hihats kicks, snares, and toms.

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 - Rush 2: Progressive House
Rush 2: Progressive HouseBig Fish AudioProgressive House2012-07-19

Equal parts mind-bending trance and body-popping electro, Rush 2: Progressive House has the filters set to maximum, and will sweep you off your feet and onto the dance floor. It has the raw synth buzzes and twirps of the 1980s, with a driving rhythm that the decade could only dream about. There's plenty of material and extras in WAV, REX, Apple Loops, and RMX format, including a ton of bonus drum loops synths, pads, arpeggios and full drum kits. So get your robot funk installed, download Rush 2: Progressive House into your spare braincells, and you'll jerk and pop your body into a mind-altered state. 3.94 GB on DVD-Rom (1.69 GB of 24-bit WAV files) 993 WAV loops and hits Each of the 15 construction kits contains a main demo mix plus every element broken out as well as additional folders of drum hits and "drum trax" from each kit."Drum Trax" give you access to the individual parts of the drum mix. Now you have full access to remix,recreate or mix and match different parts of the drums. Take a the snare loop from one kit and match it with the drums and hi-hat from another kit. Also Included are several folders containing hundreds of additional drum loops, drum hits, synth loops,and SFX.

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 - Urban Pop Sensation
Urban Pop SensationBig Fish AudioDance2012-07-23

Inspired by T Pain, Jason Derulo, Imogen Heap and numerous current urban pop artists. Urban Pop Sensation captures the essence of today's processed vocal sounds. Supported by a solid bed of music, these pop vocal hooks will truly inspire producers at any level. Ten kits fully loaded with vocal hooks, synth melodies and full drum tracks and drum hits folders will take your tracks places you have never been. Stop messing around and get down to business with Urban Pop Sensations. Track Star Producer and touring keyboardist Vic Saga is quickly becoming the "go-to" guy for catchy electro dance beats, infectious pop hooks and rich melodic productions. He has worked with En-Vogue, Rhona Bennett, Boyz II Men, among other known and up and coming artists worldwide. 2.10 GB total (896MB of original 24-bit WAV files) - 10 construction kits - drum hits and multitrack drum stems included - 364 REX2 loops - 410 Apple loops - 410 WAV loops

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 - Textured Beats
Textured BeatsBig Fish AudioDrums2012-07-23

Feel the rhythm of these groundbreaking and fresh grooves. These drum loops have been massaged and morphed into unique and innovative textured beats. From dance styles to hip hop, these grooves can easily fit into many different styles and musical settings. Much of it derived from acoustic sources; these drum loops have the perfect balance of a processed electronic feel, while still having an organic flavor. This Pack contains 4.1 gigabytes of loops that range from 54 to 190 BPM. All 1300 plus loops come in WAV, REX Apple Loops and RMX format. Fill your musical palette with some fresh grooves and get ready for Textured Beats.

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 - Mirrorball Silky House Music
Mirrorball Silky House MusicBig Fish AudioHouse2012-07-24

Sweet disco house with a touch of R&B pop. Mmm, mmm, it doesn't get any better than this! It's almost chocolaty, it's so tasty. Ranging from slower radio-friendly tracks to full-tempo club house, all with an extra helping of sugar. The rhythms are strong and propulsive, and the basslines make it hard to stay seated. Go ahead, dance around your studio if you want! You can kiss your low-carb diet goodbye with these 32 construction kits. All the drum tracks and hits are included, so you can forge your own beats and twist and turn the loops however you'd like. Mirrorball is truly a silky house experience. Construction Kits - 32 construction kits from 100 to 135 BPM. Each kit contains a main demo mix and every element broken out,plus folders of the drum hits and drum tracks. Drum tracks give you access to the individual parts of the drum mix. Instruments Include: drums bass organs strings synths fx horns rhodes pads electric pianos chimes percussion moog vox

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 - Blur Downtempo Pak
Blur Downtempo PakBig Fish AudioChill Out2012-08-02

