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Black Octopus Sound is focused on supplying sample libraries and audio production tools of elite quality. Located on the west coast of Canada and founded in 2011 by well known electronic musician and sound design guru Toby Emerson, this label is dedicated to provide some of the best quality and innovative sounds in the game. Every sound is meticulously crafted and special care is taken to ensure these packs are full of exceptionally high quality and inspiring material.

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 - Limitless 2 By MDK
Limitless 2 By MDKBlack Octopus SoundDubstep, EDM2018-09-20

MDK is at it again with his signature brand of phat, crisp, unique, and absolutely huge sound design. Limitless 2 is a serendipitous adventure through huge texturized basses, crisp plucks, phat musical leads, speaker bending fx. This Serum wizard has made a seriously high quality, Triple A level preset pack for you to make your next chart topping hits with. The bass presets are all processed and macro’d to perfection, so all you need to do is drop these on your bass track and write your melody (or use one of the 22 MIDI melodies provided). Definitely make sure to check your bass face in the mirror. There are also 8 presets designed for chords, play your favourite chord progression and magic will happen! The buffet of mid range synths, leads, plucks, and sequences all help complete the extravaganza that is Limitless 2. These sounds are made for music to be hype, hype. hype. Enjoy and have so much fun making your next bangers with sounds courtesy of the producer ninja MDK. This pack is for people who love something that’s different. Reminiscent of the complextro days of yore, these sounds are made for hands in the air moments, festival sets, house party classics, and epic late night club moments. Get your next productions ready with Limitless 2! Oh wait…. We’re also throwing in 100 free bonus samples from Leviathan 2 ;) What’s in this nuclear bomb of a pack? Pack Details: 64 Presets: • 30 Bass • 8 Chord Presets • 5 Drum Hits • 12 Leads • 2 Plucks • 2 Sequenced Synths • 2 Sound Fx • 2 Synth Presets • 5 Unique Wavetables • 22 MIDI Files • 100 Bonus Samples from Leviathan 2 • 72 Drum One Shots & Loops • 28 FX, Impacts, and Atmospheres *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Dance • Drum & Bass • Trap

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 - World Percussion Ensemble
World Percussion EnsembleBlack Octopus SoundWorld, Drums2018-09-13

Nik Tourbis is a known Afro-Beat Percussionist and teaches students from all around the world the art and techniques of Latin and Tribal Brazilian Percussion styles. He is back on his recording duties with producer Basement Freaks to deliver pack that is truly one of a kind and for any enthusiasts of Tribal, Afrikan, Brazilian, Latin style, and even a hint of middle eastern percussion loops and samples. 

World Percussion Ensemble will bring that live played groove to anything you are working on. Cowbells? Got you covered. Congas? Oh you bet! Its endless! Timpalas with and without effects gives you variations you’ve never thought was imaginable from a percussion pack. Each ‘lick’ and ‘loop’ is processed differently to give you image and depth in your workflow. 

This MONSTER pack of percussion elements can be used for any styles, whether you are making your next big festival EDM hit, or scoring a film that cries out for a salsa steppin’ touch. Inside you will also find Demo and Music loops that have brass music (great for Trap!) and other unique sounds as combo loops. Full kits to get inspired; just slam one of these bad boys into your DAW of choice and quickly have a song structure ready to push you to your limits! Grab World Percussion Ensemble today and make the next hit! 

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 - Wicked Trap Beats
Wicked Trap BeatsBlack Octopus SoundHip-Hop / R&B, Trap2018-09-13

Black Octopus continues its wicked drum series with another hard hitting release, Wicked Trap Beats! Featuring a wide arsenal of bass heavy drum samples & beats, this pack is destined to make some club systems rattle. Build your own beats using the one shots in this pack, as a huge focus has been spent on the 300+ included drum hits. The snares & claps have all have that special iconic trap flavor, including pitched, organic claps, & 808 style snares. The crisp hihats work perfectly for those patterns featuring quick 16th note rolls. Pick one of the tight high kicks and layer in a fat 808 style sub for a nice full spectrum beat. In addition to the single hits, a good selection of toploops, drum loops, and build up loops have also been included so producers can get up and running with some fresh inspiration in no time. While this pack is labelled as a trap drums pack, there is also a lot of room for it to be used in other genres such as future bass, hip hop, and chillout. To round things out as a bonus, we have included 10 top notch Serum presets from Ahee, from his legendary Beats from the Bass Ship 3 pack.

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 - West Coast Hip Hop
West Coast Hip HopBlack Octopus SoundHip-Hop / R&B, Downtempo2018-09-13

Black Octopus Sound presents West Coast Hip Hop, a sample pack dedicated to the the iconic sound of West Coast Hip Hop. A sure to be favorite in every hip hop producers arsenal, this pack captures the full essence of West Coast Hip Hop. Inside you will find a huge selection of nitty gritty west coast keys, dirty drum loops, g-funk bass loops, gangster organs, whistling leads, pianos, full ensembles, moody arps and 3 full song starter construction kits. The piano and keys are a huge focus of this pack, featuring massive in your face chord stabs that can be imagined straight out of a Dr Dre album. All of the drum loops in this pack are offered as a full loop, or broken down into variations such as kick free, percussion & toploops so you can dial in the exact sound you are looking for. All samples are key and tempo labelled for convenience so you can easily drag and drop, mix and match the sounds to your desire. Added as a bonus are 38 MIDI files of bass loops and piano keys so you can load your own patches or alter the sounds further to make it your own.

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 - Percussive Guitar
Percussive GuitarBlack Octopus SoundChill Out, Downtempo2018-09-13

Black Octopus presents Percussive guitar, a soothing and inviting adventure into the world of percussive acoustic guitar samples. The unique playing style captured showcases the acoustic guitar in its natural beauty, featuring many percussive rhythms as well as beautiful harmonics, lead licks, hammer hits, bass loops, ensembles, and shimmering stretched out atmospheres. There is a wide range of untapped music which fuses acoustic guitar and electronic music, which make this pack a perfect companion for producers of indie dance, deep house, downtempo electronica, looking to add some live flavor into their sounds. All loops are labelled with tempo and key information for easy drag and drop into your sessions. 3 Full song construction kits are also included which can be used to spark some inspiration quickly. As a bonus 5 full drumloops broken down into 26 stems are readily available to layer some percussion into the mix. There is a certain quality that a live recorded loop cannot be captured with sampled instruments, so if you are looking to add some lovely acoustic guitar to your productions look no further than this pack.

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 - Beats From The Bass Ship 3
Beats From The Bass Ship 3Black Octopus SoundDubstep, Trap2018-09-01

Step into the Bass Ship!! Back once again with the ill bass and beats, Beats from The Bass Ship 3 is here!! In this heavy and slamming bass driven pack you get the best of different worlds; drums, loops, presets and one shots! With Serum at its focal point, you get 100 of cutting edge and mind blowing Serum presets to make baselines scream like there is no tomorrow. This pack is for producers who love the sound of Datsik, Excision, etc. Make bone crunching hits with these premium samples. This pack is a neck breaker with samples and presets to help any producer at any level in their career make blistering bass music at top level quality. So relax, put your seat belt on, and blast into Bass Space with Beats from the Bass Ship 3! 

