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No Dough Samples are all about tone, warmth and musicality. Every single pack is created to give the producer something special inside their sampler or DAW. Using the best sounding equipment, the most talented sound design and the latest in techniques and technology to create collections bursting with the sounds and tones of some of the most sought after hardware out there. Each pack is designed to sound great right out of the box, using the best equipment, custom kit and the best of vintage hardware - all sampled in pristine quality and put together by hand with love and care. Featuring classic favourites as much as we do contemporary sounds, each pack offers comprehensive tools for the producer looking to get a little more hardware vibe in there music. No Dough's passion is all about capturing the music in things, not just the sound of it.

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 - Underground House Vol 3
Underground House Vol 3No Dough SamplesHouse, Tech House2019-05-20

With Underground House 3, we see the launch of an indispensable studio sound archive for anyone producing one of the myriad of styles of club focussed House music. From Tech, to Acid & Rave - from Chicago/Detroits flavours all the way through to Disco, Edits and straight up Classic House. To do this we concentrated on nailing the core sonic quality required, not getting caught too closely to any particular genre and instead putting together a pack of amazingly inspiring audio work thats crying out to be cut, chopped and dropped into your mix. Inspired by the sounds of Peggy Gou, Bicep, Krystal Klear and many others. Punchy, catchy bass, melodic leads and the best colleciton of kickdrums for the past few years. This set is not to be missed. Alongside the audio content we have included over 50 MIDI Songstarters, a collection of melodic notations ready to spark your next track. Pack Details: • Total File Size: 998 MB • Total Audio Files: 638 • Total MIDI Files: 51 Single Shots: • 24 x Percussion • 36 x Claps, Rims & Snares • 121 x Kicks • 13 x Hats • 1 x Cowbells • 50 x Drum Loops • 36 x Crash, Noise & FX Loop Section: • 68 x Bassline Loops • 41 x Pad & Organ Loops • 23 x Piano & Key Loops • 59 x Beat, Percussion & Hats • 81 x Synth & Arp Loops • 24 x Vox & Other Loops Equipment used: Oberheim OB-6, DSi Pro2, Deepmind 12, Elektron Octatrack, Roland Alpha Juno, Korg M1, Yamaha Tx81z, , Roland JV2080 & more... *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Deep House • MIDI

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 - Analogue Machine Trax
Analogue Machine TraxNo Dough SamplesHouse, Deep House2019-02-26

Heavy House rhythm & the warm tones of meticulously sampled analogue drums & synths. Analogue Machine Trax is built for people looking for the sound of dirty analogue House that pushes the boundary of the underground. This carefully curated collection is special because of the love that has gone into each sample. The drum section alone has some of the most on-point kick collections we have produced to date, slotting into your mix with the perfect balance of punchy presence and warm booming subs. In this 1.8GB collection you will find inspiration and song starters in all areas. Pack Details: • 1.8GB of sample material • 1,500 24bit Wavs • 1,000+ Drum & Percussion Shots • Revox, Reel to Reel, Neve Preamp & Other Variations. • Ableton Drum Racks • A Selection of MIDI Clips • 400 Loops and progressions + MIDI song starters and beat patterns • 30 Bonus Synth Patches for DIVA *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • MIDI • Tech House • Techno

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 - NDS Components - Tuned Kick Drums & Fills Vol2
NDS Components - Tuned Kick Drums & Fills Vol2No Dough SamplesHouse, Drums2015-01-05

A pack of professionally designed chunky kick drums and kick drum fill loops, matched and created to fit perfectly in House and Techno tunes destined for vinyl so they are ready to jmp into your mix and super charge the character, with this pack of 200 super punchy hybrid kick-drums the idea is you are getting the real deal ready to use. There are a lot of kicks on the market now so there is no use adding to the clutter with more drum machine samples, so with this pack we concentrated on unique quality and variety and kept our same stellar high standard throughout. The kit-list for this pack is surprisingly long even thought it concentrates solely on kicks/bass drums but we all know how important the anchor of your rhythm is so sometimes it worth spending more time on this vital element. Each kick is a hybrid masterpiece, bringing together analogue, digital, hardware and reel to reel layers to make a collection of kicks which punch through the mix, and have enough character to gel into your mix and add that often hard to achieve unified sense to your rhythm. None of these kicks are your standard 808 or 909 although those machines played and active part in how we made them. With this pack you get kicks that are sculpted and layered to match the kind of records we love, hybrid kicks layering different samples along with noise and more analogue sounds from vinyl and Studer tape as always. USEFUL FOR GENRES LIKE: Deep House | House | Techno | Tech-House | Minimal | Electro | EDM | Dub Tuned Kicks & Kick Fill Loops includes: Bassdrum Single Shots: 200 Bassdrum single shots, sampled meticulously in the ND studio, recorded pristine, to tape, to digital sampler, and many other ways. Featuring two variations of each sample to give you tone options right out of the box. 50 Kick Fill Loops: Adding the dash of creativity we like to lock into all our packs we have put together a few freaked out rhythms and fills for people to cut up into there work, taking the kicks we slaved over and putting them to some mind bending use. Really useful stuff. All loops in Recycle REX Format: Reason lovers, Ableton guys and pretty much everyone else who is compatible with rex we got you covered. Ready Chopped by hand. Sampler programs for all shots: As usual we have the full range of sampler programs compatible with Kontakt | Ableton | EXS24 | NNXT and many more.

