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House Of Loop is a London based sound design company who involves talented artists such as musicians, producers and sound designers to build interesting collections of sample libraries with the aim of giving to users the chance to find their own sound. Through an attention to the details, a selection of the product and a careful choice of the collaborators, the team of House Of Loop wants to make everyone feel free to jump in the music production industry with no matter of the departure level.

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 - Electronic Vocal Collection
Electronic Vocal CollectionHouse Of LoopTechno, Vocal2018-02-12

When one deals with creating beats or instrumental music, the idea of how the music could apply to lyrics or vocals might resound through your mind. Well, Wait No Longer. The “HL Electronic Vocal Collection” will do just that. It can be paired up with Industrial music, but can be used in any composition. The choice is Yours. The pack includes robotic voices in a range of styles including male and female. While the “Industrial Noise & FX” pack dealt with the human condition, this can be thought of as dealing with the more robotic or robotic in that the voices sound that way and tend to repeat themselves in the loops. You can use any part of this pack (see the specs below) in Many varying ways. Aside from many techno or industrial artists, projects like: KMFDM, Ministry, The Alan Parson’s Project, E.L.O., and others have used similar vocoders. Pack Details: • 27 Female Distorted Vocals • 60 Female Vocal Vocoders • 29 Male Vocals Distorted • 45 Male Vocal Vocoders • 20 Male Vocoder Shots *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Downtempo

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 - Industrial Noise & EFX
Industrial Noise & EFXHouse Of LoopTechno, Sound FX2018-02-05

For those of You who might not be into the more radio-friendly EDM or Electronic Music, This Pack is for You! If you want to create “bangers” along the lines of music like: KMFDM, Rammstein, Grendel, and Angerfist, etc. The “HL Industrial Noise & EFX” pack has the darker elements for Your more avant-garde or ominous pieces and also helps to create a Different Ambiance to any kind of music, it does lend itself well to “Darkwave“ and some of the more experimental “Trance,” or similar styles. It is essentially a “two-for-one” as it has samples for the electronic effects and samples for the noise aspect. Not all music is meant to be happy, much like no human is joyful 100% of the time. This pack allows You to channel that other facet that is very much a part of the human condition, even though it might not sound much like it. Furthermore, some of the loops can also lend to dubstep as they could be used before a drop or so and can be used to create interesting transitions. There is a great deal of experimentation that can be applied to this pack. Music itself can be defined as noise, to some they may not appreciate certain music, it would seem that way. There are artists that go out of their way to utilize sound clips and create, “aural landscapes,” much like in Black Metal for example. But, even if you wanted to add this to conventional music or remixes like the group, Kraftwerk, that would be very possible. This two-part pack which includes the below, can be thought of as the “yin to your yang”. • 26 ATMO EFX • 37 CRACKLE EFX • 41 GRANULAR EFX • 100 MISCELLANEOUS EFX • 38 OTHER EFX • 5 LONG WAVE samples at 120BPM • 10 LONG WAVE samples at 130BPM • 25 SHORT WAVE samples at 124BPM • 25 SHORT WAVE samples at 130BPM • 65 APPLE LOOPS FILES • 5 EXs24 INSTRUMENT FILES • 5 KONTAKT INSTRUMENT FILES • 5 NNXT INSTRUMENT FILES

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 - Sound Trap Hip-Hop
Sound Trap Hip-HopHouse Of LoopHip-Hop / R&B, Trap2018-01-29

