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Black Octopus Sound is focused on supplying sample libraries and audio production tools of elite quality. Located on the west coast of Canada and founded in 2011 by well known electronic musician and sound design guru Toby Emerson, this label is dedicated to provide some of the best quality and innovative sounds in the game. Every sound is meticulously crafted and special care is taken to ensure these packs are full of exceptionally high quality and inspiring material.

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 - Street Styles Raps feat EVeryman
Street Styles Raps feat EVerymanBlack Octopus SoundHip-Hop / R&B, Vocal2019-07-22

Its not every day you have two massive talents join forces to bring out a cutting edge sample pack, but that’s exactly what happened here with Street Style Raps! Basement Freaks and EVeryman, two heavyweights in the sample pack game and music biz, hit the studio to bring this absolutely mind blowing Rap and MC pack together! This is the definitive pack of golden era Hip Hop and 90s West Coast Funk combined! Inside is all you need for your MC and Rap acapella arsenal, from two of the top names in the game. Vocal Loops and full Verse acapellas with lyrical content that can hype up any dance floor or song, alongside adlibs, phrases, fx, scratches and classic shouts to take that drop you are working on into new heights! But they didn’t stop there! Alongside all these stunning vocal samples, loops and one shots, are music loops (such as Bass, Guitar, Synth, WahWahs, Sax, etc), and some blazing beats, to give you the full recipe for speaker annihilation! Inspired by hip hop and groovy rap from the yesteryears as much as modern times, and artists such as Fun Lovin' Criminals, Con Funk Shun, Funk Flex, The Block Party, The Cypher, The Funk Jam, this pack will surely please all productions of various styles. So what are you waiting for? Grab Street Styles Raps by EVeryman and Basement Freaks! Whats Inside: • 6 x Drum Loops • 17 x Music Loops • 4 x Full Verse Acapella • 103 x Vocal Loops • 32 x Ad-libs • 15 x Classic Shouts • 24 x FX • 62 x Phrases • 28 x Vocal Scratches *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Funk / Soul / Disco

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Tevlo - Alien Weaponry 2 - Modern Bass Essentials
Alien Weaponry 2 - Modern Bass EssentialsBlack Octopus SoundDrum & Bass, Dubstep2019-07-11

Tevlo is bringing the heat again with the second installment to Alien Weaponry; Alien Weaponry 2! This is a mind melting pack of top quality Samples, Loops and Serum Presets, that will help you take your productions out of this world! Alien Weaponry gives you the deadly ingredients for full speaker annihilation! This pack is perfectly suited for multiple bass heavy genres, including (but not limited to) Dubstep, Riddim, Trap, Drum and Bass! You can dive right in with the Serum Presets, which help you create your own custom sound from the included Bass, Lead, Pluck and Pad presets. Keep fueling your latest hit song with 808, Drum, Bass, and HUGE FX one shots. Alongside all these brilliant presets and one shots are luxurious loops, ranging from Drums to fills, and even melodic elements to full blown war drums! This pack is influenced by the modern sounds of Dubstep, Riddim, Trap, DnB and Bass Music, and following the vibes of the man himself (Tevlo), and other Bass Music artists like Virtual Riot, Zomboy, Au5, Prismatic and Fractal to name a few. Grab Alien Weaponry 2 today, and unleash your inner Bass Face! Whats Inside: • 24 x 808s • 51 x Mutating Bass Stabs • 18 x Cymbal One Shots • 6 x Ghost Snare One Shots • 11 x Hat One Shots • 33 x Kick One Shots • 65 x Percussion One Shots • 8 x Small Snare One Shots • 36 x Regular Snare One Shots • 15 x Atmosphere FX • 10 x Reverb Kicks • 8 x Impacts • 13 x Risers • 26 x Bass Loops • 20 x Drum Loops • 40 x Melodic Loops • 24 x War Drum Loops • 58 x Drum Fills • 40 x Serum Presets *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • EDM • Future Bass • Trap

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Amy Kirkpatrick - Wild by Amy Kirkpatrick
Wild by Amy KirkpatrickBlack Octopus SoundVocal, Trap2019-07-03

Amy Kirkpatrick is no stranger to the vocal game, and with her latest royalty free vocal pack “Wild”, you can hear exactly why she is as well known and celebrated for her voice and lyrics as she is! This is the perfect addition to any producers library working with multiple genres in Electronic music and beyond, including (but not limited to) Trap, Ambient, Future Pop, Future Bass, Downtempo, Dubstep, EDM, House, and Techno! Amy approached this pack to give you something different for those Summer time vibes. Inside is a fully sung alphabet, which allows you to construct your own words with lettering’s, and make your own phrases! No Joke! How cool is that? You can also bend, pitch and mutate as your heart desires. Alongside this extremely inspirational A,B,C extension to an already killer pack is choice Ad-libs, Phrases, and Harmonies, ranging from 75 to 100 BPM, with all keys labelled. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping into any DAW and add that pop edge to your next hit song! “Wild” will help you stay inspired with Amy’s unique voice and delivery, drenching your next song in creativity that you never knew was possible! Get Wild today, and add this pack to your arsenal! The entire packs vocals were recorded exclusively through the Manley VOXBOX, each sample maintains a pristine quality and tone that no plug-in can offer. With additional vocal processing from the likes of Waves, Soundtoys, Fabfilter, and Izotope, no expenses were spared in delivering a “radio ready” sound. Special thanks to Los Angeles based producer/engineer ‘teeballpaul’ and Velma Drive Studios for the recording and mixing of this wonderful pack. Whats Inside: • The Full Alphabet Sung for constructing your own phrase • 40 Dry Adlbs • 13 Dry Harmonies • 41 Dry Phrases • 40 Wet Adlibs • 13 Wet Harmonies • 41 Wet Phrases • 15 Vocal Atmospheres **Drums and melodic content in Demo are not included in the pack. This is a vocal and Vocal effects pack only. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Dance • EDM • Future Bass

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Basement Freaks - Funk Guitars by Basement Freaks
Funk Guitars by Basement FreaksBlack Octopus SoundFunk / Soul / Disco, Disco / Nu Disco2019-06-18

Time to get Flashy! Funky! and FRESH! Basement Freaks just took you to the disco with this delicious Funk Guitars pack! Blast into the past, throw on your favorite plat-form shoes, and put that disco finger high in the sky; Funky Guitars have everything you need to put that funk into your song! Along with a vast amount of Funkalicious Gui-tars, there is also Music Loops (filled with Bass Guitar, Pads, Rhodes, Organs, etc) and full on Beats or One Shots, which help round this pack off to be a real funky disco treat! Along with being funky to the max, it is also very soulful and perfect for Soul or R&B just as much! Inspired by the 70s Soul, 90s Urban Jazz & Funk Scenes, or artists like Ronny Jordan, Roy Ayres, George Benson, Parliament-Funkadelic, Sly & The Family Stone, Kool & the Gang, Cameo, or even Prince, to name a few. Grab this pack today, and dance the night away! Whats Inside: • 12 x Beats & Percussion Loops • 150 x Funky Guitar Loops • 29 x Music Loops • 57 x One Shots

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 - The Sage - Cinematic Sounds
The Sage - Cinematic SoundsBlack Octopus SoundChill Out, Orchestral2019-06-05

Welcome to The Saga - Cinematic Sounds! Be prepared for an epic journey, where the fire and brimstone rage on, and the ice covered mountains lead the way! This sample pack is truly an adventure in-and-of itself, where you will find full orchestra loops, cel-los, violins, piano, and copious amounts of strings to help bring a life of their own into your cinematic creations. Along with the grandiose strings and orchestra samples and loops, there are full song starters provided, giving you even more elements to use that already work perfectly together. But the journey must continue, and if you move further beyond the legendary strings and pools of orchestra, you will find bionic synths and godly electronic elements, to make your cinematic score or song into something entirely original and unique and keep the emotions flowing. Keep the movement energized with heroic bass lines, or bubble under the deep caverns with melodic Arps and edgy Leads. It’s all there, ready to assist you in the quest. Inspired by movies and composers alike; such as Hans Zimmer, James Horner, Dan-ny Elfman, Michael Giacchino, and movies like Gladiator, Avatar, Start Trek and Lord Of The Rings to name a few. Grab The Saga - Cinematic Sounds today, and dive into an odyssey of epic propor-tions! Whats Inside: • 17 x Full Loops • 106 x Instrument Loops • 3 x Full Song Starters (42 stems total) • 15 x String Ensembles • 38 x Synth, Bass and Pad Loops

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Basement Freaks - Mediterraneo Percussion by Basement Freaks
Mediterraneo Percussion by Basement FreaksBlack Octopus SoundHouse, Tech House2019-05-28