Inside the pack: • 100 - Serum Presets • 808 Bass One Shots - 55 • Hat One Shots - 10 • Kick One Shots - 30 - • 36 - Loops (Drums, Bass, Fills) • 100 - Sorted One Shots (Bass, Drums, Synth, Pad, FX) • 25 - Percussion One Shots • 100 - Serum Presets • 30 - Snare One Shots *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • EDM • Glitch Hop

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 - Insomnia
InsomniaBlack Octopus SoundHip-Hop / R&B, Trap2018-08-21

KYNG Media is back with another hot collection of hip hop & trap beats & loops focusing on a melodic yet gritty sound to carry you into the midnight hours. As with all KYNG Media packs, the samples are broken down into WAV loops, One shots, and MIDI files so as much customization can be made. You can expect massive 808 style sub basses and kicks, haunting and eerie synth bells, gritty and dirty synth EPS, and warm pads in this pack. Drumloops are offered in full beats, top loops, or single stems for maximum flexibility. Easily drag and drop the tempo & key labelled loops to quickly mix together a new beat of your own. Swap out your own sounds using the MIDI or create entirely new loops with the one shots provided. The MIDI included also allows you transpose the track to a different key and change around melodies. Whether you are an MC or vocalist looking for some royalty free material to work with or a producer searching for some fresh sounds, Insomnia will have something to get the late night creative minds working. Sample Pack Download Contains • 6 Bass Loops (WAV & MIDI) • 81 Drum Loops • 5 Full Track Beat Loops • 5 No Kick Beat Loops • 5 Top Perc Only Loops • 32 Individual Stems • 34 Individual Drum MIDI • 26 Melodic Music Loops • 22 Melodic MIDI Loops • 39 Drum One Shots • 5 Track Masters For Reference • 16 SFX *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • MIDI

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 - Really Really Good Drum Fills
Really Really Good Drum FillsBlack Octopus SoundDubstep, Drums2018-08-20

A product that has incredible drum fills, innovative FX drum fills, and tools to help you make your own drum fills in a ridiculously easy way? Welcome to Really Really Good Drum Fills. Steve Roland (Black Octopus C.O.O.) and Ahee (the mastermind behind the Beats From The Bass Ship series) bring you an incredibly well put together collection of drum fills and drum fill design tools. Non-compromising attitudes of incredible sound quality and decades of combined musical experience went in to producing these huge, crisp, phat, and super groovy loops, one shots, and racks. This pack has 4 main folders inside. Drum Fills which include 1 to 2 bar long drum fills in 11 different BPM’s ranging from 85bpm to 170bpm. The Drum Fills FX folder are sound bending, mind melting, effected Drum Fills that add innovation beyond the phat crisp drum hits of the non-effected folder. The One Shots folder includes many of the drum hits that were used to make the drum fill loops, so you can use them to make your own! If you’d prefer to make your own drum fills with this pack we’ve got you covered there too! Inside is an Ableton project file with midi files and two different drum racks, pre setup and ready to customize! Inside is also a tutorial video with drum fill design tips using the files provided! This pack has got you covered for a wide range of drum fill needs, just drop and drag the loops into your DAW, or make your own with the tools in the pack! Get ready to make some next level and highly engaging sequences for any variety of electronic dance music! What’s In The Pack? • Drum Fills - 144 • FX Drum Fills - 58 • Drum One Shots - 82 • Ableton Project - 1 • Midi Files - 5 • Drum Rack Instruments - 2

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 - Ambient Guitars Vol 2 by AK
Ambient Guitars Vol 2 by AKBlack Octopus SoundChill Out, Downtempo2018-07-31

AK is back with a a follow up Volume 2 to the amazingly ambient and atmospheric “Am-bient Guitars” sample pack. It features the highest quality samples showcasing chords, plucks and picks of guitars processed with delays, reverbs and so much more! Ambient Guitars Volume 2 takes you on a journey into the abyss with long sustains and beautiful strums from various guitars. All the tones and musical loops create other-worldly soundscapes or emotions to inject into your own productions. Inside the pack you will find Chord and Key Labeled samples ran through both Amped and Clean signals. Not only are there one shot chords but also seamless loops and ambient drones. Grab this pack today and take your song into blue skies!!! Inside the pack you will find: • 48 Clean Chord One Shots (Key Labeled) • 48 Amped Chord One Shots (Key Labeled) • 20 Loops (Amped and Clean) • 20 Ambient Loops • 10 Minor Drones • 10 Major Drones *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Downtempo • Sound FX

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 - Dubstep Secret Sounds
Dubstep Secret SoundsBlack Octopus SoundDubstep, Presets / Patches2018-07-31

Black Octopus Sound & Soundmasters presents Dubstep Secret Sounds, a treasure chest full of Serum presets dedicated to the biggest, heaviest & most sought after sounds in Dubstep. It can take years of learning to master some of the advanced sound design techniques that high calibre dubstep producers use, and with Dubstep Secret Sounds you can kick start your way to these innovative sounds. The presets are not only 100% ready to drop into tracks, but they can also be used as a valuable learning resource by studying how the sounds are crafted. All sounds in this pack have interesting macros applied, and are endless fun to tweak & twist into your own brand new creations. As a bonus 118 one shot WAV synth sounds have also been included, which can be time stretched, pitched, and chopped up to your desire. Do not miss out on the biggest and most advanced sounds in Dubstep today, and get ready to create some epic dancefloor moments that will blow people’s minds! Inspired by some of the biggest names in the genre such as Excision, Downlink, NGHTMRE, Feed Me, Kill The Noise, Nero, Rusko, Snails, Zomboy, Virtual Riot & more! Download Contains: • 118 Serum Presets • 6 Arps • 59 Bass • 5 FX • 13 Lead • 9 Pads • 9 Pluck • 14 Poly • 3 Seq • 118 One Shots

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 - Gold Chainz for Xfer Serum
Gold Chainz for Xfer SerumBlack Octopus SoundDubstep, Presets / Patches2018-07-31

Black Octopus continues its legendary line of word class Xfer Serum preset libraries with Gold Chainz! Created by the producer of Electropolis, the sounds in this pack are masterfully crafted and sculpted to perfection. You can expect an abundance of shredding growls, glitched out arps, spaced out alien leads, & dystopian pads to jumpstart your creativity. The deep & dirty sounds will fit right at home in dubstep, trap, riddim, glitch hop, hip hop, and other genres looking for some twisted bass heavy sounds. Make the sounds unique by tweaking assigned macros and watch the sounds come alive. 30 Wavetables have also been included for users wanting to take this pack to the next level and create their own sounds. As an added bonus an additional 100 samples from the demo track are added, including 5 dynamic and punchy drum kit loops, vocals, one shots, & fx. This pack contains: 100 Xfer Serum presets: • 10 Arp • 46 Bass • 12 FX • 21 Lead • 11 Pads • 30 Wavetables Samples: • 32 Drumloops (from 5 Kits) • 10 FX • 13 Musicloops • 32 Percs & Oneshots • 13 Vocals *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Glitch Hop • Trap

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 - Prismatic Bass Presets For Serum
Prismatic Bass Presets For SerumBlack Octopus SoundDubstep, Trap2018-07-12

Hair raising sound design and pristine production quality highlight this premium serum preset pack by bass music phenom Prismatic. With his masterful sonic quality and huge releases on high profile record labels Gravitas Records, Play Me Records, and Simplify Recordings, Prismatic is indisputably a household name in the global bass music community. As you look over this incredible pack you’ll notice a vast array of texturized bass presets that have a cut, shred, character, and style to them that is unique to the Prismatic signature sound. From gnarly growls, to phat reeses, to clever, quirky, slicing bass punches; this pack covers a wide sonic palette of flavours, colours, textures, and temperatures. The thrilling amount of different bass presets, the wide range of possible leads/accent synths, and the signature crispness of Prismatic’s drums, this pack is an absolute must in any Riddim, Dubstep, Trap, and Hybrid producers Serum preset library. This pack is absolutely for you if you love artists like Au5, Fractal, Virtual Riot, Excision, Datsik, and Downlink. Bring your productions up there with the best in the world with this essential Serum preset bank. Pack Contains: 64 Serum Presets Including: • 38 Bass Presets • 22 Leads/Arps/Plucks • 4 Fx • 11 Serum Wavetables 43 Wav Samples Including: • 5 Shredding Bass One Shots • 10 Phat Drum One Shots • 15 Music Loops • 10 Fx/Risers/Fallers • 13 Vocal Ad-libs *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Patches / Presets

