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ModeAudio is a dedicated group of producers and music lovers who live, breathe and dream sound. As musicians and DJs ourselves, we know how important it is to have quality audio tools at your fingertips, no matter when, where or how you’re making music. This is exactly why we cram as much usability and flexibility into our releases as humanly possible, whether this takes the form of loops, samples, presets, MIDI, sampler patches, channel strips, project templates and beyond. We hope you enjoy our sounds and get creative!

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 - Hyper Beats - Maschine Presets
Hyper Beats - Maschine PresetsModeAudioHip-Hop / R&B, Presets / Patches2014-05-09

Booming and blasting through your music like lightning crackling across a thundering night sky, Hyper Beats from ModeAudio is a drum preset collection of unusual power and intensity. Featuring 160 sounds for Maschine arranged into 10 kits, as well as 48 MIDI loops covering a range of genres, this collection packs enough energy to shake entire cities! With the Maschine 2.0 update, Native Instruments introduced brand new drum synths including plugins for kicks, snares, hats, toms and percussion. Ever since this update, we've been hard at work studying every detail of these percussive powerhouses, creating a drum preset library of deft versatility and raw power in the process. Hyper Beats is a collection of 160 drum synth presets arranged into 10 complete Maschine kits. From kicks heavier than a wrecking ball to snares that'll slap your tracks into the next decade, these presets blend and bend genres to catapult your drum sound into a whole new frenetic dimension. Everything from Trap, Glitch Hop, Dubstep and Hip Hop to House, Progressive and beyond has been studied and captured in these richly detailed kits. Open your ears to a whole new drum experience and make your music glow with the white-hot intensity of Hyper Beats! Downoad Contains: - 160 Maschine 2.0 Drum Synth Presets - presets arranged into 10 .mxgrp Maschine Kits - 45 MIDI Loops - Kits & MIDI cover Trap, Glitch Hop, Dubstep, House & more Download size: 1MB (unzipped) *Please Note: NI Maschine 2.0 and higher required to use this pack *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Dubstep • Glitch Hop • House • MIDI

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 - Dubstep Metropolis - Massive Synth Presets
Dubstep Metropolis - Massive Synth PresetsModeAudioDubstep, Presets / Patches2014-05-12

'Dubstep Metropolis' picks itself off the floor, dusts itself down and prepares for the next swing…this battle-ready Massive preset pack comes to you from ModeAudio, who've searched the city streets high and low to capture the very essence of gritty, demonic Dubstep. Including 50 .nmsv patches and 50 MIDI loops, this pack has what it takes to provoke some snarling menace in your productions. Get ready for the growl! We've used and abused all of Massive's modulation capabilities to create this pack, throwing in monstrous wobble bass, howling synths, shrieking arps, volcanic sub bass and epic pads. Take this pack home and your tracks will not go hungry for Dubstep ferocity! 'Dubstep Metropolis' comes to you fully prepared for tweaking and modification, with all 8 macro controls of each patch loaded and waiting for you to get to work. The pack is also fully compatible with Massive's preset browser, so you can search for the tags that best match your sonic needs. It's time to unleash the monster and be careful with this one, it has teeth!

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 - Orbital SFX - Massive Presets
Orbital SFX - Massive PresetsModeAudioSound FX, Presets / Patches2014-05-16

‘Orbital SFX - Massive Presets’ from ModeAudio straps gargantuan tanks of rocket fuel onto the sides of Massive in preparation for takeoff! With its nose pointed squarely at the stars, this collection of 50 handcrafted SFX presets aims to take your music to the stratosphere and far beyond. ModeAudio have vacuum-packed risers, falls, impacts, explosions, bleeps, sub drops, reverses and more into this hyperactive preset pack - load them into your session and listen to them surge, soar and spiral throughout your music! Every element of Massive has been studied, tested and put to dynamic use in these presets, with special attention paid to programming deep modulation routings and networks. Listen to filters snap open and closed at light-speed; oscillator pitches race up to the brink only to fall crashing back down to Earth; cranked effects levels alternately slam and release the pressure. You better stay seated because it’s going to be a bumpy ride! As with all ModeAudio synth presets, all 8 macro controls have been assigned for maximum control and flexibility. Programme your external MIDI controllers or dial in some automation in your DAW to have instant access to core aspects of every preset, from filter resonances and cut-offs, distortion amounts, waveshaping and pan modulation to LFO types, envelope durations, wavetable positions and much, much more. Launch your productions above the clouds with ‘Orbital SFX - Massive Presets’! *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Dubstep • Glitch Hop • Hip-Hop / Trap • Progressive House

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 - Trailblaze - Deep Trap Loops
Trailblaze - Deep Trap LoopsModeAudioHip-Hop / R&B2014-05-23

‘Trailblaze - Deep Trap Loops’ is the glistening result of ModeAudio’s adventures in the sound lab, mixing and melding the deep, thundering groove of Trap with the sweeping, aerodynamic lilt of Ambient and Downtempo. Shapeshifting through the skies but taking the form of 120 handcrafted loops, 120 accompanying MIDI patterns and 43 full-frontal drum hits upon landing, Trailblaze offers the fire, the fury, the flight and the fantasy all in one shimmering loop pack. A mesmerising array of flavours both gritty and crystalline have been captured for ‘Trailblaze - Deep Trap Loops’, encompassing densely detailed drums, sweet, delay-drenched pianos, monolithic, fuzzy basses, delicate xylophone and bell sounds, haunted synth plucks, brooding tuned kicks and uplifting, reverberant pads. The rich and resonant loop material featured in this pack is spread over 6 folders, covering tempos from 71 up to 85 Bpm although all can be tempo-synced with your master project. The MIDI loops give you the flexability to layer up any and all of the loop patterns to your heart’s content, with the drum hits folder offering up deep kicks, searing snares, chunky claps, sparkling hi hats and plucky percussion. Drive a double dose of thick, dirty bass and sugary, saturated treble into your music - throw ModeAudio’s ‘Trailblaze - Deep Trap Loops’ into your productions now! Download Contains: - 120 Loops (basslines, drums, synths, pads & ambiences, sub basslines and snare rolls) - 120 MIDI Loops - 43 Drum Hits (kicks, snares & claps, hi hats, percussion & SFX) - available in Acid WAV, REX2, Apple Loops, Reason Refill & FL Studio versions - loops range from 71 - 85Bpm - 100% royalty-free Download Size: 385MB (unzipped)

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 - Critical Mass - Massive Drum Presets
Critical Mass - Massive Drum PresetsModeAudioDrums, Presets / Patches2014-05-28

'Critical Mass' sees ModeAudio transform your favourite bassline synth into your favourite drum machine. Massive's deep, dangerous bass sound is put to explosive use in this set of 50 .nmsv drum presets, ranging from kicks, snares and claps to hi hats and cymbals. Unleash the beast - turn Massive into a thumping, stomping, roaring drum weapon! From earth-shattering kicks and snares to razor-sharp hi hats and claps, feast your ears and eyes on sounds you didn't know Massive could make. Oscillators, filters, envelopes and waveshapers have been deployed for maximum percussive impact, offering you a drum presets pack full to the brim of crushing intensity. As always, ModeAudio have assigned all 8 macros for each preset so you can shape, cut and boost to get the sound just right. It's time to take Massive to the next level - all the way to 'Critical Mass'! Download contains: - 50 presets (.nmsv format) - presets include Kicks, Snares, Claps, Hi Hats & Cymbals - all 8 macro controls assigned for each preset Download size: 515KB (unzipped)

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 - Atomic SFX - Dance Hits & Loops
Atomic SFX - Dance Hits & LoopsModeAudioSound FX2014-06-04

'Atomic SFX' is a collection of only the most essential dance SFX ModeAudio has to offer, crafted with every flavour of electronic music in mind. From bleeps, whirrs, sweeps and glitches to explosions, drops and risers, this hit and loop pack contains the necessary fuel to rocket your music towards that euphoric climax. Also included are 8 sampler patches to help you get the party started. Feel the thunder and enjoy the frenzy 'Atomic SFX' will bring to your music, as it delivers 175 production-ready risers, falls, sub drops, explosions impacts, reverses and glitches in one neat but volatile package. On top of the hits, 20 SFX loops and textures will help you shape the momentum and flow of your music. From Bpm100 to 120, these vibrant, energetic sounds can be stretched and squeezed to suit the master tempo of your project. Batten down the hatches, strap yourself in and prepare for take-off - 'Atomic SFX' is going to blast your productions into the stratosphere! Download contains: - 155 SFX Samples - 20 SFX Loops - 8 Sampler Patches (EXS24, Kong, NN-XT, Drum Rack & more) Download size: 210MB (unzipped)

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 - Sleepless City - Deep R&B Loops
Sleepless City - Deep R&B LoopsModeAudioHip-Hop / R&B, Funk / Soul / Disco2014-06-09

'Sleepless City' is a journey to the dark heart of R&B, a moonlit wander through shadows and empty streets. ModeAudio brings you this Ambient epic pack, featuring 120 deep basslines, detailed drum loops, floating pads, uplifting synth leads and energetic guitar loops. Drum hits, MIDI patterns and DAW templates also await your midnight production sessions. Invite this collision of soulful R&B and delicate Ambience into your music, shrouding your melodies, harmonies and rhythms in deep contemplation and passionate, yearning musicality. Discover new layers of atmosphere on your long, thoughtful walk through the 'Sleepless City'. This detailed loop and sample library contains seven song Kits spread across folders of bass, drums and fills, pads, guitar riffs, synth leads and snare rolls, with many more sleepy and sensual loops included in each instrument folder. Featuring 120 loops complete with 110 MIDI counterparts, this expansive sample pack will infuse your music with nocturnal mystery. From the yearning and hopeful to the intense and rousing, these sounds will provide the perfect sonic backdrop for the dreamy city dweller. Tempos range from a swaying 60 to a pulsing 78 BPM, giving you room to neatly fit these sounds in with your own production style. Also included are 63 drum hits and if you choose from the Ableton, Reason ReFill, Logic or FL Studio formats, you'll receive seven project templates for each of the song Kits. Take a chance, roll the dice - open up your music to the dark and dangerous world of 'Sleepless City'.

