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Prime Loops provide award-winning sound libraries, fresh in tune with the evolving music scene. We are an extremely passionate team of engineers, sound designers & DJs, hailing from London, UK. All of our loops, samples & sounds are completely royalty free and have been designed to give you instant inspiration for your music productions, soundtracks, game themes, sync projects and a whole lot more!

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 - Chillstep Express
Chillstep ExpressPrime LoopsChill Out, Dubstep2015-02-27

Pack your bags, Prime Loops are proud to present Chillstep Express, an unmissable journey through the warm and wonderful world of ambient dubstep. A truly versatile chillstep sample pack of drifting melodies and deep understated tones. A superb collection of timeless soul infused Liquid Dubstep Samples ready to drop straight into your DAW. From blissed out keys to ethereal pads, Punching drums to subterranean basslines, Chillstep Express is the essential collection for those wanting to enter the golden sound scape, where dubstep meets ambient electronica, with BPMs ranging from 122 to140BPM. This serene collection of deep chillstep samples, loops and one shot sounds include emotionally driven chord progressions, deep warm basslines, delicately produced strings and melting pads that have been topped off with a bounty of well rounded drums and spellbinding FX. Chillstep Express features a huge range of organic melodic content with vintage Rhodes, mallets, guitars, harps and string arrangements sitting alongside carefully sculpted synth elements that when combined form complex sonic textures that will satisfy even the most discerning of listeners. All of the samples, loops and one-shots are 100% royalty free and ready to drop in your project and be manipulated however you see fit. All of these chillstep loops will sync with any of the main software samplers and sequencers and will sync with the tempo of any DAW, just swipe them from the download folder into your production suite and drop them in. Space out your next chillstep production with this laid back collection of ambient dubstep samples and construction kits delivered in pristine 24-Bit quality and ideal for a wide range of producers. Specifications: • 24bit 44.1kHz • BPM range 122-140 • 36 x Drum Loops • 30 x Bass Loops • 30 x Synth & Instrument Loops • 31 x Pad Loops • 22 x Keys & Rhodes Loops • 26 x SFX Loops • 31 x SFX One-Shots • 45 x Drum One-Shots

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 - Sci-Fi Soundscapes
Sci-Fi SoundscapesPrime LoopsSound FX2015-03-02

Ready to shape the soundscape with a future classic? We've hacked into the mainframe and extracted some secret frequencies in our super advanced sample pack Sci-Fi Soundscapes, transmitting a mind-bending selection of 10 dramatic soundtrack inspired construction kits directly into your DAW! This next generation sound pack is a sophisticated fusion of analogue and digital elements; an ultra-contemporary collection of contrasting, multi-layered atmospheres heavily inspired by gaming soundtracks such as Splintercell by Amon Tobin as well as film scores such as Tron Legacy by Daft Punk, but the clinically crafted contents within Sci-Fi Soundscapes can add intense new elements to EDM, Trap, DnB and more! Guide your listeners through a complex labyrinth of sounds. This cinematic sound library will transform your DAW into an immense new control unit, allowing you to master the matrix, spinning a digital web of darkness as your mix traverses gloomy dystopias, dazzlingly sterile distant futures and unexplored galaxies where the sound clarity is an astounding 24-bit HD quality. At 294MB, Sci-Fi Soundscapes contains ten tracks broken down into individual samples that you can drag and drop into your software. Leap into the unknown with the edgy tension, sprawling synths and meteor shower beats of 'Airlock'; immerse your mix in the neon-drenched synths and neo-noir styling’s of 'Extraction Point'; float towards epic and emotive sensations with 'Destination Earth'. Dissect any of these alien frequencies and rearrange the kits as you wish! These cinematic compositions are totally versatile with tempos spanning from 80 to 140bpm and can even shapeshift to suit any genre - dial in your own tempo and the samples will adjust automatically. Dock the 100% royalty free Sci-Fi Soundscapes with your DAW and future-proof your productions! Specifications: • 24bit 44.1kHz • 28 x E at 70BPM • 20x C at 80 BPM • 23x B at 90BPM • 17x E at 90BPM • 12x G at 90BPM • 23x C at 100BPM • 15x G at 100BPM • 15x C at 11BPM • 43x A at 140BPM • 20x G at 152BPM

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 - Ableton Live Projects: Bass House
Ableton Live Projects: Bass HousePrime LoopsHouse2015-02-24

Slip inside Bass House! We've prized open a secret doorway giving you all-areas access to 4 fully flexible "Ableton Live Projects for Bass House". Learn how each track is constructed and then chop it, change it and rearrange it to suit your own signature production style! "Ableton Live Projects: Bass House" features 4 pumping original UK Bass House templates for Ableton Live, all ready for your production takeover. From the bouncing vibes of 'Feeling' to the anthemic 'Keeps Me Up All Night' and the warmth of 'Let The Fire Out' to the flow of 'Pull Up The Bass', you'll be able to pop the hood on each track and play around with each component. Before you supercharge any of these jacked-up tracks, you can study the construction of each mix, gaining valuable insight into the entire layout of the track and each component, as well as taking hints from the bass and drum balancing, drum programming, synth placement and processing and much more! 3 of these Ableton Live Templates also include a NI Massive routing, but if you don't own NI Massive you can also just import in the full audio stems which have been included in this product as well. "Ableton Live Projects: Bass House" lands via direct download, injecting a jam-packed array of Bass House mastery into your Ableton Live DAW and each of these 4 project tracks includes a royalty free vocal hook! Get ready for a masterclass in UK Bass House and then break all of those rules, unleashing your very own interpretation of each club-ready original project track in "Ableton Live Projects: Bass House"! PS: The download file for "Ableton Live Projects: Bass House" also includes FULL AUDIO STEMS (in 24Bit Wav Format), so you can even use these compositions if you're not a Ableton Live user. Specifications: • 4 x Ableton Live Projects Minimum Requirements: Live 8 Intro & NI Massive 1.3

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 - The Loudest: Bass
The Loudest: BassPrime LoopsDrum & Bass, Dubstep2015-03-04

The Loudest: Bass offers a robotic touch to your productions, emitting waves of powerful deep bass tremors pulsating through your mixes. From thrilling one-shot thrusts to super-contemporary submersive loops, these hot new synth bass sounds are supplied in a range of settings designed to add a vast array of new dimensions to your tunes, bringing fresh, unexpected elements into the mix and pushing your productions to the very edge! Whether you want to tease your Trap productions with a startling surge of layered lazers, inject your Dubstep with a scandalous series of drilling buzzes or create a unique vibe of your own with any of these pumped up bass sensations, The Loudest: Bass is full of fresh new sounds applicable to any genre. Gyrating into your sample archive via direct download, this synth bass sample pack delivers a sizeable 173MB of files available in various formats to suit your chosen software and the 198 individual files are arranged into 4 folders of varying Bpms and one shots. From the jerky pulse of bass loop ‘Dirty Shuffle’ to the mad, monstrous guzzle of bass loop ‘Angry Cyborg’ and the shrieking rush of bass loop ‘Technodrome’ to the insanely diverse range of squelching, buzzing, humming and bouncing one-shots, The Loudest: Bass drops an incredibly varied assortment of samples in a supremely polished 24-bit High Definition sound clarity! Each sample is ready to sync autonomously with your DAW. So get ready to boost your productions with the synthetic, silicon touch of The Loudest: Bass! This advanced bass sound library is engineered to push your mixes far beyond the benchmark and it’s all yours completely royalty free. Specifications: • 24bit 44.1 kHz • 103 x Bass One-Shots • 28 x Bass lines at 128BPM • 34 x Bass lines at 140 BPM • 33 x Bass lines at 174 BPM

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 - The Loudest: Drums
The Loudest: DrumsPrime LoopsElectro House, Dubstep2015-03-07

Sweating over a heavy beat? We’ve got the sonic supplement to help you lift high above the competition, pushing your productions to the edge and adding tense, muscular dimensions to your sound. The secret ingredient is our brand new drum sample pack The Loudest: Drums! Fresh from Prime Loops’ resident production combo Rob Talbott and Calvertron, this excessive set of audio additives is provided by two of the finest producers on the bass music scene, so they know a thing or two about dealing out the blows in competitive beatmaking! The Loudest: Drums is stacked up with a phat n’ hefty collection of weighty one-shots designed to give your flagging productions the workout they require! Once your tunes have been put to work with the beats you build from this sound pack, they’ll be towering high above your own expectations. A thrilling selection of programmed drum samples, this sound library includes a few heavily processed live shots too! Are you ready to taste this fresh batch of tasty percussive protein? The Loudest: Drums provides a next-level range of sonic fibres ready to bulk up your beats across a range of genres from Dubstep to Trap, Electro, Dance, House and more! Tapping in at over 90MB The Loudest: Drums is ready to choke slam its way into your mix, pummelling your productions with hard-hitting impacts delivered across 7 folders of Kicks, Snares, Hihats, Claps, Cymbals, Percussion and Toms. Pushing into your sample archive via direct download, this drum sample pack contains a total of 400 one-shots ready to drag and drop from your download folder straight into your DAW! Available in various formats, The Loudest: Drums is ready for action, syncing automatically with your favourite sampling software. Each individual sample is delivered in a smooth, strong 24-bit sample rate for optimum sound clarity. WARNING: The Loudest: Drums is not a force to be reckoned with. This beefed up beat building kit will drop the freshest, hardest, smoothest and sleekest range of drum samples ideal for any genre and it’s completely royalty free. We’re supplying the brawn and you’ve got the brains so let’s get ready to rumble! Specifications: • 24 bit 44.1kHz • 80 x Claps • 20 x Cymbals • 48 x Hihats • 127 x Kicks • 20 x Percs • 70 x Snares • 20 x Toms *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Drum Hits

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 - The Loudest: Guitars
The Loudest: GuitarsPrime LoopsDubstep, Dance2015-03-02

