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Prime Loops provide award-winning sound libraries, fresh in tune with the evolving music scene. We are an extremely passionate team of engineers, sound designers & DJs, hailing from London, UK. All of our loops, samples & sounds are completely royalty free and have been designed to give you instant inspiration for your music productions, soundtracks, game themes, sync projects and a whole lot more!

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 - Dark Orchestra
Dark OrchestraPrime LoopsOrchestral, Trap2017-04-18

Add some serious drama and intrigue to your productions with Prime Loops' very latest Orchestral sound library: Dark Orchestra delivers a unique collection of 9 professionally composed and ready-arranged symphonic construction kits. Coming in at over 439MB, Dark Orchestra's epic construction kit collection covers a wide range of vivid and emotional harmonic orchestral building kits, broken down into over 140 loops and samples. From tense build ups to climactic instrumental crescendos, this melodic orchestra sound library contains a dynamic mixture of symphonic elements including lush string progressions, powerful horn stabs, rhythmic string patterns, tense string arpeggios, deep string basses and more. Whilst Dark Orchestra's royalty free orchestra samples and loops are ideal for use in film scores, TV music and classical compositions, they are also perfect for sampling into other genres like Trap, Hip Hop or EDM. This sound library is the brainchild of award winning composer and multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Talbott. Benjamin has been involved in writing, directing and producing professional scores since 2007. Supplied in high definition 24Bit audio, these dark and intense Orchestral construction kits and samples will add some serious cinematic power to your mixes! Download contains: • 9 x Construction Kits • 149 x Orchestral Loops • 140 - 150Bpm • 24 Bit Audio File Sizes: • 439.2MB WAV (Unzipped) • 354.5MB WAV (Zipped) • 354.3MB Apple Loops (Zipped) *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Hip-Hop

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 - Future Hip Hop
Future Hip HopPrime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B2017-04-18

The future is now! Prime Loops have pushed the boundaries once again to deliver you this refreshingly deep and vivid take on Hip Hop. Fusing together raw Hip Hop beats with a polished touch of ultra-melodic Future elements, Future Hip Hop is here to help you stand out from the rest. Fresh from the Prime Loops audio lab and authored by our highly skilled Soundsmiths crew, this ultra-imaginative mash-up of contrasts is the definitive Future Hip Hop sample pack! For Future Hip Hop we've taken a raw portion of Hip Hop attitude and given it a thick, sweet and glossy Future coating. All the sounds in this next-level Hip Hop Producer Toolkit have been tweaked to future-proof perfection! If you’re craving straight-up beats, deep and atmospheric chord progressions, chopped up pads, laser sharp melodics, warm basses and glitched-out SFX deformities then get ready to scratch that itch with Future Hip Hop, the brand new progressive and boundary pushing Hip Hop sound library from Prime Loops, packed with a fresh collection of original and inspiring samples ready to bolster your productions! Served up at tempos ranging from 90 to 140bpm, Future Hip Hop stacks up to a mighty 630MB+ of supreme audio content, offering you an off-the-hook array of Hip Hop Samples, Loops & Sampler Kits! Available exclusively via direct download, every single sample is 100% Royalty free and arrives in stunning 24-bit clarity that will not be compromised, even if you want to stretch or squeeze any of them to your own desired tempo! Integrating these infectious frequencies into your mix could not be easier - simply drag and drop them from the downloaded folder straight into any major software! There’s no time to reflect on past productions when you can defect the future instead! Whether your sound is Hip Hop, Glitch Hop, Trip Hop, Future Bass or Electronica or you're looking to push the boundaries and break new ground, Prime Loops invite you to join the Future Hip Hop movement! Download contains: • 70 x Synth Loops • 24 x Basslines • 59 x Drum Loops • 8 x Drum Kit Sampler Instruments [EXS24, Kontakt, Halion, NN-XT] • 31 x Bass One-Shots • 40 x Synth One Shots • 49 x FX Samples • 50 x Drum One Shots • 90-140 Bpm • 24 Bit Quality File Sizes: • 630MB WAV [Unzipped] • 557MB WAV (Zipped) • 576.3MB Apple Loops (Zipped) • 429.5MB REX2 (Zipped)

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 - London Grime
London GrimePrime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B, Trap2017-05-31

This is the ulitmate Grime Sample Pack - get the official sound of London Grime! Produced at Prime Loops HQ by our resident Grime Production Squad, this explosive Pack of raw Grime Samples gives you all the audio energy you need to produce authentic Grime Beats. Firmly rooted in the streets of London, Grime emerged in the early 2000s on Pirate Radio stations across the UK Capital. Since then, this high-energy and aggressive sound has been taking the world by storm, with artists like Skepta, JME, Wiley, Stormzy and Ghetts taking over festivals and selling out shows. This 306MB Grime sample pack is filled with powerful bass loops, heavy drum beats and intense melodic loops - including razor sharp strings, dramatic horns, slick synths and vocal chops. We've also included a selection of one shot drums and FX so you can build your own original Grime drum loops. All of these 100% royalty free samples come to you in 24bit audio quality and, for ultimate versatility, all loops have been specially formatted to adjust to the tempo of any project. Download London Grime now and get ready to start making the hardest Grime Beats on road! • 39 x Drum and Percussion Loops • 50 x Melodic Loops • 17 x Grime Bass Loops • 59 x Drum Hits • 8 x FX • 140 BPM • 24-bit Sound Quality

