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Mad Lab Audio

Mad Lab Audio is the brainchild of acclaimed sound pack creator and producer Mad Zach. Based in Berlin, the label has an acute obsession for analog tones, and each pack features tons of outboard gear – like analog synths, drum machines, effects, and tube compressors – all masterfully tuned for maximum tone. You can always expect thoughtfully crafted musical ideas, fully fleshed out for maximum inspiration, utility, and fun! But beyond epic sounds, the thing that makes Mad Lab Audio so special is that our packs are designed with both the producer and performer in mind. So whether you’re a professional in search of some fresh noise, or a beginner just after some fun, Mad Lab has you covered from every angle. In terms of quality, we are shameless audiophiles, and you can count on each pack to consist of nothing but the highest quality samples, 100% copyright cleared and royalty free for your producing pleasure.