Its time to get inspired and add some Mediterranean flare to your next production with Mediterraneo Percussion by Basement Freaks! If you are looking for the ultimate arsenal of percussion elements (and so much more), look no further! This pack has a plethora of different styles/types of percussion that can help along any genre of music in no time. Inside is everything ranging from Blocks, to Bongos, Congas and Shakers. Its as simple as grabbing the loop of choice, and dragging and dropping it into your favorite DAW, and then watch those Mediterraneo flavors fly from your speakers or headphones! But that’s not all! Basement Freaks didn’t stop there; along with all of these super tasty percussion loops are Didgeridoo and Percussion One Shots, Music Loops and various Fills. Inside the Music Loops folder are top quality musical elements, ranging from Bass Guitar, to Vibraphone, Clarinettes, Arps, Didgeridoo and more! So what are you waiting for? Grab Mediterraneo Percussion and add some heat to your latest song! Whats Inside: • 13 Block Loops • 14 Bongo Loops • 33 Cajon Loops • 9 Combination Loops • 3 Conga Loops • 15 Cowbell Loops • 43 Fills • 38 Music Loops • 13 Shaker Loops • 6 Tambourine Loops • 101 One Shots • All loops and one shots are 24 bit 44.1 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • World

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 - Organic Disco By Basement Freaks
Organic Disco By Basement FreaksBlack Octopus SoundFunk / Soul / Disco, Disco / Nu Disco2019-05-22

There is no better way to make any modern day Nu-Disco or House production come to life than with real Organic Disco samples and loops! The 70s are BACK, and so is Basement Freaks, this time with Organic Disco; one of the funkiest, chunkiest, Disco fueled packs around. Drums doing the damage with some straight four to the floor dis-co stomps, funky Bass lines that will make any new song you are working on into a funky disco monster! But what the funk about the guitars? Basement Freaks have you covered! Inside is Wah-Wah guitars, riffed out guitar lines, alongside punchy brass and ‘boogie-on-down’ Vocals! Pianos and Keys round out this pack to give you every sin-gle ingredient you need to take that Disco hit next level, with Organic, rich and truly in-spirational sounds! Yeah baby! Grab the pack and bring some of this saturday night fever into your studio today! Inspired by the sounds of the 70s, mainly the B-Side Disco releases of War, Sister Sledge, Sly & Family Stone, or The Bar Keys to name a few. Whats Inside: • 22 Full Drum Loops • 49 Drum One Shots • 15 Percussion Loops • 13 Drum Fills • 67 Music Loops (Brass, Keys, Guitars, etc) • 4 Vocal Shots • 4 Piano MIDI Files

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Basement Freaks - Afrobeat Elements by Basement Freaks
Afrobeat Elements by Basement FreaksBlack Octopus SoundWorld, EDM2019-05-22

Basement Freaks return with AfroBeat Elements! This pack is so versatile, you’ll be able to drop it into any tune or DAW and get moving on that latest hit track, no matter the genre! Percussion and Drums are the name of the game, but Basement Freaks didn’t stop there! Also included is Music loops, FX and Fills. This pack is filled to the brim with sounds from the Afrobeats craze hitting the world right now, blending ele-ments of Dancehall / Reggaeton, and can take your new Afrobeat next level in sec-onds! Pulling from the original sound of Lagos and influenced by Fela Kuti, Antibalas Afro-beat Orchestra, Tony Allen, Ade Bantu Crew or going even further and pulling from the eras of Funk, Disco and Afro or Latin styles, this pack is essential for the prolific pro-ducer desiring that special touch, with a focus on some Afrobeat blaze! Grab AfroBeat Elements today! Whats Inside: • 5 x Block Loops • 7 x Bongo Loops • 11 x Cajon Loops • 9 x Combo Percussion Loops • 28 x Conga Loops • 6 x Full Drum Loops • 22 x Fills and FX • 71x Music Loops • 53 x Shaker Loops • 7 x Tambourine Loops

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 - Vibes From Another Planet
Vibes From Another PlanetBlack Octopus SoundChill Out, Trap2019-05-21

There is no better way to make any modern day Nu-Disco or House production come to life than with real Organic Disco samples and loops! The 70s are BACK, and so is Basement Freaks, this time with Organic Disco; one of the funkiest, chunkiest, Disco fueled packs around. Drums doing the damage with some straight four to the floor disco stomps, funky Bass lines that will make any new song you are working on into a funky disco monster! But what the funk about the guitars? Basement Freaks have you covered! Inside is Wah-Wah guitars, riffed out guitar lines, alongside punchy brass and ‘boogie-on-down’ Vocals! Pianos and Keys round out this pack to give you every single ingredient you need to take that Disco hit next level, with Organic, rich and truly inspirational sounds! Yeah baby! Grab the pack and bring some of this saturday night fever into your studio today! Inspired by the sounds of the 70s, mainly the B-Side Disco releases of War, Sister Sledge, Sly & Family Stone, or The Bar Keys to name a few. Whats Inside: • 22 Full Drum Loops • 49 Drum One Shots • 15 Percussion Loops • 13 Drum Fills • 67 Music Loops (Brass, Keys, Guitars, etc) • 4 Vocal Shots • 4 Piano Midi

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Basement Freaks, Kamy - Battle Rap Vocals by Kamy & Basement Freaks
Battle Rap Vocals by Kamy & Basement FreaksBlack Octopus SoundHip-Hop / R&B, Vocal2019-05-16

Vocals. Scratches. Beats! This pack is HEAVY, and pulling from golden era of Hip Hop and Rap. Rap Vocals Vol 1 with MC Kamy and Basement Freaks is a straight FIRE pack made for producers and DJ’s alike. Turntablists will find endless possibilities, with top quality samples to cut from, scratch from, and warp all around! Producers will get the exact edge and impact they desire with their next production, bringing in One Shots, Loops or Beats to cut and sample from! NWA and Westside Connections were turning heads in the 80s and 90s, and now you can too with these old school flavor battle samples. It's hip hop at its purist form. Inspired by NWA, Westside Connection, Eazy E, Tupac, Dr. Dre, and perfect for DJs and Turntablists inspired by DJ Qbert, Mix Master Mike, DJ Babu, DJ Craze, Cut Chemist, etc. Whats Inside: • 8 Big time booty Beats • 59 Ghettolicious Loops • 164 Straight from the Hood One Shots • 60 Warped out Scratch Cuts

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Bound to Divide - Delicious House Drums & Loops
Delicious House Drums & LoopsBlack Octopus SoundHouse, Electro House2019-04-29

Nothing like some delicious Jackin, groovin’ House beats to get the party started! Delicious House Drums & Loops by Bound To Divide gives you exactly what you need to add the basis and backbone beats to any House production. After all, whats House Music without those four to the floor stompin’ kicks and snares or claps? This will get you started on the right foot! Along with some truly inspirational full drum beat loops are also drum one shots, which allow you to drag and drop into any DAW or Sampler and make your own beats from scratch. So whether you want that old school Chicago House flavor, or new school Bass House flare, this pack has all the right ingredients to make huge House hits, time after time again! Inspired by the House legends such as Steve Hurley, DJ Sneak, Paul Johnson, Bad Boy Bill, Roy Davis Jr, etc. Whats Inside: • 40 Drum Loops • 20 Open Hats • 20 Closed Hats • 61 Kicks • 40 Claps • 40 Percussion • 10 Rides • 10 Shakers • 10 Snares • 40 Foley Percussion ** Only the Drums used in the Demo are from the Delicious House Drums & Loops pack. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Progressive House

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 - Fuego
FuegoBlack Octopus SoundHouse, World2019-04-29

These beats and Latin pop grooves are on fire! Kyng Media presets Fuego; and it is LIT, and ready for your latest production! Inside is filled to the brim with 5 entire song structure loops, stemmed out ready too be put together or reworked. This means you can use them in direct relation to one another to make a new Latin inspired hit right from the start, or you can drag into entirely new sessions and use each songs element however you feel!! Along with full stemmed loops, inside is also one shots making it as simple and drag and drop into your favorite sampler or DAW for easy and quick workflow! Each full song loop has everything you need to inject that Latin Pop and Dance flavor into your song, whether it needs some flashy FX, Island vibe melodies, dynamic Drums or stylish Synths! The one shots up are split between Drums, FX and Synths, so you can build your own grooves and melodies however you see fit. So hop on the beach and light up! Fuego is ready to add to your arsenal! Whats Inside: • 54 MIDI Loops • 64 Stem Loops • 33 One Shot Drum Samples • 7 One Shot FX • 12 One Shot Synth Instrument Samples

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Protoculture - Euphorbia for DS Thorn by Protoculture
Euphorbia for DS Thorn by ProtocultureBlack Octopus SoundTechno, Trance2019-04-25