It seems like nowadays a good Hip-Hop and Trap song does not only have to have good flow and delivery, but also requires instrumentals that one can flow on with a steady beat behind it. For someone that is looking for a solid beat and plenty of room to add whatever they could wish, the “House of Loop Sound Trap Hip-Hop” pack has that for You. While it has plenty of room to change, the pack has the more rapid hi-hat that can be found in the music of artists like: Asher Roth, Lil Dicky, and Kanye West, etc. Included in there are: motion pads, arps, long synths, bass loops, and drum loops all in different bpm and music keys labeled. This all adds a new element to this pack and can create a different atmosphere from the other packs. Of course, there is that 808 bass that many love, coursing through like a “Hip-Hop heartbeat.” The touch of the pad sounds, provide an almost organic touch to the tracks. It can also allow You to convey more emotions in Your music. With the Hip-Hop and Trap pack all You need is to supply Your touches to bring Your project to life. Pack Details: • 15 Drum Loops bpm from 70 to 130 • Full Drum • Options For No Kick • Hat Variations • 11 Folders divided in bpm from 70 to 140 bpm with: bass loops, key loops, piano loops, arp loops, bell loops, and atmo loops • 17 BASS loops with 110BPM • 17 BASS loops with 117BPM • 19 LONG SYNTH loops at 117BPM • 17 PADs at 110BPM • 30 SYNTH loops at 110BPM • 19 SYNTH loops at 117BPM • 20 Claps • 20 Closed Hats • 20 Kicks • 20 Snares • 20 Open Hats

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 - Vocal Trance Inspiration
Vocal Trance InspirationHouse Of LoopTrance, Vocal2017-12-04

House Of Loop presents the first edition of a vocal pack that suits many different styles of music. Born as a trance sample pack, Vocal Trance Inspiration is the perfect library for producers who want to add the worm sound of the typical trance vocals to tracks that can be played in a progressive house, drum & bass or dubstep set. If your inspiration come from artists as Ferry Corsten, Deadmau5, Paul Van Dyk or Paul Oakenfold this is what you’re looking for. Pack Details: • 12 VOCAL CHORUS • 25 VOCAL LYRICS • 58 VOCAL PHRASES 130BPM • 68 VOCAL PHRASES 135BPM • 61 VOCAL PHRASES 137BPM • 208 VOCAL SHOUT • 624 SOFTWARE SAMPLER PATCHES • 45 APPLE LOOPS

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 - Rap & Hip-Hop Vocal
Rap & Hip-Hop VocalHouse Of LoopHip-Hop / R&B, Vocal2017-11-27

The G – sound of both the costs of USA is finally available. 614 MB of pure Hip Hop vocals: 16 lyrics, 89 phrases and 38 shouts will give to your productions the flow purposed back in day from godfathers of rap like 50cent, Drake, Kanye West, Young Jeezy. It’s always hard to find a good mc, reason why House Of Loop and its Rap & Hip Hop Vocal pack are here. Pack Details: • 16 LYRICS • 7 PHRASES 70BPM • 37 PHRASES 80BPM • 45 PHRASES 90BPM • 38 SHOUT LOOP • 114 SOFTWARE SAMPLER PATCHES • 143 APPLE LOOPS

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 - 90P Presents Trap System
90P Presents Trap SystemHouse Of LoopTrap, Future Bass2017-11-16

If You want to make Trap Music, then this pack is for You! Artists like: Kanye West, Rick Ross, Future, and Deesigner; along with any others that are working on their own styles of that genre. Get ready to fall through the “Trap Door” of Your imagination. The TRAP SYSTEM by 90P has the essentials; from the rapid hi-hat beats, fullloops, kick loops, no kick loops, rhythm loops, melodies loops, athmo loops and shots; these are perfect to make Trap and Hip-Hop. But, these essential or trademark parts do not have to be used stand-alone, of course. With these, You can have someone flow or rap over the beats and as well they can be used in other music such as electronic music or anything You can dream of. For those of you wanting that 808 drums, which is so important that multiple artists like: Bassnectar with Mighty High Coup, Blaque, and Tedashii, etc. they have made songs on that setting. Pack Details: • 20 FULL DRUM LOOPS 146BPM • 20 NO KICK DRUM LOOPS 146BPM • 20 PERCS LOOPS 146BPM • 180 MELO LOOP 146BPM • 20 BASS LOOPS 146BPM • 20 ATHMO LOOP 146BPM • 20 BASS SHOT • 15 FX SHOT • 123 DRUM SHOT • 20 SYNTH SHOT • 161 SOFT SAMPLER PATCHES • 325 APPLE LOOP FILES *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • World

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 - Technology Vol.1
Technology Vol.1House Of LoopTechno, Minimal / Deep Tech2017-11-11