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 - Miami House
Miami HousePrime LoopsHouse, Deep House2017-05-31

Taking inspiration from 'The Magic City's' infamous nightlife and sun soaked streets, Miami House delivers a huge collection of summertime House samples straight to your DAW. With over 524MB of next level House Samples, Loops & MIDI files, this simmering producer kit mixes up tropical melodies with deep house elements and pure dance grooves - the perfect blend for creating summertime jams and uplifting dance floor fillers. Miami House comes complete with all the tools you need to inject some summer vibes into your productions - samples come in the form of bass, beats, synths, vocal chops, FX and a huge assortment of one shots. Also included are a selection of custom made Sampler Drum Kits made for a variety of sampler Instruments, as well as a range of ultra-flexible MIDI loops which will enable you to tweak and create your very own chord progressions and melody lines. And coming at you in high quality 24-bit audio, all loops have been formatted to adjust to the tempo of your project for ultimate usability. So if you're looking to make waves on dance floors, boat parties and all-night beach blowouts, head south and bring some Florida flavour to your productions, with Miami House. Pack Details: • 56 x Melodic Loops • 18 x Bass Loops • 52 x Drum Loops • 13 x FX and Vox Loops • 10 x Drum Fills • 71 x Drum One Shots • 16 x FX One Shots • 90 x Bass/Synth One Shots • 25 x MIDI Loops • 5 x Sampler Drum kits [for Kontakt, EXS24, Halion and NNXT] • 120Bpm • 24Bit Audio Quality *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Presets / Patches

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 - Neon Disco
Neon DiscoPrime LoopsFunk / Soul / Disco, Disco / Nu Disco2017-05-31

Get deep into the groove with Prime Loops' latest collection of funked out and 80s inspired House sounds: Neon Disco blends all the finest elements of nu-disco, funky house, french house, and retro disco vibes to create a super modern sound library that harks back to the original roots of dance & club culture. With over 454MB of House and Nu Disco samples and loops, this quality sound library has everything you need to produce a club ready track; crisp drum loops, funky keys, radiant synths, cosmic pads, chopped up vocals and funky live & synth basses. It also comes fully loaded with a collection of superb drum one shots, FX, bass & synth stabs, as well as 5 sampler drum kits for EXS24, Kontakt, Halion and NNXT. Each and every sound has been expertly crafted by Prime Loops' highly skilled Soundsmiths crew, and comes in superb 24-Bit audio quality. And, as with all Prime Loops label products, we've formatted every loop to adjust to the tempo of your project for ultimate usability. So prepare to inject some serious groove into your tunes - Neon Disco provides all the shape-pulling energy of retro disco jams, combined with the crisp clarity of modern electronic production. Pack Details: • 66 x Synth Loops • 47 x Drum Loops • 20 x Bass Loops • 78 x Drum One Shots • 72 x Synth/Bass One Shots • 21 x FX • 5 x Sampler Drumkits [for EXS24, Kontakt, Halion & NNXT] • 21 x MIDI Loops • 110 - 120Bpm • 24 Bit Audio *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • House

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 - Future Bass Festival
Future Bass FestivalPrime LoopsTrap, Future Bass2017-06-08

Get bumped up the bill at all the wildest festivals this summer with Future Bass Festival! This brand new Future Bass sample pack has been authored by Prime Loops' latest producer signing SubVibe and guarantees to pump the hype into your productions with huge feels, epic elements and an all-round crowd pleasing sound. If you want to bring that main room electricity to the big stage, Future Bass Festival is the sound library for you! Summertime crowds love tearing it up to massive tunes and Future Bass Festival is jam packed with 7 folders of huge sounds inspired by the likes of Flume, Pusher and Cosmo's Midnight! Get ready to dominate the airwaves with an epic collection of intense Atmospheres, Drum Loops, Drum One-Shots, FX, Melodic Loops, Basslines, Synth One-Shots & MIDI Files! Future Bass Festival supplies the highs in soaring 24-bit High Definition audio clarity and each one of these awesome Future Bass samples is yours to use 100% royalty free, so you can work-up the crowd without worrying about sample clearance hassle! Drag and drop any sample in your DAW for instant use and find that essential tempo and key info in the filename of every loop and sample! Ready to produce this year’s ultimate summer anthem? Do it with Future Bass Festival. Pack Details: • 54 x Synth Loops & Basslines • 41 x MIDI Files • 43 x Drum Loops • 68 x Drum One Shots • 40 x Synth Shots • 20 x Atmospheres • 22 x FX Samples • 5 x Pro Drum Kit Patches [Made for Kontakt, EXS24, NNXT, Halion] • 150-160Bpm • 24 Bit Audio Quality *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • MIDI • Presets / Patches • Trap

