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Deep Data Loops was created by Rene Breitbarth, who is known for his releases on his own label Deep Data and many others like Treibstoff , Dessous, Spectral. The Imprint delivers Loops Packs to reproduce his typical unique sound and to go even beyond this. The focus lies on musical content, such as complex melodies plus as well pumping beats to create quality Deep House, Tech House or Minimal House in a sophisticated way. Rene´s 20 years of experience in production is transported through Deep Data Loops to help ambitious musicians to amplify their style.

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Deep Data Loops Sample Packs

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Pack Name DESCPublisherStylesRelease Date DESCDescription
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 - Street Dubs
Street DubsDeep Data LoopsDance, Disco / Nu Disco2016-11-01

DDL with exquisite muscial content for dubby dance productions. 116 BPM groovy bass, guitar, drum and other acoustic instruments loops packed into 10 themes. Further all harmonic lines are available as MIDI files to give you full control. 458 MB in total for your inspiration. What is in this collection? • 10 Themes (57 Bass, Melodies, Guitars, Brasses, FX Loops) • 53 Rhythmic Elements (Kick, Snare, Hihat, Perc - To Create Beats) • 31 MIDI Files

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 - Latin House
Latin HouseDeep Data LoopsHouse, World2016-10-18

Latin House DDL with five unique House Music construction kits with a latin vibe. Extend, remix, deconstruct, mash up or do whatever comes to your mind through these kits and produce some pushing floor fillers with fine latino melodies. Harmonies can be changed via MIDI files. What is in this collection? 5 Construction Kits (Wav+MIDI) Each With Around 15 Tracks Of Drum, Bass, Accordion, Marimba, Percussion Loops & More. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • MIDI • Minimal • Deep House

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 - Spiritual Audio
Spiritual AudioDeep Data LoopsChill Out, World2016-10-04

DDL return with finest Ambient construction kits including field recordings from spiritual places like the the Chaurasi Kutiya Ashram (Beatles Ashram), Temple Prayers, Ganges atmospheres, Rishikesh valley recordings. Kits consist of 12-14 single tracks for the use in any Chillout productions. Extend these kits or get inspired by any single loop to create powerful Chillout songs. The kits consist of 12-14 single tracks and 16 long atmos in total are included. What is in this collection? • 5 Construction Kits • 16 Field Recordings *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Sound FX

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 - Pop Dance 3
Pop Dance 3Deep Data LoopsDance, Disco / Nu Disco2016-09-20

DDL return with their well received Pop Dance series. Popular harmonies with driving beats, this time focusing on guitars. 10 themes each with bass, guitar and melody loops serve as scetches for your Pop hits delivering both Wav and MIDI files. You can choose amongst 20 full beats or build your very own rhythms by putting together single drum elements. What is in this collection? • 10 Themes (Bass Loop, Guitar Loop, Melodies Loops - Wav+MIDI) • 20 Full Beats • 92 Beat Elements Loops (Clap, Hihat, Kick, Perc, Ride, Snare, Tamb, Tom)

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 - Electric India
Electric IndiaDeep Data LoopsChill Out, World2016-09-06

DDL present another India inspired loops pack based on sampled analog Tabla and Tambura machines. The Tabla features typical indian tacts which will bring life to your western 4/4 productions in any genre. The lower and the higher drum are provided seperately and completly. This way you can combine different low and high patterns to create dozens of new rhythms. All elements come also in processed forms as examples for your own experiments with these material. For instance, use a highpass filter and build complex hihat rhythms. Your imagination is the limit. What is in this collection? • 390 Wav Loops • 61 Original Tabla (Ensemble) Machine Loops • 61 Original Bayan (Low Drum) Loops • 61 Original Dayan (High Drum) Loops • 4 Original Tambura Loops • 19 Processed Tambura Loops • 61 Processed Tabla Loops • 61 Processed Bayan Loops • 61 Processed Dayan Loops *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • House • Minimal • Progressive House • Downtempo

