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Prime Loops provide award-winning sound libraries, fresh in tune with the evolving music scene. We are an extremely passionate team of engineers, sound designers & DJs, hailing from London, UK. All of our loops, samples & sounds are completely royalty free and have been designed to give you instant inspiration for your music productions, soundtracks, game themes, sync projects and a whole lot more!

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 - XXL Hip Hop Drums
XXL Hip Hop DrumsPrime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B, Drums2009-12-16

XXL Hip Hop Drums" is a powerful collection of beefy, hard-hitting hip hop drum hits. Designed to pack a serious punch, these handcrafted hip hop drum samples have been optimised with state of-the-art studio hardware equipment, valve compression and the finest equalizers. Finding decent hip hop drum samples can be tough, drums create the backbone rhythm to the entire track, so using the correct drum sounds is very important. Many producers settle for lo-fi, clicky, amateur drum samples, which ultimately affect the mix, and can be heard easily by those with a tuned ear. Fortunately Prime Loops' new hip hop drum hits sound suite - "XXL Hip Hop Drums", offers a much-needed dose of over 330 high profile, enhanced drum sounds that pack a serious bang for your buck. Prime Loops' "XXL Hip Hop Drums" one-shot sample pack contains: · Over 100 chunky XXL kicks · Over 100 phat XXL snares · 40 charismatic cymbals · 55 ultra-crisp open/closed hi-hats · 25 shakers & tambourines and lots more... You won't find cheap, clicky, lo-fi drum samples here... Strictly optimised and individually mastered at a 24-bit sample rate, these beats are maximised big, bad, real hip hop drums specifically designed for maximum impact, and presence in your mix. The demo showcases beats made with this Sound Suite to give you a feel for the drum sounds and their capabilities. If you're tired of using low quality over-used drum samples, then it's definitely time you upped your game with a library you can rely on. "XXL Hip Hop Drums" brings the heat, and will deliver solid, chunky drums, whenever you need them, time and time again.

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 - Human Beatbox Samples
Human Beatbox SamplesPrime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B, Vocal2009-12-16

These jaw dropping beatbox samples are performed by Mowgli of the World Beatbox Convention, a professional beatboxer, sound engineer and DJ. Having signed alongside Rhazel, Killa Kella, Shlomo and many others with the world's most famous human beatbox agency AllFromTheMouth, this truly is a rare chance to get hold of professional level elite material. Mowgli has kept his beatbox techniques a closely guarded secret...until now! This is a complete collection of previously unheard and totally exclusive human beatbox samples, sound FX & vocals covering the entire spectrum. These precision beatbox samples have been recorded using a Rode NT2000, valve compressor, processed through the finest mic pre-amp, and mixed and optimised using Focusrite equalizers. With an extensive collection of over 200 individually optimised samples, this high octane sound suite also includes unbelievable beatbox 808 snares, imaginative percussive licks, earth-shaking bass sounds, sonic percussive FX, phat bass kicks, next level vocal turntable effects and much more! These awe-inspiring high definition sounds will fit effortlessly into your music, and inspire a multitude of musical styles and original creations. Alongside the 217 beatbox samples, this extraordinary sound suite also comes pre-arranged into 20 kits for your favourite sampler including; the first ever "All Beatbox" 808 & 909 Drum Beatbox Kit, Percussion Kit, Electronic Kit, Dance Kits, Hip Hop & RnB Kits, Vocal Kit, Acoustic Kit, and many more... plus a useful compilation of carefully compiled kits containing all; kicks, snares, hi-hats, vocals & FX, so you can audition and integrate these samples at your convenience. On top of all that you also get over 60 "Beatbox Instruments", containing vocal bass, synths, adlibs, and phrases, so you can play back your own beatbox basslines, re-create beatbox beats, pitch vocals...the creative possibilities are literally endless! This truly is the ultimate human beatbox samples collection, and essential vocal percussion groove agent...to get an idea of what's inside this amazing sound suite check out the live beatbox demo showcase from Mowgli, showing his unique, chunky & insanely inspiring beatbox style. All the snares, bass kicks, hi-hats, vocals, FX and other sounds in the demo are present in this beatbox collection amongst many, many more... Indulge yourself in a creative dose of professional human beatbox samples & rich vocal percussion, and hear the difference when you add a unique human edge to your music.

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 - Complete 808 & 909 Drum Machines
Complete 808 & 909 Drum MachinesPrime LoopsDrums2009-12-16

All the 808 & 909 drum samples have been recorded directly from our in-studio 808 & 909 drum machine consoles. The 808 & 909 drum machine sounds are a legend in their own right, with it being nearly impossible to actually get hold of a real 808 or 909 drum machine, the drum sounds found within this sought after sound suite offer the full original archive. The drums have been recorded in pristine condition, and not processed or altered in any way so that you can load up the truly amazing sound of the 808 & 909 drum machines as they were originally intended. Alongside the high quality .WAV drum hits, you also have an option of choosing kits including all kicks, snares, hi-hats, toms, percussion etc, for your favourite sampler, including 808/909 kits for: Halion, Kontakt, Emu X2, Reason Refill, Battery, Sonar, EXS24 and more. Many providers offer simulations of the 808 & 909 sound, and you may end up with incomplete, lo-fi and unusable sounds. There are very few that can offer genuine recordings of the entire drum machine's collection (over 260 drum samples) so we are confident when we say this is the real deal! The famous 808 bass drum sounds, mixed with the crisp, cutting 909 snares have been used by top producers around the world time and time again, with proven results, the 808 & 909 drum drops have graced many hits, and no doubt many more to come. These drum sounds are essential for any electronic music creation from studio to stage. If you produce modern music, the 808 & 909 Drum Machine Kits are quite simply a must have.

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 - Sunkissed House Loops
Sunkissed House LoopsPrime LoopsHouse2010-02-01

Luscious soulful Rhodes progressions, smooth & funky house piano grooves, detailed evolving deep textures, dusty analogue synthesizers, and sparkling musical licks, capture a taste of paradise with this extensive new sound suite from Prime Loops. Inside, you will find an authentic array of imaginative musical loops and progressions; all expertly recorded with the closest attention to detail, intricately mixed, and individually optimised using only the finest studio equipment. With a unique blend of soulful, funky & deep house, "Sunkissed House Loops" is a crystal clear song-writing package, bursting with inspirational content for unlimited creative potential. This truly is one of our most exiting releases to date. We are extremely proud to present over 200 pure liquid loops, completely copyright free, and available for instant download. If you're looking to create next generation house music, then add a sunkissed sparkle to your productions, and check out what this sound suite has to offer!

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 - Dubstep Drum Loops
Dubstep Drum LoopsPrime LoopsDubstep2010-02-18

"Dubstep Drum Loops" from Prime Loops is the latest Sound Suite for producers of tomorrow looking to instantly incorporate the top 67 most up-to-date, DJ-ready dubstep drum beats and rhythms currently available. Dubstep is one of the hottest new genres to emerge this decade with its spine-curdling basslines and intricate intoxicating rhythms continually capturing the crowd's imagination as the scene evolves, and providing a welcome shelter for many genres along the way. "Dubstep Drum Loops" from Prime Loops embraces the movement straight to the core, cutting trough genres with a host of extremely creative drums loops a far step away from your average drum/snare/hi-hat drum loops. Each loop is unique in its song-writing potential, showcasing an original display of future effects flawlessly melting into the addictive drum beats and percussive grooves which will ignite a multitude of creative inspiration to create cutting edge beats on many new levels. The drum loops found inside have been optimised to the highest standards and range from hard-hitting, bone-crunching dubstep breaks to sublime sonic digitised percussion loops, sporadic evolving drum beats to dubbed-out master rhythms. If you want to get a feel for the content found inside this unique collection, check out the demo showcase, which contains rhythms made entirely from this sound suite and features basslines from our best-selling "Big Phat Wobble Bass" sample pack. This brand new UK release captures the true essence of the underground dubstep movement, providing you with the solid backdrop needed to instantly drop club-ready beats into the mix for maximum impact every time.

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 - Urban & Dance Vocals
Urban & Dance VocalsPrime LoopsVocal2010-03-08

Dubwise and Prime Loops are extremely proud to present this unique collection of nearly 400 vocal phrases, loops and samples for today's DJs and music producers. If you make modern urban & dance music such as dubstep, D n' B, bassline, house, garage... then this pack is for you. Give your sample collection a boost with an arsenal of the meanest royalty free vocal phrases yet. We were looking for someone with a good vocal range, a clear and rich voice and someone who could give us a whole flavour of different vocals that were suited for use in the most popular styles of urban and dance music, and so we enrolled the diverse vocal talents of the highly sought after Kevin Christie aka Majestic. Majestic can be seen weekly in clubs across the globe, in high profile studios, and on the radio hosting for some of the biggest names in the UK music industry. His amazing vocals have been featured on Ministry of Sound compilations, and he has worked with some of the biggest names in the UK hip hop and grime scene such as Wiley, Scorcher, JME, Skepta, Stormin, Jamakabi, MSM and many more. The vocals have been recorded at Majestic's prestigious studio, and mastered by Prime Loops' affiliates Dubwise preserving the natural sounds of each recording. A great deal of care and attention to detail has resulted in a truly original and authentic release the likes of which cannot be found elsewhere. "Urban and Dance Vocals" is one of the most diverse collections of royalty free vocals, all are perfectly suited to your media projects and release whether in radio, advertisement, film, television, or commercial release. With nearly 400 vocal samples, and tempos ranging from 85 to 140 BPM, there is definitely something here for you. You will find Rasta vocals, dutty phrazes, crazy voices, rudeboy shouts, raps, one-shot vocals, movie sentences, scratching tools and a whole lot more. Good vocals can take a track onto a whole new level, and we believe that with "Urban and Dance Vocals", you will find inspiration in a matter of seconds.