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 - Machine Attacks - Drum Hits
Machine Attacks - Drum HitsModeAudioHouse, Drums2014-06-13

'Machine Attacks' is ModeAudio's personal, premium selection of specially-crafted electronic drum hits. As the bedrock of virtually every type of music out there, making sure you have a tight, robust and varied selection of drum sounds to call on is paramount to the production process. This is exactly why 'Machine Attacks' will make itself at home in your sample library, as your new go-to collection of over 230 kicks, snares, claps, hats and percussion, as well as 12 sampler kits and 5 channel strips to get things sounding big and bold instantly! Forged from every bit of percussive technology available to us, we've pumped up the compression and sculpted the frequencies to bring you this pristine pack bursting at the seams with drum hits of every flavour. Phat and skinny kicks; tight and snappy snares; sharp and subtle hi hats (open and closed); cutting and course claps; essential and exotic percussion - Machine Attacks is as diverse and useable as we could possibly make it. These sounds will charge up your mix no matter what style of music you're into, from EDM, Hip Hop, Bass, Ambient, Beats and beyond. We've been incredibly picky over this pack of percussive power, weeding out any filler to leave you with only the biggest and baddest drum one-shots around! As well as 238 drum hits, 'Machine Attacks' also offers you 12 hand-picked drum sampler patches, perfectly matched and compatible with the best software available (choose from Ableton Live, FL Studio, Reason, Logic and Native Instruments versions). Just download, load up and start hitting out those beats. Whether you want to kick out the jams or flood the club, 'Machine Attacks' will give your tracks the bombastic boost to get you there! Download contains: - 238 drum samples (kicks, snares, claps, open & closed hi hats and percussion) - 12 drum kit sampler patches (Maschine, Kontakt, Drum Rack, EXS24, Ultrabeat, DirectWave, Kong, NN-XT and more) - 5 channel strips (Logic, Ableton, Reason & FL Studio) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Dubstep • Glitch Hop • Hip-Hop / Trap • Progressive House

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 - Broke Beats - Hip Hop Drum Loops
Broke Beats - Hip Hop Drum LoopsModeAudioFunk / Soul / Disco, Drums2014-06-18

'Broke Beats - Hip Hop Drum Loops' by ModeAudio surges into the excitingly unknowable future of Hip Hop by bringing together the crunch and groove of its Golden Days and modern processing technology. Pour some grit and slap some swing into your drum sound with 120 carefully crafted drum loops, 120 accompanying MIDI files and 80 drum hits, including crispy kicks, snappy snares and chunky hats. An energising mix of acrobatic rhythm and weighty, punchy production, 'Broke Beats' thwacks and thuds its way through influences ranging from the original crate diggers to today's biggest and brightest. Incorporating elements both acoustic and synthetic, expect no less than big, bold, brazen beats! The pack offers up two folders of solid drum grooves and intricate drum fills, riding and rolling across tempos from 82 all the way up to 106PM. All the loops are accompanied by corresponding MIDI files, allowing you to apply your own sounds to thicken up the beat or tweak your patterns towards a new direction. Put that groove and swagger back into your musical stride - put Broke Beats in the mix! *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Chillout • Disco / Nu-Disco • Funk / Soul / R&B • MIDI

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 - Aerodynamics - Massive Pad Presets
Aerodynamics - Massive Pad PresetsModeAudioChill Out, Presets / Patches2014-06-24

ModeAudio's 'Aerodynamics' is the definitive collection of floating, blissful pads and rhythmic textures for NI Massive. Perfect for Ambient, Minimal and Techno, these presets are bursting with colour, dramatic contrasts and intriguing timbres. Years of sound design experience have gone into making 'Aerodynamics' one of the most delicate, versatile and interesting Massive sound banks around. No module, dial or slider has been left unturned in the quest for perfection. The presets come with all 8 macro dials fully assigned to a range of complex parameter groupings, so that Massive's unparalleled sonic capabilities are instantly accessible. MIDI files are included for an even bigger creative spark, and so that you can audition the sounds straight away. From gorgeous, shimmering pads and smooth, warm swells to dark, brooding backgrounds and shifting, shattering patterns, 'Aerodynamics' has enough variation and imagination to suggest endless new directions, feelings and possibilities. Hear new heights of vitality from Massive with 'Aerodynamics'! *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • Funk / Soul / R&B • MIDI • Minimal • Progressive House

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 - Vanishing Points - FM8 Minimal Synth Presets
Vanishing Points - FM8 Minimal Synth PresetsModeAudioMinimal / Deep Tech, Presets / Patches2014-07-03

'Vanishing Points' from ModeAudio has it all: rumbling Basses, lilting Chord progressions and solid Synths. This is the Minimal preset pack you need whether you're looking for flights of airborne fancy or a dancefloor workout with a difference. These intricate, precisely programmed FM8 presets are full of the complexity, intrigue and subtlety of bang up-to-date Minimal music. There are Bass and Chord sounds which will prove their worth whether you're producing for the club or for headphones. FM8's powerful Modulation Matrix has been used to its full extent to provide you with myriad possibilities, all ready to go at your fingertips. 'Vanishing Points' is a comprehensive collection of patches which will help your music to stand out. All 50 presets make full use of the the Morph control, meaning that you are in effect getting 200 unique patches! You can mix and match the patches by dragging them in any configuration onto the Morph control. This means that you can make detailed sequences and smooth transitions with ease, all the while having a powerful live performance tool at your disposal. The pack also includes MIDI loops so that you can try out the presets straight away. Discover the possibilities of FM8 with 'Vanishing Points'! *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Instrumental • Sound FX • Tech House • Techno

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 - Dark Waves - Massive Deep House Presets
Dark Waves - Massive Deep House PresetsModeAudioHouse, Presets / Patches2014-07-04

‘Dark Waves - Massive Deep House Presets’ will be your faithful companion on a deep sea voyage you won’t forget in a hurry! ModeAudio takes you by the hand and dives deeper and deeper beneath the surface of the ocean to bring you this collection of 50 sublimely subaquatic sounds for Massive, alongside 50 MIDI loops. From brooding, moody chords, bubbling percussion synths, floating pads and shimmering SFX to the thickest, deepest sub bass presets Massive can muster, this sound pack plumbs the depths as well as looking back up to the glimmering shafts of light reaching down from the waves above. There’s no need to hold your breath as you’ll find this preset pack gives you the ability to breath underwater, allowing you to enjoy the sound of each rising bubble, the yawn of every wave and the grumble of creatures lurking in the deep to your heart’s content. Diversity is a central element of this pack, covering uplifting House synths, bubbling sub basses, dark percussive plucks, floating pads and beyond. ‘Dark Waves’ also includes 50 MIDI loops covering synth, chord, pad, bass and SFX patterns, giving your musical vessel the ability to float along the surface as well as sink to the very bed of the ocean. All 8 macro controls have been assigned for every single preset, giving you full control and flexibility over how you want to shape your sound. Oscillator wavetable positions, filter cut-offs, FX amounts and more have all been harnessed to bring each of these sounds fully to life. Let the waves lap over you and swim down to the heart of your music - ‘Dark Waves - Massive Deep House Presets’ will reveal the pearls waiting within! *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • MIDI • Minimal • Tech House • Techno

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 - Spectral Surface - Massive Texture Presets
Spectral Surface - Massive Texture PresetsModeAudioSound FX, Presets / Patches2014-07-08

ModeAudio have created an explosion of textures and SFX in 'Spectral Surface' for NI Massive. From chaotic, fracturing impacts and heavy, rolling bass contours to gaseous sound masses and eerie drones, 'Spectral Surface' has enough sonic energy to give you visions... Pump your drops, interludes and switches to bursting, and ratchet up the tension with 'Spectral Surface'. This collection of presets has everything you need for creating cinematic qualities in your music. With a panoply of different sound design ideas and masterful synthesis techniques, this release is packed full of endlessly tweak-able sound worlds so vivid as to have your audience gripping the edge of their seats. Massive's unrivalled modulation capabilities have been pushed to the limit, with the whole gamut of wavetable tones and routing possibilities mobilised to create some seriously progressive sounds. All 8 macro controls have been assigned to mind-bending transformations, so that you have huge power instantly available at your fingertips. Give your music an injection of psychoacoustic madness with 'Spectral Surface'! Download contains: 50 x .nmsv presets (synth textures, backgrounds & SFX) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: Breaks Chillout Drum & Bass Instrumental Minimal

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 - Dust Road - Massive Vintage Presets
Dust Road - Massive Vintage PresetsModeAudioChill Out, Presets / Patches2014-07-18

Dust Road' sees ModeAudio transform Massive from a cold, hard beast into a fuzzy, warm, analog monster! Fed up with the typically fixed and predictable sound of digital audio, we experimented with Massive's extensive variety of wavetables and dizzyingly complex modulation capabilities to conjure up this set of 50 .nmsv presets and 50 accompanying MIDI loops. Oscillators, filters, effects and even modulators have been spun out of kilter to product a pack of only saturated, lush, unstable and truly characterful presets. This collection of bass, chord, pad, pluck, lead and classic synth sounds bend pitches, blend waveforms, blur filters and blitz standard routings, all to gorgeous effect. Did you think soft synths were only capable of producing stale, mechanical sounds? Well, think again! We've pushed Massive beyond its limits to create presets of unusual personality, swinging, swaying and grooving to their own internal rhythms beneath your very fingers. From sci-fi film soundtracks to the pioneers of downtempo, chill-out and ambitronica, 'Dust Road' takes inspiration from the blissful energy that all those worn wires and fickle filters provide. Hear that unique energy come to life and pour it over your music with these presets, each fully adjustable and controllable via 8 macro controls to slot seamlessly into your productions. Light a fire of analog inspiration beneath your tracks and take a trip down the 'Dust Road' - you won't come back empty-handed! *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Hip-Hop / Trap • House • MIDI • Minimal