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 - NDS Components - Reel to Reel Rythm
NDS Components - Reel to Reel RythmNo Dough SamplesHouse, Drums2014-11-17

Rhythm, beats and percussion constructed on the Elektron Analog Rytm and other lush studio toys then recorded to Half Track 1/4 inch tape. Packed with raw sonic energy that will give your track the engine it needs at its core and full of re-sampled one shots that have so much character and flair they set any mix on fire. This pack was our time to really get down and dirty with the Studer Reel to Reel Tape machine. With tape you get such a complex and lovely rounded out of your sound, a smoothing of the highs without diminishing them, the transients become fuller and have more impact, sound less clicky. Often in the past we have offered variations of our drums run through tape, but this time the core sound of the pack is the sound of rhythmic beats and percussion recorded to tape in the most musical way we could. We used fresh NOS Quantegy 456 tape, a freshly calibrated and aligned classic Studer Revox machine and a whole load of skill and care to bring you a pack that's full of loops that were constructed on the Elektron Analog Rytm packed with raw energy that will give your track the engine it needs at its core and re-sampled one shots that have so much character and flair they set any mix on fire. The idea behind this pack was capturing the sound of the re-mixers and the samplers that plied their trade in the early days, re-sampling tracks to tape and chopping out hits directly from the reel. So we first created our beats and percussion loops and mixed them to tape, but we didn't stop there - we then expertly re sampled hits back out of the loops cleaned them up just the right amount, so you also get a collection of one shot drums featuring all the warmth and extra character you can expect from sampling from some utterly gorgeous analogue equipment. As usual at ND we don't like to stop short even on our components pack which focus on one small element. Reel to Reel Rhythms doesn't just feature the rhythm loops in many variations (think no kick, just hats) so you can work them into your project with lots of flexibility, we also painstakingly made REX files for each loop, sampled a whole pack of single shots from the loops and included a more produced compressor variation of the loops for those who want a little more smack. In this tool kit you get all you need to put together some beefy beats, fully analogued up with super lush re-sampled tones. This is THE analogue rhythm toolkit for the DAW user. Specifications: Over 730MB of professional 24bit WAV shots and loops. 150+ WAV Drum Shots, recorded to tape and re sampled expertly back in to give you authentic vibe. 130+ Beat & Percussion loops covering many inspiraton grooves. 130+ Perfectly compressed loop variations for when you need that heavy hitting professional smack. 130+ REX files, hand edited and ready to be chopped up.

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 - Underground House 2
Underground House 2No Dough SamplesHouse, Techno2014-07-07

NDS-8 is perfect for lovers of good House music, good Techno and all the multiples of sub genres like Garage, Disco and Dubstep which appreciate that lovely warm super nuanced analogue sound and bags of musical character. Packed with drums primed for beefy punchy beats and thick complex synth loops with the kind of aesthetic you will find on some of the best vinyls of yesterday and today. This is our latest labour of love. Bringing together dusty analogue synth work alongside creamy leads and some of the lushest pads in existence, Underground House 2 is all about the huge house sound from clubs around the world. Walking that line of musicality with a deft hand whilst retaining an ice cool vibe that will be appreciated by even the most discerning music lovers. We constantly make sure we are ahead of the curve when it comes to sheer sound quality. From Oberheim to Elektron, from EMU to Akai - this pack features tons of warm analogue drums and loops. Full fat audio and packed with musicality, credibility and power. All sampled to Studer on GP9 tape and then into the DAWat pristine 96k via a Neve preamp to make sure we captured absolutely everything. We also include the files at each stage, so you will find the plain original audio, a few levels of tape saturation and the preamp files, giving you unparalleled choices of tone, no make weight here its all gorgeous. We have provided sampler files for Kontakt, EXS24, NNXT and Halion to provide almost 100% compatiblity with your DAW or sampler and have prepared sample files to cover all the samples. So you can get working straight away with instant access to the sounds you need. Summary Over 1350 professional double rate 96000hz 24bit WAV shots and loops. Over 1000 Single Shot drums covering Kicks, Claps, Snares, Hats and Percussion 3 Tape tone variations from warm to burnt 1 Neve preamp tone variation Sampler files covering all drums for ease of use. Over 320 Wav Loops, all labled by Key, BPM and Type covering; Music Loops - the main section - full of inspiratioaln leads, pads and other synth lines. Songstarters all. Beats & Drums Bassline Loops Arps and Others A Selection of instrument patches for your sampler using the source sounds from the project A Bonus selection of MIDI to get you started. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Disco / Nu-Disco • Drum Hits • Electro House • MIDI • Presets / Patches