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Ahee - Ultimate Serum Presets
Ultimate Serum PresetsBlack Octopus SoundDrum & Bass, Dubstep2018-07-12

100 Rare Serum Presets made from processed found-sound recordings collected over 10 years of travels by sound designer/producer AHEE. These Serum presets are ready for you to use immediately and are compatible with all standard DAW's. IMPORTANT: You MUST have the most current updated version of Serum to use these packs. Whats inside: • 92 Serum Presets • 90 Oneshots • 102 Synth Loops All edited and organized for quick and easy use. The sounds you will hear are all made from processed recordings of: • Drilling a wooden dowel into a block of styrofoam • Dragging metal chairs on linoleum floors at Cal Arts • Crunching snow on Mountains in Chile • Unplugging an electric Saws • Vintage electronics glitching and powering down • Foley recordings of crowds around the world • Laughter and public conversations • Breaking Ceramic pots on concrete • Chewing oatmeal All turned into the craziest ORIGINAL and very RARE Bass and Synth sounds. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Sound FX

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 - 80s Disco Funk
80s Disco FunkBlack Octopus SoundFunk / Soul / Disco, Disco / Nu Disco2018-06-25

80s Funk and Disco gone 2018! Welcome to a MONSTER pack of funk! This pack is filled to the brim with inspiration and skill to take your funky productions to the next level. If Prince and Daft Punk could have collaborated on a sample pack, this would be it. Inside you find entire kits of songs, tempo and key labelled so you can literally just drop into your DAW of choice and get inspired or tweak and mold into your own sound or style. Aside from the full stemmed out song kits, there is Bass, Brass, Guitar, Synth and Vocal loops; all funkin’ like its 1985! What else makes the 80s funkin’ funky? Chords! Lots and lots of them! So in the pack we put in some killer variations of chords as one shots. Load into your sampler of choice and play away! After you are ready for some vocal drops, we got you covered. Go ahead and add in the ad libs or vocal line one shots, or grab some of the Funky Vocoder one shots, and truly take your song into outer space on a Disco ship!! Inspired by artists like Prince, Daft Punk, Toro Y Moi, Egyptian Lover, Chromeo, Newcleus, Kool and the Gang, etc So come get a taste of that 80s Disco Funk and grab this pack today! Whats inside? • 7 Full Song kits (with Key and Tempo) • 16 Bass Loops • 2 Brass Loops • 39 Guitar Loops • 103 Synth Loops • 105 Full Vocal Loops • 198 Chord Stabs • 24 Vocal One Shots • 18 Vocoder One Shots *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Dance • EDM

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 - Ambient Loops by AK
Ambient Loops by AKBlack Octopus SoundChill Out, Downtempo2018-06-20

AK is back with another euphoric pack! This time with some of his most creative work to date. Inside you will find samples and loops revolving around the smoothest and chilled out sounds you could find. Evolving textures of strings, vocals, synths, ethereal chants and arps; this pack allows you to bring emotions into any style and genre of music you are working with! All files are key labelled and tempo labelled, which makes it easy to slide in and mutate as needed for your productions. Inspired by the current future sounds of todays electronic scene, molded into that AK style which is truly one of a kind. Whats in the pack: • 50 Ambient Loops

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 - Alien Weaponry Trap & Riddim
Alien Weaponry Trap & RiddimBlack Octopus SoundDubstep, EDM2018-06-01

Game changer pack alert! The producer mastermind Tevlo returns to Black Octopus Sound with another Triple A list quality sample and preset pack. After the huge success of Wet & Sinister Serum Presets, Forbidden Future House, and Future Funkstep packs; this Alien Weaponry Trap, Riddim, and Dubstep pack is two levels up! The name says it all. Ridiculously clean & punchy drums, detailed bass, searing leads, astral fx, and twisted brain melting Serum Presets highlight this fantastic bundle. The bass section has short one shots, long shots, and BPM labelled loops that are ready to drop into your next high quality bass music/riddim/dubstep/trap production. Use the cinematic impacts for creating tension, drama, and a sense of impending doom. This pack is an essential for the latest sounds in dubstep, trap, riddim, future bass, and electro productions. This pack has everything you need in exceptional quality. Just drop them into your DAW and pound the speakers. This pack is ideal if you like the sounds of Virtual Riot, Zomboy, Au5, Prismatic, and Fractal. Unleash the beast! Sample Pack download contains: 141 Drum One Shots 20 Drum Loops 65 Bass One Shots & Loops 30 Meloic Synth Loops 74 FX One Shots, Hits & Loops 42 Vocal One Shots & Cuts 55 Serum Presets (Bass, Synths, Leads, Plucks, Arps, FX) Download contains 372 x 24-bit WAV and 55 Serum Presets 740.9 MB Unzipped | 668.3 MB Zipped

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 - Apex Tech House
Apex Tech HouseBlack Octopus SoundTechno, Tech House2018-06-01

Dark lit clubs full of bodies moving to the bass lines. Apex Tech House has heart pounding jackin tech House vibes while retaining a deep and dark driven force. Pure underground flavor that will help you top the charts alongside all the best Tech House producers and names! In this extremely versatile package you get loads of drums and loops to work with that can be molded and tweaked to fit all various styles of Techno and Tech House productions. 

Alongside over 500 killer assorted drum loops and one shots, there are top notch melodic synth loops and FX that will blast you off to Jupiter! If pulsing Basslines is what you are after then we got you covered. But the party doesn’t stop there! Carefully crafted Dark atmosphere loops are perfect to intertwine the grooves while dropping in the vocal chops to keep you jackin! Hit the clubs and slam those subs! This pack is your next go-to for Tech House inspiration! 
Contents of packet: 
535 Drums sorted by: - Claps (100) - Crashes (50) - Hi Hats (50) - Kicks (100) - Percussion Hits (100) - Percussion Loops (100) - Top Loops (35) 40 FX Loops 30 Bassline Loops 45 Dark Atmospheric Sounds 100 Synth One Shots 40 Melodic Loops 20 Tech Vox Loops
 Additional Genres: House

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 - Bitcrushed Foley by AK
Bitcrushed Foley by AKBlack Octopus SoundChill Out, Sound FX2018-06-01

AK is back with Bitcrushed Foley; a pack made for experimental dreamers riding along on a soundscape that care the utmost about textures and unique percussive elements in their productions and sound design. Each and every sample is carefully crafted from organic elements and then brought into the digital realm with bit crushing effects. Bitcrushed Foley is the ultimate zingy glistening sound design pack that will spice up any project with drums and percussive foley. Inspired by experimental film score music and textures tastefully laid out with artists like Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Brian Eno, Squarepusher, etc in mind. Inside you will find 100 BitCrushed Foley samples at 24 bit 44.1 Please note this pack contains only Bitcrushed Foley samples. The musical elements in the demo are for demonstrational purposes only. Additional Genres: World

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 - Wicked Drums 2
Wicked Drums 2Black Octopus SoundDrum & Bass, Glitch Hop2018-06-01

One of the top selling drum packs from Black Octopus has returned! Wicked Drum Hits 2 is back with more of the thick, meaty snares, sharp kicks, tuned kicks, crisp hats, impacts, loops & more! These hard hitting drums will feel right at home in modern dubstep, trap, riddim, glitch hop, drum & bass, electro, or any other genre that needs drums that are sculpted from the ground up to cut through the heaviest of mixes. Snare tails have also been included so users can take the transient of one snare, and add in a new tail to sculpt the perfect sound for their track. Some users prefer to work with tuned kicks, and others like to work with unlabeled kicks so we have added both into this pack. A dynamic and punchy kit of drums is an essential piece in any producer’s arsenal, and Wicked Drum Hits 2 is sure to be a go-to favorite for many producers for years to come. Sample pack download contains: 100 Snares 75 Sharp Kicks 50 Tuned Kicks 25 Crash & Ride 50 FX 75 Hats 25 Toms Download contains 400 x 24-bit WAV Additional Genres: Breaks EDM Electro House Future Bass House

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 - Ambient Guitars by AK
Ambient Guitars by AKBlack Octopus SoundSound FX, Downtempo2018-01-19

Add this masterfully crafted set of guitars to your downtempo, chill out, experimental, or cinematic productions today for an extra special dose of live instrument magic! 

