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 - Biome Digital - Club Impacts
Biome Digital - Club ImpactsBiome DigitalElectro House, Sound FX2015-02-03

Club Impacts is the perfect way to add tension, excitement and suspense to your music. This huge pack contains 150 of the biggest, baddest, most earth shaking sound effects available. These essential sounds include cinematic slams & explosions, deep rumbles & booms, noise hits, stingers, transitions and much more! Club Impacts is perfect for any genre of music, including: electronic music, production music, soundtrack, trailers, cinematic & game sound design. The ‘Club Series’ of sample packs have been designed to give you instant access to professional audio samples that will work in your music tracks with very little additional processing. Specifications: • 13 audio stops • 39 booms & explosions • 39 cinematic slams • 59 noise & hits • 4 Kontakt instruments* containing all sounds. Mix and match sounds creating thousands of unique combinations! 150 total audio files • 310 MB of audio content *Requires Native Instruments Kontakt 5 or newer (not included)" Genre: Electronic, Production Music, Soundtrack, Trailers, Cinematic & Game Sound Design • Format: Audio (24-bit/44.1 kHz WAV) • Pack size: 346 MB (download size 279 MB) • Bpm: Various – Recorded at 128

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 - These Are The Kicks Live Pack
These Are The Kicks Live PackBiome DigitalProgressive House, Electro House2015-07-31

Ableton Live Pack Featuring 30 Ableton Live Racks, Drum Racks, Macros & Bonus Sound Effects! Why waste time endlessly searching through hundreds of wimpy kick drums when you could have one pack of big, loud & punchy kicks instead? Made from scratch on an Elektron Analog Rytm hardware drum computer, these are the biggest, deepest and punchiest, analogue kick drums available! 30 original kicks have been tuned in 7 different keys providing 210 variations that will work with any bassline. Arranged in 30 separate folders with each file key labelled. Also included are 25 bonus kick sound effects to add impact to your tracks! Format: Ableton Live Pack Included File Types: .alp Audio: 24 bit/44.1kHz Main Features: • 210 Analogue Kick Drums in WAV & AIFF. • 30 Original Kicks Tuned in Keys D, E, F, G, A, B, C. • 30 Drum Racks with 7 Kicks mapped per Kit & all Macros assigned. • 30 Kick Racks with 16 Macros assigned for maximum tweaking. Macros for each Kick include control over Compressor, EQ, Bit Crusher, Filter, Pitch and more. Bonus Content: • 25 Bonus Kick Sound Effects. • 10 Kick Sound Effects Racks • 2 Kick Sound Effects Multi Drum Racks • 2 Kick Sound Effects Multi Audio Racks

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 - Rhymes With Rogue - Leads
Rhymes With Rogue - LeadsBiome DigitalProgressive House, Electro House2015-08-11

