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Carma Studio is a sound design company specializing in sounds for every type of media creator. Based in Denver Colorado, we produce unique, inspiring and useful sounds that will always offer a little something different. We have over 20 years of experience in creating sounds for The Hollywood Edge, Sound Ideas, Roland, Discovery Channel, Beatport, Krotos Audio, Mixed in Key, Sounds To Sample, and many more.

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 - Dark Synthwave
Dark SynthwaveCarma StudioDance, Nu Disco / Disco2018-06-27

Dark Synthwave pulls its inspiration from the early days of Industrial music while infusing modern techniques to create something entirely new. This collection is complete with vintage drum machines, bouncing analog basses, gated toms, fills, and massive snares. Complete with 10 Construction kits and supplementary loops to mix and match, Dark Synthwave is an homage to the classic sounds of Industrial Pop! What's in the Pack? • 10 Key Labeled Construction Kits • 52 Add on Loops

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 - Deep House
Deep HouseCarma StudioHouse, Deep House2018-06-29

This Collection merges the classic grooves of smooth Deep House with Deep Jazzy Chords, Synth Stabs, and Funky Bass Lines. ‘Deep House’ accomplishes a cutting-edge sound through the use of subtle overdrives and gritty Lo-Fi filter effects. These alterations will add a raw, retro element to your music and help each sound cut through the mix. Complete with Organs, Pianos, Synthesizers, and Drums broken down into their core elements, ‘Deep House’ is a palette befitting the genre. What’s in the Pack? • 107 Bass Lines • 40 Top Loops • 36 Drum Loops • 173 Keyboard and Organ Lines • 9 Pianos • 7 Percussion Loops • 57 Stem Loops *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House

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 - Rhythmic Noise
Rhythmic NoiseCarma StudioEDM, Trap2018-07-10

Rhythmic Noise is specifically designed to fill the gaps between kicks, snares and other more abrasive sounds. The elements contained in this pack can be used for transitions and tops, or drowned in reverb to create ambient textures. White noise spans the frequency spectrum, meaning it can be used in any track written in any key. This collection consists of 100 Rhythmic Noise textures rendered at 122 BPM, giving users a virtually endless range of tempo and time stretching possibilities for virtually any genre of music. Experimenting and generating unique patterns is the name of the game with Rhythmic Noise. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Sound FX

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 - Synthwave Drums
Synthwave DrumsCarma StudioDrums, Nu Disco / Disco2018-07-03

Synthwave Drums is a massive collection of hard-hitting gated drum sounds. Inspired by the techniques of pioneering 80's music producers, this aptly named collection ranges from Rock to traditional Synthwave and Synth Pop. There is a staggeringly wide scope of sounds in this pack, ranging from lesser-known drum machines such as the Kawai R-100 and Korg DDD-1 (including the rare expansion card), to the Linn, TR and Simmons. Complete with proper 80's reverbs modeled from the Lexicon and AMS, Synthwave Drums will give your retro tracks the modern punch they need to break the mold. What's in the Pack? • 355 Drum Loops • 345 One Shots • 27 Hi-Toms • 28 Low Toms • 29 Mid Toms • 14 Hi-Hats • 9 Orch Hits • 3 SFX • 7 Shakers • 12 Side Sticks • 55 Kicks • 70 Snares • 9 Tambourines • 27 Electro Zaps *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • EDM

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 - Pure Synthwave
Pure SynthwaveCarma StudioDance, Nu Disco / Disco2018-07-13

Pure Synthwave is a build of bright sonic ideas and retro inspiration. Fueled by the catchy hooks and lovely gated reverbs of this genre, Pure Synthwave is the real deal. 5 key labeled construction kits complete with MIDI files ready to drag and drop for your instant gratification! What's in the Pack? • 5 Construction Kicks • MIDI Files Included

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 - Vintage Elektro
Vintage ElektroCarma StudioElectro House, Hip-Hop / R&B2018-07-12

Vintage Elektro blends the genres of Classic Electro, G House, and Hip Hop to bring a familiar yet useful set of tools for creating new grooves. Booming kick drums with tweaked out percussion will bring you right back to the art of the groove. Each loop is broken down by stems so it can be used to create hundreds of new variations. These stems can also be used as add-on loops for your current production. The bass is strong with this one and stays true to the style. Total Size Unzipped: 478MB

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 - Cinematic Whooshes
Cinematic WhooshesCarma StudioSound FX, EDM2018-07-24