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 - Weird Beauty 4
Weird Beauty 4Deep Data LoopsChill Out, Minimal / Deep Tech2016-08-23

Deep Data Loops continuing their well recieved experimental series with 150 harmonic another 150 percussive Wav loops. These are, as usual, unusual sounding. Carefully handcrafted with the latest techniques to bring you that extra touch of weirdness to your productions, ranging from Chill-Out to Minimal. Remember: Weird is beautiful. What is in this collection? • 300 Wav Loops • 150 Harmonic Loops • 150 Percussive Loops *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Tech House • Techno • Deep House

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 - Future Bass
Future BassDeep Data LoopsTrap, Future Bass2016-08-04

DDL with a unique style of Future Bass. Inside you´ll find 15 themes (Bass, Chord, Melody,Beat), 90 drum One Shots and 37 FX shots to produce smooth smashers easily. MIDI files for all harmonics are attached for you to exchange sounds and put in your own ideas. What is in this collection? • 304 Files • 15 Themes (Bass, Chord, Melody,Beat) • 90 Drum One Shots (Kick, Snare, Hihat) • 37 Effect One Shots (For Breaks) • 55 MIDI files

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 - Another World
Another WorldDeep Data LoopsChill Out, Sound FX2016-07-26

More exquisite Ambient material from Deep Data Loops. Otherwordly atmospheres, high & low frequencies textures, strange rhythms, risers and alien voices for quality Chill Out productions or background moods for games, apps and websites. Step onto a different planet with 460 MB of 300 finest loops. What is in this collection? • 300 Wav Loops • 50 Atmos • 50 High Frequencies • 50 Low Frequencies • 50 Rhythms • 50 Risers • 50 Voices

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 - Hot Shots
Hot ShotsDeep Data LoopsTechno, Drums2016-07-12

DDL present 500 dominant, unique drum one shot samples which will cut through your mix as they are extra saturated and shaped to do so. Inside you´ll find Kicks, Sub Kicks, Claps, Hihats (Closed+Open), Snares, Shakers, Bongos / Congas and Toms to start your drum tracks instantly. What is in this collection? • 500 Drum Shout Samples • 50 Kicks • 50 Sub Kicks • 50 Claps • 50 Open Hihats • 50 Closed Hihats • 50 Shakers • 50 Bongos/Congas • 50 Toms

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 - Jazzy House
Jazzy HouseDeep Data LoopsHouse, Funk / Soul / Disco2016-06-28

DDL bringing Jazz into House with these 5 construction kits. Inside you´ll find Wav and MIDI loops of Drum, Contrabass, E-Piano, Brass, Vibraphone, Guitar, Clarinete & Glockenspiel merged into cool House Music. Easily build your own releases with this fine royalty free pack.

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 - Percussion Section
Percussion SectionDeep Data LoopsMinimal / Deep Tech, Drums2016-06-14

DDL present 500 MB of tight Minimal / Techno style percussion loops, devided into full ensembles and single loops so that also dozens of own rhythms can be created quickly. You´ll find all different parts of an ensemble in it´s folder. Also, you´re able to search the loops by instrument (Blocks, Bongos, Congas, Boxes, Claves, Cowbells, Mixed, Rims, Shakers, Snap, Claps, Toms). What is in this collection? • 236 Percussion Loops (Ensemble & Single) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Tech House • Techno • Deep House

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 - Chord Sport
Chord SportDeep Data LoopsFunk / Soul / Disco, Disco / Nu Disco2016-05-24

Top notch chord loops for all genres from Deep Data Loops. Wether it´s Nu Disco, R&B, Chillout or EDM – You´ll find something exciting within these 150 Wav and corresponding 150 MIDI files. These yummy chords are ment as starting points for your productions so grab´em while they´re still hot. Enjoy cooking. What is in this collection? • 150 Chord Wav Loops • 150 Chord MIDI Files