Don’t touch that dial! It’s time to turn up the adrenaline in your productions by adding an unexpected twist, so get ready to indulge some in some truly wild fretboard adventures ideal for your Dubstep, Trap and EDM productions with The Loudest: Guitars! Fresh from Prime Loops’ resident production combo Rob Talbott and Calvertron, this excessive set of next level guitar samples is provided by two of the finest producers on the bass music scene! The guitar remains an outsider to the bass music and EDM genres. Maybe it’s the ferocious roar; the analogue setup or the idea of having to actually tune an instrument… but there’s no time to speculate because this rock n’ roll rebel is launching an aggressive attack in order to cement its place in the EDM/bass music soundscape! Surrender to The Loudest: Guitars and get intimate with your captor! This insane guitar sound pack has plenty to offer your productions, inspiring fresh ideas, unlocking unexpected elements and launching your mixes in unexplored directions, you need to allow the addition of this six-string weapon to push your productions all the way to edge! Spike your Trap productions with a wild selection of sleazy, distorted riffs. Inject your Dubstep with super-technical, high precision finger tapping or underpin your own signature sound with some steady chord progressions and put a unique, organic touch into your tunes! The Loudest: Guitars will tear up your sample archive with 550MB of hot new guitar sounds. The Loudest: Guitars features 347 individual files supplied in 24-bit clarity for extreme High Definition and the files are arranged into 10 folders of Divebombs, Grunge Chords, Offbeat Skanks, Power Chords, Riffs, Rock Chops, Single Chord Strumming, Single Notes, Slides and Trills. This immense guitar sound library is available via direct download and it's engineered to sync autonomously with your mix in any major DAW. Just click on your samples in the download folder, drag them over your mix and drop them in. Each sample will adjust itself to match the tempo of your pre-existing mix and you can even adjust the tempo manually by clicking the end of the sample and stretching or squeezing it to match your desired speed. This volatile guitar sound pack is supplied 100% royalty free, so you can screw up those sample clearance forms and stuff 'em in your ears until you're fully adjusted to the insane (but brilliant) idea of throwing some rock n’ roll attitude into your own favoured genres! Specifications: • 24bit 44.1kHz 525MB Unzipped • 10 x Divebomb • 24 x Grunge Chords • 17 x Offbeat Skanks at 140 BPM • 10 x Offbeat Skanks at 174 BPM • 9 x One-Shot Offbeat Skanks • 13 x Power Chords • 6 x Riffs at 100BPM • 10x Riffs at 110 BPM • 28 x Riffs at 128 BPM • 21 x Riffs at 140 BPM • 21 x Riffs at 174 BPM • 42 x Rock Chops • 20 x Single Chord Strumming at 128 BPM • 20 x Single Chord Strumming at 140 BPM • 10 x Single Chord Strumming at 174 BPM • 25 x Single notes 'clean' • 26 x Single notes distorted • 16 x Slides • 18 x Trills

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 - Mosh-Pit Guitars
Mosh-Pit GuitarsPrime LoopsDubstep, Dance2015-03-06

Get your tracks ready for the mosh-pit! With Prime Loops’ very latest kick-ass Guitar Sample Pack “Mosh-Pit Guitars”, specifically written, played, recorded and engineered for music producers looking to inject some serious metal power into their productions! With 7 folders of super-versatile guitar content, ranging from a dance compatible 120BP M, over a trap-a-licious 140BPM, all the way up to a D&B friendly 180BPM “Mosh-Pit Guitars” is the perfect crossover tool kit! From Pendulum’s erratic axe man Peredur ap Gwynedd to The Prodigy’s own varying line-up of EDM infiltrating fretboard abusers, there’s plenty of sonic evidence to prove that edgy guitar riffs have earned their place within the electronic music realm. However, finding a super skilled guitarist open-minded enough to experiment with the alien genre of electronic dance music is a completely different matter, so we’ve done the hard work for you! Swing the axe into your dance and bass tracks and send a metal inspired shockwave through your mix with “Mosh-Pit Guitars”! Fresh from Prime Loops HQ, this hard-rocking and string slicing guitar sample pack will set you up with a fully charged legion of over 190 Heavy Metal, Nu Metal & Hard Rock inspired Guitar samples. Riffing in with over 300MB of incendiary content fresh from the fingers of Prime Loops’ very own guitar hero Jonas Hörnqvist, “Mosh-Pit Guitars” will shred through any mix, leaving a jagged wake of chugging palm-muted riffs, intricate leads, distorted powerchords, uplifting chord progressions and piercing squeals. Unlike a real guitarist, this sound library is so easy to work with; just grab any sample from the folder and drop it straight into any big-name software sampler. Key and tempo information are displayed clearly in each sample’s filename and every guitar sample in this pack is supplied at an astonishingly sharp 24-bit High Definition sample rate! So give the your audience something unexpected and snatch their attention by unleashing a hybrid mix of guitar infused EDM, D&B, Pop or any other infectious mash-up mix you can think of! “Mosh-Pit Guitars” is supplied 100% royalty free, so banish those sample clearance forms to the waste paper basket and start your sordid lover affair with this super heavy sound pack. Specifications: • 332MB Unzipped • 24bit 44.1 kHz • 28x Guitar lines at 120BPM • 28x Guitar lines at 130BPM • 28x Guitar lines at 140BPM • 28x Guitar lines at 150BPM • 28x Guitar lines at 130BPM • 28x Guitar lines at 160BPM • 28x Guitar lines at 170BPM • 28x Guitar lines at 180BPM

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 - Indie Dance Live Bass
Indie Dance Live BassPrime LoopsDance, Nu Disco / Disco2015-03-04

Can you feel the raucous vibrations of 'Indie Dance Live Bass'? Like a gutter full of glitter, this live bass sample pack combines low-down dirty bass reverberations with glammed-up basslines, ideal for sparking a dancefloor riot with those punky disco/nu-electro jams! From rattling garage doors to shaking up the dancefloor, filthy bass grooves have been flirting with rich synthesized and guitar driven melodies and straight-up four-to-the-floor beats, creating an infectious breed of Indie Dance since the early 00s. From Friendly Fires to LCD Soundsystem via Gossip and Cut Copy, there's plenty of sonic evidence that suggests the bass guitar has earned its place in Dance thanks to its rumbling Indie credentials. 'Indie Dance Bass' allows you to inject your productions with enough intense four-string swagger to match any of these artists for Indie infused, Dance infiltrating excitement. Pumping in at 167MB, 'Indie Dance Bass' drops 41 brand new and exclusive bass loops, pumped out by Prime Loops' own string slapping bass commander. With 42 live bass loops and bassline samples to choose from, this Indie Dance Live Bass Loops is stuffed to maximum capacity with dirty overdriven bass manoeuvres, clean and punchy runs, fluid grooves and a mesmeric mix of funky, punky Indie Dance attitude. Bouncing these bass samples into your mix is easier than cracking a joke about how it's just a guitar with two strings missing. Simply select your sample from the download folder, drag it over your chosen software and drop it in. 'Indie Dance Live Bass' will sync with any major name software sampler, which makes using this pack a completely fuss-free process. Each live bass loop is provided at a superb 24-bit sample rate allowing for pristine High Definition clarity and essential info such as key and tempo is displayed clearly in the filename. Don’t be put off if the tempo doesn’t match your mix – the sample will automatically adjust to meet the tempo of any mix you add it to, or you can simply stretch or squeeze the sample to any tempo you like! You can’t handle the high-powered energy of Indie Dance without a solid bassline to pin down the mix, taking control of the rrriotous reverberations and channeling the energy in a positive yet infectious direction. Plug in to 'Indie Dance Live Bass' and get the party started! This one’s supplied completely royalty free, so don’t worry about those sample clearance woes interrupting the fun. Specifications: • 24bit 44.1kHz • 41x Bass Guitar loops *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House

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 - Josh Money: Raw Electronica
Josh Money: Raw ElectronicaPrime LoopsHouse, Electro House2015-07-27

Prime Loops is incredibly proud to present you this heavy-weight collection of super-inspired alternative house & electronica weapons. This is the perfect tool kit for any producer looking to breach the boundaries of conventional house and EDM: Say Hi to Josh Money - and his very first sample pack release for Prime Loops! Josh Money's truly unique Raw Electronica sample pack brings you all the goods to create cutting edge electronica jams and alternative House bangers! Inside this exquisite sound library adventure you’ll find an awe-inspiring fountain of musicality! Jam-packed with 1.17 GB of audio material this pack will sort you out with a wide range of super-punchy drums, edgy basses, excitingly fresh synth patterns, analogue SFX and divine dreamy vocals, all lovingly created by this talented young multi-instumentalist, producer and sound designer heading from Atlanta. Josh MoneyThe bulk of the loops & samples range from 120-125 BPM, allowing you the versatility to go for slow burning House groovers, deep Electronica or just pure Alternative House anthems! Aaand, if you prefer to write your very own melodies Josh will also equip you with an ultra-reliable resource of 70+ expertly crafted Massive Presets! Right next to a select range of super-fat drums, grizzly basses and floating ethereal pads you’ll also find a huge collection of super-melodic vocals (all performed by the man himself), tons of sizzling synth arpeggios, carefully cut one-shots as well as a vast array of glitched-out analog FX! As an extra goodie Josh has also included a special Bonus Legacy folder: Inside here you’ll find some awesome 80s Electric Guitar Hooks, Rap one liners, Vocal shouts plus a sick selection of Builds and Fills. So come and get your slice of the action and pickup this pack of over a Gigabyte! All of the sounds you can hear in the demo are included in this pack, and as you've come to expect from Prime Loops all of the audio comes 100% Royalty Free! Specifications: • 24 Bit Audio Quality • 1.17GB Unzipped • 127 x Synth Arps/Sequences • 124 x Drum & Perc Loops • 91 x Vocal Samples • 27 x Bass Loops • 20 x Synth Loops • 73 x Massive Presets • 66 x Drum One Shots • 31 x SFX Samples • 30 x Synth Hits • 150 x Bonus Vox, Synth & Guitar Samples

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Kellie Allen - Kellie Allen Vocal Sessions
Kellie Allen Vocal SessionsPrime LoopsChill Out2015-07-28

Prime Loops is proud to bring you the Kellie Allen Vocal Sessions. After much hard graft in the studio at Prime Loops HQ, this finely crafted library of female vocals is finally ready! If you’re looking for a smooth and elegant vocal touch, then you need look no further! Kellie Allen’s pitch perfect vocals will bring your tracks to life! Kellie is no stranger to the limelight. Having already released music on Warner Music, EMI and Toolroom, she is quickly building a name as a vocalist and top line writer. And with recent live PA’s at Café Mambo and Bora Bora Beach in Ibiza, we thought that it was the perfect time to track her down and record some of her vocal stylings. Inside this 1.36GB sample pack you’ll find Choruse construction kits, Verse Construction kits, Solo Verses, Ad Libs and much more. If you’re a fan of Nu-R&B, Downtempo Future Bass or Ambient Chillout, then you’ll find that the 70 BPM vocal samples are ideal. But if you’re into more up-tempo grooves and you like your Chillstep and Dubstep, then check out the simmering 140 BPM samples! Finally, we’ve thrown in some 174 BPM vocals which are perfect for all you Drum & Bass heads! This is more than your average vocal sample pack - this is a unique premium quality songwriting tool kit, with tons of super flexible building blocks; each vocal construction kit contains multi layered vocal harmonies. These harmony samples have been double tracked, meaning the same phrase has been recorded twice, which allows you to pan them left and right, resulting in a nice wide sound spread across the stereo field. All of these sounds have been recorded in 24 Bit Wav quality at the Prime Loops Studios. The samples are also 100% royalty free, so don’t hold back! Come and get your slice of the vox cake! Available now at Prime Loops! Specifications: • 60Bpm - 174Bpm • 24Bit Audio Quality • 21 x Chorus Construction Kits Including: • 23 x Full Mixes • 37 x Leads • 51 x Harmonies • 11 x Verse Construction Kits Including: • 10 x Full Mixes • 18 x Leads • 25 x Harmonies • 53 x Adlibs •18 x Solo Verses *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • House

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 - SirensCeol: Electrocity
SirensCeol: ElectrocityPrime LoopsElectro House, Dubstep2015-07-29

