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Goldenchild, founded by Deeps Pabla, are the world's largest sound providers specialising in Indian music samples and loops. Goldenchild's products are widely used by professional recording artists, producers, session players, remixers, multi-media developers and film composers.

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 - India Tech 1
India Tech 1Goldenchild AudioElectro House, World2012-02-06

'India Tech 1' by Goldenchild Audio contains over 70 one hit samples of various Indian percussive instruments that will make your next production a smash hit! Sound like Timbaland, Afrojack, Laidback Luke with this sample pack. Perfect for Electro, Tech House, Progressive House and Hip-Hop productions. Percussions were recorded with the legendery Thermionic Culture Rooster valve microphone pre- amp! Instruments: Dhol, Dholak, Tabla, Ghatam Each folder contains chopped 1 hit samples edited by hit producer Deeps Pabla for the utmost flexibility. Drag and drop the samples into your favorite hardware or software and get started on producing your next hit. Format : Includes 24bit and 16bit WAV

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 - Dirty South Legend 1 - Lead Midi Melodies
Dirty South Legend 1 - Lead Midi MelodiesGoldenchild AudioHip-Hop / R&B, MIDI2012-02-02

'Dirty South Legend 1' from Goldenchild Audio is a collection of hot 22 lead MIDI melodies inspired by the hottest artists in the charts today! Fire up your favorite vst synth or sampler of choice and any of the loops could easily be the main musical base on which to build your mix. Each loop is 4 bars in length and originally played bet ween 72 - 82 BPM: all you need do is pick the right sound. The flexibility of MIDI allows the user to choose their own sound, change the key of the loop, edit the tempo, notation, velocity, length and a whole host of other editing capabilities. Most importantly, it offers the creative producer an opportunity to personalize these great loops and make them unique to their own style. You can use these MIDI files as a jumping-off point to start your own tracks or base your production entirely around them as they are 100% royalty-free.

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 - Desi Shakerz
Desi ShakerzGoldenchild AudioWorld, Drums2011-09-07

Indian percussion experts Goldenchild Audio return with another percussive masterclass that seamlessly merges traditional Indian musicianship with the needs of contemporary ethnic and urban producers Totalling 60 24-bit wav loops (2-bars in length), Desi Shakerz offers all-new and authentic shaker loops and hand cymbals recorded on location in Dehli. Recorded using state-of-the-art equipment and performed by top professional players, using 4-5 different shakers and cymbals in each loop, Desi Shakerz delivers an authentic slice of Indian percussion for use in your Bhangra, Bollywood and Desi beats - plus any urban-influenced genre. The collection is sub-divided into folders of Bollywood, Gidha, Hip Hop, Punjabi Folk, UK Bhangra, One Shots and Bonus Cymbals. Each style contains four different tempo groups: 80, 85, 90, 120bpm.

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 - Ethnic Hip Hop
Ethnic Hip HopGoldenchild AudioHip-Hop / R&B, World2011-07-07

Goldenchild return with another collection of impeccably played and recorded authentic Indian percussion hits and loops custom produced for hip hop, desi beat and other urban/world music fusions. Taking in a variety of Indian styles, from Bhangra to Bollywood, Goldenchild present melodic loops of Algoze (Punjabi flute), Tumbi (Punjabi sitar) alongside percussive loops and fills of Tabla and Dhol, plus single hits of Manjeera (Punjabi cymbals) and Tabla. All loops are primed for layering, chopping and re-arranging to build your own sub-continent grooves. There is also a bonus sampler-ready Roland TR-808 kit loaded with percussive hits to give your beats an authentic western urban flavour. The collection is presented as 24-bit Wavs, with some loops offered in Apple Loops and Rex2 format.