The first volume of Technology is finally out. This library will offer to the users the chance to built great industrial tracks which suit the typical UK and berlinese style. Heavy basslines, distorted drums and broken beats will lead your studio sessions to the darkest sound possible and srtists like Blawan, DVS1, Ben Klock will look much closer than you’ve ever expected, as much as labels like Mord, Perc Traxx and all the others techno industrials autorities. Pack Detaisl: • 150 FULL DRUM LOOPS • 150 NOKICK DRUM LOOPS • 150 PERCUSSION DRUM LOOPS • 15 TOM LOOPS • 25 BASS LOOPS • 25 MUSIC LOOPS • 25 EFX • 10 VOCALS • 19 BASS SINGLE HITS • 23 SYNTH SINGLE HITS • 30 CLAP HITS • 30 HIHAT OPEN HITS • 30 HIHAT CLOSED HITS • 30 KICK HITS • 9 RIDE HITS • 38 SNARE HITS • 15 TOM HITS • 450 APPLE LOOPS • 450 REX2 FILES • 154 SOFT SAMPLER PATCHES

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 - Future Bass
Future BassHouse Of LoopTrap, Future Bass2017-10-26

Hello there. You are interested in making, Future Bass Music, like: San Holo, Wave Racer, Lido, Flume, and Louis The Child; along with any others that are working on their own styles? If so, then You should look to the FUTURE. FUTURE BASS boasts a complex and harmonic array of loops that are perfect for: Chill Trap, Future RnB, Electronica, Downtempo, and Ambient. These Loops are relaxing, and perfect for those more chill compositions. However, they are not your generic loops. They have the name FUTURE for a reason, as they are more complex than your average loops and are perfect to add to a composition for those parts that you want to catch your listener’s attention making your listener look up to the stars and think of the FUTURE. Future Bass has a great deal to do with experimenting and the Future of this style of music is shaped by artists like You! If you are an experienced artist or one who is just now looking into making electronic music, you may be thinking, what will help you stand out from all of the many producers? That is where the FUTURE BASS comes intoplay. Just start working, all that is required is Your imagination. Pack Details: • 20 FULL DRUM LOOPS 90BPM • 20 NO KICK DRUM LOOPS 90BPM • 20 PERCS LOOPS 90BPM • 20 FULL DRUM LOOPS 140BPM • 20 NO KICK DRUM LOOPS 140BPM • 20 PERCS LOOPS 140BPM • 29 BASS LOOPS 90BPM • 39 BASS LOOPS 140BPM • 12 ARP LOOPS 90BPM • 20 ARP LOOPS 140BPM • 29 SYNTH LOOPS 90BPM • 37 SYNTH LOOPS 140BPM • 15 BASS SHOT • 49 DRUM SHOT • 32 SYNTH SHOT • 167 SOFT SAMPLER PATCHES • 294 APPLE LOOP FILES

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 - Pure Electronica
Pure ElectronicaHouse Of LoopDowntempo2017-10-16

House Of Loop presents Pure Electronica. This library is perfect for all the users that want to go deep down on the original pure electronic music. Slow drums and dirty heavy synths will lead your mind to the sound born in the early 80’s keepin’ an eye to what’s electro pop or electro rock nowadays. Pack Details: • 20 FULL DRUM LOOPS 100BPM • 20 NO KICK DRUM LOOPS 100BPM • 20 HAT DRUM LOOPS 100 BPM • 20 FULL DRUM LOOPS 105 BPM • 20 NO KICK DRUM LOOPS 105 BPM • 20 HAT DRUM LOOPS 105 BPM • 20 BASS LOOPS 100BPM • 32 LONG WAVE EVOLUTION LOOPS 100BPM • 20 MUSIC LOOPS 100BPM • 30 SFX • 20 BASS SHOTS • 20 SYNTH SHOTS • 40 HI HAT SHOTS • 36 KICK SHOTS • 35 SNARE & CLAP SHOTS • 192 APPLELOOPS • 192 REX2 FILES • 132 SOFTWARE SAMPLER PATCHES

