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FaderPro's goal is to help bring your musical vision into the technical realm. Today's technology allows any musician the opportunity to turn their creativity into actual production. No matter where you are on the artistry scale: from a beginner learning chords to a full-fledged professional, FaderPro will help you better utilize the tools at your disposal so you can make music without losing your inspiration along the way. Filmed in stunning HD, our hands-on approach to training is proven to be more effective at speeding up the learning curve. So you can spend more time doing what you love - creating music. Learn how to be your best, from the best. Most training resources show you screen-shots of software with only voiceover instruction from a certified trainer. FaderPro invites you directly into the studios of the professionals.

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Eelke Kleijn - Eelke Kleijn
Eelke KleijnFaderProHouse, Deep House2016-07-27

It is a very rare quality to find such a superb triple threat of talent as we find with Dutch native, Eelke Kleijn. Whether he is dazzling us with his incredible international Live sets as a sought after DJ, or schooling us with his unique blend of deep & melodic music productions as a producer or blowing our minds with his Hollywood scores & music beds for top blockbuster films as a top Sound Designer, this guy can do it all. We are very happy to announce our first of two courses with Eelke Kleijn under the Toolroom Academy umbrella. In this first course, “Making Melodic House” we literally make a Melodic House record with Eelke from start to finish. From his early melodic inspirational mentors, DJ’s Sasha, Digweed & Hernan Cattaneo, it’s in this course where you will hear what sets his music apart from the rest and with a core focus on creating those ever so challenging, "Melodies". From the opening of this course, you will get a chance to see Eelke’s unique sound design and creative flow as he masterfully goes from section to section an taking us on a melodic house journey. He starts with his drums & bass, then shows us how he processes & arranges his drums & bass. Then moves into his core sounds and focuses on automation & rhythm and creating melodies & signature synths then adds his effects and dynamic sounds while at all times mixing as he goes to finishing the record with careful skill & explanation. You can never have enough practice making melodies and any top selling producer & DJ will tell you, that this is the most important piece to perfecting your skill set as a producer. This course will give you an array of methods from Mr Melodic himself. Enjoy this course on any DAW or follow along step by step in Cubase!

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 - FaderPro - Funkagenda Vocal House Masterclass
FaderPro - Funkagenda Vocal House MasterclassFaderProHouse, Vocal2016-06-14

A Vocal House Masterclass tutorial and virtual in-studio experience with Toolroom star Funkagenda. COURSE PREVIEW: http://bit.ly/25yDGyi Course: Vocal House Masterclass + Mixing & Mastering Artist: Funkagenda Platform: Ableton Live Length: 3.5h of course content Project Files: Included with purchase Bonus: Toolroom Vocal Sample Pack COURSE DESCRIPTION: Toolroom Academy & FaderPro are excited to bring you the Ultimate Masterclass in learning how to produce Toolroom Vocal House featuring Funkagenda. In addition to the full course which uses a classic vocal from the legendary, Roland Clark, Funkagenda also teaches an awesome section on Mixing & Mastering, to teach you how to finish your record to completion and create that signature Toolroom sound. In addition to the 3.5 hours of In Studio content, we have also provided you with the full session that Funkagenda uses to produce the record + a bonus FREE download of the entire Toolroom All-Stars Vocal sample pack which contains over 350 megs of classic Toolroom vocals to use on your future productions. This course covers everything from choosing the right vocal and how to match that vocal with the key of your record, to creating drums, EQ, compression, creating melodies, adding piano and signature sounds, producing the perfect bass, arrangement, creating macros, time-stretching, bussing, mixing & mastering and so much more! Additional Genre(s) • MIDI • Tech House • Tutorials

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 - FaderPro - Rene Amesz Teaching Production of "In & Out"
FaderPro - Rene Amesz Teaching Production of "In & Out"FaderProHouse, Tech House2016-06-07

