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Transcending genres with a passion for detail, combined with years of industry experience and superior technical ability, Loopboutique's sound libraries are at the cutting edge of music production. Loopboutique's innovative sounds a designed for use in the music and wider entertainment industry.

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 - Miami Tech House
Miami Tech HouseLoopboutiqueHouse, Tech House2011-11-24

A Miami anthem is every house producer's dream. Now Loopboutique help make that dream a reality with ten red-hot construction kits of killer loops built to energise any Miami-bound house hit. Totalling a whopping 558MB of club-smashing content, Loopboutique have created ten inspiration-sparking kits packed with chunky tech-house workouts packed with huge kicks, fat claps, pared-down tops, deep bass, FX and vox shots that form the perfect foundation for your next dancefloor smash. Each kit contains a full mix plus all constituent loops broken - allowing you to re-work the groove into your own custom groove. All kits are key-labeled and tempo-synced (128bpm) for your convenience. The collection is offered in 24-bit Wav and 24-bit Acidized Wav format for an instant pro-studio sound.

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 - Afri-Tech 2
Afri-Tech 2LoopboutiqueTech House, Vocal2011-09-15

72 exotic glitched vocal cuts merged with voodoo-inspired drum elements, plus 810 expertly constructed tribal drum percussion hits, claps, snares, kicks and vocal one-shots to build your custom tribal grooves. Packed with the highest quality vox-laced rhythms and sampler-ready one-shots, Afri-Tech 2 offers up an array of groove-building elements for floor-rocking house, tech-house and minimal productions. Each loop is an instant track backbone ready to be used as-is or chopped, processed and re-arranged to create near limitless rhythmatics. Afri-Tech 2 pushes the boundaries with its huge and versatile one-shot collection. Made up of 118 claps, 99 hats, 36 kicks, 204 percussion hits, 167 tonal perc hits and 187 vox hits, each one-shot is assigned to autoload kits for Battery 3, Kontakt 3, Halion, Soundfont and NN-XT (18 kits of each) for instant and complex beat making. Loops are tempo-labeled at 126 and 127bpm for total ease. For total cross-platform compatibility, the collection is offered in 24-bit Acidized Wav, 24-bit Wav, Apple Loops, Rex2 format, with one-shots offered in 24-bit Wav and AIFF format.

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 - Minimal Tech
Minimal TechLoopboutiqueMinimal / Deep Tech2011-06-08

Tired of uninspiring unoriginal beats? Then look no further, as Loopboutique present Minimal Tech. 100 perfectly tuned techno-tops all handcrafted and primed for complex layering, at prime techno-tempo 126bpm. Great to inspire when starting off or to throw in to an already seasoned mix, this is a worthy addition for an house or techno producers' arsenal. All loops have an acidezed alias, handy for pulling the tempos around. Just add an 808/909 and you're away!

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 - Dubstep Tools
Dubstep ToolsLoopboutiqueDubstep2011-05-19

Monster beats, mental grooves and twisted synthetics abound in this 380+MB collection of pounding dubstep loops and one-shots. Dubstep Tools comes stacked with essential beat building elements custom made to get the dancefloor bouncing. From ready-rolled grooves and kick-free tops to stripped kick-, hat-, snare- or perc-only loops, the collection delivers a bumper selection of beat bounty, plus sleazy-ridden synth-based loops for track starting inspiration. The collection kicks off with 16 Action loops - messed up melodic loops which contain a mixture of filthy glitched synthesis and vox snatches - for instant track hooks. Dubstep Tools boasts 53 pounding drum workouts that are designed to form the solid backbone of a dubstep monster, instantly. Many drum loops come with 1 or 2 variant mixes containing added hat or percussion elements. Next comes a selection of 24 kick-free tops - just loaded your kick (and kick pattern) of choice and work the groove. Get deeper in the groove - load up and layer the percussion and vox grooves for complex floor rocking rhythms. These beat loops are supplemented by a choice selection of 5 clap, 18 hi-hat and 22 snare loops plus a stacked arsenal of 195 drum hits and 93 distortion-dipped synth shots. All loops are tempo-labeled at 140bpm for instant mix and match functionality. The collection is presented in 24-bit Wav and Acidized Wav format.