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P.O.P. - Neo Soul Construction Kit
Neo Soul Construction KitHouse Of LoopFunk / Soul / Disco, World2017-10-10

House Of Loop, in collaboration with P.O.P present: Neo Soul Construction Kits. Neo Soul construction kits comes back full circle to what originally inspired P.O.P. to want to be a part of music. The sounds reflect more of a modern take on the classic soul of the 70’s. The artists that inspire this construction kit are Gil Scott Heron Prince, Stevie Wonder Music SoulChild, Erykah Badu, Outkast, Floetry, George Benson, Common, Kanye West, Bilal, The roots, D’Angelo, India Arie and Jill Scott. The goal is to create loop packs in a song starter or construction kit format in order to give producer’s composition, structure and a canvas that some of the landscape is already painted. The producer’s just have to add their authenticity and vision so they can then take it to the next level. • 1 80 BPM CONSTRUCTION KIT • 1 55 BPM CONSTRUCTION KIT • 1 90 BPM CONSTRUCTION KIT • 1 65 BPM CONSTRUCTION KIT • 3 70 BPM CONSTRUCTION KIT • 1 40 BPM CONSTRUCTION KIT • 2 85 BPM CONSTRUCTION KIT • 1 88 BPM CONSTRUCTION KIT • 1 54 BPM CONSTRUCTION KIT • 1 62 BPM CONSTRUCTION KIT • 1 60 BPM CONSTRUCTION KIT • 1 69 BPM CONSTRUCTION KIT • 1 65 BPM CONSTRUCTION KIT

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 - Chill Trap & Future Bass Dimension
Chill Trap & Future Bass DimensionHouse Of LoopTrap, Future Bass2017-09-25

If You want to go beyond with Trap Music, perhaps in the more complex to chill Trap music by going into Another Dimension of that style; then the “Chill Trap & Future Bass Dimension” pack by 90P is ready for You! Multidimensional artists like: Chainsmokers, San Holo, Flume, and Illenium are well known in this kind of music. They, along with others are taking it to new Dimensions, like You! The CHILL TRAP & FUTURE BASS DIMENSION pack has the essentials, along with a focus on melody and more than 200 great and inspirational Melo Loop in two different bpm and key-labeled! The 808 Kick is there and the music is more complex in its composition along with range of transitions, mainly due to a wider range of synth parts and faster compositions at times, which is helped by some keys or piano as well. The music will have You and Your Listeners feeling like they are chilling and looking up at the stars from a space station while relaxing in zero G, to where the rapid keys would make it seem like they were a vast amount of falling stars hurtling toward Earth in the form of Your music. Now that is quite a transition. As “Future” is in the name, get ready to explore new possibilities. Go forward into new realms of possibility with this CHILL TRAP & FUTURE BASS DIMENSION pack which includes the following, so You can take, Trap to the Future Pack Details: • 7 FULL DRUM LOOPS 128BPM • 7 NO KICK DRUM LOOPS 128BPM • 7 PERCS LOOPS 128BPM • 7 FULL DRUM LOOPS 160BPM • 7 NO KICK DRUM LOOPS 1260BPM • 7 PERCS LOOPS 160BPM • 10 BASS LOOPS 128BPM • 10 BASS LOOPS 160BPM • 120 MELO LOOPS 128BPM • 100 MELO LOOPS 160BPM • 5 RYTHM LOOPS 128BPM • 5

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 - Subliminal Techno
Subliminal TechnoHouse Of LoopTechno, Minimal / Deep Tech2017-06-12

