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Function Loops LTD is a sound design company, officially launched in 2011. Taking charts worldwide on all main stores in the market. We bring quality samples, loops, midi files and synth presets for DJs, producers and musicians, who require to add inspiration to their work. The main vision of our company, is giving a chance to as many people around the world, experience music creation and art behind it. Additional services we provide: mix & mastering, ghost production, music for movies, video games & commercials.Also check our sub-labels SHARP and Sharp Studio Tools.

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 - Bust A Groove: Hip-Hop Constructions
Bust A Groove: Hip-Hop ConstructionsFunction LoopsHip-Hop / R&B2012-01-04

Function Loops brings a Gangsta Rap/HipHop pack, including 5 great construction kits. Each construction kit includes loops and parts seperated so you can construct your own thing. 99 Files in total. The pack was made by the scene's best professionals, guarantee you the satisfaction! If you are looking for serious street sound, mixed with technology of these days - this pack is just for you!

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 - Electronic Piano: MIDI Loops
Electronic Piano: MIDI LoopsFunction LoopsElectro House, MIDI2012-01-04

Function Loops delivers you 60 top MIDI files, made by Israeli producer Gabi (Gab-E-Motion). As a professional piano player, Gabi made these MIDI files in the best quality you can get on the market today. 30 Basslines, 30 Melodies and a bonus category of 30 wave loops, makes this pack a must have for every electronic music producer. Fits for house, electro, trance, dance, chillout and almost every other music style you can imagine! 205MB Unzipped • 44.1 kHz, 24 bit, Stereo • 30 MIDI Basslines • 30 MIDI Leads • 30 WAV Leads (Wet) • 30 WAV Leads (Dry)

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 - Progressions 2: Project for Cubase Inc Loops, MIDI and Samples
Progressions 2: Project for Cubase Inc Loops, MIDI and SamplesFunction LoopsTrance, MIDI2012-01-04

Progressions Vol.2 kicks again with brand new project for Cubase 5.0. This time its a commercial trance/progressive trance project! Inside you will find the whole arrangment with: Baselines (you can see exactly which vst to put on bass, to make it pumping) MIDI Files & Notes Separated Loops & Hi-hats Effects Melodies Riffs Synthlines Everything is made using ONLY Cubase Vsts so you don't need any other software. You can see and learn exact EQ cuts, how to use Reverbs and Delays, Filters and automation. The project is simple and not too much complicated, makes it user-friendly! The project combines the light side of trance and the more hard elements, so you can remake it , change, and take it to the direction you wish your new track would sound! There's also some bonus material included as a gift from us! A few categories of percusions, kicks, leads, effects and synths , all in the same note as the project, so you can use them when remaking the project and getting your own unique track! 246MB Unzipped • Format: Cubase Project [Requires Cubase 5.1 +] Compatible with Cubase 6 • Bonus Sample Pack: 50 Synth Hits 49 Percussion Hits 30 FX

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 - Twisted Reaction: Psy-Trance Project For Cubase
Twisted Reaction: Psy-Trance Project For CubaseFunction LoopsTrance2012-01-06

This time Twisted Reaction decided to give away one of his tracks, a full psy-trance project for Cubase 5.0. In the project you can see many trix and tips how to make your trax sound Killer! You can learn how to arrange the track in a right way, how to use EQ's, Delays, Reverbs, how to write your own bassline and riffs, and much more! All the sounds and techniques are royalty free, so get the project, use your imagination and make your own track! 238mb unzipped • Format: Cubase Project [Requires Cubase 5.1 +] Compatible with Cubase 6

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 - Electronic Piano: Elements
Electronic Piano: ElementsFunction LoopsTrance2012-01-09

10 melodic loops from Electronic Piano collection. 10 Loops in WAV format

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 - Twisted Reaction: Elements
Twisted Reaction: ElementsFunction LoopsTrance2012-01-09

10 loops from Twisted Reaction : Cubase Project. 10 loops in WAV format

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 - Twisted Reaction BassLines Elements
Twisted Reaction BassLines ElementsFunction LoopsTrance2012-01-09

Bassline elements from Twisted Reaction. 10 Bassline loops for Psy-Trance, made by Twisted Reaction.