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 - Neo Acid
Neo AcidDeep Data LoopsHouse, Deep House2016-05-10

DDL brings Acid House vibes all over. True to the oldskool but with a twist into the newskool, these themes and beats deliver the perfect basis for several great Acid productions. The TB 303 has never and will never vanish in House / Techno tracks so bring on some silver box style bombs with this superb pack. There are many Acid loops in each theme, partially up to 40 bars for the full experience. What is in this collection? • 10 Themes (+40 Bars Acid Lines, Pads, Basses, Chords) • 10 Full Beats

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 - Ambient Toolkit
Ambient ToolkitDeep Data LoopsChill Out, Sound FX2016-04-26

More than 1 GB finest Ambient material from DDL´s headquarter. 200 Drones, radio transmission vocals, rhythms and basses – everything you need for a quality Chill Out production is in this excellent loops pack.

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 - Vokoder Dizko
Vokoder DizkoDeep Data LoopsDeep House, Disco / Nu Disco2016-04-12

DDL with 5 Laser-Disco construction kits including vocoder vocals. Royalty free Wav + MIDI files, ranging between Nu Disco - Deep House and 111 - 125 BPM. This is rolling grooves plus big emotions with classic melodies. What is in this collection? • 5 Construction Kits (Wav+MIDI)

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 - Deep Serum
Deep SerumDeep Data LoopsDeep House, Presets / Patches2016-03-29

DDL created 100 excellent patches for the production of Deep House and Future House. Classic chords in modernized versions, pumping Garage basses, moving sequences by holding one note, tweaked keys and organs, rise effects and hi energy strings – it´s all there. Use Deep Serum with drum loops and you're able to create dozens of cool Deep House tracks with a modern touch in no time. What is in this collection? • 100 Serum Patches • 16 Basses • 12 Chords • 12 Drums • 9 Effects • 4 Keys • 4 Organs • 3 Pads • 5 Plucks • 19 Sequences • 4 Strings • 12 Synths *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House

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 - Deep Seated
Deep SeatedDeep Data LoopsHouse, Deep House2016-03-15

DDL present five superb real Deep House construction kits. Real in terms of respecting the soulful roots and original harmonies and transfering them into modern mixing. These 5 kits come most convenient as Wav loops and corresponding MIDI files for quick and easy handling in your productions. What is in this collection? • 5 Construction Kits (Wav+MIDI) • Each up to 16 Tracks of Drums and Synths *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • MIDI

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 - Indian Vocals
Indian VocalsDeep Data LoopsWorld, Vocal2016-03-01

DDL traveled down to South India to record 3 talented singers (male and female) performing in Malayam and Hindi language. 9 songs are featured and cut into loops for better handling. Besides producing traditional indian sounds these loops are also usable in a variety of other musical genres as introduced in the demo. As a bonus some babbling recordings are added as well. What is in this collection? • 9 Songs • 3 Singers • 193 Loops • Bonus Babblings

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 - Time Freeze
Time FreezeDeep Data LoopsChill Out, Sound FX2016-02-16

DDL with 55 fine long Ambient / Atmo loops and textures for your Chill Out productions. 491 MB in total to get inspired and let loose. What is in this collection? 55 Loops (16+ Bars)

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 - Deep Jewels
Deep JewelsDeep Data LoopsDeep House, MIDI2016-02-03

More Deep House quality from DDL in the form of these 10 construction kits coming as Wav and MIDI loops. Beats, chords, melodies and beats is what you´ll find in this top notch real deep pack. As always: Expand, remix, merge, arrange, edit or do whatever this will make you feel like. High times guaranteed. What is in this collection? 10 Starter Kits (Wav+MIDI) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House

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 - Weird Beauty 3
Weird Beauty 3Deep Data LoopsChill Out, Sound FX2016-01-20