Producer AK presents “Ambient Guitars”, a sample pack that is the definition of texture and ambience. It has guitars from another galaxy wrapped inside a trippy and other-worldly space. Reverb, delays chorus, swells and other amazing effects all spiraling in and out of existence, paying tribute to what the guitar is capable of. Great for sound design, scoring films, pads or drones in your productions or soundscapes. 

 Add this essential pack to your downtempo, chill out, ambient, or film scoring sound library today! *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • World

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Elliot Berger - Breathtaking Future Bass
Breathtaking Future BassBlack Octopus SoundFuture House, Future Bass2018-01-19

Monstercat Records phenom Elliot Berger is here to help you break some serious ground in your Future Bass productions with his immaculately produced sample and preset pack. This is the collection of premium drum samples, arps, basses, chord modulations, and 808’s that Future Bass producers have been wishing for. This pack will breathe some serious life and utter music writing pleasure into your Future Bass/Future Pop/EDM producing experience. Black Octopus Sound is operated by veteran producers, so when we say a pack wows us, we mean it all the way. Elliot Berger has a rich catalog of incredible productions, hailing many releases on the iconic Monstercat Records label. With over 1 million views of his music on Youtube, it’s fair to say he is a bonafide hit maker. This pack is for producers who love the hot new Future Bass movement coming from artists like Odesza, Waveracer, Illenium, Will Black, San Holo, David Guetta, and Flume. Choose your own adventure with this pack; samples only, presets only, or the full enchilada for an overflowing abundance of all usable Future Bass content. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House

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Daniel Sheperd - Dennis Sheperd presents Main Room Trance Soundset for NI Massive
Dennis Sheperd presents Main Room Trance Soundset for NI MassiveBlack Octopus SoundTrance, EDM2018-01-19

World renowned Trance producer, mixing/mastering engineer, and music production educator Dennis Sheperd drops a PREMIUM Trance soundset for NI Massive. This pack is jaw droppingly awesome and is made for serious music producers who insist on nothing less than pro quality. Basses that thump, leads that cut, plucks that punch, pads that lush out, plus bells and fx to add sparkle. Impressive production quality and mindblowing sound design. This pack will make your EDM, Trance, Electro, Big Room, and Progressive productions sound huge. Dennis has racked up an impressive list of career highlights which include releases on Armin Van Buuren's label Armada Music, official remixes for Armin Van Buuren/Markus Schulz/Gareth Emery/Above & Beyond, and mixing & mastering duties on many hit records. He is also the event producer of a world class event called Trance Retreat. A full immersion education experience for aspiring Trance producers taught by world class facilitators including Dennis himself. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Techno

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 - Emotional Strings
Emotional StringsBlack Octopus SoundHip-Hop / R&B, Downtempo2018-01-19

Hot of the heels of Hip Hop Strings comes Emotional Strings, a sample pack of exquisitely played live strings recordings. Emotional strings is packed full of moody cellos, ensembles, quartets, pianos, and full song starter kits. Just as in Hip Hop Strings, the samples are key and tempo labelled can easily be mixed and matched to build your perfect soundtrack. The string styles can easily be fitted into hip hop, downtempo, folk, soundtracks, but also can be worked into other genres such as future bass & drum and bass. Piano and Strings go hand in hand, and to recognize this, we have added a large selection of piano loops for producers to choose from which will sit beautifully with the string sections. There is a certain quality that can only be captured by live recorded strings, many of the subtle articulations can be lost when using sampled instruments. Experience the beauty of Emotional Strings today! *Other genres that this package may be useful in; • Orchestral • Sound FX

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 - Tarantino Bass
Tarantino BassBlack Octopus SoundFunk / Soul / Disco, Glitch Hop2018-01-19

Get ready for Tarantino Bass! This sample pack is a unique style which can be considered a fusion of Mariachi & Balkan inspired sounds with a hint of funk to bring it all together. The live recorded instruments are definitely a main feature of this pack, with a huge selection of live recorded sax loops, trumpets, trombones, guitars, accordions and much more. The saxophone loops are a huge highlight of this pack, and you will find over 200 sax loops & one shots categorized as "Old School", "Smokey", "Jazzy", "Jammin" and "Funky" so you can find the style you are looking for quickly. The mariachi trumpets are oozing with feeling and will transport you riding into the sunset after an intense showdown with bandits from the old west. Chop up the loops into Balkan inspired house tracks, or lay some of the brass instruments into some funky glitch hop tracks and watch the sounds come alive! All of the loops from the demo track are broken down into "kits" for easy remixing into your own original tracks. In addition to the 600 live recorded loops, Tarantino Bass also comes with 22 Kontakt patches - including 60's hammond organs, sax chops, ethereal & mood setting pads, bells, & drum kits just to name a few. Produced by the world renowned funk producer The Basement Freaks, Tarantino Bass is a one of a kind sound which can find uses in other genres such as well such as reggae, funk, soul, mariachi, hip hop, glitch hop. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Hip-Hop / R&B

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 - Leviathan 2
Leviathan 2Black Octopus SoundElectro House, Dubstep2018-01-11

Leviathan 2 has arrived! Following the explosive success of the first volume – Black Octopus has delivered yet another monstrous sample pack that is destined to shape the sound of music for years to come. In production for nearly 3 years, and calling upon 8 skilled professional producers & sound designers, Leviathan 2 is jam packed with 5000 samples, loops, & MIDI files. This 6 GB pack will appeal to both newcomers and professional music producers and can be used in any DAW (Ableton Live, FL Studio, Studio One, Reason, Cubase, Logic, Bitwig, etc). This sample pack comes packed with sounds for virtually every genre of electronic music – from house, electro, dubstep, trap, chillout, techno, glitch hop, breaks, dnb, and new genres waiting to be discovered by you! The percussion section is truly special, containing keyed kicks, keyed snares & claps, organic percussion, electronic percussion, and traditional world percussion samples. Many of the live traditional percussion sounds (such as the shakers & tamborine) have been provided in articulations that will allow you to chain them together to create your own live sounding loops. Tuning your drums has never been so easy with Leviathan 2 as each of the snare & kick samples are labelled with the root key. Place the kick & snare to the key of your song, or experimenting by using a kick and snare a 5th apart. The insurmountable fx section is jam packed filled with risers, impacts, atmospheres, and hundreds of glitch and short fx to add ear candy to your songs. All of the risers & fallers are labelled in 1, 2, 4, 8, & 16 bar increments for your convenience. Use the evolving atmospheres as background layers to add mood to breakdowns, or the dirt layers to add texture and grit to beats. Sidechain these for amazing results! Leviathan 2 contains a huge selection of music loops & bass loops with nearly 100 MIDI files to accompany them for maximum flexibility. Throw these loops in your favorite beat slicer to chop and rearrange them, or run them through your favorite effect sequencer such as Looperator, Effectrix, or Timeshaper to give them your own sound. Rounding off the pack is a massive amount of toploops, fills, synth one shots, bass sustains, vocal loops & chops, 808 style hits and much more! Creating music has never been easier and more fulfilling with Leviathan 2 and the sounds will be finding their way into many top tracks for years to come! Leviathan 2 download contains: Drums • 413 Tuned claps, snares, & shifted claps • 286 Tuned Kicks • 200 Organic Percussion • 134 World percussion • 265 Toploops • 98 Fills • 66 Crash Cymbals • 40 Ride Cymbals • 45 Hihat & shaker loops • 247 Closed and Open Hihats • 398 Drumloops • 100 Electronic percussion • 190 808 Style kicks, snares, & subs • 51 Toms FX • 107 Atmospheres • 111 FX Falling • 100 Glitch FX • 88 Impacts • 50 Minimal Clicks • 94 Reverse FX • 140 Rising FX • 150 Short FX • 37 Tonal FX Musicloops • 270 Musicloops • 102 Midi Files • 15 FX loops Synth • 56 Bass loops • 635 Bass one shots • 401 Bass sustains • 113 Synth Chords • 278 Synth one shots Vocals • 51 Vocal one shots • 5 Vocal Loops Bonus: Producer Tip sheet on using this pack Download size 5.77 GB Zipped | 6.69 GB Unzipped Total number of files: 5000 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drums • Future Bass • House • Progressive House • Trap Head Sound Designers • Toby Emerson • Steve Roland • Johannes Weissschnur Additional Sound Design • Frederik Olufsen (The Frederik) • Scott Mills (Paradigm Theorem) • Venemy • Vince Peersman