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 - Progressions: One-Shots
Progressions: One-ShotsFunction LoopsTrance2012-01-09

10 one shots from Progressions Vol.2 10 one shots in WAV format

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 - Progressions: KICKS Elements
Progressions: KICKS ElementsFunction LoopsDrums2012-01-09

Kick elements from Progressions Vol.2 10 kicks - one shots in WAV format

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 - Progressions: BASSLINES Elements
Progressions: BASSLINES ElementsFunction LoopsTrance, Progressive House2012-01-09

Bassline elements from Progressions Vol.2 Cubase project.

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 - Progressions: FX Elements
Progressions: FX ElementsFunction LoopsTrance, Sound FX2012-01-09

FX elements from Progressions Vol.2.

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 - Progressive Trance Essentials
Progressive Trance EssentialsFunction LoopsTrance2012-01-10

Progressive Trance Essentials: briliant collection for progressive trance producers seeking deep and powerful touch for their next dancefloor hit. Made by the scene's top producers, using cutting edge studio gear. Packed with 30 Bassline loops, 20 kick one-shots and 60 bouncing Synthlines, each sound carefully picked to fit today's standart and fashion. All files are key and tempo labeled to guarantee ease of use and speedy compatibility. All samples and loops are recorded as 24-bit Wav flies. So get ready for the next generation of Progressive Trance! 375 MB unzipped • 120 files WAV format • 30 Bassline loops, 20 kick one-shots, 60 Synthline loops

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 - DEEP & SOUL: Midi Loops
DEEP & SOUL: Midi LoopsFunction LoopsElectro House, MIDI2012-01-13

DEEP & SOUL - exploration of low bpm sounds. Drifting between Progressive House, Techno, Electro and Tech-House. A touch on the harder side , combining the comercial sound and top notch techniques. A must-have for any serious producer seeking inspiration for the next hit! This pack is ONLY the midi files from the full package, inside you will find 30 Basslines and 30 Synthlines.

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 - DEEP & SOUL: Progressive Loops
DEEP & SOUL: Progressive LoopsFunction LoopsProgressive House, MIDI2012-01-13

DEEP & SOUL - exploration of low bpm sounds. Drifting between Progressive House, Techno, Electro and Tech-House. A touch on the harder side , combining the comercial sound and top notch techniques. Inside the package you will find 60 Bassline loops, 60 Synthlines and 60 MIDI files that gives you an oportunity to edit, swap the notes, change and play with the ideas to make your own unique combination. A-must-have for any serious producer seeking inspiration for the next hit! 485Mb unzipped • 180 Files in total

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 - Psycho
PsychoFunction LoopsTrance2012-02-09

PSYCHO - a top class, wicked collection of 120 monster psy-trance bangers, including special effects, twisted riffs, distorted arps, flying pads and rolling basslines. As bonus we deliver 20 effect files, 20 psy-trance kicks and 19 percussion loops. So if you are really into getting psychotic tonight, then get ready for this psychedelic illuson. Product Contents: • 500 MB unzipped • 179 files in Total • 44.1 kHz/24-Bit Audio Quality WAV

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 - Progressive Trance Essentials: MIDI
Progressive Trance Essentials: MIDIFunction LoopsTrance, MIDI2012-02-10

Progressive Trance Essentials: MIDI' is a rocking pack loaded with 65 MIDI files for Progressive Trance production. This pack includes 30 Basslines and 35 Synth Lines, plus 30 Kicks and Percussions in WAV format. Producers of Psy Trance, Commercial Trance and that Big Room sound will also find this pack invaluable. This is a versatile MIDI library for producers of all Trance styles. Product Includes: • 30 Bassline MIDI Files • 35 Synthline MIDI Files • 10 Kick WAV Files • 20 Percussion WAV Files

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 - RUSTY: Special FX
RUSTY: Special FXFunction LoopsSound FX2012-02-10

RUSTY: packed with 100 subliminal, infected loops. Special effects, ground-breaking atmospheres, apocalyptic impacts and risers, abnormal riffs mixed with some cranked effects... What else can we say? Check the demos! Fits perfect for Dub-Step & Drum'n'Bass , Techno , Dub-Tech , Tech-House, Trance & Psychedelic and all the other serious-sound, wicked production! 275 MB Unzipped • 100 WAV Loops • All loops - 130bpm • 24bit Audio

