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 - Ambient 2
Ambient 2Luftrum Sound DesignOrchestral, Presets / Patches2015-11-04

Luftrum Ambient 2 is a handcrafted collection of 128 quality patches inspired by classic sci-fi movies as Blade Runner, Interstellar and Gravity and designed to compliment film scoring and electronic ambient productions. Ethereal warm pads, carefully designed synth emulations, suspenseful arpeggios, beautiful strings, underscoring soundscapes, unique cinematic synth leads and dark intriguing bass sequences - inspired by the creativity in sounds from Vangelis, Hans Zimmer, Steven Price, Royksopp, Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream. Product Details: • 2.1 MB. • 128 Patches for Omnisphere 2 (88 Single Patches and 40 Multis) • Volume controlled to peak at -2 to -4dB • 1-click installation since Omnisphere v2.1d

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 - Luftrum 12 - Soundset for TAL U-NO-LX
Luftrum 12 - Soundset for TAL U-NO-LXLuftrum Sound DesignChill Out, Presets / Patches2015-08-04

Luftrum 12 contains 64 synth presets of ambient pads, funky basses, crispy synth leads and arpeggios inspired by the early 80’s electropop scene mixed with the sound of present time synth connoisseurs as Todd Terje, Röyksopp and Lindstrøm. Plenty of tasty flavors whether you are into ambient, technopop or 80’s rooted synth funk. TAL U-NO-LX is an accurate emulation of the Juno 60 with zero delay feedback filters and carefully calibrated controls making it a true replacement for the hardware synth with all the advantages of a software plugin. Specifications: • 64 presets for TAL-U-NO-LX

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 - Luftrum 11 - Soundset for DIVA
Luftrum 11 - Soundset for DIVALuftrum Sound DesignOrchestral, Presets / Patches2015-07-28

Luftrum 11 is the sequel to Luftrum 9 which was the first Diva set by Luftrum. The soundset is featured on albums and in films worldwide, used and endorsed by producers and composers such as Trevor Morris, David Newman, Ulrich Schnauss, Gareth Emery, Vince Watson and more... 64 carefully crafted synth presets ranging from lush shimmering pads over classic CS-80 pads to arpeggios, subtle synth leads and emulations inspired by Vangelis, Boards of Canada, Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream and Carbon Based Lifeforms. Luftrum 11 is the sound of cinematic and ambient work. Specifications: • 64 carefully crafted presets • AU Presets for Logic Pro included • Installation instruction included

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 - Luftrum 10 - Soundbank for iZotope Iris 2
Luftrum 10 - Soundbank for iZotope Iris 2Luftrum Sound DesignChill Out, Presets / Patches2015-07-21

Soundbank for the amazing spectral synth iZotope 2. Textured pads, classic pads and organic soundscapes defines the essence of this soundbank. Inspired by the sounds of Mother Earth and pioneers from the early electronic music scene, make sound worlds collide in harmony in this collection. The soundbank makes extensive use of samples from the Luftrum collection. Samples of a didgeridoo, the forest, rain, voices, airport, sound toys, clockworks, record dust, VA synths + a handpicked selection of binaural recordings. Make sure to watch the YouTube demo below by maestro Nicky Bendix taking us on a journey through many of the pads, soundscapes and synths contained in Luftrum 10. Technical Specifications: • 64 Presets for iZotope Iris • 28 Ambient Pads • 15 Soundscapes • 10 Synths • 5 Sound Effects • 3 Bass • 3 Keys • Includes installation instruction

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 - Luftrum 9 - Soundbank for Diva
Luftrum 9 - Soundbank for DivaLuftrum Sound DesignChill Out, Presets / Patches2015-07-15

Luftrum 9 contains 74 presets carefully crafted, ranging from smooth ambients pads to gentle arpeggios, berlin school sequences and synth emulations inspired by Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Royksopp and Jean Michel Jarre. Also included are AU presets for Logic Pro. Specifications: • 74 synth presets for U-He Diva

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 - Luftrum 6 for Roland GAIA
Luftrum 6 for Roland GAIALuftrum Sound DesignOrchestral, Presets / Patches2015-07-13

The soundbank contains 64 ambient patches ranging from warm space pads over Berlin School arpeggios and organic sound effects - suitable for ambient, cinematic and filmscore productions. 32 of the 64 patches are spine-tingling ambient pads, lifting the GAIA up to the next level of sound. Specifications: ✓ 64 finely crafted presets ✓ Installation instruction included ✓ Can run directly from USB (no need to erase user patches)