Marula Music Euphorbia is a collection of 100 presets hand crafted by Nate Raubenheimer of Protoculture and Shadow Chronicles fame for Dmitry Sches’s DS Thorn from Plugin Alliance. The pack covers multiple electronic music genres ranging from ambient and techno to house and trance. With Euphorbia, you can dive in and knock out any new production with the vibe you are looking for in no time! With Arps, Bass, Chords, Leads, Pads, Plucks and Sequences; this is the one-stop pack for DS Thorn users that need to inject some serious heat into their latest songs. Whats Inside: • 10 Arp patches • 22 Bass patches • 4 Chord patches • 18 Lead patches • 16 Pad patches • 17 Pluck patches • 13 Sequence patches • 100 patches total, sorted into categories • Great for Psytrance, Trance, Techno, House and Ambient to name a few

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 - Chants and Shouts Vol 1
Chants and Shouts Vol 1Black Octopus SoundVocal, Future Bass2019-04-11

Shout! Shout! Let it all out! This is the pack you can’t live without! Chants and Shouts Volume 1 is one of the most versatile sample packs out with a full toolkit of chants and shouts making it perfect for any style of music. Every genre can benefit with a bit more ‘spice’ and vocal attitude, and Chants and Shouts Volume 1 has the ingredients you need! Inside you will find various different tempo and keys of Chants, including Dry, Ambient, Megaphone, Reverb and Saturated effected versions. Along with all these different unique and one-of-a-kind chants, there are Ad-libs with full words or phrases to beef up the chants even more and inject heaps of attitude into your tracks. And of course, we can’t forget about the SHOUTS! Phrases like “Lets Go!” or “Move It!” can add the extra fuel to any of your music productions, making the drops hit even harder and get the crowd moving all night long. Instead of the typical one lead line or one shot vocal with one voice recorded, these are all layered to perfection with full on crowd chants and shouts, that make the whole party start to jump! And if top quality Shouts and Chants weren’t already enough… we have included some Vocal Chops - glitched up to perfection and ready to rock your latest tune, riddled with the pitched effects that are perfect for Future Bass or Pop, and any other styles that you create. So come on! Grab this FIRE pack and inject some serious vocal heat into your new hit song! All files are 24 bit, 44.1 and tempo and key labelled. ** Only the Chants, Shouts or Vocals used in the demos are from the pack. Any other music elements are not included. Whats Inside: * Over 1 GB of Chants, Shouts and Vocals! ** All Chants and Shouts have Dry, Delay, Reverb, Megaphone and Saturated Versions! *** Its as easy as drag and drop into any session or DAW! • 72 Ad Libs • 184 Chants • 355 Shouts • 11 Vocal Chops • Bonus Vocal Cut from Demo Song *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • House

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 - Ultra Warm Lofi
Ultra Warm LofiBlack Octopus SoundHip-Hop / R&B, Downtempo2019-04-02

It’s Warm. It’s Lofi. Ultra Warm Lofi is pure edgy grooves with all the right substance to make some killer Lofi, downtempo, trip hop, hip hop and urban. Riddled with loads of top quality Lofi and super warm ingredients to make any song come to life! Inside you’ll find hypnotizing Atmospheres to help inject some serious emotion into the production, bold bass loops fuzzed up and thumping along. Also inside is both drum loops and one shots, with crisp and dynamic drums to give you some saucy beats. The FX included are truly great for any artist or producer! Glitched up loops, uplifters to help those transitions and builds, and to top it all off, we’ve included some Vinyl Noise samples and loops. With all of this plus memorable Melodies and Vocals, this pack will easily become your go-to for any of your new songs needing that ultra warm Lofi treatment! So what are you waiting for? Get Ultra Warm Lofi today! Inspired by artists and labels like MF Doom, Stones Throw Records, Knxwledge, Xxxtencion, Lungfulls, Dilla, Flylo Whats Inside: • 22 Atmospheres • 18 Bass Loops • 63 Drum & Percussion Loops • Full Drums (10) • Groove Loops (12) • Kick Loops (10) • Percussion Loops (10) • Snare Loops (10) • Top Loops (11) • 60 Drum and Percussion One Shots • Cymbals (10) • HiHats (14) • Kicks (12) • Percussion (12) • Snares (12) • 32 FX • 50 Melody Loops • 8 Vocal Loops

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 - WB x MB - Riddim Apocalypse
WB x MB - Riddim ApocalypseBlack Octopus SoundDubstep, Trap2019-04-01

The Devastation was brutal. The Invasion was heavy. Now the Apocalypse has begun! WB x MB are back with another mind melting sample and loop pack, with its entire focus on BASS, BASS and MORE BASS! Riddim and Dubstep bass loops and one shots never sounded this massive! Riddim Apocalypse is the bass toolkit you can’t live without! Inside is over 180 one shots that you can put into any sampler and perform, all at different keys and pitches. And thats not all! Also included is 50 full blown bass blasting loops that will take your Riddim or Dubstep production to new heights! Inspired by Skrillex, 12th Planet, Kill the Noise, Doctor P, Flux Pavillion, Funtcase, Cookie Monsta, Getter, 50 Carrot, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Badklaat, PhaseOne, Trollphace, Monxx, Phiso, Subfiltronik, Requake, P0gman, INFEKT, etc. Whats Inside: • 185 Bass One Shots • 50 Bass Loops

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Everyman - Positive Flow Vol 1 by EVeryman
Positive Flow Vol 1 by EVerymanBlack Octopus SoundBreaks, Hip-Hop / R&B2019-03-28

It’s not every day that you can literally feel the passion come so easily in a sample packs creation. With Positive Flow Vol 1 by EVeryman, it oozes out devotion, adoration and love, for not only the yesteryears of great Funky Hip Hop, but also for great lyrics and mood. EVeryman and Qdup teamed up to bring you one of the Chunkiest, Funkiest and down right ingenius Rap and Hip Hop vocal packs around. It doesn’t even matter the genre! Hip Hop, Breakbeat, DnB, Future Bass, House, you name it! This pack has the vocals and shouts that can take your song from an idea, to a chart topping hit! Its as easy as drag and drop into your song and feel it get the vibe you desire immediately. Inside this heater of a pack is acapellas from full songs (with adlibs, backing, Chorus, Verse, etc), all carefully laid out and selected by both EVeryman and producer Qdup, giving you all the vocal ingredients to make massive Hip Hop infused, genre bending music. You’re gonna get positive, positive lyrics. Something straight from the old school Boom Bap, but made with the new school producer and production techniques in mind. Positive Flow Vol 1 by EVeryman is two eras colliding in the best way possible! Inspired by groups like Beastie Boys, A Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr, The Roots, De La Soul, The Pharcyde, etc. It’s about Positivity and it’s about Flow. The name says it all. Grab it today! Whats Inside: • 1.5 GB of Vocals and Acapellas! • All songs at different tempos, ready for all different genres! • Full songs make it easy to use in any modern day production! • 10 Full Songs Acapellas (both Dry and Wet) • 82 Acapella Stems total • 27 Phrases and Shouts *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • House

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 - Ambient Selection
Ambient SelectionBlack Octopus SoundChill Out, Downtempo2019-03-26

Producers AK and Tim Schaufert have created a chill out and ambient magical wonderland. The incredibly robust sample pack Ambient Selection offers a vast cosmos of sonic wonder; this pack makes it an absolute dream to produce professional downtempo. Join on us on a journey through the innovative drums and lush soundscapes that await. Just listen to the demo. It illustrates the beautifully woven together tapestry of sound that is made possible with this library. Vast and profound, crisp yet warm, essential basics and expert innovation. Upon opening the pack, the first reaction maybe shock. Surprising at the immense variety and creativity that is possible. Creative foley such as coins, glitches, doors creaking, and kitchen sounds; all which can help add character to any groove, drum sound, or full track. The plethora of live recorded drum hits will give your downtempo jams an organic feel. Bass guitars, atmospheres, drones, pads, and sound fx add an extraordinary compliment to the basses and Serum presets. This pack is utterly loaded with incredible content. For producers who want to produce music for chill out Spotify playlists, yoga studios, as well as ambient chill out spaces at music festivals. Enjoy the whole Universe of possibility with Ambient Selection. Pack Contents: • 251 Acoustic Snares • 177 Regular Snares • 36 Kitchen Cloth Snares • 38 Tambourine Snares • 172 Acoustic Hats • 82 Close Mic Hats • 90 Room Mic Hats • 426 Coin One Shots • 202 Foley One Shots • 193 Door Foley One Shots • 144 Kitchen Foley One shots • 135 Odd Drums • 72 Pitched And Distorted • 63 Regular • 89 Acoustic Cymbals • 77 Glass Hits • 38 Pitched And Distorted • 39 Raw Hits • 70 Bowed Cymbals • 70 Acoustic Rides • 36 Close Mic Rides • 34 Room Mic Rides • 45 Processed Hats • 43 Snaps • 24 Dry Snaps • 19 Pitched Snaps • 38 Shakers • 34 Rim Shots • 17 Layered Rims • 17 Regular Rims • 33 FX • 11 Impacts • 10 Risers • 9 Alien FX • 3 Sweeps • 23 Ambient Glitches • 21 Kicks • 20 Bass Guitar One Shots • 20 Guitar Atmospheres • 20 Drones • 18 Serum Presets • 4 Wavetables • 16 Pads • 16 Drum Loops • 15 Atmospheres • 12 Reese Basses • 10 Sampler Pads