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 - House Basslines
House BasslinesNo Dough SamplesHouse, Tech House2014-04-28

House basslines is a collection of steamy hybrid and analogue loops, produced with the goal of making them throb with power and sing with melody. From jacking, to groovy and in styles reminiscent of the popular deep house sound all the way to much darker and heavy hitting club joints. We put together over 100 floor killer basslines. If you need to give your track the backbone that's gonna make it chunky and powerful, look no further.

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 - Components Vol 1 - House
Components Vol 1 - HouseNo Dough SamplesHouse, Drums2014-03-24

Bringing together the first 4 of our Component series of packs whilst also adding in our new House Basslines pack this collection contains the fundamentals for modern chunky deep house music from 5 sample packs all brought together into a cohesive collection. First up is a steamy collection of basslines that throb with power and sing with melody. From jacking, to groovy and in styles ranging from reminiscent of Disclosures deep house sound all the way to much darker and heavy hitting club joints. We put together over 100 killer basslines, we don't need no drop when its this damn good. House music all night long. To back up that bassline beef, you need the right kick so we have included our Tuned Kickdrums pack, these things just work. These are the sound of modern House music, with enough variety to keep you going for a long time. As always with dig a really analogue sound and these kicks have that in abundance. What would the kicks be without our Deep Percussion pack which is absolutely stuffed with percussions, claps and snares to complete your beat. Super solid, warm and classy sounding percussion for House, Disco, Dubstep or Techno. Round off your beat with the Hats, Shakers and Top loops pack, we lent heavily on a mixture of old Rolands, new analogues and lots and lots of layering to get the tone on everything in this pack spot on. Getting the original Roland TR-909 out and using it alongside samplers to create some sizzling and scorching top loops was a no brainer. Give your tracks that buzz they need to keep on pumping. We round off the collection with our FX sounds and loops pack, when your already unique creation just needs that extra bit of sound design or freaky energy, this is the pack you need. If you bought all the packs in this collection separately it would come to £54.95 - in the Volume - 1 : House pack you get all that for £34.99. What’s in the pack: Over 2.7 GB of top samples Loops // 250+ Professional Quality 96000k 24bit Loops covering basslines, 909 hi hats, top loops, fx loops and shakers. Drum & Perc Shots // 1512 Professional Quality 24bit 96000hz WAV files Fx shots // 291 Fx sounds. Sampler Programs // Compatible with all major samplers

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 - Hats, Shakers & Top Loops
Hats, Shakers & Top LoopsNo Dough SamplesHouse, Drums2014-02-24

This pack is all about what goes up top, your hats and shakers are vitally important to getting a good flow and groove to your music. With that in mind we put together this Components pack crammed full of great hat and shaker loops and also packing all the component sounds to build your own. All recorded through some of the finest analogue outboard and presented in various tonal variations this Components pack gives you the edge when it comes to getting the top end just right. When making these hats and the loops we used a mix of techniques. Some loop we recorded direct from the legendary TR-909, some we created using old samplers but all of them are swinging and grooving with a life and musicality which will bring your beat alive be it House music, Disco, EDM, Hip hop or something else. Each section also comes with a full complement of sampler programs making it easy to import these into your sampler whatever your using be it Ableton, Kontakt, Reason, Battery or another. Loops // 116 Top loops covering Hats, Shakers, 909 loops and some driven loops giving you plenty of choice. Single Shots // 499 Professional Quality 24bit 96000hz WAV files Closed Hats // 272 Closed Hats Open Hats // 192 Open Hats Sampler Programs // Compatible with all major samplers Please Note: The Demo contains Kicks & a Melody Loops taken from NDS-4 / 6