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 - Bhangra Voices 2
Bhangra Voices 2Goldenchild AudioWorld, Vocal2011-06-03

Goldenchild Audio return with Bhangra Voices 2, 65 professionaly delivered authentic Punjab male vocalisations. Covering everything from traditional Hareepa, Hoye, Long Hoye, Chak Dey and Bruah, to more contemporary urban styles, Bhangra Voices 2 works across numerous genres. Tailored for for house, hip hop and grime producers looking to add some PanjabiMC, RDB and Rishi Rich spice to their mix, these phrases work just as well in traditional Punjab tracks. All loops presented in 24-bit wav quality and are captured using the industry standard Neumann TLM 103 mics and a vaccum tube pre-amp. There's a variety of tempos and phrase lengths (hooks, full verses and single words) throughout the collection.

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 - Vinyl Skool
Vinyl SkoolGoldenchild AudioSound FX2011-05-26

Want to dirty up your digital beats or add analogue atmosphere to your tracks? Goldenchild fill the void with 20 vinyl noise, needle lifts and needle drops designed to add the right amount of snap, crackle and pop to your productions. Whether it's downtempo, deep house or hip hop, this pack is essential for all producers seeking to add vintage vinyl flavour to their tracks. Captured through the finest analogue technology, the pack contains samples from original 7" records from the the 70s and presents them 16-bit Wav files that are compatible with all major DAWs and hardware samplers. These rich loops are ideal for filling out space in the mix and adding that characteristic vinyl warmth. Try layering them with single hits and re-sampling or EQ out the bottom end and sidechain alongside with a pad for a grit-infused feel. Alternatively, for a classic sound use a low bit-depth and sample rate and add some tape saturation for ultimate dust and dirt.

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 - Tablaholics
TablaholicsGoldenchild AudioWorld, Drums2011-04-01

Add authentic percussive spice to your Bollywood, R&B and hip hop productions with these 100 ultra-detailed Tabla loops. The Tabla is a pair of drums consisting of a small right hand drum called a Dayan and a larger metal one called a Bayan. Here the instrument has been traditionally played and faithfully captured to offer a bounty of beat-building elements. The collection is intuitively divided into separate style folders of Dadra (most commonly found in Hindi and Bollywood styles), Roopak (romantic songs, Ghazals and light compositions) and Kewra (Bollywood, Bhangra, Ghazal). Each style is separated into Intros, Rhythms, Fills, Variations, Endings and Freestyles in order to give you the freedom and versatility needed to build your own custom grooves. All loops are presented in multiple formats (24-bit Wav, Rex2, Apple Loops).

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 - Bhangra Voices
Bhangra VoicesGoldenchild AudioWorld, Vocal2011-03-25

Infuse your music with the timeless splendor, tradition and unique heritage of Punjab in this 74-strong collection of multiformat vocal phrases and loops. Add authentic vocal spice to your Bhangra, house, hip hop or world productions; from beat-boxing runs and club-style shout-outs all the way through to traditional Punjab phrases. All loops are phrases are performed by a professional and authentic Punjab male vocalist, covering Hoye, Bruah, Ohu-Waahun, Hareepa, Dhadha Beat Boxing and Urban/Hype. Each phrase comes in two additional effects variations for expanded creativity: Stacked (double tracked) Chorus (4+ voices).

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 - Bhangra Beat Vol 1
Bhangra Beat Vol 1Goldenchild AudioWorld, Drums2011-03-18

150 ultra authentic ensembles, intros, fills and endings of supremely-played Indian percussion covering Dhol, Dholak, Tabla, Thad and Tumbis. Goldenchild mark their debut on S2S with a percussion lover's dream: impeccably and authentically played Indian percussion loops that will find use amongst, Bhangra beat, hip hop, drum and bass, breaks and even house producers. Built on the core dhol rhythms found in Punjabi & Bhangra music, this collection is packed with loops to use and abuse, mix and match. There is also a full 808 bhangra kit, plus a folder of bonus vocal samples. The pack is presented as 24-bit Wav, 16-bit MPC, 16-bit Rex and 24-bit Apple Loops.