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 - Deep UK House
Deep UK HousePrime LoopsHouse, Minimal / Deep Tech2017-07-10

800MB+ Tool Kit of Deep & Underground House Samples, featuring raw Basslines, soulful Synth Loops and swinging 4/4 Drum Loops - also including a wide range of One-Shots, Sampler Drum Kits and more! Deep House meets UK Garage in this sonic tour through the UK underground dance scene. Deep UK House is a fully comprehensive producer toolkit, giving you all the elements you need to produce authentic underground house anthems! This massive 800MB+ underground House library comes fully equipped with an inspired range of rough and ready deep house basslines, soulful synth loops and heavy 4/4 drum loops. To keep things flexible we've also included a super useful selection of synth One-Shots, FX hits and a comprehensive collection of drum one shots, carefully programmed into sampler drum kits for ESX24, Kontakt, Halion and NNXT, so you can create your own House beats from the ground up. This 100% Royalty free UK Underground House Sample Pack gives you all the tools you need to capture that elusive underground sound that many try and fail to achieve! And for ultimate versatility, all loops have been specially formatted to adjust to the tempo of any project. Download Deep UK House now and bring some authentic UK flava to your productions! Download contains: • 103 x Melodic Loops • 41 x Bass Loops • 85 x Drum Loops • 178 x Bass, Synth & Pad One Shots • 97 x Drum One Shots • 44 x FX Hits • 5 x Sample Drum Kits [For ESX24, Kontakt, Halion & NNXT]

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 - Retro Waves
Retro WavesPrime LoopsDisco / Nu Disco, MIDI2017-06-13

584MB of retro-futuristic synth-heavy Sounds, taking inspiration from the neon vibes of the 80s and fusing it with modern production techniques! Illuminate your productions with radiant 80s haze and neon vibes: Retro Waves transcends nostalgia to create a super-modern Sample Pack that celebrates the timeless atmosphere and aesthetic of iconic 80s film and TV soundtracks. Featuring over 580MB of synth soaked sounds, this luminous 80s inspired sound library is filled with original analogue synth chords, fm pads, melody synth lines and arps, deep dynamic basses, heavy electronic drum loops and authentic 80s drum fills. For full flexibility we've also included a solid selection of energetic drum one-shots and a folder of MIDI loops, so you can rework chords and melodies to fit into any project. All of these 24bit 80s producer tools come to you 100% royalty free and, for ultimate versatility, all loops have been specially formatted to adjust to the tempo of any project. Fusing analogue 80s vibes with an ultra-modern edge, Retro Waves brings the retro-futuristic flavour of the 80s into the cutting edge world of modern music production! Download contains: • 50 x Drum Loops • 28 x Drum Fills • 15 x Arps • 41 x Bass Loops • 48 x Synth Chords & Pads • 69 x Synth Leads • 59 x Drum One Shots • 178 MIDI loops *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Funk / Soul / Disco

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 - Future Bass Serum presets
Future Bass Serum presetsPrime LoopsTrap, Future Bass2017-08-22

Deep in the Prime Loops labs, our super-skilled Serum experts have been working hard to bring you the finest collection of superior synth sounds any Future Bass fanatic could hope for! Inspired by the innovative sounds of artists like Myrne, Flume, Louis Futon and Pusher, Future Bass: Serum Presets features 75 meticulously programmed sounds, ideal for anyone making Future Bass, Trap, Dofflin, Synth Wave, chiptune and any other cutting-edge future genre. All your sonic needs are met in the form of huge super synths, high energy leads, smooth pads, Deep 808 Subs, Solid Saw Basses, playful arpeggios, exciting FX, melodic plucks and more. So if you are looking to electrify your productions with some glistening ultra-modern synth energy, then download Future Bass: Serum Presets now! Download contains: 75 Presets for Xfer Serum: • 6 x Arps • 11 x Bass • 6 x Chords • 9 x FX • 3 x Keys • 13 x Leads • 9 x Pads • 18 x Synths *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Hip-Hop / R&B

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 - Twerk & Bass
Twerk & BassPrime LoopsTrap, Future Bass2017-08-24

Get ready for Twerk & Bass! This heavy hybrid underground Sound mixes straight-up 808 rhythms with intense bass energy, gritty synth leads & mad vocal chops, producing a killer club sound to get down to! With 475MB of freshly squeezed loops and samples, this unique library is brimming with jumped-up sounds to add some serious bounce to your productions; Drum Loops, Basses, Subs, Synth Loops and Vocal chops cover all your rhythmic and melodic needs. Passionately created by our beloved Soundsmiths crew Twerk & Bass also features a massive Collection of one shots: Drum Hits, 808s, Synth and Bass Samples, and a mix of dramatic FX - as well as a folder of Sampler Drum Kits for a range of popular Sampler Instruments! As always, all sounds come to you in high quality 24bit audio and, for ultimate usability, all loops have been specially formatted to adjust to the tempo of your project. So if you are looking for a Modern twist on a dance floor classic, Twerk & Bass is for you! Pack Details: • 32 x Bass Loops • 75 x Drum Loops • 32 x Synth Loops • 18 x Vocal Chop Loops • 105 x Drum One Shots • 102 x Synth & Bass One Shots • 38 x FX • 11 x Vocal Hits • 6 x Sampler Drum Kits [For ESX24, Kontakt, Halion & NNXT] • 120 - 140BPM • 24Bit Audio