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 - The Hip Hop Tapes
The Hip Hop TapesBlack Octopus SoundHip-Hop / R&B, Drums2019-03-06

Hip Hop at its finest! The Hip Hop Tapes have all you need to make edgy, old school or new school flavored Hip Hop with the utmost quality loops. Not only is there speaker slaying drums and beats, but also Piano and Cello loops that can set your new Hip Hop production apart from the rest. And we can’t forget about MIDI! The plus side of having MIDI is now you can layer or add your own synths, chops or samples to perform the exact piano and cello lines that are in the pack! Build and construct from scratch and tweak the notes however you want! Hip Hop has always been about the vibe. The Hip Hop Tapes is PURE vibe and gives you it all! Get all these rustic Hip Hop loops and MIDI at your finger tips so you can blaze up any of your new productions. Inspired by old school Hip Hop legends such as Grandmaster Flash, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Dr. Dre, and refined for the new school Hip Hop artists and producers influenced by Madlib, Ugly Duckling, People Under The Stairs, Dilated Peoples, or MF Doom, to name a few. Grab The Hip Hop Tapes TODAY! Whats Inside: • 64 Crazy Cool Cello (+53 MIDI) • 55 Dynamite Drum Loops • 60 Perfected Piano Loops (+38 MIDI)

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 - World Bass Moombahton
World Bass MoombahtonBlack Octopus SoundWorld, EDM2019-03-04

Moombahton never dies. And this pack showcases exactly how the current sound is still as massive as ever! World Bass Moombahton by Basement Freaks brings you the fire you need in that next Moombhahton hit! Inside is speaker destroying Drums, massively melodic Music Loops, neck breaking one shots for your favorite sampler, and genre breaking percussion loops. This isn’t your normal Moombahton pack! It takes what you need for Moombahton production and gives you world flavors with Talking Drums (hand played by Basement Freaks himself), Arabic infused combo percussion and twisted latin Trap style hats and claps. It will quickly become your go-to arsenal for anything Moombahton! We promise you that! Inspired by artists like Dave Nada, DJ Sabo, DJ Snake, Dillon Francis, this pack will set you apart from the rest. Top quality, chart topping, tribal influenced Moombahton at your finger tips. Whats Inside: • 20 Drum Loops • 56 Music Loops • 24 One Shots • 79 Percussion Loops

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 - Lofi Soul Keys
Lofi Soul KeysBlack Octopus SoundHip-Hop / R&B, Funk / Soul / Disco2019-03-01

This pack is all about that Lofi gritty saturation, blended ever-so-perfectly with some truly soulful keys. Lofi Soul Keys is going to take your Urban, Hip Hop, Pop, Soul and Downtempo productions to the next level! Not only is there loads of brilliantly performed Piano’s, but also an endless amount of dirtied up Rhodes and Synth keys, that add crunchy melody and smooth chords to your latest productions. Inside you’ll find over 40 fresh chopped and cut loops that can be thrown into any style of music, adding all the new-school production glitched out melodic sounds that you desire! Chopped up loops never sounded this fly! If all these keys and synth lines weren’t enough, then no problem! There’s plenty more! Inside are MIDI loops, alongside hand selected Bonus Beats taken from two other hit packs “Sunset Tech House” and “West Coast Hip Hop”, adding even more fuel to an already lit pack! Get soulful and dirty with Lofi Soul Keys today! Whats Inside: • 149 Lofi Synth Loops • 55 Basement Rhodes Loops • 55 Clean Rhodes Loops • 50 Saturated Piano Loops • 40 Chopped Melodic Loops • MIDI included for all loops • 10 Drum Loops taken from West Coast Hip Hop and Sunset Tech House All samples and loops are Key and Tempo Labelled and 24 Bit 44.1

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 - Arctic Chill
Arctic ChillBlack Octopus SoundChill Out, Downtempo2019-02-22

Arctic Chill has arrived and is sure to be a favorite sample pack among chill, downtempo, & ambient producers with its unique selection of samples & loops. This sample pack is chill in its purest form, featuring icy winds, lush & aura ambiences, euphoric melodies, drum hits, deep bass drones, synth shots & fx. The sounds in this pack can not only be used for downtempo & chill styles, but could also be useful for genres such as deep hip hop, ambient, future bass, and more. The organic & lofi drums will set the deep & desired tone right away. Once you have built up a groove using the 120+ drums shots & loops, find the perfect euphoric melody & atmosphere to accompany them. We suggest pitching & chopping up the melodic loops & elements and adding stacks of fx to these samples to get your own unique sound. All loops are tempo / key labelled for easy drag & drop into your DAW. Embrace the cold & set your productions into a deep freeze with Arctic Chill today! Sample pack download contains: • 126 Drum Hits & loops • 20 Aura Ambience • 20 Lush Background Atmospheres • 5 Deep bass Drones • 24 Euphoric Melodies • 12 FX • 8 Synth Shots

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 - Latina House Vocals
Latina House VocalsBlack Octopus SoundHouse, Vocal2019-02-13

This heater of a pack is straight Masivo! Latina House Vocals bundles up entire songs of Latin fused Vocals for your next production! The elegant Latina vocals bring the melodies and emotions you need for your next big hit! Even with all of the Spanish lyrics, there are also songs in English, so you can make great use of both languages just as easy. We have even included Vocal translation sheets, so you know what is being said either way. If full song acapella’s aren’t enough, no sweat! There is more! Inside this signature pack is also spoken phrases (perfect for House music), tantalizing textures (ingredients for unique sound designs), and even full song starter construction kits with bass, drums and full mixes to really get that inspiration moving! This library of sun-kissed vocals and samples are perfect for many genres for years to come, including House, Techno, Pop and World to name a few. If a little Spanish flare is what you are after, here you go! Each acapella folder is key and tempo labelled and separated as Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals/Harmonies, and Ad-libs, so you can get it processed and leveled exactly how you need it in the mix down. So what are you waiting for!? Arriba! Ándale! Grab Latina House Vocals today and kick some Latin spice into that song! Whats Inside: • Over 1.5 Gigs of Content! • Both English & Spanish lyrics and vocals! • Full Song Stems with Ad libs, Leads, Chorus, Verse, etc! 12 Full Song Acapellas: • 207 Acapella Stems 3 Full Song Starter Kits: • 35 Total Stems Plus: • 30 Spoken Phrases • 10 Textures *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • EDM

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 - Brutal Dubstep & Riddim
Brutal Dubstep & RiddimBlack Octopus SoundDubstep, Trap2019-02-08

Dubstep is back with a vengeance and this pack highlights every single thing that is making 2018 the year of Dubstep’s return and showcasing Riddim’s energetic impact on the genre! Pulling from the sounds of the biggest cutting edge Dubstep artists of the year; this pack has it all and piles it into one bass driven drum slammin monster! Inside are top of the line Serum Presets that will get your bass kicking heavier than you have ever heard, synths driving the songs with attitude and so much more! Alongside these brain stomping presets and wavetables, you have some of the biggest and baddest drum loops (sorted by kick and snare, beats, build ups, hats and percussions and fills), drum one shots, FX, and to top it all off, 2 Ableton Racks! If you want to take the world by storm with some of the heaviest Dubstep and Riddim, then this is the one! Pulling inspiration from artists such as Virtual Riot, Excision, Datsik, Downlink, Destroid, Badklaat, Le Lion, Infekt, MAZE, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Madcore, etc. etc. Whats inside: • Mindblowing Serum Presets: Bass (63) • FX (4) • Leads (6) • Pads (7) • Plucks (8) • Sub (3) • Synths (4) • 30 Wavetables • Huge Samples and loops: Drum Loops (57) • Drum One Shots (30) • FX (17) • 2 Ableton Racks

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Amy Kirkpatrick - Amy Kirkpatrick - Fortune
Amy Kirkpatrick - FortuneBlack Octopus SoundEDM, Future Bass2019-01-28

High profile vocalist Amy Kirkpatrick unloads a real gift, her brilliantly written and recorded royalty free vocal sample pack Fortune! This luxurious sample pack is perfectly recorded and immaculately engineered, with the target being a ridiculously enjoyable and inspired studio experience. A wide variety of tempos and key options makes Fortune a fit for any electronic genre!

