Peace Love Productions is responsible for inspiring many budding producers through unique loop packs for over ten years. PLP loops are cut with precision and formatted specifically for popular music applications using robust metadata for time-stretching and transposing. Anyone using loops to create music or enhance a DJ set has probably used PLP material whether they know it or not. PLP Founder Jason Donnelly (DJ Puzzle) has produced loops in a range of genres ever since he started his career with Sony Creative Software in 1998, back when it was still called Sonic Foundry. His work for Acid DJ 3.0 eventually led to him starting Peace Love Productions (PLP), one of the first to offer Acid loops (Sonic Foundry being the first). More than a few aspiring producers landed deals using PLP loops. PLP now offers Recycle Rx2 and Apple-looped AIFF as well as ACIDized WAV

PLP :: Packs

PLP Sample Packs

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 - Fidget House
Fidget HousePLPHouse, Tech House2012-11-20

Fidget House by PLP is a synth and bass heavy collection of loops and samples for producing Fidget House and Glitch House. You get Synths, Basses, Fidgets, Kicks, Snares, Percussion, Drum One Shots, Sound Effects, Leads, Pads, and much more. The term “Fidget House” was coined as a joke by the production team of Jesse Rose and Switch but this genre is no joke. This massive kit includes the essential sounds needed to produce a Glitchy cut up style of House with big bass lines and punchy drums. 377 loops and 44 one shots. All loops are tempo synced. Tempo and root note info in file names as well as in the meta data. Choose from ACIDized wav, Apple-looped Aiff, and Recycle Rex. 24 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo

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DJ Puzzle - DJ Puzzle Downtempo Lounge
DJ Puzzle Downtempo LoungePLPChill Out2012-09-27

DJ Puzzle's Downtempo Lounge is a complete "construction kit" set of loops and samples has something for every producer of Downtempo, Trip Hop, Down Beat, IDM, and Chillout. Every loop is the perfect blend of isolated layers that will get you creating your own tunes with little effort. They'll inspire you on those days when you really need a boost. All of the drums are separated by instrument such as Hi Hats, Percussion, Kicks, and Snares. Sounds include, Strings, Basses, Percussion, Turntable FX, Pads, Sound Effects, and more. This is a great single collection of loops but it will also make for a great companion to any collection. 13 song session folders. 195 royalty free loops cut with precision. Session folders are organized by BPM and Key. As always our loops are edited perfectly to tempo and formatted into three formats. ACIDized wav, Apple-loop aif, and Recycle Rx2. Root note and tempo in is included in the files names as well as embedded as metadata in each file. 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo. • WAV = 400 MB • AIFF = 400 MB • REX = 277

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 - Synth Fuel V1: Arpeggiators & Pads
Synth Fuel V1: Arpeggiators & PadsPLPTechno, Trance2012-09-26

Synth Fuel Vol. 1 is a massive, one gigabyte collection of , you guest it, Synths. This volume focuses on Arpeggiations and Pads. Nothing but the best in Analog and Analog Modeling hardware synths were used. The Arpeggiators folder is 131 files deep and includes both leads and bases. Each Arpeggiator loop was recorded at 110 BPMs and sustained for a minimum of four measures in 4/4 time and performed in two octaves (two of the following three: A1,A2, & occasionally A3). The purpose of this structure is to give you more flexibility of use within your software application of choice. The Pads folder is 50 loops deep using the same structure. There is a slight difference here and it is that each pad loop is performed in both a major and minor triad where as the Arpeggiators are all sustained single notes. All of the Arps and Pads have a root note of A at various octaves on the keyboard with a majority at A1 and A2. Next we have the SFX folder. This folder contains 10 Sound Effects such as builds, swooshes, transitions, bleeps, and sweeps recorded at 110 BPMs. Check out "Synth Fuel V2: Drones & FX" on this site for more SFX. Now let's move on to the Synthworks folder. This folder is 45 loops recorded at both 100 and 110 BPMs. Synthworks is an excellent bonus selection of Arpeggiations and simple lead performances all with a root not of C. We don't leave you hanging, some beats were thrown in for good measure. You'll get 120 assorted beats ranging from 80-120 BPMs. Genres include Downbeat, Hip Hop, Breaks, House, and Live. To top it off we have our Percussion folder! Wow, does this pack stop? This folder is 80 loops of exotic world percussion performed and recorded live in the Transalarm studio Chicago. Each of the percussion loops was performed at 80 BPMs. Whew! You will never need a single Synth Pad or Arpeggiation loop again. Be sure to get both Synth Fuel Volumes (Synth Fuel V. 2 Drones & FX) because together they make on unstoppable force of synth material. A total of 445 Files. 24 Bit 44.1kHz Stereo .wav .rx2 and .aif.

