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Black Octopus Sound is focused on supplying sample libraries and audio production tools of elite quality. Located on the west coast of Canada and founded in 2011 by well known electronic musician and sound design guru Toby Emerson, this label is dedicated to provide some of the best quality and innovative sounds in the game. Every sound is meticulously crafted and special care is taken to ensure these packs are full of exceptionally high quality and inspiring material.

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 - Vocal Atmospheres by Cory Friesenhan
Vocal Atmospheres by Cory FriesenhanBlack Octopus SoundChill Out, Vocal2016-03-03

From vocalist Cory Friesenan comes a truly unique vocal sample pack of lush ambient textures and evolving vocal tones. Vocal Atmospheres contains nearly 2 hours of royalty free samples from single notes to slow motion evolving melodies. The recordings are designed to be blended together to create your own soundscapes appropriate for the type of music you are working on. The sounds will feel right at home in ambient, chill, and soundtrack styles of production. The long atmospheres can also work in higher energy tracks such as progressive, trance, & electro – we recommend trying rhythmic gating effects over these sounds to get some really interesting effects! The sounds are ready to go immediately, just add a touch of chorus and a heavy side of reverb (We recommend Valhalla Room, Vintage Verb, and Valhalla Shimmer). All sounds are labelled with the correct key information for ease of use. What is in the pack? • 24 Bass Tones • 5 Full Harmony song kits • 61 Long Evolving Atmospheres • 49 Single tone notes • 35 Short Snippet vocal cuts • 35 Swells • 8 Huge Textures * Note the audio demo includes 1 omnisphere patch not included *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Trance

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 - Future Series FL Studio Templates
Future Series FL Studio TemplatesBlack Octopus SoundFuture House, Trap2016-03-02

Are you ready for the future? Ova9000 is back with the new Future Series FL Studio Templates. One of the best ways to learn FL studio is to study project files to see how a track was produced and Ova9000 has provided 3 brand new FLP project files with many tricks included. In this series you will learn how to create future house, future bass & future garage by examining these FL studio project files in FLP format. Template 1: Future House With this template you will learn how a variety of popular future house bass sounds are creating using Sytrus, the FM synthesizer in FL studio. You will also learn layering techniques, creating effects, as well as mixing & mastering techniques. Template 2: Future Bass With this template you will how to create a variety of future bass sounds using the 3xosc, Harmor, & Sytrus synthesizers. This template also is a good demonstration of creating effects, track arrangement, mixing & mastering. Template 3: Future Garage This template covers everything you need to learn about creating soundscapes, pads, and drones for Future Garage using 3xosc, Harmor & Sytrus. Learn layering techniques, create lofi effects, mixing & mastering techniques. Everything is creating using FL Studio 11′s native & factory sounds. All FLP’s are compatible with FL studio 11.1 & later. The FL studio templates are designed to be used as educational tools & templates for creating new tracks. You must create your own melodies and arrangement if using the templates to create commercial releases. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Presets / Patches

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 - TR-707 Vintage Drum hits
TR-707 Vintage Drum hitsBlack Octopus SoundDrums, Disco / Nu Disco2016-01-12

Influx Studios presents TR-707 Vintage Drum hits by Influx Studios, one of the finest collection of TR-707 samples ever made. The TR-707 samples in this pack have been recorded through an all analog signal path including a Neve 1073 Mic Pre and 1176 hardware compressor at Influx Studios in Bern, Switzerland. Special attention to detail and a pristine analog signal path is what sets this pack apart from the rest. Each sample is crisp and clear and captures the vibe of the original machine perfectly. This pack is also loaded with bonus material such as glitched samples from a custom modified TR-707 patch, drum loops, analog tube hits, circuit bent glitches, and reverb hits. The iconic TR-707 was often overshadowed by it’s bigger borthers the 808 & 909 but now has been making an exciting comeback to many of today’s modern genres such as Indie Dance, Chillwave, Techno, House, & more. If you are looking for some of the best quality 707 samples around, look no further as the Influx Studios TR-707 pack will have you covered. Analog Gear Used: • Roland TR 707 • Modified TR 707 ROM Patchbay (for pitching and glitch) • Universal Audio 1176 Compressor • Neve 1073 Mic Pre • EL8x Distressors • Thermionic Culture Vulture tube distortion • Vermona DSR3 Reverb • 24 bit 44.1 all recorded at Influx Studios (Bern Switzerland) Whats in the pack? • 18 Claps • 36 Cowbells • 15 Crashes • 39 Experimental one shots • 40 Hats • 26 Kicks • 19 Rides • 28 Rim Shots • 16 Snares • 22 Tambourine • 49 Toms • 67 Analog Tube hits • 11 Bonus Beat loops • 11 FX Impacts • Bonus Ableton Instrument Rack * Please note only the drum sounds in the demo are included in the pack. The instrument loops and effects are taken from the Leviathan sample pack *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Funk / Soul / R&B • House • Techno

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Paradigm Theroem - Behemoth Ultimate Drums & FX
Behemoth Ultimate Drums & FXBlack Octopus SoundDubstep, Drums2016-01-12