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 - FX Sounds & Loops
FX Sounds & LoopsNo Dough SamplesSound FX2014-01-27

Our components series just got a whole load more explosive, next up is our meaty collection of FX. Inside you will find over 300 mind blowing booms, risers, zaps and even a load of looped and delayed sounds set to inspire and turn your next production into something a little bit special. Character, analogue feel with intense sound manipulation were the backbone for this pack, we put this collection together to give you the perfect finishing touch for your latest track, time to really blow people away. Split into four main sections including: Impacts // The big and meaty bass booms, lushious reverbs and lots of more complex and characterful ways to take your song into its breakdown. Long & Delayed // Here we bring together long and winding white noise risers alongside delaying and evolving soundscapes, perfect for adding movement and life to your music. Loops // We got a little crazy, taking some of the more unique analogue synth fx sounds we could find and seuqencing them into unreal loops, from delayed percussion to crazy throbbing basslines. Short & Zaps // This section is all about those characterful little hooks and sweeps that just make your song sound unique, full of inspiration.

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 - NDS Components - Deep Percussion
NDS Components - Deep PercussionNo Dough SamplesHouse, Drums2013-12-02

NDS Components - Deep Percussion covers a selection of the sounds that make up the backbone of any good song, from Claps & Snares to work with your Bass drum, to some of the most full bodied and warm percussion sounds around. Chocked full of novel sounding Bongos, toms, and rims, from almost natural to more hybrid sounding percussion. This pack gives you a solid selection on which to build your groove. These have been produced to our usual high standards, sourcing the sounds from the analogue domain and working them through high end outboard gear before editing them to perfection so they sit ready in your productions. There are two tonal variations of each sample, offering you a choice where it matters most. Capturing that 3D sound you get from the best hardware was top on our list when putting this together because that translates straight into better mixes. We spent a lot of time fine tuning this collection, you will find a lot of sounds you recognize but with a shape, air and depth about their sound you rarely hear in samples. In The Pack: 262 - 96000hz 24bit WAV Samples Snares Claps Percussion 2 Tonal Variations - Original & RVX Kickdrums, FX and Music taken from our other packs such as NDS-5 by Daniel Solar and Tuned Kick Drums Components pack.

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Marc Poppcke - Marc Poppcke - Melodic, Deep & Tech House Vol. 1
Marc Poppcke - Melodic, Deep & Tech House Vol. 1No Dough SamplesHouse2013-09-23

NDS-7 is the second in our series of artist packs and boy do we have a belter for you. Marc Poppcke is one of the most prolific and talented producers in the Berlin house scene. He has an incredibly unique sound and what he has put together in this pack is nothing short of essential for people who are into this sound. As usual the artist series brings you a little bit more than a small artist pack, this thing is huge. Marc's sound sits firmly in the afterhours deep house area but it is unafraid of using some of the melodies and sounds of pre-trance/ early trance and techno from the 90's. Incorporating the Melodic as well as the deep, you will find the blueprints for souring riffs and hypnotizing synth work alongside raw and rhythmic beats all produced in such a way as to make them instantly usable within your own productions. NDS-7 epitomises the sound of Marc's label Crossfrontier Audio. He is one of the most talented producers around right now, and with this collection we get not only a labour of love but a snapshot in time of one of the most forward thinking artists there is. As the club sound moves ever onwards, this is a pack which keeps you on the bleeding edge of what's ripping up clubs right now. As you know we try to offer a little bit more in our packs, more choice and more options for the producer but not quantity over quality, we just like to provide quality of choice whilst sticking to the high standards we hold ourselves to here at NDSamples. By taking this more comprehensive look at what an artist's pack fundamentally is, we find you end up with a much more inspiring pack to work with, having more sounds to manipulate helps bring inspirational ideas together easier even if it takes a little more effort to put together. Marc's characteristic production shines through in all his loops and shots, there is no filler here. Working from his studio in Berlin Marc not only runs the Crossfrontier Audio label - he is also a very highly sought after remixer, a lot of labels out there rely on him to bring that touch of class to their releases. This is what this pack is meant to represent, and archive that bring the essence of the sound he is passionate about to your DAW. • 500 - 96000hz 24bit Professional Quality Wavs • 320 - Loops Covering Bass, Drums, Music, Percussion and Tops. • All Loops tagged with tempo and key info. • 180 - Single shot drums & fx • Sampler files for Kontakt, Reason NN-XT and Logics EXS24 includes for all the shots for maximum compatability and ease of use. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Progressive House • Tech House • Techno