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 - Minimal & Tech House Drums
Minimal & Tech House DrumsPrime LoopsMinimal / Deep Tech2010-03-10

Prime Loops are extremely proud to present "Minimal & Tech House Drums", which contains 1,000 skilfully handcrafted drums painstakingly designed over a period of 6 months - from scratch. Using over 20 high-grade analogue synths including: Access Virus B/TI, Korg Prophecy, Jomox Airbase99, Polivox Synthesizer, Juno-106 and many others. The drums have been mastered using TL Audio Ivory and enhanced using a host of the finest studio hardware processors. Each drum sample has been sonically moulded and skilfully sculpted to perfection using advanced synthesis techniques and has been designed with today's evolving music scene in mind - no corners have been cut in the making of this epic collection which has been duly executed with synthesised precision for maximum originality in the mix. Prime Loops' "Minimal & Tech House Drums" one-shot sample pack contains: · Over 100 sonically enhanced kicks · Over 200 synthesised claps & snares · Over 200 crystal clear cymbals & hi-hats · Over 400 synthetic FX, nu era percussives, analogue toms, shakers and lots more! After months of hard work "Minimal & Tech House Drums" is finally available! Many drum libraries currently available simply contain old, over-used and re-sampled drum hits dating back to the 80's - this releases is different, the drum sounds cannot be found anywhere else having been made from scratch, and therefore containing truly original content with a host of future sounds for enhanced music production. "Minimal & Tech House Drums" quite simply is a must-have for modern music producers, with over 1,000 innovative sounds from a drum library you can rely on. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House • Breaks

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 - Minimal Synthesis
Minimal SynthesisPrime LoopsMinimal / Deep Tech2010-03-10

"Minimal Synthesis" is a futuristic micro-slice of pristine minimal synth loops bursting with crystal clear synthetic ingredients. The minimal sound is a landmark in dance music's evolution - A distinct contemporary style providing pure sound innovation for the next generation of DJs and music producers. Found within this intricately hand-crafted release are over 100 seamless synthesised loops, from obscure twisted synths to rustic ambient chords, beautifully glitchy rhythmical synthetics to pulsating chemically defused leads, distilled and detailed FX licks to beautifully concise sonic melodics - "Minimal Synthesis" take you a step further with a deep pool of highly evolved synthesised tools providing high definition minimal production tools for advanced experimentation. This Nu Era release will deliver a refreshing slice of inspiration for producers of minimal styles; tech-house, glitch & electronica, with a much needed digitally organic feel designed for the clubs.

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 - Vanguard Electro Bass Essentials
Vanguard Electro Bass EssentialsPrime LoopsPresets / Patches2010-04-21

"Vanguard Electro Bass Essentials" for the Vanguard VST Synth delivers an addictive selection of the most up to date electro bass samples heard in the clubs today. The Vanguard synth from ReFX needs no introduction, undoubtedly responsible for at least 80% of the most high-profile electro producers basslines heard in the clubs today, and has won the respect of many a producer, defining an era with its sharp, cutting and relentlessly dirty sound. Prime Loops are extremely proud to present this official Vanguard release with the hottest bass sounds of the moment fresh from the studio to the dance floor. Inside you will find a disgustingly sexy selection of the top 70 most sought-after bass sounds - ready to put the definitive electro sound into your mix. "Vanguard Electro Bass Essentials" includes big, bad, spine-tingling synth bass leads, skilfully handcrafted and optimised at a professional 24-bit sample rate, this powerful DJ-ready collection for the creative produce. From the dirtiest electroholic wobbly subs to jackin' tech leads, venomous nu-house licks to twisted filthy chemical leads - these sounds will cut through your mix like jack the ripper and effortlessly take your sound to the next stage. • reFX Vanguard Required

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 - Minimal & Twisted House Drum Loops
Minimal & Twisted House Drum LoopsPrime LoopsDrums2010-04-23

Prime Loops are extremely proud to present one of their hottest releases to date: "Minimal and Twisted House Drum Loops". Drawing inspiration from around the world's most prestigious bars, beaches and nightclubs, this masterful infusion of over 130 underground drum beats forcefully tears down the boundaries of modern dance music to the core. Minimal techno from Berlin, twisted beats from Miami, dark house music from London and rhythmic grooves from Brazil all come together to bring you one awe inspiring album of twisted filth! Prepare to be utterly revolted yet ultimately fascinated by this collection of construction grooves, drum loops, top loops and percussion, which will help you to bring your productions into focus with the next generation house music. Inside you will find a variety of grooves and rhythmic styles, including warm organic rolling drums that make your feet tap uncontrollably, to floor filling minimal grooves, intricately crafted complex beats and sporadic patterns that give you that spine-tingling chemical rush of techno satisfaction! Verging on minimal, flirting with electro, sparring with house and dicing with techno, this pack has been inspired by many genres... all of which have been chewed up and spat out into a big lump of rebellion! Whether your style is dark and ambient or downright dirty, this sound suite will have you itching to get in the studio and begin your next masterpiece. "Minimal & Twisted House Drum Loops" was created by the same artist responsible for the best selling "Minimal Synthesis", and has been developed with today's producer in mind. Each drum loop is provided with an identical loop minus the bass drum, should you wish to drop it out for a few bars or add an entirely different kick altogether, and the more complex loops have been split up into 3 or 4 parts, so that you can build up or drop them out as you please. We hope you enjoy using these samples, but be warned: your productions may never be the same again!

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 - Bassline 4x4 Garage Vol 2
Bassline 4x4 Garage Vol 2Prime LoopsHouse2010-04-23

Dubwise and Prime Loops proudly present the second volume of their top selling sample pack... "Bassline & 4x4 UK Garage Vol. 2"! With even more ear bending bass loops, hybrid bassline drum loops, Northern style music loops and high speed orchestra loops... all relentlessly complimented by a spine tingling selection of drum sounds & gritty, grimey, rudeboy vocals to suit. The sounds in this 400+ monster pack have been compiled by some of the top producers in the bassline and garage scene today, giving you the true northern sound, through and through. Prime Loops' "Bassline & 4x4 UK Garage Vol. 2" sample pack contains: · Over 100 bass chords & stabs · Over 100 music loops, FX & vocals · Over 150 drum loops & hits and lots more! We always strive to bring the most original and authentic sounds used in the biggest tunes heard in the clubs of today. "Bassline & 4x4 UK Garage Vol. 2" delivers pure heat, bringing you the most up to date samples currently available. No corners have been cut in the making of this epic collection, which contains the most popular, hard to find bass sounds of the moment. Also included is a selection of donk sounds for the 4X4 lovers, complimenting the downright grimey basses found inside! This compilation can be used to create a variety of genres including bassline, 4X4, garage, grime, house & many more. All the sounds have been created from scratch, from 24-bit quality audio and optimised to the highest standards to ensure a fast and efficient workflow. If you are ready to experience the true sound of bassline, get ahead of the competition right now with "Bassline & 4X4 UK Garage Vol. 2". * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Speed Garage • UK Garage

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 - Bassline 4x4 Vol 1
Bassline 4x4 Vol 1Prime LoopsHouse2010-04-23

Prime Loops and Dubwise present "Bassline 4x4 UK Garage". The ultimate sound collection to make master all current underground styles including bassline, speed garage, 4x4, dubstep and much much more. These seasoned producers are hot newcomers to the sample scene, creating samples and loops for bassline 4X4, the UK's hottest dance genre! These files are masterfully formatted at 24-bit sample rate and will work within all sequencers that accept Rex2 and Wav such as Reason, Fruity Loops, Cubase, Ableton and more... So what are u waiting for, go get the Bassline 4x4 UK Garage sample pack now and get that pro northern sound in your mixes. All loops have been hand constructed and the vocals were freshly recorded.

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 - House Guitar Loops Vol 1
House Guitar Loops Vol 1Prime LoopsHouse2010-04-23

Sun soaked funky grooves, passionate Latin rhythms, smoky jazz chord progressions, filthy nu-rave licks, majestic worldly textures, twisted disco leads, warm acoustic jams, classic Motown flavours and creamy electric guitar sessions... "House Guitar Loops Vol. 1" is our most celebrated release to date with 130+ world-class recordings bursting with inspirational content. This authentic and highly original song-writing package has been recorded in pristine 24-bit audio at our state of the art recording facility, and mastered with the utmost attention to detail, preserving the true natural sound of each individual recording. A combination of 5 guitarists including our extremely talented resident string-master Tom Warner, playing a variety of 2 acoustic, and 2 electric guitars through 3 high-end amplifiers created an intelligent blend of amazing material delivering innovative musical building blocks that will melt effortlessly into your mix. You will find well over 100 guitar loops and variations inside; these are well complimented by over 20 dry/clean major and minor 7th chord samples for maximum flexibility. Equipment List: · Gibson Les Paul 1976 · Gibson Les Paul Custom · Fender Stratocaster · Yamaha APX 4A · Fender Hotrod · Marshall JCM 2000 · Laney VH100R "House Guitar Loops Vol. 1" can be used to create a vast amount of styles and genres, and comes in a variety of formats for adaptable tempo control. As with all Prime Loops sample packs each of the 130+ recordings are completely royalty free and perfectly suited to your releases and future media productions.