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 - Curved Horizon - FM8 Vintage Presets
Curved Horizon - FM8 Vintage PresetsModeAudioChill Out, Presets / Patches2014-07-24

'Curved Horizon - FM8 Vintage Presets' from ModeAudio brings you a whole range of sounds you may never have expected from an FM synth. Precision-tuned to shine with all the warmth, instability and intrigue of analogue circuitry, these 50 presets have uncovered a whole new dimension to FM8. Fluctuating oscillator tuning, shifting phases and background hiss and crackle are the order of the day here. Vintage character is laced through every brooding Bass, cinematic Pad, powerful Synth, volatile Chord, soaring Lead and shimmering Pluck included. The sounds range from powerful and menacing to floating and atmospheric, so you're sure to find what you're looking for. Along with the 50 presets are 50 MIDI loops, allowing you to audition the sounds effortlessly and spark the imagination. Whether you're into ambient, chill-out and cinematic or bass, dark techno and beats, 'Curved Horizon' has got you covered. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • MIDI • Minimal • Sound FX • Tech House

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 - Power Tools - Drum Samples & Patches
Power Tools - Drum Samples & PatchesModeAudioDrums, Presets / Patches2014-07-24

‘Power Tools - Drum Samples & Patches’ is, put simply, the biggest, baddest and meanest drum collection ModeAudio has ever created. To say these samples will punch and snap their way out of your speakers is an understatement - ModeAudio has designed every transient and each quaking soundwave to veritably thunder its way through your music, from epic, deep kicks, snarling, explosive snares, sleek, slicing hi hats, mountainous, rumbling tuned bass drums and so very much more! This release is a no nonsense collection of massive, weighty drum sounds and there’s enough variety in the pack’s range of 330 samples to satisfy the darkest wishes of Trap, Dubstep, EDM, Hip Hop, Beats, Bass, D&B and House producers alike. On top of the drum sounds themselves, ModeAudio has also hand-selected 30 custom drum kit patches for all your favourite samplers. The kit presets are split between 10 full drum kits of 16 sounds, each packed with kicks, snares, hi hats, claps and percussion, and 20 monstrous, 808-style bass drum patches. Everything is key-mapped, mixed and panned to perfection so you can get beatmaking the instance after download. ‘Power Tools - Drum Samples & Patches’ is so much more than your average drum library, offering extra versatility in the form of multi hi hat samples (closed, mid and open), multi-layered kick and snare samples, combined clap and snare hits, fully featured drum kit patches (including choke assignments), 5 drum processing channel strip settings for Ableton, Reason, FL Studio and Logic, and beyond. It’s time to elevate your drum sound and feel the sheer force of percussive power contained in this release - treat yourself to ‘Power Tools - Drum Samples & Patches’ from ModeAudio now! Download contains: 70 x Kick Samples (long and short) 50 x Snare Samples 30 x Clap Samples 60 x Hi Hat Samples (open, mid-open and closed) 40 x Percussion Samples (toms, rims, shakers and more) 80 x Tuned Kicks Ableton Live, Reason, Logic, FL Studio & Maschine versions: 10 x Drum Kit Sampler Patches 20 x Tuned Kick Sampler Patches 5 x Channel Strips (drum processing) Please Note: The synth sounds used in the demo are NOT included in this pack. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Dubstep • Hip-Hop / Trap • House • Techno

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 - Edge Of Noise: FM8 SFX Presets
Edge Of Noise: FM8 SFX PresetsModeAudioSound FX, Presets / Patches2014-08-12

ModeAudio is delighted to bring you a brand new selection of custom synth patches, in the form of Edge of Noise - FM8 SFX Presets! Featuring a wealth of explosive impacts, intricate, layered drones, deep sub drops and far beyond, this set of fully modifiable sound effects for Native Instruments' FM8 soft synth is sure to set your productions alight! The power of FM8's flexible modulation matrix has been harnessed to its full potential with these sounds, with each laced and layered with every last drop of timbral excitement and energy FM synthesis has to offer. The 50 handcrafted presets included range from deep, subversive drones and darkly atmospheric soundscapes to pulverising hits and complex gestural patterns. There is everything you need to create dreamy transitions, disconcerting trail-offs, explosive rhythms, unforgiving drops and so much more. Every single preset bundled in this collection has been carefully designed to offer both an immediate sonic impact, as well as the scope to shape-shift in tune with the given project session. Tap the drones and strange percussive sounds are revealed; linger on the impacts and mysterious soundbeds arise - put simply, there is bags of sound design potential with this preset pack. If you're looking to give your productions a serious dose of SFX power, then look no further than Edge of Noise - FM8 SFX Presets! *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Dubstep • Hip-Hop / Trap • House • Progressive House

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 - Klang - Found Percussion Hits
Klang - Found Percussion HitsModeAudioHouse, Drums2014-08-14

A plethora of unexpected, interesting small percussion hits have been assembled by ModeAudio in 'Klang - Found Percussion Hits'. Sampling everyday objects being hit, scraped, tapped and shaken, this pack has an unusually organic, unique feel. Everything from heavy, wooden thumps to ringing ceramics, and from soft paper rustles to jangling keys, are present. The sounds in 'Klang' have been sensitively recorded to provide maximum tweak-ability. A variety of microphones, including handmade contact mics, were pressed into service to capture a range of interesting perspectives. The samples are arranged into folders representing low to high percussion groups, so that you can easily select sounds to use as kicks, rimshots, hi-hats, shakers and so on. There are also sampler and channel strip presets for your favourite DAW, so that you can get started straight away. Now you'll wonder how you ever layered up a drum track without including a dash of real word percussion complexity! 'Klang' promises to change the way you think about percussion. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Chillout • Drum & Bass • Hip-Hop / Trap • Techno

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 - Dream Patterns - Thor House Presets
Dream Patterns - Thor House PresetsModeAudioHouse, Presets / Patches2014-08-27

'Dream Patterns' from ModeAudio brings your Reason library bang up to date. With 50 colourful House basses, chords, pads, leads and sequences for the Thor synthesiser, and 10 Combinator patches to build in extra detail, this release will have your tracks sounding fresher than ever. Taking in everything from smooth but powerful basslines and twisting, pulsing chords to sparkling pads and lively leads. There are nods to a variety of emergent House strains, from the chilled to the upbeat and beyond. No control has been left unused in harnessing Thor's synthesis arsenal, with versatile, full macro control assignments throughout. There are Combinator patches for taking the individual sounds to new heights of force and complexity, and MIDI loops so that you can audition instantly. Let 'Dream Patterns' take you to the edge and push Thor to the max! *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • MIDI • Minimal • Sound FX • Tech House

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 - Drum Collider - Kong Presets
Drum Collider - Kong PresetsModeAudioDrums, Presets / Patches2014-08-28

An awesome collection of precision-crafted drum presets by ModeAudio awaits you in 'Drum Collider: Kong Presets'! With 10 full kits for Reason's Kong drum computer, this pack is set to pump up your percussion arsenal to the max. Made using a blend of Kong's built-in drum synth modules and 12 bespoke drum samples, 'Drum Collider' offers everything from deep electronic kicks and trap-style snares to tuned percussion and shakers. Everything from precise, digital masters to warped, dusty record-bin samples is just a few clicks away. All kits are organised for maximum playability on Kong's drum pads, so that you can conjure up grooves galore at your fingertips. We've also included 40 MIDI loops, including variations and fills, so that you can audition with ease and tweak the rhythms to your heart's content. So what are you waiting for? Let 'Drum Collider' spice up your beats! *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Chillout • Drum & Bass • Progressive House • Techno • Trance

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 - Fibre Optics - Massive Pad & SFX Presets
Fibre Optics - Massive Pad & SFX PresetsModeAudioChill Out, Presets / Patches2014-08-28

'Fibre Optics: Massive Pad & SFX Presets' brings you ModeAudio's latest sound design alchemy. Massive's modules are turned up to overdrive in this collection, which ranges from distant, ambient smoothness to chaotic, sputtering madness! Featuring a range of useful presets for Chord sounds, Drones, Pads, Patterns and Textures (10 of each), you can be sure to find a treasure trove of colours, motions and spaces within. All 50 presets come with full macro mapping, so that you can access complex variations and tweak the sounds to your own style with a minimum of fuss. Velocity sensitive and tested across the full range of MIDI pitches, we're sure that you'll lose yourself in the worlds this release invokes. There are also 20 MIDI loops included for use with the Pad and Chord sounds to make auditioning a breeze. Fire up Massive and drop these presets into your latest Cinematic, Downtempo, Ambient or Industrial production and listen to the energy rising with every note! We know you're going to love this one, so let 'Fibre Optics: Massive Pad & SFX Presets' show you what it's made of! *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • MIDI • Minimal • Rock / Pop • Sound FX

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 - Chroma Drums - Ultrabeat Presets
Chroma Drums - Ultrabeat PresetsModeAudioPresets / Patches, MIDI2014-09-02

'Chroma Drums' is ModeAudio's precision-engineered collection of presets for Logic's unrivalled Ultrabeat drum synth. Featuring 4 complete banks of drum patches, at the heart of this pack of percussive fuel are 100 presets of smooth kicks, silky snares, slicing hats and metallic percussion. The sounds are presented in instrument banks as well as 5 drum kits, and we've also bundled in 24 MIDI loops and 3 channels strips to offer Logic users a complete electronic drum production solution. Sometimes mistaken as a mere drum sequencer, Ultrabeat is in fact a fully functioning drum synth with two adjustable oscillators, resonant filter, noise generator, 2 LFOs, 4 assignable envelopes, distortion modules and a whole lot of attitude! We've studied its every detail to create this set of 4 complete preset banks, including kicks, snares & claps, hats & cymbals, and percussion sets. Far from simply reproducing those classic drum machine sounds, 'Chroma Drums' offers a host of micro-designed presets from the startlingly natural to the engrossingly electronic. Also included are 24 MIDI loops covering House, Minimal, Dubstep, Future Garage, Hip Hop and Trap, so you can try out the presets in context. On top of this, we've bundled in 3 channel strip settings so you can compress, saturate and enrich your patterns to create a fuller, fatter drum sound straight after download. Allow us to introduce you to the beauty and the beast of drum design - inject 'Chroma Drums' into your music now. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Dubstep • Hip-Hop / Trap • House • Techno