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 - Deep Space
Deep SpacePLPSound FX2012-08-14

Ever wonder what it sounds like in space? Well we believe it goes a little something like this. Deep Space is a collection of long Ambient Soundscapes designed for producing Ambient Space Music. Sound folders include Contact, Dark Matter, Deep Space, Gamma Ray Bursts, Outer Reaches, Radiation, Solar Flares, and Space Junk. Over 1 gigabyte of content. 95 extremely long loops in all at 110 BPM. You may also use these sounds as Science Fiction sound effects and experimental art pieces. 95 Loops. 24 bit 44.1 kHz Wav & Apple Stereo . 110 BPM

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 - Real Techno 150 BPM
Real Techno 150 BPMPLPTechno2012-08-13

The Real Techno 150 BPM is a massive collection of fast minimal Techno loops and samples. Get that instant underground sound of the Rave at your fingertips. Sound folders include Ambient, Basses, Beats, Breakdowns, Builds, Impacts, Kicks, Minimal Percussion, SFX, and Synths. 302 loops and 106 Drum Oneshots. Recorded in Various keys at 150 BPMs. Inspired by artists like DJ Umek, DJ Hyperactive, Mauro Picotto, Sven Vath, Alexander Fog, Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, and Adam Beyer. Produced by industry veteran DJ Puzzle. 24 bit 44.1kHz Stereo 302 loops and 106 Drum One- shots 150 BPM

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 - Jazzy House Loops & Midi
Jazzy House Loops & MidiPLPHouse, MIDI2012-08-06

Pianist John Hobart and PLP team up to bring you a gigantic collection of loops for producing up beat Jazzy House. This collection provides midi files, loops, and one-shot samples. Sound folders include, long solos, keyboard cut upz, kicks, snare, percussion, hi hats, basses, pads, SFX, filtered rhythms, beat layers, and kickless grooves. The possibilities of this package are practically limitless and extremely versatile when producing just about any form of House. The main focus of Jazzy House are it's Jazzy Keys. The midi folder includes 3 long 8 measure solos and 34 House bass lines. There are two Jazzy solos and one Latin solo. Use the midi files with your favorite VSTi or synthesizer and have complete control over the performance. It's like having your very own soloing keyboardist at your finger tips (no pun intended). That's just the beginning. Use the cut up loops to put a new twist on your tunes by giving them the popular edit effect. Each drum layer adds a new dimension to the groove by providing isolated kicks, snare, snaps, claps, hi hats, percussion, kickless rhythms, and pumping layers. You'll get lost in designing your own beats for sure. There are also 83 drum one-shots to top it all off. 464 Loops and 83 Drum One Shots. Recorded in various keys at 120 BPMs. 24 bit 44.1kHz Stereo

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 - Tough Breaks
Tough BreaksPLPBreaks2012-08-01

Tough Breaks by Peace Love Productions and Metachemical. For producing Nu School Breakbeat music with some serious Cohunes if you know what I mean. Hard hitting drums, bass, and synth riffs for really tearing up the dancefloor. 163 loops, 33 Drum One Shots, and 65 midi files (drum beats, synth riffs, and basslines). This pack isn't loaded up with mixed beat loops. Instead you'll get separated drum stems for each instrument - ie kicks, snares, percussion, hi hats, and cymbals. Mix and match to create your own beats. Also includes synth riffs, basslines, and SFX. What's more you'll get supporting midi files for selected loops to give you even more creative freedom by allowing you to dial up your favorite synth patch or drum samples. Specifications: • 163 loops, • 33 Drum One Shots, • 65 midi files • 24bit 44.1kHz Stereo files Apple Loops, REX and WAV.

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 - Dubstep Beats & FX
Dubstep Beats & FXPLPDubstep, Sound FX2012-07-28

This set was designed for Dubstep producers but it serves other purposes. 1) You can use these loops along with your existing Dubstep sound palette. 2) They make perfectly spaced out Drum n Bass breakdowns. 4) You have more Ambient sounds for your Space music. 5) They are great as sound effects and very useful for scoring video and games. Inspired by tunes like Skream's Midnite Request Line. These beats are dubby and dark. There are 80 Dark Ambient loops and 56 tripped out Dubstep beats recorded at 140 BPM.24 bit 44.1kHz Stereo.