Cinematic Whooshes are heavy hitting transition elements perfect for TV, Film, Game, or your latest mainstage performance. Ranging from light Fly-Bys to seriously intense sonic mayhem, these whoosh effects are up to the task! What's in the pack? • 117 Whoosh Effects

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 - FX Loops Vol. 1
FX Loops Vol. 1Carma StudioProgressive House, Electro House2018-07-24

FX Loops are designed to be added to your existing tracks for an additional element of movement. These range from glitches to additional distortions and pitch effect. These can be used in many different genres and are all perfectly timed for drag a drop instant gratification! *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Techno

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 - Video Game Phrases
Video Game PhrasesCarma StudioSound FX, Vocal2018-07-25

Carma Studio teleports you to the Golden Age of Video Games with over 600 sound 'bytes' starring 5 characters: 8-bit Low-Res Man, Computer Room Man, Tough Guy, and 2 Vocoders. These familiar and clearly articulated words & phrases straight from the arcades of the past will add that nostalgic accent to today's music and production work. Soundminer enabled 44k/24bit format. Deposit coins... ready, start playing! Pack Details: • 143 8Bit Phrases • 42 Computer Voices Phrases • 53 Tough Guy Phrases • 135 Vocoder Phrases • 136 Vocoder 2 Phrases • 100% Royalty Free! *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Glitch Hop

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 - Synthwave Phrases
Synthwave PhrasesCarma StudioVocal, Nu Disco / Disco2018-07-25

Synthwave Phrases is a collection of 1980's terms and quotes. With classic tech terms and taboo telephone numbers, this collection brings some of the innocence of early 80's technology back to life. Each phrase has 3 versions. A VHS tape version, 8 Mono version, and a standard clean version so you can process them to your liking. Welcome to the past! *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Sound FX

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 - Elektro House Bass
Elektro House BassCarma StudioProgressive House, Electro House2018-08-08

Classic bouncy bass lines will always get attention! This is a collection full of exactly that! Complete with just the right amount of glitched out bliss, these bass lines show no mercy. Elektro House Bass stays true to the genre and will fill the floor. Check out Elektro House Drums for the perfect complement to these driving basses. What's in the pack? • 121 Bassline Loops • Total Size Zipped - 292.8mb

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 - FX Loops Vol. 2
FX Loops Vol. 2Carma StudioElectro House, Sound FX2018-08-10

For the second installment of the FX Loops series, we are bringing more of the tweaked out top layer grooves for you to drop on your timeline. Designed to be added to your existing tracks for an additional element of movement. These range from glitches to additional distortions and pitch effects. These can be used in many different genres and are all perfectly timed for drag and drop instant gratification! What's in the Pack? • 98 FX Top Loops 130bpm • Total Size Zipped 217MB *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Techno

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 - FX Loops Vol. 3
FX Loops Vol. 3Carma StudioEDM, Trap2018-08-10

Carma Studio brings you the 3rd installment of the FX Loops series. All loops are at 140bpm so they are useful in trap and dubstep genres. Each loop is handcrafted with glitches, reverse reverbs and more. This collection will add a special sound to your production and help it stand out from the crowd. What's in the Pack? • 100 FX Loops at 140bpm *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep

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 - Loading Sounds
Loading SoundsCarma StudioSound FX2018-08-15

Loading Sounds is a collection of various VCRs, CDs, Cassettes and Game console recordings focused on their mechanical requirements to play music or movies. There are even Printers loading paper and car CD players loading damaged CDs. The sounds are useful for the beginning of tracks, youtube video or sound effects for a movie, game or multimedia project.

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 - Retro Drum Tools
Retro Drum ToolsCarma StudioDrums, Nu Disco / Disco2018-08-15

Retro Drum Tools is a collection of 10 drum construction kits using vintage drums machines. Each element had been broken down to its own loop. All kits have a tempo of 105 BPM and all sounds are interchangeable. There are hundreds of combinations available with this collection. Works great for genres ranging from ballads, retro, and synthwave. What's in the Pack? • 10 Groove Construction kit

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 - Synthwave Bass
Synthwave BassCarma StudioDance, Nu Disco / Disco2018-08-10

Synthwave Bass is a huge collection of vintage analog bass lines with a retro flair. With 3 variation and key changes per sound, you have an amazing foundation to start your track. The bass sounds are all sample from vintage synths like the Juno -106 and Oberheim OBx. Synthwave bass has all the bouncing bass-lines that help create a signature sound. What's in the Pack? • 161 Analog Bass Lines