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 - Desperados
DesperadosPrime LoopsWorld, Orchestral2017-09-07

Unique 2GB Collection of epic Wild West Samples & Spaghetti Western Loops inspired by Ennio Morricone & more, lovingly arranged over 6 glorious Soundtrack Kits! Outlaws, Gunslingers and High Plains Drifters! Inject a taste of danger and adventure into your productions with Prime Loops sonic exploration into the world of the Wild West. Desperados brings you all the drama, tension and excitement of a classic Western movie soundtrack in this epic collection of 6 original construction kits. Inspired by infamous film scores by legendary composers such as Luis Bacalov, Stelvio Cipriani or Ennio Morricone, this massive sound library has been expertly written and recorded using professional compositional techniques and a host of live instrumentation to create an authentic and dynamic cinematic sound. Inside this immense Wild West Sound Library you will find over 2GB+ of Spaghetti Western inspired music samples, including layers of Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Violins, Trumpets, Harmonica, Mandolin, Bass Guitar, Whistling and much much more. Whilst Desperados' royalty-free sounds are ideal for use in film scores, tv music and classical compositions, they are also perfect for sampling into a variety of genres including Hip Hop, Trap, Dubstep and more - you are limited only by your imagination! Each unique soundtrack kit gives you all the individual building-blocks as separate audio samples, allowing you to incorporate them into your own productions any way you can think of. For ultimate usability, each sample has been formatted to adjust to the bpm of your project, allowing you to work in any tempo you wish. So download Desperados now and dive into the lawless world of the Old West! This sound library was lovingly crafted by award winning composer and multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Talbott. Benjamin has been involved in writing, directing and producing professional scores since 2007, as well as creating some of our top selling cinematic sample packs including Dark Orchestra and Nightmare Strings. Download contains: • 6 x Soundtrack Construction Kits • 147 x Loops & Samples • 85 - 120Bpm • 24 Bit Audio • 2.24GB (Unzipped) • WAV 1.7 GB Zipped • Apple 1.7GB Zipped *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Hip-Hop / R&B

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 - Hybrid Dubstep
Hybrid DubstepPrime LoopsDubstep, Trap2017-09-07

Prime Loops proudly presents this next-level killer Collection of 65 expertly programmed Hybrid Dubstep Presets for Xfer's insane Serum Synth! The original pioneers of Dubstep Sound Design are back! From Prime Loops - the team who brought you kick-ass sample packs and preset banks from Excision, Virtual Riot, Spag Heddy, Doctor P, Dodge & Fuski and many more - we are now proud to present you Hybrid Dubstep: Serum Presets! Inspired by artist such as Getter, Riot Ten, Borgore, Megalodon, MUST DIE!, Snails, Funtcase, Bear Grillz, Zomboy, Dr Ozi and more, our expert synth gurus have been locked in the lab working intensively to bring you Hybrid Dubstep: Serum Presets - a super versatile collection of bass heavy Presets expertly designed for Xfer's Serum synth! Bringing a hefty dose of sonic energy to your DAW, 'Hybrid Dubstep: Serum Presets' features growling Basses, intense Leads, lush Pads, playful Arps and exciting FX. This killer collection of sounds has been inspired by labels such as Never Say Die, OWLSA, Mad Decent, Firepower & Circus Records, covering all the frequency needs any bass heavy EDM production could have! This is your chance to bring some heavyweight preset power to your productions, download Hybrid Dubstep: Serum Presets now! Download contains: 65 Presets for Xfer Serum: • 42 x Bass Presets • 16 x Synths • 4 x FX • 3 x Arps *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Patches / Presets

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 - Hyper Trap
Hyper TrapPrime LoopsDubstep, Trap2017-09-07

Hyper Trap is Prime Loops' latest collection of next-level presets, designed especially for Native Instruments MASSIVE. Inspired by the high-energy sounds of Trap, Neuro, D&B and Dubstep, this hefty collection of 96 presets will bolster your audio arsenal with some serious sonic strength. Our expert preset programmers have designed a unique selection of intensely dark and super heavy sounds that have all your synth needs covered: Distorted Neuro Basses, deep subs, powerful synth leads, atmospheric pads, exciting FX, plucks, bells, lasers and more are featured. Also, in order to give you even more control and variety each preset comes ready-programmed with a number of useful Macro controls assigned to different parameters. So if you are looking for uncompromising collection of supercharged sounds to make your Trap tracks stand out, then Hyper Trap is for you! Please note: You will need Massive Version 1.3 or higher in order to use these. Download contains: 96 x Massive Presets • 23 x Bass • 3 x Bells • 10 x FX • 5 x Lasers • 22 x Leads • 7 x Modulated • 6 x Pads • 7 x Plucks • 13 x SubBass Massive Format (NMSV) 267.3kb (Zipped) Please Note: Massive Version 1.3 (or higher required)