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 - Electro DnB
Electro DnBPLPDrum & Bass2012-07-18

Metachemical and Dj Puzzle join forces to combine the sounds of Electro, Drum n Bass, and Dubstep. There is nothing like this collection of loops anywhere else. Kits include Basses, Synths, Kicks, Snares, Cymbals, Percussion, SFX, and a comprehensive Wobble Bass section. Each Wobble Bass sample wobbles in 2,4,8,12,16, and 32 note durations. Literally build your own Wobble Bass patterns by splicing each bit together. There are 130 loops, 35 midi files, and 100 one shot drum samples. BPMs range from 172 to 178.

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 - Modern German Synths
Modern German SynthsPLPTechno2012-07-12

Modern German Synths is a complete collection of the hottest club synths to date. PLP used top of the line German manufactured synths, drum machines, and groove boxes to produce this amazing compilation of loops and samples. Modern German Synths includes Leads, Pads, Apreggiations, Basses, Drums, and Sound Effects. Good for producing minimal Techno, Progressive House, and much more. Tempo and key info is included in the file names. Each loop was formatted with robust meta data for programs like Acid Pro, Sonar, Cubase, Reason, Logic, Garageband, and Fruity Loops. 24 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo files. 400 loops and 80 one-shots.

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 - Glitch FM
Glitch FMPLPChill Out, Sound FX2012-07-03

The focus of this collection is FM synthesis and Glitched out rhythms. Many sound sources were used to achieve an extreme Glitch effect. PLP uses FM Synthesis, FFT synthesis, additive/subtractive synthesis, and home brewed DSP routines to produce this collection of loops and samples. There are 400 loops & 60 drum one shots. Sound folders included Ambient Beds, Drones, Glitch Beats, Lo Fi Glitch Beats, Basses, and Master Blasters. Producers can use this collection alone to create something new or simply add instant Glitch to their existing sound. Inspired by the Warp Records sound. Good for Glitch Hop, Ambient, Experimental, Minimal, and Microsound. All loops recorded at 100 BPM. 24 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo.

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 - California Undergound Electro
California Undergound ElectroPLPElectro House2012-07-02

California has definitely made it’s mark on the Electro scene in the past few years. Artists such as Steve Aoki, James Amato, and Reid Speed have been paving the path. Loop producer Dj Puzzle has helped us tap their creative sources for inspiration. This is how we came up with California Underground Electro. The key focus here is a huge collection of Moog Voyager synth themes. Each theme has multiple variations and knob tweaks. This will allow you to piece them together to create musical dynamics such as build ups and break downs. There are also other themes which include Nord Lead and Access Virus TI2. CA Electro is heavy on the synths and light on the drums but you will find enough mixed beats and individual drums to layer and create your own grooves. You’ll get enough elements of both the laid back and aggressive sides of Electro for producing that next Beatport chart topper. Slice and dice these loops to create your own sound or simply follow the construction kits suggestions for instant inspiration. 473 loops. 24 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo

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 - TB 303 Synths
TB 303 SynthsPLPTechno2012-06-22

Add a classic Acid synth and bass line to your tracks and hear the difference it makes while it snakes between your grooves. Synths used TB-303 & Future Retro Revolution FR-777. Good for Acid House, Acid Techno, Acid Trance 59 loops 16 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo

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 - Urban Street Remix
Urban Street RemixPLPHip-Hop / R&B2012-06-18

The Urban Street mix pack comes complete with beats, basslines, keyboards, synths, sound effects, and more. This collection is perfect for producers looking for timless Hip Hop sounds. They are Dirty, Deep, Laid Back, Funky, and Bumpin'. Sounds like Dirty South, Southern Gangsta Beats, 50 Cent, Three 6 Mafia; and on the lighter side, Missy Elliot, Tribe Called Quest, and Common. It's all there but it's up to you to put the pieces back together. 51 loops, 13 One shots. 16 bit stereo 44.1kHz

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 - Electronic Tranceference Synths
Electronic Tranceference SynthsPLPTrance, Breaks2012-05-30

A perfect collection of synths in the PsyTrance, Hard Trance, Goa, Euro, NRG, and Techno genres. 34 Loops seamlessly looped at 130MPBs to give you that perfect fit to drop in any composition. They are liquid, metallic, filtered, and wet. Also includes bonus beats. 16 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo

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 - Filter House
Filter HousePLPHouse2012-05-29

Filter House is for producing Hard Disco, Funk House, and French Filter House music. You'll get guitars, percussion, kicks, snares, hi hats, synths, basslines, vocal FX, and brass.