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 - DEEP & SOUL: Bassline Elements
DEEP & SOUL: Bassline ElementsFunction LoopsHouse, Electro House2012-02-13

10 Basslines in Wav format from the pack DEEP&SOUL. 10 Basslines in WAV

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 - Progressive Trance Essentials: BASSLINE Elements
Progressive Trance Essentials: BASSLINE ElementsFunction LoopsTrance2012-02-14

10 bassline elements from the pack - Progressive Trance Essentials. 10 Basslines in WAV format

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 - Progressive Trance Essentials: SYNTHLINES Elements
Progressive Trance Essentials: SYNTHLINES ElementsFunction LoopsTrance2012-02-14

10 Synthlines from the pack - Progressive Trance Essentials. 10 Synthline loops in WAV format

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 - Deep&Soul: Elements SYNTHLINES
Deep&Soul: Elements SYNTHLINESFunction LoopsHouse, Trance, Electro House2012-02-14

10 Synthline Elements from the sample pack - Deep&Soul. 10 Synthline loops in Wav format

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 - MIDI Shock: Trance & Psy-Trance
MIDI Shock: Trance & Psy-TranceFunction LoopsTrance, MIDI2012-02-22

Apocalyptic collection of 240 midi files for Trance & Psy-Trance production! 25 Pads, 35 Synthlines, 30 Riffs, 60 Melodies, 30 Arps, 60 Basslines. These midi files were used to produce packs like: "Twisted Reaction Sample Packs", "Twisted Reaction Midi Pack" , "Deep & Soul" , "PSYCHO", "Black Hole" and also were used by the scene's top artists in their own hits. We decided to give away this mega bundle for a very affordable price, we guarantee that inside the pack you'll find the insipiration and ideas for your next productions!

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 - Bust-A-Groove: Hip-Hop Vol.2
Bust-A-Groove: Hip-Hop Vol.2Function LoopsBreaks, Hip-Hop / R&B2012-02-24

Bust-A-Groove is back again with a brand new track! 5 banging construction kits, including all parts in loops and single one shots (so you can re-construct your own loops). Each kit comes with MIDI file - so you can see the exact notes and remake them, change them or just fit another unique sound from your own. Also we decided to include a special feature - full beats, ready and mastered!!! So if you feel that you don't want to change anything, or just have a feeling of adding some ideas on it, in this case you have the beats ready to rock! We don't charge anything for this special feature , its totally BONUS!

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 - Electronic Piano: MIDI Loops Vol.2
Electronic Piano: MIDI Loops Vol.2Function LoopsTrance, MIDI2012-02-24

Function Loops team strikes back with the second part of Electronic Piano series. Mega collection of 60 MIDI and 90 WAV loops, made by the top producers and professional piano player - Gab.E.Motion. 30 unforgettable melodies that will touch your heart and soul, 30 basslines that will melt your mind. Also we deliver 90 bonus loops in WAV format, that might be handy for a quicky drag'n'drop. Fits for almost every music genre such as: House, Electro, Techno, Dance, Trance, Chill-Out or even for MTV style hits!

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 - Electronic Piano Vol2 Elements - MELODIES
Electronic Piano Vol2 Elements - MELODIESFunction LoopsTrance, Electro House2012-02-29

10 Melodies from Electronic Piano Vol2 pack. 10 WAV Loops

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 - Electronic Piano Vol2 Elements - BASSLINES
Electronic Piano Vol2 Elements - BASSLINESFunction LoopsTrance, Electro House2012-02-29

10 BASSLINES from Electronic Piano Vol.2 10 WAV Loops

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 - BlackHole: Cinematic SoundScapes
BlackHole: Cinematic SoundScapesFunction LoopsSound FX2012-03-12

Black Hole: anamorphic library equipped with 100 out - standing, cinematic sound-scapes. Exploring the outer space, deep ambiences, mysterious scapes and cybernetic special effects. Fits for any genre, seeking twisted and copacetic touch in the next production. Additionaly we provide 25 MIDI files, with all notes listed, that gives a oportunity to change, edit and remake the sounds! So turn on the volume, to get the maximum, cinematic pleasure!