Everywhere You go, You are being bombarded with Subliminal Messages, well now that is at Your fingertips. This pack, SUBLIMINAL TECHNO, draws influence from artists like: Joseph Capriati, Sam Paganini, Adam Beyer, Nicole Moudaber, Alan Fitzpatrick, and many more from labels such as: Drumcode, Octopus, 100% Pure, Mood, and Tronic. Get ready to hypnotize your listeners with these loops. If You are looking for something different for your music, well here You go. Imagine you are grooving or dancing to a steady rapid beat while lulled into a passive state and the club is packed, then out of nowhere an electronic voice tells you something, I don’t know about You, but that sure would catch my attention! Well, these SUBLIMINAL Loops are perfect for that. These Mysterious loops are ready for those parts in a track where you want to convey mystery and leave your listener dancing along to characteristic fast-paced Techno drum beats while thinking about the meaning of whatever message you are getting across, all the while they feel transported to a club somewhere around the world. Add some fresh loops to your music to get their attention with this Subliminal Techno pack. This pack comes with: • 15 FULL DRUM LOOPS 129BPM • 15 NO KICK DRUM LOOPS 129BPM • 15 PERCS LOOPS 129BPM • 15 FULL DRUM LOOPS 130BPM • 15 NO KICK DRUM LOOPS 130BPM • 15 PERCS LOOPS 130BPM • 30 DISTORTION LOOP 130BPM • 15 BACKGROUND LOOP • 50 BASS LOOPS 130BPM • 50 SYNTH LOOPS 130BPM • 20 BASS HOT • 60 DRUM SHOT • 20 SYNTH SHOT • 166 SOFT SAMPLER PATCHES • 218 APPLE LOOP FILES

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 - Tropical House
Tropical HouseHouse Of LoopHouse, Deep House2017-04-10

Everyone loves a getaway from the cold rapid life and work of the city, or the hard work of the countryside sometimes. You are interested in making, Tropical House Music, like: Seeb, Kygo, Robin Schulz, Felix Jaehnn, and Miken Perry; along with any others that are working on their own styles of that genre? If so, then You should get ready to see the light and catch this soundwave. TROPICAL HOUSE has sounds ranging from: playful mellow pads, synths, and bass; to that of Hang Drums. The tracks also contain transitions that can lead to a drop or anything that You could want, so they are versatile. These Loops are ready to get any party started and perfect for adding an island vibe to any music, as well to add to a composition with those parts where you can sweep your listener and make them feel like they are on a remote vacation with: hot sand in between their toes, cool water to relax in, and to make a big smile on their faces as they dance the night away near a campfire; or you can make them relive a wild Spring Break that no one will ever forget. It is all up to You. TROPICAL HOUSE music is ready to whisk your tracks away and make You “The BIG Kahuna” of your sets or to any of Your fans! Tropical House includes: • 20 FULL DRUM LOOPS 110BPM • 20 NO KICK DRUM LOOPS 110BPM • 20 PERCS LOOPS 110BPM • 20 FULL DRUM LOOPS 113BPM • 20 NO KICK DRUM LOOPS 113BPM • 20 PERCS LOOPS 113BPM • 60 BASS LOOPS 110BPM • 55 BASS LOOPS 113BPM • 29 PAD LOOPS 110BPM • 30 PAD LOOPS 113BPM • 40 SYNTH LOOPS 110BPM • 38 SYNTH LOOPS 113BPM • 21 FX • 20 BASS HOT • 55 DRUM SHOT • 37 SYNTH SHOT • 180 SOFT SAMPLER PATCHES • 388 APPLE LOOP FILES

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 - Analog Session - Classic House Vol.1
Analog Session - Classic House Vol.1House Of LoopHouse, Deep House2017-01-13

House Of Loop introduces Analog sessions. The project comes from the will to connect the higher amount of producer who can’t face the costs of the gears to the real analog sound. The first sample pack of this series is Classic House Vol.1. Classic House Vol.1 is searching to re-create the mood and the sound of the 90’s house music: dirty drums, happy synths and, of course, the classical house vocals who made shakin’ a whole generation can be found in here. Dance Mania,Masters At Work, Trax, Club House Records are few og the inprints who have defined the history of the House Music and their sound can be re-purposed through Analog Session – Classic House Volume 1. 440 MB (WAV FILES 24BIT) DRUM LOOPS: • 174 FULL DRUM LOOPS • 174 NO KICK LOOPS • 174 PERCUSSION LOOPS MUSIC LOOPS: • 50 BASS LOOPS • 53 CHORD LOOPS • 37 FX LOOPS • 14 VOCAL LOOPS SHOTS: • 16 BASS SHOTS • 19 CORD SHOTS • 7 CLAP SHOTS • 26 HIHAT SHOTS • 25 KICK SHOTS • 25 PERC SHOTS • 16 RIDE & CRASH SHOTS • 8 SNARE SHOTS • 18 FX SHOTS • 150 SOFTWARE SAMPLER PATCHES • 328 REX2 FILES • 328 APPLE LOOPS *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House • Future House

