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Function Loops LTD is a sound design company, officially launched in 2011. Taking charts worldwide on all main stores in the market. We bring quality samples, loops, midi files and synth presets for DJs, producers and musicians, who require to add inspiration to their work. The main vision of our company, is giving a chance to as many people around the world, experience music creation and art behind it. Additional services we provide: mix & mastering, ghost production, music for movies, video games & commercials.Also check our sub-labels SHARP and Sharp Studio Tools.

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 - Psychedelic Trance Synths 2
Psychedelic Trance Synths 2Function LoopsTrance, Sound FX2016-09-23

The journey continues with Psychedelic Trance Synths 2 - second episode of our top selling Psytrance synths pack. You will find another wave of 100 x Key-Labelled synths, designed to fill those tiny, missing gaps in your tracks. Recorded at 138BPM, super easy to time stretch and change the key, without loosing quality. Designed at top quality, these are the exact little sounds you hear in all the big releases today. Will fit in any Psytrance sub-genre. Add some dynamics to your next productions using this tool! Details: • 100 x Key-Labelled Synth Loops • 138BPM • 24-bit WAV • Royalty-Free

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 - 80s and NuDisco
80s and NuDiscoFunction LoopsDisco / Nu Disco, Presets / Patches2016-09-19

If you're looking for that classic '80s vibe, or want to achieve a similar flavor in your modern NuDisco productions, look no further. With this new preset pack we got you covered! 55 fresh Spire presets, oozing with that warm '80s vibe and character. We recreated many of the classic '80s sounds, from lead sounds of famous '80s songs and movies, to creamy classic synths - it's all there. All of the sounds have MOD controllers, mod-wheel (and often aftertouch) assigned for cool tone shaping and better playability. Details: • 35 x Synths • 10 x Bass • 4 x Seqs • 6 x Pads • 55 Presets in total (soundbank) • You need Spire VSTi

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 - Stem Mastering with Ozone
Stem Mastering with OzoneFunction LoopsEDM2016-09-16

Stem Mastering with Ozone from Function Loops Academy delivers basic mastering course for electronic music producers. Tired of waiting for mastering studios to deliver the job in time? Want to quickly master your tracks to test on the dancefloor? Then take the course. You will learn about everything: preparing the stems, working with reference, finding the problems, fattening and widening everything up, adding harmonics, using Maximizer, Limiter, EQ, Reverb, Harmonic Exciter, Stereo Imager, Compressor and more useful tricks and tips. This course is a best way to start getting into mastering your own and your friend's stuff + saves a bunch of time and money. Mastering - all in one place (don't need to waste time on Youtube). Details: ​• Over 1 Hour of HD videos (12 chapters) • Recorded using Logic Pro, but the techniques are general (work in every DAW) • Only useful stuff, no bullshit ----------------------------------------- CHAPTER 1: PREPARING YOUR SONG Prepare your song for mastering How to prepare the Stems​ CHAPTER 2: FINDING THE PEAKS ​ Comparing your track to reference Finding the peaks (loudest parts) Using loudness meter ​ ​CHAPTER 3: STEM PROCESSING How to find problems (unwanted clicks, noizes etc.) Gain Compressor Analyzer CHAPTER 4: SATURATION Kick and Bass saturation (adding fatness, harmonics) Vintage warmer SSL Compressor​ ​CHAPTER 5: OZONE LIMITER Ozone Maximizer Limiter Intersample detection Dithering​ ​ ​CHAPTER 6: OZONE EQ Ozone Equalizer Useful tips and tricks​ CHAPTER 7: OZONE STEREO IMAGING Ozone Stereo Imager Wideness Bands (low, mid, hi) ​CHAPTER 8: OZONE REVERB Decay (hi, low) Other tricks CHAPTER 9: OZONE HARMONIC EXCITER Add new harmonics Oversampling Modes CHAPTER 10: OZONE COMPRESSOR Compression Boosting Gate CHAPTER 11: DENOIZE Find the noizes Remove and clean the track CHAPTER 12: FINALIZE Mastering limiter Final touches *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Tutorials

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 - Supreme Bundle For Spire
Supreme Bundle For SpireFunction LoopsPresets / Patches2016-09-09

All in one Suprmeme Bundle from Function Loops includes all the soundbanks in one mega pack, at discounted bargain price. If you are looking to grab enough sounds to inspire you for a while, then this deal is for you. 509 Presets in total, great for Tropical House, Future House, Deep House, Bass House, Tech-House and Techno, Trance etc. Worth over 120$ if buying separate, no at 40% off. Banks included: • REAL DEEP • TROPICANA • PROGRESSIVE FOR SPIRE • TROPICAL HOUSE • HOUSE BASS ASSISTANT • FUTURE HOUSE SUPREME PRESETS • FUTURE HOUSE SUPREME PRESETS 2 • PSYTRANCE RAVE-O-LUTION

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 - Supreme EDM Bundle
Supreme EDM BundleFunction LoopsMIDI, EDM2016-09-01

Supreme EDM Bundle from Function Loops delivers over 20 Construction Kits collected from our top selling EDM packs. You will find Drums, Basslines, Melodies, Leads, FX Loops and everything else you hear in the demos. Bundled from Ultra Festival Kits / Festival House / EDM Sound of 2016. Contains 567 files, including Stems, Loops, Shots, Presets, MIDI files. 1.5GB of sounds, available now as bargain, bundled price at 40% discount. Instant inspiration and great savings! Details: • 20 x Construction Kits • 3 x Drum Kits • Drums, Basslines, Melodic Loops, FX Loops and all the rest from the demos • Loops, MIDI files, One-Shots, Presets for Spire/Sylenth • 567 files • 40% discount • 100% Royalty-Free *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Presets / Patches • Progressive House

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 - Big Shots 2
Big Shots 2Function LoopsDrums2016-08-26

Big Shots 2 delivers another round of 500 freshly designed one-shots, including everything you need: Kicks, Claps, Snares, Open Hats, Closed Hats, Percussion, Various Hits and extra stuff. It's time to refresh your one-shots samples! In detail, you will find these: 01 KICK DRUMS (100 samples) 02 CLAPS (50 samples) 03 SNARES (50 samples) 04 OPEN HATS (50 samples) 05 CLOSED HATS (50 samples) 06 VARIOUS DRUMS (50 samples) 07 ELECTRONIC PERCUSSION (50 samples) 08 ACOUSTIC PERCUSSION (50 samples) 09 SYNTHETIC HITS (50 samples) These shots are useful in any electronic music genre, from House to Techno, Drum & Bass to Dubstep, Trance to Progressive and more. Everything is fresh, just came out from the oven at 24-bit WAV quality. Bon apetite :)

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 - Summer Deep House
Summer Deep HouseFunction LoopsDeep House, Future House2016-08-22

