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Twenty-five years ago, Big Fish Audio recorded and created the first commercially available virtual instrument, the Prosonus brand of orchestral libraries. Since 1986, Big Fish Audio has consistently produced the highest quality sample libraries available. Over the years, our sounds have been featured in hundreds of charting songs and top film and television soundtracks. We are the largest distributor of sample libraries in the world, and we create the most up-to-date loop and virtual instruments libraries using our extensive recording facilities and team of producers. As when you hire a musician or engineer in the studio, experience is vital. And from the very beginning, Big Fish Audio has sold license-free sounds. Your purchase of our product IS the license: if you've bought our product through a legitimate source, you have the unlimited right to use it in your musical compositions.

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 - Studio Guitars: The Michael Ripoll Project
Studio Guitars: The Michael Ripoll ProjectBig Fish AudioDance2011-07-20

1000+ fret-busting guitar loops and licks for rock, pop, blues, funk and jazz jams from Michael Ripoll, one of the most sought-after guitar players in the music industry. With credits that include pop superstars as varied as Mary J. Blige, India Arie and Stevie Wonder, Big Fish Audio bring one of the world's top guitarists direct to your DAW for the first time. Bursting with blissful acoustic jangles, screaming blues riffs, visceral funk loops, cerebral jazz progressions, classic pop licks and hard-hitting rock leads, Studio Guitars delivers radio-ready riffs and melodies across 91 comprehensive construction kits. Intuitively divided into eight sub-folders of Acoustic, Blues, Country, Funk, Pop, Rock and Xtra Guitars, each folder contains all-guitar construction kits, each loaded with lead, rhythm, intro, chorus, verse, fills and outro loops. All loops are tempo-labeled and all kits are key-labeled for total convenience. Whether you're looking for full melodic songstarters or individual riffs, Studio Guitars is a rich treasure trove of stadium-rocking guitars waiting to be plundered. The collection is offered in 24-bit Wav, Apple Loops and Rex Loops format.

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 - Risque: Pop Kits
Risque: Pop KitsBig Fish AudioDance2011-07-13

15 catchy and addictive contemporary pop construction kits that seamlessly merge elements of hip hop, pop and dance in style of today's biggest artists, such as Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and Rihanna. The lines between urban, pop and dance have officially been blurred and the billboard charts are topped by artists liberally merging these genres into one cohesive, energetic sound. Risque: Pop Kits reflects these cutting-edge, chart-topping sounds, offering 352 loops of drums, bass, synths, plus live instrumentation including guitar, orchestral stabs, piano, horn, flute and strings. All kits include all instrument elements broken out, with drums offered as a full mix as well as stripped loops (i.e. kick-only), plus a folder containing the individual drum hits. Totalling 2.6GB of content, the collection is presented in multiple formats (24-bit Wav, Apple Loops, Rex2) for cross-platform compatibility. For radio-ready loops, look no further than Risque: Pop Kits.

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 - Hook City Urban Pop Edition
Hook City Urban Pop EditionBig Fish AudioHip-Hop / R&B2011-07-13

From swagged-out club bangers to hyped-up hip hop hits, Big Fish Audio serve up 30 construction kits in the style of hip hop's biggest stars, from Flo Rida and Jason Derulo to Jodeci and Chris Brown. Totalling 565 loops, each kit packs in a full song-starting ensemble of loops containing beats (full mix, plus stripped loops), bass, assorted instrumentation (guitar, synths, organ, strings, piano), FX and more. Each kit also contains an extended radio-ready vocal hook, sometimes served with a non-looping variant. Custom-designed for the charts and club, Hook City: Urban Pop Edition delivers red-hot instrumentation and party-starting vox hooks for producers and artists alike. The collection is offered in 24-bit Wav and Apple Loops format.

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 - G-Strings
G-StringsBig Fish AudioFunk / Soul / Disco2011-07-06

Hip hop guitars get the platinum treatment from Big Fish Audio in thishuge 7GB library of construction kits loaded with glittering fret-work by from legendary guitarist Tommy O (Janet Jackson, P. Diddy, Toni Braxton, TLC, D'Angelo). The multi-talented Tommy O has teamed up with the well-respected eCITY All Stars to offer 1,050 samples across 40 fully-loaded kits of R&B and hip hop flavours laced with the most G'd up strings you've ever heard. Each kit contains a full mix, as well as all individual instrument elements broken out for maximum mix control. For added flexibility, all drums are also multitracked and all individual drum hits are also offered, making it easy to customise you rhythm section. All loops are provided in 24-bit Acidzed Wav, Apple Loops and Rex format.

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 - Indie Rock Collection
Indie Rock CollectionBig Fish AudioDance2011-06-30

Indie rock in its purest form: 3+GB of gritty guitars, dirty drums, driven bass, piano and more across 10 construction kits oozing with authentic indie rock attitude. Rock music has come a long way since its early beginnings.  Today, it can be heard in many forms and sub-genres born out of various music movements, bands, and regions. Now that the music industry is heavily dominated by the internet, unknown Indie Rock artists have emerged from under the radar, and have created a genre with a sound all their own.  Indie Rock Collection perfectly captures the sound and feel of some of today's most popular Indie bands across 10 real-deal construction kits. Each kit has multiple sections to work with to allow for fuller arrangements and expanded musical possibilities. All 10 kits also include the multi-track drum parts from each kit, giving you the freedom to custom-mix the drums just the way you like them.