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 - Bass Syndicate: Sylenth1 Soundset
Bass Syndicate: Sylenth1 SoundsetFunction LoopsPresets / Patches2012-03-20

50 bass presets for the famous Sylenth VST instrument. Concentrating on any genre of electronic music - Techno / Tech-House / Electro / Tech- Trance / Psy-Trance. Carefully selected and programmed by the best producers, makes each preset unique. Inside the sound bank, you'll find all tools for Class-A basslines! As a bonus, we decided to include 15 bass-loops in MIDI format, the ones used in the demo tracks.

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 - VOX: Vocal Cuts
VOX: Vocal CutsFunction LoopsSound FX, Vocal2012-04-02

Frigorific wave of sliced vocals, infected shouts, glitched vox, techno one-shots & fx vocal loops. Brain- freezing, weird and special pack of 100 loops. Get ready to bounce these best-quality vox in any kind of production! Starting from techno & tech-house, moving to drum'n'bass & dubstep, ending at trance & psychedelic.

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 - Electro Fusion: Electronic Constructions
Electro Fusion: Electronic ConstructionsFunction LoopsElectro House2012-04-11

15 top-quality electro construction kits . Each of them has it's own side-chained, processed WAVE files , MIDI files and presets for Sylenth VST (92 unique files). Also we deliver bonus 10 percussion- loops, served as construction kits, that come with few variations of each loop (kick only, hi-hat only, stripped and top versions), that gives a great opportunity to edit the files, swap, remake and build your own unique loop (54 unique files). Everything you need for your next hit, is packed in one - outstanding package. All sounds are royalty-free, gives you a opportunity to rebuild the structures of the MIDI files, ajust the presets for your own taste, or just grab the WAVE for quick 'drag & drop'. Let the game begin!

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 - Twisted Reaction Psy-Trance Project For Cubase Vol.2
Twisted Reaction Psy-Trance Project For Cubase Vol.2Function LoopsTrance2012-04-15

Twisted Reaction kicks back with a brand new project for Cubase. One of his last unreleased tracks is given away as a Cubase 5.0 project. Get it, remix it, play with it and send your remix back and maybe you'll get a release deal! In the project you will find all the percussion loops, so you can learn how to make your own, all bassline midi files in seperate folder so you can use them in your future projects. This is an ultimate learning project, that will help you to get a idea how to make "that" psy-trance sound!

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 - Raw & Uncut: Drum & Bass
Raw & Uncut: Drum & BassFunction LoopsDrum & Bass2012-04-18

Missing that old, kick-ass Drum & Bass sound? We got something for you, it's RAW & Uncut! 166 loops & samples - 32 rolling bass loops, 28 disturbed synth-lines, 51 rocking drum loops, 30 MIDI files (of what you hear in the demo), and a bonus folder of 25 futuristic special effects and atmospheres. Get ready to break the walls with this essential tool for any serious Drum & Bass production!

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 - HOUSE: Percussions
HOUSE: PercussionsFunction LoopsHouse, Tech House2012-04-25

Function Loops are excited to bring you 'HOUSE:Percussions', a collection of exceptional house percussion loops. Some of the most exciting and refreshing sounds to use in your next production. 76 percussion loops in total (feat. full, stripped and kick-free versions), 40 kick-only loops, 30 percussion one-shots (claps,hihats,crashes,percussive elements) and 10 extra FX loops (swooshes, risers, synths etc.). This pack can be also very useful for Tech-House/Deep-House & Electro-House. If you are looking to produce House tracks, you got some serious ammo here. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Deep House • Electro House

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 - Stars Melodic Elements
Stars Melodic ElementsFunction LoopsMIDI2012-05-09

Incredible collection of 20 melodic hooks in WAVE and MIDI formats. Cosmic journey through space and exploration of other dimensions. We provide 20 full MIDI files (each midi file packed with 2-4 midi channels inside), 122 WAVE files (each melody comes in separated files as in construction kits, dry & wet versions, so you can play with them). Perfect for Cinematic, Electro-House, Trance, Big-Room or any other style seeking orchestral touch and cosmic atmosphere.

