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Glow Beets is a UK based Producer, Sound Designer and Sample Label based out of The SongLab Studios in Birmingham, England. Glow Beets specialises in spotting emerging electronic genres and trends from the UK underground scene and uses his research and passion to create royalty free sample packs and construction kits for emerging computer musicians, composers and beat makers. The man behind the Glow Beets brand is hit Songwriter and and multi instrumentalist Producer Jonny Amos who brings 20 years worth of professional industry experience to his sample label. Combining his cutting edge sampling and mix techniques he provides expertly crafted sounds and loops that are used all over the world on a daily basis.

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 - Glow Guitar Chords
Glow Guitar ChordsGlow BeetsEDM, Future Bass2019-12-08

Take the hassle out of recording guitars with this simple one shot drag n’ drop sample pack - Glow Guitar Chords. Recorded with high quality guitars and boutique amps through top class studio outboard with no software processing, there is enough headroom in this pack for you to shape these guitar chords however you wish inside your DAW of choice. This pack features an array of acoustic and electric guitar one shots that are deigned to work inside any genre, at any tempo. Ranging from basic open chords to destructive power chords to chord slides and stabs, this pack will leave you with no need to record your own guitar chords. Meticulously crafted, tracked and cut by rising UK based EDM Sample Pack Producer Glow Beets, this pack will provide you interesting options when it comes to arranging your next track. PLEASE NOTE: Guitar Chords only are included in this pack. All other sounds are to give context and example and are not included in this pack. Content: • Acoustic Guitar 24 one shotsE • Electric Guitar 72 one shots • Total number of one shots: 96 • Size: 101MB (Uncompressed)

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 - Hydraulic House
Hydraulic HouseGlow BeetsEDM, Future House2019-10-10

Hydraulic House is the latest sample pack from rising UK based EDM Producer and Label, Glow Beets. This pack contains 5 construction kits ranging from 110-128 BPM. Each kit is a 16 bar loop with an 8 bar rise and an 8 bar fall drop. From Future House to Tropical House to Dutch House, this sample pack offers a great deal of sonic range for Producers and Beat Makers. With thumping kicks, deep pounding snares, club claps, wobble chords, throat punching subs, gated pads, vocoded vocals, future pianos, blistering leads and a heap of FX, these packs also come laced with a range of foley hydraulic sounds that have been meticulously sculpted with top notch sound design skills. MIDI and a bonus pack of hydraulic one shot samples are also included. Content: • 27 x Drum and percussion loops • 16 x Synth Loops • 12 x Lead loops, • 14 x Bass loops • 13 x FX loops • 10 x Piano loops • 16 x Robotic Loops • 63 x MIDI • 30 x Hydraulic one shots • 5 x Mixdowns of each kit • Total number of Loops: 201 (108 audio loops, 30 one shots, 63 midi loops) • Size: 1.1Gb (Uncompressed)

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 - Future EDM Guitars
Future EDM GuitarsGlow BeetsEDM, Future Bass2019-09-09

Future EDM Guitars is a collaboration between rising UK based EDM Producer Glow Beets and top UK session guitarist James Barratt. Inspired by Producers such as Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers, Illennium and Don Diablo, this pack is perfect for infusing into your EDM, Future House and Future Bass tracks and taking your projects to the next level. With buzzy sidechained rhythms, laid back hypnotic licks, luscious chords and hooky riffs this pack does the hard work for you as it sits in its own sonic spectrum inside many EDM genres. With tempos ranging from 85 bpm to 128 bpm, each loop is meticulously sound designed to perfection. All loops come both wet and dry allowing each producer to carve their own take on these superbly recorded guitars. Please note that the drums are not included in this pack, only the guitars. Content: • 5 Construction kits • Total number of Loops: 44 wet, 44 dry • Size: 423 MB (Uncompressed)

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 - 4D Future Kits
4D Future KitsGlow BeetsEDM, Future House2019-07-01

4D Future Kits is a 5 track construction kit meticulously crafted by rapidly rising UK based EDM Producer Glow Beets, who specialises in bringing the underground sounds to the mainstream. 4D Future Kits is packed with thudding kick drums, cutting claps, crispy snares, thunderous drum fills, wide future pads, LFO sync’d future leads, glitchy FX, Lazer Risers, Fruity Plucks, EDM pianos, wobbly baselines and killer vocal hooks. Each construction kit is broken into two separate packs “Build” and “Drop” allowing the user total freedom of how and where each section is used. Tempo range 110-160bpm. Content: • 41 x Drum and percussion loops • 8 x Vocal loops • 12 x Pad loops • 10 x Pluck Loops • 8 x Lead loops • 14 x Bass loops • 12 x FX loops • 3 x Piano loops • 66 x One shots • 60 x MIDI • 2 x Mixdowns of each kit (WAV and MP3) • Total number of Loops: 169 (109 audio loops, 60 midi loops) • Size: 522 MB (Uncompressed) *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Future Bass

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 - Kool Kords
Kool KordsGlow BeetsNu Disco / Disco, EDM2019-06-25

Kool Chords is a one shot chord sample pack created by UK based Producer and Label, Glow Beets. Using this pack is a great way of bypassing the need for music theory so that you can simply drag and drop chords into your productions at any tempo. From Dreamy Majors and Atmospheric Inversions to 808 chords, Robokords and Future Plucks, all chords are voiced and meticulously sound designed to meet the needs of most contemporary genres. Each folder is neatly labelled into different vibes and every chord name is labelled individually. Content: All Audio One Shots. 14 Folders. 808 Kords, Atmospheric Inversions, Dreamy Majors, Future Fifths, Guitar Power Slides, Mystical Minors, Pensive Pianos, Power Plucks, Reversed Rhodes, Robokords, Spooky Gliders, Suspended Strums, Vanilla Strums Major and Vanilla Strums Minor. (Drums in audio preview not included) Total number of one shots: 169 Size: 207 MB (uncompressed) *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • House

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 - Emo Rap Mix Tape
Emo Rap Mix TapeGlow BeetsHip-Hop / R&B, Trap2019-06-22

Emo Rap Mix Tape is a beat starter sample pack of the fastest growing genre on Spotify, Emo Rap. Made up of a generous set of 8 deluxe kit constructions with a side A and side B to each kit, this sample pack features swelling guitar chord loops, ping pong guitar riffs, deep kicks, biting snares, rolling hats, gongs, moving pads and plenty of FX. Construction kits range between 85bpm and 140 BPM MIDI included. Content: • 67 Drum and Percussion Loops • 48 Guitar Loops (wet and dry) • 28 Bass Loops • 12 FX Loops • 14 Synth Loops • 78 MIDI Loops • Total number of Loops: 247 • Size: 744 MB (uncompressed)

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 - Premoniton Pop
Premoniton PopGlow BeetsEDM, Future House2019-06-20

Premonition Pop is the debut sample pack release by UK based Producer/Label Glow Beets. Premonition Pop is the ultimate chart song starter made up of 5 construction kits that range between 100-140 bpm. Each construction kit contains WAV stems, drum loops, instrument loops, melodic loops, tonal and non tonal one shots and MIDI. The genres covered in this pack are EDM, Future Pop and Future House and it takes its inspiration from artists such as Marshmello, Kygo, Major Lazer, The Chainsmokers, Don Diablo and Martin Garrix. Pack Details: • Drum Loops 28 • MIDI Files 47 • Stems 134 • One Shots 198 • Mixdowns 8 • Total number of files 415 • Size 2.5 GB