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 - Analogue Experiments - Synth Loops & Textures
Analogue Experiments - Synth Loops & TexturesModeAudioTechno, Sound FX2014-09-05

'Analogue Experiments' brings you the sound of unstable oscillators, mangled filters, hair-raising amplifiers and crackling faders - ModeAudio welcomes you to the world of a classic analogue synth on the edge of oblivion! Up from the depths comes 120 crazed synth loops courtesy of EMS Synthi A - one of the most characterful and intriguing analogue synths ever known. Famed for having a mind of its own, ModeAudio has attempted to harness all the wonderful sonic chaos of this schizophrenic synth and the result is this set of 120 unique and unpredictable synth loops. Stand back - there's no telling what it'll do next! ModeAudio has been battered, bruised and zapped by the static, but out of the debris has come 'Analogue Experiments' featuring all of the inimitable artefacts of the Synthi A. From drifting oscillators to crosstalk and crackle, the beautiful insanity of this special synth is now at your disposal. If you want to give your music an injection of demonic, analogue intensity, you've come to the right place. Everything from shrieks, shudders and pure bass to interference, clicks and whooshes is included in the pack - these are the truly expressive sounds of ModeAudio's favourite synth being pushed to the limit. Put on your lab coat and set the dials to 'Stun' with 'Analogue Experiments'! Download contains: 120 x Analog Synth Loops Download size: 235MB (unzipped)

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 - Hyper Beats - Drum Hits
Hyper Beats - Drum HitsModeAudioHip-Hop / R&B, Drums2014-09-22

Atoms of pure percussive energy, sped up by giant magnets and spinning around a gargantuan circuit with no barriers in sight - welcome to the supercharged world of Hyper Beats, where drum hits collide, explode and fragment into fantastic new percussive forms! Created with Maschine 2.0's all-new drum synth plugins, Hyper Beats can barely contain the pure energy and raw power of its 160 drum hits and 10 kit sampler patches. From Trap, classic Hip Hop, House, EDM, Dubstep, Bass and more, each blistering kit contains 16 sculpted drum sounds pre-mapped in all your favourite drum sequencers. From thundering kicks, snarling snares and crystal-clear hats (open and closed) to piercing percussion and sizzling SFX, this fiery sample collection will blast your drum sound into a whole new frenetic dimension. Kit patches come in all varieties and flavours, from Ableton Drum Racks, Reason Kong kits and EXS24 instruments to DirectWave patches. As well as the drum samples and presets however, the pack also comes packaged with 3 channel strip settings so you can push, squeeze and process your drum patterns for extra body and power. Download, extract and stand back - Hyper Beats is about to knock the hell out of your speakers! Download contains: 160 x WAV Drum Samples (kicks, snares, hi hats, percussion & SFX) 10 x Drum Kit Sampler Patches (Drum Rack, EXS24, Kong, NN-XT & DirectWave) 3 x channel strips (for the Ableton Live, Refill, Logic & FL Studio versions) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Dubstep • Glitch Hop • MIDI • Progressive House

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 - High Life - Hip Hop Loops
High Life - Hip Hop LoopsModeAudioHip-Hop / R&B, Funk / Soul / Disco2014-09-22

"High Life" from ModeAudio is a finely-crafted assortment of Hip Hop loops in a range of styles and tempos. Covering everything from dusty breaks and retro-futuristic pattern sequences through Gangsta to deep RnB, this pack will kit you out with a multitude of fresh, pro sounds. Featuring 120 swung beats, fills, percussion, basses, leads and keys, "High Life" holds out the tantalising prospect of fresh takes on a rich musical heritage. The loops are tuned, tweaked and mastered to perfection but retain plenty of bandwidth and range for you to shape as you please. There are sparser versions of every beat included so that you can build and deconstruct however you want, whilst the fills round out the back line with bold punctuation without ever dropping the groove. MIDI loops are also included should you wish to mobilise your own hits or embellish the flow. Bring all the low-down power and laid-back jazz you need to the mix with "High Life"! Download contains: 30 x Drum Loops 30 x Drum Fill Loops 15 x Percussion Loops 15 x Bass Loops 15 x Keys Loops 15 x Synth Lead Loops 120 x MIDI Loops Download size: 261MB (unzipped) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Chillout • House • MIDI • Sound FX

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 - Future Trap - Massive Presets & MIDI Loops
Future Trap - Massive Presets & MIDI LoopsModeAudioHip-Hop / R&B, Presets / Patches2014-10-02

‘Future Trap - Massive Presets & MIDI Loops’ comes bounding and bouncing out of ModeAudio’s studio and into the very heart of the meanest soft synth around, Massive. Supercharging the synth with 50 body-shaking presets that push Trap into a brand new era, this pack features 808-style bass that could move mountains, synth leads capable of cutting diamonds, arps and gated synths of only the most epic and irrepressible variety and so very much more! This synth patches pack pays deep respect to Trap’s roots yet looks hungrily forward to where it’s going next. Combining the deep and dark qualities of early Dirty South, including its thunderous tuned kicks and nightmarish tuned percussion, with the slick and sleek elements of contemporary EDM, ‘Future Trap - Massive Presets & MIDI Loops’ features a sound that is both classic and refreshingly forward-thinking at the same time. From basses, leads, arps, gated synths and percussion to pads, SFX and beyond, each Massive preset included in the pack has been carefully tweaked and tuned for maximum impact as well as layers of subtle intricacy. So, you know these sounds will effortlessly pop out of your mix as well as providing new musical dimensions for your tracks before you’ve even touched them! With all 8 macro controls programmed for each preset and 50 key-labelled MIDI loops to accompany them, the integration of this release with your production setup will be totally seamless - propel your Trap & EDM music fearlessly into the future with ‘Future Trap - Massive Presets & MIDI Loops’ now! Download contains: - 50 x .nmsv presets (808 bass, synth leads, arps, pads, gated synth, percussion & SFX) - 50 x MIDI loops (key-labelled) - All 8 macro controls assigned for every preset - 100% royalty free *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Funk / Soul / R&B • Glitch Hop • MIDI • Sound FX

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 - Mystic Rhythm - Electric Guitar Loops
Mystic Rhythm - Electric Guitar LoopsModeAudioChill Out, Dance2014-10-08

'Mystic Rhythm' strums, pinches and plucks its way from ModeAudio's sound lab to your speakers, marking our biggest loop and sample pack release ever! Simply jammed to the rafters with the irresistible twang of plucked strings, this electric guitar loops pack contains over 800MB of pure amplified intoxication. The pack's 20 sets of guitar sounds range from glimmering chords, wailing leads and plucked riffs to muted chugs, slinky picked octaves, shimmering harmonics and so much more. All 93 guitar loops and guitar tail samples are provided in both dry and effected versions. This means you have the flexibility to work instantly with our professionally tweaked and polished sounds, or apply your own amp sims and FX plugins to get things sounding just right. With a strong emphasis on evocative melodic and rhythmic playing, as well as epic, dense processing, this loop library contains as much punch as it does soothing lullaby. Ranging from 77 to 145Bpm, 'Mystic Rhythm' features loops arranged into sets so if you find a sparkling chord progression or gliding lead you like, you'll also have complementing riffs, muted strums, harmonics, octave plucks and more to play with alongside. As an extra bonus, 20 project files for Ableton, Logic and Reason have also been squeezed in so you can demo the sounds and get working straight after download. Wash your tracks with the soulful combination of pick, string and pickup - unlock the secrets of 'Mystic Rhythm - Electric Guitar Loops' now! Download contains: - 186 x guitar loops (featuring both dry and effected sounds) - 129 x guitar tail samples - Loops arranged into 20 sets of sounds - 100% royalty-free Download size: 857MB (unzipped)

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 - Beat Scenics - Loops & Samples
Beat Scenics - Loops & SamplesModeAudioHip-Hop / R&B, Funk / Soul / Disco2014-10-15

‘Beat Scenics - Loops & Samples’ is your personal invitation from ModeAudio to the hazy, jazzy, sun-soaked sound of the LA Beat Scene. From the bustling, hyperactive streets of downtown, to the gleaming, unrestricted views afforded by the Hollywood hills, inspiration for this collection of 120 handcrafted loops is not in short supply! This release consists of a supreme selection of deep bass, dusty drums, smokey keys, energising tuned percussion and more, all on-hand to supercharge your DAW. Cruising from 80 and accelerating all the way up to 135Bpm, these loops have you covered whether you’re in the mood for rolling through the suburbs or racing down the highway. ‘Beat Scenics’ combines a deep love and respect for grooving Funk, delicate Jazz and crunchy Hip Hop, breathing a heady and hypnotic mix of all three into each of its 120 loops, 30 drum hits and 43 MIDI patterns. From ultra low, quaking bass synths and funky live bass guitar, smooth rhodes and tinkling pianos to meticulously recorded percussion, seductive SFX, thumping drum grooves and intricate fills, this sound library takes in a wealth of styles and flavours. Take a trip to the western edge of the states and jump in the backseat - let ‘Beat Scenics - Loops & Samples’ chauffeur you through the maze of streets, sights and sounds, from sunset right through to sunrise! Download contains: • 120 x Acid WAV Loops (Basses, Drums, Fills, Synths, Keys, Percussion & SFX) • 43 x MIDI Loops • 30 x WAV Drum Samples (Kicks, Snares & Hi Hats) Download size: • 416MB (unzipped) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Chillout • Drum Hits • MIDI • Sound FX