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 - Dirty Electro Synth Loops
Dirty Electro Synth LoopsPrime LoopsElectro House2010-04-23

Addictive, filthy nu-house licks, raw wobbly sub-bass grooves, jackin', rude and disgustingly electroholic twisted leads, crystallised sexy electro-flavoured textures, and purified pulsating chord progressions. As the electro house phenomena evolves from the studios to the clubs, dominating the airwaves and seizing number 1's across the globe, Prime Loops proudly present our hottest producer package yet with a fresh selection of new electro cuts bursting with inspirational content. "Dirty Electro Synth Loops" has been recorded using a combination of vintage analogue synthesizers and cutting edge digital synthesis, compiling the hottest sounds of the moment with over 160 DJ-ready electro house synth loops, bass loops, leads and chord progressions, all of which seamlessly fuse together to provide solid tools for enhanced electro house music production. Everything has been optimised to chart standards, and mastered using the foremost studio technologies available to put you a cut above the rest. This is the latest club-ready collection destined for the airwaves, capturing the true sound of the moment, and an essential collection for any discerning producer of electro, house, breaks, tech or future electronica looking for fresh, dance floor ready sounds. This release cuts to the chase and will deliver maximum impact every time.

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 - Tech House Drum Loops
Tech House Drum LoopsPrime LoopsTech House2010-04-23

"Tech House Drum Loops" is overflowing with an addictive blend of nu-house flavours reflecting the true sound of today. Designed by our in-house producers touring, remixing and DJing globally, this release contains a brand new collection of tasty ingredients bursting with energy! From jackin' to funky, wobbly to filthy, right through to the downright disgusting... if you want to take your recipes further, we have cooked up a delicious cocktail of tech, electro & four to the floor breaks, turning up the heat all the way to the more upfront side of house. We've jam-packed this piping hot sound suite with 100+ highly evolved, meticulously optimised, big, phat drum loops combined with juicy kick-free top loops, and stripped down percussion loops to taste. As with all Prime Loops releases you can download instantly choosing from a large variety of formats, these include Wav, Rex2 Loops, Apple Loops, Akai MPC, Acid Loops, Ableton Live Pack, and many more! Are you ready for a generous portion of tech, electro, nu-breaks and house? This exclusive collection from Prime Loops provides unique, forward-thinking tools ready for the clubs.

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 - Glitch Cuts
Glitch CutsPrime Loops2010-04-29

"Glitch Cuts" is the latest release from the Prime Loops team, which contains over 1,000 dark, sporadic glitches, percussions, drums, and effects samples for modern music producers. Each sound has been made from scratch, and over 20 hardware synthesizers have been used to create this Nu Era Series release, which boasts one of the most diverse and intricate collections of glitch material released to date. What can you expect from this collection? Files seperated into; Hisses, Klangs, 8-Bit, Industrial, Licks, Noise, Distortion, Bass, Hat, Snare, Percussion, Circuits, LFO, Modulation, Lo-Fi, Mechanical, Pitched, Buzz, Soundscape, Stretched, Synth.... No corners have been cut in the making of this large 24-bit sound suite, and we are extremely proud of the content found inside. Check out the audio demo, which is made up entirely from this sample pack. The sounds ranges from robotic glitches to crushed percussions, pure white noise alchemy to circuit bent mayhem, defragmented sonic drum electronics to dark metallic collisions, and that's just for starters! "Glitch Cuts" is a powerful production tool and can be used to introduce new elements to a wide variety of genres such as minimal, house, breaks, drum n' bass, glitch hop, dubstep, electro, electronica, experimental and many more. Whether you produce ambient, all the way up to the most upfront dance tracks, "Glitch Cuts" will deliver a highly valuable source of up to the minute sounds like you've never heard before. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Sound FX • Minimal • Techno

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 - Dubstep Producer
Dubstep ProducerPrime LoopsDubstep2010-04-29

Dubwise and Prime loops proudly present the ultimate dubstep sample pack ready to tear up the clubs - "Dubstep Producer". This essential song-writing package has been optimised with the closest attention to detail, staying true to the sound with over 500 authentic, grimey, and downright nasty royalty free samples, including heavyweight drum loops, sporadic evolving music loops, upfront vocals, dark atmospherics and mind-blowing basses, all complimented by a unique and flavoursome hand crafted collection of pure dubstep drum samples to match. This is the real deal, and contains everything you need to create the infamous dubstep sound that can be heard worldwide. Prime Loops' "Dubstep Producer" sample pack contains: · Over 100 bass tones, stabs & chords · Over 100 music loops & drum loops · Over 150 drum hits · Over 100 vocals, FX & dark atmospheres and much more! This huge sample pack has been created and maximised to the highest standards exclusively delivered by top UK dubstep producers in the scene today, and can be used to create a variety of styles including bassline, grime, 4x4, garage, drum n' bass, hip hop, breaks and many more. So what are you waiting for? Take your production to the next level and boost your sound library with "Dubstep Producer". Over 500 16 BIT 500 original Dubstep Samples & Loops, available in WAV+REX2 format.

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 - Glitch Hop Drum Loops
Glitch Hop Drum LoopsPrime LoopsDrums2010-05-20

A new style of hip hop is born...Glitch hop is a new breed of intelligent beats taking influences from the old-school, and mixing it up with modern, club infusions to deliver a refreshing, highly inventive style that is capturing the imagination of thousands of fans around the world. "Glitch Hop Drum Loops" provides the backbone for this exciting new style, and we are extremely proud to present over 70 of the most unique drum loops released so far in the hip hop genre! The foundations of glitch hop can be tracked back to the post digital era of the late 1990's - a result of experimentation with analogue and digital devices, which has now evolved into an extremely popular, and up and coming genre. This awe-inspiring style mixes minimal sounds with hip hop, and throws in a good dose of glitches, malfunctions, and circuit bent electronics for good measure! This brand new sound suite is completely royalty free and available in all the latest formats - you can use these beats in your productions at no extra cost to you. "Glitch Hop Drum Loops" has been designed and mastered by the same author who created the extremely popular "Glitch Cuts" - Only this time, presented in ready-to-drop rhythms! If you move to hip hop, dubstep, trip hop or electronica, and are interested in developing new styles of production, then inject "Glitch Hop Drum Loops" into the mix for immediate results, and maximum originality.

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 - Phatmospheres
PhatmospheresPrime LoopsSound FX2010-06-30

It's time to raise hell! Or, if that might be a bit much, "Phatmospheres" gives you the tools to do some serious hair-raising: Over 40 thoroughly selected dark textures, eerie ambiances, mighty soundscapes and droning atmospheres provide new and unheard-of levels of deepness, drama and suspense for your productions. These 24bit "Phatmospheres" come ready-formatted out of the box to simply drag and drop into your favourite hardware or software - it's never been so easy to create sounds and layers of such gravitas. Over 350mb mega-rich sound creations including a folder with more than 20 rhythmical and beat-mapped soundscapes ranging from 74 to 140 bpm provide an outstanding multitude of moods and effects which are suitable for many different genres. Bring on the ultimate evil with fearlessly constructed sonic doomsday devices that appeal to any kind of phobia: Unleash biting sonic sandstorms, create darkly shimmering, ice-cold space ambiances, raise good old armageddon with ultra-bleak effects, abduct your listeners to the depths of subterranean caves or the emptiness of vast spaces. "Phatmospheres" takes inspiration from the timelessly futuristic creations of legendary soundtrack composers - layer sounds and voices into a post-modern cacophony like Walter Murch did in THX 1138, wallow away on the analogue spree of effects and atmospheres that enhanced Jerry Goldsmith's score to the unforgettable Logan's Run or enter the wicked, twisted worlds of David Lynchian eeriness king-pin Angelo Badalamenti. All sounds in this absolutely royalty-free selection have been brewed up exclusively for Prime Loops - these soundscapes are engineered to awe-inspiring perfection, coming in crystal-clear 24-bit quality, complete with great panoramic stereo effects for added goose-bump pleasure. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drones • Atmospheres

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 - Drum n Bass Drum Loops
Drum n Bass Drum LoopsPrime LoopsDrum & Bass2010-07-28

"Drum n' Bass Drum Loops" is a brand new release from the Prime Loops team containing over 100 heavyweight drum n' bass beats & breaks to inject into your latest productions. The drum n bass scene is back in full effect, and we felt there was a lack of decent DnB Breaks libraries that truly represents the real sound of drum n bass... so we got our UK based team together in London, and tracked down top producers in the scene today. Taking influence from a wide range of artists such s DJ Hype, Clipz, Hospital Records, Dillinja, Andy C, John B, TC, Ed Rush & Optical, Aphrodite, and a host of up and coming and current artists..."Drum n Bass Drum Loops" was born! Often, when starting a track, the drum loop is the first starting point of call for many producers, so having over 100 tight, 24-bit drum n' bass grooves at your call can't be a bad thing... and should free you up to concentrate on your tracks structure, streamlining the production process. And of course, you can also cut up, mix and combine these royalty free loops to create new patterns and rhythms with endless creative possibilities. The drum loops cover a wide range of styles, from downright menacing grooves through to liquid patterns, experimental percussive licks to venomous, dutty, junglist injections, complex soulful blends to nitrous jump-up styles, whatever your style, there's something here for you, and we are confident these beats will provide the fundamental grooves to hundreds of releases globally. This release is available for instant download, and you can choose from a large variety of highly flexible formats for total integration with your music production platform. This is not your average drum n' bass breaks Library. These drum loops deserve V.I.P. access! Check out "Drum n' Bass Drum Loops" now, and hear the difference for yourself.