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 - Future Bass Waves
Future Bass WavesPrime LoopsTrap, Future Bass2017-09-01

Sending sonic ripples through time and space, Future Bass Waves brings next level sounds to your sample stockpile. Inspired by the boundary pushing sounds of sounds of Myrne, SteLouse, Lido and Pusher, this innovative sound library comes at you in the form of 5 state-of-the-art Future Bass construction kits, a huge collection of one shots and FX, and a folder of bonus samples containing additional drum loops, drum fills and percussion loops. Totalling over 511MB, this tidal wave of synths, bass, beats, fx, vocal chops and more, will come crashing into your DAW in high quality 24bit audio. All loops and samples included have been specially formatted to adjust to the tempo of your project so you can easily mix samples into your tunes. So forget the past and take a ride on Future Bass Waves now! Download contains: • 5 x Construction Kits • 131 x Loops • 49 x Drum One Shots • 31 x Synth & Bass One Shots • 53 x FX One Shots Bonus Folder: • 10 x Drum Loops • 11 x Drum Fills • 20 x Percussion Loops • 100 -180Bpm • 24Bit Audio Quality • Total Size: 511.1MB [Unzipped] • WAV 366.9MB Zipped • Apple 367.5MB Zipped • Rex2 322.7MB Zipped

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 - Atik: Ghost Trap
Atik: Ghost TrapPrime LoopsDubstep, Trap2017-12-01

Unique Collection of 730MB+ next-level Trap Sounds & Samples with a paranormal twist, expertly produced by the super talented Atik! Channelling high-quality bass energy straight to your DAW, "Atik: Ghost Trap" brings you a unique Collection of next-level Trap Samples and Loops, expertly produced by Atik! Hailing from Greece, this talented young production poltergeist began making serious waves in the bass music scene after remixing, reworking and re-imagining some of EDMs biggest tunes in his own inimitable style, gaining support from the likes of Diplo, Bassnectar, The Chainsmokers, Getter, UZ and more in the process. Now, this self-confessed 'Happy Ghost' has lovingly crafted this impeccable library of original samples, ideal for creating your own paranormal productions! Coming in at over 730MB, this ghostly collection is full of the highest quality audio apparitions: Covering all your percussive needs are drum loops, drum build ups and fills, trap snare rolls, hihat loops, percussion loops and clap loops, as well as a quality selection of drum one shots so you can create your own drum patterns. Also included is a selection of serious synth energy: Arps, Chords, Leads, Melodies and a collection of synth one shots, as well as a selection of chopped vocal loops and a range of exciting and dramatic FX, including atmosphere's, cinematic FX, Impacts and Risers. So call in the clairvoyant and get ready to channel some supernatural Trap energy into your productions, download "Atik: Ghost Trap now"!

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 - Bass House Secrets
Bass House SecretsPrime LoopsHouse, Deep House2017-12-01

Next-Level Producer Toolkit, deeply inspired by the Underground LA Bass House Scene! Featuring 396MB+ of dark & heavy Basslines, Drum Loops, Vocal Chops, Synth Loops, FX, as well as a Collection of One-Shots and Sampler Drum Kits! Packed to the brim with raw bass energy, hard-knocking drums and seriously dark synths, Bass House Secrets provides all the elements you need to create real underground Bass House Anthems! Inspired by the LA Bass House scene and artists like AC Slater, Jack Beats, Tchami and My Nu Leng, this sub-heavy sound pack brings over 369MB+ of Bass House samples, loops and more: Deep Bass Loops, Synth Chords and Melodic Leads, super heavy Drum Loops, exciting FX and over a huge selection of One-Shots, including Bass Sounds, FX and over 100 Drum Hits. Also included is a selection of 7 sampler Drum Kits - ideal for creating you own beats and percussion rhythms - programmed for use with EXS24, Kontakt, NNXT and Halion. All of these sounds come to you 100% Royalty free and, for ultimate versatility, all loops have been specially formatted to adjust to the tempo of any project. Join the Bass House movement now and add that extra underground edge to your tracks - with Bass House Secrets from Prime Loops! Download Contains: • 39 x Bass Loops • 45 x Drum Loops • 63 x FX & Vox Loops • 25 x Melodic Loops • 50 x Bass One Shots • 30 x FX Hits • 7 x Sample Drum Kits [For EXS24, Kontakt, Halion & NNXT] • 128Bpm 24Bit Quality • Total Size: 369.4MB 325.3 MB WAV unzipped 325.3 MB Apple unzipped 244.1 MB Rex2 Unzipped

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 - Afro Funk
Afro FunkPrime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B, World2017-12-04