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 - Burst SFX - Thor & Combinator Presets
Burst SFX - Thor & Combinator PresetsModeAudioSound FX, Presets / Patches2014-10-16

'Burst SFX - Thor & Combinator Presets' injects ModeAudio's serious expertise in SFX and ambient sound design straight into your Reason projects. With a wealth of sound types delivered in both Combinator and Thor formats, you're sure to see the sparks fly on the dance floor! The 40 intricate Thor presets and 15 intriguing Combinator patches within offer you Explosions, Hits, Falls, Risers, Sub Drops, Reverses, Bleeps and Accelerations. With such a wide range of different sounds included, you'll be able to find endless uses for these exquisitely-programmed presets. The Combinator patches provide breathtaking extensions to the Thor patches, and also pick out some powerful combinations using multiple Thors - so you can instantly adapt the setups to provide even more breadth and versatility! All 4 of Thor's macro controls have been assigned to musically-useful parameters, as have all 8 of the Combinator macros. Complete with velocity-sensitive assignments, we're sure you'll find the range of possibilities astonishing! Give your next Reason production a rocket-powered punch with 'Burst SFX - Thor & Combinator Presets'! Download contains: 40 x Thor Presets (Explosions, Risers, Falls, Impacts, Bleeps, Reverses & Sub Drops) 15 x Combinator SFX Patches Download size: 1.2MB (unzipped) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Dubstep • House • Progressive House • Techno

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 - Hover - Drones & Textures
Hover - Drones & TexturesModeAudioChill Out, Sound FX2014-10-17

‘Hover - Drones & Textures’ is ModeAudio’s sumptuous collection of 100 richly detailed sonic atmospheres, which come floating, rasping, whirring, spilling, sputtering and spiralling from our studio straight to your speakers. This versatile set of samples includes single drone and texture parts as well as a group of sounds designed specifically to work together, creating dense conglomerations of mysterious, cinematic sound. Perfect for layering and combining as you see fit, these sounds have the power to transform the barest and simplest of grooves into stunning, evolving soundscapes! Great care has been taken to produce as wide a range of sounds as possible, with particular attention paid to covering frequencies from the shudderingly low to the toweringly high, as well as an entire landscape’s worth of textures and timbres. Alternately monolithic and microscopic, spacious and bottled up, razor sharp and weightlessly soft, earthy and alien, the 100 included WAV SFX samples are as applicable to film, TV and game soundtracks as they are to EDM and dance music. We’ve called on a host of exciting source material for this release, from classic synth waveforms, electric guitars and noise generators to field recordings, household percussion and much more. Sample durations range in length from 20 seconds to 1 minute long, with the sounds unfurling and transforming in time towards their climax. Take charge of a powerful, panoramic arsenal of sound - elevate your music into the clear blue sky with ‘Hover - Drones & Textures’! Download contains: • 30 x WAV Ambience Samples • 20 x WAV Bass Samples • 10 x WAV Guitar Drone Samples • 10 x WAV Metallic Drone & Texture Samples • 15 x WAV Noise Drone & Texture Samples • 15 x WAV Synth Drone *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Dubstep • House • Minimal • Techno Download size: • 887MB (unzipped)

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 - Dive - Techno Loops
Dive - Techno LoopsModeAudioTechno, Tech House2014-11-10

“Dive - Techno Loops” is a loop and sample collection from ModeAudio of deep groove and latent, explosive energy - designed to transform the feeling of those tingling butterflies in your stomach into overdriven euphoria, this loop library comes locked and loaded to charge down the DJ Booth and transport your listeners into Techno nirvana! This sample pack lives for the dancefloor and delivers 120 high-octane, hypnotic Techno loops that strut to bulletproof tempos ranging from 116 to 126 Bpm, yet sway and shuffle to those dark and mysterious rhythms of the night. Supercharged sawtooth basslines; gigantic, uplifting synth chords; pulsating, multicoloured pads; punishing drum loops and fills; lightning-strike SFX - all will take your productions on an endless voyage, deep into the beautiful, murky Techno soundscape. As well as the audio, “Dive - Techno Loops” also includes 100 MIDI loops allowing you to bend and blend each pattern to the will of your music. We’ve even snuck in 60 huge, granite-carved drum samples for you to work with, from rock-solid kicks and towering snares to flickering hi hats (open and closed) and aeronautic percussion samples. Pause, inhale and dive deep - get swept into the heady, moonlit drama of “Dive - Techno Loops”! Download contains: • 120 x Acid WAV/REX2/Apple Loops (basses, synth leads, drums, fills, pads, SFX & Ambience) • 60 x WAV Drum Samples (kicks, snares, hi hats & percussion) • 100 x MIDI Loops BPM range 116-126 Download size: 302MB (unzipped) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Electro House • MIDI • Sound FX

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 - Golden Temple - Massive Hip Hop Presets
Golden Temple - Massive Hip Hop PresetsModeAudioHip-Hop / R&B, Presets / Patches2014-11-05

'Golden Temple: Massive Hip Hop Presets' takes you inside ModeAudio's vast hall of sumptuous sound, gleaming and sparkling with 24-carat surfaces and diamonds and gems of all varieties. Open your ears to the luxury sound of deep, bass-heavy Hip Hop melding and merging with knife-edge Techno, epic EDM and boot-stomping Electro - this is the vibrant, sub-atomic sonic energy of 'Golden Temple: Massive Hip Hop Presets'. This awesome pack was expertly crafted in ModeAudio's studio-smelting plant to deliver unparalleled musical exuberance to your favourite soft synth. This ultra-modern collection of 50 presets hits hard and heavy, packing in vast, rolling basses, intense, driving leads, huge, towering chord progressions, glimmering, percussive pluck, neon-lit SFX sounds and more! As if this wasn't enough pure audio adrenalin to pack into one release, also included are fully-customisable drum presets on top, handing you the staff of Hip Hop power to tweak your sound to perfection. Every one of Massive's 8 macro controls has been assigned for every single preset, allowing you to create awesome intensifications, musical variations and sonic contrasts in a heartbeat. The release also includes 40 MIDI loops to accompany the synth patches and get your creative juices flowing - it's never been easier for you to cook up your own style. With all this power at your fingertips, you might want to take a step back from your speakers before hitting that 'play' button - polish your bullion and take more than several sips of the high life with 'Golden Temple: Massive Hip Hop Presets'. Download contains: - 50 x .nmsv Presets (basses, leads, chords, plucks, drums & SFX) - 40 x MIDI Loops - all 8 macro controls assigned for every preset - 100% royalty-free Download size: - 643KB (unzipped)

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 - Kaleidoscope - Disco & House Loops
Kaleidoscope - Disco & House LoopsModeAudioHouse, Disco / Nu Disco2014-11-06

"Kaleidoscope: Disco & House Loops" brings the heat of the disco straight to your speakers. With 120 of the silkiest, funkiest Disco loops in town, this release from ModeAudio is sure to have you grooving till the sun comes up. Just drop the loops in and watch the party kick off! The heart and soul of Disco shines through in every note of this collection. There are irresistible Bass lines and jazzy, sultry Keys, all with alternative takes included. We've also crammed in rock-steady Drum Loops and Fills, alongside intricate Percussion parts and thumping Drum Machine layers so that you can flip the switch and watch the dance floor go wild. In addition, "Kaleidoscope" also includes the parts in 120 MIDI loop files so that you can twist, tweak and transpose the arrangements however you wish. This pack will get the creative juices flowing in a rush of good-time grooves and far-out funk. So whether you're making House, Garage, Hip Hop or EDM, or taking it back to Disco, Funk and Electro, we're sure you're going to love "Kaleidoscope: Disco & House Loops"! Download contains: - 120 x Acid WAV Loops (Basses, Drums, Drum Fills, Percussion & Keys) - 120 x MIDI Loops (all key-labelled) - 100% Royalty-Free Download size: 210MB (unzipped)

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 - Diamond Web - Deep House Loops
Diamond Web - Deep House LoopsModeAudioHouse, Tech House2014-12-08

‘Diamond Web - Deep House Loops’ from ModeAudio will wrap your music in a rich web of warm, melodic sound - from the deepest, subterranean bass to the most soaring, delicate and sweet highs, bask in the complex, enveloping sound of 120 Deep House loops, 103 MIDI loops and 50 drum samples at their most organic and satisfying! This release is full to the brim with finely-crafted sonic inspiration, including minutely-detailed loops in the form of thick, layered Bass, thundering Drum grooves & Fills, intimate Keys & Chord Progressions, analog-style Synth Leads, striking organic Percussion loops, transition Sweeps & Risers and more. Spread across a range of keys and banging forth from your speakers at 120 - 124 BPM, these sounds offer up a wealth of deep and intricate House flavours in a heartbeat. On top of the loops, ModeAudio have also loaded in 50 huge Drum samples and 103 MIDI loops to keep your Deep House sessions dancing long into that dark, mysterious night. All MIDI files are key-labelled to provide instant track inspiration and seamless integration with your existing tunes, and the layered and processed drum samples include powerful Kicks, razor-sharp Snares, snappy Claps, super-tight Hi Hats, organic Percussion and more. Plunge your music into the lowest, most sonorous bass at the same time as soakiong it in lush waves of sweeping synth euphoria - give yourself away to the groove and spin yourself right into the heart of ‘Diamond Web - Deep House Loops’! Download contains: 120 x Loops (drums, bass, synths, keys, percussion & SFX) 103 x MIDI Loops 50 x Drum Samples (kicks, snares, hi hats & percussion) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Electro House • MIDI • Sound FX • Techno

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 - Float - Chillwave Guitars & Loops
Float - Chillwave Guitars & LoopsModeAudioChill Out, Funk / Soul / Disco2014-12-10