Hotly tipped multi-instrumentalist and EDM producer SirensCeol has been shaking up the airwaves for quite some time now, dropping critically acclaimed releases and remixes on labels such as Play Me Records and Monstercat. Now Prime Loops is proud to present you SirensCeol's very first official sample pack - SirensCeol: Electrocity! SirensCeol's meticulously designed producer toolkit is the perfect side-kick for making a big statement on the main floor. Inside this sound library you will find over 500MB of super original and cutting-edge EDM ammunition, all brought to you in hi-res 24 bit wav format. SirensCeol Sample PackAll loops and samples included have been created at 120 - 128 BPM. Together with the world-renowned Prime Loops crew SirensCeol has personally made sure that every sound has been professionally EQ’d, compressed and sonically treated to perfection. As a special add-on, we have also included a select folder of MIDI files, so producers can customise melodies and prgressions to any particular project. All of the sounds included are 100% royalty free, so there is no need to worry about copyright claims. Come and get your slice of full-on EDM action today, with SirensCeol’s very first official Sample Pack for Prime Loops! Specifications: • 24bit 44.1kHz files • 516MB Unzipped • 76 x Drum Loops • 67 x Synth Loops • 41 x Bass Loops • 35 x SFX • 258 x One Shots • 11 x MIDI Files

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 - Hybrid Trap
Hybrid TrapPrime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B, Presets / Patches2015-10-16

Fresh for 2015 Prime Loops is proud to present you the future of trap - with Hybrid Trap! This forward thinking new era trap library created by Prime Loop's very latest producer signing Stuart Software is on the forefront of Trap Music, showcasing a wide variety of next-level Hybrid Trap styles. Inside this library you’ll find over 500MB of state-of-the-art Trap ammunition, including heavy 808 basses, hard-knocking drums, uplifting FX, straight-up synth shots and powerful subs, but also a whole range of deeper, more chill trap inspired sounds! To round off the pack we've also included a select choice of Massive Presets and Midi files. This allows you extra flexibility when it comes to writing your own melodies or editing the loops in your pack to fit your own productions. The tempos of the loops and samples vary from 120 BPM to 160 BPM, which make this Hybrid Trap sound library completely open to a variety of Trap Styles, from slower paced workouts to faster high energy tracks. Inside this collection you’ll find bouncy 808 Kicks, punchy Subasses as well as piercing synth sounds which offer interesting contrast to the low end sounds. The synth samples include sounds like Crystal Pad which offers a softer more ambient texture, as well as the Grainy Synth which delivers a harsher lead more aimed towards the mainstage. Also make sure to check out the FX sounds! Inside Hybrid Trap you’ll find an excellent choice of white noise sweeps, rhythmic downlifters and energetic uplifters. With over 108 MB of just FX alone, you definitely need to get in on this FX action! All in all Hybrid Trap gives you an inspired insight into the future of Trap Music, seamlessly blending it with other Electronic styles to create new fusions of Trap. And as with all Prime Loops products, the whole library is 100% Royalty free! • 20 x Bass Loops • 21 x Drum Loops • 21 x Drum Top Loops • 145 x Drum One Shots • 40 x FX • 36 x Sub Bass Hits • 22 x Synth Loops • 12 x Synth One Shots • 10 x Massive Presets • 120 - 160Bpm • 24Bit Audio Quality • 481MB

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 - Tropical House
Tropical HousePrime LoopsHouse, MIDI2015-10-19

Step into the sunkissed realm of Tropical House! Feel the humidity rising from this vibrant new Prime Loops sound library, packing every lush element you need to create your very own sonic paradise from scratch.. From Kygo to Klingande, Bakermat and more, this fresh new genre is kicking off with a colorful parade of inspired artists - and this essential sample pack is your hot ticket to the carnival! The sound of the summer is just a click away! Prime Loops' Tropical House will add a cool blue splash to your mix with an abundance of lush basslines, uplifting drums and tropical percussion loops whilst the rich chord progressions, moving pads and catchy lead melodies will provide the warm orange hues, sustaining those balmy summer vibes! Our very latest essential Tropical House toolkit also features a sizzling collection of Massive and Sylenth presets allowing you create your very own melodies and chords from scratch. MIDI files are provided too, so you can edit those sweet melodies or even change-up the instrumentation! This immensely upbeat Tropical House sample library has been put together by the insanely talented Soundsmiths crew and comes ready for any major DAW – just bust open that download folder and swipe each file into your mix with a quick drag and drop. This 530MB slice of paradise has been prepped to lift your mix to a higher level with super high definition 24-bit audio clarity! So if you're looking for a brand new collection of positively radiant summery vibes to keep the party moving from sunset through til sunrise then take a dive into Tropical House! • 25 x Lead Loops • 22 x Chord Loops • 20 x Bass Loops • 16 x Pad Loops • 30 x MIDI Files • 20 x Massive Presets • 20 x Sylenth Presets • 60 x Bass & Synth One Shots • 12 x Guitar Chops • 15 x FX • 60 x Drum Loops • 10 x Percussion Loops • 56 x Drum One Shots *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Patches / Presets

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Ulterior Motive - Ulterior Motive
Ulterior MotivePrime LoopsDrum & Bass, Sound FX2015-10-16

Ulterior Motive have been quickly rising through the global ranks of D&B. This UK based producer duo has been making tidal waves in the scene, carving out a niche of their own. Made up of a heavy mixture of dark electronic basses, organic D&B drum rhythms and funked out synths, these all come together to make up and exhilaratingly aggressive yet uplifting sound, which most importantly, you can dance to! This titanic collection of official Ulterior Motive audio weapons totals at a whopping 722.9Mb and features an immense variety of sounds. Everything you need to make your own speaker-smashing Drum and Bass anthems is featured here: A wealth of Drum patterns and top loops, aggressive basses, uplifting synth loops, dark atmospheric pads and drones, exciting SFX, and a colossal collection of one shots and vocal hits. Ulterior Motive Sample PackTo make things even more interesting, Ulterior Motive have created a range of carefully crafted instruments for Logic's EXS24 Sampler, including custom drum kits and a choice of playable bass and pad instruments. And if that isn't enough to unleash your creative force, they've also a thrown in a handful of presets patches for Massive, FM8 and Logic's Retro Synth so you can really customise tracks with your own melodies, chords and bass lines. As ever, all our samples come in high definition 24-Bit audio quality and are totally royalty free, so you can let your creativity flow without any concerns! So come over to the dark side, and get hold of this essential sound library for any true D&B head.

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 - Mighty Soul
Mighty SoulPrime LoopsDance2015-10-19

Dust off your soul and get ready to funk things up with a fresh helping of crate-digger’s delight! Mighty Soul is the brand new construction kit library fresh from Prime Loops’ vinyl loving minds. Inspired by warm vintage Soul sounds this unique producer toolkit encompasses the essence of this supreme genre and explores its dynamic deviations, from Funk to Disco, Motown and even a touch of Rock! Producing Hip Hop? This pack of construction kits is perfect for extracting those cracking vinyl drum breaks! Scratch away at the surface of Mighty Soul and you’ll find a truly inspired collection of classic vinyl inspired song kits. Featuring no less than 16 sweet song kits plus one dedicated folder of crackling vinyl effects, this super retro Soul sample pack is supplied in highly refined 24-bit high definition sound quality and you drag each track from your download folder and drop it straight into your DAW! Once you’ve blessed your favourite software with a fresh hit of Soul, some retro Funk frequencies or some Motown tinged tuneology, the fun can really start – each track will land in your DAW baring all of its individual elements so you can chop, change and rearrange every single component of Mighty Soul! Whatever your genre, this pack is also perfect for adding vintage vibes to your contemporary tunes! From sweet sugary horns to hot bursts of combusting beats, flexing staccato guitars and so much more, this sensational Soul sound library is perfect for flexing your funk muscles and putting the warm organic spring back into your Soul! • 16 x Full-On Construction Kits • 85 - 145 Bpm • 773.2MB • 24Bit Audio Quality

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 - Dark Glitch Hop
Dark Glitch HopPrime LoopsDubstep2015-12-18

There's a glitch in the system and it's revealing a sinkhole straight into the gloomy heart of your darkest production desires! Dark Glitch Hop is the brand new high energy soundpack from Prime Loops' favorite glitch doctor, operating under the dark alias Access Denied! This shadowy Glitch Hop and Electronica sample pack summons dark forces and oppressive yet heavily energized industrial elements to corrupt your productions with a deep sense of glitch-heavy gloom. This nitrous-fuelled vessel is ready to blast your productions across shady terrains and through dark voids, circling a deep abyss of electrifying intensity! Dark Glitch Hop packs 7 nebulous folders of Bass Loops, Drum Loops, FX, One Shots, Pads & Chords, String Loops and Synth Loops to liven up your mix with an exhilarating blast of darkness. From grinding bass to dissonant synths evoking fatal lasers and broken robotic dialing tones to swollen, stammering beats and more, this sample pack will certainly put the glitch in your mix! This mangled dose of darkness will land in your system via rapid direct download and once it's there you can drag and drop any of the files inside Dark Glitch Hop straight into your DAW! Engineered to cooperate with any major software, this Glitch Hop and Electronica sound library is supplied in immaculate 24-bit High Definition sound clarity. So if your productions are sounding too neat n' polished for your tastes then it's time to embrace the cacophony of this delightfully defective sound pack! Pack Details: • 30 x Bass Loops • 31 x Drum Loops • 75 x SFX, Risers, Impacts, Glitch Fills etc. • 28 x Pads & Chords • 10 x Strings Loops • 23 x Synth Loops • 63 x Synth & Bass One Shots • 110 x Drum One Shots • 24 Bit 44.1kHz • 652 MB

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 - Future Bass Elements
Future Bass ElementsPrime LoopsFuture Bass2015-12-17

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the atmospheres of Future Bass? We've got a sonic time capsule loaded up with some seriously futuristic frequencies perfect for your next audio adventure! Future Bass Elements is a brand new state-of-the-art producer toolkit, lovingly created by Prime Loops' latest signing Strider White! If you're looking to make a deep impact on the present, then this next-level collection of highly original and ultra-melodic audio components will certainly help you push the boundaries: With 330MB+ of brand new and authentic samples and presets engineered to work with any major DAW Future Bass Elements delivers all the tools you need to create breathtakingly fresh Future Bass Anthems from scratch. Navigating the 4 main folders of Drum Loops, Drum One Shots, FX & Risers and Synth Loops, you'll take your creations on a journey through deep, warm bass frequencies, mellow atmospheres, tranquil moods and gentle vibes! And, in order to make Future Bass Elements even more flexible we've even thrown in a super-useful collection of presets for MASSIVE! Coming at you via direct download, you can drag and drop each sample directly into your mix and every single audio sample in this brand new future bass sound library arrives in pure 24-bit High Definition clarity. Take a step into the unknown and see how the future sounds for you with Future Bass Elements! Pack Details: • 52 x Synth & Bass Loops • 20 x Massive Presets (nmsv) • 36 x Drum & Perc Loops • 13 x Drum Rolls • 68 x Drum One Shots • 27 x FX & Risers • 150 Bpm • 24Bit 44.1kHz • 339.5MB *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Dubstep • Presets / Patches • Trap

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 - Future Trap
Future TrapPrime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B, Trap2015-12-17