 Ten full length deep and meaningful songs take this impeccably organized pack to a supremely high level. Each track is soulfully written to convey powerful messages and stories that will bring your music to life. Not only are the lyrics amazing, but Amy’s voice is so musical and expressive, it’ll add a whole new profound instrument into your mix. Beyond the acapella stems, adlibs, and harmonies are the FX and One Shot Folders. The one shot stabs will go perfect in a future bass, EDM, trap, dubstep, progressive, or house production. The elegant deluxe atmospheres create such a beautiful space and ambience. The glitch FX are clever and captivating. To finish it off, the large spoken word folder and vocal tones round off the pack with highly usable accents and musical expressions that will make tracks really take off!

 Fortune and it’s extremely high quality magnificence, support producers of future bass, dubstep, trap, house, progressive, EDM, garage, drum and bass, or literally any other genre of dance music. Amy Kirkpatrick has an amazing voice with brilliant lyrics. This is a must for any producers vocal sample pack library. 

• Over 1GB of Content • 10 Full Length Songs With Harmonies and Ad-libs • Over 50 Vocal Glitch/FX/Risers 
• 30 Lush Deluxe Vocal Atmospheres • 20 Pitched One Shot Hits • Over 70 Usable Spoken Word Samples Whats Inside: • 105 FX, Atmospheres and Glitches • 189 Full Song Stems • 73 Spoken Words *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep

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 - Emotional Keys
Emotional KeysBlack Octopus SoundEDM, Future Bass2019-01-28

Emotional Keys is the ultimate pack for styles ranging from Pop, to Future Pop, Future Bass and any other Pop-fueled styles of music production. Even though there is a massive amount of the high quality Pop style Keys, that’s not all this pack has to offer! Emotional Keys also comes filled with big bass lines, full ensembles of strings, bringing emotional movement into the music, sound effects to help transition your sections in the song, sizzling synths that help give it some edgy leads and of course; a huge array of keys to bring your song to life! Along with all these amazing loops and samples, there is also entire songs that can help get you rolling in the right direction! Three songs with all elements (even including killer vocal cuts and pads) to instantly help you make a hit song with the utmost inspiration from the start! All folders are tempo and key labelled for easy access and organisation. So grab this Top-of-the-Pops pack, and make that next chart topping hit song! Whats Inside: • 3 Full Song Kits (amounting to over 30 full song stems) • 37 Full Ensemble Loops • 16 Bass Loops • 8 Fx Loops • 26 Keys Loops • 37 Synth Loops

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WB x MB - Riddim Invasion by WB x MB
Riddim Invasion by WB x MBBlack Octopus SoundDubstep, EDM2019-01-14

Welcome to the invasion! After the huge success with their recent sample and preset pack ‘Riddim and Dubstep Devastation’ (which topped the charts on multiple shops), WB x MB are back with something HEAVIER THAN EVER! Riddim Invasion is the ultimate preset pack for anyone wanting to inject some serious heat into their Riddim or Dubstep productions! Inside you’ll find blistering bass’, furious FX, lazer lashing leads, eery pads, and room shakin’ subs and 808s, plus some seriously creative wavetables to fuel Serum as you desire. All macros are fully assignable and lets you dive even further into the invasion, and take your song next level with automation and movement galore! WB x MB aka We Bang (WB) and Mister Black (MB) are well known for their Riddim and Dubstep style music with releases on elite labels like Play Me Records, Warpaint, Kinphonic and many more. They give you the ingredients you need to make songs hit songs time and time again! Check out what all the hype is about and grab Riddim Invasion today! Inspired by artists like themselves (WB x MB) and other heavy hitters like Skrillex, 12th Planet, Kill the Noise, Doctor P, Flux Pavillion, Funtcase, Cookie Monsta, Getter, 50 Carrot, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Badklaat, PhaseOne, Trollphace, Monxx, Phiso, Subfiltronik, Requake, P0gman, INFEKT, etc. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass

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Cristina Soto - Cristina Soto - Souls
Cristina Soto - SoulsBlack Octopus SoundVocal, EDM2019-01-14

Superstar dance music vocalist Cristina Soto is here to present ‘Souls’, an incredible collection of royalty free vocals. Having worked artists like Tritonal, Illenium & Said the Sky, Au5, Bassnectar, Psymbionic, Matt Lange, and many others; Cristina brings her Triple-A game expertise to your studio. There are twelve folders of highly usable vocal content including six full songs. These are all packed with vocal layers, harmonies, doubles, verses, chorus', and even multiple acoustic guitar stems! Spanning the spectrum from 120-182BPM, this pack is the perfect addition to your productions, regardless of style! Each of the full length songs are recorded in different keys for optimum versatility. Each of these is bound to spark an idea or lift an already existing track to the next level. There are also six incredible vocal effects folders, with Atmospheres, Vocal Chops (both loops & one shots), spoken word, and vocal swells. This pack is designed to give you extremely high level quality and professional vocals into your music, and is brilliantly crafted to make your production experience that much more enjoyable. The quality, organization, extreme versatility of this pack will ensure it highly usable for years down the road. Enjoy! Be creative. Whats Inside: • 159 Vocal Stems (Verses, Chorus, and Ad-libs) • 6 Unreleased full songs • 51 Acoustic Guitar loops for all 6 songs • 30 Vocal Atmospheres • 16 Vocal Chop Loops • 46 Vocal One Shots • 31 Spoken Word Phrases • 15 Spoken Word Quotes • 30 Vocal Swells *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep

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 - Funky Indian Rhythms
Funky Indian RhythmsBlack Octopus SoundWorld, Drums2019-01-14

Indian percussion master KV Balakrishnan is back! This time with one of his hot-test packs to date, too! Funky Indian Rhythms has all your percussion needs all stacked neatly inside a multi-genre and various tempo labelled pack. Along with his genre defying style of percussion performance, Funky Indian Rhythm also includes Kicks, Snares, Drum Loops, Pads, and Hi-Hats! Made with the prolific producer in mind, this pack lets you add these blazing per-cussion elements into any style ranging from Tech House, Trap, Future Bass, Glitch Hop, Hip Hop, Deep House… and let’s be honest…any other genre out there! Its endless possibilities with these top-quality loops and samples! So grab this pack today and add that Indian flare to your next production! Whats Inside: • 1662 Drum & Percussion Loops in 80, 90, 100, 105, and 110BPM • 1053 Percussion Ensemble Loops • 609 Single Percussion Loops • Instruments include: • Tabla • Dholak • Dukki Tarang • Bongo • Ghata Singari • Salangai Bells • Dhad • Tambourine & Shakers

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Protoculture - Spire Essentials
Spire EssentialsBlack Octopus SoundTrance, EDM2019-01-02

“Everything he touches turns to musical gold” – Armin van Buuren, A State of Trance Straight out of the studio of Nate Raubenheimer, AKA Protoculture, comes Protoculture Spire Essentials. The pack includes 100 cutting edge presets for Reveal Sound’s Spire. Guaranteed to breathe life into your Trance, Progressive and Psy tracks, these presets range from fat bass lines and soaring leads, to warm pads and crystalline plucks, all expertly crafted to get your creative juices flowing. “Spire is often an integral part of my production process due to its unique sound and great workflow. These patches are sounds I crafted for my own productions and am now making them available to you. You’ll find patches that were used on my single ‘The Descent’ featured on Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State of Trance 2017’ as well as some material designed for my upcoming Shadow Chronicles Psy Trance project.” – Nate Raubenheimer (Protoculture) Protoculture Spire Essentials Sound Set Info: ๏ Covers Trance, Psy and Progressive genres ๏ 10 Arp patches ๏ 25 Bass patches ๏ 4 Bass sequence patches ๏ 4 FX patches ๏ 27 Lead patches ๏ 13 Pad patches ๏ 13 Pluck patches ๏ 4 Synth patches **Pack contains only the synth patches heard in the demo, not the drums.
 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Progressive House

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 - Cinematic Guitars
Cinematic GuitarsBlack Octopus SoundChill Out, World2018-12-07

Step into an epic void with the Basement Freaks new chilled out pack Cinematic Guitars! 
The producer unleashes his 90s influence in full effect, with sounds inspired by the late 80s and early 90s industrial EDM, Electronica Surf, and Synth Punk styles. Using loads of leading effects of the era’s, Basement Freaks injects even more warmth and essence with his use of a vintage Fender Stratocaster and British Tube DI’s, to add that extra beefy saturation tone and character. Inside is everything you need for score, soundtrack, song production, and epic-awesome-sauce, that can be placed into multiple genres or soundscapes fusing Electronica Ambient sounds with modern day production styles. Along with these atmospheric guitars and dreamy sounds, there are floaty top notch FX, bold and deep bass loops, misty music loops and underwater drums to add that extra layer of euphoria to your production. Inspired by artists like Autechre, Future Sounds of London; this pack adds copious amounts of emotion and atmosphere to any and all styles and is a must have pack! So dive in DEEP with Cinematic Guitars today!