A step-by-step video tutorial and virtual in-studio experience with René Amesz - teaching the production of "In & Out" COURSE DEMO VIDEO: http://bit.ly/1UuV4P6 Course: Production of "In & Out" Artist: René Amesz Platform: Cubase Length: Over 2h of course content COURSE DESCRIPTION: Toolroom Academy & FaderPro are excited to bring you our first feature with the super power producer, Rene Amesz. Rene’s productions can be heard all over the world but it’s the Toolroom Records outlet where we see some of his best work to date AND his new single, “In & Out.” Like most of the Toolroom Academy courses, you will follow a production of a record from start to finish, but this is the first time that we get to see a brand new single being deconstructed just days after its release. This is a big month for Rene and a big feature for Toolroom Records and their Academy as the release of the single kicks off a sample pack and his full length production course with us at FaderPro. Rene shows us his step by step overview & deconstruction in how he made, “In & Out” and dives into how he came up with this bass wobbling peak hour gem all while using his favorite DAW, Cubase. He starts with how he makes his beats and his meticulous & signature EQ-ing of each sound which perfectly resembles his aggressive production style. He then moves into his arrangement and the bass patterns and shows us everything in between from bussing to mixing. Rene has proven to us all that he's a marquee producer, an internationally recognized DJ, and a label goto as a Remixer but now he can add yet another trait to his hat as being an incredibly talented teacher as well. Additional Genre(s) • MIDI • Tutorials • Deep House

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Brian Matrix - FaderPro - Brian Matrix Mixing & Mastering
FaderPro - Brian Matrix Mixing & MasteringFaderProHouse, Deep House2016-05-20

A step-by-step video tutorial and virtual in-studio experience with production master Brian Matrix teaching the ins-n-outs of Mixing & Mastering. Brian Matrix mentors some of the biggest names in dance music from his studio in Los Angeles: www.matrixsessionsla.com. COURSE DEMO VIDEO: http://bit.ly/22i4Fwf Course: Mixing & Mastering Artist: Brian Matrix Platform: Ableton Live Length: 1.5h of course content Project Files: Included with purchase COURSE DESCRIPTION: Brian Matrix is hands down one today's best music producers, instructors and mentors we have seen in the history of FaderPro. His studios in LA and soon to be Orange County & Las Vegas are packed with everything from internationally known talents to rising stars all seeking the same goal, to make great music and become a better recording artist. Brian has worked side by side with names such as, GTA, Steve Aoki, DJ Vice, Tommy Trash, SNBRN, and numerous others. In this course, Brian takes you through his take on what a Spinnin-Deep record should sound like. His main focus is after you have produced your record, you then need to create that perfect sound which is comparable to the top records you are hearing in clubs and on the radio. One of the biggest challenges is learning now to Mix & Master your record and create those signature sounds to finish your record to completion. This course takes you on a step step process of that and more. Subjects covered include, processing drums, mixing in mono, metering, mid-side EQ'ing or as Brian calls it, "Surgical EQ'ing", creating spacing for all your sounds & levels, knowing your DAW and making it work for you, how to listen to your record while in the mixing stage and of course mastering your record for yourself and/or for record labels. As a veteran producer & teacher, Brian trims the fat to give you exactly what you need and removes the rest! Also check out his In Studio course, "Get Down" which is the actual production section to this mixing & mastering section available now! WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT BRIAN MATRIX: Steve Duda “Knowledge to the T” Vice “Monster on Ableton, can develop anyone from Level 0 to 10 in no time.” Mark Knight “Has so many tips/tricks it’s not even funny, an Ableton Master” Steve Aoki “Celebrity Instructor” Tommy Trash “Fast and knowledgeable like no other” Sander Kleinenberg “The biggest Celebrity Instructor in the game, Digital Master Supreme” Additional Genre(s) • MIDI • Tutorials

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Mark Knight, D Ramirez - FaderPro - MK & DR Teaching Production of "Downpipe"
FaderPro - MK & DR Teaching Production of "Downpipe"FaderProTech House, MIDI2016-05-20

A step-by-step video tutorial and virtual in-studio experience dance music legends: Mark Knight & D. Ramirez - teaching the production of the hit anthem "Downpipe." COURSE DEMO VIDEO: http://bit.ly/1Tuf19S Course: Production of "Downpipe" Artist: Mark Knight & D. Ramirez Platform: Logic Pro Length: Over 2h of course content Bonus: Free download of all "Downpipe" mixes COURSE DESCRIPTION: Whether on purpose or by accident, there isn't a producer out there that doesn't want to one day achieve the accredited acknowledgement from their peers & mentors that they have produced, an "Anthem". What is an anthem? It's that record that stands the test of time year after year. It’s that record that is played over & over again on every dance floor. It’s that special tune that everyone knows the lyrics to and is played by all genres of DJ’s. Sometime’s producers just get lucky with an idea, other times it’s a well thought out plan but regardless and as quoted perfectly by Mark Knight, “The best records always feel so effortless.” We are very excited to bring you an in depth featured course showing how one of the most successful Toolroom releases was made and all through the lenses of their producers, Mark Knight & D. Ramirez. Join them as they dissect each section of, “Downpipe” from start to finish giving you a wealth of insight along the way. This course takes you on the journey from conception to completion with an array of topics such as, how to achieve success with collaborations to common mistakes producers make before stepping into the studio, to successfully creating your own sound. From there, Mark & D dive into the building blocks that made Downpipe so special, from the meticulous choosing of each drum loop, to the bass and arrangement and mix down, to test driving the record for the first time Live in Ibiza and to the legendary involvement of Underworld writing & performing the vocals. From the beginner producer to the advanced producer looking to goto that next level, this course is perfect for all. “I think it’s important for myself and every producer out there to think BIG and that is what we did with creating Downpipe. We simply asked ourselves, Why not?” (Mark Knight) This course also includes a free download of all the "Downpipe" mixes which includes the original and remixes from Armin van Buuren, Bontan and Adrian Hour. Additional Genre(s) • MIDI • Progressive House • Tutorials • Deep House