Big Fish Audio and Funk/Soul Productions - of the renowned City Series of sampling products - bring you the downtempo smoothness with Blur: Downtempo Pak! Producer Steve Sechi worked his magic again, creating this library full of silky, sultry and jazzy tones. There are over 1.5 GB of content, with 10 laid-back kits, that will bring out the chilled sounds you've been looking for! From the eerie trumpet stabs to the cool, grooving drum loops, Blur sets the mood for an exciting work of art! This download contains 1.6 GB of content (681 MB of 24-bit WAV files,90 WAV loops). Instruments Include: electric bass acoustic bass drums congas bongos synths trumpets flutes pianos guitars rhodes fx and more!

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 - Club Bangaz Dance Edition
Club Bangaz Dance EditionBig Fish AudioProgressive House2012-08-02

Sizzle Music presents "CLUB BANGAZ Dance Edition". This product features TEN Electro Dance club construction kits inspired by chart topping club stars such as: David Guetta...pitbull...Afrojack... and mohombi along with other artists who bring that vibe with their music. 1- Midi Files 2- Standard/Acidized WAVs at 24 bit 3- All loop tempos and keys 4- REX Loops 5- Apple Loops 6- Over 1.75 Gig of content 7- 10 Construction Kits 8- 100% Royalty Free

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 - Acid Techno Grooves
Acid Techno GroovesBig Fish AudioTechno2012-08-02

There are loops to build entire tracks, boost your compositions and even create Abelton Live performances. These loops and samples will inspire and aid you in the creation of great techno music! Aicd Techno Grooves brings you driving beats, pumping bass, rinsing acid lines and atmospheric SFX. Drum loops have been broken down to their individual parts and provided as construction drum loops for re-mixing and processing. In addition Acid Techno Grooves contains a large sound bank of drum hits crafted using our Roland 909/808 and processed through our Class A outboard. We have compiled these drum samples to make drum kits for Battery, Redrum, Halion and Kontakt. The pack has been constructed with the user in mind. It has been designed to be easy-to-use, inspiring and an essential sound bank for beginners, intermediate and professional users. All of the content in Acid Techno Grooves is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these audio loops in your music releases. All files are provided as 44.1kHz / 24 bit wav files with all loops including additional acidized information for use as acid loops with supported software. For mac users we have also provided all loops as Apple loops (aiff). Contents: - 65+ Basslines - 140+ Drum loops - 80+ Construction Drum Loops - 220+ TB 303 Loops - 35+ SFX - 30+ Ambience & FX Loops Drum Bank Contents: - 40+ Kick drums - 20+ Snares - 30+ Hi Hats - 35+ Rides and Crashes - 35+ Claps - 50+ Percusion and other hits - 20+ Bass hits

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 - Electro Fiesta
Electro FiestaBig Fish AudioElectro House2012-08-03

Sizzle Music presents "Electro Fiesta ". This product features five Electro Latin club construction kits inspired by chart topping club stars such as: shakira...pitbull...Don omar...Afrojack...mohombi and Collectif MÈtissÈ along with other artists who bring that vibe with their music. 1- Midi Files 2- Standard/Acidized WAVs at 24 bit 3- All loop tempos and keys 4- REX Loops 5- Apple Loops 6- Over 975 MB of content 7- 5 Construction Kits 8- 100% Royalty Free

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 - Cosmic House Electro
Cosmic House ElectroBig Fish AudioElectro House2012-08-03

Crunching synth licks, fat bass riffs, pumping drum grooves. This collection is packed with searing electro flavors and will have you running for the dance floor. From the dirtiest electro house, thru to space disco. Cosmic House is the latest release from Smash Up The Studio. With an emphasis on true quality, this library has been professionally recorded by top engineers using state of the art equipment, and features many classic analogue and digital synthesizers. Tough electro house drum loops, filtered sequenced loops, bit crushing lead synths, huge down-sampled bass lines. This pack is highly contemporary and perfect for anyone producing electro house. Formats: Wav Apple Loops Rex2MIDI. 283MB. 404 total files. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Disco/ Nu Disco