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 - Neurotech by V O E
Neurotech by V O EBlack Octopus SoundDrum & Bass2018-12-05

V O E (aka Tevlo) is here with a SLAMMIN’ pack of mind melting Serum Presets for heavy electronic and Drum & Bass styles! From dark moody feels to sub breaking filthy drops, Neurotech will make your tracks turn heads and blow minds. Fueled to the brim with some of the best growling, mutated, and reese’d out bass sounds you can find. Inside is both Bass and Lead presets that will get you started off the right way, injecting stabby, subby, chunky bass lines or laser sharp leads into your Neurotech productions. All 4 Serum macros are easy to use, which allows you make your own adjustments to make the synth talk, move, and SCREAM exactly how you need it to fit your track! Inspired by artists such as Noisia, Mefjus, Muzzy, Calyx & Teebee. Emperor and Signal, this pack will be your go-to for any of your DnB needs!

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Protoculture - Sylenth Essentials
Sylenth EssentialsBlack Octopus SoundTrance, EDM2018-12-01

"Everything he touches turns to musical gold." -Armin Van Buuren Black Octopus warmly welcomes back Armada Records artist Protoculture. The man himself brings his signature sound to the heralded VST plugin Sylenth. This luxurious sound bank will instantly bring cutting edge quality into your productions. The pack includes 64 immaculate presets. Guaranteed to breathe life into your Trance, Progressive and Psy tracks, these presets range from fat bass lines and soaring leads, to warm pads and crystalline plucks, all expertly crafted to get your creative juices flowing. Sound set info: 100% royalty free 64 patches total, sorted into categories Covers trance, psy and progressive genres Pack Details: • 12 Arp Patches • 15 Bass Patches • 5 FX Patches • 16 Lead Patches • 7 Pad Patches • 8 Pluck Patches *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Progressive House

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Basement Freaks - Synth Funk
Synth FunkBlack Octopus SoundFunk / Soul / Disco, Disco / Nu Disco2018-11-30

Basement Freaks do it again! This time its time to get FUNKY! Synth Funk has any and all funk keys and synths that you’d need for your next funkin’ production. But thats not all! Inside is also blazing Brass sounds, Music Loops, bendy Bass loops, and vocoded and lead Vocals! The 70s and 80s are back with a new and improved sound, and Funky Synth will impact your latest production with all the elements your heart desires! Influenced by the Nu Jazz, Electro Funk and Synth Pop scenes; you can make any song come to live and dab with disco bringing energy and excitement to the party! Along with all the chunky funky grooving beat loops, there are loads of 80s funky leads fueling your song with some extra special improve feels. With Jazz Chords included, this pack takes you from even another angle, giving you some different ideas or inspiration that isn’t always found in todays packs! So grab Synth Funk today, and get ya booty on the dance floor!

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Elliot Berger - Stratosphere by Elliot Berger
Stratosphere by Elliot BergerBlack Octopus SoundChill Out, Downtempo2018-11-30

Stratosphere is elegance and beauty all rolled up into one grooving heater of a sample pack. Creator Elliot Berger is no stranger to top quality packs that flood the scene and charts with pure awesome sauce (as seen with his pack Breathtaking Future Bass). With his new pack Stratosphere, he shows just how versatile his packs can be for producers and their work. This is the perfect library for anyone doing Ambient, Downtempo, Future Garage, Liquid and Chillout styles, plus so much more! Weighing in at over 1 gig of content and samples and presets that are stronger than ever, you will find everything you need for your next song. Inside are bold bass loops and one shots, presets for Serum, deep drum loops and one shots, FX, Melodic Music loops, sizzling Synths, foley and ambient Vocal one shots. Stratosphere has it all! The synth atmosphere and pads alone are oozing with inspiration, just waiting for you to layer with some grooves or add them into any style of production needing some euphoria! Inspired by artists like Sorrow, Direct, Vacant, Burial, Mr FijiWiji & Asa. So grab Stratosphere today and get chilled like ice! What’s Inside: • 64 Serum Presets • 58 Bass Loops • 7 Bass One Shots • 172 Drum One Shots • 76 Drum Loops • 46 Foley FX • 32 FX One Shots • 138 Melodic Music Loops • 40 Synth Atmospheres • 10 Vocal One Shots *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • EDM

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Frost - Serious Sound Design - Gritty Hybrid Trap
Serious Sound Design - Gritty Hybrid TrapBlack Octopus SoundDubstep, Trap2018-11-30

Bad Ass West Coast bass music producer Frost unleashes a BEAST of a pack; Gritty Hybrid Trap. This one is filled to the rim with the right ingredients to blaze up any one of your new Trap productions. With over 400 MB of content and combining multiple vibes of Trap into one pack, you get everything you need to make the next big hit. Included are Serum Presets, Drum One Shots, Drum and Percussion Loops, Fills, Bass and Lead Loops, Glitch FX, Hits and Risers and more! If you desire a pack that has it all, this is going to become your go-to Trap production arsenal! All the Serum Presets are macro assignable to give you hands on control with your song! Get lit! This powerful pack of high quality and top notch state of the art presets, samples and loops will get you releasing along the best names in the biz! Inspired by artists such as Gammer, KRANE, QUIX, Bishu, Brillz, Trav Piper, UNKWN, and ATLiens to name a few! Grab Gritty Hybrid Trap today and get the party started! All samples and loops are 24 bit 44.1khz. Whats Inside: • 87 Serum Presets: • 45 Bass • 15 Leads • 10 808 & Sub • 5 FX • 5 Chords & Pads • 5 Plucks • 162 Drum One Shots • 55 Hat and Perc Loops • 15 Drum Fills • 10 Bass and Lead Combo Loops • 50 FX Hits and Loops *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • EDM

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 - Soulful Hip Hop by Basement Freaks
Soulful Hip Hop by Basement FreaksBlack Octopus SoundHip-Hop / R&B, Funk / Soul / Disco2018-11-15

Oh yeah, baby! Time to get some funky and soulful hit making loops and stems into your Hip Hop productions! Basement Freaks are back again with Soulful Hip Hop; and it has it all! Some bold bass lines, beefy groovin’ drum loops, urban scratch rhythms, funky guitars, shiny chords and melodic loops. But that's not all! Inside you will also find 6 full song kits so you can get fully inspired! This allows you to see how a song moves and grooves along, and you can pull and create your very own Soulful Hip Hop fueled HITS with separate stems ready for mixing! With over 1 GB of content, this pack will add soulful flair to your hip hop, house, funk, soul, or dance tracks. Inspired by Quincy Joints, Herbie Hancock, Fun Loving Criminals, and Beastie Boys!

Basement Freaks - Metropolis Soundtrack by Basement Freaks
Metropolis Soundtrack by Basement FreaksBlack Octopus SoundChill Out, Downtempo2018-11-14

Smooth and oh-so-jazzy, for all ya’ cool cats! Basement Freaks brings us Metropolis Soundtrack; a truly soulful 1GB+ library, packed full of Jazz and Downtempo sounds. Inside this masterpiece, you’ll find everything you need to bring some jazz into your songs or add some pizzazz to your downtempo productions. Along with juicy jazz beats and melodic music loops, you have full song kits which include full song stems of guitar, keys, bass, drums, sax, and so much more! 
 As soon as you open the pack you'll find infinite opportunities to add that organic, jazzy flair to your next Hip Hop, Downtempo, Trip Hop, Chill, or House production! You'll find crispy acoustic drum break beats that sound like they're recorded inside a jazz club, beautifully processed/effected guitars, delightful jazzy piano keys, and lush rhodes riffs that will add luxurious movement to any track. You'll also find find construction kits that make getting a track started as easy as ever, just drop and drag the unique synth one shots/loops, bass, drums, or sax loops directly into your project and watch how Metropolis brings your studio to life! 
 If you're hungry for that extra special sauce in your music, or want to add an innovative jazzy flair that inspires you and your audience; get on Metropolis Soundtrack. Influenced by the Hip Hop & Trip Hop era , with a jazzy twist, old-school breaks drum loops, Jazz Bass, Rhodes, Pianos, Sax, and Synths.