‘Float - Chillwave Guitars & Loops’ from ModeAudio plunges you into a deep pool of warm, glowing sound, then lifts you up to float amidst the delicate acoustic waves. Our latest collection of lovingly-crafted loops, samples and MIDI expertly blends that blissful, laid-back feel of Chillwave and Chillstep with the more vibrant, colourful sonic edge of LA Hip Hop, so take your shoes off and settle yourself down - it’s time to chill! From Electric Guitar Riffs, Leads, Arpeggios, Harmonics and Acoustic Guitar Chords and Strums, to powerful Drum Loops, deep Bass Samples, gliding Synth Leads and more, this panoramic release packs in a monumental 160+ loops. From the bittersweet vibe of ‘Mirage’ to the determined groove of ‘Megalith’, the loops are arranged into 10 song sets and range in tempo from 70 to 122 BPM. As well as all the sonorous Guitar, Drum and Synth Loops, each song set is completed with airy Pads, Arps, jazzy Rhodes Keys & tuned percussion. The Electric Guitar Loops are offered in both dry and FX versions, meaning you’re free to apply your own amp sims or get producing with the sound of our richly-detailed effect processing straight after download. We’ve also included 80+ Guitar Tail Samples to accompany the Loops, allowing you to let each riff, lead and chord decay naturally. 42 custom-crafted, key-labelled MIDI loops round off this complete collection of relaxed, hedonistic sound - take the evening off and start dreaming with ‘Float - Chillwave Guitars & Loops’! Download contains: 162 x Music Loops (Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Drums, Bass, Synths & Instruments) 85 x Guitar Tail Samples 42 x MIDI Loops (Key-Labelled) Download size: 604MB (unzipped) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Disco / Nu-Disco • Hip-Hop / Trap • MIDI • Rock / Pop

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 - Open Spaces - Massive Vintage R&B Presets
Open Spaces - Massive Vintage R&B PresetsModeAudioFunk / Soul / Disco, Presets / Patches2014-12-15

‘Open Spaces - Massive Vintage R&B Presets’ combines two of ModeAudio’s favourite musical ingredients - vintage, analogue-style warmth and smooth, uplifting, chilled-out vibes. NI Massive has been transformed from a cold, digital beast into a lush, soulful synth with this release, bringing you 50 deeply-programmed synth presets that deliver bottomless, vibrant basses, gliding, characterful synths and dusty leads, dreamy keys, sifting, organic pads, dense, dramatic SFX and much more! Incorporating musical elements from the very finest in R&B and Hip Hop production today, ModeAudio have lifted NI Massive's lid off entirely to dig down beneath the surface, rewiring its versatile oscillator waveforms, scorching distortion units, unstable feedback circuits, snapping filter cut-offs resonances, deft delay lines and everything in between. The results are 50 warm, glowing synth patches that positively burst with internal movement and life - these sounds simply don't sit tight, they evolve, shift and dance to their own rhythms. Each and every preset offers up the complete range of 8 intuitive macro controls for effortless tweaking, giving you access to all the necessary dials and sliders to shape your sound to perfection. 50 accompanying MIDI loops, each packed with dynamic musical ideas including arps, chord progressions and lead lines, round-off this presets collection - it’s high time you unleashed the vibrant, analog fire burning within NI Massive with ‘Open Spaces - Massive Vintage R&B Presets’! Download contains: • 50 x .nmsv Presets (Basses, Pads, Keys, Synth Leads, • • Percussion Synths, Gated Synths & SFX) • 50 x MIDI Loops (Key-Labelled) Download size: • 416KB (unzipped) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Hip-Hop / Trap • MIDI • Rock / Pop • Sound FX

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 - Fracture - Drum & Percussion Samples
Fracture - Drum & Percussion SamplesModeAudioDrums, Presets / Patches2015-01-06

‘Fracture - Drum & Percussion Samples' from ModeAudio is a journey into the sound lab, where our sound-scientists have melded, blended, bent and transformed 210 samples from rough sonic matter into sparkling percussive gems! Packing a huge variety of flavours from the solid to the subtle, this release conjures up a whole new dimension of other-worldly sound design - from the big and bold to the soft and mysterious, these sounds are ready-made for direct use in your next explosive project. This pack offers up colourful delights crafted from all manner of found percussion sources - from thuds, bangs and bonks of gargantuan proportions to delicate, microscopic taps, clicks and tinkles and everything in between. A portion of the samples are instantly recognisable as Kicks, Snares, Rims and Hi Hats, whilst others have been spectrally-processed into strange and exciting new percussive forms. In short, these samples deliver all you need to get power and heft packed into your main groove as well as all the flickering lightness and complexity necessary to fill out your rhythm. Powerful, bespoke sound processing was used in the creation of these sounds, which becomes apparent as soon as you fire up any of the 10 ready-to-go sampler kit patches included in this release. Programmed, mixed and arranged for maximum playability, open a patch and get tapping to uncover the percussive beauty and brutality you have at your fingertips! On top of the core WAV sample content and sampler patches, we’ve also included 4 drum processing channel strips to allow you to begin tweaking and perfecting your sound the instant after download. There’s an awful lot of sonic variety and flexibility packed into this release, all of which will help make your tunes come alive in new and exciting ways. Peer down the rabbit-hole into the beautiful unknown - pick up 'Fracture - Drum & Percussion Samples' today to find out where the path will take you! Download contains: • 210 x WAV Samples (kicks, claps, snares, rims, hi hats, percussion & SFX) • 10 x Percussion Sampler Patches (Ableton Live, Reason & Logic) • 4 x Channel Strip Settings (Ableton Live, Reason & Logic) • Download size: 59.6MB (unzipped) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • House • Minimal • Sound FX • Techno

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 - Undercover - Found Percussion Samples
Undercover - Found Percussion SamplesModeAudioBreaks, Drums2015-01-08

‘Undercover - Found Percussion Samples’ is an organic percussion library like no other - plunge head-first into an endless corridor of curious sonic objects, where shapes shift and the familiar becomes strange and exciting! ModeAudio’s latest release comprises nothing short of a treasure-trove of 230 unusual and intricate percussion samples, from mellow wooden taps, searing metallic scrapes, deep plastic thuds and clinking glass, to rasping cardboard, spraying cans, tearing paper, tinkling keys and so very much more! ModeAudio has stockpiled a vast array of everyday objects from the weird to the wonderful, capturing only the strangest and best sounds from each one. Each sample has been expertly recorded in dry studio conditions to ensure minimal noise and maximum signal, and has then been carefully processed to produce a colourful, characterful library of sounds that can be slotted into virtually any context without any additional work. From short snaps and deep thuds to playful rasps, energetic shakes and unexpected scrapes, this percussion collection will keep you guessing as you listen. Alongside the core folders of found percussion material, ModeAudio have also mixed and matched their favourite sounds and carried out extra tweaks to produce 30 snappy, thumping kick, clap and hi hat samples that will effortlessly sit alongside the meanest drum samples in your library. Add 10 custom kit sampler patches, professionally mixed and panned, into the bargain and you can see why you need ‘Undercover - Found Percussion Samples’ in your collection now! Download contains: • 230 x WAV Samples (wood, plastic, metal, glass, lids, mixed objects & more) • 10 x Percussion Sampler Patches (Ableton Live, Reason & Logic) • Download size: 35MB (unzipped) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Drum & Bass • Hip-Hop / Trap • House • Techno

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 - Mirage - Massive Chillwave Presets
Mirage - Massive Chillwave PresetsModeAudioChill Out, Presets / Patches2015-01-20

‘Mirage - Massive Chillwave Presets’ from ModeAudio is here to help you find your best pair of sunglasses, sit back and break out your next Chillout jam! Melding the soft, glowing tones of Chillwave with a fuzzier, smokey Trip Hop edge, these synth presets will roll back the tempo and ramp up the rhythm! This collection includes 50 custom-crafted, carefully prepared presets for NI Massive, from warm, bottomless basses, complex, ever-changing pads and silky SFX to analog-style synth leads, delicate arps, submerged percussion synths and more. This collection of Chillwave sounds features deep programming within Massive and pushes the synth’s unrivalled modulation routing abilities to the very edge. With an emphasis on tube and tape warmth thanks to Massive’s FX units and noise generator, this pack sparkles with waves of delay, sings with cavernous reverb, fizzes with vintage overdrive and burns with retro-style warmth. ModeAudio has intuitively routed all 8 macro controls for each of the 50 presets included in this release, giving you instant access to ready-made sound-sculpting tools that can be turned, twisted and automated to your heart’s content. From filter cut off frequencies and resonances, oscillator intensities, comb feedback distortion amounts and beyond, these Massive presets are just waiting to be tweaked to perfectly fit in with your music. On top of the presets, the pack also offers up 50 key-labelled MIDI loops packed with lead melodies, bass riffs, chord progressions stabs and more - just pair each one up with the Massive preset of the same name to demo the sounds and get beat-making faster. Feel that gorgeously gentle and delicately warm breeze blow through your music with ‘Mirage - Massive Chillwave Presets’! Download contains: • 50 x .nmsv Presets (Basses, Synth Leads, Pads, Arps, Gated Synths, Percussion Synths & SFX) • 50 x MIDI Loops (key-labelled) • Download size: 688KB (unzipped) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Funk / Soul / R&B • Hip-Hop / Trap • House • MIDI • Sound FX

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 - Reflect - Ambient Loops
Reflect - Ambient LoopsModeAudioChill Out, Sound FX2015-02-12