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 - Vocal Atmospheres by Holly Drummond
Vocal Atmospheres by Holly DrummondBlack Octopus SoundVocal, Downtempo2018-01-09

From vocalist Holly Drummond comes a truly unique vocal sample pack of lush ambient textures and evolving vocal tones. Vocal Atmospheres by Holly Drummond contains an extensive collection of royalty free samples from single notes to slow motion evolving melodies. The recordings are designed to be blended together to create your own soundscapes appropriate for the type of music you are working on. The sounds will feel right at home in ambient, chill, and soundtrack styles of production. The long atmospheres can also work in higher energy tracks such as progressive, trance, & electro – we recommend trying rhythmic gating effects, and sidechained reverb over these sounds to get some really interesting effects! The sounds are ready to go immediately, just add a touch of chorus and a heavy side of reverb (We recommend Valhalla Room, Vintage Verb, and Valhalla Shimmer). All sounds are labelled with the correct key information for ease of use. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout

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AK - Ambient Rimshots by AK
Ambient Rimshots by AKBlack Octopus SoundChill Out, Downtempo2018-01-08

AK has quickly become a house hold name in the downtempo, chillout, ambient sound design Universe. This simple yet highly innovative pack brings such a powerful bang for your back and a staple to your ambient drum library. Just listen to the demo, it 100% speaks for itself. Pack contains 100 well produced ambient rimshot that are ready to be dropped into your next ambient project. These hits will add such a nice atmosphere to your track, really creating a nice wide sense of space in your mix. These samples are expertly crafted so they’re one hundred percent ready for your next production. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Minimal / Deep Tech

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AK, Andrew Applepie - Breaks by AK & Andrew Applepie
Breaks by AK & Andrew ApplepieBlack Octopus SoundBreaks, Hip-Hop / R&B2018-01-08

Breaks is a unique pack containing both processed and unprocessed breaks, and raw recorded material for advanced users to create their own vintage inspired classic breakbeats. Live drum breaks have become a staple in modern music production and when used properly, they can bring a track to life. There is a certain air and organic quality that a live played drumloop can add when layered into a percussion section that just cannot be achieved with sequenced drums. Live breaks are an essential element to genres such as drum and bass, hip hop, pop, and downtempo and even other modern genres such as future bass and glitch hop can benefit from live played drums. Chop up these breaks in your DAW or load them into your favorite slicer to make custom arrangements to fit around your percussion. Breaks has been recorded on a Rogers Holiday kit from the late 60’s with a Neumann TLM 102, Rode M3, and Shure SM7B mics.

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 - Dusty Trip Hop
Dusty Trip HopBlack Octopus SoundChill Out, Downtempo2018-01-08

Dusty Trip Hop is a mind blowing pack of lofi and all original Trip Hop samples and loops. Fueled with Hits, Loops and song strarters to get the groove pumping and tripped out! For many years Trip Hop has remained a unique genre blending the lines between electronic, hip hop, rock and down tempo. Artists like Massive Attack, Portishead and Unkle have taken the scene by storm and now so can you with this rare gem of a pack! 

 Dusty Trip Hop is one of those packs that goes even further than the genre calls for and can be used for anything needing a pulse and organic energy injected into your music or production. Organs, Bass's, Pianos, Synths, Lofi Drum Kits, Horns, Strings and so much more are riddled in the packet giving it an entire universe to dive into. Along with the edgy and blazing Loops and Samples; there are 3 entire songs broken down as song starters! Blossom, Exhale and Marcha are 3 all original songs you can pull inspiration from or cut into and create your own masterpiece! ATTACK this MASSIVE pack and get started today! *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • World

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 - Limitless Volume 1
Limitless Volume 1Black Octopus SoundElectro House, Presets / Patches2018-01-08

MDK has teamed up with Black Octopus Sound and the result is an explosive pack of Serum presets ready to take the dance music world by storm! Limitless by MDK has been masterfully designed by the well known Vancouver based producer and contains 64 presets, 30 wavetables, MIDI files, and 100MB of bonus content from the Leviathan 2 sample pack. With over 200k subcribers, and millions of plays on youtube, MDK is no stranger to the electronic music world. A master of electro/breaks/complextro/chiptune styles – MDK fully taps into his production expertise, with every sound in this pack being stamped with his own unique style. Each preset has cleverly assigned macros for ultimate control and shaping of the sounds. Dial in the perfect preset, and sculpt the sound to perfection with just a few tweaks. F-zero style leads, space invader arps, funky vibrato synths, deep growly basses, super sayan chords, and 8 bit FX are awaiting your tracks from this pack, so take a journey with MDK – the possibilities are…. Limitless!

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Zara Taylor - In Pieces
In PiecesBlack Octopus SoundProgressive House, Vocal2017-11-27

Black Octopus Sound is extremely proud to present the first ever vocal sample pack from world renowned artist Zara Taylor. This vocal sample pack is an inspiring journey through 12 versatile songs, and is packed full of extras for music producers of all genres. Each song is labelled with key & tempo information and comes with a basic MIDI & reference file to get up and running immediately. She has been called one of the most tender voices in dance and a stimulating aural aphrodisiac. Best known for her intoxicating melodies and profound lyrics, Zara Taylor’s voice has already made a lasting impact on the dance music scene appearing on hundreds of albums including singles and compilations. Zara first began her music career singing Progressive House back in 2006 with DJ Sultan. They released their first single ‘No Why’ on Deep Dish’s record label, ‘Yoshitoshi’ followed by numerous successful collaborations including ‘Be with U’ and their official remix of ‘Let’s Get Physical’. In 2008, after debuting on the Trance scene with the all-time balearic favourite ‘Crawling’, Zara teamed up again with Roger Shah a.k.a Sunlounger for the massive hit ‘Lost’ which quickly became #1 on the Beatport charts. The single made Armin’s ASOT 2008 Compilation, was voted Future Favorite, and won #1 Trance Song of the Year on ASOT Radio, establishing Zara’s name amongst the top vocalists in EDM. Two years later, Armin Van Buuren’s mash-up of the epic tune again reached the #1 spot on the charts proving to be a timeless winner. Since then Zara has continued collaborations with her favorite hit maker, Roger Shah, with another “fan favorite”, ‘Try To Be Love’, appearing on Armin’s ASOT 2012 Compilation and Universal Religion albums. Echoing the earlier success of ‘Lost’, ‘Try To Be Love’ was also voted tune of the week and future favorite on ASOT radio with a remix made once again by Armin himself. Taking a 3 year hiatus after the birth of her daughter, Zara came back this year to the Trance top 100 charts with her highly anticipated single “Fire”, released on Tiesto’s label – Blackhole Records. This is a vocalist that continues to surprise us. Zara quickly appears on the scene every now and again with her provocatively emotional vocals, randomly disappearing again only to return to our headphones when she has something worth saying. For the first time ever Zara is opening her audio notebook to the public, revealing songs that only her bedroom walls have echoed and allowing you to create your own magic with “In Pieces”, a very special and personal Vocal Pack from this elusive artist. Zara Taylor In Pieces includes: • 12 Full Songs • Each song provided in dry* & wet • Each song broken down into phrases for quick re edits and sampling • 40 Chill FX • 50 Vocal Atmospheres • 50 Glitch FX • 50 Tonal FX • 41 Transition Swells • 28 Ad libs • 21 Delay Vocal FX • Lyric Sheet *Song Try has a slight amount of reverb applied Please note this is a vocal pack only, the music elements are for demonstrational purposes only. Download Size 1.6 GB Zipped | 2.04 GB Unzipped *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Dubstep • EDM • Progressive House • Trance