The summer is finally here, so we decided to bring you this refreshing collection, full of summer vibes, sounds of beach parties, killer clubs and massive festivals! This is the sound played all over the globe, now you can take inspiration and get your skills to the next level. In detail, you are getting 6 construction kits, loaded with all the essential tools: Loops, Oneshots, MIDI files and Presets for Massive and Sylenth VSTi's. Each kit comes with Drum Loops, Melody Loops and FX Loops. The Melody folder is loaded with Basslines, Leads, Pianos, Vocal Chops, Drops, Chords, Pads and much more. On top of the kits, you are also getting Bonus folder of 30 fresh Drum Loops, to help you construct unique beats in seconds. Summer Deep House delivers hot and popular Deep sounds you hear on the radios, TV, parties and festivals today. So get your copy now and get that "big sound" into your productions. Details: • 6x Key Labelled Construction Kits (Drums,Melodies,Basslines,FX,Vocals & more) • Each Kit is packed with Loops, Shots, MIDI files and Presets for Massive and Sylenth. • Bonus folder with 30 Deep House Drum Loops • 126BPM • 260 Files in total • Key & BPM labeled • 24-bit WAV • 100% royalty-free

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 - Real Deep
Real DeepFunction LoopsHouse, Presets / Patches2016-08-19

Real Deep from Function Loops is a soundbank loaded with serious sounds for your next tracks. As the name says - this is exactly what you get, a soundbank dedicated to all your deepest productions. Loaded with Bass, Chords, Synths, Leads, Keys, Plucks and Pads. 50 innovative sounds in total to push the limits of amazing Spire VSTi. Each preset was designed from scratch by our professional sound designers. With this bank we continue the success of Function Loops, delivering to you the best sounds for Spire VSTi (no.1 at Reveal Sound official charts). Details: • 50 Presets • 15 Bass • 10 Chords • 5 Synths • 2 Leads • 9 Keys • 4 Plucks • 5 Pads *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House • Techno • Deep House

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 - Astral Trance Vocals
Astral Trance VocalsFunction LoopsTrance, Vocal2016-08-12

Astral Trance Vocals offers the best solution for your next Trance and Psy productions. Recorded in absolute quality, these vocals are made to take your tracks to the big stages. Almost 800MB of vocal variations, fusion of cosmic, tribal, ethnic - it has it all. Vocals are coming in 3 versions: 1. Slightly reverbed - you can add your delays or other FX. 2. Reverbed and delayed (wet) - just drop them in the DAW and you ready to go. 3. Gated - we nailed the famous FX for you, great addition to any track. Add these vocals to your tracks and you will triple your music's quality, these vocals will give a completely different level to your productions, guaranteed. This pack was designed towards Trance and Psy, but the content can be useful in any other genre like Ambient, Drum & Bass, Tribal House, Techno and basically any other production, where hypnotic vocals are needed. Details: • 225 x Key-Labelled Vocals • 791MB unzipped • 75 x Reverbed only Vocals • 75 x Wet vocals • 75 x Gated Vocals • Recorded at 138BPM • 100% Royalty Free *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Progressive House • World • EDM

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 - Festival Psytrance
Festival PsytranceFunction LoopsTrance, MIDI2016-08-03

We deliver you another collection of fresh Psytrance sounds to get you ready for the festival season. Loaded with 5 x Key and BPM labelled construction kits, this sample pack will give you joy and inspiration, while producing your next tracks. The quality of this product is no less than all the big names you will hear in the festivals this summer, guaranteed. Packed with full stash: Stems, Loops, Shots, MIDI files. Each kit is loaded with Kicks, Percussion, Basslines, Leads, Melodies, Arps, Effects and all the rest, you need right now to finish or kick start new tracks in no time. World class quality! All content is 100% royalty-free, sell to labels, release, perform. See you on the mainstage of some massive festival? This pack will help you get there. Details: - 5 x Key & BPM Labelled Kits packed with Drums, Basslines, Synths, Vocals, FX and much more (everything you hear in the demo) - Inspired by top labels and artists of today - Stems, Loops, Single Shots, MIDI files - 141 Files - 1.3GB unzipped - 100% Royalty-Free

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 - Summer Deep House
Summer Deep HouseFunction LoopsDeep House, Future House2016-08-02

We bring you this collection full of summer vibes, sounds of beach parties, killer clubs and massive festivals! This is the sound played all over the globe, now you can take inspiration and get your skills to the next level. In detail, you are getting 6 construction kits, loaded with all the essential tools: Loops, Oneshots, MIDI files and Presets for Massive and Sylenth VSTi's. Each kit comes with Drum Loops, Melody Loops and FX Loops. The Melody folder is loaded with Basslines, Leads, Pianos, Vocal Chops, Drops, Chords, Pads and much more. On top of the kits, you are also getting Bonus folder of 30 fresh Drum Loops, to help you construct unique beats in seconds. Summer Deep House delivers hot and popular Deep sounds you hear on the radios, TV, parties and festivals today. So get your copy now and get that "big sound" into your productions. Details: • 6x Key Labelled Construction Kits (Drums, Melodies, Basslines, FX, Vocals & more) • Each Kit is packed with Loops, Shots, MIDI files and Presets for Massive and Sylenth. • Bonus folder with 30 Deep House Drum Loops • 126BPM • 260 Files in total • Key & BPM labeled • 24-bit WAV • 100% royalty-free *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • House • MIDI • Presets / Patches

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 - Trance Producer's Full Studio Kit
Trance Producer's Full Studio KitFunction LoopsTrance, Sound FX2016-08-01

SPECIAL OFFER! GET IT NOW FOR 59.99$ ONLY (limited time) , original price 199$ 'Trance Producer's Full Studio Kit' from Function Loops will change the way you produce. See what you can do, using Trance Producer's Full Studio Kit This huge bundle features 3600+ fully modificational sounds, that will be useful forever. It’s not just another sample pack to get bored of, it’s a full toolbox with everything inside, including MIDI files, presets, loops and samples, all grouped into folders labelled with BPM and key information. 'Trance Producer's Full Studio Kit' has anything you can imagine: basslines, synths, leads, arps, pads, vocals, snares, kicks, percussion, hi-hats, atmospheres, effects and completely everything. Also it's officially the biggest Trance production pack that you can find on the market today, featuring over 8GB of content! The material in this pack is worth almost 400 GBP. It's your chance to get all of these sounds at a discounted price. You will be able to use, remake and re-use these sounds for a very long time. It’s a one-stop station for a quicker workflow, that will make your life easy. Most of the sounds are similar to what the big artists use today and were recorded using Virus Ti and Nord Lead hardware. 'Trance Producer's Full Studio Kit' will take your pain away and will give you pleasure! 'Trance Producer's Full Studio Kit' includes the following products: WAV + MIDI Folders Compiled From: • Twisted Reaction Vol 3 & Vol 4 • PSYCHO Vol 1 - Vol 3 • Festival Trance 1 & 2 • Spirit Progressive Trance & Psy • Summer Trance • Essential Trance Percussion & FX • Sound of Boom • Extra Unreleased Material Sylenth1 Presets Compiled From: • Fantastic Trance & Psy Presets • Psycho Presets Vol 1: Bass • Psycho Presets Vol 2: Synths • Psycho Presets Vol 3: Bass Extra Special FX Compiled From: • Black Hole: Cinematic Soundscapes Vol 1 • Black Hole: Cinematic Soundscapes Vol 2 • Intergalactic Cinematix • Monster Vision Special FX + Extra Bonus Presets Specifications: • 8.15 GB of Unique Content • 3608 Files in Total • All the files are Key & BPM labelled • All files are grouped into separate folders such as Bass, Synths, Drums, FX, etc. Contents: • 607 Synth Lines (Loops) • 90 Synth One-Shots • 149 Vocal Loops • 248 Bass Loops • 20 Bass One-Shots • 311 Drum Loops • 77 Kick One-Shots • 66 Percussion One-Shots • 332 FX (Uplifters, Downlifters, Impacts) • 85 MIDI Basslines • 70 MIDI Synth Lines • 4 Sylenth1 Soundbanks • 123 Bass Presets • 55 Synth Presets • 53 Lead Presets • 10 Pad Presets • 5 FX Presets • 310 Sylenth1 Presets in Total • 198 Soundscapes (WAV) • 45 Soundscapes (MIDI) • 100 Uplifters & Downlifters • 101 Atmospheres • 25 FX Drums • 67 Impacts • 61 Sequences • 597 Extra FX Files in Total • 5 Cubase Templates (Cubase 5+) • 1 Mastering Template (Cubase 5+)