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 - Swing Arp Stutter
Swing Arp StutterPLPTechno, Tech House2012-01-03

Add these synths to your Progressive House, Tech House, and Trance set to give it some extra life. There are 105 loops in total. Includes a balanced selection of arpeggiator synths and stutter synths. You'll also get some bonus drums, leads, progressive chords, and pads. Produced by DJ Puzzle. Rise effects in demo not included. This is a concept Synth loops library. Each loop is alive with swing and bounce. A Virus TI2 Desktop was used to produce this kit.

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 - Wobble Talk
Wobble TalkPLPDubstep2011-12-19

Peace Love Productions announces Wobble Talk Dubstep Synths, Basses and SFX. Inspired by artists Noisia, Skrillex, and Skream to name a few. All those insane hard to find modern Dubstep and Brostep bass sounds are here in this tight little pack. We must warn you, this is not a construction kit. Sounds included, RoboBasses, Synths, SFX, and Drums. This is the perfect collection of loops for the sound designer at heart. These samples and loops were created with editing in mind. Cut and splice them. Chop them them up. Make them your own tune! This is the dark "growly" side of Dubstep and Bass music. In total there are 97 loops and 40 oneshots. Also includes some drums to get your started. Produced by DJ Puzzle. He also just produced five new Dubstep construction kits for Sony Creative Software.

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 - Nu Jack House
Nu Jack HousePLPHouse, Tech House2011-12-16

Nu Jack House is a combination of Nu House and Deep Jackin' Chicago House. You'll get 14 session folders packed with construction kit formatted loops. Add them all up for a total of over 350 loops. You'll also get 58 MIDI Riff .mid files, 2 Acid Pro Demo Songs, and bonus demo mixes to play in your mp3 player. Mix and match the loops from all 14 session to create the ultimate hybrid of Nu House and Jack House. The possibilities are endless. Produced by Chicago born DJ Puzzle. 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo .wav .aiff and .rx2

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 - Metachemical Nu Skool Breaks
Metachemical Nu Skool BreaksPLPBreaks, Dubstep2011-11-02

Peace Love Productions and Canadian music producer Mike Stannard aka *Metachemical* bring you a speaker shredding collection of Nu Skool Breakbeat construction kits. Metachemical Nu Skool Breaks is perfect for all of your Breakbeat needs. You'll get perfectly edited instrument loops and isolated drum layers. The sounds from this collection include harsh Synths, tastefully distorted Electric Bass, punchy Kicks & Snares, Percussion, Sound Effects, and more. There are 17 sessions categorized by tempo. Mix and match or just simply recreate and complete the original ideas. The possibilities are endless. A total of 310 loops 60 drum one-shots. 24 Bit 44.1kHz Stereo .wav, .aif, and .rx2 (key and tempo information provided).

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 - Uncharted Planets
Uncharted PlanetsPLPSound FX2011-11-02

Peace Love Productions and Ma Ja Le team up to bring you Uncharted Planets. Ma Ja Le is a sound design team who has worked for the Sony Media Software line of products since it was Sonic Foundry. Christopher Short & Paul Vnuk Jr. as Ma Ja Le' have developed several ACID loop libraries for Sony's ACID software including Saturn & Elsewhere which received many excellent reviews in magazines like Recording Magazine. The sounds you'll get here are long evolving Ambient Soundscapes, Ambient Violins, Glitch Grooves, Mixed Beats, Trippy Guitars, Spacey Sound Effects, and Exotic Hand Percussion. The production possibilities are endless. 268 loops 24 bit 44.1 Stereo Files

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 - Industrial EBM
Industrial EBMPLPTechno, MIDI2011-10-24