Fire up your DAW and get ready for the new wave! Prime Loops are proud to present Future Trap. This state-of-the-art collection of forward thinking Trap sounds will jet propel your tunes into the next generation! This pioneering sample library has been skilfully crafted by a rapidly up-and-coming Trap star Cy Kosis - AKA Jamaal Taylor. Jamaal's music career has gone from strength to in recent years, garnering support from trap pioneers such as Diplo, The Partysquad and more. Always striving to make music that is both creative and technically sound, Cy Kosis' dedication to his craft and determination to stay ahead of the game truly shines through here. This massive collection contains all the necessary elements needed to make a cutting edge Trap banger. It comes fully packed with a range of deep 808 bass loops, innovative synth leads and chord progressions, heavy drum & percussion loops and a choice of inventive and unique SFX. All samples and loops have been formatted to adjust to the tempo of your project for ultimate usability. And for those of you looking to create your own loops, Cy Kosis has included a massive selection of drum one-shots as well as a choice of synth stabs, bass hits and talking bass hits that you can chop up into your own arrangements. Glistening in 24bit Audio quality, Cy Kosis' distinctive style and expert production skills have been perfectly captured in this ultra modern Trap library. And it can be all yours 100% royalty free! Pack Details: • 47 x Synth Loops • 19 x Bass Loops • 124 x Synth & Bass One Shots • 22 x FX • 53 x Drum & Perc Loops • 145 x Drum One Shots • 80 - 150 Bpm • 24Bit 44.1kHz • 478.9MB

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Ian O'Donovan - Ian O'Donovan: Melodic Techno
Ian O'Donovan: Melodic TechnoPrime LoopsHouse, Techno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard)2015-12-18

Freshly squeezed from Prime Loops comes Ian O'Donovan: Melodic Techno! Since storming the scene in 2010, this Irish DJ/Producer whizzkid has gained support from techno heavyweights like Laurent Garnier and John Digweed. And now, he has kindly let us delve into the secrets of his success, bringing you his first official sample library! Ian O'Donovan Sample PackThis teched out toolkit was made using the traditional sound of Techno infused with lush melodies, musical chord progressions, swelling synths, glistening arps, ethereal pads and dramatic FX. Rhythmic basslines provide the groove, whilst detailed percussions give a steady sense of movement. And all these elements are glued together by deep pulsating beats, essential for any techno producer's sample arsenal. The resulting synergy is a truly special and unique blend! For ultimate producer usability, this sound kit also comes equipped with a solid selection of drum one shots, as well as a choice of MIDI files, so you can edit melodies and instrumentation to fit your productions. On top of that, all loops come pre-formatted to adjust to the tempo of your track. And as ever, all samples glisten in 24-Bit audio quality. So whether you're looking to try something new and lose yourself in a pair headphones, or if you need a strong set of sounds to build your next club anthem, Ian O'Donovan's unique blend of minimal beats and super lush synths combines to create the quintessential Melodic Techno collection! Pack Details: • 36 x Melodic Synth Loops • 25 x Bass Loops • 20 x Chords & Pads • 16 x Midi Loops • 21 x Synth & Bass One Shots • 20 x FX Samples • 71 x Drum One Shots • 38 x Top Loops • 125 Bpm • 24 Bit 44.1 kHz • 449.1MB

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 - Shaolin Beatz
Shaolin BeatzPrime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B, Trap2015-12-21

There's a rumble in da hood! This intense power struggle between Hip Hop and Kung Fu influences comes courtesy of our blistering new sample pack Shaolin Beatz! This exciting new Hip Hop sound library will help you accomplish those raw Boom Bap stylings brought to fame by the masters of the Akai MPC, including DJ Premier, J Dilla, Pete Rock, The Alchemist and of course, Wu-Tang's own RZA! Get ready to strengthen your bap-attack with an exotic arsenal of sonic Shaolin moves fresh from Prime Loops' very own temple of boom: From pulverizing analog-inspired beats crunching like a set of bruised knuckles, to sizzling oriental-inspired melodies, shuffling basslines, epic brass, electrifying synths and so much more, Shaolin Beatz brings you 14 original song kits to dissect and reconstruct as well as two dedicated folders of MIDI files perfect for adding fresh instrumentation to the existing melodies as well as one shots for composing your own authentic beats! As a special feature we've also thrown in a huge choice of royalty-free Shaolin Chops, Punches, Kicks, Movie Dialogues and FX samples, which also come conveniently arranged into various sampler instruments for a range of DAWs. Shaolin Beatz has been produced in collaboration with Anno Domini Nation and comes supplied via direct download in flawless 24-bit High Definition sound quality. Each Hip Hop song kit included (as well as all individual element) can be dropped straight into any major DAW, ready for your production magic! So if you're looking for something a little ex-zen-tric to tone up your productions then this epic combination of bombastic Boom Bap and spirited Shaolin sounds will supply more brutality and precision than a battle-hardened Kung-Fu warrior! Pack Details: • 14 x Original Construction Kits • 14 x Construction Kit MIDI Files • 97 x Drum One Shots • 60 x Shaolin Chops, FX & Vocals • 2 x Sampler Instruments for ESX24, Kontakt, Halion & NNXT • 85 - 93 Bpm • 24bit 44.1kHz • 895MB

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 - Trap Synth Tools
Trap Synth ToolsPrime LoopsDubstep, Trap2015-12-21

We're back in the Trap, bringing you a hefty dose of Synths and Bass to elevate your Trap productions to greater heights! Trap Synth Tools is the definitive Trap synths collection for any serious bass head. Expertly produced by Trap connoisseur BVSIS, this Las Vegas resident has compiled an outstanding collection of melodic producer tools in the form of loops, one shots and presets that will fulfil all your harmonic needs! This library boasts an impressive assortment of pristine 24bit Bass and Synth loops - simply drag and drop them into your DAW and they will automatically adjust to the tempo of your project, so you can save time and get on with being creative! There's a huge selection of synth one shots that you can load into your sampler to start arranging into your own melodies and we've also included a folder full of interesting FX, designed to add some drama and excitement to your Trap creations! On top of the wide choice of audio samples. BVSIS has also skillfully programmed a superb collection of fully tweakable Massive and Sylenth Presets, giving you ultimate control over your tunes. These professionally designed presets are ideal for making Trap as well as other EDM genres, allowing you to write your own unique melodies, bass lines and chord progressions. BVSIS has served up and exquisite library of pure synth and bass energy, a collection of professionally crafted sonic tools designed to seriously beef up your productions! So stock up your arsenal of audio weaponry and download Trap Synth Tools now! Note, this product is melodic content only, there are no drums included. Pack Details: • 76 x Bass Loops • 70 x Synth Loops • 83 x Bass One Shots • 24 x Synth One Shots • 32 x FX • 26 x Massive Presets • 16 x Sylenth Presets • 140 Bpm • 24bit 44.1kHz • 381MB

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 - Zombiestep 2: The Revenge
Zombiestep 2: The RevengePrime LoopsDubstep2015-12-21

Zombiestep is the bloodcurdling Dubstep sample pack so stinkin' deadly we killed it twice, but only so we could bring it back with a dirtier, smellier and downright deadlier second instalment; our sickliest Dubstep sound pack yet, Zomiestep II! With it's guts pumped full of toxic bile ready to spill into your productions, we recommend you hold your nose and delve deep inside this nasty Dubstep sample pack. This insanely animated brand of super-mutated Dubstep is the brainchild of Prime Loops' own severely sickly minds. Get your deathly grips on this slimly Dubstep sound library via direct download and you'll find yourself under attack from 320+ MB of brain-imploding bass loops and one shots, hard-biting drum loops and one shots shots, limb-twisting synth loops and one shots and those superbly disturbing zombie vocal samples! Are you ready to bestow your Zombiestep productions with enough savage energy to burst out of the sonic terrain and reign mayhem all over the scene? It's right here in pristine 24-bit HD clarity with each sample primed to simply drag and drop into your favourite software, laying the foundations for pure audio carnage! This freaky collection of fresh samples will automatically adjust to the tempo of any mix they're added to, or if you want to set the bpm, simply stretch or squeeze the sample in the mix and that sublime sound quality will remain completely uncorrupted. What's more, Zombiestep II is totally royalty free, avoiding any sample clearance stress! Zombiestep II is waiting to infect your mix and you'd better let it, because the best way to revive a flatlining production is to introduce these magnificently monstrous immortal vibes. Pack Details: • 21 x Bass Loops • 19 x Synth Loops • 20 x Drum Loops • 20 x Kick & Snare Loops • 21 x Vox Samples • 60 x Drum One Shots • 40 x Synth & Bass One Shots • 140 Bpm • 24bit 44.1kHz • 329.3MB

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Martin Eyerer - Martin Eyerer: Deep Tech Tools
Martin Eyerer: Deep Tech ToolsPrime LoopsTechno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard), Tech House2016-05-25

Prime Loops are honored to bring you Martin Eyerer: Deep Tech Tools, the brand new collaboration between London's most dedicated sample pack producers and Berlin's very own architect of chart dominating Deep Tech. Martin’s very first official signature sound library comes in shape of a staggering 1.12GB Producer Tool Kit, stuffed to the brim with meticulously crafted high-quality one-shot samples and precision cut loops, plus a complimentary selection of custom built Kontakt Instruments. All of the sounds included in this download have been lovingly recorded, edited and mixed through Martin’s refurbished Amek M 3000 Console, a classic desk which was previously used by no-one less but Pink Floyd. Martin Eyerer has been shaking up the airwaves for quite some time now, reaching Gold status in the UK and Australia, as well as a Billboard Top 3 hit in the US. Over the past few years Martin and his 2 partners have been busy setting up Berlin's Number 1 Studio Complex with 40 renowned artists and producers, also known as Riverside Studios. Just a stone’s throw away from 3 of Berlin’s most eminent venues [Berghain, Tresor & Watergate] Martin’s world-renowned creative hub is based right in heart of Berlin’s infamous club triangle! From pulsating basses, synths, melodies, over drums and percussion loops (broken down into separate layers so that you can go as minimal or as full-figured as you like), to a wide selection of distinctive vocal samples, FX one-shots and 4 very special custom Kontakt instruments, this Deep Tech sound library will teach you a thing or two about how Eyerer constructs his sound whilst arming your sample archive with an immense set of fresh tools created by one the industry's finest producer-engineers! Here is an extensive list of all the hardware instruments Martin has used during the creation of this sample pack: Acces Virus TI, Korg Volca Bass/Keys/Beats, Moog Minimoog Model D, Roland TB-3, TR-8, TR-3, SBX-1, System-1, TR-808, SH-101, TB-303, TR-505, Roland JP-08, JU-06, JX-03, Roland JD 990 & JP 8080, Yamaha DX200, Yamaha AN 200, Waldorf Pulse, Waldorf Microwave & MicroQ, Korg DW 8000, Clavia Nordlead, Fender Rhodes MK I, Holtfreter Upright Piano, 1920 Bösendorfer Grand Piano

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 - The Foley Lab
The Foley LabPrime LoopsSound FX2016-07-06