Get ready for Behemoth, an absolutely massive pack of drum hits and fx samples. This pack features nearly 4000 crushing and searing hot drum samples from the mind of Paradigm Theorem (creator of Cyborg Onlsaught & Transcendent Trap). Everything you need to create your own drum loops is in this pack and all of the sounds have been processed to have a huge and heavy sound. The drumloops range from 80 – 140 bpm and feature many variations and glitched fills and FX. The FX section contains huge risers, enders, falls, one shots, and even some bonus atmospheric sounds. Behemoth contains a monstrous amount of drum one shots to choose from – pick a kick from over 500 punchy and heavy kicks and match it with one of the crisp claps, nicely saturated snares, hihats, and percussion to create custom made drumloops for your music. All sounds in this pack are royalty free. “Massive new sounds from Black Octopus! This library proves once and for all that Black Octopus is here to stay. Excuse me while I lock myself in the studio…” - Ill Gates “Another killer sample pack from Black Octopus and they are my “go to” for samples and are superior compared to other generic sample packs” – David Starfire “The Behemoth is the largest, most consistently excellent collection of electronic drum sounds I have ever heard” – Omega “This is a seriously solid pack of hard hitting drums. All the drum hits you could ever need. Huge!” - Defunk Whats in the pack? •35 Full drum & fx loop kits including 735 mangled drum loops & fx chains • 512 Kick drums • 200 Claps • 100 Click cymbals • 100 Closed hi-hats • 25 Crash cymbals • 250 Open hihats • 50 Cymbal rides • 100 mini glitch percussion • 200 skin hand drums • 100 Wood percussion • 100 Shakers • 250 Snare drums • 200 FX enders • 36 Fall FX at 1, 2, & 4 bars at 4 tempos • 36 Rise FX at 1, 2, & 4 bars at 4 tempos • 35 FX One shots • Bonus Atmospheres • Format 24-bit WAV • Size 3.1 GB (2.38 GB compressed) • Produced by Paradigm Theorem

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 - Ultimate Bangers & Anthems
Ultimate Bangers & AnthemsBlack Octopus SoundElectro House, EDM2016-01-05

Black Octopus proudly presents one of its most comprehensive and energy inspiring collection of EDM samples and loops. Ultimate Bangers & Anthems is a pack designed to cover samples & loops for all things dance music. The 5000+ sounds include a full range of roof raising synths, electrifying bass, infectious MIDI files, brilliant FX, real recorded sounds, unique vocals, countless drum samples and much, much, more. It also features a vast array of both one shot samples and full music loops, so that every producer, beginner to pro can find something that fits their production style and immediately add a taste of the main stage, to any project. The 3000+ one shot samples can be used to create all styles of electronic music and their unique and original character makes a perfect fit for all forms of new high energy music. The samples are recorded in peak quality and can be loaded into your favorite DAW such as Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic, Studio One, & many more. The nearly 1000 drum one shot samples are ideal for crafting your own original loops and patterns to create that signature sound. For producers that prefer to use loops there is a section of 500+ music and drumloops which can be sliced & chopped as well as MIDI files which can be tweaked, edited or used as a jump off point for melodies and chord progressions. The loops are provided in 110bpm and 128bpm but can be stretched to fit other tempos. The cherry on top is the wide selection of dynamic fx including: impacts, build ups, fills, atmospheres, glitches, tweaks and insectoids. These are sure fire way to edge and grit to your productions while tying your composition together. The real recorded sounds folder is also a mega highlight. They add a stunningly innovative and organic element to your music with some natural percussives and atmospherics. Don’t miss out on this cutting edge collection of EDM samples! What’s in the pack? • 1400 Bass sounds • 1400 Synth Sounds • 50 Insectoids • 137 Build FX & Fills • 67 Impacts • 60 Atmosphere FX • 65 Short FX • 136 Glitch FX • 280 Vocal One shots • 100 MIDI Files • 302 Music loops • 900+ drum one shots including: • 85 Kick Drums • 90 Snares & Claps • 40 Hihats • 450 Real recorded sounds • 49 Crash & Ride • 68 Digital Percussion • 45 Tom Drums • 168 Drum loops *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • MIDI • Sound FX

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 - Organic Elements
Organic ElementsBlack Octopus SoundDeep House, Minimal / Deep Tech2015-12-17

Organic elements is a pack that celebrates the living and breathing world of sound around us, and shines light on the possibilities of what those sound can become when combined modern electronic processing techniques. Hundreds of real life foley recordings have been used in the creation of this pack and many acoustic instruments have been processed and edited to create new and interesting layers of sound . In this pack you will find a wide selection of living grooves, real sound recordings, long evolving textures, and organic percussions which will sit right at home in minimal techno, deep house, progressive, techno productions, and more. The infectious beats have all been stripped down and provided with top loops, percussion, and noise only variations for flexibility for music producers. The music loops section contains a selection of twisted cellos, soothing pianos, fx washed guitars, as well as deep analogue electronic loops. Many of the sounds have been layered with organic noise, dirt, and vinyl sounds to add life and warmth to the recordings. To top things off there are 2 bonus tutorials to inspire and help producers expand their knowledge. These tutorials focus on creative sidechaining and tricks for creative layering of dust and noise into your samples. In addition there are are also 20 bonus presets for NI Massive for extra creative uses. Whats in the pack? • 25 Deep analogue basses • 23 Bass loops • 40 Hats • 50 Tuned kicks • 55 Organic percussions • 45 Snare & claps • 160 drumloops & variations • 25 Evolving FX & Textures • 40 MIDI files • 20 Acoustic music loops • 25 Electronic music loops • 30 Percussion only loops • 3 Full song construction kits • 25 Synth stabs • 20 Bonus NI Massive presets • 2 Bonus Video Tutorials • SIZE:1.44 GB | 1.17 GB Zipped *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House • Techno • Tutorials