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 - Underground Beats
Underground BeatsPrime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B2010-08-10

"Underground Beats" is here. Indulge yourself in this powerful collection of killer grooves that will have you itching to get into the studio and create your next masterpiece. The 140+ fat drum loops have an extremely big sound, and showcase a diverse collection of styles with deep sonic character that will quickly gel your songs together effortlessly, and provide hundreds of solid, rhythmical backdrops - even for the most demanding musical scores. "Underground Beats" is very broad in it's appeal, whether you're a rock or hip hop producer, lounge or R&B, trip hop or dubstep...this prestigious collection of club-ready loops represents a relentless blend of bullet-proof beats, jam-packed with only the hottest ingredients, and bursting with energy. The beats range from big, beefy, cracking bangers, to fluid percussion flares, rich majestic rolls to full-on FX licks, downright intricate rhythms to DJ-ready V.I.P. productions just waiting to be injected into your mix. All of the loops are created from 24-bit audio & 100% royalty free, which means you can use them in your commercial releases at no extra cost to you. As an added bonus, "Underground Beats" is available to download in a large variety of popular formats, specifically designed and mastered for your chosen music platform, giving you maximum flexibility every time. This is a Beatmasters masterpiece. Its superior sound is next-to none. We are extremely confident that you will find this collection lucrative, unbeatable in value, and superior in guaranteed usability.

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 - UK Funky Producer
UK Funky ProducerPrime LoopsHouse2010-08-10

"UK Funky Producer" is the latest sample pack from Prime Loops and Dubwise...the first of it's kind. UK funky house is a new style of modern electronic dance music coming deep from within the grime, hip hop, bassline, house and urban communities. Heavily influenced by many other styles of music, including contemporary, electro house, and increasingly, broken beat, soca, and afrobeat, UK funky is a new breed of club ingredients mixing traditional UK garage beats, bass loops and synths with Latin percussion, and contemporary R&B-style vocals. Percussion such as bongos, shakers, and snares are used to give a dark exotic African sound, artists such as Crazy Cousins, Donaeo, and Naughty have all been big players in the UK funky scene so far, and as the scene evolves, there is room for many more artists and producers to get involved as the scene blows up. This exclusive and highly original sample pack has been compiled by some of the best producers in the scene today, and as you've come to expect, presented in multi-format, 24-bit and 100% royalty free. We have made every effort to make this pack versatile, and therefore you can use these loops & samples to create the smoothest of soulful funky house productions right through to the darkest bongo bashing, grimey tunes. This awe-inspiring sample pack can also be used to create a multitude of other genres and combinations including electro, grime, garage and many others. With nearly 500 loops & samples, you won't be short of inspiration. Warm textured pads, meaty drum loops, congo natty bongos, mind bending music loops, twisted FX, dark afro basses, dutty drum hits... "UK Funky Producer" has it all.

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 - Dubhop Beats
Dubhop BeatsPrime LoopsWorld2010-08-11

Fusing together dub, reggae, hip hop, glitch, dubstep and roots cultures... "Dubhop Beats" is a unique selection of the finest dubby grooves for today's creative producer. If you like your beats warped, wobbly, glitchy and downright dubby, "Dubhop Beats" is a subaholic blend of natural flavours made with warm, analogue synthesizers for pure authenticity and maximum flexibility every time. With over 70 individual beats, you won't be short of inspiration when dropping your next dubplate, remix or studio production, and due to the highly original sounds used to develop this release, this should enable you to effortlessly create diverse and noteworthy scores every time. A wide selection of artists such as Mad Professor, King Tubby, Benga, Israel Vibration, Nightmares on wax, Scientist, Massive Attack, The Glitch Mob, Thievery Corporation and many more have played a large role in the influence of the production of this library, and we have taken into account the evolving music scene to add new and exciting flavours for maximum inspiration through and though. "Dubhop Beats" is completely royalty free, and available to download in a large variety of formats that have been specifically designed by our highly experienced team to gel perfectly with your music-making platform. We are extremely proud of this release. If you are looking for something to add a new twist to your production, whatever your style, "Dubhop Beats" is for you! *Vocals in the demo are from our "Rasta Vocal Samples" collection, and the Instrumental Loops are from "Dubhop Scores".

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 - Tribal Percussion Loops
Tribal Percussion LoopsPrime LoopsDrums2010-08-19

Sun soaked funky bongo grooves, passionate African rhythms, pulsating djembe progressions, hot Latin percussive jams, majestic samba flavours, intricate moving percussion combinations, deep warm acoustic vibrations, classic driving earth-shaking sessions... we are extremely proud to present "Tribal Percussion Loops", weighing in at 250+ hi-res organic recordings just waiting for you to add that lively rhythmical element to your beats. This authentic and highly original song-writing package has been recorded in 24-bit audio, and is truly diverse in its range of styles. There are a multitude of highly inspirational loops here - an intelligent blend of amazing material delivering innovative musical building blocks that will melt effortlessly into your mix. And as if that wasn't enough to compliment this selection, you also get single hits from all the percussion sets, perfect for adding a custom sparkle to your grooves. "Tribal Percussion Loops" can be used to create a vast amount of styles and genres such as tribal house, deep house, dubstep, trip hop, funky, soul, funky house, house, hip hop, R&B and many more. Recorded at 130 BPM, this highly rhythmical release also comes in a variety of flexible formats for adaptable tempo control, and as with all Prime Loops sample packs, each of the 250+ recordings are completely royalty free, 24-bit, and perfectly suited to your releases and future media productions. If you are looking to add new, exiting percussive grooves to your beats, look no further than "Tribal Percussion Loops".

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 - Nitro Remix Synths
Nitro Remix SynthsPrime LoopsPresets / Patches2010-08-19

"Nitro: Remix Synths" is one of the most upfront synth sample packs available on the market today. With over 2,700 files, and 500+ professional remix synth patches, this is a mammoth release, and the ultimate collection of chemical, up to the moment synths for your remixes and releases. We used a vast amount of hardware analogue synthesizers in the creation of this sample pack, these include the Access Virus, Korg MS2000, Roland Juno 106, Roland Alpha Juno, Microkorg, Korg 03W, Reese, Korg Prophecy, Korg Mono/Poly, Roland MC303, Roland JP8000 and many more. All of the sounds have been tried, tested and manipulated for maximum impact at our state-of-the-art recording laboratory in crystal clear 24-bit audio, so you can experience the full power of the each sound to the core. This is an advanced collection of upfront, assertive sounds that will cut through any mix and is one of our favourite releases to date. We are confident you will find the 500+ highly developed synths unique, and extremely valuable. "Nitro: Remix Synths" has been specifically designed to give you the edge over other remixers, and is also perfectly suited to top-notch releases in a vast array of styles such as electro, drum n bass, house, techno, dubstep, breaks, main room, big beat... or any other modern electronic music styles. We are proud to present this sonic overdose to assault your senses...with edgy chemical leads, brutal subby basses, utterly addictive pads, crystal coated synths, downright rude hits, stabs and chords; and piercing synth leads bursting with raw attitude... inject these into your mix for instant results. From the classic analogue pads of the 80's, to liquid ecstasy infused 90's techno and filthy drum n' bass sequences, right through to the twisted hybrid electro mash-ups of early 2000 and beyond..."Nitro: Remix Synths" is the ultimate producer's synth collection, and a must have for any serious artist ready to sculpt the sound of the future.

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 - Planet of The Orchestra
Planet of The OrchestraPrime LoopsWorld, Orchestral2010-08-19

Prime Loops in association with Jean Baptiste Lacaze are extremely proud to present their most celebrated and highly anticipated release to date: "Planet of the Orchestra" has finally arrived... a culture-merging, genre defying master mix of state-of-the-art recordings, the likes of which have never been heard before. Imagine if the best orchestra's most talented musicians and top artists from India, America, Africa, Japan, Australia, Europe and China all got together in one huge recording facility, and jammed together...the result? - "Planet of the Orchestra". Let us take you on a musical journey as we discover unheard melodies and hidden treasures from the dusty sand dunes of the Saharan desert, to the highest mountaintops of Tibet, from deep within the closely guarded quarters of the mysterious hidden temples of the Orient, to the quaint riverside cafes of Eastern Europe. 6 months in the making, this highly original, cutting edge sample pack is the first of it's kind. Each of the 100+ music loops are extremely complex, containing many layers of instrumentation. You can download this comprehensive sample pack in a variety of formats of your choice which have been specifically mixed, mastered and formatted to work perfectly with your chosen music production platform. As with all our sample packs "Planet of the Orchestra" is completely royalty free, and comes as standard with our 3 stage seal of quality Eclectic, world class, and evocative by nature, here you will find Bollywood compositions, Spanish guitars, classical strings, French accordions, infamous Oriental flutes, grand pianos, Arab strings, South American wind chimes, full orchestra progressions and many, many more instruments which have all been meticulously blended together into this fascinating collection delivering crystal clear, and utterly unique musical building blocks for your productions, soundtracks and releases.