Funked-out Afrobeat Samples, featuring professionally recorded live Horns, Guitars, Bass, Keys and Latin Percussion, as well as a collection of funky Drum Breaks! Afro Funk by Prime Loops delivers a huge collection of funked out Afro-Latin rhythms and vibes, bringing a fresh mix of flavours to your productions. Originally evolving out of the Afrobeat movement in the late 1970s, Afro Funk takes influence from West African music such as Highlife and Yoruba, and combines it with Funk grooves and Latin rhythms to create a unique, colourful sound. Featuring over 938MB of uplifting Producer tools, this vibrant sound pack is made up of expertly played live instrumentation, professionally recorded through high end Outboard gear and a vintage 1970's Tascam console. Typical for the Afro Funk genre, instruments include Trumpets, Saxophones, Guitar, Bass, Keys and a variety of Percussion instruments. Also featured is a collection of funky drum breaks and beats, expertly produced to complement the live instrumentation. All of these 100% royalty free sounds have been specially formatted to adjust to the tempo of any project, so you can mix and match samples into any genre! Download the exciting sound of Afro Funk now, and bring some funked up Afro-Latin energy to your productions! Download contains: • 76 x Brass Samples [Incl. Trumpets, Baritone & Tenor Sax] • 24 x Keys & Organ Loops • 22 x Guitar Licks & Chords • 20 x Funky Bass Lines • 20 x Drum Breaks [Each with Variations] • 42 x Percussion Loops • 110 - 120 Bpm *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Funk / Soul / Disco

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 - UK Grime & Bass
UK Grime & BassPrime LoopsDubstep, Trap2017-12-12

415MB+ of explosive UK Grime Samples and Loops, featuring raw Grime Basslines, hard-hitting Drums and razor sharp Synths! UK Grime & Bass is the most explosive Grime Sample Pack, packed to the brim with raw bass energy, hard-hitting drums and razor sharp synths, supplying all the tools you need to cut through the UK Bass Music scene. Bringing an authentic underground sound to your productions, this dark and dirty sound pack by Prime Loops delivers 415MB+ of ultra-aggressive Grime samples and loops, featuring gritty chopped up Grime basslines, dirty Synths, intense drums, exciting percussion, dramatic FX, and a collection of killer one shot drums and synth hits. These 100% Royalty free sounds come to you in 24Bit audio and, for ultimate versatility, all loops have been specially formatted to adjust to fit the tempo of any project. So prepare your DAW for the UK Grime Takeova! Download the gritty sounds of UK Grime & Bass now! Download contains: • 48 x Drum and Percussion Loops • 33 x Melodic Loops • 12 x Grime Bass Loops • 64 x Drum Hits • 30 x FX and Vox One Shots • 38 x Synth & Bass Hits • 140Bpm • 24-bit Sound Quality *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Hip-Hop / R&B • World

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 - Melodic Future Bass
Melodic Future BassPrime LoopsTrap, Future Bass2018-01-08

398MB+ of ultra-melodic Future Bass Samples, featuring uplifting Chords, skilfully played Leads, moving Basses, deep Drums, One-Shots, Drum Kit Patches & more! Immerse yourself in the harmonic sonic waves of Melodic Future Bass; an inspiring collection of synth-soaked sounds and expertly produced Future Bass beats. Weighing in at over 389MB, this melodious sound library features a comprehensive collection of Future Bass producer Tools. From huge uplifting chords and powerful synth leads to blissful progressions and dreamy melodies, this harmonious collection features an eclectic set of electric energy. An expertly produced selection of cutting edge Trap drum loops and FX, as well as a huge collection of 232 drum one shots, covers all your rhythmic and percussive needs. We've also included a specially crafted selection of Sampler Drum Kits for a range of Sampler Instruments including EXS24, Kontakt, Halion and NNXT, giving you the ability to create your own Future Bass beats. All of these royalty free sounds come to you in 24-Bit audio quality free samples have been specially formatted to adjust to the tempo of any project. So download Melodic Future Bass now and get everything you need to create an ultra-melodic Future Bass anthem! Download contains: • 51 x Synth & Bass Loops • 24 x Drum Loops • 232 x Drum One-Shots • 8 x Pro Drum Kit Patches [Made for Kontakt, EXS24, NNXT, Halion] • 32 x Bass Hits • 31 x FX • 130-160Bpm • 24Bit Audio Quality

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 - Synthwave 2
Synthwave 2Prime LoopsChill Out, Future Bass2018-01-09

1GB+ of 80s inspired Synthwave Samples & Serum Presets, featuring uplifting Synths, Chords, Basses, Drums, Fills, FX & One-Shots - plus 7 ready-formatted Sampler Drum Kits! Back by popular demand, the next instalment of Prime Loops retro synth-soaked sound series is back - Synthwave 2 provides you with an even bigger and even fresher dose of inspiring neon vibes and quality analogue tones. Taking inspiration from the classic sound of 80s and 90s film and arcade soundtracks, and rejuvenating them with modern production techniques, this epic sound library features over 1GB of Synthwave and Retrowave samples and producer tools. Expertly crafted by the Soundsmiths production team, Synthwave 2 features a luminous selection of inspiring synth loops, bass loops, drum loops, drum fills and FX, as well as a huge collection of one shot drums, mapped out into drumkits for a range of software sampler instruments. Also included is a collection of 30 original Serum presets, giving you an authentic Synthwave sound pallete to create your own chords and melodies with. All of these high definition 24-bit sounds are 100% royalty free and come ready formatted to adjust to the tempo of any project, in any DAW! Harking back to the golden age of new wave and electronica, Synthwave 2 delivers an authentic retro-analogue sound with all the depth and radiance of cutting modern productions. Download contains: • 104 x Melodic Loops • 35 x Bass Loops • 62 x Drum Loops • 12 x Drum Fills • 110 x Drum Hits • 29 x FX • 50 x Synth One Shots • 22 x Pad One Shots • 23 x Bass One Shots • 30 x Original Serum Presets • 7 x Sampler Drum kits [For EXS24, Kontakt, Halion, and NNXT] • 80 - 110Bpm • 24Bit Audio Quality *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Downtempo • Funk / Soul / Disco