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 - NDS Components - Kick Drums
NDS Components - Kick DrumsNo Dough SamplesDrums2013-07-17

NDS Components are packs designed to give you the best choice available for a specific area of your productions, focusing tightly on one area, the first pack looks at the ever important kick drum. No other element has as much influence on the sound of your music and the quality of your production. That's why we have gone out of our way in putting together a collection of the very best kick drums processed through the very best analogue gear and all hand edited and hand tuned to fit perfectly into your next track. These things are kickin, in more than one sense of the word. From massive speaker shaking 808's, to groovy 909's we have tapped our huge collection of sources to put together what could be the last set of kick drums you ever buy. These samples are suitable for House, Techno, EDM, Dubstep and basically any music which needs a rock solid and phatt kicking bass drum! The variety in the pack is stunning, and we have continued our tradition of offering as much choice to the producer as possible. Providing all the samples in their original form, as well as a processed version of each that has been mixed through a chain of analogue equipment to give you an option which has that extra sheen. Each sample gives you a musically solid base for your track, and you will find that rather than going through looking for one that fits, you will be choosing between many that fit. You will also get the sampler files for Kontakt, Reason, Logic, Halion and many other samplers, picking the key of your track and instantly having all the kicks which fit right in your DAW. This will help you get your grooves going much quicker, and get to that professional sound in no time. 252 - Professionally recorded WAV 96 kHz, 24-bit. 2 Variations covering original sounds and a more effect analogue alternative Sampler files for Kontakt, NNXT, Halion, Logics EXS24 - compatible files for all other samplers including Ableton. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Techno • Tech House • Minimal • Progressive House • Dubstep • Hip Hop • Patches / Presets

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 - NDS-6 House Music Volume Two
NDS-6 House Music Volume TwoNo Dough SamplesHouse2013-05-29

NDS-6 is all about that classic house / deep house sound, full of analogue equipment, classic outboard and sought after tones. This pack is full of punchy drums, pumping beats and a massive collection of loops recorded from some amazing classic hardware. With this pack we wanted to take some of the authentic analogue equipment used by cutting edge & relevant house artists and put together a pack full of inspirational and expertly produced material representing this raw and powerful sound of true House music. Although made for house this pack is useful and flexible enough to be good for any style of music which appreciates a good warm feeling. As usual it’s designed from the ground up to work in the professional studio as much as it is to be easy to get going with for the hobbyist. We are sure it will be a true inspiration for people making the best tracks and looking to push the House sound on. Once you pick up this pack and have a few good track ideas within minutes, you will see why we are so excited about NDS-6. 1700+ 24bit 44100hz drums 318 Professional quality loops 57 Bassline loops 124 Drum loops 114 Chord, Pad, Lead, Melody and Sequence loops 23 Shakers and Ride loops Over 2000 24bit 44.1khz WAV loops and single shots

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Daniel Solar - Daniel Solar - House, Disco 'n Deep
Daniel Solar - House, Disco 'n DeepNo Dough SamplesHouse2012-11-21

NDS-5 see's the launch of an exciting new range of samples from No Dough, as the first in our ARTIST SERIES of packs, we bring you some of the hottest current producers, Daniels pack not only represents his sound which walks the well worn paths between House music and Disco but also gives you an indispencable toolkit and something that acts as a real go to collection for all sorts of music. This is a truely unmissable pack and a collection that represents one of the sounds thats rocking the underground right now. Daniels sound is the sound of the underground clubs in the UK and Berlin, fusing House with Disco and everything inbetween with a classy, refined and punchy sound. He is also the head honcho of DIKSO records out of Berlin, who you can often find topping the vinyl charts worldwide and are a staple in the box of any DJ who knows his stuff. As a collection NDS-5 is much more than just your average Artist Pack which we often found could be smaller and limited in scope. Not this pack, this is a full on collection featuring hundreds of loops and single shots. These sounds are as inspirational in terms of there music as they are expertly produced in terms of there sound. All hand crafted by Daniel in his Berlin studio using the latest cutting edge digital production techniques and some highly sought after analogue equipment. Sourced from his personal collection of instruments and exotic sound sources. When we do a loop pack we also insist on usablity, so you will not find any loops needlessly drenched in reverb and other effects just to make them sound good, this stuff is ready to fit into your project and sounds good on a fundamental level – they are the real deal. Get the sound of Dikso records, Daniel Solar and that currently buzzing vinyl house and disco scene, this is the sound of what is hot right now, and thats why we wanted to get this pack done and brought out as soon as possible. This is a collection of drum shots and loops that will bring you inspiration and bring your current project to life with the vibe thats rooted in great sounding vintage house, disco but with a thoroughly modern take on the music. As usual where relevant we have included samplers files so you can find what you want quickly and get straight to work. It's about making music afterall not searching through your hard drive. 156 24bit 48000hz single shot drums • 332 Professional quality loops • 31 Bassline loops • 89 Drum loops • 132 Chord, Pad, Lead, Melody and Sequenced loops 46 Tops, Shakers and Hat loops • 34 Percussion loops Over 600 24bit 48000 Hz professional quality WAV loops and single shots. 1.1 GB • 600 x WAV 48 kHz, 24-bit. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Deep House • Tech House • Disco / Nu Disco