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 - Tropical House Percussion
Tropical House PercussionFunction LoopsHouse, Drums2016-07-29

Fresh collection of Tropical House kicks, claps and a bunch of other percussion elements. Essential ingredients in every producer's stash. It's time to replace your old samples with these great loops and one shots. 200 new sounds in this pack! Influenced from the sounds of Kygo, Matoma or Thomas Jack, this pack is everything you need to create your next tracks with real summer vibes. Details: • 24bit WAV • 105 BPM • 200 files in total • 30 Drum Loops • 20 Drum Fills • 14 Claps • 15 Congas • 15 Kicks • 10 Snares • 10 Rides • 13 Bongos • 10 Hats • 10 Cowbells • 10 Crash Sounds • 13 Shakers • 10 Toms • 20 Special Drums

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 - Vocal Hooks with Sandrah
Vocal Hooks with SandrahFunction LoopsHouse, Vocal2016-07-14

Almost a month in the making, Sandrah is back with a brand new collection of gorgeous acapella loops, ready to be used in your latest productions. A new set of professionally recorded vocal loops is full of soul and character, reminiscent of famous soul divas we all so love and admire. As always, you can use whole phrases or cut them up into smaller pieces for that hypnotic club effect. These vocals can be used for various genres, from house to funk, soul, garage, rnb, chill or accoustic productions. Coming as both dry and effected variants, these lovely new loops will keep you busy and surely inspire to make some stunning new tracks. You will find 120 loops, 30 vox chops, 50 one shots, 200 files in total. Recorded at 24-bit WAV quality. 100% royalty-free content, which will add magic to your tracks. Give your track some life with this amazing and rare vocals collection. Details: - 120 loops (60 dry / 60 wet acapellas) - 30 vocal chops (FX loops) - 50 one shots - 200 files in total - 24-bit WAV quality - 100% royalty-free - 350MB of vocals only Please Note: Only vocals included in this pack.

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 - Tropicana: Presets for Spire
Tropicana: Presets for SpireFunction LoopsChill Out, Presets / Patches2016-07-08

Fresh soundbank for Tropical House production, including 50 tropic presets to refresh your stash. Our sound designer took some time to craft these presets, so they won't be the same boring, re-made presets you get all the time. These are 100% fresh and made from scratch. You will find this soundbank useful for Tropical House or any other genre where tropical feeling is needed. In detail, you get: 10 Bass, 9 Synths, 14 Plucks, 5 Leads, 3 Chords, 5 Pads, 2 Bells and 1 SFX. 50 Presets in total. Please note: you must have the latest version of Reveal Sound Spire VSTi to run this sounbank. Enjoy! Details: - 10 Bass - 9 Synths - 14 Plucks - 5 Leads - 3 Chords - 5 Pads - 2 Bells - 1 SFX - 50 Presets in total (comes as Soundbank) - Latest version of Reveal Sound Spire VSTi needed

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 - Future Funky House
Future Funky HouseFunction LoopsPresets / Patches, Future House2016-07-04

Fresh collection of over 350 files of funky stuff, a blend of Funky House with the sounds of 2016, resulting in something interesting. A versatile pack, loaded with various tools: Drum Loops, Bass Loops, Synths, FX & Vocal Loops, Drum Shots, MIDI files, Massive presets and a nice Soundbank of 32 presets for Spire VSTi. Grab this product today and inject some funky feeling into your next tracks! Details: - 32 Spire Presets (Soundbank) - 18 Massive Presets - 50 drum loops - 20 bass loops - 40 synth loops - 60 MIDI files - 20 vox loops - 10 fx loops - 100 drum shots - 352 files in total (inlcuding Spire bank) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • MIDI • Deep House

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 - Pro Secrets And Tricks
Pro Secrets And TricksFunction LoopsHouse, Techno2016-07-04

Pro Secrets and Tricks from Function Loops Academy delivers in-depth electronic music production course about building a track from scratch. Covering every part of the process: Kick, Percussion, Bass, Chords, Melody, Pluck and most important - final Mix. You will learn about everything: EQ, Reverb, Delay, Compression, Sidechain, Sound Design, Grooves & Rhythms, Music Theory, Notes & Keys, Virtual Instruments, various Effects and a bunch of tricks and pro-tips, that every producer needs to know. That's the difference between successful producers and the ones who struggle. This course will take you to a different level, guaranteed. Watch the free Kick, Synth & Bass Tutorials here: Details: - Almost 2 Hours of HD videos (10 chapters) - Recorded using Logic Pro, but the techniques are general (work in every DAW) - Only useful stuff, no bullshit Chapters: CHAPTER 1: KICK -How to clean your kick -How to get solid, powerful kick, like the pros do -Pitching and recognizing the right frequencies -EQ, Compression (in-depth) -Common mistakes to avoid CHAPTER 2: SNARE -Snare interaction with kick -EQ, cleaning the snare -Reverb, Delay -Compression -Other tricks CHAPTER 3: HIHATS -Choosing the sounds -Using Battery for drums -Building hi-hats & rhythm CHAPTER 4: GROOVE & RHYTHM -Useful tips for easy workflow -Working with percussion -Arranging the rhythm + adding groove​ -CHAPTER 5: CHORDS -Basic music theory -How to make chord progression -Choosing notes -Keys ​CHAPTER 6: BASS -Picking root note from the chord -Making the Bass from the melody -Bass Sound Design (FM8) -Useful tips & secrets (extra) ​ CHAPTER 7: SIDECHAIN -Main tricks for side-chaining -Sidechain compression -Pumping effect CHAPTER 8: MELODY -Melodies that work -Writing a melody -Virtual instruments (VSTi) ​CHAPTER 9: PLUCK -FM Sound design -Delay tricks -Effects CHAPTER 10: MIX -Plugins for the final touch -Tips to make your track sound pro -Glue it all!