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 - Air Pop
Air PopPrime LoopsChill Out, Downtempo2019-04-17

490MB+ of airy Chill Pop & Trip Hop Samples, featuring mesmerising Chords, airy Melodies, dreamy Guitars, warm Subs, complimented by rolling Trip Hop Drums & multi-layered Perc Grooves Air Pop is a truly unique Collection of deeply inspired Producer Tools for Chill Pop & Trip Hop. Ranging from 80 to 120 BPM Air Pop playfully combines organic sounding Rhodes riffs with soothing Guitars, warm Analogue Basses with Atmospheric Synths, and rolling Drum Loops with unconventional Percussion layers. Air Pop is Prime Loops' ultimate Trip Hop and Chill Pop adventure, delivering an ultra-harmonic range of future-proof building blocks, perfectly capturing the serene vibes of this timeless sound started by the likes of Portishead, Nightmares On Wax, Hooverphonic, and Massive Attack, and more recently revitalised and reimagined by artists such as Lana Del Ray, The Neighbourhood and Lorde. From pulsating basses over mellow synth bleeps to lush string progressions, and a healthy hit of groovy beats and crisp one-shots, Air Pop presents an uber cool selection of trip hop inspired audio flavours. Pouring over 490MB of expertly mastered trip hop samples and loops into your sample stash, Air Pop delivers over 225 of individual files in a wide variety of sound colours – browse 6 folders of airy Melodic Loops, warm Basslines, cutting Drums, intricate Percussion Rhythms, as well as a perfectly balanced mix of Drum One-Shots and Synth Stabs. This emotive Trip Hop and Chill Pop sound library is ideal for mesmerising your listeners with supremely laid back vibes, and it comes to you completely royalty free so you can keep in the flow, building your next sonic empire without having to worry about sample clearance or royalty implications! Pack Details: • 225 x Samples & Loops • 41 x Melodic Loops • 11 x Basslines • 41 x Drum Loops & Top Loops • 66 x Drum One-Shots • 24 x Instrument Hits • 18 x Bass Hits • 13 x SFX • Total Size: 490MB - Unzipped *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Funk / Soul / Disco • Hip-Hop / R&B

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 - Crates & Breaks
Crates & BreaksPrime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B, Funk / Soul / Disco2019-04-17

Unique 275MB selection of fat & smooth Hip Hop Drum Breaks, incl. Drum Hits, Instrument Stabs, Chord Progressions & more, perfectly capturing the true essence of Golden Era Hip Hop! Prime Loops diggin the crates once again! Take it back to the golden age with our latest essential collection of cool, smooth & jazzy Drum Breaks, Drum Hits & Instrumental Samples, perfectly capturing the true essence of sample based Hip Hop and crate digging! After the incredible success of our Soulful Hip Hop release we're immensely proud to present you our next Hip Hop Masterpiece, lovingly created by Prime Loops' resident producer whizz-kid RiggleBeats! If you're looking for that true and dusty vintage Hip Hop Sound then Crates N Breaks will put a real smile on your face! These vibrant and truly characteristic Hip Hop drum loops and one-shot samples have been heavily inspired by the golden era of Hip Hop, but could equally be used by creative producers to create Soulful R&B, Trip Hop, D&B, Ambient & Chill, Pop, Funk and Rare Groove. This unique selection of royalty free Hip Hop Drum Loops, Drum One-Shot Samples, Instrument Stabs, FX Sounds and Instrument Loops comes in Acid Wav, Rex2 and Apple Loops formats, simply select your prefered format during checkout and get in the flow - with Crates N Breaks! Download contains: • 60 x Real Hip Hop Drum Breaks • 32 x Hats & Percussion Loops • 87 - 95Bpm • 24Bit 44.1kHz Audio • 275MB (Unzipped) Drum One-Shots: • 21 x Kicks • 37 x Claps & Snares • 28 x Hi Hats & Shakers • 7 x Percussion & Toms Extra Treats: • 14 x Vinyl Crackles & Tape Sounds • 14 x Misc FX & Instrument Stabs • 11 Melodic Loops, incl. Rhodes Licks, Horn Stabs, Live Basses & more *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Drums

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Felix Cartal - Felix Cartal: Chill House Samples
Felix Cartal: Chill House SamplesPrime LoopsHouse, Chill Out2019-04-17