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 - The Crate: Ultimate Urban Samples
The Crate: Ultimate Urban SamplesBig Fish AudioHip-Hop / R&B2011-06-23

Big Fish Audio deliver a 6.5+GB goldmine of the purest, rawest hip hop and R&B loops and one-shots. Featuring beats, bass, guitars, keys, FX and more, each sample is custom-designed to add sheer sonic sparkle to any urban production. Big Fish Audio boldly turn their back on the construction kit format, instead opting to deliver almost 7GB of drums loops and hits, guitar licks, orchestral hits, key and synth loops, FX and more within one comprehensive library of sample inspiration. Totalling over 6,000 individual loops and hits, the collection is offered in both 24-bit Wav and 16-bit Wav format for increased hardware and software sampler compatibility. Download and get digging for your ultimate urban sample!

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 - Kings Of The South
Kings Of The SouthBig Fish AudioHip-Hop / R&B2011-06-23

40 hard-hitting, speaker-splitting, crunk-flavoured hip hop construction kits loaded with bangin' beats, red-hot synths, cone-melting basslines for urban producers seeking the unmistakable southern style. Totalling a mammoth 2.3GB of multiformat content (24-bit Wav, Apple Loops, Rex2), King of the South takes stylistic hints from Lil Wayne, T.I and Young Jeezy to deliver a bang-on-the-money selection of loops in radio-ready construction kit format. Each kit comes stacked with a full mix as well as each individual element broken out, such as kick, hats, snares, mixed drums, bass, lead, FX, giving complete arrangement freedom to mix and match loops at will. For added control each construction kit contains a folder of drum hits so you can build your own beats and fills from the drum sounds within each construction kit.

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 - Cinematic Percussion
Cinematic PercussionBig Fish AudioOrchestral2011-06-16

30 construction kits of stunning cinematic percussion featuring live performances from one of the film industry's most sought-after percussionists, M.B. Gordy. Totalling 2.6 GB of live percussion recordings, Cinematic Percussion includes a myriad of rhythmic instrumentation: deep giant taiko drums, exotic Middle Eastern hand drums, shakers, metals, beads, timpani, snares, gongs, piatti, tuned slates, oil drums, waterphones and more. Create any rhythmic score, from the eeriest of ambiences, military engagements, island sacrifices, ultimate disasters, spine tingling thrillers, superhero confrontations, chase scenes and more. Each of the 30 construction kits come loaded with loops ready to mix and match, dice and splice or use as-is right of the the box. All kits are tempo-labeled (60bpm-180bpm) for total production ease. The collection is presented in multiple formats (24-bit Acidized Wav, Apple Loops, Rex2, Kontakt 3). The Kontakt/Apple Loops version contains Kontakt-mapped versions of all loops from the construction kits laid out across the keyboard for easy and automatic timestreching. NB: This collection requires a fully-licensed version of Kontakt 3.5 or later.

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 - R&B Swagga
R&B SwaggaBig Fish AudioFunk / Soul / Disco2011-06-16

38 smokin' hot construction kits loaded with attitude and authentic R&B swagger, combining sultry Rhodes, sexy keys and assorted smooth instrumentation. What's the most important thing you can put into your R&B tracks? Swagga! And it's this swaggering R&B elixir has been infused throughout this 5.8GB collection, from the drums, bass and guitars or the synths, strings and rhodes through to the organs, harps, pianos and flutes. Each comprehensive construction kit contains a radio-ready blend of instrumental loops custom-designed for the charts. Each kit contains a full mix as well as each individual element broken out. Each kit also contains bonus folders of drum loops and hits, giving you the freedom to build your own beats from scratch. All kits are key- and tempo-labeled for complete convenience. The collection is provided in multiple formats (24-bit Acidized Wav, Apple Loops, Rex2).

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 - Ambient Skyline
Ambient SkylineBig Fish AudioChill Out2011-06-08

Inspiring and unique 5GB collection of ambient and cinematic chill out loops, rhythm beds, music beds, and much more. Recorded and performed by seasoned professionals on top of the line gear, these sounds will bring a new kind of magic to your music. With 5GB of original content (duplicated into acidized WAV, REX, Apple Loop, and RMX formats), and 2,266 loops and samples from ambient guitars to a collection of effected rhodes loops, these sounds can add an esoteric new dimension to many different musical settings. What's in the collection? > 10.88 GB total content (5GB of original 24-bit WAV files) > 2,266 original loops and samples (941 Loops and 1,325 one-shot samples) Loops Include: > Ambient Guitar Loops > Ambeint Rhythm Loops > Atmospheric Rhodes Loops > Atmospheric Loops > Electric Bass Loops > Experimental Guitar Loops > NYC Ambience (field recordings of Grand Central, Penn Station, 42nd Street, and more) > Tonal Rhythm Loops > Kick and Hat Loops One-Shot Hits and Phrases Include: > Ambient Alto, Soprano, and Tenor Sax prased one shots > Ambient Flugel Horn phrased one shots > Ambient Vocal phrased one shots > Chill-Out Pads & Atmospheric one shots > Guitar Atmosphere one shots > Minimalistic piano one shots

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 - Urban String Sessions
Urban String SessionsBig Fish AudioHip-Hop / R&B, Orchestral2011-06-08

The holy grail of studio recordings are good string sessions. The problem is they are so expensive and it's so hard to find great players. Not any more... Urban String Sessions fills that need perfectly by providing you with beautifully recorded studio strings that are perfect for Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, and any number of other musical contexts. These loops were recorded with just enough players to make a lush sound but not too many to overwhelm your tracks. Each loop is also broken out by section giving you greater flexibility over the mix as well as the ability to create more extensive arrangements by bringing in and out different sections throughout your music. Urban String Sessions provides you your own professional studio string players without breaking your studio budget. What's in the collection? 214 x total string loops supplied both as 24-bit Wavs and Apple Loops. Tempos range from 60 to 110bpm. Note: ONLY String loops included, other instrumentation heard in the audio demos are not part of this product.