DDL continued their series for unusual, experimental sounds by using sample-based modular chains to get starting points and inspirations for your next productions from Chill Out to Electronic Dance tracks. 555 MB of Wav loops devided into rhythmical and atmospheric samples for anyone who is looking for something special. What is in this collection? • 155 Wav loops (98 Harmonics, 57 Rhythms)

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 - Jungle Atmos
Jungle AtmosDeep Data LoopsChill Out, World2016-01-07

DDL recorded 10 amtos in the jungle and added lovely Ambient music around these. That makes 103 loops as starting points for your next Chill Out productions. You´ll find Birds, Waves, Crickets, Ocean, Rain, Thunder, Pads, Percussions, traditional instruments and more amongst this 780 MB pack. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Sound FX

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 - Pop Dance 2
Pop Dance 2Deep Data LoopsDance, Disco / Nu Disco2015-12-24

DDL return with one of their bestseller packs Pop Dance. This time 10 even better starter songs with the perfect blend of acoustics and electronics. This goes for the rhythm section and as well for the harmonies. It´s all about Guitars vs. Synths, Man vs. Machine and EDM vs. Pop. All constructions are Key-labeled and therefore easy to edit, mix, combine and mash up.

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 - Tabla House
Tabla HouseDeep Data LoopsMinimal / Deep Tech, World2015-12-10

DDL abused original indian Tabla drums to get very special sounds out of them for the use in House Music productions and even beyond this. In this pack you´ll find 520 MB of marvelous Wav loops and great experimental NI Kontakt patches. Additional to strong original Tabla sound loops (Mixed and seperated highs and lows) there are also Atmo, Bass, Clap, Hihats, FX and Sequenced loops, archieved by highly processing. Use all of these directly in your tracks or get inspired to experiment yourself designing sounds from these sources. 350 Wav loops and 20 crazy Kontakt patches. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Tech House • Techno

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 - Supreme Deep
Supreme DeepDeep Data LoopsHouse, MIDI2015-11-25

DDL are back with a serious Deep House starter kits pack. 10 themes consisting of Bass, Chords, Melodies and drums (Kick, Hihat, Clap, Perc) coming as WAV and MIDI loops for your producing pleasure. Expand, remix, arrange, edit or just play around with these fun starter points for real Deep House.

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 - Ambient Tales
Ambient TalesDeep Data LoopsChill Out, Sound FX2015-11-12

DDL with another stunning Chill Out release. 10 Ambient sets or 160 loops to set the mood for next laid back songs or atmospheres providing bass, chord, melody, fx, rhythmic elements and more. Wav and MIDI included for easy handling. 783 MB in total.

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 - Total Chords
Total ChordsDeep Data LoopsDisco / Nu Disco, MIDI2015-10-20

Deep Data Loops prepared for you 280 chord loops in ALL keys (major+minor), usable for Deep House, Nu Disco and much more. Wav and MIDI files. Period. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Electro House • House • Rock / Pop

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 - Lounge House
Lounge HouseDeep Data LoopsHouse, Chill Out2015-09-29

DDL with smooth beats and elegant harmonies packed as 10 key-labeled song starter sets for your next Lounge / Tropical / Chill Out - House tunes. You´ll get WAV loops and for maximal access all potential MIDI files, too. Specifications: • 10 Starter Sets (Wav+MIDI, Key-Labeled)

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 - Weird Beauty 2
Weird Beauty 2Deep Data LoopsChill Out, Tech House2015-09-22

Deep Data Loops are once again celebrating the beauty of weird with these 270 loops. We tried to categorize all files into Atmos, Rhythms and Sequences although most sounds cross these borders. They´re all ment for Minimal, Tech House, Experimental or rhythmical Ambient productions. 530 MB of data to create something different. Specifications: • 270 Wav Loops: • 82 Atmos • 103 Rhythms • 82 Sequences Note: All drums in the demo are taken from our previous release "US Deep House 2. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Minimal • Sound FX

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 - 1985 FM8
1985 FM8Deep Data LoopsDisco / Nu Disco, Presets / Patches2015-09-08