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VOX RELOADEDFunction LoopsSound FX, Vocal2016-07-01

VOX: RELOADED is a special edition sample pack containing 2 previously released collections of glitched vocal loops. VOX was one of the first packs to be released from Function Loops back at the 2012. We were digging in our stash, found these and decided to remaster and reload them, because these vocals will blow your head off! All of this, brought us back to the past, when the sample packs just started to be so popular. Of course there were CDs from some companies already in the 90's , but we are talking about the digital revolution with Beatport Sounds and others among. This reminded us the first Vocal packs created and just to remind you (in case you forgot hehe), that Function Loops were the pioneers in the Vocal sphere. We brought the first Acapella packs to Beatport Sounds and other stores and still, by this day, our packs are dominating the charts. Ok, enough bed time stories, back to the pack: you are getting 164 killer vocal loops and 36 vocal shots useful in various House/Deep and Tech sub-genres. Can fit also for Trance or any other style where vocal glitches are needed. All content at 24-bit WAV, 100% royalty-free. Details: - 164 Vocal Glitch Loops - 36 Vocal Shots - 200 files in total - 24-bit WAV - 100% royalty-free

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 - Melbourne Bounce Invasion
Melbourne Bounce InvasionFunction LoopsElectro House, MIDI2016-06-16

Melbourne Bounce Invasion brings the most advanced and popular sound of this year's Bounce style. With names such as MAKJ, Deorro, Will Sparks, Reece Low, FTampa, and many others, looks like Bounce is bigger than ever, headlining festivals worldwide. In this fresh collection, you are getting 5 Key-labelled Construction Kits, loaded with Loops, Shots, MIDI files and Presets. But that's not all! There's also an extra kit coming with an FLP template, so you can study and learn few tricks about buildups and drops. On top of that, a nice bonus folder with Bass and Synth Shots is attached. Everything is Key and Bpm labelled, carefully processed to perfection at 24-bit WAV quality, 100% Royalty-Free. This mega pack is an ultimate tool to kickstart world class Bounce tracks at no time. Every kit is loaded with Drums, Basslines, Leads, Melodies, FX Loops and so much more. Presets were designed for Spire and Sylenth VSTi's. Have fun! Details: - 5 x Key Labelled Kits (Drums, Basslines, Leads, Melodies, FX Loops, One Shots, MIDI files, Presets for Spire/Sylenth) - 1 x Extra Kit + FLP Template (FLStudio Project) - 41 MIDI files - 255 x WAV files - 47 x Presets (Spire/Sylenth) - 343 Files in total - 395MB of stuff - Key and Bpm labelled - 24-bit WAV quality - 100% Royalty-Free. Additional Genre(s) - Presets / Patches - EDM

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 - Trance Producers Ultimate Studio Kit
Trance Producers Ultimate Studio KitFunction LoopsTrance2016-06-13

LAUNCH PRICE: 99$ (ORIGINAL 199$, LIMITED TIME OFFER!) WATCH SHOWCASE VIDEO: After selling hundreds of copies and charting for months, we decied to come back with a fresh bundle of this succesful product. Insane collection of over 7GB, packed with Loops, Shots, MIDI files, Kits and Presets. Basically, these are all the tools you need to fasten your workflow, get inspiration, add missing sounds to your tracks, learn stuff and finally make better music. You will find Basslines, Synths, Leads, Arps, Pads, Vocals, Drums, Atmospheres, Effects, Guitars and completely everything else. Over 3400+ files in total, Key and BPM labelled, 100% royalty-free content. Compiled from all best sample packs, special discounted price. If you are already producing Trance, then this bundle will take your tracks to completely different level. If you want to start out, then this is your ticket to the show. Watch the video for more action! Details: - 194 x Basslines - 180 x Drum Loops (Hats, Snares, Percussion, Kicks etc.) - 237 x Drum Shots - 599 x Synth Loops (Leads, Arps, Pads, FM Sounds, Squelch Sounds, Melodies etc.) - 461 x Female Vocals (Trance vocals, Gated vocals, Speech, Phrases) - 536 x Male Vocals (Speech, Shouts, Phrases) - 736 x FX (Sweeps, Impacts, Scary FX, Atmos, Risers and much more) - 116 x Guitar Loops - 6 x Key-Labelled Song-starter Kits (Bass, Drums, FX, Synths, Shots) - 75 x Bass MIDI files - 103 x Presets for Spire VSTi - 30 x Presets for Sylenth VSTi - 128 x Presets for Virus Ti + 20 Bonus MIDI files - 1 x Ableton Template (FREE BONUS) - 2 x Production Videos (FREE BONUS) - 7.5GB in total - 3446 x Files in total - Key & BPM Labelled, 24-bit WAV quality - 100% royalty-free - Bundled from: Tribal Voices by Hideyo Blackmoon / In Trance We Trust / Progressive Psy Academy / Punchpack For Virus Ti / Psytrance Rave-O-Lution for Spire / Progressive Psytrance Nation / Dirty Progressive Psy / Summer Psychedelic Trance / Progressive Psy FX / Psytrance Bass Assistant / Psytrance Mega FX / Trance & Psy Vocals / 100% Analog Psytrance / Progressive & Psy For Spire *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • MIDI • Presets / Patches • Sound FX • Vocal

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 - Vocals Bundle 5
Vocals Bundle 5Function LoopsProgressive House, Vocal2016-06-08

Vocals Bundle 5 is a new volume in the popular series from Function Loops. Over 3GB of content, featuring 3 different vocalists, both male and female voices. This is a bargain bundle, now at special price. Content worth over 65 GBP, grab it now for 19.90 GBP only. Bundled from 3 chart topping products: 'Voice Within By David Onka', 'Essential EDM Vocal Kits' and the newest vocal pack 'Inmagine EDM Acapellas'. Over 800 files to choose from, Key and BPM labelled, 100% royalty-free. Packed with absolutelly everything you can imagine. Vocals Bundle is ment to give a boost to your workflow at the studio. Mega bundle, super dicounted price, guaranteed inspiration. Grab it while you can! Details: - 811 files in total - 3.3GB unzipped - Construction Kits, Stems, Loops, One Shots, MIDI files - Vocals Dry/Wet - Key and BPM labelled - 100% royalty-free Additional Genre(s) - Electro House - House - Rock / Pop - Deep House - Future House

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 - Progressive Psytrance
Progressive PsytranceFunction LoopsTrance, MIDI2016-05-31

Progressive Psytrance brings 5 x Key Labelled monstrous Kits, loaded with Stems, Loops, Single Shots & MIDI files. If you are into the sound of Hommega, Spintwist, Iboga, Blue Tunes and alike, this collection will do the job. Each Kit comes with Full Stems, just import to the DAW and you will have the arrangement, as you hear in the demos - perfect to get some inspiration and start your tracks quick. The Kits are also loaded with normal Loops, One Shots, MIDI files and Bass Samples. These Bass Samples are worth gold, these are the sounds big names are using to get their scary fat Basslines. Now you can do it too. On top of all that, we also attached some Bonus presets for Serum, Spire, Vanguard and Sylenth. The pack is loaded with 340 Files, 1.5GB of content, 100% Royalty-Free. This is the pack you were waiting for so long, this is the pack we promised you. Start making world class tracks right now, let's see what the labels say :) Details: - 5 x Key & BPM Labelled Kits packed with Drums, Basslines, Synths, Vocals, FX and much more (everything you hear in the demo) - Inspired by top labels and artists of today - Stems, Loops, Single Shots, MIDI files, Presets (complete producer pack) - 340+ files - 1.5GB unzipped - 24-bit WAV - 100% Royalty-Free - Guaranteed to knock out fans and labels

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 - Huge EDM Kicks
Huge EDM KicksFunction LoopsDrums, EDM2016-05-27