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 - Glitch Vox
Glitch VoxLoopboutiqueVocal2011-05-13

Loopboutique present a unique collection of 100 weird and warped vocal tools custom-built for techno, minimal, house and progressive producers seeking to add that human touch. Searching for a messed-up vocal hook? Then consider this de-riguer selection of glitched vox rhythmatics, twisted vocal toplines and stuttered vocal loops for cutting-edge house music, from the progressive to the deep. All loops are glitched, mangled and craftily processed to create interesting topline workouts. Many are peppered with nu-perc elements that help fill out your rhythm section. The collection is provided in both 24-bit Wav and Acidized Wav format and all loops are tempo-synced at house-standard 126bpm for easy tempo-stretching across the house music spectrum.

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 - Dynamic Tech Vox
Dynamic Tech VoxLoopboutiqueVocal2011-04-15

200 glitched and processed vox loops spanning the dark and disorted through to the esoteric and ethereal, for use in all forms of electronic music styles. The collection packs in a selection extravagantly processed glitched vocal loops designed to add instant vocal sparkle that cuts through the mix. Want to take the loops in your own direction? Cut, re-arrange and re-process to create your own mashed up loops. All loops clock in at 126bpm, making them suitable for a wide range of electro styles. The collection is presented in multiple formats - Wav, Acidized Wav and Apple Loops.

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 - Tech Sensation
Tech SensationLoopboutiqueTech House2011-04-07

480MB of infectious vox-laced rhythms and sampler ready one-shots custom built for to provide song-starting inspiration for tech house grooves, pumping techno or stripped minimal workouts. Tech Sensation delivers 56 ready-rolled drum grooves fused processed vox elements. Use as an instant track backbone to build your production around or chop, process and re-arrange the loops for limitless rhythmic possibilities. The bulk of the collection comes in the one-shot arena, with 538 samples covering kicks, hats, claps, percussion, tonal percussion and vocal cuts. Every single one-shot has autoload kits and instruments (NN-XT, Halion, Kontakt 3, Battery 3, Soundfont), allowing you to get down to the business of beat making instantly. The collection is presented in 24-bit Acidized Wav, AIFF/Apple Loops and Rex2 format. All loops are tempo-labeled at genre standard 127bpm.

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 - Saxotronic

Soulful, sexy and swooning with lush melodic tones: 150 professionally played and recorded sax loops with a Latin flavour to spice up your house productions. With samba, rhumba and salsa influences, these fiery loops make stunning leads in their own right or sit seamlessly within a melody mix. All loops were recorded with a Neumann U87 AI microphone for unrivalled sonic fidelity. All loops are presented dry (close up recordings for maximum flexibility) as well as with a reverbed variant, which has been processed with a Lexicon PCM96 reverb device. Please Note: this library does NOT include the drum loops used in the demo. Saxotronic includes saxophone loops only.

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 - Afri-Tech
Afri-TechLoopboutiqueTech House2011-04-01

53 floor-rocking afro-inspired rhythm workouts peppered with melodic vocal snatches, plus 498 finely-sculpted drum one-shots to build your own tribal-infused rhythms. Afri-Tech is loaded with chunky organi-tech drum elements that have been custom created for up-to-the-minute house, tech-house and minimal productions. Each loop is laced with a hypnotic jungle groove and every single one-shot oozes depth and clarity. Afri-Tech contains 53 drum loops which act as inspiring track backbones: fire them up starting rocking a rhythm. All loops are tempo-labeled at 126bpm. The real star of the show is the huge one-shot collection which comes stacked with beat-making goodies (25 kicks, 54 claps, 50 hats, 158 percs, 149 tonal percs and 62 vocal cuts), all with autoload compatibility for NN-XT, Halion, Kontakt 3, Battery 3 and Sounfont. All loops are offered in 24-bit Wav, Apple Loops and Rex2 format. One-shot are presented in Wav and Apple Loops format.