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Holly Drummond - Echoes by Holly Drummond
Echoes by Holly DrummondBlack Octopus SoundDubstep, Vocal2015-12-09

Black Octopus teams up with talented Scottish vocalist Holly Drummond for an absolutely breathtaking collection of royalty free vocals. Echoes features a wide selection of vocal samples suitable for many types of music. This pack features a complete selection of songs which can be remixed, as well as spoken words, vocal phrases, chopped edits, atmospheres, breaths, and single tones. The songs are each labelled with the key and tempo they were recorded to and are broken up into logical sections such as verse, chorus, harmony, and adlibs. The Atmospheric vocal pads can be layered together to create lush atmospheres perfect for ambient soundscapes or breakdowns while the vocal chops and tones can be used for complex edits and other sound design tasks. The vocals are mix ready, we recommend adding a small amount of reverb, eq, and compression to taste for your mix. Holly Drummond is a scottish born vocalist with releases on top electronic music labels such as Monstercat, Mr Suicide Sheep and Liquicity and has received over 4 million plays on youtube. She has collaborated with artist Direct, Rameses B, Eminence, TwoThirds, Elliot Berger and many others. Whats in the pack? • Atmospheres • Breaths • Snippets • Spoken • Tones • Vocal Chops • Vocal Swells • Song Fire 128 bpm Am • Song Frozen 170 bpm F • Song Home 140 bpm A#m • Song Love 110 bpm Dm • Song Phrases 175 bpm Am • Song Phrases 128 bpm Em • Song Rain 140 bpm Gm • Song Rise Up 110 bpm Gm • Song Stars 175 bpm Eb • Lyric Sheet • Format 24-bit WAV • 917MB (592 MB Compressed zip) • Total Sounds: 540 Royalty Free Vocals *For commercial releases please do not use “featuring Holly Drummond” in the song title *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Progressive House • Trance

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Toby Emerson - Biomorphic for Serum
Biomorphic for SerumBlack Octopus SoundDubstep, Presets / Patches2015-09-28

The future is here with sounds of Biomorphic. ' This pack contains 128 presets for Xfer Serum by Toby Emerson. These presets have been carefully crafted and sculpted with the utmost care, making sure each preset has both an impressive sound and an ease of use. Beginners should feel right at home diving into these sounds and advanced users will appreciate the quickness of creating new sounds tailored to their tracks with just the turn of a few controls. Many of the neuro sounds have been designed with modulation in mind and can be chained together to create more complex and interesting movements. The bass sounds come in many forms from smooth and deep to aggressive and cutting and will fit in many styles including electro, dubstep, and funk. Breathy and spacey pads, cutting leads, plucked synths, and chillout sounds fill up this packs diverse selection on sounds. To top things off the FLP project file has been included for the user to study and to get ideas on how to use these sounds in productions. The preset sounds are royalty free and can be used in any of your own commercial productions. This pack includes: • 128 presets for Xfer Serum • 26 Bass • 13 Leads • 37 Neuro • 20 Pads • 32 Synth • 110 Single cycle waveforms and wavetables • 1 FLP project file (for demonstrational and educational purposes only) * FL studio 12 and fast speed computer required Requires Serum 1.053 or later. All the presets have each of the 4 macro controls mapped for maximum control. Created by Toby Emerson

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Peep This - Peep This presents Booty Shakin Melbourne Bounce
Peep This presents Booty Shakin Melbourne BounceBlack Octopus SoundElectro House2015-07-20

Peep This, well known for slaying some of the biggest EDM festivals, have decided to give a taste of their huge Melbourne Bounce sound to producers everywhere with their debut sample pack, Sexy Booty Shakin Melbourne Bounce. This pack contains not only 400+ royalty free samples, but also 14 midi files to tweak, transpose, and substitute in your own sounds to keep things original. The bass section is divided up into four sections: Bass growls, Bass Stabs, Offbeat Bass loops, and Wobs. Just the right amount of processing has been added to these sounds to ensure they are crisp sounding and cut through a mix. The short but sweet drum section contains a selection of key labelled kicks, clap & snare loops, and top loops to layer in. This pack also contains a selection of huge sounding effects, guaranteed to add that extra hype where needed. The leads are available in loops and one shots, making sure you have maximum flexibility to create your own booty shaker. Whats in the pack? • 207 Bass synth one shots • 22 Off Beat bass loops • 12 Clap & Snare one shots & loops • 9 Pitch labelled kicks • 10 Top loops • 22 Build FX • 33 Downshifter FX • 5 Random FX • 100 Lead stabs • 14 Lead loops • 14 Midi files

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 - Orgasmic Glitch Hop 2 - Mustard Tiger Edition
Orgasmic Glitch Hop 2 - Mustard Tiger EditionBlack Octopus SoundDrums, Glitch Hop2015-05-06

The follow up to the hugely successful Volume by Tantric Decks, Orgasmic Glitch Hop 2 brings more of the glitched out neuro funk flavor. Channeling the glitch Hop wizardry from Beatport chart topper and adapted records artist Algernon Renton, best known for his works as Mustard Tiger and one half of Staunch, Orgasmic Glitch Hop 2 features nearly 800mb of expertly produced samples by one of the industry’s best. Neuro funk basses, crisp and crunchy percussion, field recordings, and uber fat synth stabs make this pack an excellent choice for anybody making funky bass heavy music. Total number of sounds: 696 24 bit WAV Files Whats in the pack? • 45 Bass Loops • 109 Bass One Shots • 21 Drum Hihats • 20 Drum Kicks • 25 Drum Loops • 37 Drum Perc loops • 38 Drum Percussion one shots • 25 Drum Snare • 13 FX Design • 16 FX Fallers • 28 FX Hit • 50 FX Real Recorded • 26 FX Risers • 57 Synth Chords • 25 Synth Musicloops • 130 Synth One Shots • 31 Synth Pads