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 - Psycho Vol. 2
Psycho Vol. 2Function LoopsTrance2012-05-18

PSYCHO Vol.2 - collection of psychotic and unique tools you've never heard before. Unordinary and experimental psy-trance, but yet follows today's fashion and standards. Packed with top quality and mind expanding material, using cutting-edge technology. All sounds processed and polished with Maximizers, EQ's, Reverbs, Delays, Compressors and more. Including basslines, synthlines, effects, one-shots and extra loops. Our producers have been breathing psy-trance scene for years. Inspired by the biggest artists, this pack is a maximum pleasure! Infected content inside - not for kids!

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 - PSYCHO Sylenth Presets
PSYCHO Sylenth PresetsFunction LoopsTrance, Presets / Patches2012-05-29

We understand that you are missing that professional bouncing-bassline sound. This is the main key in psy-trance production, that's why we have collected this out-standing soundset for Sylenth1 VST. Inside the bank you'll find 50 unique bassline presets, already tweaked, eq'ed, effected and ready to use in your next psy-trance hit. Content is original and futuristic, used by the top-artists in the scene. As a bonus, we deliver 40 midi files that were used to produce PSYCHO Vol.2 sample pack. This is an essential and super-useful tool for any serious psy-trance producer. The presets can also fit for other styles of Trance, Hard Dance and more.

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 - STARS Elements
STARS ElementsFunction LoopsTrance2012-06-02

10 melodic elements from the sample pack "STARS: Melodic Elements"

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 - Electronic Piano 3 : Analog Melodics
Electronic Piano 3 : Analog MelodicsFunction LoopsMIDI2012-06-11

Here we come with the volume 3 of the 'Electronic Piano' series. Once again, brought to you by pro-piano player and producer Gab-E-Motion. This time the pack is even bigger, 35 Big-Room hookz, including 74 MIDI loops (Bass & Melodies) and 113 WAVE loops. All loops recorded using ONLY analog equipment like Virus Snow and Nordlead X2. Inspired by artists as Afrojack, David Guetta, Hardwell and more. Exploring Dutch House, Swedish House, Electro House and other Big-Room sound. Get ready for this class-A, futuristic Big-Room collection! All the percussion loops in the demos were taken from "House: Percussions" sample pack.

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 - Bass Syndicate Vol.2 Sylenth1 Soundset
Bass Syndicate Vol.2 Sylenth1 SoundsetFunction LoopsElectro House, Presets / Patches2012-06-25

After the success of first volume, we are back with the second part of 'Bass Syndicate'. Including 50 rocking bass presets for Sylenth VST instrument and 10 MIDI files from the demo. This time we also decided to include a BONUS folder of all the percussion loops that you can hear in the demo and another extra folder of 24 selected loops from 'House:Percussions' sample pack - enjoy the gift! These presets are suitable for any kind of serious-sound basslines, including Complextro, Electro House, Techno, Tech-House, Trance, Dub-Tech, Dub-Step and much more.

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 - BlackHole: Cinematic SoundScapes 2.0
BlackHole: Cinematic SoundScapes 2.0Function LoopsSound FX2012-07-02

'Black Hole: Cinematic Soundscapes 2.0' is the second part of this chart-breaking, Cinematic sample library. Once again, Function Loops bring to you a catatonic collection of psychotic special effects, downlifters, uplifters, rise-ups, impacts, explosions and another unidentified frequencies. Cosmic intros and pads, atmospheres from a third dimension, sci-fi melodies, dark scapes and more must-have special tools are here to spice up your next production. No matter which genre you're into! A bonus folder of MIDI files is included!