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 - Featurecast - Production Vaults
Featurecast - Production VaultsBlack Octopus SoundBreaks, Hip-Hop / R&B2018-11-09

Here is the ultimate one stop sample pack for Hip Hop, Breakbeats, Glitch Hop, DnB and so much more! Featurecast - Production Vaults takes you to the tip top of the game for any of your production needs. Inside is blasting bass one shots, damaging drums (one shots, loops and fills), fx, music loops and vocals. You will also have BLAZING presets for both Massive and Serum at your finger tips to help you mold, mutate, perform and slam some synth work into your next production. Alongside all of these golden nuggets of goodies you can utilize the sampler patches included for both ESX24 and Kontakt. Tempos inside the pack range from 105 clear up to 175, so its clear that this pack can help you along with various styles and influences. So lets get this party started! Grab Featurecast - Production Vaults today! Whats Inside: • 61 Bass one shots • 188 Drums loops • 70 drum one shots • 17 drum fills • 51 FX • 41 Music loops • 12 Vocal Loops • 24 Vocal One Shots • 20 Massive Presets • 12 Serum Presets • 17 Sample Patches

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 - Tropicaliente
TropicalienteBlack Octopus SoundHouse, World2018-10-30

Oh yeah, Muy Caliente! Its time for some straight funkin’ spicy latin flare with Tropi-caliente by Basement Freaks! A pack that is filled to the brim with some swanky latin big sounds infused with bold brass sections, skanky skunk guitars, flavorful percussion and dynamite drum kits, plus so much more! Whether you are working with Brazilian style, Tropical House, Tech House, or just looking for some Spanish drum grooves or guitars to throw into your productions, this is the perfect pack for you! Inside you can find One Shots, Samples and Loops all layered with that soulful Latin twist! Urban, Hip Hop or Disco? Sure! This has you covered! And how about Rumbaton or some Funky breaks? No problem! Thats exactly whats here waiting for you! This pack blends the lines across any styles that need to have that little Latin spark, all the way up to full fledge Tropicaliente HEAT! All loops and Samples are key and tempo labeled and at 24 bit 44.1 Grab this FIRE pack today! Oooooo-so SPICY! Whats inside? • 16 Bass Loops • 14 Full Drum Loops • 9 Brass Loops • 16 Latin Percussion Loops • 57 Music Loops • 23 Guitar Loops • 10 Bonus Rhythm Loops

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Ahee - Rave Reimagined by Ahee
Rave Reimagined by AheeBlack Octopus SoundHouse, EDM2018-10-26

The rave vibes are BACK! Ahee delivers a STAND OUT highly modernized, yet old school rave style serum preset, drum breaks, and one shots pack. These Triple A quality presets and astonishingly produced samples will immediately add a unique flavour and flair to your modern dance productions. Crank up the energy with the slammin' drum loops, or make your own with sick crisp one shots. Light up the night with synth hits and loops, or tweak the highly usable macro's to be innovative with the Serum presets! Add blazing freshness to your trap, dubstep, EDM, breaks, trance, Dnb, house, garage, or Future Bass productions. Nothing but top quality samples and presets, perfect for both up tempo and down tempo styles. Inspired by artists and genres like, The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Infected Mushroom, Fatboy Slim, Daft Punk, 90's Jungle, old school breaks, psy trance, and acid house. Whats inside: • 100 Serum Presets • 40 x Drum Loops • 60 x Drum One Shots • 87 Synth Loops • 13 Synth One Shots

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 - Sunset Tech House
Sunset Tech HouseBlack Octopus SoundHouse, Tech House2018-10-26

The sun is going down and its time to hit the clubs! Sunset Tech House is loaded with full on Tech House flavor. Jackin and rolling bass loops to get you movin’, drum hits and loops to get you groovin’, FX, Music loops and even full song start-ers that are firing on all cylinders! This pack is a dream come true! Whether you’re producing hit tunes for smooth warm club vibes or some midday beachside festival slots, this pack has the Tech House ingredients to take your productions to the next level! Whats inside: • 29 Bass Loops • 235 Drum One Shots • 123 Drum Loops • 20 FX loops • 36 Music Loops • 6 Full Song Starters

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 - Spaghetti Trumpet
Spaghetti TrumpetBlack Octopus SoundFunk / Soul / Disco, Orchestral2018-10-10

Spaghetti Trumpet by the funk legends The Basement Freaks has landed! If you know the Basement Freaks, then you are well familiar with their electric, booty shaking flavour of live in-strument driven funk and bass music. Here is a sick library of some of their secret weapons of the past, present, and future! This is pack is set to provide inspiration, organic flair to your mu-sic, and your life with an enjoyable production experience for years down the road. Spaghetti Trumpets is the sauce and will fill out a mix with luxuriously awesome live instrument freshness. The pack is full of succulent sexy stabs, luscious loops, over the top original one shots, and luminous licks; all ready to go straight into your newest project. The pride and joy of the pack, the One Shots in a variety of keys, either Dry, or soaking wet with perfect fx pro-cessing. Whether you’re a control freak with your reverb or there’s a tight remix deadline, there are plenty of Dry and Wet one shots for your needs. This pack is perfect if you like artists like Krafty Kuts, The Freestylers, Basement Freaks, Griz, Gramatik, Grizmatik, The Funk Hunters, or K-Lab. This pack is highly usable for funk, disco, house music, trap, chill out, and any other variety of dance music. Pack Contains • 161 One shots - Wet • 74 x One Shots Dry • 28 x Loops

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 - Cinematic Indian Loops
Cinematic Indian LoopsBlack Octopus SoundWorld, Orchestral2018-10-09

KV Balakrishnan returns with an incredible performance of Indian percussion in Cinematic Indian Loops. In the history of samples & loops this is the first cinematic loops packs with Indian percussion, and as well multiple time signatures. Hot off the heels of the huge success Mystical Indian Percussion, this pack brings many of the same live recorded percussion bliss. Soundtrack producers will love this pack as it not only contains epic 4/4 driving rhythms, but also it is one of the few packs that will tackle complex 5/8 and 6/8 time signature loops. As with Mystical Indian Percussion, all loops in this pack are provided in both ensemble and single instrument format, so producers can build their own rhythms or get up and running quickly with a fully mixed percussion ensemble. As a bonus a few electronic drum elements have been scattered throughout this pack, which can give these loops a modern edge for EDM music. There is no shortage of content in this pack, you can expect to find over 1000 sounds ranging from charging djembe rhythms, tablas, thundering bass dholak, Egg Shakers, kanjira, unique talking drums, powerful vocal percussion, as well as some more rare percussion such as moongos, Darbukka. Whether you are trying to capture the heated chase scene, the tension before an epic battle, or a suspenseful jungle expedition, Cinematic loops will be a valuable asset to your music library. Download contains: 861 Drum & Percussion Loops: • 339 x 4/4 Time - 120BPM • 287 x 5/8 Time - 125BPM • 235 x 6/8 Time - 130BPM • Tabla • Dholak • Darbukka • Vocal • Cymbal • Kanjia • Toms • Djembe • Bells • Many More 162 Drum One Shots: • Tabla • Dholak • Darbukka • Vocal • Cymbal • Kanjia • Toms • Djembe • Bells • 21 Bonus Bass / Drone / Flute / FX One Shots

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 - Beach Festival Anthems
Beach Festival AnthemsBlack Octopus SoundHouse, EDM2018-10-08

Come on down to where the sands are warm and the water is cool! Let the breeze and bass lines hit you while the tropical sun beams down on your face! Welcome to Beach Festival Anthems. A HUGE pack of EDM, Tropical and Future Bass flavors for those beach festival HITS!! Inside the pack you will find key and tempo labelled full kits to give you the inspiration you are after. In the Kits are Loops, Midi, One Shots and Presets. Alongside all these sun blazing full kits, there is bonus Massive Presets included so you can mold, mutate and customize as you feel fit for your own productions! So grab a cocktail and get started with Beach Festival Anthems! Inspired by artists like Thomas Jack, Kygo, Matoma, Lost Frequencies, Seeb, Klingande, Bakermat, etc. Whats Inside: 6 Full Song Kits separated by: • Loops (Bass, FX, Chords, Piano, Drums, Leads, etc) • Midi • One Shots (Drums, FX) • Massive Presets Plus 100 Bonus Massive Presets: • 4 808 Bass • 27 Bass • 14 Lead • 6 Pad • 19 Pluck • 30 Synth OVER 300 LOOPS, SAMPLES and PRESETS TOTAL!