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 - NDS Drum Collection 001
NDS Drum Collection 001No Dough SamplesDrums2012-09-05

Finally we’ve brought together all our drums into one epic package. One of the things we are truly passionate about here at No Dough is drums! We love them and spend loads of time obsessively tweaking the drums in our packs so they become very usable and very phat. This new collection offers you all the drums from our House Music pack, including the multiple classic Tape variations & the crunchy MPC variations of each sound. House Music’s extensive collection of samples offers the highest levels of quality and workability, bringing together great tones in an instantly usable way. But that’s only half of what you get - as we have also included the drums from our Underground House pack, a collection of drums which epitomises the heart and soul of the underground house scene. Including Chunky 909's, Outrageous 808's - and much more - a huge and varied collection, giving you the sound of many of your favourite house music artists. This pack brings together all of our drums into one sublimely complete package, all these drums were made using the best analogue equipment money can buy and designed to work straight away in your projects. Our packs are not just about sampling the sound accurately, but about capturing the musicality in a sound and creating sounds which bring your music to life. Each folder of sounds comes with handy sampler files for compatibility with all major samplers and sequencers. You can load in the full selection of drums you want quickly and get straight to work. To add that special finishing touch to the complete collection of No Dough drums, we have also included the many Artist Kits we have produced for our customers over the past few years. These kits include selections of sounds ready-to-go, providing you with inspiration and great sounds already set up. These kits come in many different flavours covering Kontakt, NNXT, EXS24, Battery and Ableton Live. Specifications: • 2679 Bass drums • 1717 Claps & Snares • 1100 Hats & Cymbals • 1948 Drums & Percussion • 214 FX & Miscellaneous • 16 Artist Kits Over 8000 24bit 96000 Hz professional quality WAVs 1.38GB • 8000 x WAV 96 kHz, 24-bit.

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 - Acid Jam
Acid JamNo Dough SamplesTechno2012-08-22

There have been very few synthesizer that can claim the singularity and legendary status of the TB-303. It was responsible for, Acid House, one of the most significant dance genres of the 20th century and has a huge influence on countless other musical movements. This unassuming machine has been at the cutting edge of dance music culture for the last 30 years. When we considered designing a sample pack based around the TB-303, it was imperative to us that we offered as much of the machine’s defining character as possible. The secret of the 303’s unique sound is largely due to it’s in-built sequencer, which offers the user a selection of attributes with which to perform sequences unlike any other synthesizer...but the charm and appeal of the hardware is much more than that...the machine has an incredible variety of sounds and a breadth of styles from mellow and chilled to screaming acid peak time then back down to a funky groove, all this is pulled off with the distinctive TB-303 class. Capturing this is what NDS-303 is all about. There are few more singular and legendary synthesizers than the Roland Tb-303, it was responsible for a whole genre (Acid House) and has had a massive influence in countless other musical movements both old and new this beast has always been at the cutting edge. When we looked at making a pack based around the 303 it was important to us that we offered as much of the defining character the machine has in sample pack. The 303's magic is often said to be in its sequencer which is just musically stunning and really distinctive, but the charm and appeal of the hardware is much more than that...the machine has incredible variety of sounds and a breadth of styles from mellow and chilled to screaming acid peak time then back down to a funky groove, all this is pulled off with the distinctive TB-303 class. Capturing this is what NDS-303 is all about. Taking this into account we knew we had to provide a loop pack to capture the magic of the sequencer. Our goal is to always make usable tools for musicians instead of sounds which are impressive sounding but lathered in so much fx you find it hard to fit them into your mix, we put together a collection of loops recorded through the best analogue equipment to preserve the reality of the 303 as you would use it in your studio. Then to capture the multitude of different styles, vibes and feelings possible with the synth, we have sampled many different variations for each pattern on the sequencer to give you the options you need when your producing. This is not so much a construction kit, but if you find a pattern you like but need more resonance, more cut-off...or the same loop but in a crazy acid distortion vibe....you will find this in the pack. On top of the wide selection of TB-303 loops sampled through top notch gear, we have also sampled this beast through the same vintage equipment used on some of the classic tracks that defined Acid House, and also through some more contemporary tube based analogue gear to give you all the options in terms of tone and style you need. We have even included a selection of loops tracked through Lexicon fx if your looking for a little bit of inspiration.If you can't get your hands on a real TB-303 – without a doubt this is the next best thing as it stands, no other sample pack available offers such a comprehensive sampling of the legendary hardware synthesizer. Ready to cut up, chop and mangle to oblivion this pack gives you a authentic taste of what all the fuss is about...we cannot wait to see where you go with her. This pack offers screaming Acid but also many, many other styles. So if your producing House, Dubstep, Techno or EDM there's something for you here... 1265 - 303 Loops in 24bit 44100hz WAV 116 – Main TB303 Loops 138 – Bassline Loops 122 – Square Wave Loops188 – Lead Loops 614 – Distortion & Driven Loops 87 - Fx LoopsCompatible with All samplers and sequencers using 24bit 44100hz WAV audio, you get the best sound, captured with no compromises. 1.24GB of Sample Data with no duplication. 1.24GB • 1265 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Minimal