Industrial EBM is a dark adventure into the world of electronic gloom. This sample package contains 27 Drum One Shots, 10 Construction Kit Sessions, 213 Loops, and 79 Synth Riff Midi files. Sound folders include isolated drum layers, guitars, sound effects, synth basses, arpeggiators, synth leads, pads, noise, and more. Produced by Chicago Industrial Group "Khemique". Inspired by Combichrist, Die Sektor, Grendel, Columbine, Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy, Stromkern, Amduscia, Julien-K, and Covenant • Over 1.5GB of content • 24 bit 44.1khz stereo • .wav .aif. .rx2 .mid

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 - Progressive Dance Pack
Progressive Dance PackPLPProgressive House, Electro House2011-09-20

Progressive Dance Pack is a cerebral construction kit packed full of loops and samples for producing European House, Progressive House, Deep House, and Trancey House. The sounds include Arpeggiations, Atmospherics, Basses, Booms, Claps, Riffs, SFX, Melody Hooks, Mixed Beats, Hi Hats, Hits, Pads, Percussion, Rhythmic Synths, and Snares. You'll get 230 loops recorded at 120 and 125 BPMs plus 78 Midi Synth Riffs in .mid and an Acid Pro starter songs (WAV download only). It's melodic,moody,moving,deep, and dark. See you on the other side. All loops & samples recorded at 120 and 125 BPM. 24 bit 44/1 kHz stereo Download contains: 230 loops at 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo, 78 .mid. 24 bit 44/1 kHz stereo

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 - DJ Puzzle Drum n Bass
DJ Puzzle Drum n BassPLPDrum & Bass2011-09-06

Drum n Bass Micro pack by PLP is for producing Jazzy, Liquid, Tech Step, and Dark DnB. You'll get Jazzy Keys, Synths, Basses, SFX, Beats, Vocal Stabs, Midi Files

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 - Progressive Euro
Progressive EuroPLPTrance, Progressive House2011-08-17

Hard-hitting collection of high-energy tools for progressive, trance and hard dance producers. Totalling 490 loops, Progressive Euro is jam-packed with up-front elements for pure progressive dancefloor bombs, from lush synthetic beds and atmospheric pads to soaring synths and energetic arpeggios, plus ready-rolled drum grooves, 61 sampler-ready drum hits, twisted FX and more. The collection is sub-divided into folders of Ambient Beds, Arpeggiations, Atmospheric Pads, Basses, Deep Synths, Build Ups, Drum One Shots, Filtered Patterns, Glitched Patterns, Hi Hats, Kicks, Snares, Percussion, Mixed Beats, Epic Pads, Leads, Hooks, SFX, Synth Things, and Trance Riffs. The collection also boasts 15 bonus Midi files for ultimate control of melodic elements. The collection is presented in 16-bit Wav format, Apple Loops and Rex2 formats. Download contains: • 551 x 24-bit Wav, • 551 x AIFF/Apple Loops, • 490 x REX2. Download comes as 3 separate files: 513MB, 300MB, 540MB, (zipped).

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 - Clubland Build-Ups
Clubland Build-UpsPLPElectro House2011-08-16

Unmissable build-up toolkit bursting with twisted loops and huge FX for system-smashing transitions in electro, tech and progressive productions. As the sonic climax of a track, the build-up and breakdown is an essential part of any dancefloor bomb and adding loops and effects that build tension and anticipation are fundamental tools in the process. PLP step up to deliver 165 pitch-rampers, phaser modulations, sustain and release decays, white noise builds, filter workouts, ducking loops, reverse swells, swooshes, and sweeps for epic mainroom builds. Each loop is precision cut to tempo and meticulously mixed to slot seamlessly into the mix. The collection also boasts 100 punchy drum hits for bespoke beatmaking, 38 Midi files for custom control over melodic and rhythmic elements, plus 60 construction kits packed with synths, basses, drums and FX for instant track inspiration. The collection is presented in 24-bit Wav, Apple Loops and Rex2 formats. Download contains: • 365 x 24-bit Wav, • 365 x AIFF/Apple Loops, • 200 x REX2. Download comes as 3 separate files: 739MB, 739MB, 557MB (zipped).