‘Reflect - Ambient Loops’ from ModeAudio will open up your music to a deep dose of blissful, ambient sound, where Synth Leads shimmer and soar through the air, Drum Loops tap and tick in gently complex rhythms and SFX Drones & Textures blend and wind their way through beds of noise. In short, this loop and sample pack will allow you and your music to dream big! With a devoted emphasis on richly-textured, enveloping sound, this collection of 120 loops delivers layer after layer of musical depth and atmosphere. The collection spans dense, powerful Bass Loops, spacious, intricate Drums, skittering Percussion, unsettling Drones, harmonious Chords and many more mysterious Ambiances, Noise Textures and SFX Samples. This tripped-out loop library will find an instant home in the collections of producers working in Chillout, Downtempo, Minimal, Ambient and even the hazier side of Glitch. In addition to the 120 custom loops, the pack is also loaded up with 43 detailed Drum Samples and SFX Hits, as well as 36 key-labelled MIDI Loops. Ableton Live and Reason users can also enjoy additional music production extras to get up to speed with the sounds in seconds, wasting not a moment between downloading the sounds and immersing yourself fully in these luxurious tones! Sit back, unwind your mind and drift away to exotic, far-off places - ‘Reflect - Ambient Loops’ will take your tunes there! Pack contains: • 120 x Loops (Drums, Percussion, Bass, Synth Leads, Pads, Textures, Drones & SFX) • 43 x WAV Drum Samples (Kick, Snares, Hi Hats & Percussion) • 36 x MIDI Loops (Key-Labelled) Refill contains: • 12 x Combinator Presets (Construction Kits) • 12 x Dr. Octo Rex Patches Ableton Live pack contains: • 1 x Demo Live Project (Containing Pre-Loaded Clips) Pack size: • 296MB (unzipped)

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 - Magnetic Pulse - Massive Tech House Presets
Magnetic Pulse - Massive Tech House PresetsModeAudioTech House, Presets / Patches2015-02-19

‘Magnetic Pulse - Massive Tech House Presets’ from ModeAudio dives headfirst into the deep, thumping rhythms of the modern dancefloor. Are you ready to lock down the groove? Then this is the synth presets pack for you, delivering 50 custom, flexible Bass & Synth patches for the finest soft synth around. Blending organic, hedonistic House Chords and Synths with dark, mesmeric Techno Bass, Subs and Arps, this release will bring your productions to life whether your music has a brooding heart or care-free soul! From the deepest, darkest ends of the Bass and Sub spectrum, through powerful Leads, jacking Chords and right up to sparkling Arps and glistening Pads, this set of .nmsv presets will push your version of Massive into exciting, electrified new realms. Shot-through with ModeAudio's trademark deep, evolving modulation routings, warm, crunchy sonic palette and full tonal body, these sounds will get the party started and keep it moving till the lights go back on. Each preset features all 8 macro assignments for quick, easy access to intuitive sound design transformation tools. The pack also includes 50 key-labelled MIDI Loops jammed with melodic and harmonic musical seeds - feel your music grow and control the club with ‘Magnetic Pulse - Massive Tech House Presets’! Download contains: 50 x .nmsv Presets (Bass, Sub Bass, Chord Synths, • Leads, Arps, Pads & SFX) • 50 x MIDI Loops (All Key-Labelled) Download size: • 536KB (unzipped)

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 - Beat Voltage - Drum Machine Samples
Beat Voltage - Drum Machine SamplesModeAudioHouse, Drums2015-03-09

‘Beat Voltage - Drum Machine Samples’ from ModeAudio explodes out of your speakers like giants bolts of pure electrical energy! We've sampled analog drum machine and hardware to create the punchiest, crispest collection of drum sounds we possibly could - the result is this collection of 247 beautifully characterful drum samples, bursting with analog warmth, resonance and musical vibe. This release has been expertly recorded, edited and processed to bring you a truly flexible and ready-to-use mix of clean and saturated drum samples. From deep, pulsating analog Kick Samples, heavy, snapping Snares and ultra-sharp open and closed Hi Hats to thundering Percussion, popping Toms, crunchy Claps, explosive Crash Cymbal Samples and more, there's enough percussive ammo included to blast your tunes straight into drum sample heaven. Alongside the raw percussive power of the analog WAV samples, this drum collection is also crammed with 12 Drum Kit Sampler Patches. These kits have been carefully panned, mixed, processed and choke group-assigned in advance, and have been crafted especially for the best software samplers around - in other words, these kits give you access to red-hot beat-making tools that are ready for action the moment after download. We haven't stopped there however and have added 5 bonus tools to the pack for users of Reason, Ableton Live and Logic Pro, in the form of 5 custom, drum processing channel strips. From saturation effects to add body and extra punch to your drums to zany, LFO-modulated vocoder FX for drum breaks, fills and more, these plugin settings provide added inspiration to get you making big, bold drum grooves in seconds. Load up this collection of unrestrained, analog beat energy and prepare yourself for a percussive shock - supercharge your tracks with ‘Beat Voltage - Drum Machine Samples’! Pack contains: • 247 x Analog Drum Samples (Kicks, Snares, Hi Hats, Claps, Crashes, Percussion & Toms) • 12 x Drum Kit Sampler Patches (Reason, Ableton Live, FL Studio & Logic) • 5 x Channel Strip Settings (Drum Processing) Download size: • 48MB (unzipped) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Dubstep • Hip-Hop / Trap • Tech House • Techno

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 - Sway - Hip Hop Loops & Samples
Sway - Hip Hop Loops & SamplesModeAudioHip-Hop / R&B, Funk / Soul / Disco2015-03-13

'Sway - Hip Hop Loops & Samples' from ModeAudio delivers a bulging production trunk packed with 270+ files of solid Hip Hop groove. Inspired directly by the darker, freer and wonkier side of Hip Hop, this loop, sample and MIDI collection combines deep Basslines, crunchy Synth Leads, towering Drums and gritty Rhythmic Textures with bittersweet Instrumental Loops, glowing Pads, flowing Chord Progressions and a whole lot more on top! From strutting, dense percussive patterns to stripped-back, rock-steady rhythms, these Hip Hop sounds are dripping with deliciously dark musical energy. The loops range from 86 to 100 Bpm, enabling you to construct rich Hip Hop beats from the driving all that way to the ultra laid-back! Every single warm, woozy Bass riff, melodic Piano hook, phat Drum groove and beyond is drenched in the same twisted character and is raring to light up your next production. Prepare yourself and your music for the penetrating pulse, venomous vibe and mesmerising movement of these loops, samples and MIDI files - loose your head to the delirious beat of 'Sway - Hip Hop Loops & Samples'! All Downloads contain: • 120 x Music Loops (Drums, Fills, Basslines, Synth Leads, Instrumental Loops & Rhythmic Textures) • 45 x Drum Samples (Kicks, Snares, Claps & Hi Hats) • 111 x MIDI Loops (Key-Labelled) Ableton Live Pack contains: • 1 x Ableton Live Project (Pre-Loaded Clips) Reason Refill contains: • 12 x Combinator Patches (Song Kits) • 12 x Dr. Octo Rex Patches *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Chillout • Drum Hits • MIDI • Rock / Pop

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 - Airburst SFX - Massive Presets
Airburst SFX - Massive PresetsModeAudioSound FX, Presets / Patches2015-05-01

‘Airburst SFX - Massive Presets’ is the result of countless explosive sonic experiments conducted deep within the ModeAudio studio. Every dial, slider, insert slot, filter mode and routing configuration within NI Massive has been trailed, tested and tweaked to boiling point to produce a truly uplifting collection of 50 precision-programmed SFX presets - let them soar through your productions and they’ll carry your music off to the clouds and beyond! Packed with a huge variety of sonic flavours, from intense Impacts, eery, fraying Drones, gritty, evolving Textures, restless, frenetic Rhythmic Patterns, momentous Swells and beyond, this synth presets release is primed for use as transitional effects, complex, atmospheric break-downs and dense ambient sound-beds within your music. This sound pack is just so crammed full of energy, power and ferocity that it's always on the edge of blowing up! Making extensive use Massive’s 8 available macro controls and intuitive browser tagging system, this preset library makes it nothing less than a breeze to dial up detailed sonic atmospheres and SFX in mere moments - make sure ‘Airburst - Massive SFX Presets’ is part of your Massive patch arsenal now! Download contains: 50 x .nmsv Presets (Drones, Impacts, Risers, Falls & Rhythms) Download size: 364KB (unzipped) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Dubstep • House • Progressive House • Techno

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 - Downstream - Drum Loops & Samples
Downstream - Drum Loops & SamplesModeAudioChill Out, Drums2015-05-04

‘Downstream - Drum Loops & Samples’ flows from ModeAudio’s studio to your speakers like the tranquil waters of a deep river. Submerging 120 drum loops and 60 drum samples beneath cool, slow-moving layers of sound, this release is ready and waiting to spread blissful, tripped-out percussive energy throughout your music! Mixing powerful, ocean-deep drum sounds with smooth, slow-tempo rhythms and grooves, this drum loop and sample pack will caress your beats and basslines as much as subtly propel them upwards and onwards. These sounds have been soaked in meditative Downtempo rhythm and dried slowly on the warm, sandy shores of Chillwave, Trip Hop and R&B to perfectly match a wealth of music production contexts! The drum loops have been divided between main loops and drum fills, all ranging in tempo from 60 - 110 Bpm. This offers you a pallet of rhythmic flavours to call on in your music, no matter which set of sounds you decided to work with. Each loop is also accompanied by a key-labelled MIDI file, so you can layer up the audio with your own drum sounds for extra weight and richness. 60 precision-edited, layered and processed drum samples round out the collection, bringing you instant percussive material to begin cooking up lazy, hazy beats in seconds. Some of the drum loops included in this pack have been featured in a number of ModeAudio’s most popular demos, including ‘Mirage - Massive Chillwave Presets’, ‘Dust Road - Massive Vintage Presets’ and ‘Open Spaces - Massive Vintage R&B Presets’, so now is your chance to take them into your own studio and productions. Billow out the sails of your music and prepare for a peaceful musical journey - dive in and drift off with ‘Downstream - Drum Loops & Samples’! Download contains: • 80 x Drum Loops • 40 x Drum Fill Loops • 60 x WAV Drum Samples (Kicks, Snares & Hi Hats) • 120 x MIDI Loops (Tempo-Labelled) Reason Refill also contains: • 20 x Dr. Octo REX Patches Ableton Live Pack also contains: • 1 x Ableton Live 9 Project Download size: • 388MB (unzipped) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Dubstep • Funk / Soul / R&B • Hip-Hop / Trap • MIDI

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 - Distant Echo - Drones & Textures
Distant Echo - Drones & TexturesModeAudioChill Out, Sound FX2015-05-07