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 - Tech House Synth Loops
Tech House Synth LoopsPrime LoopsTech House2010-08-19

Following on from the best selling "Tech House Drum Loops" release, we are extremely proud to present one of our hottest producer packages yet... "Tech House Synth Loops" has arrived with an addictive blend of over 150 tearing synth riffs handcrafted and mastered to perfection for enhanced production workflow. This piping hot release is drenched in an electrifying selection of styles including tech, progressived, electro, funky, main room, swingin' flithy and jackin house. A perfected song-writing package with an upfront master-mix of production tools set to take you on a direct route to the clubs. Each individual loop has been executed with synthesised precision via Pro Tools TDM, and compression supplied by the outboard TL Audio Ivory Valve. Only the most current, up to date sounds have been used to deliver this release. Analogue synthesisers such as the Nord Lead, Mopho and Korg Prophecy have all made an appearance, giving the full bodied, authentic sound heard in today's hottest tracks. Artist such as Mark Knight, Deadmau5, Bingo Players, D Ramirez, John Tejada, Jakarta, Laurent Garnier and many more have played a great role in the influence of this sample pack's production, and we are confident that you will find this collection extremely rewarding when applied to the mix. The author behind this release is Scott Tonic. A highly skilled producer and engineer who is well known and respected by labels and producers alike. Here he has showcased his ability to create a broad range of styles in keep with the current evolving music scene. "I wanted to give a selection of 'ready to go' loops with a more complete feel, with percussion, glitches, white noise and reverbs already added - which you can easily drop into your track for instant inspiration, as well as allowing maximum flexibility by including other loops with their individual broken out elements for more complex track building. All of the loops are at 128 BPM and key information is provided for easy mixing and matching of the 150+ loops in the pack, giving even more creative possibilities. In addition, this pack is completely compatible with 'Tech House Drum Loops', a pack I also made at the same tempo, and used during the making of this one." We are proud to present our latest club-ready collection destined for the airwaves, delivering the true sound of the moment, and an essential collection for any discerning future house producer in the scene today. If you are looking for fresh, dance floor-ready sounds - this release cuts to the chase and will deliver maximum impact every time. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Minimal

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 - Razor FX
Razor FXPrime LoopsSound FX2010-08-27

"Razor FX" is an ultra-professional collection containing over 600MB of crystal clear 24-bit audio sound effects. This cutting edge collection has been created specifically for elite music producers, sound designers and soundtrack composers. If you are looking for world class, razor sharp effects, this comprehensive library will deliver the tools you need to streamline your production workflow. Inside you will find well over 300 industry SFX samples carefully organized into easy to navigate folders: · White noise · Sweeps · Swells · Synth FX · Lasers · Reverses · Hits · And lots, lots more The SFX have been mastered and processed with the finest attention to detail; no corners have been cut in the making of this charismatic sample library...and as an added bonus, you will find a selection of dry, and effected sounds to give you flexibility. This essential sound effects sample pack is perfectly suited to blend, gel, and solidify your multi-media productions together quickly, efficiently and effortlessly. In essence, The "Razor FX" sample library contains everything you need to customize your media projects with a unique pool of crisp, current, and professional SFX at your call, whenever you need them.

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 - Kings of Swing Present Downtown House
Kings of Swing Present Downtown HousePrime LoopsHouse2010-08-31

Prime Loops are extremely proud to present "Kings Of Swing: Downtown House", a smooth collection of nearly 300 classic loops, samples and drums for the creative producer. The Kings of Swing are Matt Jam Lamont, and Scott Tonic. They have been working together for some years now, producing and remixing for artists such as Alesha Dixon, The Wideboys, Taio Cruz, MJ Cole and many more. Their tracks have been repeatedly featured on best selling compilations through major labels such as Warner, Ministry of Sound, EMI to name but a few. The pack itself consists of a mixture of Chicago house grooves, '95 style house & shuffled-out garage riffs which have been influenced by the likes of Grant Nelson and Kerri Chandler, as well as some more upfront jackin flavours inspired by artists such as Joey Youngman & The SoundDiggers. Boasting a wide selection of styles, you will find dozen's of swinging beats, grooves, classic old-school stabs, lush Rhodes progressions, pinpoint fx, slammin' tribal drums, jackin' basses and a whole lot more! As an added bonus, you also get a solid 50-strong drum hits kit that compliment the sounds in this sample pack perfectly, as well as a selection of stabs/chords, FX and solid bass instruments. Everything is of course presented in pristine 24-bit .WAV audio, or you can choose from other editions, such as Apple Loops, Acid Loops, Rex2 Loops; all of which contains EXS24, Kontakt, Halion, SFZ and NN-XT patches also. This sample pack is a full song-writing package, and is ready to be loaded into your sampler of choice right now.

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 - Progressive Synthesis
Progressive SynthesisPrime LoopsProgressive House2010-09-23

From the silky white sands of Ibiza to the hottest dance floors of Miami; Prime Loops are extremely proud to present this exclusive 700mb collection of over 100 Progressive Synths bringing the increasingly popular Progressive sound directly to your studio. Drawing inspiration from House, Techno, Minimal and Trance, these electrifying synths sounds have been skilfully compiled from multiple layers of digital and analogue synthesisers, and will add a unique twist to your music that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Each file has been professionally mastered, mixed and layered in crisp audio, ensuring every single note sounds clean and full for maximum playability and instant inspiration every time. Also, Progressive Synthesis comes fully equipped for Kontakt, Halion, EXS-24, and Reason NN-XT with other formats such as WAV, AIFF, and Reason Refill. Each synth instrument has it's own individual settings, which of course can be tweaked to your hearts content to create 100's of variations and interesting layers. Inside, you will find an intelligent blend of distinct synth sounds from floating polyphonic pulses, to cutting chords and combinations, bright ethereal pads, to progressive tech sequences and beyond! These progressive synth instruments will enable you to begin creating the trademark progressive sound immediately. Don't let hours of fiddling with synthesiser parameters take away from your creativity, start producing the next Ibiza anthem right now with Progressive Synthesis. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House • House

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 - House Guitar Loops Vol 2
House Guitar Loops Vol 2Prime LoopsHouse2010-10-01

"House Guitar Loops Vol. 2" is the long awaited sequel to the smash hit release which saw great exposure in the charts after being used on several hits worldwide. This time, we've taken it a step further with even more inspirational bleached Latin rhythms, dusty jazz chord progressions, trashy nu-rave licks, sunkissed funky grooves, bespoke worldly textures, furious disco leads, radical rock overdrives, sultry acoustic jams, sample-ready Motown flavours and distilled electric guitar sessions...and, as if that wasn't enough, we've also added some skilfully processed audio synthesis magic into a selection of the guitar loops that quite simply puts this release a cut above the rest. For maximum quality output, this release has been recorded in 24-bit audio at our purpose built recording facility. Only the finest amplifiers and high-end acoustic and electric guitars were used in the creation of this song-writing package for maximum flexibility every time. Equipment List: · Gibson Les Paul 1976 · Gibson Les Paul Custom · Fender Stratocaster · Yamaha APX 4A · Fender Hotrod · Marshall JCM 2000 · Laney VH100R Inside, you will find over 150 pristine guitar loops and chords played in a wide range of styles and combinations. This prestigious guitar loops compilation is perfectly suited to create a vast array of genres including house, deep house, funky house, soulful house, ambient, trip hop, indie, lounge, breaks, breakbeat, funk, Latin, soul, rock and many more. In essence, "House Guitar Loops 2" is a highly professional artist's collection, and a wealth of inspirational content at your fingertips. We are confident that you will find this credible compilation extremely useful in your future releases, projects and productions.

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 - Essential Flamenco Guitars
Essential Flamenco GuitarsPrime LoopsWorld2010-10-08

Flamenco is an extremely popular music genre and musical style originating from Spain. Famous for its rapid, impressive flourishes, and passionate rhythms, this gypsy and Cuban influenced style has characterized it's own dance genre, and portrays unforgettable rhythms heard in today's music globally, from lounge to house, hip hop to broken beat and beyond. This comprehensive sample pack exclusively created for Prime Loops delivers pure professional talent within this highly unique collection of 340+ flamenco guitar loops directly to your fingertips. All key info and tempos are also present for ease of use. Everything has been recorded in 24-bit audio at the utmost quality, and as you've come to expect with all Prime Loops releases, "Essential Flamenco Guitars" is completely royalty free, and can be used in all your projects and releases, this way you avoid sample licensing costs, and large label fees, keeping 100% ownership of your work. The making of "Essential Flamenco Guitars" has been heavily influenced by founding legends such as El Loco Mateo, El Nitri, Rojo el Alpargatero, Enrique el Mellizo, Paquirri El Guanté, La Serneta, Buena Vista Social Club and many more. An impressive array of styles are showcased here with tango, Greek, spaghetti western, triplets, chord sequences, fandangos, classical, portamento and percussives, right through to staccato, pizzicato, dorian, harmonic, leads and baroque, siguiriyas, soléa, castilian jota, tientos, gypsy rumba, latin, zambra, tanguillos and many more. Also included are sample-ready single notes for full integration with your favourite sampler. This evocative song writing package faithfully captures the true warmth, passion and timeless sound of the traditional flamenco movement, and can be used to add a Mediterranean twist to your modern music productions.

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 - Synth Addict
Synth AddictPrime LoopsTechno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard)2010-10-08

From deep within the coveted labs at Prime Loops HQ, after months of dangerous experiments, cruel synthesis testing, and sleep deprivation, "Synth Addict" is unleashed...but beware...this is one's infectious, do you want the remedy? Are you sure? Because this is quite simply one of the most groundbreaking synth loops collections of the market today. Are you a true synth addict? Everything has been developed and tested using a highly confidential mixture of vintage, new analogue synthesizers and cutting edge digital processing tools; concocting the hottest and most extreme sounds of the moment with advanced synthesis techniques gained over years and countless hits in the making. You will not find another release like this, anywhere. With 150+ jaw-dropping, upfront crazy synth loops, tearing, explosive, killer lead riffs, heart-attack, high pressure pulsating pads, and soaring, stomach-wrenching, mammoth bass earthquakes, "Synth Addict" is a force to be reckoned with, and an absolutely essential addition to your laboratories sound arsenal. We took a great deal of care making sure everything here was engineered and manufactured to perfection, everything has been recorded in 24-bit audio ensuring the utmost quality, and as you've come to expect with all Prime Loops releases, "Synth Addict" is completely royalty free, and can be used in all your projects and releases, this way you avoid sample licensing costs, and large label fees, keeping 100% ownership of your work. Whether you produce house or dubstep, IDM to electronica, progressive to tech, or maybe you're looking for that killer riff for your next hit, if you suffer from synth addiction, we are extremely confident you will love what's waiting for you inside. However, please use with caution, "Synth Addict" is toxic, and extremely addictive, the side effects are unknown... *No producers were harmed in the making of this sample pack. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Dubstep