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 - Neuro Drum & Bass
Neuro Drum & BassPLPDrum & Bass2011-08-11

Blistering drum breaks, slamming kick/snare patterns, big baselines, wild arpeggios, jazzy keys, synth stabs, FX and more abound in this tech-tinged collection of D&B elements. Taking inspiration from D&B luminaries such as Ed Rush & Optical, Matrix, and Fierce, Neuro Drum & Bass leans towards the techier end of the D&B spectrum, packing in dark synthesis and devilish drum programming to devastating effect. Sub-divided into folders of drums, bass, synths, jazzy keys, percussion, pads, arpeggiators, drum rolls and FX, all the loops are precision-cut at 170bpm for instant drop and rock action in your DAW. If you like your D&B dark, techy, sinister and fiercy fast then Neuro Drum & Bass is for you. Download contains: • 318 x 16-bit Wavs, • 18 x Apple Loops, • 318 x Rex Loops. Download comes as 3 separate files: 190MB, 327MB, 356MB (zipped).

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 - Duck & Pump Electro House
Duck & Pump Electro HousePLPHouse, Electro House2011-08-11

PLP push the sidechain compression to the max to created 380+ super-pumped basslines, pads, synths, FX, vocals custom-designed for up-front electro, tech and progressive house productions. Built for the electro house, fidget house and progressive house arenas, Duck & Pump provides ready-rolled sidechained loops in the style made famous by Daft Punk, Benny Benassi and Deadmau5 - just layer a kick of your choice to feel the force. The collection is sub-divided into folders of Ducking Basses, Ducking Pads, Ducking Synths, Drums, Mixed Beats, Hi Hats, Kicks, Snares, Percussion, Crashes, Transition SFX, Uplifting SFX, Unprocessed Synths, Fidgets, Unprocessed Basses, Club FX, and Vocal Bits. There's also a bonus folder of rock solid drum hits for unique beat building. The collection is offered in 24-bit Wav, Apple Loops and Rex2 format for cross-platform compatibility. Download contains: • 421 x 24-bit Wavs, • 421 x Apple Loops, • 421 x Rex Loops. Download comes as 3 separate files: 604MB, 837MB, 839MB (zipped).

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 - Studio Breaks
Studio BreaksPLPBreaks, Drums2011-08-04

PLP and Transalarm Recordings team up to deliver 530+ raw, dirty and live breakbeats for instant hip hop, breaks, dubstep or D&B rhythm-rockers. Performed and produced by Felix Miklik, a variety of microphones and mic techniques were employed to ensure maximum punch and organic grit was captured on every single loop. All 537 loops are offered up at tempos ranging from 60 to a soaring 140 - serving producers working in hip hop, breakbeat, dubstep and even D&B. For broken beat producers seeking raw live beats, Studio Breaks will be a welcome addition to their beat arsenal. Download contains: • 537 x 24-bit Acidized Wav, • 537 x AIFF/Apple Loops, • 537 x REX2. Download comes as 3 separate files: 404MB, 361MB, 362MB (zipped).

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 - Miami Dance
Miami DancePLPElectro House2011-06-30

Peace Love Productions is pleased to announce the release of Miami Dance a collection of loops and samples for producing dance music and the many sub genres of Dance including but not limited to Electro House, Progressive House, Breakbeat, Deep House, and Trance. This 2 gb download contains over 700 loops and samples. Each file is formatted with root note and BPM metadata. This same info is also specified in the file names. Sound folders include Synth Leads, Long Builds, Short Builds, Pads, SFX, Kicks, Claps, Hi Hats, Breakbeats, Percussion, Beat Tops, Vocal Edits, Cut Ups, Quick Edits, Mixed Beats, Impacts, and Basses. There are side chained versions of select synth and bass parts to quickly give producers the Ducking compression effect. Additionally there are long synth loops that were produced with gradual adjustments of release and decay to create dynamic build ups. In total there are 169 Oneshot samples and 570 loops. 24 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo. ACIDized Wav Apple-looped Aiff

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 - Micro House
Micro HousePLPHouse, Minimal / Deep Tech2011-06-30

400+ deep, glitched and minimal-infused house loops and one-shots custom-programmed for house, tech house and minimal producers. Glitched and twitched tech tops, sub-strong kicks, ambient textures, understated synths, atmospheric pads, acid-infused basslines and a grab-bag of synthetic drum hits combine to create a rich resource of house tools primed for the deeper dancefloor. Easy layering is at the heart of this collection: each and every loop is just the right side of sparse, making it a breeze to layer loops to create detailed percussive rhythms and melodic textures. For those craving more creative control there are 20 Midi files: change the key of the loop, edit the tempo, notation, velocity, length and a whole lot more to create your own custom melodics and rhythms. All loops are tempo-synced at 120bpm for instant mix and match compatibility. Download contains: • 412 x 24-bit Acidized Wav, • 412 x AIFF/Apple Loops, • 412 x REX2, 20 Midi files, • 3 ACID Pro starter files. Download comes as 3 separate files: 588MB, 442MB, 622MB (zipped).