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 - Banshee Cory Friesenhan Vocal Sessions 2
Banshee Cory Friesenhan Vocal Sessions 2Black Octopus SoundProgressive House, Vocal2015-01-19

The highly anticipated follow up to Cory Friesenhan Vocal Sessions has arrived – Banshee: Cory Friesenhan Vocal Sessions Volume 2! This massive royalty free vocal sample pack contains 15 songs in various tempos suiting for all kinds of electronic music. Melodic harmony stacks, soft and hypnotizing leads, and some deep and gritty takes will feel right at home in your electro, deep house, chillout, dubstep, and progressive trance tracks. Use the vocals as is or stretch them to your desired tempo or style. An additional section of vocal fx with heavy delay and reverb has been added for additional production tools. This pack contains 1.4 GB of royalty free vocal samples in 15 songs. The song titles are as follows: • A Million Faces 128bpm • Float Away 122bpm • Forming of Stars 100bpm • Highlights 95bpm • Just a Boy 100bpm • Left with Nothing 140bpm • Liquid Blue 100bpm • Loaded Gun 90bpm • Midnight Stroll 140bpm • Midnight Swim 140bpm • Seasons Change 90bpm • Sin City 125bpm • The Temple 140bpm • This Moment is Ours 128bpm • You are too Good 110bpm Format 24 bit WAV 198 AUDIO FILES Only the vocals in the demo are included in the pack. Specifications: • 198 Royalty Free Vocal samples • 15 Songs *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Rock / Pop • Chillout • Dubstep • Trance

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Basement Freaks - Basement Freaks Funk Legends
Basement Freaks Funk LegendsBlack Octopus SoundFunk / Soul / Disco, Glitch Hop2014-12-11

Dust off your afro pick and get ready for an absolutely legendary collection of funk samples by none other than the Basement Freaks. This collection is oozing with funk gold including live recorded brass, flute, vocals, guitar loops, funky clavinets, pianos & more! Many loops have been provided both in dry and with their special blend of fx for ease of use. The tempos supplied range from 90 – 119bpm to ensure the maximum spectrum of funk is covered. These samples will fit right in with other genres such as glitch hop, hip hop, and chill out. Stretch the loops a bit faster and voila – a funky house producers paradise. The element of live instruments can inject life into a dull track so don’t miss out on this royalty free collection by one of the industry’s best. 96 Bass Guitar – Groovy bass loops in both dry and secret blend of funk wah and distortion. Supplied in 92 – 114 bpm loops 14 Drumloops – Obnoxiously funky beats full of punch and tight drum hits. 184 Brass – An abundance of deliciously recorded brass loops including 70s funk flute a la Ron Burgandy, reggae Brass, sexy sax loops, trombone & trumpet loops in the style of Miles Davis and more. 3 Full Kits – Want a quick start to a funk groove? no problem with these 3 kits containing 41 loops you’ll be grooving in no time. Specifications: 76 Guitar Loops – Chicka wah wah loops, crunchy stabs, disco chunks, gritty solos. Ranges from 95 – 118 bpm. 32 Keys – Soul Clavinets, Stevie Wonder style grooves, and Jamaican style reggae stabs. 35 Percussion Loops – Live maracas, congas, shakers, and hand drum patterns. 18 Synth – Ghostbuster style synth licks, Resonant Moog style, and dirty bass. 63 Vocal loops – Female soul licks and backing harmonies. Male James Brown style adlibs and of course some absolutely crushing talkbox riffs. 559 24 bit WAV files 809mb unzipped | 671 MB Zipped Produced by Basement Freaks (Giorgos Fotiadis) Download contains 559 x 24 bit WAV files

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Orphic - Orphic Presents Future Funk Sample Selections
Orphic Presents Future Funk Sample SelectionsBlack Octopus SoundFunk / Soul / Disco, Glitch Hop2014-12-11

Orphic's special blend of funk, glitch Hop, groove and soul has been making big waves recently and now he has teamed up with Black Octopus to produce an amazingly funky collection of tools for producers to use. There is a little of everything in this royalty free sample pack including some field recordings, live drums, guitar stabs, vocals, massive presets, and even some bonus material (racks, presets, templates) for Ableton Live users. Bass loops in every note make it easy to chop up and fit into your own patterns. The field recordings can be used to layer into your percussion to make it more organic sounding. The live played bass, guitar, and drums can help add a human flavor to overly electronic tracks. With over 800 juicy sounds directly from the studio of Orphic, this pack is not to be missed! Whats in the pack? 219 Bass hits - Alien loops, neuro saws, wobbles and other sounds of a fat nature 141 Drums - a wide assortment of one shot claps, kicks, crashes, mouth percussion, drum fills, and live and programmed drum beats. 37 FX - upsweeps, downsweeps, and impacts 146 Field recordings - lofi style bacon sizzles, bong rips, bubbles, birds, rocks, and some hifi stereo crunches, glass, water, and impacts. 11 Glitch - Mind bending fractal glitches 11 Massive presets - Neuro bass, electro saws, reeses, and wobbles 168 Synth stabs - bells, chords, arps, piano loops, and organ chord progressions 35 Vocal samples - singing loops & spoken stabs Bonus: Ableton Live Racks, DJ & Production templates Size 542 MB Unzipped 488 MB Zipped Format 24 bit WAV, Massive Presets, Ableton Live Total number of sounds: 877 Produced by Joel Jakub Contains 877 24 bit WAV, Massive Presets, and Ableton presets *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Presets / Patches