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 - Dirty Electro Bass Loops
Dirty Electro Bass LoopsPrime LoopsElectro House2010-10-14

Get ready to see the dance floor grinding! Prime Loops is extremely proud to reveal this heavy stash of explosive electro bass ammunition, engineered to wind waists into knots! The "Dirty Electro Bass Loops" sample pack is the highly anticipated sequel to our best selling "Dirty Electro Synth Loops" sound suite, and the perfect compliment to the series. Take your productions deeper with these precision-made heavyweight recordings, ideal for filling out the lower frequencies of chart destroyers. Inside, you will be exposed to an extensive collection of 100 expertly processed bass loops, designed using our in-studio analogue synths and the highest quality digital processors. All of these filthy twisted basslines are fully optimised to club standards, so you can concentrate on building a track that's guaranteed to destroy the competition. As you've come to expect from Prime Loops, this pack comes ready-made for your sequencer or sampler, formatted as 24-bit .WAV, ACID, Akai MPC, Apple Loops, Ableton, Fruity Loops and more. Every one of these fuzzed-up riffs are clearly categorised by key, with tempos from 125 - 130 BPM, giving you easy access to all the sounds you need to create a devastating electro arrangement... even on the fly! As with all Prime Loops releases "Dirty Electro Bass Loops" is completely royalty free, so you don't have to worry about sample clearance or licensing fees. You can mix these bass loops into your original productions, sell your tracks and keep 100% of your royalties. Producers of electro, breaks, tech, rave and hardcore will keep coming back for more of these instantly memorable and completely intoxicating vibrations. So, if you go mental for saw waves, phasers, overdriven saturators, overheating lasers and audiences with their hands permanently in the air, then you've found the right sounds. Grab a slice of infectious deep end for your productions, and keep it hard, low and seriously dirty.

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 - Guitar Anthology: Funk Edition
Guitar Anthology: Funk EditionPrime Loops2010-11-22

"Guitar Anthology: Funk Edition" delivers 50 catchy, funk-filled guitar loops, hooks, riffs, and leads mastered to perfection and hand played and on a range of high-end guitars such as: · Gibson Les Paul 1976 · Gibson Les Paul custom · Fender Stratocaster Amps used include: · Fender Hotrod · Marshall JCM 2000 · Laney VH100R Concentrating specifically on funky jams, this unique collection contains everything from smooth disco sessions, right through to colourful funkaholic chord progressions, burning hot club licks into chunky downtown shuffletastic patterns. If you're looking for a spicy blend of club-ready hooks, "Guitar Anthology: Funk Edition" has got your back.

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 - The Temple of Breaks
The Temple of BreaksPrime LoopsDrum & Bass2010-11-29

Deep within the pitch-black jungle, far from civilisation and urban safety, "The Temple of Breaks" awaits your arrival. Dare to explore this rhythmic fortress, carved out of heavy ancient rock by the high priests of Drumfunk, built to hold the power of the most frenetic old-school beats known to man. Injecting venomous influence from a wide range of artists and labels such as Paradox, Calyx, Prolix, Noisia, Chase & Status, Ed Rush & Optical, Moving Shadow, V Recordings, Full Cycle and a host of up and coming and current artists and labels... Find your way around 75 pounding loops of hack n' paste percussive energy, sped up to an inhuman 170-182 BPM, expertly compressed for the controlled chaos you crave in your productions. These pristine and searing beats are available in many perfected formats such as 24-bit .WAV, Apple Loops or Rex2, so you can drop them straight into Cubase, Logic, Reason, Fruityloops, Ableton, Acid and many more sequencers easily. "The Temple Of Breaks" sample pack is all about rhythmic imagination, so with breaks like "Hitman", "Overdose" and "Incoming", you know your audience is going to get some serious brain food, especially if you select the Scissors tool and go mental! At Prime Loops we never forget that you demand the highest quality, so for this pack we recruited Russian engineer Dmitry Vasilyev, a musician and programmer so hardcore he writes his own software. His original plug-ins combined with authentic old-school hardware, valve preamps and reel-to-reel tape will give that nu-retro shine to your rhythm section. Have no fear, there are no useless scratchy pseudo-Amens here, just beautifully sliced and fully saturated funk breaks for a legion of drum & bass styles, such as drumfunk, darkstep, dubstep, hardstep, jump-up, liquid funk, sambass, techstep, neurofunk, drill n bass, breakcore & many more. The lords of the jungle are sharpening their knives for the ceremony, so prepare to cut and chop your way through this feast of drums, breaks and crashes! Take a trip beyond the limits of mainstream drum & bass civilisation and lose yourself in "The Temple Of Breaks".

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 - Secret Lab: Club Mix Insanity
Secret Lab: Club Mix InsanityPrime LoopsElectro House2010-12-13

Deep inside a nuclear bunker, on the western border of the former Soviet Union, a secret laboratory has been discovered. Dusty documents reveal that in the last years of the Cold War, scientists covertly experimented with extreme synthesized sounds, searching for sonic combinations that would instantly drive all enemies to insanity. It has been reported that some of those experimental sound waves leaked out of the test chamber into the control room, causing Permanent Dance Syndrome in every member of the research team. Their knowledge was lost, until now... Prime Loops' "Secret Lab: Club Mix Insanity" features a comprehensive collection of 180+ dark and mind twisting electro house loops, topped-up with 110+ single hits and one-shots for maximum impact. All of the sounds in this 120 BPM sound suite have been split over a wide spectrum of relevant sub categories such as drum loops, one-shots, percussion loops, sequencer loops, SFX loops & shroom loops. Available as 24-bit .WAV, Acid Loops, Apple Loops, Rex2, Reason Refill, Ableton, Akai MPC and many other formats, you're only moments away from adding some freaked out flavours to any techno, house, minimal, electro or glitchy composition. Together with pioneering producer and sound engineer Art G, we were now able to reconstruct these mentalistic waveforms from the original sketches. We recalibrated the insanity levels for safe dance floor use, constructed deep and dark techy loops for devious producers, and captured dozens of timeless frequency manipulations. As with all our products, the final files have been triple-checked for quality in our own private laboratory, to ensure all the energy of the original experiment is preserved and ready to hit your audience. Get "Secret Lab: Club Mix Insanity" in your library now, and you've got a sample selection that's so experimentally explosive, it's no wonder the Russian Government kept the secret for so long. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House

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 - VIP Synths Dubstep & DnB Edition
VIP Synths Dubstep & DnB EditionPrime LoopsDubstep2010-12-20

If you're looking to break the mould and develop some distinctive lead instruments for your mix, "VIP Synths: Dubstep and DnB Edition" is the one to check out. This edition has been fine tuned for the darker, subbier side of dance music: dubstep and drum & bass. Here you get hundreds of expertly built synth patches, ready to bend and twist into completely original sounds. If you need seriously high-impact and deadly destruction, there's a starting point here for your next creation. Are you ready to step out of the same old presets and rise above the rest? This 300MB+ collection of hundreds of 24-bit samples carefully pre-formatted software sampler multi-patches is available now for download for Kontakt, Halion, EXS24, NN-XT for Reason, SFZ for Sonar Cakewalk & more. You simply call up your favourite plug-in, drop these files in, and you're ready to explore, learn and innovate. These sounds are perfect to inject into heavy bass music, ideally compressed and triple-checked in our studio for optimum quality. You can even tweak this dubbed up inspiration into other styles like jungle, breaks, techno or electro. Producer Dimitry Vasilyev is building up a solid collection of boundary-pushing releases on primeloops.com, and this is no exception. He has used a collection of seriously fat synths including the Clavia Nord Modular, Access Virus, Korg Mono/poly and Roland MKS30, to give you the foundation for the heavy drops and unforgettable hooks your audience is waiting for. It's all yours, royalty-free so you use these sounds in any project, for any media, without legal worries. For beginners and even for experts, creating killer synth sounds can be a mystery, but relying on the factory presets is never going to be the best solution. This collection can give new life to your plug-ins, showing you new ways to blend signals and new possibilities for your tracks. Look at your composition workflow from a different perspective, and find out how to raise your game with "VIP Synths: Dubstep and DnB Edition". * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass

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 - Guitar Anthology: Indie Edition
Guitar Anthology: Indie EditionPrime LoopsDance2010-12-22

"Guitar Anthology: Indie Edition" delivers 50 classic, anthemic guitar loops, hooks, riffs, and leads mastered to perfection in the UK and hand played and on a range of high-end guitars such as: · Gibson Les Paul 1976 · Gibson Les Paul custom · Fender Stratocaster Amps used include: · Fender Hotrod · Marshall JCM 2000 · Laney VH100R Concentrating specifically on indie hooks and leads, this inspiring collection contains everything from clean-cut catchy brit-pop sessions, right through to alternative fuzzbox studio hooks, contemporary jams and elements of shoegaze moving into independent licks and mod-rock classics. If you're looking for a unique blend of tight indie hooks, "Guitar Anthology: Indie Edition" is your ticket to the gig.