Huge EDM Kicks brings 100 x Key-Labelled kick drums to refresh the stash. 50 x Kick Loops, 50 x Kick Shots and 20 x bonus files. Each Kick is Key-Labelled, makes it a picnic for the user. Just pick the Key you are working on and you ready to go! It's never enough fat kicks :) Details: - 50 x Kick Loops - 50 x Kick Shots - 20 x bonus Snares/Claps - Loops at 128bpm - Key-Labelled

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 - Festival House
Festival HouseFunction LoopsElectro House, EDM2016-05-25

Festival House opens the door to the sound of biggest festivals this summer, the latest sound of Groove House. Get inspired with these Construction Kits, loaded with Stems, MIDI files and Presets for Spire and Sylenth. This fresh collection follows the sound of Dannic, Merk & Kremont, MEG & Nerak, Sebjak, AN21, Axwell and other big names today. 5 fresh Kits, plus we dropped another extra Kit, as a gift. All content is 100% Royalty-Free, release it as your own on favorite labels. Get your hands on this pack right now to prepare some groovy EDM blasters for the summer season! Details: - 5 x Kits (Drums, Basslines, Melodies, Leads, FX and everything else) - 1 x Extra Groove Kit - Stems, MIDI and Presets - 143 Files - 1.1GB of content - 100% Royalty-Free

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 - Trance Killer Drums
Trance Killer DrumsFunction LoopsTrance, Drums2016-05-12

Trance Killer Drums delivers all the tools you need for "percussion of the pros". Killer collection of 167 Percussive elements, guaranteed to add that missing touch to your tracks. Programmed by talented producer with years of experience in production and performance in the biggest festivals. With us, you are in good hands! In detail, you will find: 16 x Groovy Loops (percussive glitches), 25 x ground breaking Percussion Loops, 36 x super fat Kicks, 25 x Snare Shots, 35 x Hats and 30 x Percussion Shots. 24-bit WAV quality, recorded using both analog and digital equipment. Details: • 167 x Files in total • 16 x Groovy Loops (percussive glitches) • 25 x Percussion Loops • 36 x Kick Shots • 25 x Snare Shots • 35 x Hat Shots (closed + open) • 30 x Percussion Shots • 24-bit WAV quality • This is what the big names use

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 - Female Vocal Acapellas
Female Vocal AcapellasFunction LoopsVocal, EDM2016-05-04

Female Vocal Acapellas from Function Loops delivers over 600MB of pure Vocal content. Packed with wide selection of female Vocal Acapellas, this collection was made to solve your problems. Recorded at highest quality, this product will deliver the voice you were looking for into your next productions, guaranteed. All Vocals presented as Dry & Wet versions, so you can apply your own effects easy. Everything broken into Main & Backing Vocals, so you have maximum control. In addition to the vocals, we also attached all the melodies from the demo in MIDI format, so you have the exact notes to kick start new productions in no-time. The Vocals are suitable for various EDM genres, no matter what style you into, these vocals will be handy. Recorded by a vocalist with multiply releases, radio plays and performances under her belt. Details: • 633MB of Vocals (unzipped) • 211 x Files in total • 198 x Vocals (Dry+Wet) • 13 x MIDI files • 24-bit WAV • 100% Royalty-Free *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • House • Progressive House • Trance • Deep House

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 - Ultra Festival Kits
Ultra Festival KitsFunction LoopsElectro House, EDM2016-04-25

Ultra Festival 2016 kicked off and Function Loops delivers a fresh collection of EDM content for all producers out there seeking world class sound in their tracks. Seven Key-Labelled construction kits, guaranteed to blow your speakers. Inspired by the headliners of the festival. Product loaded with amazing melodies, grooves and various ideas for any EDM producer. Each kit is packed with Drums, Basslines, Melodies, Leads and Effects. You will find Stems, Loops, MIDI files and Presets for Sylenth and Spire VSTs. Maximum flexibility to edit the kits and get inspiration for your music. Use the Stems to get exact arrangement as you hear in the demo, the additional versions of 4-bar loops can be handy, so we've attached them too (the melodic, bass and drum parts). All content is BPM and Key labelled, 100% Royalty-Free. Let's make the crowd follow your sound! Details: • 7 x Key Labelled EDM Construction Kits (Drums, Basslines, Melodies, Leads and Effects) • Stems, Loops, MIDI, Presets for Sylenth and Spire VSTi • 1.5GB of content • 223 Files • 128 BPM • 100% Royalty-Free

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 - Ultimate Melody Tools
Ultimate Melody ToolsFunction LoopsProgressive House, MIDI2016-04-22

Ultimate Melody Tools delivers a selection of melodies suitable for a wide range of genres. You'll get 90 loops in total coming as 30 Piano chords, 30 Attack Leads and 30 MIDI files, for maximum flexibility. Use this ultimate tool to easily create your own original melodies in minutes. No matter what's the style of your next track, this pack will be handy. ​ All content is BPM and key-labelled, for ease of navigation. The WAV files have been recorded at 24-Bit. 100% Royalty-Free. Ultimate Melody Tools is guaranteed to inspire you, while creating your next hit melody. ​Details: ​ • 30 Piano Melodies • 30 Attack Leads (fits with the Pianos) • 30 MIDI Files • 90 Files in Total • 230MB of Content • 100% Royalty-Free *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Trance • Deep House • EDM

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 - Essential EDM Vocal Kits
Essential EDM Vocal KitsFunction LoopsVocal, EDM2016-04-11

"Essential EDM Vocal Kits" a brand new pack of EDM Acapellas and Construction Kits. 5 x Key-Labelled Kits, loaded with Loops, Stems, One-Shots and MIDI files. Over 1.2GB of fresh ideas. All vocal Acapellas come as Dry/Wet versions, so you can apply your own FX with no problem. Except that, each Kit is loaded with Basslines, Pianos, Chords, Leads, Pads, Arps, Plucks, Kicks, Percussions and Drum fills, Effects and absolutely everything you need right now to get some inspiration flowing. Everything is Key and BPM-Labelled for ease of use. MIDI files and One-Shots attached for maximum flexibility. Full instrumental Stems are also included, just drop them in your DAW to get one minute of arrangement done, take it from there to your own direction, sky is the limit. Everything you hear in the demo is included. 100% Royalty-Free producer pack. Details: • 5 x Key-Labelled Kits (loaded with Acapellas, Drums, Basslines, Pianos, Chords, Leads, Pads, Arps, Plucks, Effects and everything else) • All Acapellas come as Dry/Wet versions • Stems, Loops, One-Shots, MIDI files included • 1.26GB of content • 245 Files in total • 100% Royalty-Free

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 - Future EDM Risers
Future EDM RisersFunction LoopsSound FX, EDM2016-04-05

"Future EDM Risers" brings an extremelly useful collection of perfectly designed Riser FX Loops, handy for any producer. We spent hours designing these effects, so you can use them instantly in your next tracks. Fits great in EDM, Techno, Tech-House, Dubstep, Trance or Future House. It's time to replace your old Risers with these freshly made ones. Everything recorded at 128BPM, you can easy change the BPM without loosing quality. The best part of this product is mix-matching the FX Loops to get new Risers quickly. Almost all of the loops can be mixed with each other, giving you endless new effects in minutes. Grab this ultimate Riser tool right now, it will help you produce quicker to save you effort and time. Give your buildups some life, because what happens before the drop is very important, this is one of the moments when the crowd goes "WOW". Details: • 101 x Riser FX Loops • 338MB of content • 24-bit WAV • 128BPM (easy to change BPM, no loss in quality) • Mix-match between loops to get new effects • Fits for wide range *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • Electro House • Progressive House • Trance • Future House