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Paradigm Theorem - Transcendent Trap
Transcendent TrapBlack Octopus SoundHip-Hop / R&B, Drums2014-08-29

From the creator of Cyborg Onslaught comes a collection of uplifting, inspiring, and elation inducing loops and trap samples. Complete with the utmost quality, high definition loops and samples in 7 different full construction kits, Transcendent trap is a pack suited to all kinds of producers. You will get a massive collection of some triple A quality crisp/punchy drums, monstrous sub drops, ethereal vocal stabs & pads, and gritty fx risers & falls. Use loops from the construction kits to remix into your own tunes or completely chop and pitch the samples to create something brand new and add your own flavor to the sounds. The seven full construction kit songs can be re-pitched and mixed and matched All loops are labelled with tempo and key information for your convenience. As a bonus, every single musical part has also been broken down into sustained one shots so you can use any of these designer synth sounds as creatively as you choose. • 144 Sub bass kick samples all tuned to key • 30 Clap one shots • 30 Hat one shots • 30 Kick one shots • 30 Snare one shots • 84 Riser & falling fx • 7 Full Construction kits • 139 drum & music construction kit loops • 95 one shot synth and instrument sounds *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep

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 - Leviathan
LeviathanBlack Octopus SoundElectro House2014-06-05

Over a year and a half in the making, Black Octopus Sound releases what can only be described as an epic sample pack of monstrous proportions. Aimed at producers of all genres and skill sets, this pack features a colossal 5000+ all new cutting edge sounds weighing in at over 4GB in size. Leviathan is truly a complete sample pack suitable for all genres of music. With its abundance of one shot samples, construction kit style loops at various tempos, extensive FX section, and both mutlisampled and single shot synth sounds, this pack has everything you need to create a chart topping track. Decades of production techniques have been used in the creation of these sounds to ensure each sound will sound great out of the box or with your own processing added. All loops have been labelled with the correct key and tempo. Loops are provided at 110, 128, and 140 bpm. 267 Tuned to key kick drums full of punch & thump285 Snares, claps, and pre-shifted claps386 Hi-hats, Cymbal rides and crashes363 Percussive sounds. Electronic sub hits, live recorded hand drums, tambourines, & shakers58 Tom drums ready to fatten up your fills42 Long atmospheric FX – eerie ambiences, vinyl dust & crackle, euphoric textures227 Rising & Falling FX perfect to power up and smooth over your transitions. All labelled in 1,2, 4, 8, and 16 bar increments.76 Impacts & bombs136 Short FX121 Glitch FX – Alien parasites & robotic transformers 388 Drum loops127 Drum fills334 Music Loops664 Bass samples Long sustained notes, tweaked filters, Vocoder growls, resampled reeces207 Chord stabs81 Multi-sampled instruments292 Synth stabs1 Producer Tip sheetLeviathan Wallpaper graphic *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • Glitch Hop • Sound FX

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 - Cyborg Onslaught by Paradigm Theorem
Cyborg Onslaught by Paradigm TheoremBlack Octopus SoundDubstep, Drums2014-04-24

Paradigm Theorem brings you Cyborg Onslaught designed to rip through the crowd with a MASSIVE collection of over 1500 bone crushing drums, psychedelic leads, robotic SFX, cyborg vocals and flesh tearing future bass todays speaker technology can handle. Cyborg Onslaught is a great pack for bass music producers with loops tempo synced from 70 to 115BPM so you can drag and drop effortlessly into any of your creations. These, complimented with every individual sample and one shot allow your own creativity to guide you. From Dubstep to Neuro-Hop and everything in between. Check out the Demo and Take your creations to the future. Cyborg Onslaught includes: 540 Hard hitting drum samples - Tight, Big and Hard Kicks - Teeth Chipping Snares - Crunchy, Layered and Single Claps - Glitched out Bells, Minis, Wood, Stick and zaps - Full range of Hi-Hats - Variety of Random Percussion Sounds 147 Drum Loops - Full Beats - Kick/Snare - Tops Full Range of FX to flesh out your mix - 40 Cyber Crashes - 30 Impacts - 13 Transitions - 165 Tempo-Synced Risers - 71 Breakdowns - 29 Lasers A Host of Huge Synthesizer creations - 136 Sustained Multi-Bass Shredders - 38 Long streams of tempo-synced evolving Robotic chatter - 30 Long atmospheric FX ranging from drones to robotic soundscapes - 29 Melody Loops - 46 Multi-Bass Loops 240 Epic Robot Vocals - 60 Male Cyborg - 60 Female Cyborg - 60 Artificial Intelligence - 60 Hive Mind *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Glitch Hop • Hip-Hop / Trap • Sound FX

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None Like Joshua - Linguistics by None Like Joshua
Linguistics by None Like JoshuaBlack Octopus SoundVocal2014-03-26