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 - Electropolis for Serum
Electropolis for SerumBlack Octopus SoundElectro House, Dubstep, Presets / Patches2017-11-20

In the futuristic dystopian world of Electropolis, a new world of sound awaits for electronic music producers. Electropolis is a masterfully crafted pack of Xfer Serum presets & wavetables perfect for hybrid trap, electro, riddim, glitch hop, and more. This pack is full of shredding growls, mind exploding arps, twisted FX, and outrageous leads. Tweak the sounds to fit your tracks with the deep sound design possibilities found in Serum or use on the macros to create additional movement and modulation to the sounds. The future is now, and let Electropolis be a stepping stone for getting the sounds you want into your tracks. The presets in this pack are inspired by artists such as Snails, Skrillex, Zomboy, Virtual Riot, NGHTMRE, etc. Preset pack contains: • 128 Xfer Serum presets • 11 Arps • 51 Bass • 23 FX • 30 Lead • 13 Pad • 30 Wavetables Please note this pack contains Xfer Serum presets and wavetables only. For drums please check out the Wicked Drum Hits sample pack. Please ensure your copy of Xfer Serum is up to date to ensure proper loading of presets.

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 - Organic Elements 2
Organic Elements 2Black Octopus SoundDeep House, Minimal / Deep Tech2017-11-16

Organic Elements 2 is the highly anticipated follow up to one of our most successful sample packs for producers of deep house, techno, progressive, tech house, minimal, and other genres that look for a more mature organic sound. Weighing in at 2.2 GB there is no shortage of content in this pack; from beautiful ambient textures, organic drum loops & one shots, acoustic music loops, top loops, and so much more. There is a certain richness and warmth you can bring to a track with the real life recordings, and many special processing techniques through a magnitude of analog gear give these sounds an abundance of color. The loops range from mostly from 120 – 124 bpm, however there are some 128 bpm loops as well for high energy techno. Both seasoned professionals and upcoming producers will appreciate both the organization and quality of content in this pack. To top things off we share a few of our secrets in 2 bonus video tutorials. The topics covered are turning real life recordings into drum-loops, and special rhythmic gating processing techniques. Producers can also take advantage of the full song starter kits which features full length stems for remixing. We recommend using a few of these stems and build your own parts around them, then remove the original stems and you will have something completely original! Sample pack download contains: • 330 One shot drums • 157 Drumloops (30 main loops stripped down to different variation) • 20 Acoustic Musicloops • 79 Synth Musicloops • 30 Percloops • 45 Processed Loops • 45 Toploops • 3 Full song starter kits (broken down into 44 stems) • 65 Synth Hits (Roland Jupiter, Moog Minitaur, Korg Volca • 30 Organic Texture loops • 26 FX • 20 Bass Hits • 50 Bass Loops • 30 Chord loops • 2 Bonus tutorials (topics covered are turning real life recordings into drumloops, and special rythmic gating processing) Total number of sounds: 971 + 2 videos Download Size 1.8 GB Zipped | 2.2 GB Unzipped *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Progressive House • Tech House • Techno

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 - Ultimate Future Bass Bangers
Ultimate Future Bass BangersBlack Octopus SoundEDM, Future Bass2017-09-15

Ultimate Future Bass Bangers is a must have grab for banging out those heavy and bass driven Future productions! Delivering nearly 2 gigs of gigantic drops, stylish FX, melodic synths and ultra cutting edge drums. Totaling 821 samples; you have endless supply of innovation at your finger tips! Black Octopus Sound has done it once again giving you the ULTIMATE selection in production samples and loops! Inspired by artists such as: Flume, Odesza, Venemy, Waveracer, Allison Wonderland, Chainsmokerz, and more! *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Future House

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 - Iconic Future Bass (Full Bundle)
Iconic Future Bass (Full Bundle)Black Octopus SoundEDM, Future Bass2017-09-14

This absolutely massive pack with mind blowing next level production quality is a necessary weapon in your bass music production arsenal. This pack has everything you need to make a continuous stream of Future Bass hits! The pack is inspired by artists such as Venemy, Flume, Chainsmokers, Odesza, Tony Romera, and Marshmello. The Serum presets are ridiculously good and usable in so many different genres including future bass, trap, hip hop, dubstep, and even tropical house! This can be purchased as the complete bundle (samples and presets), or the samples and presets independently. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Future House • Presets / Patches

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 - Neuro Bass Patches Vol. 1
Neuro Bass Patches Vol. 1Black Octopus SoundDrum & Bass, Dubstep2017-08-01

This carefully crafted preset pack for Xfer Serum contains 25 wicked presets that will help you to create twisting basslines for your next Neuro track. These presets are aimed at sounds from genres such as Neurofunk, Dubstep and Glitchhop, but why not combine it with House music? Inspired by bass sounds from artists such as Noisia, Mefjus, Black Sun Empire and many other names from the Neurofunk scene. All the presets are setup with smart macro controls for easier automation and shaping of the sounds, because of this you can turn any of these presets into something different in a matter of seconds. The presets can also be a starting point for further manipulation of the sound with external processing, because that is how you can really come up with the heavily modulated Neuro bass sounds. Work with additional filters, distortion and other effects to come up with basslines that otherwise could take hours to make. The pack also includes 30 waveform and wavetable samples that have been used to create the presets, these wavetables can help you to further manipulate the presets or to create your own. Please Note: This pack contains only Xfer Serum presets and wavetables and Requires v1.3.1+ Total contains of the pack: • 25 bass presets • 30 waveforms and wavetables *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Glitch Hop • Hard Dance

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 - OB6 Soundscapes
OB6 SoundscapesBlack Octopus SoundChill Out, Sound FX2017-08-01

Transport yourself to a spaceship a million light years away; march into battle with a hundred-thousand bloodthirsty orcs; fly through the clouds in a state of eternal blissful. These are just some of the moods captured by the mighty OB-6 Bass Soundscapes sample-pack, produced by Diamaudix Audio. A soundtrack composers dream, this pack boasts an impressive 3+ hours of evolving analog soundscapes, utilizing the full power of the modern-day-classic OB-6 Analog synthesizer. “Forgotten Nebula”, “Insectoid Invasion”, and “Dimensional Transformation” are some of the names given to the individual sounds, each labelled with key information. Pristine analog signal flow is used in the recording to ensure the highest quality audio, recorded and treated at 4X sample rate (176.4 kHz), before conversion to the final 44.1 kHz product. Whether you’re a composer for games or films, an artist looking to add some memorable atmospheres to your techno track or dubstep breakdown, or just an enthusiast of never-been-heard sounds – OB6 Bass Atmospheres is not to be missed! Sample pack download contains: • 384 Long-evolving, analog, bass atmospheres • 3+ hours of audio • 3GB+ of original content *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Downtempo • Minimal / Deep Tech • Orchestral • Sound FX • World