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 - Filthy Electro House Sessions
Filthy Electro House SessionsPrime LoopsElectro House2011-01-27

After months in the studio, Prime Loops in association with Fredrik Mooij are extremely proud to present one of our most disgusting releases to date: "Filthy Electro House Sessions". A brand new, uplifting, fun-filled sample pack, bang in-tune with the wobbly sounds of fidget house, jackin' elements of progressive, and the dirty, twisted, and utterly rawkus side of electro house. This release is authored and engineered by Frederik Mooij, who over the last year has seen great success with his releases hopping to the top of the charts across all major download sites worldwide. This year he has already worked with the likes of Will Bailey, Lee Mortimer, Micky Slim, Mic Fresh and many more.... with his remixes being played by some of the biggest dance DJs from the radio to the clubs. He has a unique and highly addictive sound, and we love it! This killer sample pack is jam-packed with over 140 raw, blazin' house beats, fidgety, quirky effects, jackin' interesting percussion loops, relentlessly hectic basslines, sexy analogue synth stutters, and more.... resulting in maximum impact, siren inducing rhythms - ready to burst out of the studio! Everything has been professionally mastered, processed, tried, tested, tested again, formatted and then compiled into over 5 different and easy to use sections for immediate workflow. Recorded in our state of the art recording facility, we have maintaining the utmost quality recording in 24-bit, and you can download these amazing sounds, and use them in your mix, completely royalty free. "Filthy Electro House Sessions" is one of our most exciting releases, and a lot of fun to use.... Chop it up, remix it, synthesize it, mix it up, do what you want with it! These are your "Filthy Electro House Sessions".

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 - Drum Addict
Drum AddictPrime LoopsDrums2011-02-02

The Prime Loops lab is back with another spine-tingling, stomach-wrenching sound laboratory experiment... "Drum Addict". The final instalment in the critically acclaimed, mighty "Addict Trilogy". After "Synth Addict" (10/10, Excellence Award) and "Bass Addict" it's now time for "Drum Addict"! "Drum Addict" compliments both its predecessors to the core, and when used together, the trilogy is one of the most feared weapons on the sonic battlefield. Are your ears ready for the heavy thump of the bass kick, and whip-attack of the snare? Are you sure? Because this is quite simply one of the most groundbreaking, stomach-wrenching, heart-pumping drum loops collections of the market today. Are you a true drum addict? Everything has been developed and tested using a highly confidential mixture of vintage drum machines, new analogue synthesizers and cutting-edge digital processing tools; concocting the hottest and most extreme sounds of the moment with advanced drum synthesis techniques gained over years, and countless hits in the making. You will not find another release like this, anywhere. With 150+ maximum impact, up-to-the-moment crazy drum loops, ripping, high-pressure, and, of course, utterly addictive... "Drum Addict" is a force to be reckoned with, and an absolutely essential addition to your laboratories sound arsenal. We took a great deal of care making sure everything has been engineered and processed to perfection, everything has been recorded in 24-bit audio ensuring the utmost quality. And, as you've come to expect with all Prime Loops releases, "Drum Addict" is completely royalty free, and can be used in all your projects and releases. This way you avoid sample licensing costs, and large label fees, keeping 100% ownership of your work. Whether you produce dubstep or IDM, house to electronica, progressive to tech, or maybe you're looking for that killer rhythm for your next hit, if you suffer from drum addiction, we are extremely confident you will love what's waiting for you inside. However, please use with caution, "Drum Addict" is a secret formula, and extremely addictive, the side effects are unknown... *DISCLAIMER: No producers were harmed in the making of "Drum Addict".

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 - Orchestral Scores
Orchestral ScoresPrime LoopsOrchestral2011-02-09

Mo'Zart or Beathoven? Prime Loops' brand new "Orchestral Scores" sound suite offers an extensive collection of 100 expertly processed and professionally recorded symphonic orchestra loops for your music production. For this stunning Philharmonic loops collection Prime Loops has teamed up once again with the terrifyingly talented Jean Baptiste Lacaze, also known from Prime Loops' critically acclaimed sample pack releases such as "Planet Of The Orchestra" and "Ambient Funk". Inspired by Hollywood's greatest musical legends, "Orchestral Scores" fuses vibes from the minor melodies of Danny Elfman, with the tear-jerking progressions of James Horner and the undisputed king of unforgettable film music, John Williams. With a production value that would impress even the most weathered studio engineer, these pieces are nothing less than cinema-ready. Inside this sample pack you will be exposed to over 500mb of royalty-free inspiration for your musical adventures. All of the 100 loops in this pack are clearly labelled with key and tempo for easy induction into your music productions or soundtrack projects. Just drag and drop these files into your Fruity Loops, Ableton, Logic and Garageband productions or any other piece of sequencing software - it couldn't be easier to use. Truly a testament to the diversity of the orchestra, "Orchestral Scores" offers only the best orchestral compositions and arrangements for musicians and filmmakers alike. Sweep through soaring melodies, paramount string ensembles and intricate piano progressions. Experience moody ambiences and hear the deep thump of epic percussions resonating into the distance. These loops are ideal for use with film, animation and video games and especially suited for producers who want to avoid the expense of hiring a professional composer or arranger. This collection is also tremendously accessible to anyone who just loves to sample, chop, mash-up and rearrange. Remember - all the samples, as with all Prime Loops packs, are 24-bit audio & 100% royalty free; meaning they can be used in all your creations without having to worry about pricey licensing costs, and you will retain full ownership of your work. No matter if you are into hip hop, pop, dubstep or more kind of experimental things, all of the compositions in this pack will perfectly compliment your needs. This is a sample pack to inspire - bringing together the intense and the ethereal, the uplifting and the sombre, the movie theatre with the music charts. "Orchestral Scores" is an uplifting collection of finely crafted samples that your productions are just aching for!

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 - Bass Addict
Bass AddictPrime LoopsElectro House2011-02-09

After the overwhelming feedback we received from our all-time best-selling release "Synth Addict" (10/10, Excellence Award) we are back with our second edition to the "Addict Trilogy". This one's for all you bass addicts. While in our sound testing laboratory, we discovered a new formula... one that would change music producer's concept of bass forever. Speakers were destroyed. ''Bass Addict'' was born. Are you brave enough to try it? During the testing phase, a number of producers were summoned to a secret facility. After 3 long days with "Bass Addict", we were worried for their mental health. All suffered severe bass addiction symptoms. When interviewed, the effects of "Bass Addict" had become clear: "Mega extreme, makes me want to set the roof on fire..." "I can't handle this insane bass power, I'm Mr super speed..." "I feel tech-bass stutters in my stomach, mad chopped up sounds, prime pork chop deluxe! Chemicals? Mad bass mash-up... my neck hurts..." "...crazy pumping electrogasm, pulsating bass, I'm off my face!" "Dubstep, wowowowowaoow, gritty, rough, mental, it's just mental!" "What a synth massage, I need more, give me more now!" The "Bass Addict" program was declared a success. Lab tests were carried out in specific areas: dubstep, house, electro, progressive and tech. All tests ran smoothly. So we took it a step further with over 150 heavyweight bass recordings with versatile tempo's ranging from 123 to 140 BPM, and 24-bit superior audio quality. The "Bass Addict" program is now complete. If you wish to conduct further experiments with these recordings, do so at your own risk. Please use with extreme caution. Known side effects include: · Sleepless nights · Ringing of the ears · Bass dreams · Extreme production techniques · Angry neighbours *Other side effects are unknown. DISCLAIMER: No producers were harmed in the making of "Bass Addict". * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep

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 - Club Keys
Club KeysPrime LoopsDance2011-03-02

When the sun goes down and the party heats up, reach for the energising and uplifting sound of "Club Keys", a brand new chart-topping selection of the richest, warmest, and most dramatic piano and current keyboard licks around. All expertly recorded in super-high fidelity digital audio by master ivory-tinkler Richard "Wilx" Wilkinson, the celebrated author of Prime Loops' best selling sound libraries "R&B Progressions" & "NYC Piano Sessions". This immense pack comes loaded with 175 up-to-the-minute melodic piano loops, chord progressions and riffs, clearly labeled by musical key for inclusion in your pressure-building productions. Strictly dancefloor speeds of 120-140bpm make this versatile material suitable for all the latest club styles, from dance anthems to indie & electro stompers, deep, vocal & soulful house right through to contemporary pop, R&B, hip hop and even dubstep. Taking inspiration from legendary dance clubs such as Studio 54, Limelight, Paradise Garage and the Hacienda, "Club Keys" delivers a heavy portion of classic dance vibes, expertly remixed and brought to you with that banging sound of now! Tempo adjustments are easy with our triple-checked, 24-bit pre-formatted files, expertly prepared to work seamlessly with all major software and hardware. Cut 'n' paste, edit, remix, arrange, sidechain to the limit... add your favourite effects to expand this pack beyond boundaries. Best of all, our royalty-free license allows you full control over your productions without having to pay any licensing fees at all. "Club Keys" is the complete package, there is nothing on the market like this today, so get ready to maximise your midrange, and lift your tracks through the roof. When played by a true master piano session player like Wilx, keyboards blend the emotional aspects of string instruments with dynamic percussive elements, making an instant connection to clubbers' hearts. You can't get the same effect with cheap plugins and a mouse, so grab the real deal and select only the finest cutting-edge contemporary recordings from Prime Loops. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Trance

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 - NYC Piano Sessions
NYC Piano SessionsPrime LoopsOrchestral2011-03-11

Prime Loops are proud to announce the arrival of one of their most inspiring sample suites to date: "NYC Piano Sessions" delivers over 600MB of skilfully played grand & upright piano loops, each and every one truly inspired by the bustling streets of the city that never sleeps! This uplifting sample pack boasts over 200 expertly processed instrumental loops between 60 and 190 BPM, covering virtually every musical style imaginable. Whether you are into R&B, hip hop, pop, dance, rock, blues, jazz or classical music, "NYC Piano Sessions" has got you covered! At Prime Loops we never forget that our customers demand the highest quality, so for this pack we recruited our highly skilled producer, engineer & multi-instrumentalist Richard "Wilx" Wilkinson. Wilx is also the author and engineer behind Prime Loops' best selling sample pack releases "R&B Progressions" and "Guitar Anthology", so there's a high possibility that you have come across his work already! When we asked Wilx about the main idea behind his latest sample pack he simply answered: "I wanted to get a big variety of very usable loops. Rather than post-processing everything to an inch of its life & squeezing a potentially flexible loop into only one genre niche, I've left the loops relatively unprocessed. There's a good selection of simpler, building-block loops - like the blues loops, which you can stick together to get a 12-bar blues sequence. And there's also a decent amount of loops with more 'character', which will hopefully serve to add some inspiration for your next production." After recording, we made sure the loops were formatted to perfection for your favourite production platform. All sounds are clearly labelled with tempo and key info, and you can choose from .WAV, Apple Loops, MPC, Ableton Live Pack, Acid Loops, or whichever you prefer, presented in crystal clear 24-bit audio. As you have come to expect with all Prime Loops' releases, "NYC Piano Sessions" is completely royalty free, so you don't need to worry about sample clearances and licensing fees. Jam-packed with an endless stream of musical gems this inspiring sample pack will make the perfect song-writing partner for all your future writing, programming and recording sessions. Your personal session pianist - ready for download now!

