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Factory Whites is the no-nonsense sister label of The Sound Factory. We serve the underground scenes with professional packs designed to suite House, Techno and the myriad of styles that fit the underground vibe. Factory Whites is where we get a little more experimental.Our packs are made my producers currently filling the clubs, selling out vinyl’s and professional pack makers who have a pedigree of pack which make great music.House,techno,disco,dub techno,analogue,hardware,artist packs,underground sounds,tech house,deep house,acid, acid house, drums

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 - Analogue Hit Factory
Analogue Hit FactoryFactory WhitesSound FX, Drums2016-02-01

Eccentric, warm, varied and punchy. Analogue Hit Factory is a collection of thoroughly first class single shot samples for the modern producer who is looking to dial up the glue on his mix and add something new. Put together with an enviable set of hardware like the Korg MS-20 and Roland SH09 amongst many others (see kit list below) this pack is a treasure trove of analogue synthesis used to make all sorts of sounds. The pack has that unique edge sculpted by an expert hand and processed using some classic gear. Analogue hit factory really captures the flavour and quirkiness of the analogue realm. Featuring over 1000 24bit 44100hz professionally handmade wav files. This pack contains all you need to supercharge your Sampler, MPC, Elektron or DAW. The Hit Factory contains shots covering all the bases you will need in your production from a full set of drums, synthesized and reworked to perfection - to effects, noise, risers and drops and sweeps to add the finishing touches to your production. The variety in this pack is what makes this an essential studio kit, as you will hear in the demo there is true versatility in this shots pack. With a warm, solid and powerful analogue sound that will take your production to the next level. What’s in the pack? • 600MB’s of masterfully curated content • 1000+ 24bit Wavs • 600+ Drum & Percussion Shots • 400+ FX Risers, Drops, Sweeps and more • KITLIST • Roland SH101 • Roland SH09 • Roland Juno-60 • Moog tribute edition Little phatty • Yamaha CS5 • Yamaha CS01 • Korg MS20 mini • Korg Monotron (all 3 models) • Novation Bass Station (Mk1) • Atlantex rooverb • Gakken SX-150 mk1 and mk 2 • Mixed manufacturer eurorack modular synth • Vermona DRM1 MK3 Drum Synth • Jomox Airbase 99 • Synare 3 • Synthchime • SynthTom • Amdek PC-100 Percussion synth • DS8 Clone drum synth • Soundmaster SR-88 • Korg Rhythm 55 • Hammond Auto-rhythm • Acetone Rhythm ace • Boss DR110 • Boss DR55 • Selmer Auto Rhythm • Roland RE- 150 Space Echo • Moog MF 104z delay • DR stereo spring reverb • Watkins copicat tape delay • Evans Echopet Delay • Great British spring reverb • Moogerfooger Lowpass Filter

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 - My House is Your House
My House is Your HouseFactory WhitesHouse, Tech House2015-12-29

My House is Your House, is the new pack from the man behind the NDS series of sample packs. It is a love letter to the true masters of the Underground scene like Sound Stream, Mr G, Hunee, KRL, Rush Hour records and many more. This pack is for makers of good House / Techno music and it has the variety you need to inspire your writing rather than sticking slavishly to one specific sub-genre of house that happens to be popular at the time. My House is Your House – is about making good House, with room for the happy accidents which make hit tracks. This huge 1.8GB collection offers quality first, it is a pack is all about inspiration and we have designed the sounds to spark new tracks - to be the catalyst at the heart of your studio. To fit into your work and bring it to life add that musicality but also not be so over processed that you can’t do your own thing with them before they degrade. It’s this ear for usability that makes our NDS and Sound Factory packs go to for a load of top producers when it comes to getting things done. Packed with warm and punchy basslines, full drums and percussion, melodic synth-work which pulls you into the track and tones with emotional content that establishes the feeling in your work. From full on punchy to mind bending Eventide crazy…it’s here. What’s in the pack? • 1.5GB’s of masterfully created production toolkit • 2150 x 24bit Wavs • 1000+ Drum & Percussion Shots • Revox A77 Reel to Reel, Driven Neve Preamp variations of each single shot. • 6 Custom Ableton Drumrack Kits, ready to customize and drive your tunes. • Midi beats included to get you started. • 400 Loops and progressions + MIDI song starters and beat patterns. • 30 Synth Patches for DIVA • 10 Playable sampled synth patches from classic analogue synths featured in the pack. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • MIDI • Presets / Patches • Sound FX • Techno

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 - Raw Warehouse Grooves
Raw Warehouse GroovesFactory WhitesHouse, Tech House2015-11-23

"Raw Warehouse Groove is a drum pack comprising of heavy duty drum hits and rhythm / groove loops. Big thumping 808 kicks and rusty percussion are captured from old drum machines and processed to give them that extra grit. Based around the sounds and machines that created the big warehouse party favourites of old, the sounds and loops including in this pack will add a lot of flavour to even the simplest of tracks. The unmistakable sounds of vintage machines like the tr-808 , or future classics such as the Elektron Rytm have been captured forever in this sample pack and processed through 1/4 “ tape to give the sounds that amazing warm texture only tape can give. Over 100 Groove loops are separated out into different layers to give you either the backbone of your beat or maybe just the high hats are needed, either way this pack is full adaptable into any production scenario. There is also a massive selection of single shot drums and a set of kits to get you started. All these come in a variety of formats to ensure comparability with you favourite sampler. Ableton users will get special drumracks also. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Techno