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 - Twisted Reaction - Sample Pack Vol 4
Twisted Reaction - Sample Pack Vol 4Function LoopsTrance, Sound FX2012-07-02

Function Loops strikes back with the fourth volume in the Twisted Reaction Sample Pack Series. Twisted Reaction needs no introduction in the Psy-Trance scene, having performed live around the globe in the biggest festivals and events and released music on the most respected labels around. He's also had three solo albums and more than 60 singles released to date. Buy this product in the knowledge that you're in experienced hands. Inside the package you'll find 200 apocalyptic loops, including basslines, synthlines, FX, atmospheres and a bonus folder of 30 MIDI files for maximum pleasure! This pack will expand your samples library with most useful and ground-breaking loops on the market today. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready to fly! Contents: • 30 Bass Loops • 71 Synth Loops • 39 Atmospheres & Special FX Loops • 30 FX Loops • 30 Bonus MIDI Files (Bass & Synths)

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 - HOUSE: Percussions Elements
HOUSE: Percussions ElementsFunction LoopsHouse2012-07-05

10 Percussive Loops from the sample pack "HOUSE: Percussions"

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 - Progressive Sylenth Presets
Progressive Sylenth PresetsFunction LoopsPresets / Patches2012-07-13

"Progressive Sylenth Presets" from Function Loops is an incredible presets collection, suited for the progressive sound but also fits perfectly with Electro House, Complextro, Trance, Techno and more. Each preset has been carefully polished and is suited for all fashionable music productions. Included are Bass, Synths and Arps. We also deliver 10 Bonus MIDI files from the demo and an extra folder of 23 WAV loops as a gift, enjoy. 98 files in total 41 Bass Presets 7 Arp Presets 16 Synth Presets 10 Midi files from the Demo 23 Bonus WAV files (Basslines + Synthlines) Download Size

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 - Cinematic Bundle
Cinematic BundleFunction LoopsSound FX, Orchestral2012-07-18

Catatonic collection of cinematic elements. Cosmic journey through space and other dimensions, exploring the outer space, deep ambiences, mysterious scapes, beautiful melodies and cybernetic special effects. Also a nice collection of downlifters, uplifters, rise-ups, impacts, explosions and another unidentified frequencies. In detail, this amazing bundle contains 1.4GB of unique loops, sounds and midi files. 322 WAVE files, 45 MIDI files and 20 MIDI hooks (2-4 midi channels inside each) . This bundle is perfect for Cinematic , House, Trance, Techno, Drum&Bass, Dubstep or any other style seeking orchestral touch, cosmic atmosphere , twisted and copacetic feeling in the next production. Detailed Contents: • Compiled from "BlackHole Vol1 & Vol2" + "STARS: Melodic Elements" • 322 WAV loops • 45 MIDI files • Melodic Construction Kits • Melodic Loops • Special Effects Loops • Soundscapes • Cinematic Intros and song-starters • Impact FX • Rise Up FX • Sweep FX • 20 MIDI hooks (2-4 midi channels inside each) Technical Specifications: • WAV & MIDI • 1.4 GB of content • 44.1kHz/24-Bit audio quality • 100% Royalty-Free • All keys are included

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 - Radiophonic Voice Attack
Radiophonic Voice AttackFunction LoopsVocal2012-07-26

Function Loops are proud to release "Radiophonic Vocals Attack" spoken by Shmuel Moyal, the voice behind famous electronic-music radio show on one of the biggest and well known Israeli radio stations - Radio Darom. All the recording and programming done by producer and artist Gab-E-motion, that is about to release his debut musical album."Radiophonic Vocals Attack" is a great collection of 275 original vocal loops which can be used for all styles of Dance music: from Techno, Electro, Progressive, House, Minimal, Glitch, Dub-Tech, Tech- House, Dub-Step and much more!In detail the pack contains: 55 clean spoken words and hooks, 55 wet versions (with effects, delays and more), 55 clean vocal loops, 55 proccesed and glitched versions and 55 one-shots.This comprehensive collection of royalty-free vocal samples and loops is ready to use in any kind of production, the sound is perfect and top-quality like we always do. 275 files in total 55 dry spoken words and phrases 55 wet spoken words and phrases 55 dry vocal loops 55 wet vocal loops 55 vocal one-shots 24bit WAV 128bpm132MB

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 - Progressions 3 Progressive Trance For Cubase
Progressions 3 Progressive Trance For CubaseFunction LoopsTrance2012-08-03