From the mind of None Like Joshua comes a one of a kind vocal sample pack with a staggering 7000 vocal samples for your productions. The versatility in this pack is unmatched with phrases ranging from whisper, conversation, loud, and yelling. Many of the parts feature as many as 8 different takes (for doubles, triples, and different timings). Six different languages are also covered in this pack, English being the main focus. Use the vocals as is or run them through your favorite vocoder, time-stretcher, pitch shifter, or other effect of your choice to add your own distinct flavor to these sounds. The sound design possibilities with the large amount of material in this pack are enough to keep anyone busy for years. Whats included in the pack? Loops - 5290 phrases and loops recorded at 85, 110, and 130 bpm. These short phrases work wonders in various styles - perfect for fills, breakdowns, or chaining together to create longer phrases. Each phrase comes at various volumes (whisper, conversation, loud, yelling) to match the energy of your song or for ramping up the excitement. Beatbox - 80 single shot recordings of mouth percussion. Great for adding snippets into drum loops to make percussion more interesting. Great for tech house, techno, electro, and any style that could use some vocal percussion. Breaths - 75 Long exhales, short gasps, and other random breath sounds. Drench these sounds in reverb for some long vocal ambiences. Stretch, reverse, and delay fx works wonders on these sounds. Characters - 304 voices in different vocal styles. Beast mode, Emo, Gamer, Hipster, Nerdy, Old Man, Rapper, Uncle Jeorge, Religious, and stereo-typical Japanese, Jamaican, and British accents. English - 485 english words, short phrases, and numbers. French - 154 french words, short phrases, and numbers. German - 155 German words, short phrases, and numbers. Japanese - 272 Japanese words, shorts phrases, and numbers. Spanish - 160 Spanish words, short phrases, and numbers. Laughs - 30 Laughing sounds to be used at your disposal. Pitch these down low for some extra creepy evilness! Misc - 112 random mouth sounds ranging from barfing sounds, vocal clicks, grunts, and scat riffs. Another gold mine for the sound designers. Passages - 5 lengthy intellectual readings great for spiritual or psychedelic intros or breakdowns. Screams - Long yells and other random screams. These sound amazing drenched in reverb and delay! FX - 15 reverse breaths and noises to help with build ups and transitions. Size (Unzipped) 2.5 GB Format 24 bit WAV | All of the vocals except for the FX are dry. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Dubstep • Electro House • Glitch Hop • Hip-Hop / Trap

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 - Aftermath by Ova9000
Aftermath by Ova9000Black Octopus SoundDubstep, Presets / Patches2013-09-12

Welcome to the post apocalyptic side of Black Octopus Sound. Brought to you by Ova9000 this package is a brilliant combination of 15 of the most toxic sounding Harmor bass patches yet. Complimented by a complex and intricate FL Studio project file ready for dissection and remixing into your own royalty free commercial productions. If you ever wanted to capture the sound of transformers battling mutant riding robot ghosts, well then this pack is probably for you. The Harmor presets aren't your typical detuned saw wave patch we've all seen a million times. Instead you get utilization of complex wavetables, custom filter shapes, XY modulations, and more. This pack contains: 1 FL Studio dubstep template as seen in the video 15 Post apocalyptic Harmor presets (11 Bass, 1 Lead, 3 Pads) 25.2 MB

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 - Supernova - Summer nights MIDI Melodies
Supernova - Summer nights MIDI MelodiesBlack Octopus SoundProgressive House2013-07-22

Black Octopus sound presents Supernova - Summer nights melodies, the first installment of many MIDI files in this series. Memorable chord progressions combined with melodic leads and basslines all in MIDI format means you can easily customize, transpose and edit notes to fit into existing songs. This pack contains 4 full songs each with 5 original sounding variations of the melodies and basslines. Corresponding parts can be used or you can mix and match and tweak the parts to quickly create all new sections and original sounding songs out of the existing MIDI data. Rather than focusing on many small 1 -2 bar loops this pack focuses on longer, well written 8 bar sections perfect for song starters or for fitting into your existing works. 44 Midi files (8 Bars Each) The content includes: 8.71 MB Zipped Song A (C#m) Bassline 01 Melody 01 Bassline 02 Melody 02 Bassline 03 Melody 03 Bassline 04 Melody 04 Bassline 04 Melody 05 Main Chords Song B (Bm) Bassline 01 Melody 01 Bassline 02 Melody 02 Bassline 03 Melody 03 Bassline 04 Melody 04 Bassline 04 Melody 05 Main Chords Song C (FM) Bassline 01 Melody 01 Bassline 02 Melody 02 Bassline 03 Melody 03 Bassline 04 Melody 04 Bassline 04 Melody 05 Main Chords Song D (GM) Bassline 01 Melody 01 Bassline 02 Melody 02 Bassline 03 Melody 03 Bassline 04 Melody 04 Bassline 04 Melody 05 Main Chords * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Trance • Electro House • MIDI

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 - Sylenth1 - Commercial Electro House
Sylenth1 - Commercial Electro HouseBlack Octopus SoundPresets / Patches2013-07-22

Black Octopus Sound presents an all new collection of top quality Sylenth presets created by for the widely popular Sylenth1 software synthesizer. Much care and time has been spent on these beautifully crafted patches to ensure that each and every sound has character and a unique use. Sounds range from sub rocking basses, crisp emotional leads, beautiful plucked synth stabs, huge warm pads, and tension building FX risers and falls. While the sounds are geared towards electro house they will have no problem fitting in with other electronic genres such as dubstep, deep house, or progressive. Most sounds have mod wheel assignment for extra expression. Listen to the demo to get an idea of the quality and caliber or these premium sounds. Latest version of Sylenth is recommended for these presets. Note only the synth presets in the demo are included in the pack. Created by Meran 64 High quality sylenth Presets including: • 12 Bass • 39 Leads • 3 Pads • 5 Plucked Synth • 5 FX • 9.6 MB Zipped • Sylenth 2.21 or higher * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Trance • Progressive House • Electro House