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 - Essential Future House Vol.1
Essential Future House Vol.1House Of LoopHouse, Future House2016-10-19

Welcome to this selection of loops and samples of Future House scene. Sub-smashing bass-lines, fat drums, incredible leads and insane section of FX are just a small part of what you have at your fingertips with this collection.
 Fans of artists and labels such as Defected, Spinnin, Ultra,Toolroom, Calvin Harris, Oliver Heldens, Martin Solveig.. Check out the demo and grab your copy DRUM LOOP • 20 FULL_LOOP_120 • 20 NOKICK_LOOP_120 • 20 PERC_LOOP_120 • 20 FULL_LOOP_124 • 20 NOKICK_LOOP_124 • 20 PERC_LOOP_124 MUSIC LOOP • 30 BASS_LOOP_120 • 30 BASS_LOOP_124 • 30 SYNTH_120 • 30 SYNTH_124 • 30 PERC_LOOP_124 • 30 PAD&CHORDS_124 • 30 PAD&CHORDS_120 EFX & SHOT • 23 EFX_120 • 22 EFX_124 • 26 BASSSHOT • 76 DRUMSHOT • 26 SYNTH SHOT

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 - Classic Dub Techno
Classic Dub TechnoHouse Of LoopTechno, Tech House2016-10-03

Classic Dub Techno desire to follow the steps of godfathers of the electronic music as Delano Smith, Steve O’Sullivan and XDB. Deep chords and long pads will make you going deep down in the dub concept, driving your productions to a very high quality sound definition. HOUSE OF LOOP CLASSIC DUB TECHNO 600 MB (WAV FILES 24BIT) SECTIONS: DRUM LOOP: • 20 FULL 110BPM • 20 NO KICK 110BPM 20 HAT 110BPM • 20 FULL 117BPM • 20 NO KICK 117BPM • 20 HAT 117BPM MUSIC LOOP: • 17 BASS 110BPM • 17 BASS 117BPM • 19 LONG SYNTH 117BPM • 17 PAD 110BPM • 20 PAD 117BPM • 30 SYNTH 110BPM • 19 SYNTH 117BPM SHOT: • 29 HAT • 31 KICK • 28 SNARE • 39 SYNTH CONTENT: • 261 APPLE LOOPS • 261 REX FILES • 159 SOFT SAMPLER PATCHES *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Minimal • Presets / Patches

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 - Minimal Intention
Minimal IntentionHouse Of LoopTechno, Minimal / Deep Tech2016-09-26

House Of Loop presents Minimal Intention. Do you remember the minimal sound that started to grow in the second half of the last decade? Artists as Gaiser, Dubfire, Paul Ritch and many more kicked off a career that, still today, fill the dancefloors all over the world. Groovy drumloops, bouncing basslines and percussion are the soul of this sample pack which open you the gates of the professional scene of the techno minimal music production. MINIMAL INTENTION 411 MB (WAV FILES 24BIT) SECTIONS: • DRUM LOOPS: • 20 FULL DRUM LOOPS 128BPM • 20 NO KICK DRUM LOOPS 128BPM • 20 PERC DRUM LOOPS 128BPM • 20 FULL DRUM LOOPS 125BPM • 20 NO KICK DRUM LOOPS 125BPM • 20 PERC DRUM LOOPS 125BPM - MUSIC LOOP • 30 BASS LOOPS 128BPM 50 SYNTH LOOPS 128BPM SHOTS: • 20 BASS SHOTS • 20 SYNTH SHOTS • 20 KICK SHOTS • 20 CLAP SHOTS • 20 HI HAT SHOTS • 20 PERUSSION SHOTS – 40 FX SHOTS • 13 VOCAL SHOTS