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Harry Romero - FaderPro - Harry Romero - Build a Track from Scratch
FaderPro - Harry Romero - Build a Track from ScratchFaderProHouse, Deep House2016-05-20

A step-by-step video tutorial and virtual in-studio experience with legendary house music producer, Harry Romero teaching how to Build a Track from Scratch. COURSE PREVIEW: http://bit.ly/25dKtkk Course: Built a Track from Scratch Artist: Harry Romero Platform: Logic Pro X Length: 1.2h of course content Project Files: Included with purchase Audio & Midi Stems: Included with purhcase In October 2015, Harry Romero launched the Toolroom Academy at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). In front of a stunned invite-only audience, he built a track from scratch in just 60 minutes – showing exactly why he is considered a true house music legend. Only a handful of guests witnessed Harry in action that day, and fortunately we were there and filmed the session. Students who purchase this course will not only learn the myriad of techniques Harry Romero used when building a track, they will also get files such as the Logic Pro X project file from his session, and the audio stems & midi files so you can import the track into any DAW of your choice. Additional Genre(s) • MIDI • Tech House • Tutorials

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Sander Kleinenberg - FaderPro - Sander Kleinenberg Teaching Production of "Wanna Come Down"
FaderPro - Sander Kleinenberg Teaching Production of "Wanna Come Down"FaderProHouse, Future House2016-05-02

A step-by-step video tutorial and virtual in-studio experience with dance music legend Sander Kleinenberg - teaching the production of his track "Wanna Come Down." COURSE DEMO VIDEO: http://bit.ly/1SqtvJs Course: Production of "Wanna Come Down" Artist: Sander Kleinenberg Exp. Level: All Levels Platform: Logic Pro Length: 2.5h of course content Project Files: Included with purchase COURSE DESCRIPTION: Sander Kleinenberg has successfully spent 20 years in this business and has been producing music, remixing records and touring the globe non stop ever since. His expertise in making music is second to none and his wisdom even outside the technical aspects really made this In Studio course extra special. Watch & learn how he created his new record which he exclusively made for our FaderPro release. His signature sound really comes out in this course, from his vocal manipulation to his standard bouncy but dirty bass, to the DJ purest arrangement that can only come from Sander Kleinenberg. He leaves nothing for the imagination and over delivers for all of you to indulge. DOWNLOAD INCLUDES: • Instructions to access course & project files at www.faderpro.com • Artist Vignette • FaderPro trailer *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • MIDI • Tutorials

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Roger Sanchez - FaderPro - Roger Sanchez Teaching Production of "Dangerous Thoughts"
FaderPro - Roger Sanchez Teaching Production of "Dangerous Thoughts"FaderProHouse, Tech House2016-04-18

Roger Sanchez Teaching the Production of "Dangerous Thoughts" View Course Preview at: http://bit.ly/1UqHizz Course: Production of “Dangerous Thoughts” Artist: Roger Sanchez (a.k.a. The S-Man) Exp. Level: Beginner - Intermediate Platform: Logic Pro 9 Length: 2.5h of course content Project Files: Included with purchase This course follows the creative mind of grammy winning DJ/Producer Roger Sanchez and his workflow from start to finish around his latest single, as 'The S-Man' with “Dangerous Thoughts” on his new label - Under The Radar. Roger will cover everything from setting up the project to building the beat, the arrangement of the song and even adding his own vocals to the record. This course is shot in Roger’s new studio and is the exact process he uses for all his record productions. Like all FaderPro courses, the source files will be provided for you so you can follow along and build this record just like he did, all the way until the finish. DOWNLOAD INCLUDES: • Instructions to access course & project files on www.faderpro.com • Vignette on Roger Sanchez • FaderPro Trailer *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • MIDI • Tutorials