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 - Cory Friesenhan Vocal Sessions Volume 1
Cory Friesenhan Vocal Sessions Volume 1Black Octopus SoundVocal2013-04-17

Black Octopus returns with a remarkable collection of top quality vocal samples from skilled vocalist and undiscovered gem of Canada, Cory Friesenhan. This pack is a diverse and powerful collection of songs with well thought out and meaningful lyrics that are ready to be used in high calibre productions. Cory is a singer / songwriter with a huge depth of talent and style which is clearly stamped on this sample pack. All vocal samples are royalty free so you can use them in your own commercial productions. The pack is divided into these sections: Songs - 12 masterly crafted songs ranging from soft and melodic to hard and driving utilizing Cory's wide range of vocal styles . The variety included in this pack makes it an excellent tool for producers of all genres such as house, dubstep, chillstep, trance, pop, progressive and more. Many of the songs contain multiple parts, alternate takes, double trackings, harmonies and extras so you can really find your own sound within the pack. All songs are labelled with the original key they were recorded to and will stretch to a wide range and tempos while still sounding musical. Loops - Gated loops and mutated vocal textures great for filling in beat loops and adding interesting rhythmic vocal bits into your songs. Swells - Epic choir like swells containing minor, major, fifth, and single note crescendos. Great for building intensity and helping transitions. Tones - Over 230 vowel recordings spanning 2.5 octaves including both straight tone and falsetto on the higher pitches. Tones were recorded at vowels Ooh, Ohh, Ahh, Ehh, Eee, and humming Mmm. Choir like presets for Directwave and Kontakt have been added as a bonus. These tones are great for sound design and for creating interesting vocal soundscapes. All of the vocal swell samples have been created using these tones. Vocal FX - Reverse tones and vocal breaths great for transitioning. Throw some rhythmic gates or sidechain on top these for some great results. Xtras - Over 100MB worth of extra runs & vocal licks all labelled with the key they were recorded too. These are great tools to fill in breaks and perfect for sections of songs where an extra vocal element is desired. These are also excellent for stretching, gating, and chopping up. Vocal loops are mainly at 135BPM and embedded with tempo information so they will stretch to other tempos such as 128 BPM and 140 BPM with ease. All samples included are dry so you can add your own effects to taste. Please note only the vocal recordings are included in this sample pack. A typed lyric sheet is also included.

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 - Orgasmic Glitch Hop by Tantric Decks
Orgasmic Glitch Hop by Tantric DecksBlack Octopus SoundGlitch Hop2012-09-19

A must have for any Glitch Hop enthusiast. This pack is produced by top 10 beatport artist Tantric Decks and contains over 800 wav samples, massive presets, kontakt patches, and loops. Skillfully mixed and mastered these glitch hop samples pack quite a punch and are designed to help you get that polished sound with ease. To quote one of the riser fx sounds from the pack: Fasten your seat belts, Shits about to get real. Size: 545 MB Format: 24 bit WAV, Massive presets, Kontakt Patches, Reason Patches. Here is what's in the pack: Bass Hits - Over 300 sub shattering bass multisamples with 23 Kontakt patches. Cutting saw basses, distorted neuro filth, and huge res sweeps. Build Ups - 22 earth shaking builds and tension risers. Perfect for that epic build up your track is begging for. Drums -66 finely sculpted one shots to mix and match to create the perfect kit. Broken down into hihats, kicks, snares, and glitch percussion Fills - 15 tempo synced fills borrowing both the acoustic and electric realm. Excellent for transitions and introducing new elements into the song. Drumloops - 22 huge sounding beats, shaker loops, and funky tops are great way to start a track. Slice and dice for extra flexibility. FX - Reverbed breaths, chunky robot fx, and mechanical mayhem great for adding ear candy into the mix. Massive Presets - 20 presets for NI Massive. Talking basses, futuristic electro leads, reeces, and fat hoovers - all macro mapped for extra tweaking. Music Loops - 18 full melodic and bass loops all tempo & key labelled. Funky saw loops, dirty robot chunks, and filtered synth leads. Excellent song starters and great tools for chopping up. Reason Patches - 15 bonus patches for reason users. Synth stabs - 249 multisamples with 18 Kontakt patches. Funky synth stabs, synced saws, and portamento dives are just a few of the sounds you will find here. Vox - 11 vocal samples to add some character to your songs. About the producer Tantric Decks has been ravishing dance floors for nine years. His energy, passion, and driving, uplifting, party rocking basslines have been lighting people up all over Western Canada. He has performed at countless club nights, residencies, parties and music festivals. He has released over 25 original tracks and remixes on record labels from Canada, USA, Sweden, Romania, and UK. His tracks have received praise and support from superstars such as Far Too Loud, Lazy Rich, Reid Speed, Bassnectar, Subvert, Knight Riderz, Samples, Soulfix/Dirty Politics, Jay Cunning, and Yuhei Kubo. • 546 MB unzipped • WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit. • Massive 1.3 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Dubstep • Hip-Hop • Presets/ Patches

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 - Neuro Bass Tools
Neuro Bass ToolsBlack Octopus SoundDrum & Bass2012-09-06