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PROGRESSIVE & EDM MIDIFunction LoopsMIDI, EDM2016-03-23

"Progressive & EDM Midi" delivers 50 fresh MIDI progressions, to be used in your next tracks instantly. Having hard times constructing your next unique melody? This pack is here to help you fasten the creation process and unleash the inspiration. 29 MIDI Melodies and 21 MIDI Drops, a great kick start for any EDM production. The MIDI gives you maximum flexibility on the melodies, you can manipulate and create your own chord progressions in minutes. In addition to the MIDI files, we have also included 5 bonus Drum Kits, to help you get started quicker than ever. Essential collection for pure inspiration and a great "melodic tool" for any producer, no matter beginner or a pro. All the big names using MIDI files for inspiration, it's no shame. Details: • 29 Key-Labelled Melodic Progressions (MIDI) • 21 Key-Labelled Drops (MIDI) • 50 Drum Loops (5 Drum Kits) • 100 Files in total • 100% Royalty-Free *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Progressive House

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 - Progressive & Psy For Spire
Progressive & Psy For SpireFunction LoopsTrance, Presets / Patches2016-03-18

Progressive & Psy For Spire offers 50 futuristic synth presets for Trance producers. Freshly designed, pre-programmed and ready to rock your next production. The bank will be useful for Progressive Psy , Psytrance or Progressive Trance. Our sounds are being used in multiply hits of Psytrance scene. Please note: drums and basslines not included. Soundbank contains Synth presets you hear in the demo. • 1 x Soundbank loaded with 50 presets • Reveal Spire VSTi is required

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 - Female Vocal Cuts
Female Vocal CutsFunction LoopsSound FX, Vocal2016-03-11

Female Vocal Cuts brings Key-Labelled, chopped vocal loops for your next productions. Fill the missing elements with these top female voices. 49 loops coming as dry and wet versions , plus 49 vocal shots for maximum flexibility. This sample pack comes with 147 files in total, 24-bit WAV quality, everything is BPM and Key-Labelled. Vocals are perfect for Future and Progressive House, EDM, Trance and beyond. Details: • 49 x Dry Vocal Loops • 49 x Wet Vocal Loops • 49 x Vocal Shots • 147 Files • BPM & Key-Labelled for ease of use • 24-bit WAV *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • House • Progressive House • Deep House • Future House

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 - Future House Supreme Presets 2
Future House Supreme Presets 2Function LoopsPresets / Patches, Future House2016-03-04

Freshly designed soundbank for Future House producers. Packed with versatile selection of presets, reflecting the sound on now. Inspired by major labels of the scene, guaranteed to bring satisfaction and ease of use. All presets pre-programmed with EQ, FX, compressor etc. - ready for instant use. Bass presets are exactly what the big names using these days and we have also included some wobbles for the extra touch. Leads and plucks are extremely tight, simply programmed to perfection, you don't need to add any extra FX, they will sit in your Future House track like butter. The extra Chords and SFX are also useful, where you need to fill the missing elements. In detail you get: 32 Basses, 10 Leads, 12 Plucks, 5 Chords, 5 SFX. PLUS 128 Bonus presets from the 1st volume, as a gift! So 192 amazing Future House presets in total. Details: • 1 x Soundbank with 64 Presets for Spire • 32 Basses • 10 Leads • 12 Plucks • 5 Chords • 5 SFX • 1 x BONUS Soundbank with 64 presets (14 Bass, 17 Synths, 15 Plucks, 8 Sequences, 4 Pads, 5 SFX) • 64 x Extra presets (Bonus no.2) • 192 x Presets in total • You need Reveal Spire VSTi to run the sounds *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Deep House

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 - 100% Analog Psytrance
100% Analog PsytranceFunction LoopsTrance, Sound FX2016-02-23

"100% Analog Psytrance" is a killer collection of rare production tools for Psytrance producers. Been wondering how big names get the warm, fat sound, that you hear in all the festivals and huge events? Well, this collection will help you bring that sound into your tracks. Over 470MB of content to help you put the missing pieces of the puzzle and finally get your productions finished. You will find Drums (Kicks, Snares, Hats, Percussion), Basslines, Arps, FM Sounds, Synths and FX Loops, everything produced using hardware synths. Extra fat, outstanding quality, not less than your favorite artists. 100% Royalty-Free. Key & BPM Labelled, for ease of use. This remarkable sample pack was produced by Braincell, exclusive for Function Loops. Enjoy! Details: • 157 x Loops • 36 x Kick Shots • Drums (Kicks, Snares, Hats, Percussion), Basslines, Arps, FM Sounds, Synths and FX Loops • Key & BPM Labelled • 24-bit WAV • 100% Royalty-Free

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 - House Bass Assistant
House Bass AssistantFunction LoopsHouse, Presets / Patches2016-02-12

"House Bass Assistant" is an ultimate tool for modern House producers. No matter what House sub-genre you are into, this will help you big time. Perfect for Deep House, Future House, Wobble/Bass House, Classic House or even Tech-House. You will find 50 presets for Spire VSTi, carefully designed from scratch. Completelly fresh 2016 collection of Bass sounds, essential for any producer. We have already programmed the presets to sit perfectly in your mixes, so you don't really need to add any extra plugins on top. You can adjust the EQ, Compressor and so on in Spire itself, or use external, up to you. Bass production had never been easier with House Bass Assistant! Details: • Spire VSTi Soundbank with 50 Bass Presets • You need Spire VSTi to run the Presets *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House • Techno • Deep House • Future House

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 - Psytrance Mega FX
Psytrance Mega FXFunction LoopsTrance, Sound FX2016-02-05

"Psytrance Mega FX" is a completely essential collection of tools for any modern Psytrance producer. A blend of analog and digital sound design, bringing these innovative sounds into your tracks. 100 Key-Labelled effects, never heard before. Now is the time to replace your old, abused FX Loops and inject some freshness into your next hit. You will find 40 x Impacts, 40 x Risers and Buildups, 20 x Synth FX. Everything is Key and BPM labelled for ease of use. You can easy time-stretch and pitch the FX up or down, without ruining the quality. Also you can mix between different loops to get your own unique effects. All content recorded at 24-bit WAV quality, 100% Royalty-Free. Turn the volume up and check the demo, you will be happy :) Please note: drums and basslines are not included, were picked from Trance Producer's Full Studio Kit, from thousands of other sounds included in the kit. Details: • 100 x FX in total • 40 x Impacts • 40 x Risers and Buildups • 20 x Synth FX • Key-labelled (easy to pitch up or down) • 140 BPM (easy to change BPM) • 24-bit WAV • 100% Royalty-Free • 256MB • Good for all Psytrance sub-genres

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 - Voice Within
Voice WithinFunction LoopsDeep House, Vocal2016-01-28