Deep Data Loops deliver another one of their marvelous 80s / Nu Disco releases. This time it´s about 100 preset sounds for Native Instruments´ FM8 which gives you total freedom and control for your own ideas. All sounds have 4 morphing adjustments to not only make themcsound classy but as well ready for modern tweeking. Grab´em and start your 80s or Nu Disco compostitions. Specifications: • 100 Presets for NI FM8 (.nfm8) • 38 Arp Sequences • 16 Basses • 8 Bells • 9 Brasses • 4 FX • 12 Leads • 2 Organs • 11 Pads

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 - Asia Loops 2
Asia Loops 2Deep Data LoopsWorld2015-08-24

DDL with the follow up to their bestseller World Music pack Asia Loops. 300 loops from 36 instruments of Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, China and Japan devided into three Gamelan inspired sets (90, 94, 98 BPM). Loop Harmonies within each set are perfectly fitting together. Percussive instruments can be mashed up from all sources. Nearly 800 MB for your productions with an asian touch. Specifications: • 300 Wav Loops (36 Instruments)

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 - Vocal Edits
Vocal EditsDeep Data LoopsHouse, Vocal2015-08-10

DDL strike back with their 3rd marvelous vocal pack. 200 heavily processed loops crafted for Deep, Tech, Electro, Minimal House and Nu Disco. Machined voices with vocoder-like melodies and robotic characteristics (partly modulated), glitchy and chopped vocal lines - it´s all here to spice up your productions. Unique 361 MB guaranteeing lots of fun and serious results. Specifications: • 100 Machined Vocals (Vocoder/ Robot-like) • 64 Glitched Vocals • 36 Chopped Vocals *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Disco / Nu-Disco • Electro House • Minimal • Tech House

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 - Space Pads
Space PadsDeep Data LoopsChill Out, Sound FX2015-07-27

DDL returning with a quality Ambient pack. 50 modulating pads (Up to 20 minutes long), partly with Binaural Beats for a relax or a focus purpose for the use in Chill Out music or apps / games. Included are a NI Kontakt patch with FX / Modulators and an Ableton Live effect rack to add further movement into these powerful pads. Specifications; • 50 Pads • 1 Kontakt Patch • 1 Ableton Rack

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 - Reggae Allstar
Reggae AllstarDeep Data LoopsWorld2015-07-13

DDL with another stunning World Music release. 457 Reggae loops ranging from 60s to present styles, Roots to Dancehall. 6 construction sets (60s,70s,80s,90s,00s,10s), 457 loops in total and all key-labeled plus MIDI loops. Everything you need to produce some serious Irie vibes stuff. 884 MB. 6 Construction Kits + 35 Bass Loops 30 Synth Bass Loops 20 Brass Loops 23 Full Drum Loops 80 Drum Elements Loops 10 E-Brass Loops 20 Guitar Loops 10 Organ Loops 23 Synth Loops 118 MIDI files All Key-Labeled Other genres may include: Instrumental

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 - Abstract Chill
Abstract ChillDeep Data LoopsChill Out, Sound FX2015-06-29

More Ambient / FX greatness from DDL with this 954 MB pack (10 Construction Kits). Use these theme loops as background for your app / game or create your own Chill Out atmos. Beats, Pads and Effects are ordered as well seperately for this purpose. So hop in right on and let your creativity flow. Specifications: • 10 Construction Kits • 9 Beat Loops • 24 Effect Loops • 13 Pads Loops

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 - Dope Beatz
Dope BeatzDeep Data LoopsBreaks, Hip-Hop / R&B2015-06-15

DDL with another tight Hip Hop release. 25 ace beats as full and stripped down loops. If you need instrumentals or you want to build your own beats, "Dope Beatz" is the righ pack for you. Mix different elements of this 738 MB bundle for new flava material. Specifications: • 25 Full Beats (+Bass,Synths, FX etc.) • 25 Beats (Kick+Snare+Hihat) • 25 Synth/Keys/Bleeps/FX Loops • 14 Bass Loops • 30 Hihat Loops • 25 Kick Loops • 10 Perc Loops • 26 Snare Loops

