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Given his enviable resume and illustrious fifteen+ year career, it is difficult to imagine that platinum-selling artist, visionary producer, film composer and technologist BT may only now be beginning to create the best work of his career. An internationally-renowned recording artist himself, he is trusted by superstars such as Sting, Britney Spears, Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, Madonna, Seal and Peter Gabriel to produce modernist and memorable hits, with a bleeding-edge electronic flair. He has composed unforgettable scores for films The Fast and the Furious, Go, Stealth and Oscar-award winning Monster. With his latest two-hour, double-disk opus, These Hopeful Machines, BT definitively weaves both the technical prowess and compositional mastery that reminds us all why he’s the composer that all other composers and producers study.

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 - BT: Twisted Textures
BT: Twisted TexturesBTSound FX2011-03-18

From the ethereal to the esoteric, the cinematic to the sublime, the otherworld to the underworld - 371 soundscapes, pads and textures from BT in his seminal Twisted Textures library. Garnering an instant Sound on Sound 5-star award, Brian Transeau - BT - delivers the sterling follow up to Breaks from the Nu Skool (http://www.soundstosample.com/info/Other/BT_Breaks_from_the_Nu_Skool/957), taking a sideways step into the world of superlative sound design with a release that appeals across the board - to everyone from soundtrack composers to dance producers seeking sonic textures bristling with detail, movement and originality. Boasting stereo soundscapes between 2 seconds to 45 in length in AIFF format, Twisted Textures features samples from dark, twisted shadow-pads to detail-infused air-scapes; from water-drenched textures to drifting sonic states. No moods - or keys - are left untouched, with major moods through minor to the distinctly discordant. And all at the best price online. Cut, paste, rinse and re-cycle: a classic for the modern age. Download includes : 371 x 16-bit AIFF one-shots. Download size: 1.21GB (unzipped), 1.12GB (zipped).

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 - BT: Breaks from the Nu Skool
BT: Breaks from the Nu SkoolBTBreaks2011-03-04

Close to 700 block-rocking, speaker-bleeding, cone-melting live and processed breakbeats from the seminal BT - timeless rhythmic workouts stunningly played and programmed for instant workouts. The award-winning Breakz from the Nu Skool is a sample classic deservedly holding a treasured place in the hall of fame. It features two loaded folders: Dirt Breaks (mostly electronic with extreme editing and processing) and Live Breakz (aggressive acoustic loops, many of which are compressed, distressed, and creatively processed). 440+ stereo loops are served up at tempos from 60 to a soaring 180 - serving producers working in breakbeat, DnB - evemn dubstep. Lengths range from two to four bars long. Hand mangled through hundreds of plug-ins, stomp boxes then pressed to vinyl before being re-recorded digitally, this is a definitive classic breakbeat odyssey - now at an unbeaten price. Download includes 442 x 16-bit stereo AIFF loops. Download size: 697.5MB (unzipped), 583.2MB (zipped).