"Voice Within" is the latest Vocal sample pack coming from Function Loops. Packed with inspiring Vocal content, following latest trends of huge productions today. Well, there is not much to say, except that David has over a decade of performing and vocal coaching experience. Sounding no less, than huge voices you hear in EDM hits today. The recording quality is crystal clear, recorded using top gear. Vocals presented as Dry & Wet versions, for maximum flexibility. Inside, you will find 145 files, 225MB of only vocal material, 24-bit WAV quality. All concept is Key & BPM labelled. 100% Royalty-Free: use in your commercial productions with no problem. Just listen to the demo and you will understand the quality of this remarkable product. Please note: only Vocals are included in this pack. Details: • 225MB of Vocal content • 145 Files in total • 105 Vocal Loops (Dry + Wet) • 40 Vocal Shots • Key & BPM labelled • 100% Royalty-Free *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Progressive House • Deep House • Future House

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 - EDM Sound of 2016
EDM Sound of 2016Function LoopsProgressive House, EDM2016-01-21

"EDM Sound Of 2016" is a fresh collection of EDM Construction Kits, reflecting on the future sound of EDM festivals. This year is gonna be even bigger for EDM scene and now is your chance to jump on the train and get ready to blast the crowd with your new hits. Inspired by labels such as Revealed, Doorn, Spinnin and alike. Surprise your fans and labels with fresh and innovative EDM anthems! Packed with 7 top notch EDM Construction Kits, including everything: Drums, Basslines, Melodic Loops, MIDI files and One-Shots. On top of that, there are also 3 EDM Drum Kits, as extra. 100% Royalty-Free, 100% inspiration guaranteed. All the Kits are BPM and Key-Labelled for ease of use. 2016 is going to be yours. Details: • 7 EDM Construction Kits + 3 EDM Drum Kits (10 Kits in total) • Drums, Basslines, Melodic Loops • Loops, MIDI files and One-Shots • 100% Royalty-Free • 100% inspiration guaranteed • BPM and Key-Labelled for ease of use • 201 files in total *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House

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 - Trance & Psy Vocals
Trance & Psy VocalsFunction LoopsTrance, Vocal2016-01-11

We got multiply requests for Trance vocals, so we have recorded over 600MB of Vocal Loops suitable for Trance, Progressive and Psytrance genres. Packed with 100 x Trance Vocals and 75 x Gated Vocals, this collection is a must have addition for any producer, no matter if you are big name or just starting out. You had to work hard to find these type of vocals, buy many packs to just discover few suitable loops for your projects. Or bring your own vocalist. Now the nightmare is over. "Trance & Psy Vocals" covers it all and puts an end to your problems. Everything is Key-Labelled for ease of use, the whole pack at 138BPM. Changing the BPM and pitch is piece of cake and will not ruin the vocal quality. Recorded at crystal clear, 24-bit WAV industry standard. This product was designed for Trance and it's sub-genres, but can easy fit for any production. Will sit great in Drum&Bass, Dubstep, all the Hard Dance genres, Tribal House, Techno etc. Please note: all the instrumentals were taken from Dirty Progressive Psy. Details: • 175 x Vocal Loops • 100 x Tribal/Trance Vocals • 75 x Gated Vocals • BPM & Key-Labelled • 24-bit WAV • 628MB of vocals only • 100% Royalty-Free

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 - Female Acapellas Bundle
Female Acapellas BundleFunction LoopsHouse, Vocal2016-01-04

"Female Acapellas Bundle" is one of the biggest Vocal collections on the market, including 4 different female vocalists released previously on Function Loops. Extreme size of over 9GB, 1100+ files in total. Packed with Key-Labelled Construction Kits, Loops and Samples. Construction Kits also include Instrumental Loops and MIDI files for maximum flexibility. Multi-genre Vocals collection at super discounted price. Grab this bargain now (worth over 160$ if buying separate). Packs included: • Dance Acapellas With Maryam • Deep & Sexy Acapellas With Tonka • Deep & Sexy Acapellas With Tonka 2 • Future Acapellas With Rachel • Tropical Deep House Acapellas • EDM Acapellas With Maryam Details: • 9.18GB • 1123 Files • Key and BPM Labelled • Acapellas and Instrumental Loops • MIDI included in the Kits • 100% Royalty-Free *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Progressive House • Rock / Pop • Trance

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 - Best Of Function Loops 2015
Best Of Function Loops 2015Function LoopsVocal, MIDI2015-12-24

"The Best of Function Loops 2015" is a Premium bundle, covering the hand picked, best selling sample packs released over 2015. Covering only the Hot genres including Tropical, Future and Deep House, EDM, Melbourne, Trap, Trance etc. Premium collection of over 15GB, 4000+ files. Grab it now at super discounted, friendly price. Inside you will find everything: Drums, Basslines, Vocals & Acapellas, FX Loops, all kind of Synths & Leads (digital and analog) and absolutely all the essentials you need for your productions. Packed with Construction Kits, Samples & Loops, One-Shots, MIDI files, Presets and all the rest. The dream of any producer, no matter if you are beginner or a pro, this product will help your career and inspiration flow. These products are worth almost 500$ if buying separate, now you can get them at 70% Off! Bundled from 20 hand picked sample packs: • Voice Within by David Onka • Tropical Deep House Acapellas • VIP Trap • Future Acapellas with Rachel • Into The Void: Cinematic Library • Ultra EDM 2015 • Grovnd Shakin Trap • Tropic House Anthems • Major Festival Anthems 2015 • Summer Melbourne Bounce • Progressive Psytrance Nation • Ibiza Percussion Loops • Ultimate House Melodies • Future House Supreme Presets • Dance Acapellas With Maryam • Big Shots • Progressive Psy FX • Deep Twin Guitars • World Class EDM • Progressive Psy Academy Details: • 15.1 GB of content • 4100 Files • Drums, Basslines, Vocals & Acapellas, FX Loops, all kind of Synths & Leads (digital and analog) and everything else. • Construction Kits, Samples & Loops, One-Shots, MIDI files, Presets and all the rest. • 100% Royalty-Free • Multi-Format • Covering all the popular genres • 20 packs in 1 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Hip-Hop / Trap • House • Presets / Patches • Progressive House • Trance

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 - Grovnd Shakin Trap
Grovnd Shakin TrapFunction LoopsMIDI, Trap2015-12-15

"Grovnd Shakin Trap" from Function Loops delivers five dirty Trap Construction Kits, loaded with ground shaking content, including WAV & MIDI Loops. Packed with 808's, Subs, Drums, Arps, Leads, Vox and everything else you need right now to make world class Trap hits. This sample pack comes with five Bpm and Key-Labelled Trap Kits, MIDI files for maximum flexibility and also mastered/unmastered full mixdowns, for quick edit or laying your own vox. Everything recorded at 24-bit quality, 100% Royalty-Free. Release as your own and make some noise. Turn the volume up and feel the ground shaking from monster 808's and Subs! Details: • 5 dirty Trap Construction Kits • Packed with 808's, Subs, Drums, Arps, Leads, Vox and everything else • Mastered/unmastered full mixdowns included • Bpm and Key-Labelled • WAV & MIDI Loops • 24-bit quality • 100% Royalty-Free • 91 Files in total • 448MB of content

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 - Psytrance Bass Assistant
Psytrance Bass AssistantFunction LoopsTrance, Drums2015-11-20