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 - US Deep House 2
US Deep House 2Deep Data LoopsDeep House, Funk / Soul / Disco2015-05-25

DDL return with the follow up to their most successful pack: US Deep House. Once again this is dedicated to the classic american deep sound. 10 authentic starter tracks with raw and dirty Wav loops for you to fool around with and produce your next powerful Deep House killer trax. Specifications: • 10 Starter Tracks (Wav Loops)

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 - Tropical Themes
Tropical ThemesDeep Data LoopsDance, Disco / Nu Disco2015-04-27

DDL present 10 cool Tropical House / Indie Dance / Pop Dance fusion starter songs. 248 MB of Wav and MIDI loops for your productions. As always, arrange these songs, build them up with your own touch to it, use single elements as creation sparks or go wild mashing up loops. Specifications: • 10 Starter Songs (WAV+MIDI) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • MIDI

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 - Deep Jack
Deep JackDeep Data LoopsHouse2015-04-13

DDL back with 10 strong and real deep jacking House starter tracks. Pumping & jacking beats and basses, deep harmonies plus laidback vocals for your pleasure. 200 Wav loops plus all potential MIDI files are packed together for your next Deep & Jack House fusions. Specifications: • 10 Starter Tracks (WAV+MIDI)

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 - Hardware Audio
Hardware AudioDeep Data LoopsChill Out, Drums2015-03-30

DDL with 22 Instruments for NI Kontakt, all made from Iron/Metal objects (from containers, poles to fences, gates and even a truck) – partly from the inside with contact mics and also from the outside with binaural mics. That outcomes to evolving pad/atmo and rhythmic percussion instruments with a lot of modulating buttons. Useful for Chill Out / Ambient but also for rhythmic music genres. Specifications: • 22 NI Kontakt Instruments (Kontakt and higher)

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 - Weird Beauty
Weird BeautyDeep Data LoopsHouse, Chill Out2015-03-09

DDL comes up with 200 Wav loops and 8 Ableton Live instrument racks all made with the use of granular synthesis. That´s why these sounds are beautiful, weird or both. The Wav files include evolving pads, rolling rhythms and odd sequences for Deep/ Tech/ Minimal House, Chill Out / Ambient or Experimental Music. The instruments have driving Arpeggiators and strange modulating pads with macro knobs for changing the sounds. 470 MB to create something different. Specifications: • 200 Wav Loops • 8 Ableton Live Instrument Racks (V8.3.4 and higher) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Minimal • Tech House

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 - Djembe Loops
Djembe LoopsDeep Data LoopsWorld, Drums2015-02-23

This superb percussive pack not only offers 231 Wav loops but also comes with 3 NI Kontakt instruments (different Arpeggiators) to built your own rhythms. And not only traditional sounds of the Djembe drum can be found here but also processed ones that deliver bass and top loops. For some loops we merged different low/high frequency rhythmic patterns to give a more complex structure. Playing around with the 3 Arpeggiators easily results in endles new loops and variations, again not only original Djembe sounds but also innovative ones. 347 MB for your percussion solutions. Specifications: • 231 Loops (Traditional + Processed) • 3 Kontakt Instruments (Minimum V5.4.1) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Funk / Soul / R&B • Minimal • Progressive House • Tech House • Techno

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 - Chill Atmos
Chill AtmosDeep Data LoopsChill Out, Sound FX2015-02-09

15 fine Ambient / Chill-Out construction sets for inspirational purposes or background looping for movies, clips, games etc. 650 MB / 153 files of pads, melodies, basses and FX. All effects are listed seperately also and all melodies are available as MIDI. Specifications: • 15 Construction Sets (Wav+MIDI)

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 - Kalimba House
Kalimba HouseDeep Data LoopsHouse, World2015-01-20