It’s time to reboot the world around you - welcome to Prime Loops' very latest sound design adventure: The Foley Lab! For this absolutely different and truly unique found sound library we've sent our favourite audio scientist Covex out into the dystopian cities, industrial wastelands and sprawling suburbs to extract real audio recordings.. All of these audio recordings were then heavily chopped up, manipulated, processed and deranged into fresh and unique sfx loops, drum patterns and percussion loops! Dock The Foley Lab with your preferred major DAW and you’ll unlock 450MB+ of highly organic sounds, layered up into super-individual Drum Hit one-shots divided into folders of Hats, Kicks, Percussion and Snares; a collection of Drum Loops arranged into folders of 80, 90, 110, 120, 128 and 140bpm plus two dedicated folder of mutated and unmutated Foley sounds, as well as a further folder brimming with found sound-based FX! Whether you’re looking for simple percussion loops or you want to build up complex rhythms, you’ll find multiple variations of each drum loops, allowing you to layer up or apply different variations of each beat to different sections of your mix. You can access The Foley Lab via exclusive download right here on Prime Loops and once it arrives in your download folder you can get to grips right away, dragging and dropping each sample straight into your mix, no matter which major DAW you’re using, plus each individual sample has been professionally tweaked through cutting edge software to master the perfect 24-bit high definition clarity! What’s more, the entire contents of this heavily manipulated found sound pack are completely royalty free, so if you’re looking for some expertly blended organic beats with an unusual twist then it’s time for you to experience the home-cooked audio science of The Foley Lab! • 13 x Manipulated Foley Loops • 20 x 70Bpm Drum Loops • 27 x 80Bpm Drum Loops • 31 x 90Bpm Drum Loops • 46 x 110Bpm Drum Loops • 44 x 120Bpm Drum Loops • 38 x 128Bpm Drum Loops •25 x 140Bpm Drum Loops • 141 x Foley/Drum One-Shots • 26 x Foley FX One-Shots • 21 x Found Sounds/Foley Samples • 24Bit Audio Quality • 459MB [Unzipped]

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 - Vice City
Vice CityPrime LoopsDance, Nu Disco / Disco2016-07-06

Welcome aboard this Prime Airlines flight to Vice City… destination: decadence! Here’s your hot ticket for an intense adventure through the neon drenched streets of the 80s! This brand new 80s sample pack embraces all things evocative of that sticky sweet 80s sound and crams them into this vibrant sample pack constructed for modern producers with contemporary creative apparatus, so you can put that dusty old DX7 back in the attic – we’ve packed in an immense range of classic synth and drum machine sounds to drop straight into your favorite software! Put on your mirrored aviator shades and reflect that pink-hued 80s haze deep into your productions with over 600MB of sizzling neon flavors supplied in slick 24-bit sound quality! Vice City delivers a serious dose of original 80s inspired loops and samples, categorised into Arpeggio Loops, Basslines, Chord Loops, Drum Loops, Melodic Synths & Leads as well as Pad Loops. You can drop these files straight into any major DAW and rearrange them with your own signature production style. We have also made sure to include a dedicated folder of over 60 super authentic drum one shots, all sampled from the original hardware, so you can get to work building your own beats with that distinctive 80s vibe! So are you ready to roll up the sleeves of your favorite pastel blazer and get to grips with Vice City? Prime Loops encourages you to think of this sample library like a finely crafted mullet; with its roots firmly planted in the 80s… business up front, party behind, so enliven your productions with some synth-heavy new wave vibes, shaking up the skyline and sending an electric pulse through the neon matrix! Specifications: • 48 x Melodic Synths & Leads • 37 x Chord Loops • 15 x Pad Loops • 18 x Arp Loops • 41 x Bass Loops • 81 x Drum Loops & Fills • 67 x Drum One Shots • 115 - 130Bpm • 24-bit Audio Quality 8 Total Size: 600MB [Unzipped]

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 - Vintage Movie Samples Vol.1
Vintage Movie Samples Vol.1Prime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B, Vocal2016-07-06

Ready to splice things up with a touch of drama? Vintage Movie Vocals Episode 1 is the brand new royalty free vocal sample pack fresh from the Prime Loops cutting room! This cinematic sound library brings you an immense range of amazingly fresh sounding movie dialogue samples ideal for dropping and chopping into your mix, adding some sweet cinematic vibes to your final cut whether you're producing pop, rock, hip hop, dubstep, electronica or any other genre. Each of these utterly intriguing movie vocal samples have been carefully extracted from films so old that you don't need worry about any royalty implications, avoiding any of that gnarly copyright stress. Carefully processed to deliver the most pristine sound possible, each sample in Vintage Movie Vocals Episode 1 is supplied in pure and polished 24-bit High Definition audio clarity! Available exclusively via direct download, raid your download folder and grab your chosen samples from this 550MB range and simply drag and drop into any major DAW to dial in some dialogue! This cinematic sound pack comprises of 14 folders each containing a vast selection of samples from 14 vintage movies with titles including House on the Haunted Hill, Gladiators of Rome, Mr. Imperium and The Brain That Wouldn't Die! So if you're looking the ultimate vintage movie dialogue sound library featuring an amazing range of vocal samples to chop into your tracks, just call 'action' with Vintage Movie Vocals Episode 1! All of the samples are licensed for use under the Creative Commons license agreement, so each and every sound included comes completely royalty free for you to use in all your productions and releases! 518 x Vintage Movie Samples & Phrases 12 x Sampler Instruments (EXS24, Kontakt, Halion and NNXT) Arranged over 12 different Vintage Movies 24Bit Audio Quality Total Size: 559.6MB [Unzipped]

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 - Vintage Movie Samples: Episode 2
Vintage Movie Samples: Episode 2Prime LoopsSound FX, Vocal2016-07-13

From the cutting room to the sound suite, Vintage Movie Vocals 2 is here to bring the next chapter of drama, horror, romance or mystery to your productions! This brand new sequel to our previous blockbuster sample pack Vintage Movie Vocals follows the same concept of chopping awesome dialogue moments from vintage movies for royalty free use in audio productions across all genres! Expertly spliced from a range of old movies including titles such as Bride Of A Gorilla, Horror Express, Indestructible Man, The Atomic Brain and more, Vintage Movie Vocals 2 brings you a fresh collection of over 450 intriguing dialogue moments ready to be chopped up, re-arranged and digitally manipulated to add some real character to your mix. Vintage Movie Vocals 2 also features a bonus folder of Sampler Kits and Patches for further production adventures! Carefully extracted and polished up for pristine modern productions, these vintage dialogue samples are ready for your mix, available via direct download and engineered in various formats to work with any major DAW. Simply click, drag and drop any of these samples straight into your mix to add some human elements to your mix in gracefully refined 24-bit High Definition clarity! So if you want to project some dramatic silver screen elements into your productions, Vintage Movie Vocals 2 is ready for action. 598 x Vintage Movie Samples & Phrases 13 x Sampler Instruments (EXS24, Kontakt, Halion and NNXT) Arranged over 13 different Vintage Movies 24Bit Audio Quality Total Size: 560.2MB [Unzipped]

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 - Shurk: Future Glitch Hop
Shurk: Future Glitch HopPrime Loops2016-06-30

There’s no time to reflect on past productions when you can defect the future instead! If you’re craving crooked beats, skewed synths, agitated bass and other abstract noise deformities then get ready to scratch that glitch with Future Glitch Hop, the brand new progressive and boundary pushing Glitch Hop sound library from Prime Loops, packed with a fresh collection of original and inspiring samples ready to bolster your productions! Constructed by our latest producer signing, Shurk – just 18 and already a master of dark and energetic bass rhythms and intricate harmonious melodies – this exciting EDM young gun has created an authentic collection of over 440 Glitch Hop Samples presented in 5 folders of Bass Loops, Synth Loops, Drum Loops, One Shots and Sampler Instruments! Future Glitch Hop will provide you productions with a powerful selection of chugging, dirty bass loops, ethereal synth loops, a versatile array of pounding drums split in two folders of standard and orchestral beats ranging from 95 to 180bpm plus a dedicated folder of one shots for building your own beats! Crack open the FX folder and you’ll find three subfolders of atmospheres, impacts and risers! So get ready to load up your DAW with Future Glitch Hop - and fire your productions into the future! Every mix-enhancing sample in this progressive Glitch Hop sound library is supplied completely royalty free in luminous 24-bit High Definition purity and coming at you via direct download, Future Glitch Hop allows you to add its contents straight into your mix with a simple click, drag and drop manoeuvre, meaning you can start augmenting your mix within mere seconds! Ready to shape the sound of the future? Get all the tools from Prime Loops - with Future Glitch Hop! • 57 x Synth Loops • 26 x Bass Loops • 43 x Drum Loops • 17 x Orchestral Drum Loops • 5 x Drum Kit Sampler Instruments [EXS24, Kontakt, Halion, NN-XT] • 213 x Bass & Synth One Shots • 57 x FX, Risers & Atmos • 34 x Drum One Shots • 95-180 Bpm • 24 Bit Quality • 616.4MB [Unzipped] *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • Glitch Hop • Presets / Patches

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 - Abstrakt House
Abstrakt HousePrime LoopsHouse, Tech House2016-12-13

We've been drilling the foundations down to the core, extracting weird & wonderful organic elements and perplexing rhythms through the jagged fragments and strange textures of Abstrakt House, the brand new sample pack from the state of the art Prime Loops studio! This truly unique alternative take on house music and electronica is inspired by the moody atmospheres, state-of-the-art sound design and intricate rhythms currently absorbing the scene, as demonstrated by many contemporary artists and producers such as Jon Hopkins, Caribou, Apparat and many more. We've captured so many fresh, dark and intriguing elements for this release, Abstrakt House contains no less than 8 folders packed with overcast atmospheres and throbbing rhythms designed to inject your productions with moody yet intricate and intense audio matter. From pulsating squarewave bass loops to grumbling blunt bass stabs, melodic synth loops and dreamy synth chords to the intense propulsion of pre-constructed drum loops and the additional folder of one-shots for creating your own unique rhythms, this Abstrakt House sound pack even features a folder of presets for SubBoom Bass, Minimonsta and FM8, as well as a collection of MIDI files and sampler instruments for a range of softwares, all for your production pleasure. So are you ready to enter the moodier side of House? Abstract House is available via exclusive direct download and lands in pristine 24-bit High Definition audio clarity. Each of these samples is 100% royalty free so you'll only make a one-off payment when you buy the sample pack, plus every sample in this contemporary IDM and House sample library can be dragged and dropped straight from the folder and into your mix, whatever major DAW you choose to work with. We've created the components, now it's time for you to piece the puzzle together with Abstrakt House! Download contains: • 25 x Bass Loops • 22 x Chord Loops • 29 Melodic Loops • 26 x Drum Beats • 11 x Digital Percussion Loops • 13 x Organic Percussion Loops • 35 x Pads & Atmospheres • 52 x Drum One Shots • 49 x Bass & Synth One Shots • 49 x Midi Files • 10 x FM8 Presets • 12 x Minimonsta Presets • 14 x SubBoom Bass Presets • 4 x Sampler drum kits for EXS24, Kontakt, Halion, NNXT, Maschine & Ableton Drum Racks • 120 - 130Bpm • 24Bit Audio Quality • 705.4MB *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Sound FX

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 - Chill Chords & MIDI
Chill Chords & MIDIPrime LoopsChill Out, Downtempo2016-12-12