Explore the latest Progressive Psytrance sound with Function Loops: always bringing to you the most up-to-date sound! Like the previous releases in tis series, this Cubase 5 project contains both audio and MIDI channels, EQ's, Reverbs, Delays and more, so you can easily remake and change the project to use for your own productions and gain more tricks and knowledge how to make "that" sound. You don't need any extra VST's to run the project and you will find exported WAV files near each MIDI channel. All sounds are royalty free, so enjoy the ride! The project uses a simple, easy to understand layout and uses only Cubase's plugin suite meaning that you can load and edit this project without 3rd party plugins. The project is provided royalty free meaning that you're free to re-arrange, remix and edit, use it as a learning tool or to kick-start your latest production. • 108 MB • 40 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit & MIDI files

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 - Edvin Presents - Pure Tech Beats
Edvin Presents - Pure Tech BeatsFunction LoopsDrums2012-08-08

Edvin Presents: "Pure-Tech Beats" Essential Series for Tribal House / Progressive House/ Tech-House / Techno. It's a dream for any low bpm producer, with this tool it's never been easier to get the pure plastic groove in your next track. This collection gives you endless possibilities to get your unqique sound in minutes, because each loop comes in 5 different versions (full, kick-only, top and few versions of stripped loop). Maximum flexibility to edit, swap, cut and make your own loop. The loops fit with each other, that opens a door to the whole new world of possibilities. All you need to do is experiment and mix between different loops. Imagine taking a specific kick, putting a specific hihat, cutting down some stripped loop and adding another peace of tops or one more stripped loop - here comes the unique beat, you have just made! All this takes minutes, and you have your own original loop that sounds professional! This pack is suitable for begginers and pro-producers also, the pack fits for anyone who is looking to save some time and let us do the hard work! Details: 112 Total files 23 Full Beats 22 Kick Loops 22 Top Loops 45 Stripped Loops 198MB Unzipped

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 - Electro Punk
Electro PunkFunction LoopsElectro House, MIDI2012-08-27

Function Loops are proud to introduce you something different this time, 'Electro Punk'. This is an special and a never heard before sample collection, influenced by the mega-band "The Prodigy". A must have for all the 'harder-stuff' producers. Very useful for Dubstep, Dub- Tech, Techno, Complextro and Drum & Bass. Combining a modern Electro leads with the old-school groove, energetic Complextro with Drum & Bass beats, mind-expanding synths with wicked Dubstep elements, a touch of glitch and nu-tech experiments. Fat and polished sounds, screaming loops and catatonic one-shots.Inside the pack you will find basslines, synths, leads, effects, drums, one-shots and bonus MIDI files for maximum flexibility to re-arrange, change and build your own 'nu-school' rhythms. These ideas will help you get a different and new twist in your next production. All the sounds from the demos are included! F Formats include WAV + MIDI • 176 Files in total • 82 Loops • 88 One-Shots • Bonus 6 MIDI files • BPM Range 120-140 • All keys and BPM listed • 44.1kHz / 24-Bit audio quality • 143 MB Unzipped

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 - Ultimate MIDI Bundle
Ultimate MIDI BundleFunction LoopsMIDI2012-09-03

'Ultimate MIDI Bundle' is a massive collection of 425 MIDI files that were used to produce almost all of the Function Loops products to date. Sample packs like: "Bass-Syndicate", "BlackHole", "Deep&Soul", "STARS" and many others. Also inside the bundle you'll get a bunch of new MIDI loops never heard before in Function Loops products! In detail the pack contains: 30 Arps, 125 Melodies, 50 Riffs, 155 Synthlines and 65 Pads & Atmos for the extra touch. This pack is super useful for Tech-House, Electro, Trance, Progressive styles, Dubstep, Techno and more. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Progressive House • Electro House

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 - PSYCHO Sylenth1 Soundset Vol.2
PSYCHO Sylenth1 Soundset Vol.2Function LoopsTrance, Presets / Patches2012-09-03

'PSYCHO Sylenth1 Soundset Vol 2' is all about the sound of now. In this outstanding soundbank, Function Loops bring only the best and unique presets, ready to rock your next production. Inspired by the top labels of Psytrance like Nano Records, Alchemy Records, Phantasm Records, and more. Inside this apocalyptic collection you'll find 10 juicy bass presets to enrich your library and 55 trippy Psytrance synths, leads and arps, that you'll have heard in the festivals season around the globe this summer! Also, a bonus folder with all MIDI files from the Demo is included! Sylenth 2.2 required