DDL with another unique pack. 210 Kalimba loops devided into tradional and processed sound characters. Meaning you´ll find synthesized loops for Minimal and Tech House as well as classical melodies for World Music. On top there is a Ableton Live Kalimba instrument included, usable for Ambient to House or whatever else you can imagine. Speaking of that, processing the loops by yourself (Pitch, Vocoder, etc.) can give you even much more exiting loops from this pack, which totals 265 MB. Specifications: • 210 Kalima Loops (Traditional and Processed) • 1 Abelton Live Kalimba Instrument (8 Macros)

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 - Mega Pack
Mega PackDeep Data LoopsHouse, Tech House2014-12-29

Deep Data Loops celebrating their 50th release with an extra pack with a special price. Nearly 2 Gigabytes of Bass, Synth and Music loops compiled from "Rene Breitbarth Loops Vol.1-8". That makes a total of 1013 files. All loops are top notch, up to date and can trigger a huge amount of scetches for your Deep/Tech/Minimal House productions. The music loops even deliever whole theme ideas. Specifications: • 228 Bassline Loops • 441 Music Loops • 344 Synth Loops

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 - Hawaii Vibe
Hawaii VibeDeep Data LoopsChill Out, World2014-12-09

DDL with 4 extra large special hawaii music inspired song contruction sets. These consist of many variations so that dozens of song possibilies can be build from them. Each set has several parts in 3-4 keys. You´ll find simulated Bassline, Guitar, Ukulele, Vibraphone, Marimba, Flute and E-Piano WAV loops, as well as their MIDI equivalents. You can mix parts from different songs together, add your own parts or change parts (for instance swapping to the instruments of your choice by the use of the MIDI files) but simply arranging the given 459 loops brings lots of producing pleasure and many possible results. Specifications: • 4 comprehensive construction kits (WAV and MIDI loops) • Loops range between 2 – 4 bars. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • MIDI

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 - Pop Dance
Pop DanceDeep Data LoopsDance, Disco / Nu Disco2014-11-25

10 fine starter kits from DDL, each with a minimum of a Guitar, Bass, Melody, Kick, Snare and Hihat. Guitar chords are key-labeled for rebuilding or adding synth deepness. 168 MB with 109 files of Wav and MIDI loops in total. Arrange these sets for Pop Dance songs, build them up with your own touch to it, use single elements as creation sparks or go wild mashing up loops. Specifications 10 Starter kits (WAV and MIDI loops) Loops range between 2 – 8 bars.

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 - Deeper Massive
Deeper MassiveDeep Data LoopsHouse, Presets / Patches2014-11-11

Deep Data Loops with their 2nd Massive patches pack. 100 finest Deep House to striking Minimal sounds triggering lots of ideas in any EDM producer´s mind. You´ll find here superb Bass, Chord, Lead, Drum, FX, Pad and special Sequenced sounds, all with 8 macro button controls for modulation. Enjoy. 100 NI Massive sound presets (nmsv Format): • 15 Basses • 13 Chords • 7 Drums • 6 FX • 24 Leads • 4 Pads • 31 Sequences *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Minimal • Disco / Nu-Disco • Tech House

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 - Zero Gravity
Zero GravityDeep Data LoopsChill Out2014-10-21

DDL are back with another superb Ambient starter pack. These 20 kits are great to begin producing Chill Out music or just to use as background loops for any app/game with a relaxing purpose. As always all potential MIDI loops are provided as well. That makes a total of 165 files/ 568 MB for this practical pack.

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 - Deep & Smooth
Deep & SmoothDeep Data LoopsHouse, MIDI2014-10-07

15 fresh Deep House starter kits from DDL´s latest pack let anyone easily create real deep quality tunes. Wav and MIDI for you to edit, remix, mash up or make whatever your creative mind comes up with. These have just the right doses of smoothness while stil being danceable. Facts: 284 MB combining 196 files in total.