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 - Snare & Clap
Snare & ClapLoop LoungeTechno, Deep House2017-10-05

Filled with a wide range of snare drums and crunch clap sounds. This collection is highly suited for music from the electronic music genre, namely for Techno and House Music. This collection explores samples from the classic drum machines such as the 909 and 808, as well as samples from the more modern Drum brute and MFB. We have also included samples from acoustic snare drums such as Ludwig and Hayman, completing the collection with some real handclaps. All the samples have been carefully processed in order to bring effective percussion to the productions and to allow for further manipulation if required. With a total of 150 samples, the collection has been organised into 2 folders: • “Snare” with 10 acoustic “snares”, 10 Rims from drum machine, and 55 snares from drum machine and • “claps” with 71 claps from drum machine, 4 handclaps. All the samples in the pack are in WAVE format at 24Bit/44.1kHz. Thank you forstopping by to peruse our collection. Loop lounge is a UK based boutique sample library producing royalty free DJ Tools and audio samples. Working closely with professional musicians, DJs, producers and sound designers, our collections aim to answer the needs of modern artists. All our samples are 100% royalty-free and ready for use. Simply add some of your creativity and personal touch! Please note: the collection contains ONLY drum shot of snares and claps. Contains: • Format: WAV 24Bit/44.1kHz, • Number of samples: 150 (11.3MB) • Clap: 71 claps from drum machine, 4 handclaps • Snare: 10 acoustic snares, 10 Rims from drum machines, and 55 snares from drum machines *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • House

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 - Future Electronica
Future ElectronicaLoop LoungeChill Out, Downtempo2017-09-21

Welcome to our new collection of Future Electronica. Packed with a great selection of richly and melodic sounds, this sample library blends creative lush electronic sounds, warm bass lines, and future garage beats. This is complemented by a section of Foley, organic and ethereal electronic sounds. With the tempo of the collection varying from 110 to 128 BPM, the samples will be suitable for many genres and subgenre near to the field of Electronica, Down Tempo, Ambient, Chill Out, Ambient and etc. Future Electronica is artistically oriented toward the contemporary and organic approaches of the low tempo in electronic music. The collection has been inspired by the creativity and the vision of artists such Flying Lotus, Mount Kimbie, Gold Panda and many others. We have crafted and processed this collection with a great care of details and careful to not over doing it. This in order to give you space to your productions, creativity, processing and personality. Into the sample, you might recognize some of the many digital and analogue gears from our studios. This included equipment such as Arturia DrumBrute, Roland 808, Moog Mother 32, just to name few. The keys section included lush pad, dusty organ, warm E-piano, intense synth and beautiful leads. In regards of the drum loops, we have also deconstructed each full loops this to allow you more flexibility in your productions. On top of that, a folder loaded with Foley sounds, creative electronica percussions and more will complement with a unique fragility your productions. For an easy use, all the samples have been labelled with BPM, Keys and the nature of the samples. Processed at 24 bit/44.1kHz, and with 394MB of sounds of the collection include, 60 drums, 25 basses, 13 Foley/electronic percussions/Other, 5 Glockenspiels and 46 Synths ready to be injected into your DAW. With its large sounds sourced from field recording, digital and analogue synths, Future Electronica is the tool modern down tempo producers have been searching to extend their sonic colour and bring fresh inspiration. Thank you for your interest and stopping to our collection. Loop lounge is a UK based boutique sample library producing royalty free DJ Tools and audio samples. Working closely with professional musicians, DJs, producers and sound designers, our collections aim to answer the needs of modern artists. All our samples are 100% royalty-free and ready to be used. The samples of our label only require adding some of your creativity! Contains: Format: • WAV 24Bit/44.1kHz Number of samples: • Total: 149 • Bass: 25 • Drum: 60 • Percussions/Other: 13 • Glockenspiel: 5 • Synth: 46 • 394.3MB

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 - The Sound Of Istanbul
The Sound Of IstanbulLoop LoungeChill Out, World2017-09-07

The Sound Of Istanbul Catalogue Number: LLSL1704Format: WAV 24Bit/44.1kHzGenre: Ambient, City Soundscape, Chill Out About the collection: In this collection we bring you the energy and vibe of Istanbul. Straddling between Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a melting pot of influences. The city is awash with diverse sounds; from traditional street markets to the sounds of a busy transportation hub. Playlist: 1. Ataturk Kôprüsü bridge (with metro passing by) 2. Eminönü - Ferry Port3. Grand Bazaar – Indoor4. Grand Bazaar - Indoor 25. Grand Bazaar - Indoor 36. Street Market in Fatih7. Street Market in Fatih 28. Street Market Near Misir Carsisi9. Tramway Station Emniyet-Fatih10. Galata Kulesi Street11. Visiting Hagia Sofia Museum12. Water side near Molla Celebi Cam Contains: • Format: WAV 24Bit/44.1kHz • 317.4MB • 13 Audio Sample of 1 Min • 23 Sec Minimum

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 - Future Chill: Organic
Future Chill: OrganicLoop LoungeChill Out, Downtempo2017-05-04

Built from 6 constructions kits, the Future Organic Chill includes loops, one- shot drum kits, midi files of melodies, and much more. Each construction kit has been crafted with special attention to the details by incorporating foley percussions, analogue instruments such as a 808. Versatile enough to be used within different genres.