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 - Synthwave Melodics
Synthwave MelodicsCarma StudioChill Out, Nu Disco / Disco2018-09-17

Synthwave Melodics is more than just 80’s nostalgia. Synthwave is a style of music that showcases the true beauty that has unfolded with the advancements in music technology. Creating sounds and rhythms that have never existed in the natural world before, Synthwave Melodics maintains the essence and emotion of electronic music. With 7 key and tempo labeled construction kits, complete with MIDI files, these kits are full of the electronic vibe you have been looking for. Compatible with Vaporwave and all the other various sub-genres of this sound. What’s in the Kit? • 7 Synthwave Construction Kits - Tempo & Key Labeled • 7 Full Mixes • 157 Loops • 210 Wav files (24 bit @ 44.1 KHz) • 55 Drum Loops • 81 Melodic Loops (Basses, Keys, Pads, Arpeggios) • 21 Sfx Loops • 46 Drum Shots • 42 MIDI files corresponding to the melodic loops Everything used in creation of the demo is available in the pack in the most detailed way possible, allowing for ultimate tweak-ability and ease of use. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • MIDI

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 - Sounds of Halloween
Sounds of HalloweenCarma StudioSound FX, Vocal2018-09-20

This Halloween, be prepared to be scared! From Carma Studio, comes the ultimate Halloween package. With over 1500 individual sounds, this collection has something for every media artist. Whether you’re searching for vocal phrases, eerie ambiance, terrifying screams, or possessed toys, we’ve got you covered. Sound designer and Carma Studio founder Jim Stout, along with Los Angeles based sound designer Leif Olsen have compiled a one-stop Halloween extravaganza. After working with vocal talent from coast to coast, going out into the field to capture the true sounds of an eerie night, and using every trick of the trade to sculpt the perfect preternatural sounds for your Halloween projects- Carma Studio has created a truly unique collection of Halloween delight! What's in the Pack? • Chain Saws • Chains • Chalkboard Scratches • Classic Horror sounds • Creatures • Demons • Door Knocks • Doors and Gates • Eerie Metallic textures • Electrical Buzzing • Evil Ambiences • Evil Broken toys • Evil Laughing • Evil Whooshes • EVPs • Female Phrases • Foot Steps • Ghost Whispers • Glass Breaking • Gore • Grave Robbing • Impacts • Jump Scares • Knock and Thuds • Liquid • Little Girl Voices • Male Phrases • Males Phrases 2 • Monster Groans • Music Boxes • Outside Sounds • Piano Effects • Prayer • Rain and Thunder • Scary Animals • Scream Breath Panting • Sounds of Halloween Trailer Phrases • Vintage Hits • Waterphones

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 - Dark Techno
Dark TechnoCarma StudioTechno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard), Tech House2018-10-19

Dark Techno is a collection of deep haunting melodies and dark driving rhythms. These sounds can bring together the key elements you’re looking for when creating heavy driving Techno tracks. All sounds are Key and Tempo labeled. What’s in the Pack? • 20 Background Loops • 40 Basslines • 15 Clap Loops • 60 Drum Loops - Stemmed out • 420 Effects Loops • 15 Hi Hats Loops • 40 Pad Loops • 40 Synth Loops

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 - Analog Melody
Analog MelodyCarma StudioTechno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard), Tech House2018-11-05

Inspired by the sounds filling clubs from Berlin to Bangkok and San Fran to Sussex, the moving melody masters at Carma Studio unleash their hottest production pack to date with Analog Melodies! Soaring synths combine with crisp top loops to create the must have melodic house and techno pack for the 2018 production season. Over 400MB of the the creamiest kicks, arp heavy synth movements, hands in the air breakdown FX and cone crushing bass make this one the mandatory melodic toolbox for fans of Tale Of Us, Kolsch, Maceo Plex, Diynamic, Stil Vor Talent and more. So wind those chilly winter tours to a close and get back in the studio with Carma to create your next festival slaying, emotional house monster that’ll get hands in the air and the pill poppers sobbing during your next set! Content: 6 Construction Kits - Tempo & Key labeled: - 195 Wav files (24 bit @ 44.1 KHz) 6 Full Mixes that include 144 Loops: - 66 Drum Loops - 43 Melodic Loops - 35 Sfx Loops Also included: - 45 Drum Shots - 37 MIDI files *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Progressive House