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 - NDS-4 Underground House
NDS-4 Underground HouseNo Dough SamplesDrums2012-04-20

Simply put, this is the heart and soul of the underground house scene in a massive collection of over 7000 professionally crafted WAV sounds, designed to give you that authentic House music vibe you hear from your favorite artists but in a format that is useful for any style of music that requires a punchy analogue sound. This collection is packing a level of variety and scope that gives you all the options you need to make your music this is an indispensable tool for the producer. Featuring all the hardware equipment that just does the business when it comes to making the best sounding records. All this, inside your computer, laptop mean this is just the pack to take your productions to the next level. Over 4700 drum and percussion hits sampled through various different equipment such as the Studer REVOX tape machine, a chain to emulate the sound of vinyl records which is stunningly authentic and an Analogue equipment chain to give a clear but impressively warm and musical distortion. NDS-4 Underground House is all about tone, warmth and musicality. Every single sound is created to give the producer something special and musical to work with inside their sampler or DAW. Our insane attention to detail, and determination not just to sample sounds, but to capture the music in things by using the best equipment will pay dividends for you and your music. Over 4700 drum and percussion hits sampled with 3 variations for each sound. 59 Multisampled hardware instruments, from Oberheims, Rolands and dusty old emu samplers to Hardware FM synths, we used some of the best sounding equipment to make up a perfectly sampled selection of instruments for you to create with. Featuing sections for Bass, Strings & Pads, Leads & Synths and Organs and Misc. 161 Loops of bass and synth lines. Loops are ready to be chopped, smashed, distorted and resquenced, each loop features a Recycle version and we have also included a selection of Midi files so you can get at the notes themselves to twist, mash and create. Compatible with Kontakt / Logic EXS24 / Reason NNXT / Halion / AbletonLive and many more. Everything has been sampled in pristine 96000kHz, 24bit WAV audio, so you will be getting the best sound, captured with no compromises. 96000kHz, 24bit WAV Over 4700 drum and percussion hits * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Techno • Tech House • Minimal

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 - Taped Drums & Percs
Taped Drums & PercsNo Dough SamplesHouse2012-02-10

This one's for the house music beat freaks: 4000+ drum and percussion one-shots and sampler kits from No Dough's stunning House Music collection. Offering a broad selection of tonal characteristics for each sound, each hit has been processed with some of the most enduring and sought-after outboard equipment available, including Studer 1/4 T ape Machines, SSL Compressors and custom built Outboard EQ with specially designed and tweaked chains. An essential collection for house music beat freaks, it's an expertly crafted drum database designed with the sole aim of adding a depth, warmth and crunch that's so hard to re-create without masses of hardware and is so often missing with other sample collections. In summary, the collection packs in club-ready kicks, claps, snares, hats, cymbals and assorted percussion hits, with each one-shot offered with two analogue tape variations, processed through chains of high-end outboard and a classic Studer A800 tape machine and Studer Reox machine for that elusive warmth and colour. Each section comes with a full complement of custom Kontakt4 instruments, so you can get to work tweaking and using the right tools for each sound with zero set-up time in your sampler. Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Logics EXS24, Reasons NNXT and special patches for import into Ableton are also included. All the patches are organised for various samplers for ease of use, making full use of all the tools and technology that allows the modern producer the ability to concentrate on writing great music with unique and cutting edge results that may otherwise be prohibitively expensive. Download contains: 4000+ x 24-bit Wav one-shots. Download size: 486MB (unzipped). * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House • Deep House