Get down and dirty with this face melting sample pack of nearly 1200 royalty free neuro bass samples. Weighing in at a massive 1.2 GB, this pack is stocked full of growling beast like textures and snarly basslines perfect for dubstep, drum & bass, complextro, or any type of music that calls for something gritty. Hours of painstaking resampling techniques have been used to obtain these highly desirable tones and little or no additional processing will be needed to bring them to life in your tracks. The sounds are divided into 2 categories in this pack Bits - Sequences full of pitch bends, squelches and growls. Perfect for chopping up and piecing together to form new sequences. The bits have been provided at both 140 bpm and 174 bpm but will easily fit within other tempos as well. Sustains - single note sustain samples great for loading into samplers or adding addition filter LFOs or envelopes. Both of these categories provide excellent flexibility for making the sounds your own. All samples are labelled with the correct key for efficiency. As a bonus both FLP files (for use with FL Studio) of the audio demo have been included as well as Kontakt patches of the sustain samples. 20 FREE SOUNDS 7.95 MB DOWNLOAD About the producer: Seamless hails from MA,USA. He was brought into music at a young age by his parents with piano lessons at the age of 9. It wasn't until during high school (around 2004) that he discovered, through FL Studio, the means to create sounds and compose music from scratch. Now he produces many genres, plays many instruments, and operates a recording studio built in his basement. On top of that, he is in two metal bands and plays a unique instrument called a "Super Bass Double Keytar”. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • Complextro • Glitch Hop

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 - Electro Bass Tools
Electro Bass ToolsBlack Octopus SoundElectro House2012-05-22

Black Octopus returns with a huge collection of tools for electro bass lovers. This unique pack features a full length royalty free FLP project* (for use with FL Studio) to study, remix, or extract ideas from - all royalty free! Also included is an empty FLP template, designed to speed up workflow and chalked full of crunchy, dirty, and tweaked out electro bass samples. To top things off in this pack you will find 420 single shot bass sounds in 24 bit WAV 44.1k format. While geared towards the electro / complextro genres, these sounds will fit right at home in other genres such as Dubstep, Trance, Breaks, and DNB. The sounds are divided up into 2 categories: Bass Sustains - Long sustained notes with the filter wide open, ranging from clean, punchy, and deep to filthy, dirty, and chaotic. Designed to be loaded into your favorite sampler such as Kontakt, Alchemy, DirectWave, Ableton sampler etc - throw your own filter envelopes or LFO wobbles on these to really take advantage of these sounds. Bass Tweaks - Pitch bends, filter wobbles, and Punchy stabs - this folder comes packed with all kinds of tweaked out sounds perfect for adding complex movements and fills into your basslines. *Requirements for Opening FLP files & saving bass patches: FL Studio 10.0.9 or higher. Harmor for resaving of bass patches.

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 - Monster Kicks Volume 1
Monster Kicks Volume 1Black Octopus SoundDrums2012-05-16

A monstrous library of 128 premium kicks suitable for all kinds of electronic music, these drum samples have been sculpted from the ground up and have been crafted with expert precision using refined synthesis and sampling techniques. The bassdrums in this library have been designed to rattle club speakers and punch through the toughest mixes! Special care has been taken to ensure that the samples in this pack both sit in a track right away but also and have room for additional processing and compression. A wide range of high end analog gear and hardware has been used in the production of this pack ensuring these kicks have analog warmth and presence. Selecting the right kick drum is essential in club and electronic music production and Monster Kicks is one secret weapon you do not want to be without! License: Royalty free license Note: Only the kick drums in the sound demos are included in the pack

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Veela - Siren by Veela
Siren by VeelaBlack Octopus SoundVocal2012-05-09

Step into the world of Veela with this extravagant 1GB sample pack of high quality vocal samples. There is nothing quite like finding the right vocal for a track and with Siren you are given a collection of vocals that range from beautiful, angelic, and haunting from this sought after vocalist. 15 construction kits paired with a massive supply of bonus material, all organized and labelled with correct key and tempo information make this pack a producers dream. Veela has been featured on many top 100 beatport tracks and her collaboration with Blackmill was the #4 most blogged about song on Hype Machine. Her mission to share beauty and inspire shines through in this pack and there is no doubt that these vocals will be featured on many chart topping tracks for years to come. Pack inlcudes: 15 Construction Kits - Vocals phrases and samples suitable for all kinds of music, each kit is named with the original chord progression it was recorded to for maximum efficiency. Stories woven into songs, beautiful melodies and adlibs fill up this section. Don't be afraid to mix and match, time-stretch or load into your favorite pitch correction software such as Melodyne or Newtone to create all new melodies and phrases. All kits are recorded to 128bpm and still sound great when stretched to other tempos. Loops - Gated sustains, vocal percussion, and twisted glitch loops perfect for chopping up or laying directly in your track. All loops tempo stretched to 128bpm and labelled with the correct pitch. Vocal FX - Heavily verbed breaths, reverse reverbs both tonal and atonal, and blurred vocal swells perfect for transitions for for building tension in your tracks Spoken - Over 100 spoken phrases, perfect to drop in over a breakdown or fill. Begging to be chopped up into intricate edits! Bonus Material - We wanted to give you, the producer, as much material to work with in this pack so we've included all of the production material such as random weird vocal noises, single sustain tones (several for each note), laughs and sighs & breath noises. These recordings are a sound designers paradise! **NOTE that the demo features additional instrumental loops that are not included in the pack. Siren was recorded with a Neuman TLM103 and processed with the finest gear from Universal Audio for analog warmth such as Studer A800, Empirical Labs Fatso, LA2A compressor, EMT250, Valhalla Room, Harrison 32C EQ, SSL E Channel Strip, Manley Massive Passive EQ. All recordings are relatively dry however to ensure the producer has maximum flexibility.