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ElectronicGrid Based BeatsTechno, Drums2015-10-27

“Electronic” contains over 1100 drum and percussion synth samples. All samples were designed and recorded using analog processors, drum machines and an Intellijel Modular System. Routing these machines through modular components resulted in drum samples with unique FM textures. In addition, vintage machines like the TR909 were routed through a Manley Vari Mu compressor as well as various master bus compressors to create rich, punchy samples that will cut through any mix. Samples will work with any DAW. There are formatted kits for Ableton Live 9, Maschine and Kontakt 5. You will need this software to use the kits. If you don’t have any of the software listed, you can still easily use these samples with any DAW you use. “Electronic” is the creation of Chicago Producer Tim Vitek. The samples have been created and processed in Vitek’s studio using the analog gear stated below. The samples in this pack are 24bit / 44.1kHz .wav files. File Size (Unzipped): 142mb Genre: Drums Breakdown of samples by type: • Kicks: 263 • Snares: 252 • Hats: 110 • Cymbals: 13 • Toms: 43 • Misc Hits: 82 • Modular Percussive Synth Tones: 360 Total Samples: 1123 The following kits are available: • Ableton Live 9: 10 Drum Racks • Maschine V1: 10 Kits • Kontakt: 17 Kits The following was used to create this library: Drum Machines / Synthesizers: • Roland TR909 • Emu Morpheus Z Plane Synthesizer • Dave Smith Tempest Modular Info: Many of the sounds were created in conjunction with the following modular components: Intellijel Rubicon, Dixie II, Dual ADSR, Dr. Octature II and a Modcan Quad LFO. Processing gear used: Console & Preamp: Focusrite Control 2802 Compression: • Manley Vari Mu • TK Audio BC1-S • Focusrite Control 2802 Master Bus Compressor EQ: • Vintage Orban 622B Parametric EQ • Kush Clariphonic Parallel EQ • Waves HEX EQ Effects: • Lexicon Vortex • TC Electronics M-One Reverb Unit A/D Conversion: • RME ADI-2 DAW: • Pro Tools 10 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • House • Minimal • Tech House