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 - Synthwave for Deepmind12
Synthwave for Deepmind12Carma StudioDance, Nu Disco / Disco2018-11-09

The Behringer Deepmind 12 Synthesizer has been one of the biggest surprise synth hits of the last few years. The Deepmind’s 12-voice analog architecture has found its way into countless rigs, both live and studio, earning respect from both pros and beginners—thanks to its $999 price tag. Here at Carma Studio, we’ve grown to love this outlier polysynth too, so we've designed 128 all-new patches for the Deepmind with the goal of creating classic sounds with maximum usefulness. The Synthwave for Deepmind 12 pack is loaded with real-world patches that cover deep analog basses, glimmering pads, classic leads that will immediately spark inspiring musical creations, with absolutely zero strange, unusable “filler" patches. This is a collection that will remain valuable long after styles change and we’re proud to be offering it at a price that anyone can afford. What's in the Pack? • 128 New Patches for the Deepmind 12 • 18 Arps • 23 Basses • 33 Pads • 35 Poly Synths • 1 SFX • 8 Leads • 5 Stabs • 2 Sequences • 3 Percs *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Presets / Patches

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 - Dark Techno 2
Dark Techno 2Carma StudioTechno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard), Tech House2018-11-19

The darkness keeps coming... Continuing on the success of the first Dark Techno sound collection, Carma Studio releases more of the deep dark driving sounds you need for your productions. Inspired by the sounds of Adam Beyer, Soma, Tronic and many more. These sounds are sure to keep the haunting melodies in your head. What's in the Pack? • 20 Atmospheric background loops • 20 Bassline Loops • 20 Side chained Bassline Loops • 60 Drum Loops separate into Full percussion and stripped versions • 15 Hi-Hat Loops • 20 Pad Loops • 20 Pad Loops with Side Chain • 20 Synth Loops • 20 Synth Loops with Side Chain

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 - Dark Tech
Dark TechCarma StudioTechno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard), Tech House2018-11-29

Dark Tech brings out the best in deep driving Tech House for your next production. When you need that late night infectious groove, this is the one. This collection is complete with 5 construction kits all key and BMP labeled for easy reference. These sounds will be useful in Techno and all forms of House music. What's in the pack? • 5 Construction Kits • 450.8 MB

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Van Derand - Signature Series Vol 1
Signature Series Vol 1Carma StudioElectro House, MIDI2018-12-11

Carma Studio proudly presents Van Derand - Signature Series Vol. 1, a must-have collection of punchy drums, dreamy leads, gloomy acoustic instrumentation, and thick bouncy basslines. Prepare for a unique synth oriented ride through a hazy dystopian soundscape featuring 349 megabytes of content in both industry standard 24-bit 44.1kHz WAV and MIDI formats recorded at 100 BPM. Van Derand is a neo-futuristic concept merging together classic analogies, progressive mentality and electronic dreams - an exquisite formula developed by versatile Finnish synthesizer pioneer and seasoned music producer Immu Laitalainen. Signature Series Vol. 1 is an ideal purchase for both beginners and professionals working on music or film industry by offering top quality sounds that can really elevate the production to the next level. Full length demos are available at Van Derand's official Youtube and Soundcloud channels. What's in the pack? • 61 x 24-bit WAV Loops • 58 x 24-bit WAV One-shots • 40 x MIDI Files • 100% Royalty Free • 100 BPM *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Progressive House

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 - Dark Driving Techno
Dark Driving TechnoCarma StudioTechno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard), Tech House2018-12-26

Dark Driving Techno comes as advertised. When it’s late and the music becomes so intense that you lose all track of time is the idea behind this collection. With dark analog synths driving the baselines and the relentless drums filling the room you know you will have peoples attention. What’s in the Pack? 5 Complete construction kits with One Shots and MIDI files. Bonus Content: • 21 Atmospheric loops • 20 Bass Loops • 20 Bass loops MIDI files • 20 Claps • 20 Hi-Hats • 20 Kicks • 20 Snare Loops • 20 Drum Loops • 15 FX Loops • 20 Synth Loops • 20 Synth Loop MIDI files • 20 Vocal Loops *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Future House

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 - Neon Techno
Neon TechnoCarma StudioTechno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard), Progressive House2019-01-10