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 - Dubstep Nation
Dubstep NationPrime LoopsDubstep2011-03-16

Prime Loops proudly present the ultimate dubstep experience - "Dubstep Nation". This heavy-duty dubstep sample Pack delivers over 500 royalty free dubstep drum loops, wobble basslines, hard-hitting drum one-shots, spatial SFX samples, cutting synth patches and a whole lot more to maximise your music production. This full-on 24-bit sound collection has been created and optimised to the highest standards; it delivers only the hottest dubstep sounds & samples that are currently available, and has been professionally developed with the closest attention to detail. "Dubstep Nation" features a large arsenal of heavyweight drum loops, moody synth hooks, dark atmospherics and mind-blowing bass and synth patches, all complimented by a unique and flavoursome hand crafted collection of pure dubstep drum samples and one-shot SFX to match. This comprehensive collection helps you to stay true to the sound of the moment with over 500 authentic, grimey, and downright nasty royalty free samples. "Dubstep Nation" is brought to you directly from London by Prime Loops, the top UK sample providers in the scene today, and it contains all the right tools you need to catch and develop that notorious dubstep vibe which is creating waves all around the world right now. Prime Loops' "Dubstep Nation" sample pack contains: · Over 200 drum loops, basslines & synth hooks · Over 130 multi patches for Kontakt, EXS24, NN-XT, Sonar SFZ & Halion · Over 200 dubstep one-shot samples, including drum hits & SFX sounds Everything you hear in the demo showcase is inside this sample pack, and the vocals are from our best selling release "Rasta Vocal Samples" (used by the likes of Adam F, Will Bailey and many more). So what are you waiting for? Inject "Dubstep Nation" into your mix, take your production to the next level and tear up the clubs right now!

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 - Wonky Beats
Wonky BeatsPrime Loops2011-03-31

You may be asking yourself - What the hell are wonky beats!? Well, if you're tired of conventional, 4/4 quantised beats, and could do with some big, slammin' tunes with low-slung slow-motion beats... here's the answer: "Wonky Beats" - A new concept is born! "Wonky Beats" defies the norm with revolutionary chopped-up, morphed-up patterns, and revolutionary free-form organic beats, bursting with interesting (frankly disgusting!) originality, and utterly inspiring to any listener. Gathering influences from hip hop, hyphy, chiptune, grime, dubstep, crunk, glitch and electro, and breaching on genres not yet invented! With over 120 grimey, wonky, wobbling rhythms, this one's gonna' blow your mind (not convinced? check on the mp3 demo, or hit "download some free samples"). This totally unique sample pack has been developed professionally - recorded in 24-bit audio, and processed in true analogue fashion. Firstly the drum hits used to create the loops were all made in-house on numerous synthesizers, such as the Roland Alpha Juno, Roland Juno-106, Roland MKS-10, Polyvox, Korg Mono/Poly Korg Poly-800 and many others. These were then layered, tweaked, and morphasized, before being slammed against each other... the result? "Wonky Beats"! So if you're into Rustie, Prefuse73, Flying Lotus, Gorillaz, Cabbageboy, Starkey, or even if you're not! You're gonna love this one! No matter if you prefer it street bass or aquacrunk, choppage or broken beats - Prime Loops' brand new "Wonky Beats" sample pack will totally satisfy your cravings for crazy-mad audio material!

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 - Reggaeton Movements
Reggaeton MovementsPrime LoopsWorld2011-04-06

Bring out the sun-drenched summer hits all year round with this fully loaded and ultra-automatic Reggaeton sample pack. Containing all you need to roll your own high-grade Latin instrumentals, "Reggaeton Movements" is set to bring pure liquid platinum fire to the biggest clubs across the globe. To give producers the ultimate Reggaeton experience, we've finally exposed the heat with a stack of urban ammunition including 100 tempo specific drum loops, 52 sub shaking bass loops, 50 ultra-dramatic synth loops, with variations and progressions to help you quickly build up a solid arrangement. As an added bonus you also get 50 FX samples including gunshots, horns and even a lion's roar!) ...so you can be sure you have all the essential elements to fill the floor right through to the early hours. To make it even easier, all the loops are locked in at A minor, and supplied at 95 or 100 BPM, making this one of our most groove-ready, flexible packs released. You can also transform these sounds easily with your sampler, adding your own vibes, jams and styles, such as drum and bass, hip hop, house or even dubstep. To keep ownership of your beats every file is 100% royalty-free (meaning you can sell your beats without having to pay any royalties on the samples) and everything has been optimised, 24-bit audio compressed and checked by our three-stage quality control process, guaranteeing you maximum impact and full integration with all the most popular production hardware and software. If your crew is heavyweight, and you represent the baddest sound in the city, this platinum-ready release provides the bullet-proof heat needed to inject your projects directly into the Reggaeton premier league.

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 - R&B Beat Programmer
R&B Beat ProgrammerPrime Loops2011-04-07

Ready for some serious R&B beatsmith talent? Once again, Prime Loops have not spared any time or effort - and are extremely proud to present to you YOUR very first, personal "R&B Beat Programmer"! Download this comprehensive selection of over 170 perfectly prepared rhythm patterns and beats, drop them straight into your sequencer, and you're all set to lay down the overdubs. At Prime Loops we know that if you totally nail the beat, your compositions will be free to fly up the charts, so there's a ready-made groove here at every tempo from 61 to 120bpm, giving you tons of world class beat material! Each loop in this selection comes with alternate versions for fills or verse/chorus switch-ups, so you truly have everything you need to complete your project, to ensure tailor-made compatibility with any vibe you've got going. "R&B Beat Programmer" has been authored by Prime Loops' latest signing, highly skilled beat freak and producer Nahuel Lescano. Nahuel has a high-end setup to die for, and he has already put in many hours fine-tuning and compressing each loop to radio-ready standards, leaving you more time to concentrate on your songwriting talent. As with every Prime Loops sample pack, "R&B Beat Programmer" comes as a instant download, and is available in a wide range of sequencer-friendly formats including 24-bit Acid Wav, Apple Loops, Rex2, Reason Refill, Ableton Live Pack, Stylus RMX, MPC and more. Each file within this sample pack is cleanly cut, clearly labelled, and comes with a royalty-free license - so you'll have absolutely no legal hassles while pushing your tunes from the studio to the top ten. This highly polished backbeat collection will quickly raise your projects to another level. If you're fixing to fill racks next to Alicia Keys, Ne-Yo, Usher, Jason Derulo, B.o.B., Iyaz, Rihanna and Keri Hilson, why sweat in the studio? Swerve into the fast lane with "R&B Beat Programmer"! PS: All the drum loops you hear in the demo showcase are inside this sample pack, and the instrumental parts are from our best selling releases "R&B Progressions" and "NYC Piano Sessions". * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Hip Hop • Drums

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 - Arabic Vibez
Arabic VibezPrime LoopsWorld, Orchestral2011-04-21

Prime Loops' latest sonic masterpiece "Arabic Vibez" brings you over 180 breathtakingly intense Arabic string hooks, chord progressions, instrumental arrangements and lots, lots more! Whether you're looking to spice up your next blockbuster score, bling-out your club banger, officialise your game soundtrack or bring an eastern twist to any other project you're working on, this inspiring batch of captivating flavours is right up your desert track! As is the custom all over the Orient, this unique sound collection is guaranteed to give you a warm-hearted reception! Skilfully recorded and composed by Prime Loops' one-and-only Jean Baptiste Lacaze this dramatic pack comes ready arranged into over 20 easy-to-scroll chapters, jam-packed with classic instrumentation such as the characteristic Oud, the comedic Shehnai, the seductive Duduk and much more. all are 24-bit quality and clearly labelled with many Arabian and Middle Eastern sounding scales and genre-busting tempos ranging from 80-150bpm. Get ready for Prime Loops' magic carpet ride and expose yourself to sensual rhythms right out of a steamy hammam, pristine flutes carried over by balmy desert winds or mysterious chimes straight from the oasis. Whether you wanna belly dance like Ofra Haza, get your Omar Souleyman stomp on or stir the sands of time like the Prince of Persia, this absolutely royalty-free sample pack will instantly add more than 1.001 Arabic twists to your productions. Dance like a Dervish, swing like a Sultan, or walk like an Egyptian! "Arabic Vibez" will instantly enable you to explore the original musical landscapes and rich cultural traditions of the vast Eastern region - all at the humble price of a proper kebab feast and easier to handle than a waterpipe full of the tastiest sheesha flavours!