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 - Snaredrum Collection Volume 1
Snaredrum Collection Volume 1Black Octopus SoundHip-Hop / R&B, Drums2017-08-01

This carefully crafted sample pack provides you with punchy and hard hitting snare drum samples that will take any Dubstep or Drum & Bass track to the next level. All the samples in this pack are processed acoustic snare drums, they have been recorded on a 44.1Khz samplerate and 24-bit bitdepth to maintain their quality. The samples are run through a hardware compressor and tube preamp to give them a warmer and more powerful sound. Inspired by the drum sounds of artists like Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Skrillex and many other names from the bass music scene, these snares are punchy and powerful enough to go side-by-side with heavy electronic sounds without losing any detail or being overpowered. Please note: this a snare pack only and all the other sounds used in the audio demo are for demonstration purposes only. Total contains of the pack: • 198 snare drums • 59 short & tight snares • 109 phat snares • 20 layered snares • 10 reverb snares *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Downtempo • Drum & Bass • EDM • Electro House

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 - Vintage Synths Volume 1
Vintage Synths Volume 1Black Octopus SoundBreaks, Presets / Patches2017-08-01

It's time to go back to the 90's! ARTFX brings you a preset pack for Xfer Serum, filled with synth and bass patches with a vintage touch! This pack is heavily inspired by the sounds from the 90's, think artists like PPK, the Chemical Brothers, Amon Tobin and many others. Every patch contains carefully selected wavetables to create harmonically rich synth and bass patches that are ready to be used in your 90's inspired tracks (or maybe you just like the sounds and want to use them in your latest Dubstep tune). This pack will get you started with some nice new presets for Xfer Serum. Check out the demo clip below, all of the sounds in that clip are part of the pack, plus there are some more presets in the pack that aren't in the demo clip. The full pack contains: • 8 bass presets • 16 lead & synth presets • 10 pad presets • 3 drum presets • 3 FX presets *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Dance • Downtempo • Electro House • Presets / Patches

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 - Kickdrum Collection Vol.1
Kickdrum Collection Vol.1Black Octopus SoundHouse, EDM2017-07-31

This pack is filled with big and hard hitting kick samples that will help you to create a solid backbone to your tracks. Carefully crafted to contain solid low frequencies and retain the punch of the drums, these samples will benefit any electronic music producer who seeks to make a powerful drum beat. All the kicks in this pack have been recorded on a 44.1Khz samplerate and 24-bit bitdepth to maintain their quality. The samples are individually processed with a hardware compressor and tube preamp to give them a warmer and more powerful sound. Inspired by the drum sounds of artists like Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Skrillex and many other names from the bass music scene, these kicks are punchy and powerful enough to go side-by-side with heavy electronic sounds without losing any detail or being overpowered. Please note: this a kick pack only and all the other sounds used in the audio demo are for demonstration purposes only. Total contains of the pack: • 200 kick drums • 100 electronic kicks • 75 processed acoustic kicks • 20 synthesized kicks • 5 reverb kicks *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Dance • Electro House • Tech House • Techno

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 - Massive Bass Destroyer
Massive Bass DestroyerBlack Octopus SoundDrum & Bass, Dubstep2017-07-31

Feeling adventurous and in need of some high energy bass sounds to spice up your new tracks? Massive Bass Destroyer is a monsterous preset pack for Native Instruments Massive, filled with heavy hitting bass presets that will rattle your subwoofers without a problem and bring that modern bass sound to your next chart hitting tracks. Inspired by artists like Kill The Noise, Skrillex, Eptic, Habstrakt, Must Die and many other big names from the Dubstep and Electro House scene, this pack will get you on track to making the next big banger. You can expect heavy growls and twisting reeses that will feel right at home in heavier styles that need that little extra grit to take it to the next level. Of course the pack wouldn't be complete without some magical synth sounds to complement the speaker destroying bass sounds, so included are several different types of leads and pads to bring some atmosphere to your music. All presets are mapped with custom macro controls for further manipulating the sounds, these will allow you to create multiple variations on a sound without any effort. Check out the audio demo to get a taste of what is included with the pack. Please Note: This pack contains only Native Instruments Massive presets Total contains of the pack: • 80 Native Instruments Massive presets • 51 basses • 16 leads • 5 pads • 8 risers *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Glitch Hop • Hard Dance

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 - Ambient Atmospheres and Textures by AK
Ambient Atmospheres and Textures by AKBlack Octopus SoundSound FX, World2017-07-28

Producer AK presents “Ambient Atmospheres and Textures”, a sample pack filled with sound effects that are perfect to add depth and worldly environments to your song, sound design or production. Whether you need feet walking, people talking, or religious elements, this packet has you covered. Textures that will help any sound design or production ‘come alive’ in the most realistic atmospheric way possible. Sample pack contains: • 24 Bird Sounds • 8 Foot/Walking Sounds • 9 Forest Sounds • 6 People Sounds • 4 Airplane Sounds • 15 Rain Sounds • 4 Religious Sounds • 4 Road Sounds • 3 Water Sounds • 7 Wind Sounds • 21 "Other" Sounds Please note the audio demo contains 1 pad not included in the pack. This is an atmosphere SFX pack only.

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 - Snare Drum Collection Vol. 2
Snare Drum Collection Vol. 2Black Octopus SoundDrum & Bass, Dubstep2017-07-28

After the first volume of the Snare drum Collection series, this is the second volume filled with more hard hitting snare samples to bring power to your electronic productions. All the samples in this pack are processed acoustic snare drums, they have been recorded on a 44.1Khz sample rate and 24-bit bit depth to maintain their quality. The samples are run through a hardware compressor and tube preamp to give them a warmer and more powerful sound. Inspired by the drum sounds of artists like Noisia, Skrillex, Mefjus, Emperor and many other names from the bass music scene, these snares are punchy and powerful enough to go side-by-side with heavy electronic sounds without losing any detail or being overpowered. Please note: this a snare pack only and all the other sounds used in the audio demo are for demonstration purposes only. Total contains of the pack: • 270 snare drums • 87 tight snares • 52 phat snares • 95 vintage snares • 36 short mini snares

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 - Cinematic Creations
Cinematic CreationsBlack Octopus SoundDubstep, Presets / Patches2017-07-28

This preset pack for Xfer Serum is filled with lush pads and evolving soundscapes that would fit in a blockbuster movie soundtrack or in any dark and heavy electronic genre. The pack sole purpose is to bring cinematic quality productions to your studio, ready to fit in your next revolutionary track! All the presets are mapped with custom macro controls to further manipulate the sounds, making these presets perfect for developing your own cinematic sounds. Some of the macro controls only need a slight touch to change the sound completely and come up with something completely fresh, the possibilities are endless. The sounds in this pack are inspired by movie soundtracks from well known film composers and sound desigers like Hans Zimmer and Howard Shore. Please note: this a synth preset pack only and all the drum sounds used in the audio demo are for demonstration purposes only. Total contains of the pack: 70 cinematic presets • 6 arps • 5 basses • 5 drones • 3 FX • 16 keys • 8 leads • 21 pads • 2 percussions • 4 sequences The pack also contains: • 55 wavetables • 19 noise files *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Downtempo • Hard Dance • Orchestral

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 - DnB Smack
DnB SmackBlack Octopus SoundDrum & Bass, Dubstep2017-07-28