Neon Techno blends melodic and colorful synth sounds with relentless the Techno we have all come to love. This pack is loaded with 5 complete key labels construction kits complete with MIDI files and bonus material to add and create something new. Neon Techno will provide you with new inspiration for your next chart topper. Pack Details: • 30 Key Labeled Bass Loops • 30 Bass MIDI Files • 30 Drum Loops with Top and No-Kick Versions • 30 LabeledMelody Loops • 30 MIDI Melodies loops • 5 Construction Kits complete with MIDI files *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House

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 - Dark Techno 3
Dark Techno 3Carma StudioTechno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard), Tech House2019-03-11

Carma Studio returns with the 3rd installment of the Dark Techno Series. Staying true to form this collection brings the dark synth sounds and the deep drive drums you need to create that haunting vibe with the relentless groove. Pack Details: • 40 Key Bass Lines • 20 Beat Loops • 80 Drum Loops • 20 FX • 40 Pad Loops • 40 Synth Loops • 439 MB zipped

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 - Deep Dark Techno
Deep Dark TechnoCarma StudioTechno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard), Tech House2019-05-24

Looking for that dark minimal sound with a haunting groove. Deep Dark Techno is exactly that! Building off the chart-topping success of the Dark Techno series, this collection brings more sounds for that late night groove. Complete with Textures, Vocals and broken down beats and effects. What's in the Pack? • 20 Bass Loops • 20 Beat Loops • 80 Drum Loops • 20 FX Loops • 20 Hi-Hat Loops • 20 Percussion Loops • 20 Synth Loops • 20 Texture Loops • 20 Vox Loops

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 - Sky Techno
Sky TechnoCarma StudioTechno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard), Progressive House2019-05-22

Carma Studio is proud to bring you this exciting new collection called Sky Techno! This collection consists of 5 complete construction kits with MIDI files. If you are a fan of Techno and Progressive House then Sky Techno is for you! With deep kicks and slick atmospheric textures, they all come together to create an uplifting and inspiring soundscape. All samples are key and tempo labeled. What's in the Product? • 5 Construction Kits - Tempo & Key labeled • 158 Wav files (24 bit @ 44.1 KHz) • 5 Full Mixes 119 Loops: • 53 Drum Loops • 35 Melodic Loops • 31 SFX Loops • 34 Drum Shots • 32 MIDI files *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • MIDI

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Van Derand - Van Derand Synthwave
Van Derand SynthwaveCarma StudioChill Out, Nu Disco / Disco2019-06-07

Carma Studio proudly presents “Van Derand – Synthwave”, a hot 10-track song starter pack divided into a selection of top quality loops and one-shots with that special Van Derand signature blend. By purchasing you’ll get 100% royalty free sounds to kickstart your next nostalgic hit. Produced by synthesizer wizard Immu Laitalainen aka Van Derand – versatile producer with vast 15 years of experience in production and dozen official releases under his belt. Van Derand is a neo-futuristic sound design concept merging together classic analogies, progressive mentality and electronic dreams – an exquisite formula developed by a versatile Finnish synthesizer pioneer and seasoned music producer Immu Laitalainen. Synthwave comes with 1GB worth of retro-flavored instrumentations covering a wide range of styles. Total of 173 high-quality 24-bit Wav files include soft analog pads, lush synth licks, pristine bell melodies, as well as thick basslines, evolving plucks and rever by backing tracks. Each instrument is individually polished, balanced and mixed to qualify an instant use on any recording. All of the loops are set to 100 BPM. Drums are rendered into loops and one-shots to let you build your own beats. In detail expect to find 0.97 GB of content with 173 individual 24 Bit Wav audio files. 10 construction kits packed with 96 loops are included with 12 bass loops, 9 synth loops, 14 pad loops, 6 keys loops, 7 pluck loops, 3 lead loops, 5 bell loops, 3 arpeggio loops, 30 drum loops, and 3 fill loops. 77 Drum hits are included with 10 kicks, 9 snares, 38 hi-hats, 10 percussions, and 10 crashes. Immu uses Image-Line FL Studio for sequencing, mixing and mastering. For optimizing the mix and assuring the prime quality he works with only the top quality Genelec monitoring and RME audio card technology in well acousted studio environment. Retrowave was mostly composed with Immu’s go-to hardware synthesizers Korg King Korg, Nord Lead 3 and Roland D-50. For the fans of College, Electronic Youth, FM-84, Gunship, Miami Nights 1984, Rober Parker, The Midnight, Timecop1983 – movies like Blade Runner and Drive – and series like Stranger Things – Retrowave is an ideal purchase offering a bit more tranquil side of Synthwave sound, combined with some Chillwave nuances and soundtrack atmosphere.