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 - Melodic Techno
Melodic TechnoLoop LoungeHouse, Techno2017-04-27

Loaded with rough and driving drums, deep basses, trippy arps stirring melodies and more. With 260 samples, Melodic Techno will bring fresh inspiration into your creativity. With tempos varying between 124 and 128bpm, Berlin-based DJ/Producer Ornery, created a musically-rich and emotionally-intense collection which will seduce most producers of the genre. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Minimal • Tech House

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 - 300 Tuned Kicks
300 Tuned KicksLoop LoungeElectro House, Dubstep2017-04-10

In the design of this collection, we used analogue gear such as the 909 and Drum Brute, and complimented these with synthesized kicks. By layering different kicks together, we have brought originality and color and warmth to the samples that you can use from House to EDM productions. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drums • House • Tech House • Techno

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 - Concrete Techno
Concrete TechnoLoop LoungeTechno, Sound FX2016-12-27

Blending the original dark side and the modern Techno sounds of the recent years, “Concrete Techno” brings the roots of the genre into an inspirational contemporary sample library. It provides techno producers with fresh content in the vibe of Nina Kraviz, Dave Clarke and Maceo Plex. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • House • Deep House

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 - Foundation House Drum Loops
Foundation House Drum LoopsLoop LoungeHouse, Sound FX2016-12-23

Consisting of drums and percussions, this collection supports House Music production. With a tempo range from 123BPM to 126BPM, the collection is organised in 5 sections: Acoustic Percussion Loops, Construction Drum Kit Loops, Electronic Percussion Loops, Drum Hits and FX/Impact Sounds. Note: This pack contains dry drum loops only. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Tech House • Techno

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 - Raw Elements: Jazz & Blues Guitar
Raw Elements: Jazz & Blues GuitarLoop LoungeFunk / Soul / Disco, Sound FX2016-12-23

Bring the classic tones of Jazz and Blues with a twist of Funk into your modern productions. This collection is inspired by Jazz and Blues artists such as Grant Green, Kenny Burrell & Albert Collins and electronic producers such as Robin Schulz, St Germain & The Avener that have made the guitar part of their signature sound. 323 samples have been carefully crafted using tube preamps and a wide range of classic guitars such the Les Paul and Stratocaster especially selected for their Jazz and Blues Tone. To facilitate the exploration and the use of this collection, each sample has been labelled with its group, key and its BPM. The samples have been organised into groups made up of musical variations of a musical theme of the same tone, key and BPM. This provides you with continuity and an easier access to a larger quantity of raw material. Whether you are producing House Music or Hip Hop, Raw Elements: Jazz & Blues Guitar will definitely inject inspiration into your work. NOTE: This pack contains dry guitar loops only. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • World

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 - The Sound Of Cairo
The Sound Of CairoLoop LoungeSound FX, World2016-11-30

Near the Nile Delta, the sun illuminates the city of the thousand minarets. The city comes to live, people greeting each other in the street, tea being served, the Imam calls for prayer in the lively capital city of Egypt. Rami Abou invites you on a sonic journey, immersing you in the sensory delights of his city. Loop Lounge brings you its first City Soundscape Sample Library: the “Sounds Of Cairo”. Bring the vibe of Cairo into your productions. Be transported across time and space - we wish you a wonderful trip.

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 - TRANSPARENT: Ambient Pad, Texture & Drone
TRANSPARENT: Ambient Pad, Texture & DroneLoop LoungeSound FX2016-11-16

Organic, Dark and Eerie are just some words to describe what this collection is about. Suited for Ambient Music. Evocative of sonic movement, this collection includes a large selection of Pad Loops which have been carefully crafted and exported into different layouts to give you the flexibility and ability to blend the samples creatively! *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Minimal

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 - Berlin Techno
Berlin TechnoLoop LoungeTechno, Sound FX2016-10-31

Inspired by and produced in Techno Capital of Europe, Berlin Techno is the perfect collection to bring the sound of Berghain into your production. Made of Heavy Synths, Dark Sub Basses, Evolving Pads, Drum Loops have been exported into parts to give more flexibility. Including a selection of creative Fx and Percussions, Impacts and atmospheric sounds. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • House • Tech House

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 - FX House Techno
FX House TechnoLoop LoungeHouse, Sound FX2016-09-17

Encompassing + 300MB of samples, FX – House Techno, is an essential collection made from a wide range of analogue gears but also field recording. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • House • Sound FX • Tech House • Techno

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 - Reckorder Project: Beats, Breaks and Bass
Reckorder Project: Beats, Breaks and BassLoop LoungeBreaks, Glitch Hop2016-06-28

The collection is packed with a mixture of breaks, synth lines, scratches and organics sounds suitable for downtempo, mid tempo and uptempo sets. Recorded sounds of real instruments such as hang drums contrast with the electronic synths to give even greater versatility and creative possibilities.