The ridiculously gifted Drum and Bass producer Misch brings his signature crisp, smashing, bangin' sound to Black Octopus! DnB smack is filled to the brim with a high density of exquisitely produced, phat, dance floor DnB track ready samples. Seriously, check out the quality of drums and reece basses in the demo. This pack is made using the Access Virus hardware synth, as well as cutting edge software to deliver you a DnB pack for the history books! Everything in this pack is very usable and an utter weapon for your next hit. This pack is made with inspiration from Noisia, Metrik, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Tantrum Desire, Dieselboy, and many others! DNB Smack download contains: Drums: • 37 Kicks • 49 Snares • 37 Percussive hits • 119 Closed and Open Hihats • 10 Crashes • 10 Rides • 30 Drum loops at 172 BPM broken out to kick/snare, and tops variants. • 5 Drum loops 86 BPM broken out to kick/snare, and tops variants. • 33 Fills Bass: • 60 Bass one shots • 60 Sustained basses • 7 Bonus Bass Loop Melodies Music: • 44 Music loops • 30 Lead loops • 23 Synth one shots Bonus VoxFx Loops • 5 FX • 30 Atmospheres • 36 FX • 20 Risers Foley: • 11 Backgrounds • 48 FX 31 Processed FX Presets: • 16 NI Massive Bass Presets *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Glitch Hop • Hard Dance • Presets / Patches

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 - Forbidden Future House - Serum Presets
Forbidden Future House - Serum PresetsBlack Octopus SoundPresets / Patches, Future House2017-07-28

For people who dream of making a chart topping Beatport hit, this incredibly engineered pack of Serum presets will help you be ahead of the pack! This Serum preset kit contains the perfect ingredients for your next tasty future house track. This pack is inspired by artists such as Tchami and Oliver Heldens but with a twist of originality. Weather your looking for some inspiration or can't find that perfect bass this pack has something to offer! Containing: 40 Fire Future House Basses 12 Essential Plucks & Chords 8 Extra Juicy Basses 4 Tasty Leads The assigned macro controls will transform each preset from one ground breaking sound into another. With the presets adjusting to your projects tempo they’re not only good for Future House, they are also perfect for adding that heavy hit to your Electro House track, extra crunch to your Trance track, or a perfectly fitted slice in your Complextro drop. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Dance • EDM • Electro House • Progressive House • Trance Produced by Tevlo, this is an essential pack for your collection!

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 - Heart of Darkness
Heart of DarknessBlack Octopus SoundHip-Hop / R&B, Trap2017-07-28

From KYNG Media (the creator of Neon City, Skyfall, Planet X, Beach Sessions), comes a unique collection of one shots and hip hop and trap loops covering many different styles. Heart of Darkness are two complimenting packs containing full beats for royalty free use. Each kit is broken down into WAV loops, One shots, and MIDI files so as much customization can be made. Swap out your own sounds using the MIDI or create entirely new loops with the one shots provided. The MIDI included also allows you transpose the track to a different key and change around melodies. Whether you are an MC or vocalist looking for some royalty free material to work with or a producer searching for some fresh sounds, this bundle has something for everybody. Heart of Darkness focuses on moody, dark, and more aggressive style pieces. Inspired by artists like Zaytoven, 808 Mafia, SouthSide, Metro Boomin, Beat Billionaire, G-Eazy, Tory Lanez, Logic, Ty Dolla Sign Heart of Darkness: • 5 Royalty free kits • 68 Full beat stems • 42 One shot samples • 53 MIDI Files • 303 MB Zipped | 684 MB Unzipped *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Dubstep • Glitch Hop • MIDI • Sound FX

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 - Heart of Glass
Heart of GlassBlack Octopus SoundHip-Hop / R&B, Trap2017-07-28

From KYNG Media (the creator of Neon City, Skyfall, Planet X, Beach Sessions), comes a unique collection of one shots and hip hop and trap loops covering many different styles. Heart of Glass / Heart of Darkness are two complimenting packs containing full beats for royalty free use. Each kit is broken down into WAV loops, One shots, and MIDI files so as much customization can be made. Swap out your own sounds using the MIDI or create entirely new loops with the one shots provided. The MIDI included also allows you transpose the track to a different key and change around melodies. Whether you are an MC or vocalist looking for some royalty free material to work with or a producer searching for some fresh sounds, this bundle has something for everybody. Heart of Glass focuses on deep, melancholy, and emotional style pieces. Inspired by artists like Zaytoven, 808 Mafia, SouthSide, Metro Boomin, Beat Billionaire, G-Eazy, Tory Lanez, Logic, Ty Dolla Sign Heart of Glass: • 5 Royalty free kits • 72 Full beat stems • 44 One shot samples • 50 MIDI Files • 297 MB Zipped | 660 MB Unzipped *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Downtempo • Drums • Dubstep • MIDI

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 - Hip Hop Strings
Hip Hop StringsBlack Octopus SoundHip-Hop / R&B, Trap2017-07-28

Combine the beauty of classical music with the raw style of hip hop and you will just begin to scratch the surface of what is included in the massive 2GB Hip Hop Strings sample pack. This pack is packed full of pristine recordings of classical musicians playing emotional, moody, dark, and uplifting melodies and arpeggios. The string players are fans of hip hop and regularly record with hip hop producers and this translates into loops that are well thought out and will fit perfectly in this genre. Elements such as weeping violins, cello power chords, pizzicato plucks, and harmonized riffs can all be combined to construct your own loops and patterns, just drag and drop them into your DAW or MPC for easy chopping and slicing. Not only is this pack full of string recordings, there is a huge section dedicated to gritty & raw drums. The drums have an organic quality and will sit perfectly along with the strings in the mix. Build up your own beats from scratch using the included one shots, or chop up and slice to loops to build your own variations. We have also included 3 full songs broken down into stems which work as starters for immediate remixing. Sample pack download contains • 21 Bass loops • 55 Cello loops • 96 Drum Hits • 105 Drumloops (25 Full with variations such as stripped, kick free, perc, top) • 44 Musicloops • 3 Full Song Starters containing 63 stems • 20 String Ensembles • 33 Viola loops • 33 Violin loops • All loops are supplied at 95 bpm *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Dance • Downtempo • Future House

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 - Seductive Future House
Seductive Future HouseBlack Octopus SoundHouse, Future House2017-07-12

Black Octopus Sound proudly presents Seductive Future House, an absolutely massive pack ready to rock the dancefloors. This pack is perfect for Future House fanatics, but also includes something for everybody. You will find an assortment of one shots, loops, MIDI, NI Massive presets, construction kits, and even 2 bonus templates for Ableton Live. The versatile drums in this pack have even a bit of old school house & techno vibe and will fit into many different genres. The 100+ midi files in this pack can be a great way to jumpstart to creativity, just load your favorite preset from the included 30 NI Massive presets and then tweak away and make it your own. The music & drum loops are also designed with slicing and chopping in mind, just drag and drop them into your favorite DAWs drum slicer and piece the loops together to form new grooves catered towards your track. Seductive Future House can be used in many genres from Future House, House & Garage, old school and new school electro, techno, tech house, and much more. The bonus Ableton Live templates act as a great learning resource – study these projects and learn special production tricks such as layering, mixing, and track flow. Inspired by the sounds and styles made famous from artists such as Oliver Heldens, Tchami, Don Diablo, Curb, etc. Sample pack contains: • 104 Midi Files • 40 Bass loops • 30 NI Massive Presets • 6 Full construction kits for remixing • 40 Kicks • 40 Snare • 20 Percussion • 100 Drum & toploops • 20 Chords • 20 Melodies • 30 SFX Hits • 46 One shot bass • 6 Multisampled synths • 2 Ableton Live templates (uses NI Massive) *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • MIDI • Presets / Patches