Elevate your productions to dizzying heights with our new collection of uplifting ambient chords! Chill Chords & MIDI features a select range of blissful ambient chord progressions and their corresponding MIDI files, especially designed to raise your productions, and minds, up to higher planes of consciousness! These transcendent sounds will wash over your tunes with deep waves of lush synth harmonies, adding new levels of depth and warmth to your tracks. From Chillwave to Chillstep, Future Bass to Trip Hop, these sounds are Ideal for all manner of chilled out vibes. Expertly designed by the Prime Loops team, this sound library features ethereal pads, inspirational chord progressions, euphoric synth chords and more, in a range of major and minor keys. We've also included the corresponding MIDI files for each sample to make this a truly flexible product. So you can edit chords and melodies, play them back at different tempos and change up the instrumentation, allowing you to easily fit these progressions into any project. All sounds have been expertly processed and come in mesmerising 24Bit Audio quality for ultimate depth and clarity. So download Chill Chords & MIDI now and lift your tracks up into the sonic heavens! Download contains: • 47 x Chord Progression Loops • 47 x MIDI Files • 100 Bpm • 24 Bit Audio Quality • Total Size: 242.9MB *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • MIDI

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 - Deep Dub Tech
Deep Dub TechPrime LoopsTechno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard), Tech House2016-12-12

Deep Dub Tech is Prime Loops' latest collection of loops, samples and presets fusing Minimal Tech and Deep House vibes with elements of Dub, Electronica and Ambient. This hybrid concoction has been skilfully crafted by one of South Africa's finest House music experts - Luka. Weighing in at over 559MB, this library comes fully equipped with everything you need to create a Deep Dub Tech classic! Bass Loops, Chords, Pads & Textures, a huge selection of Drum Loops, Drum One shots and FX cover all your audio needs! And for all you Reason lovers, Luka has personally designed 20 killer presets for Reason's Thor synth. As always, all sounds come directly to you in pristine 24 big audio quality, and will adjust to the tempo of your project. So if your looking to add a dubbed out twist to your minimal tech productions, Deep Dub Tech could be the perfect product for you! Download contains: • 32 x Bass Loops • 47 x Chords, Pads & Textures • 94 x Drum Loops • 13 x FX • 99 x Drum One Shots • 46 x Bass & Synth One Shots • 20 x Thor Presets • Bpm118 - Bpm122 • 24Bit Audio Quality • Total Size: 559.9MB [Unzipped] *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Minimal

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 - Neurotopia
NeurotopiaPrime LoopsDubstep2016-12-13

Enter the state of 'Neurotopia', a land of mind-bending Glitch Hop and dark Electronica! We've sourced the uber talented Nikita Switch to bring you this sensational pack of Neuro Bass samples, glitched out drum loops, killer synth loops, dark ambiences and industrial SFX. Prime Loops have got a deep love for bass and it clearly shows here; these beefed up Neuro basses will twist and growl through your speakers, providing all the low end energy you need. We've also included a selection of synth and bass one shots, so you can chop up and create your own loops too. Also included is a mixture of punchy drum one shots, ideal for sequencing your own drum patterns. The abstract FX sounds are ideal for creating a dark atmosphere, and emotive melody loops will add the drama and excitement that every Neurotopian should crave! We've also provided a collection of intense drum loops; everything you need to make stomping Glitch Hop classic. Weighing in at 541MB, you'll find plenty of material to get your hands dirty with. And, as ever, all sounds come in pristine 24 Bit Audio and are 100% royalty free. This killer collection will fulfil all your Neuro needs! Download contains: • 13 x Bass Loops • 15 x Synth & Instrument Loops • 56 x Synth/Bass One Shots • 28 x Drum Loops • 23 x Drum One Shots • 59 x SFX Loops/Atmos • 4 x Bonus Vox • 70 - 110Bpm • 24 Bit Wav • 571.7MB *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Sound FX • Trap

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 - Wonky Neuro
Wonky NeuroPrime LoopsDubstep2016-12-13

Defy the norm with this set of seriously non-conformist sounds - Prime Loops have teamed up with the super talented and unique producer duo SubVibe to bring you Wonky Neuro, one of our most unconventional bass music sound libraries to date! SubVibe have rebelled against the metronome! The boys from Bath have steered well away from the standard quantized sound that too many producers are afraid to break away from, and have bravely dived head first into the weird world of Wonky Neuro. This hybrid genre takes all the darkest dirtiest elements of glitch hop, neurofunk, D&B and dubstep, and mangles them into a psychotic collection of mind-bending experimental sounds! This revolutionary sample pack features an inspiring mix of twisted offbeat drum rhythms, weird and wonky synth loops, dark, menacing atmospheres and of course, all the raw low-end neuro energy a bass head would need! There's also a solid choice of professionally mastered one shots, including Drum samples, bass & synth sounds and some killer FX hits! All these unusual samples come to you in exquisite 24bit audio for a full, powerful sound, and will even adjust to the tempo of your project for ultimate usability! So revolt against the ordinary and embrace the unorthodox! Wonky Neuro is the ultimate sensory stimulant for any rebellious bass head! Download contains: • 25 x Bass Loops • 25 x Synth Loops • 33 x Drum Loops • 25 x Atmos • 21 x FX • 64 x Synth & Bass One Shots • 26 x Drum One Shots • 90 -100Bpm • 24 Bit Wav • Total Size: 408MB *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Trap

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 - Dirty Future House
Dirty Future HousePrime LoopsHouse, Future House2016-12-14

Delve deep into the darker side of modern House Music: with Dirty Future House Prime Loops delivers yet another set of quality Producer Tools! Featuring next-level production skills and cutting edge sound design we've pushed the boundaries of modern House once again with this one. Inside Dirty Future House you'll find over 397MB of super-heavy frequencies inspired by innovative artists like Oliver Heldens, Tchami and Motez. Dirty Future House comes fully equipped with everything you need to produce a future-proof dancefloor anthem - deep basslines, pounding drum loops, chunky synth lines, chopped up vocals and a massive selection of drum fills, risers, impacts and other FX. Also included comes a wide range of one-shot samples, as well as a select collection of MIDI files for full flexibility! Download contains: • 37 x Synth Loops • 12 x Basslines • 11 x Vocal Loops • 33 x Drum Loops • 30 x Drum Fills & BuildUps • 50 x One-Shots • 55 x SFX Samples • 17 x MIDI Files • 125BPM • 24-bit sample rate • Total Size: 397MB [Unzipped] *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Deep House

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 - Twisted Bass House
Twisted Bass HousePrime LoopsHouse, Electro House2016-12-14

Twisted Bass House Step into the shadows with Prime Loops as we take you on a murky audio journey to the dark side with Twisted Bass House! This subterranean take on these two genres comes courtesy of our latest signing, DET who has inspired a grimier, dirtier and downright more dangerous audio deviation perfect for adding treacherous elements to your productions! Evoking the sounds you’d expect to hear in shadowy warehouse parties on the wrong side of the tracks, Twisted Bass House pulls your mix into a downward spiral towards an audio dystopia where heavy kicks, harsh claps, grimy bass and raucous synths reign supreme! This 368MB+ collection of Bass Loops, Drum Loops, One-Shots, Synth Loops and FX Loops has been engineered to plunge your productions to volatile new levels of depravity! Twisted Bass House drops via direct download, primed and ready for any major DAW! All you need to do is drag any of the samples from this brand new sound pack over your software and drop it straight in. Arriving in crystalline 24-bit High Definition sound quality, the only corruption you’ll experience is when you completely warp your mix with these highly authentic sounds! So whether you’re looking for skewed elements to adulterate your productions or you want to build a fresh Garage/Bass House mix from the ground up, Twisted Bass House packs in all the dark audio force you desire! Download contains: • 36 x Bass Loops • 30 x Synth Loops • 52 x Drum Loops • 14 x FX loops • 192 x Drum One Shots • 158 x Synth & Bass One Shots • 38 x FX Hits • 12 x Sampler Drum Kits [Kontakt, EXS24, Halion, NNXT] • 124 - 128Bpm • 24Bit Quality • 368.6MB *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Presets / Patches

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 - Soulful Hip Hop
Soulful Hip HopPrime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B2016-12-14

Soulful Hip Hop is one for Tru-School hip hop heads and dusty vinyl junkies. Influenced by the soulful sounds of legendary artists like J Dilla, Pete Rock, DJ Premier and Roy Ayers, this thoughtful sound library brings you all the audio tools you need to create super-smooth, head-nod Hip Hop beats. Featuring a range of expressive instruments including rhodes keys, guitar, piano, vibes, strings and more, this library is full of dusty jazz and R&B inspired chords, melodies and deep bass loops. Lovingly created by Prime Loops' latest producer signing RiggleBeats this fresh new 500MB+ collection also delivers crisp, un-quantized drum breaks providing that killer neo-soul swing, as well as a folder of shuffling percussion loops to keep things flowing! Also featured is a huge selection of one shot melodic stabs and drums, as well as a select folder of drum kits for a range of different sampler instruments - ESX24, Kontakt, Halion and NNXT - so you can build your own beats and loops. All samples come to you in 24bit quality audio and, for ultimate usability, all loops have been specially formatted to smoothly adjust to the tempo of your project. Emanating dusty grooves and smoked-out vibes, 'Soulful Hip Hop' is the ideal set of producer tools for beat makers looking for royalty free samples that perfectly capture the crate digging sound. Download contains: • 37 x Drum Loops • 44 x Instrument Loops • 21 x Bass Loops • 18 x Percussion Loops • 153 x Drum One Shots • 12 x Atmospheres • 65 x Melodic Stabs • 22 x Bass Hits • 10 x Sampler DrumKits [For ESX24, Kontakt, Halion & NNXT] • 87 - 93Bpm • 24Bit Audio • 501.1MB (Unzipped) *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Drum Hits

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 - Vinylistic Soul
Vinylistic SoulPrime LoopsChill Out2016-12-14

Dust off your soul! It’s time to channel the deepest soul vibes with all new contemporary elements including hints of Trip Hop, a pinch of Hip Hop and some other sweet surprises in Vinylistic Soul! This brand new sample pack from Prime Loops’ crew of crate digging producers is perfect for fusing elements of Neo Soul and other genres together and features an authentic selection of brand new vinyl style breaks primed with a hyper-realistic ‘sampled’ vinyl effect, adding a genuine hit of old skool originality to your mix using fresh production techniques and brand new sounds! If you like your soul dark, deep and laden with abstract elements ranging from acid jazz to deep lounge with a heavy hip hop influence then Vinylistic Soul is the remedy for your productions. This deeply inspired sample library channels those hearty warm, full fat analogue tones and is your new favourite source for live trip hop and hip hop inspired drums, layered breaks, dusty Rhodes, melting pads, trumpets, piano and more! This 695MB+ collection contains 8 folders of Bass Loops, Bass One Shots, Melodic Loops, Melodic One Shots, Drum Loops, Drum Shots, FX & MIDI Files! Vinylistic Soul has been created by the critically acclaimed Soundsmiths production team and is available via direct download in various formats to suit any major production software! It’s so easy to use, you can simply click and drag any sample from your download folder straight into your DAW. With key and tempo information displayed clearly in each filename you’ll know exactly what you’re putting into your mix but you can edit those characteristics quickly and easily to suit your production preferences! 100% royalty free, this sound pack delivers every sample in clean and shiny 24-bit High Definition clarity. So get ready to fuse old and new, combine the trippy with the hip and experiment with your soul with Vinylistic Soul from Prime Loops! Download contains: • 76 x Instrumental Loops • 25 x Bass Loops • 75 x Drum Loops [incl. Top & No-Top Loops] • 10 x Sampler Drum Kits [Formatted for EXS24, Halion, Kontakt & NNXT] • 165 x Drum One-Shots • 29 x SFX Samples • 50 x Instrument Hits & Shots • 20 x Bass One-Shots • 20 x MIDI Chords • 24Bit Audio • 78 - 95Bpm • 698.8MB [Unzipped] *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Hip-Hop • Presets / Patches