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 - Super Alpha
Super AlphaNo Dough SamplesHouse2012-01-23

Massive slice of 80s and 90s synth heaven in this 3.5GB multisample instrument library packed with bass, keys, brass, lead, pad and poly patches from the distinctive Roland Alpha Juno. Super Alpha Is not just about sampling a piece of hardware, it's about sampling a piece of hardware at its very very best - putting that authentic 80s and 90s sound sound direct into your DAW or sampler of choice. No Dough have teamed the Alpha Juno with the best of modern sound design and chains of super high- quality outboard to create 163 hybrid sampler instruments (Kontakt, EXS24, Halion, Reason) which epitomize the 90s sound. Each patch has been hand-crafted by running it through a custom set of outboard gear to bring the classic sound of the Alpha right up to date for the demands of contemporary producers and sound systems. Each patch is multisampled from the original hardware, also sampling numerous velocity layers in most patches to give you the expressiveness and responsiveness of the real kit. To top it off, everything has been recorded in 96000hz double rates to capture every last detail in the highest quality. Download contains: 163 x sampler patches in Kontakt, EXS24, Halion, Reason formats, plus associated 96kHz 24-bit Wav files. Download size: 2.5GB (zipped). * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chill Out • Tech House • Disco / Nu Disco

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 - Classic FM
Classic FMNo Dough SamplesPresets / Patches2012-01-20

Unmissable FM synthesis for house, techno, electro and synth pop in this stunning collection of sampler patches created from classic FM synthesisers such as the DX7 and Tx81z. The Hardware FM sound is very distinctive and has created some of the more unique and memorable sounds in modern music. This pack epitomises the best of Hardware FM synthesisers, from the DX7 to Tx81z, offering 246 hybrid sample instruments that bring some of the most famous and unique-sounding synths to your sampler of your choice. Loaded with custom-created patches especially for this pack and alongside some of the famous patches from yesteryear (LatelyBass anyone?), each patch is organised for ease of use in Kontakt, Logic EXS24, Reason NNXT and Halion. Patches are divided into folders of Bass, Strings, Leads, Synths, Organs, Perc, Drums & FX. Each sound has been sampled to provide the best expressiveness and playability right out of the box. If a sound relied on a cool velocity response then it's included. Each sound was sampled extensively to capture the vibe of the vibe of the hardware at its best. Totalling 4.1GB of content, the soul of hardware FM synthesis now available in your sampler. The tone power and sheer weight of these instruments will blow you away. Download contains: 246 x sampler patches for Kontakt, Logic EXS24, Reason NNXT and Halion. Download size: 3GB (zipped). 96000kHz, 24bit WAV

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 - House Music
House MusicNo Dough SamplesHouse2012-01-20

No Dough make their debut on S2S with a stunning selection of 7000+ house loops, hits and multi-sampled instruments expertly crafted from and array classic kit and modern hardware marvels. Programmed for the cutting-edge dancefloor with all t he deep and warmt h t hat only analogue gear can offer, House Music rides the crest of the house wave being pushed by Hot Creations, Maceo Plex and Catz n Dogz - deep analogue basses, crisp and crunchy beats and space-age synths. House Music puts the sounds of some of the most enduring outboard equipment into your hands, including Studer 1/4 Tape Machines, SSL Compressors and custom built Outboard EQ in specially designed chains specifically tweaked to add depth to your sound. Divided into sections of Synths, Bass, Drums and Loops, the collection offers up 250 ready-rolled bass and synth loops (Wav, Rex) with associated Midi files, 4000 drum and percussion hits sampled through 2 classic tape machines and a crunchy MPC, plus 53 multi-sampled instruments featuring expertly crafted sounds from a mixture of modern and classic analog synthesizers such as the Juno60, AlphaJuno, Jx3p and Oberhiem's. Clever and user-friendly features such as Kontakt4 custom front-ends and the addition of Midi files for all loop compositions are offered as standard, giving you all the tools to concentrate on what matters most - being creative. If you're seeking that full analogue sound but don't have the money or space then House Music is an essential purchase. Download contains: 7045 x 24-bit Wavs, 250 x Rex Loops, 250 x Midi files, 53 multisampled instruments (Kontakt / Logic EXS24 / Reason NNXT / Soundfont). Download size: 2.3GB (zipped). * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • MIDI • Tech House