RHYMES WITH ROGUE – LEADS (KONTAKT) What rhymes with rogue? Moog, of course! Featuring 2730 Moog hardware synth multi-samples (over 3500 including Bonus Content), meticulously designed, recorded, edited and turned into highly playable, expressive instruments for today’s most popular samplers. The sound is thick, smooth and modern with that truly gorgeous Moog character. Every patch has 78 notes sampled from keys G-1 to C6 with one sample per key, that’s over 7 octaves! Although designed for Synth Leads, these sounds are also suitable for deep Basses, evolving Pads, luscious Keys and creative Sound Effects. Many of these instruments feature complex modulations routing using LFO’s and Envelopes and also have Velocity, Mod Wheel and Aftertouch mapped for expressive playing. Rhymes with Rogue - Leads is available in 4 different formats including Reason Refill, Ableton Live, Native Instruments Kontakt and Beat Magazines Zampler (Soundfonts). Due to the differences between each host sample player (sampler), each pack has different sounding patches but are based on the same set of multi-samples so there is some overlap between them. MODERN ANALOGUE SERIES - All samples in the ‘Modern Analogue Series’ have been created with high quality, professional analogue hardware synthesisers and recorded with an extremely clean signal chain to minimise unwanted interference. The samples are then edited & processed with the latest digital software to ensure a reliable and consistent sound that is not only maximised for loudness, but also retains the analogue idiosyncrasies and character. Main Features · 2730 Moog multi-samples. · 78 Samples per patch (notes G-1 to C6 - every note sampled over 7 octaves). · 120 Highly playable, editable and expressive Kontakt Instruments. · Custom GUI & scripting providing control over Amp Envelope Attack & Release, Filter Cutoff Frequency, Resonance and Filter Envelope Amount. Effects Amount (controlling Reverb/Delay). · Extensive modulation routings with Mod Wheel, Velocity and Aftertouch modulations assigned. · Standard Kontakt effects used including Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Tape Saturator, Distortion, Bitcrusher and more. Bonus Content · 624 Raw oscillator multi-samples of 8 waveforms including: Sine, Triangle, Triangle-Saw, Saw, Saw-Square, Square, Square-Pulse, Pulse. · 8 Raw oscillator Kontakt Instruments. · 116 SFX multi-samples. · 8 SFX Kontakt Instruments. · 2 SFX Banks · 1 SFX multi Kontakt Instruments. · 35 Analogue Drums ‘One Shots’ in WAV & AIFF. · 25 Analogue Drum Loops in WAV & AIFF recorded at 3 tempos (123 bpm, 128 bpm & 132 bpm). · 25 REX2 analogue Drum Loops. · 1 Kontakt instrument with all One Shots grouped and mapped by type. Please Note: Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5 or above required (not included).

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 - Immense Trance
Immense TranceBiome DigitalTrance, Progressive House2015-08-31

Immense Trance for Native Instruments MASSIVE is an essential collection of Trance patches that pushes the modulation capabilities to the max! Featuring 114 brand new patches inspired by the top Trance tracks of today, including deep analogue style basses, ripping electro leads, cosmic poly synths, anthemic pads and Trance-inducing arps and sequences. Each patch heavily utilises MASSIVE’s modulations & controls with all eight Macros assigned and many patches using Velocity and Aftertouch for expressive playing and even more control. These patches are perfect for all Trance genres including Main Room Trance, Hard Trance and Progressive Trance but also for EDM, Progressive House, Electro House and any other epic style! If you’re looking for Massive Trance patches, make sure they’re Immense! 114 Patches for Native Instruments MASSIVE Synthesiser (.nmsv). All eight Macros assigned with complex modulations. Patches are optimized for playback on full range keyboards. Properly tagged patches for easy searching. KEY (no. of patches) • BA = Basses (20) • LM = Mono Leads (20) • LP = Poly Leads and Keys (18) • PA = Pads and Strings (18) • PL = Plucky Leads and Synths (20) • SE = Sequences and Arpeggios (18) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Presets / Patches • Vocal

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 - Future Bass & Chords - MASSIVE
Future Bass & Chords - MASSIVEBiome DigitalPresets / Patches, Future Bass2015-09-18

Welcome to the sound of the future, the future sound of you, the sound of Future Bass and Chords! 64 Native Instruments MASSIVE Patches of Deep Bass and Chords are ready to be twisted into new tracks. Every patch has been meticulously created with all eight Macros assigned to give you instant control over the sound. You’ll find no fillers or FX here, just straight up usable presets! This MASSIVE Preset Bank will fit any style of Club Music with a primary focus on Jackin House, Bassline House, Deep House & Garage, Dubstep, Jungle and Future Bass. Features • 34 Bass Patches • 30 Chord Patches • All eight Macros assigned with complex modulations • Patches are optimized for playback on full range keyboards • Properly tagged patches for easy searching Format: MASSIVE (.nmsv) Download Size@ 2.08 MB Genre: Jackin House, Deep House, Future House, Future Bass, Garage, Drum & Bass *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Tech House