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 - Synthwave
SynthwavePrime LoopsChill Out, Nu Disco / Disco2016-12-15

Get ready to send luminous analogue tremors through the digital terrain with Synthwave, the brand new Prime Loops sample pack that takes it’s inspiration straight from the heavily synthesized soundtracks of the 80s and early 90s and reboots them using ultra modern production techniques for a supercharged vintage sound deployed in pristine audio clarity! Like a fresh wave of hot neon lava, this surge of authentic throwback loops and samples channels all of the energy of those classic arcade games and 80s movie soundtracks which in turn have inspired current artists such as Kavinsky, College and Mitch Murder and contemporary soundtracks such as Drive, Kung Fury and Hotline Miami. This 920MB+ synth-drenched sound pack is teeming with original Bass Loops, Drum Loops, FX Loops, Melodic Loops, MIDI Loops and OneShots ranging from 80-130 BPM plus a dedicated folder of Sylenth1 Presets designed to emulate those cherished retro sounds! Lovingly created by the incredible Soundsmiths production team Synthwave is ready to rumble with any major DAW - simply grab your samples from the download folder, drag them over to your software and drop them straight in, whether you’re adding to an existing mix or starting fresh! Each Synthwave & Retrowave sample included is deployed in High Definition 24-bit clarity to give your vintage inspired audio that clean modern edge and what’s more, they’re all completely royalty free cutting out all that sample clearance hassle. So if you’re looking for retro analogue tones with a fresh modern edge, hold tight! Prime Loops' Synthwave is here to shake things up! Download contains: • 81 x Melodic Loops and Chords • 32 x Basslines • 75 x Drum Loops • 15 x FX Loop • 125 x Drum Loops • 30 x FX Hits • 90 x Bass & Synth One Shots • 35 x MIDI files • 31 x Sylenth Presets • 24Bit Audio • 80 - 130Bom • 920.9MB [Unzipped] *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • MIDI • Presets / Patches • Sound FX

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 - Wobble House
Wobble HousePrime LoopsHouse, Electro House2016-12-15

Let hype into the house, get the foundations shaking and reduce the mainroom to jelly with Wobble House! This brand new sound pack from the Prime Loops audio lab encapsulates all of the high energy characteristics of this new boundary pushing deviation of House, jam packed with hyper active and highly polished loops and samples freshly produced to put that w-w-w-wobble into your House productions. Push your mix to the extreme in true Wobble House style! Inspired by artists such as JAUZ, Snails, Dyro, Don Diablo, BURNS, Valentino Khan, Habstrakt and more this producer pack swells with over 311MB of intense, in-your-face wobble house energy. Inside you will find 7 bloated folders of Atmospheres & SFX, Bass Loops, Bass One Shots, Drum Loops, Drum One Shots, Synth Loops & Synth One Shots! From off-kilter bass vibrations and highly charged lazer synths to hard and bouncy drum loops designed to be layered and an immense range of one-shots for building your own riffs and beats, every Wobble House sample in this sound library is presented in the highest possible quality for a clean, contemporary production. Wobble House drops straight into your sample archive via direct download with the key and tempo information for each sample clearly display in each file name. Kickstart your production process by dragging and dropping any of these samples straight into your favourite DAW as this pack is available in multiples formats and you won’t need to fill out any sample clearance forms as the entire contents of Wobble House are 100% royalty free. So if you want to turn on the hype in your House productions, just flick the switch with Wobble House! Download contains: • 40 x Drum Loops • 34 x Synth Loops • 46 x Bass Loops • 34 x Atmos & SFX • 41 x Drum One Shots • 67 x Bass & Synth One Shots • 128Bpm • 24-bit sample rate • Total Size: 311.9MB [Unzipped]

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 - Future Bass Essentials Massive Presets
Future Bass Essentials Massive PresetsPrime LoopsTrap, Future Bass2017-03-14

Propel your productions into the future with Prime Loops' very latest batch of expertly programmed Future Bass presets for Native Instruments Massive Synth. We've been locked away in the Prime Loops Labs, working tirelessly to bring you Future Bass Essentials [Massive Presets]. Taking inspiration from the likes of Flume, Lido, Louis Futon, Haywyre, Porter Robinson and many more, Future Bass Essentials [Massive Presets] delivers 80 expertly designed Massive Presets straight to your DAW. Essential for any Future Bass or Chill Trap producer, this collection of next level Arps, Bass, Synths, Leads, Plucks and Pads, will have all of your harmonic needs covered. And whilst these presets were designed with Future Bass and Chill Trap in mind, they would be suitable for any genre that requires some straight-up synth power! Each Massive Preset comes with a number of Macro Controls assigned to different parameters, giving you added variety and extra control. This added versatility allows you to modify each sound to your preference. Whether you are looking for Flume-style modulated synth chords, Wave Racer's stuttery gated chord progressions, or Lido's powerful synth stabs, you'll find all of these sounds and plenty more covered here! So download Future Bass Essentials [Massive Presets] now and inject some skilfully designed Future energy into your Productions! Please note: You will need Massive Version 1.3 or higher in order to use these. Download contains: • 80 x Massive Presets with Macro Controls • 6 x Arps • 13 x Bass • 5 x Chords • 4 x FX • 17 x Leads • 19 x Pads • 9 x Plucks • 7 x Super Saws *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Presets / Patches • Rock / Pop

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 - Jungle Terror
Jungle TerrorPrime LoopsHouse, Techno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard)2017-03-14

This is Jungle Terror! Pioneered by OWSLA's Wiwek, and explored further by artists like Valentino Khan, GTA, Barong Family, Skrillex and Major Lazer, Jungle Terror is a fearless and unusual blend of percussive Tribal Rhythms mixed with 4-to-the-floor Hard House beats, Electro vibes, Trap Synths and insane Vocal Chops. Packing in over 340MB of quality Jungle Terror Samples, Presets & MIDIs, Prime Loops' brand new Jungle Terror Sample Pack is an essential toolkit for any expedition into this free and rebellious new genre! Since its humble beginnings in 2015 the distinctive sound of Jungle Terror has become a real force to be reckoned with, terrorising dance floors across the globe. Featuring a massive selection of Jungle Terror Basslines, drums, synths, vocal chops, FX and one shots, this powerful Jungle Terror sound library from Prime Loops will inject some serious venom into your productions. To make this Toolkit even more flexible we've also thrown in an expertly programmed selection of presets for both Massive and Serum, as well as a choice of percussive sampler patches for Abletons Simpler and Sampler. Coming to you in 24 Bit audio via direct download, Jungle Terror has been formatted to adjust to the tempo of any project. So prepare to leave civilisation behind and journey into the unknown... Welcome to the Jungle! Download contains: • 43 x Percussion Loops • 35 x Vocal Loops • 35 x Synth & Instrument Loops • 17 x Bass Loops • 21 x Drum Loops • 8 x FX Loops • 51 x Drum One Shots • 10 x FX Hits • 12 x Bass One Shots • 15 x Massive Presets • 10 x Serum Presets • 8 x Sampler & Simpler Patches for Ableton • 17 x Midi Loops • 124 - 130Bpm • 24-bit sample rate • Total Size: 341MB [Unzipped] *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Presets / Patches

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 - Future Neuro Serum Presets
Future Neuro Serum PresetsPrime LoopsDubstep2017-03-21

Looking for a killer set of Serum Presets that will bolster your productions with enough bass to change the course of history? Future Neuro: Serum Presets is the brand new Preset Collection from Prime Loops created especially for Xfers' Serum Synth by our insanely talented resident bass vigilante who goes by the name of Shurk! Future Neuro: Serum Presets contains 117 versatile new presets making this pack fully flexible for every bass genre from Glitch Hop to Dubstep, D&B to Electro House and it’s also perfect for bringing a dark, aggressive sound to any other genre that you wish to corrupt! You’ll find 4 epic sections of inspiring sounds inside Future Neuro: Serum Presets; Bass, Leads, Pads and Special. Loaded with energized yet shadowy treats, this boundary pushing pack of Serum Presets is ready to take your productions to another level! Download contains: • 117 Presets for Xfer Serum • 58 x Bass Presets • 39 x Lead Presets • 9 x Pad Presets • 11 x Special Presets *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • EDM

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 - Liquid Drum & Bass
Liquid Drum & BassPrime LoopsDrum & Bass, Presets / Patches2017-03-22

Prime Loops' Liquid Drum & Bass is a fresh new take on all the fundamental elements associated with this irrepressible and unrelenting genre. Whether you're making your first ripples in the D&B scene or you're an established producer with an aging sample library, Liquid Drum & Bass is the ideal injection for your future productions. Inspired by the likes of Netsky, Hospital Records, Logistics, London Electricity, S.P.Y and High Contrast, Prime Loops' Liquid Drum & Bass brings you over 800MB of ultra-deep Liquid Funk & D&B Samples, featuring a wide selection of serious moods and frequencies; ranging from organic Rhodes Piano licks to rolling Drums and Percussion Loops, over multi-layered analog Synth Chords and Melodies to thick and organic sounding Sub Basslines and so much more. A total of 182 Loops & 258 fully flexible One-Shots are at your disposal, scattered across 9 folders of Bassline Loops, Melodic Loops, Full Drum Loops, Kick & Snare Loops, Drum Top Loops, Percussive FX Loops, Drum One-Shots, Bass/Synth Stabs, SFX & Vocal Hits and adding them to your mix could not be easier! As a special goodie this pack even features 20 professionally designed Sylenth1 Presets, and for all you controller-freaks out there we have also included a sweet selection of 8 clean-cut Sampler Drumkits, all ready-formatted for EXS24, Kontakt, NNXT and Halion. It all starts with a simple click and drag - from your download folder and over to your favourite piece of major software. Liquid Drum & Bass comes with a standard tempo ranging from 172 - 174BPM and each of these professionally mastered samples is delivered in astonishing 24-bit high definition clarity! So if your Drum n Bass needs an update, switch up that sound with Liquid Drum & Bass and own the lounge with smoothest sounds in town! Download contains: • 30 x Bass Loops • 75 x Melodic Loops • 22 x Full Drum Loops • 20 x Kick & Snare Loops • 20 x Drum Top Loops • 15 x Percussive FX Loops • 100 x Drum/Perc One Shots • 103 x Bass/Synth One Shots • 55 x FX & Vocal Hits • 8 x Sampler Drumkits [for EXS24, Kontakt, NNXT and Halion] • 20 x Sylenth1 Presets • 24 Bit Quality • 172 - 174Bpm • Total Size: 807.7MB (Unzipped WAV) Zipped: • WAV: 701MB • Apple: 700.7MB • Rex2: 552.9MB