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 - Scratch Boom Bap!
Scratch Boom Bap!PLPHip-Hop / R&B2011-06-14

DJ Puzzle breaks out with this long awaited follow up to Scratch Tactics. Scratch Boom Bap is a huge library of loops and samples for producing underground Hip Hop and Mushroom Jazz grooves. The one thing that makes this loop pack truly special is the extensive set of Moog samples, both synths and synth drums. There are 210 *Moog* synth samples. 2-4 notes at multiple octaves for each patch! Load them into your favorite sampler. Moog one shots are looped at 94 BPM. You'll also get 124 Moog SynDrums and 60 drum oneshots. What's in the collection? Loop folders include Basses, Cymbals, High Hats, Snares, Kicks, Dj Scratches, Synths, Keys, Organs, E-Pianos, Brass, SFX, and much more. Inspired by artists like Dj Format, MF Doom, Devine Styler, Quasimoto, Q-Tip, Madlib, Binary Star, Macvillian, Mos Def, Delltron 3030, and Murs. Tempos from 90-95 BPM. 24 Bit 44.1kHz Stereo Full download includes: 614 loops and 394 one-shot samples presented as 24-bit Acidized Wavs (738.2MB zipped), Apple Loops / AIFFS (737.9MB zipped) and ReCycle / Rex loops (505.8MB zipped). Download comes as three separate zip fills.

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 - Acid x0x Synths
Acid x0x SynthsPLPTechno2011-06-14

A squelchy selection of authentic acid leads and basses created using a vintage selection of highly-prized Roland X0X and the Firstman SQ-01. From super-squelchy 303 basslines and hey-day acid house leads, full-fat TR series drums (including TR606, 707, 727 and 909) to sweeping synth atmospherics, Acid Synths puts the power of this audiophile's dream at your fingertips. From acid house and Detroit techno through to trance and psytrance, this collection of killer loops has all you need dial up some serious warehouse flavours. All loops are tempo-synced at 123 and 124pbm. Download contains: • 388 x 24-bit Acidized Wav, • 388x AIFF/Apple Loops, • 388x REX2. Download comes as 3 separate files: 691MB, 598MB, 688MB (zipped).

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 - Reese Attack!
Reese Attack!PLPDrum & Bass2009-10-30

Reese Attack is a collection of Basses, leads, and synths for Drum n Bass. They were inspired by the Reese Bass sound pioneered by Kevin Saunderson (Reese Project) in late 80s. It has quickly become a staple sound in Drum n Bass and has also made its way into recent Tech House, 4 x 4 Bassline, and Techno. Each loop was recorded at 160 BPM with a root note of C. There are 45 loops in total. This pack also includes 11 Synth Pads, 2 Percussion, and 2 Arpeggiators. 24 bit 44.1kHz Stereo.

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 - Viral Electro Synths
Viral Electro SynthsPLPElectro House2009-09-25

Viral Electro House Synths is a speaker thrashing set of Nu Electro House, Fidget House, and Deep Techno synths produced by DJ Puzzle. He used top of the line virtual analogue hardware synths through custom DSP to produce the sickest synths and basslines for Electro. They were designed to give you many options for editing and remixing. Loop them for one measure, in half, or let them play all the way out. Transpose them into any key. Splice and edit micro samples from them to create your own totally unique fills and patterns. You'll also get a bonus "beats & stuff" folder with kicks, claps, hi hats, percussion, and transition effects. Improve your remixes and DJ mixes instantly using these loops in your favorite DAW or audio editor. 253 loops. 24 bit 44.1kHz Stereo.

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 - Rock Gutiars
Rock GutiarsPLPDance2008-04-08

This is not your typical Guitar loop library. PLP Rock Guitars is the perfect blend of dry Acoustic and saturated Electric rhythms. You'll get some good old fashion Rock Guitar loops to liven up your tunes. This library includes Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, and even Guitar Synths. Each loop was recorded in the key of A and at 120 BPMs. 562 loops. 24 bit 44.1kHz Stereo