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 - Psychedelic Toolbox Vol 1 By Marula Music
Psychedelic Toolbox Vol 1 By Marula MusicBlack Octopus SoundTrance, Progressive House2018-10-08

PsyTrance lovers unite! This pack is for you! A massive box of heavy hitting Psychedelic Trance tools at your finger tips! Marula Music brings us Psychedelic Toolbox Vol 1. With dynamite drums, flashy FX, sizzling synths and custom Serum presets, this pack will knock your productions out of the park! Inside you will find everything you need to step up your PsyTrance game and stand among the best. All drums are separated as one shots including loads of killer kick drums. You will find loops, tonal FX, ambience, and stabs to give your song some atmosphere and finesse. Alongside the highest quality of samples, there is over 70 Serum presets; all with quick control slots assigned. Inspired by PsyTrance artists and legends such as Infected Mushroom, Shpongle, Astrix, Astral Projection, Vini Vici, Juno Reactor, X-Dream, GMS, Mindbenderz, ManMachine, Mad Tribe, etc Whats inside: Serum Presets: • 14 Bass Patches • 6 FX Patches • 22 Lead Patches • 10 Pads • 11 Pluck and Arp Patches • 8 Sequences Samples: • 117 Drum Hits (inc. 67 Kick Drums) • 63 FX Samples • 36 Tonal FX, Ambience and Stabs • 39 Loops

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Ill-Esha - Ill-Esha Intonations
Ill-Esha IntonationsBlack Octopus SoundVocal, EDM2018-10-08

Ill-Esha arrives with ‘Intonations”, a truly groundbreaking & innovative vocal pack for all styles of music! This MONSTER 5GB+ pack is one of a kind that is sure to inspire you in your music productions for many years to come. Pop, Techno, Trance, Dubstep, Hip Hop, you name it. It's all possible with this pack! Inside you will find a huge selection of high quality full song stems, phrases,vocal FX, tuned vocals, adlibs, atmospheres, phrases, tones, vocal drum hits, spoken word (DJ terms, worldwide memes, human noises, common phrases, words, numbers, and a computer spaceship), and Serum wavetables, plus so much more. All sounds are tempo & key labelled, and reference MIDI chords have also been supplied to ensure the best possible user experience. ill-esha has also included lyrics sheets, and other useful information on all aspects of her stunning work with “Intonations”. If all of this wasn’t enough to get your mouth watering; there is also Custom Presets for Ableton Sampler, EXS Sampler, Kontakt and Serum, as well as custom skins for Serum & Kontakt. The extras in this pack are a sound designers paradise, it is just down right insane how creative you can get with this pack. Remix the full songs into your own productions, chop and slice up the phrases, or use one of the many hundreds of extras as fuel for creating many new and creative vocal fx and textures. The content certain to make it into many of your future productions for years to come - it's a timeless pack! Whether you are looking for intimate tones and vocals for Techno or Ambient Music, full on pitched and auto-tuned styles for Pop, vocal drums hits for Hip Hop, Dubstep or Glitch Hop (to name a few); its all here and ready at your finger tips. Grab the pack today and get started on your next HIT with ill-esha and her blazing pack ‘Intonations”! Whats inside: • 12 Full Unreleased Songs as Stems • 75 Ad Libs • 10 Atmospheres • 24 FX (Swells and Builds) • 95 Loops (Chops, Glitches, FX) • 289 Phrases (Harmony, Wordless, Wordy) • 223 Spoken Words • 408 Tones (4 songs Broken into AH, MM, OH, OO all at different key) • 122 Vocal Drum Hits (Cymbals, Foley, FX, Kicks, Grooves, Percussion, Snares) PLUS: • 20 Serum Presets • 25 Wavetables for Xfer Serum • Custom Kontakt Instruments • 16 Ableton Sampler Presets • 17 EXS Sampler Presets More details from ill-esha on what you get inside: • Twelve full unreleased songs, separated in various stems; • Random phrases, adlibs and slides recorded in A, B, C, D, E, F, and G minor (at 120 BPM). Some are lyrical, some are wordless, and some are done through various vocoder/harmonic effects. • Ten longer atmospheres, long and continuous sonic layers of processed vocal tones, in various keys; • Swells, glitchy builds, and other miscellaneous effects; • Spoken phrases including useful DJ terms, worldwide memes, human noises, common phrases, words and numbers, and a computer spaceship; • Vocal tones spanning more than two octaves pronouncing four syllables (AH, MM, OO and OH) in three different “character” voices - Breathy, Soulful and Straight. • Sampler instruments for the EXS 24, Ableton Sampler, and Kontakt Keyswitch, Single and Multi Instruments; • Drums and percussion made entirely from my mouth; • Wavetables made from my voice for Serum, and some bonus cool presets co-created with Frost; • Loops at 100, 120, 140 and 160 BPM, in various keys. IMPORTANT LICENSE AGREEMENT NOTES: • ill-Esha has requested that producers NOT use the name Ill-Esha in the track titles. • Producers must produce their own full music backing for these vocals. You may not use the vocals as is, without using your own production. • Vocals may be used royalty free in commercial productions. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • Future Bass

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KV Balikrishna - Mystical Indian Percussion
Mystical Indian PercussionBlack Octopus SoundWorld, Drums2018-10-01

The bustling streets, the smell of fragrant Chai, radiant colors everywhere, and the uncanny character of the Tabla drum. Bring the essence of India into your studio with this high level Indian percussion pack recorded and produced by the prolific, legendary Indian percussionist K.V. Balakrishnan. This masterpiece of a sound library contains expertly crafted and beautifully mastered drum hits for any variety of production. EDM, Bollywood, Cinematic, Downtempo, Psychedelic, Dubstep, Trap, and Drum & Bass; these samples will give your tracks an innovative twist! Your production will stand out with this stunning array of tabla, dholak, mridangam, cabasa, dukki tarang, ghata singari, kanjira, moongos, various shakers, salangai, tambourine, and finger cymbals. With really high attention to detail, this percussion master has delivered an exceptional quality sample pack that will keep up with quality standards and stay relevant for years and years to come. The nearly 1200 loops provided have been broken down into both ensemble loops, and single loops so you can piece together your perfect percussion grooves. Loops have been provided in 120, 125, 130, 135, & 140 bpm and have been conveniently labelled with instrument type, tempo, & key for ease of use. A variety of Dholak & Tabla one shots have also been provided to sequence brand new beats from scratch. Sample pack download contains: • 677 Ensemble Percussion Loops • 519 Single Perccusion Loops • 92 Dholak One Shots • 71 Tabla One Shots • 1359 Samples Total • Size: 2.62GB (Yep)
 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Dubstep • Hip-Hop / R&B • Orchestral • Trap

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Bound to Divide - Melodic Deep House by Bound to Divide
Melodic Deep House by Bound to DivideBlack Octopus SoundTech House, Deep House2018-10-01

The summer may be coming to an end, but Bound to Divide is keeping it alive with this incredible new pack ‘Melodic Deep House’. As you are well aware, following his previous offering ‘Professional Deep House Essentials’, Bound to Divide knows how to deliver. Inside is a huge array of crispy drum one shots, speaker shaking bass hits & loops, a whole array of FX, and some beautiful music loops. This pack is not only perfect for deep house producers, but also a must have for anyone producing styles ranging from Pop to Chillout! To top it all off, the pack also comes with 10 premium serum presets, full construction kits, and a massive 79 MIDI files for you to build it up the way you want to. This pack is ideal for a broad range of styles, particularly for those who are fans of artists like Duke Dumont, Secondcity, Route 94, Gorgon City, Jamie Jones and Disclosure! This Pack Contains: • 30 Bass One Shots • 40 Bass Loops • 2 Construction Kits • 40 Drum Loops • 93 Drum One Shots • 25 Percussion Loops • 43 FX • 79 MIDI Files • 40 Music Loops • 30 Music One Shots • 10 Serum Presets *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • House

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Bound to Divide - Professional Deep House Essentials
Professional Deep House EssentialsBlack Octopus SoundTech House, Deep House2018-10-01

This pack is masterfully crafted so that you will have an inspired, enjoyable, and extremely easeful music production experience. Vibe Records regular Bound to Divide presents his huge sample pack ‘Professional Deep House Essentials’, a collection of expertly crafted sounds to help you achieve that signature deep house sound. Everything from drum one shots and loops, arps, pads, basses and foley to Serum presets and even some multi samples and a couple of construction kits in for good measure! The kicks and claps are worth the price of the pack alone. Next level crispness, shape, character, and texture. Drop them into your DAW and you have professional sounding quality drums. On top of that you get pro sounding leads, music loops, and underlying basses that fill out the mix; this pack is a one way ticket to high level calibre deep house productions. The folder of Serum presets rounds the pack off nicely making it a full, complete, and modern tool kit for Top 10 quality sounding tracks for your fans and DJ sets sets. Bound to Divide has incorporated his broad range of influences and this pack is perfect for fans of artists like Duke Dumont, Disclosure, Gorgon City, Jamie Jones, Robin Schulz and Route 94! This Pack Contains: • 31 Bass Oneshots • 30 Synth Oneshots • 50 Bass Loops • 51 Music Loops • 65 Drum Loops • 119 Drum Oneshots • 50 Foley Hits • 53 FX • 5 Bass Multi Samples • 5 Synth Multi Samples • 95 MIDI Files • 10 Serum Presets • 2 Construction Kits *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Minimal / Deep Tech • Techno