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 - Tropical Trap
Tropical TrapPrime LoopsTrap2017-03-28

Pack your 808 into your suitcase and get ready to soak up a heavy dose of pure Carnival vibes! This brand new Tropical Trap sample pack from Prime Loops delivers a fresh cocktail of Trap, Moombahton and Reggaeton, fusing vibrant tropical blends with that contrasting gritty punch of Trap. Take your pick from 6 fresh folders of Loops, Samples and Synth Presets including Bass Loops, Synth Loops, Drum Loops, One-Shots, Vocal & FX Loops, Massive Presets and a hard-knocking collection of sampler instrument drum kits for Kontakt, EXS24, Halion, and NNXT! Tropical Trap brings 617MB+ of exotic experimentation and is compatible with any major DAW! This Trap producer Tools come via direct download and contain 100% royalty free Samples, Massive Presets & Sampler Drum Kits. Every Sound in this pack is supplied in super-clean and shiny 24-bit HD sound quality and you can simply drag and drop any of these samples from your download folder straight into your preferred software. Ready to own the summer airwaves? Take the trip with Tropical Trap! Download contains: • 27 x Bass Loops • 43 x Synth Loops • 71 x Drum Loops • 26 x Vocal & FX Loops • 87 x Drum One Shots • 48 x FX One Shots • 90 x Bass & Synth One Shots • 18 x Massive Presets • 5 x Sampler Drum Kits [for Kontakt, EXS24, Halion and NNXT] • 24 Bit Audio Quality • 90bpm - 110bpm

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 - Dark Orchestra
Dark OrchestraPrime LoopsOrchestral, Trap2017-04-18

Add some serious drama and intrigue to your productions with Prime Loops' very latest Orchestral sound library: Dark Orchestra delivers a unique collection of 9 professionally composed and ready-arranged symphonic construction kits. Coming in at over 439MB, Dark Orchestra's epic construction kit collection covers a wide range of vivid and emotional harmonic orchestral building kits, broken down into over 140 loops and samples. From tense build ups to climactic instrumental crescendos, this melodic orchestra sound library contains a dynamic mixture of symphonic elements including lush string progressions, powerful horn stabs, rhythmic string patterns, tense string arpeggios, deep string basses and more. Whilst Dark Orchestra's royalty free orchestra samples and loops are ideal for use in film scores, TV music and classical compositions, they are also perfect for sampling into other genres like Trap, Hip Hop or EDM. This sound library is the brainchild of award winning composer and multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Talbott. Benjamin has been involved in writing, directing and producing professional scores since 2007. Supplied in high definition 24Bit audio, these dark and intense Orchestral construction kits and samples will add some serious cinematic power to your mixes! Download contains: • 9 x Construction Kits • 149 x Orchestral Loops • 140 - 150Bpm • 24 Bit Audio File Sizes: • 439.2MB WAV (Unzipped) • 354.5MB WAV (Zipped) • 354.3MB Apple Loops (Zipped) *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Hip-Hop

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 - Future Hip Hop
Future Hip HopPrime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B2017-04-18

The future is now! Prime Loops have pushed the boundaries once again to deliver you this refreshingly deep and vivid take on Hip Hop. Fusing together raw Hip Hop beats with a polished touch of ultra-melodic Future elements, Future Hip Hop is here to help you stand out from the rest. Fresh from the Prime Loops audio lab and authored by our highly skilled Soundsmiths crew, this ultra-imaginative mash-up of contrasts is the definitive Future Hip Hop sample pack! For Future Hip Hop we've taken a raw portion of Hip Hop attitude and given it a thick, sweet and glossy Future coating. All the sounds in this next-level Hip Hop Producer Toolkit have been tweaked to future-proof perfection! If you’re craving straight-up beats, deep and atmospheric chord progressions, chopped up pads, laser sharp melodics, warm basses and glitched-out SFX deformities then get ready to scratch that itch with Future Hip Hop, the brand new progressive and boundary pushing Hip Hop sound library from Prime Loops, packed with a fresh collection of original and inspiring samples ready to bolster your productions! Served up at tempos ranging from 90 to 140bpm, Future Hip Hop stacks up to a mighty 630MB+ of supreme audio content, offering you an off-the-hook array of Hip Hop Samples, Loops & Sampler Kits! Available exclusively via direct download, every single sample is 100% Royalty free and arrives in stunning 24-bit clarity that will not be compromised, even if you want to stretch or squeeze any of them to your own desired tempo! Integrating these infectious frequencies into your mix could not be easier - simply drag and drop them from the downloaded folder straight into any major software! There’s no time to reflect on past productions when you can defect the future instead! Whether your sound is Hip Hop, Glitch Hop, Trip Hop, Future Bass or Electronica or you're looking to push the boundaries and break new ground, Prime Loops invite you to join the Future Hip Hop movement! Download contains: • 70 x Synth Loops • 24 x Basslines • 59 x Drum Loops • 8 x Drum Kit Sampler Instruments [EXS24, Kontakt, Halion, NN-XT] • 31 x Bass One-Shots • 40 x Synth One Shots • 49 x FX Samples • 50 x Drum One Shots • 90-140 Bpm • 24 Bit Quality File Sizes: • 630MB WAV [Unzipped] • 557MB WAV (Zipped) • 576.3MB Apple Loops (Zipped) • 429.5MB REX2 (Zipped)

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 - London Grime
London GrimePrime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B, Trap2017-05-31

This is the ulitmate Grime Sample Pack - get the official sound of London Grime! Produced at Prime Loops HQ by our resident Grime Production Squad, this explosive Pack of raw Grime Samples gives you all the audio energy you need to produce authentic Grime Beats. Firmly rooted in the streets of London, Grime emerged in the early 2000s on Pirate Radio stations across the UK Capital. Since then, this high-energy and aggressive sound has been taking the world by storm, with artists like Skepta, JME, Wiley, Stormzy and Ghetts taking over festivals and selling out shows. This 306MB Grime sample pack is filled with powerful bass loops, heavy drum beats and intense melodic loops - including razor sharp strings, dramatic horns, slick synths and vocal chops. We've also included a selection of one shot drums and FX so you can build your own original Grime drum loops. All of these 100% royalty free samples come to you in 24bit audio quality and, for ultimate versatility, all loops have been specially formatted to adjust to the tempo of any project. Download London Grime now and get ready to start making the hardest Grime Beats on road! • 39 x Drum and Percussion Loops • 50 x Melodic Loops • 17 x Grime Bass Loops • 59 x Drum Hits • 8 x FX • 140 BPM • 24-bit Sound Quality

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 - Miami House
Miami HousePrime LoopsHouse, Deep House2017-05-31

Taking inspiration from 'The Magic City's' infamous nightlife and sun soaked streets, Miami House delivers a huge collection of summertime House samples straight to your DAW. With over 524MB of next level House Samples, Loops & MIDI files, this simmering producer kit mixes up tropical melodies with deep house elements and pure dance grooves - the perfect blend for creating summertime jams and uplifting dance floor fillers. Miami House comes complete with all the tools you need to inject some summer vibes into your productions - samples come in the form of bass, beats, synths, vocal chops, FX and a huge assortment of one shots. Also included are a selection of custom made Sampler Drum Kits made for a variety of sampler Instruments, as well as a range of ultra-flexible MIDI loops which will enable you to tweak and create your very own chord progressions and melody lines. And coming at you in high quality 24-bit audio, all loops have been formatted to adjust to the tempo of your project for ultimate usability. So if you're looking to make waves on dance floors, boat parties and all-night beach blowouts, head south and bring some Florida flavour to your productions, with Miami House. Pack Details: • 56 x Melodic Loops • 18 x Bass Loops • 52 x Drum Loops • 13 x FX and Vox Loops • 10 x Drum Fills • 71 x Drum One Shots • 16 x FX One Shots • 90 x Bass/Synth One Shots • 25 x MIDI Loops • 5 x Sampler Drum kits [for Kontakt, EXS24, Halion and NNXT] • 120Bpm • 24Bit Audio Quality *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Presets / Patches

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 - Neon Disco
Neon DiscoPrime LoopsNu Disco / Disco2017-05-31

Get deep into the groove with Prime Loops' latest collection of funked out and 80s inspired House sounds: Neon Disco blends all the finest elements of nu-disco, funky house, french house, and retro disco vibes to create a super modern sound library that harks back to the original roots of dance & club culture. With over 454MB of House and Nu Disco samples and loops, this quality sound library has everything you need to produce a club ready track; crisp drum loops, funky keys, radiant synths, cosmic pads, chopped up vocals and funky live & synth basses. It also comes fully loaded with a collection of superb drum one shots, FX, bass & synth stabs, as well as 5 sampler drum kits for EXS24, Kontakt, Halion and NNXT. Each and every sound has been expertly crafted by Prime Loops' highly skilled Soundsmiths crew, and comes in superb 24-Bit audio quality. And, as with all Prime Loops label products, we've formatted every loop to adjust to the tempo of your project for ultimate usability. So prepare to inject some serious groove into your tunes - Neon Disco provides all the shape-pulling energy of retro disco jams, combined with the crisp clarity of modern electronic production. Pack Details: • 66 x Synth Loops • 47 x Drum Loops • 20 x Bass Loops • 78 x Drum One Shots • 72 x Synth/Bass One Shots • 21 x FX • 5 x Sampler Drumkits [for EXS24, Kontakt, Halion & NNXT] • 21 x MIDI Loops • 110 - 120Bpm • 24 Bit Audio *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • House

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 - Future Bass Festival
Future Bass FestivalPrime LoopsTrap, Future Bass2017-06-08

Get bumped up the bill at all the wildest festivals this summer with Future Bass Festival! This brand new Future Bass sample pack has been authored by Prime Loops' latest producer signing SubVibe and guarantees to pump the hype into your productions with huge feels, epic elements and an all-round crowd pleasing sound. If you want to bring that main room electricity to the big stage, Future Bass Festival is the sound library for you! Summertime crowds love tearing it up to massive tunes and Future Bass Festival is jam packed with 7 folders of huge sounds inspired by the likes of Flume, Pusher and Cosmo's Midnight! Get ready to dominate the airwaves with an epic collection of intense Atmospheres, Drum Loops, Drum One-Shots, FX, Melodic Loops, Basslines, Synth One-Shots & MIDI Files! Future Bass Festival supplies the highs in soaring 24-bit High Definition audio clarity and each one of these awesome Future Bass samples is yours to use 100% royalty free, so you can work-up the crowd without worrying about sample clearance hassle! Drag and drop any sample in your DAW for instant use and find that essential tempo and key info in the filename of every loop and sample! Ready to produce this year’s ultimate summer anthem? Do it with Future Bass Festival. Pack Details: • 54 x Synth Loops & Basslines • 41 x MIDI Files • 43 x Drum Loops • 68 x Drum One Shots • 40 x Synth Shots • 20 x Atmospheres • 22 x FX Samples • 5 x Pro Drum Kit Patches [Made for Kontakt, EXS24, NNXT, Halion] • 150-160Bpm • 24 Bit Audio Quality *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • MIDI • Presets / Patches • Trap