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 - NYC Tribal House
NYC Tribal HouseCarma StudioHouse, Tech House2019-06-07

This collection is inspired by the New York club scene in the 90s. When hard Tribal House beats ruled the dance floor. From Tunnel, Sound Factory, Velvet and Jackie 60. You could not escape that relentless groove of Tribal House! What's in the Product? • 224 Tribal House Grooves

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 - Techno
TechnoCarma StudioTechno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard), Trance2019-06-14

Carma Studio is excited to bring you an unapologetic Techno pack. This contemporary collection of Techno sounds is inspired by Dark Techno of Berlin and after hours clubs from around the world. Complete with Key and Tempo labeled samples. What's in the Product? • 41 Atmosphere Loops • 3 Back Ground Loops • 12 Key and Tempo Labeled Bass Loops • 13 Clap Loops • 36 FX Loops • 22 Hi-Hat Loops • 10 Kick Layer Loops • 24 Percussion Loops • 18 Key and Tempo Labeled Synth Loops • 15 Vocal Loops

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 - Big Beat
Big BeatCarma StudioBreaks, Electro House2019-06-20

Big Beat is a call back to the late 90s when breaks and big booming kick drums ruled the land. The relentless drums and tweaked out synth sounds all combined into a sublime sound that was all about the groove. This collection is complete with drum loops broken down, key and tempo labeled samples. What's in the Pack? • 32 Bass Loops • 143 Drum Loops • 29 Synth Loops *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drums

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 - Progressive Techno
Progressive TechnoCarma StudioTechno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard), Progressive House2019-07-01

Carma Studio is excited to bring you this main room collection of sounds to build your next big track! This collection builds on atmospheric foundations for creating and crafting your track. This is not a construction kit. This is a tool kit to work from and build something unique. There are bass lines, FX loops Synths and more to help kick off that creative spark you need for a stand out track! *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Minimal / Deep Tech

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 - Tribal-Tech
Tribal-TechCarma StudioTechno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard), Tech House2019-08-09

Carma Studio is excited to bring you Tribal Tech. This collection of loops and One-Shots brings the best of Tribal Techno, Dancehall and Tech House to your DAW! Complete with Atmospheric Loops, Vocal Loops, Synthbasses, Funky Leads, and more! All samples are key and tempo labeled for easy organization into your current tools set. What's in The Pack? • 10 Atmospheric Loops • 25 Bass Loops • 14 Claps • 15 Kicks • 20 Percussion samples • 10 Snares • 10 Bonus Drums • 105 Drums Loops • 35 FX Loops • 15 Kick Loops • 15 Percussion Loops • 26 Synth Loops • 20 Synth Loops *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • World

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 - Abstract Techno
Abstract TechnoCarma StudioTechno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard), Tech House2019-09-19

Abstract Techno is a mood-setting collection of the finest sounds of now. This collection blends between dark heavy sounds to deep moody vibes. Every sound has been handcrafted to ensure pure inspiration. Complete with rhythmic textures, Key labeled synths and basses allow for maximum experimentation at the same time building hard-hitting drum tracks with the one-shots in the pack. What's in the Pack? • 30 Bass Loops • 120 Drum Loops • 30 FX Loops • 30 Groove Loops • 30 Hi-Hats • 30 Pad Loops • 20 Percussion Loops • 30 Synth Loops • 20 Texture Loops • 20 Top Loops • 20 Bass One Shots • 20 Claps One Shots • 20 Hi-Hats One Shots • 20 Kick One Shots • 20 Percussion One Shots • 20 Snare One Shots • 20 Synth One Shots • 90 MIDI Files *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • MIDI

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 - Synthwave Drums 2
Synthwave Drums 2Carma StudioChill Out, Nu Disco / Disco2019-09-18

Carma Studio is excited to bring you the next installment of big 80s drum sounds. Synthwave Drums 2 is a collection of drum machine loops all at 90 BPM with Full, No Kick and Top versions so you can mix and match all day long. There are also simple Kick and Snare Loops for foundation building. This collection is extremely useful for those 80s ballads and steady synthy grooves! Created with the famous machines from the era and true to the genre! What’s in the product? • 147 Tempo Labled Drum Machine Grooves • 414MB Zipped