'Distant Echo - Drones & Textures' brings all of ModeAudio's expertise in cutting-edge sound design together in one exciting release - from Ambient, Chillout and Cinematic to EDM, Techno, Glitch and beyond, these sounds are spectrally rich, ultra-detailed and superbly versatile for use as atmospheric elements in any production. We've set the lights low and mixed up some of our most ethereal sonic concoctions ever to bring you this deeply immersive selection! Containing 120 evolving WAV samples clocking in at up to 1 minute in length each, there's time aplenty to sink your productions into each sound and soak them in the mood of every ambiance. From airy, swirling harmonic tones and string textures to searing, metallic SFX sweeps, inharmonic sound beds, rattling, granular pulses and far beyond, this pack contains the depth, character and detail to transport your breakdowns, build-ups and choruses to new, mysterious and exciting places. Utilising modern sound processing techniques from ghostly phase vocoding, subtle spectral shifting and chaotic granulation to the elegant precision of rich additive and glassy FM synthesis, these sounds will give your productions that sparkling, bang up-to-date edge. We've even pressed cutting-edge multidimensional Fourier processing into service, creating startling, otherworldly timbres that are in another dimension from the competition! Weighing in at a whopping 1.44GB when unzipped whole sonic worlds are waiting to be uncovered and for your listeners to get lost in. There’s no time for delay - download 'Distant Echo - Drones & Textures’ now and catch a glimpse of the spectral future! Pack contains: • 120 x WAV Drone & Texture Samples Pack size: 1.44GB (unzipped)

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 - House Generator - Ableton Live Racks
House Generator - Ableton Live RacksModeAudioHouse, Presets / Patches2015-05-22

"House Generator - Ableton Live Racks" is a first for us here at ModeAudio - it's our first set of sampler instruments developed exclusively for use within Ableton Live 9! At 1.6GB in size, it's also our biggest ever sample release and gives you access to musical tools that deliver unprecedented playability, versatility and inspiration. Simply stuffed full of rich Samples, versatile Racks, dynamic Live Clips, detailed MIDI Loops and custom Live Projects, this sound pack delivers everything you could possibly need to go from bar zero to Main-room hero in a heartbeat! Taking full advantage of our entire arsenal of studio equipment in the making, this library of 70 meticulously-crafted Synth, Bass, Drum, Percussion and SFX Racks burst with deep flavour and emotive character. By combining multitudes of waveforms and processing, extensive multi-sampling and customization of Ableton Live's Racks and macro functionality, we've built instruments that not only sound fantastic but offer you the flexibility necessary to tailor the sounds to your own tastes and production style. These are full-fat, flavourful Instrument Racks and are based on a whopping 850 separate audio stems! Our extensive macro programming gives you access to amp envelope settings, filter cut-offs and resonances, complex effects chains, panning, master volume and beyond - all right there within the Rack itself, without the need to load any additional plugins. All 20 included Drum, Percussion & SFX racks also feature sample selector controls, making the process of sifting through all 320 samples to find the right sound an absolute breeze! With the 160 Live Clips, 160 MIDI Loops and 12 Live Sessions included, we've covered a vast range of House styles from slinky Minimal and rarefied, smoky Deep House, through to pumping Disco, Main-room and A-list Tech House, so whichever flavour is your vibe, you’ll find warehouses-worth of production tools to get your music in motion like never before! Crafted with sonic quality, versatility and usability in mind, this epic Ableton Live Pack is nothing less than a complete House production powerhouse - download "House Generator - Ableton Live Racks" and unleash some seriously explosive musical energy within your productions now! Other genres may include: Drum Hits Electro House Minimal Tech House Techno

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 - Heatwave - Massive Synthwave Presets
Heatwave - Massive Synthwave PresetsModeAudioChill Out, Presets / Patches2015-06-08

‘Heatwave - Massive Synthwave Presets’ from ModeAudio will take your music on a deep-space voyage through classic, analog-style synths, monolithic bass, shimmering, inter-galactic SFX and beyond. Blending warm, sweeping, cinematic pads and sinister Sci-Fi synth arps with cutting-edge, hyperactive synth leads and bass patches, this release presents a set of 50 truly expressive, deeply characterful sounds primed for use in any production you choose to use them in! Making extensive use of Massive’s unrivalled synthesis, modulation and processing abilities, we’ve sculpted filter envelopes, layered oscillators, set LFO networks to work, dialled in feedback and coaxed modulation oscillators into life in the creation of this pack. From soaring filter resonance, subtly swaying pitches, low-mid EQ warmth, mellow wave-shaping grit, sparkling washes of noise and beyond, each and every Massive preset included has been designed from the ground up to deliver as much retro-futuristic vibe as humanly possible! From the dark, dystopian film & TV soundtracks of the 80s right through to vibrant, technicolour Synthwave, Footwork, future D&B and more, these sounds push waveforms, filters, EQs and SFX units into overdrive to beam the explosive heat of the sun though your music! This library of vintage sounds is made even more flexible and versatile thanks to full velocity control, aftertouch modulation and light touches of random programming, resulting in patches that burst with internal movement and life that can be controlled by your performance. The sounds also offer a complete set of 8 macro controls each for instant tweaking and effortless evolution - automating in complex sonic evolutions is only ever the touch of one macro control away! Inject your music with an epic dose of nostalgic, neo 80s emotion and swirling, speed-obsessed Synthwave - download ‘Heatwave - Massive Synthwave Presets’ now! Download contains: • 50 x .nmsv Presets (Basses, Synth Leads, Arps, Pads & SFX) • 50 x MIDI Files (Key-Labelled) Download size: • 788KB (unzipped)

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 - Analog Snap: Percussion Samples
Analog Snap: Percussion SamplesModeAudioDrums, Glitch Hop2015-06-11

‘Analog Snap - Percussion Samples’ from ModeAudio is your ticket to the captivating, creative and inspiring world of analog percussion synthesis! We’ve put our flair for powerful, unique sound design to extensive use in producing this set of 251 insanely potent drum and percussion samples. Packed full of window-rattling Kicks, intensely characterful Snares, crackling, frazzled Hi Hats and so much more, these samples are all you need to inject some beautiful chaos into your rhythms! We’ve spent days in the ModeAudio analog synth lab, replete with the venerable EMS Synthi A vintage synth amongst other devices, to bring you all manner of punchy, percussive thumps, bleeps, squawks, squeaks, scratches and crashes. The distinctive sound of these samples can even be seen in their very waveforms, which display the micro variations that make analog synth sound so compelling: the heaviest Kicks have an attack that will slice effortlessly through your mix, while the most frenetic Crashes retain that alluringly smooth analog finish. Putting all of this vintage, analog goodness directly at your fingertips, this pack also features an array of 12 striking drum kit patches that draw together the countless sonic colours and variations contained within the core percussion sample content. As an extra-special bonus, we’ve also crafted 5, percussion-processing channel strip presets for your favourite DAW, that embellish and ignite the many exciting sonic aspects of these analog drum sounds. Drop beats so distinctive they could have come from another world into your productions - pick up ‘Analog Snap - Percussion Samples’ now! Specifications: - 82 Kick Samples - 53 Percussion Samples - 40 Snare Samples - 28 Closed Hi Hat Samples - 19 Open Hi Hat Samples - 19 Clap Samples - 10 Crash Samples - 12 Drum & Percussion Sampler Kits Patches (Ableton Live, Reason & Logic) - 5 Channel Strip Presets - 24 bit, 44.1kHz

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 - Sunset Electronica - Guitar Loops & Beats
Sunset Electronica - Guitar Loops & BeatsModeAudioHouse, Chill Out2015-07-15

‘Sunset Electronica - Guitar Loops & Beats’ is ModeAudio’s sun-soaked summer loop and sample session, delivering armfuls of warm, deeply refreshing guitar loops, basslines, synth leads, keys, pads and far beyond. Prepare to take your music productions on an invigorating, cinematic voyage, full of expansive, colourful vistas, pristine beaches, exotic rainforests and hypnotic, inviting sounds as far as the ear can hear! Packed to the brim with 157 royalty-free music loops, from chilled Electric Guitar loops, shimmering Synth Leads, atmospheric Pads, jazzy Keys, warm Basslines, uplifting Drum loops & fills, panoramic Orchestral samples and much more, this sample pack expertly blends quaking Bass, relaxed, organic House and dramatic, cinematic soundtrack influences. The Electric Guitar loops take centre stage here, with the included riffs, leads, chord progressions, strums, plucks and arpeggios included in both dry and wet versions. This will allow you to get working with our carefully processed, professionally effected versions immediately after download, or to take your time applying your own amp sims and plugins with the dry guitar loops. We've also edited and prepared 44 Guitar Tail samples for your use alongside the loops, making sure you have the files necessary to bring each riff and lead to a smooth, natural decay. On top of all the guitars, blissful drum breaks, deep bass loops and gorgeous synth and instrumental melodics, we’ve included 53 thumping drum samples and 77 key-labelled MIDI files for good measure. These full-phat, snappy kicks, snares, claps, hi hats and percussion sounds will have you making fresh, summertime beats in seconds, with the MIDI loops helping you to layer up your sound for ever denser and richer results. Open up your sound to an exciting new palette of warm, cinematic Guitar & Electronica samples - download ‘Sunset Electronica - Guitar Loops & Beats’ and head straight for that flaming horizon! Download contains: • 157 x Music Loops (Electric Guitars, Basslines, Drums, Drum Fills, Synth Leads, Instrumental Loops & Percussion) • 44 x Guitar Tail Samples • 53 x Drum Samples (Kicks, Snares, Claps, Hi Hats & Percussion) • 77 x MIDI Loops Reason Refill contains: • 21 x Dr. Octo Rex Patches • 4 x Combinator Presets Ableton Live Pack contains: • 1 x Ableton Live 9 Project *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Funk / Soul / R&B • Hip-Hop / Trap • MIDI • Sound FX