You asked, we listened - meet your ultimate "Psytrance Bass Assistant". All of us need help from assistant once in a while and this one will help your Kick & Bass sound world class. In today's Psytrance this is the MOST important part, these are the moments, when the crowd go "wohaa!" If you go to parties - you know that, we don't need to tell. A special and one of a kind product, loaded with kicks and basslines from top names today. Super easy to navigate, all basslines are Key and Bpm labelled. Bpm range from 138-140, designed especially for today's standards. Already EQ'ed, sidechained and polished, what's left to do is pick the Key you working at the moment and drop the bass! Triplets, doubles, singles - you choose. The kick loops folder, contains some of the most punchy kick drums you will ever need. This is a candy for any Psytrance producer, no matter if you are a pro or just starting out. Even pros today will be happy to fasten their workflow. These basslines and kicks are extra fat, so why struggle? We did the hard job for you, enjoy! Details: • 107 x Bassline Loops (Key-Labelled) • 50 x Kick Loops (extra punchy) • 50 x Kick Shots • 138 & 140 BPM range • 207 x Files in total • 24-bit WAV • EQ'ed, sidechained and polished, 100% ready to rock • Designed especially for today's standards • 100% Royalty-Free • Your ultimate Kick&Bass assistant for Psytrance production

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 - VIP Trap
VIP TrapFunction LoopsHip-Hop / R&B, MIDI2015-11-13

"VIP Trap" from Function Loops delivers 5 Key-Labelled Trap Kits, loaded with WAV & MIDI Loops. You will find Beats, Basses, Leads, FX & Vocal Shouts, Strings, Pads and everything else you can hear in the demo. If you are Trap producer - it's an essential collection to fasten your studio work flow. If you are a rapper, just use the full musical bounces to record your songs and release them as your own. 100% Roaylty-Free. As a bonus, includes mastered and radio-ready mixes to lay your vocals on or use in your productions (100% royalty-free). Release as your own - no string attached. Details: • 5 x Trap Construction Kits • 5 x Radio-ready full mixes • Beats, Basses, Leads, FX & Vocal Shouts, Strings, Pads etc. • WAV/MIDI • 24-bit WAV • BPM and Key-Labelled • 400MB • 100% Roaylty-Free

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 - World Class EDM
World Class EDMFunction LoopsMIDI, EDM2015-11-06

Hard hitting pack of 5 remarkable EDM Construction Kits + 2 Bonus Kits, making this release of total 7 Kits (200 files) - world class EDM content. Packed with full range: Loops, One-Shots, MIDI files and Presets. Everything is BPM and Key-Labelled, 100% satisfaction. Hard melodic EDM is still topping Beatport charts with releases from Spinnin' and alike, that's why we serve you some inspirational material to help you get the right sound. Each Kit comes with Drums, Melodic Loops, Vocals & Effects and everything else you hear in the demo. 100% Royalty-Free. Use MIDI files to see the exact notes, re-create, change the sounds plus learn few things. Presets for Spire VSTi are attached for maximum pleasure. Let's hit it hard! Details: • 5 x Key Labelled EDM Kits (Loops, OneShots, MIDI files and Presets for Spire VSTi) • 2 x Bonus EDM Kits • 200 Files • Drums, Melodic Loops, FX • Everything you hear in the demo is included • 100% Royalty-Free *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Presets / Patches

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 - Progressive Psy FX
Progressive Psy FXFunction LoopsTrance, Sound FX2015-10-30

"Progressive Psy FX" is perfect for all the Progressive Psy producers, looking to fill the missing gaps in the tracks. All these little sounds, that the Pros use to make their music dynamic. It's an essential ingredient in Progressive Psytrance. Will fit great in all the other Psytrance sub-genres. You are getting 200 x Sounds (100 x Normal / 100 x Reversed), all Key-Labelled for ese of use, recorded at 140BPM, so you can time-stretch and fit in your mix fast. Each sound can be Reversed, so we did that job for you and grouped the files into Normal and Reversed folders. Let the picnic begin :) Details: • 200 x SFX Synths (Hardware + Software Synths used) • 100 x Normal / 100 x Reversed • Key-Labelled • 24-Bit WAV • 140BPM • 100% Royalty-Free • 350MB • Content used by Pros in biggest Psytrance tracks Please note: all the sounds from the demo are included, except kick, bass, hats and snare (from Dirty Progressive Psy pack) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Dubstep • Techno

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 - Big Shots
Big ShotsFunction LoopsDrums2015-10-22

"Big Shots" is a massive collection of 500 Drum shot samples. Packed with Kicks, Percussion, Snares, Claps and Hats. A versatile pack of 24-bit fresh samples. Once in a while, there is a time, when producers need to renew their Drum shots and the time is now! Designed at top quality, will fit for any genre. In detail you'll get: 100 x Kicks, 100 x Claps, 100 x Snares, 100 x Percussions, 100 x Hats. All the Kicks are Key-Labelled, for ease of use. "Big Shots" is an essential add-on for any producer out there. Grab it now for a great price! Details: • 500 x One-Shots • 120MB • 100 x Kicks (Key-Labelled / Fat / Subby / Trancy / Distorted / Soft etc.) • 100 x Claps • 100 x Snares • 100 x Percussions (Toms / Tambourines / Rimshots / Shakers / Various Perc + Synth Perc) • 100 x Hats (Closed / Open) • Fresh content • 24-Bit

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 - Hardstyle & EDM Shots Mega Pack
Hardstyle & EDM Shots Mega PackFunction LoopsHard Dance, EDM2015-10-09

We went through all the best selling EDM sample packs we have ever released and collected all the possible One Shots into this mega EDM Shots pack of 777 (lucky number) samples. Inside you will find a paradise of One Shots, including absolutelly everything: Kicks, Snares, Claps, Hats, Rides, Cymbals, various Percussion, Drum Fills, Basses, Leads, all kind of Synths, Pads, Impacts, Risers, Uplifters, Wooshes, Vocals, Drop FX and what not. It has everything you will ever need. Grouped into 40 EDM One-Shot Kits, all samples from the kits fit with each other. And an extra Various samples folder of 255 Samples (Drums, FX, Vocals). In the demo, we just dropped random stuff to showcase the Samples, it's just a tiny part of the content. All Samples at 24-bit WAV, 100% Royalty-Free. If you were looking for One-Shots, it's your lucky day. Grab it for best price around. Details: • 40 x EDM One-Shot Kits (522 Files) • Various folder (255 Files, Drums, FX, Vocals) • 777 One Shots in total (Kicks, Snares, Claps, Hats, Rides, Percussion, Drum Fills, Basses, Leads, Synths, Plucks, Pads, Impacts, Risers, Uplifters, Wooshes, Vocals, Drop FX and more). • 320MB • 24-bit WAV • 100% Royalty-Free *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Sound FX

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 - Dark Vocals
Dark VocalsFunction LoopsSound FX, Vocal2015-10-05

Warning: you've never heard anything like this! Coming from a very dark place, "Dark Vocals" collection is an ultimate add-on of horrifying voice samples, for any kind of production. Fits perfect for all "darker" genres. Produced at Silverlining Studios , exclusive for Function Loops. You won't find much of this kind of material around. So, if you were looking for scary vocals for your music, look no further. Everything was recorded at 125BPM, 24-bit WAV quality, crystal clear recording, using top gear. 100% Royalty-Free. Are you ready to sell your soul to the devil? Enjoy :) Details: • 57 x Vocal Loops • 1 x Musical Loop • 180MB • Vocals never heard before! • 100% Royalty-Free *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Dubstep • House • Techno • Trance