250MB+ of Chill House Samples by Felix Cartal, featuring ultra-melodic Synths, pitched Vocal/FX Loops, crisp Drums & more - including a wide range of signature One-Shots! Prime Loops are proud to present Felix Cartal: Chill House Samples! We've got a real treat for you with this exclusive artist sample pack! Having remixed and collaborated with Wafia, Kaskade, GALANTIS, Zedd, Dillon Francis, Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Deorro and massing millions of views on Youtube and 300k followers on Soundcloud, Felix is a force to be reckoned with. Vancouver raised, Cartal has hijacked the music scene. Anyone whos anyone in the EDM scene has heard of Felix. From playing bass in punk rock bands, to touring internationally as a JUNO-nominated DJ and producer, his musical journey is one of epic proportions. Many credit Felix with setting the trend of dance music producers collaborating with unique vocalists. But never content to reproduce the same sound, his artistic evolution has culminated in a singular take on indie dance music, one which combines feel-good chill directly with energetic dance floor house. With his first official Sample Pack release, Felix now offers a rare insight into his unique approach to production and sound design. Inside Felix Cartal's Chill House Sample Pack producers can revel in a fresh variety of deep Producer Tools ranging from 114 - 130 Bpm. In 2016, Felix released multiple remixes including Kiiara’s "Feels", Wafia’s "Heartburn", and Selena Gomez’s "Kill Em With Kindness", with each track topping The Hype Machine charts. His original collaboration with Kaskade titled "Fakin It", showcased his songwriting prowess and solidified him among the biggest names of the North American electronic music scene. At the end of 2016, Felix dropped the anthem “Drifting Away”, and the club-ready “Falling Down”, again topping the charts and finding praise from critics including Billboard, YourEDM, and This Song Is Sick. Download Felix's amazing sample pack today and create your own success. • 12 x Chords & Progressions • 11 x Subs & Bass Loops • 10 x Synth Lines • 10 x Vocal Loops • 56 x Synth & FX Shots • 36 x Drum Shots • 10 x Drum Loops • 10 x Drum Loops [Fills] • 17 x Drum Loops [Percussion] • 114 - 130 Bpm • 24Bit 44.1kHz • Total Size: 250MB (Unzipped) *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Deep House

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 - Thugli: Trap Weapons
Thugli: Trap WeaponsPrime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B, Trap2019-04-17

Unique 240MB+ Collection of raw Trap Weapons by Thugli, featuring 10 Trap Drum Construction Kits, Chord Progressions, One-Shots & more! Prime Loops are proud to present Trap Weapons by Thugli! Thugli aka Tom Wrecks and Pat Drastik are a production/dj duo based out of Toronto Canada, most recently creating huge waves with their hard-hitting Remix of Desiigner's hit 'Panda' which is now creeping on close to 7 million combined plays! The two got their start by releasing several bootlegs & remixes via Soundcloud that quickly caught the attention of Industry heavyweights including Diplo, A-Trak and Flosstradamus. Since then they've literally been taking the scene by storm! Thugli's dynamic live show is a hybrid of turntablist skill, clever, intricate blends and exquisite musical selection all put together on 4 Technics 1200's which is a rare sight these days! Thugli's raw energy has now been captured for the first time for their very first official Sample Pack for Prime Loops! Here are a few notes from the creators themselves: "We wanted our sample pack to be user friendly and allow you to dive in to production as soon as you download it. The loops are a great base to get started on a project right away and build off of. We have included many different tempos and styles in order for you to create a diverse sound. Also, you will find some of your favourite Thugli tracks, both new and old, that we have broken down enabling you to remix on the fly. We really hope that you find this pack useful to make some killer joints. Enjoy!" Pack Details: • 52 x Drum Loops arranged over 10 x Drum Construction Kits • 29 x Synth Loops & Chord Progressions • 100 - 150MB • 24 Bit Audio • 240MB [Unzipped] Drum One-Shots: • 27 x Claps & Snares • 18 x Hats & Shakers • 21 x Kicks & 808 Samples • 17 x Percussion & FX • 19 x Synth & Bass Shots • 12 x Vocal One-Shots

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 - Tropical Trap
Tropical TrapPrime LoopsHouse, World2019-04-17

Super-fresh & melodic 463MB Producer Toolkit for everyone looking to create uplifting 110BPM Pop & House Anthems in the style of Diplo & co Prime Loops are proud to present Tropical Pop! This is the ultimate Producer Toolkit for everyone looking to create slick & uplifting 110BPM Pop & House Anthems! Tropical Pop delivers 463MB of lush and original Chord Progressions, melodic Flute Hooks, catchy and unusual Vocal Lines, tropical Xylophone Loops, energetic House Beats, radiant Reggaeton Rhythms, exciting Latin Vibes as well as deep & moving Sub Basslines. Also featured is a cool cocktail of state-of-the-art Drum One-Shots and FX hits, so you can also create your very own sun-soaked Beats and Rhythms from scratch. This Sample Pack for Pop & 110BPM House comes to you 100% royalty free! All of the files included come in shimmering 24bit audio quality and they have all been ready-formatted to adjust to the tempo of any project in any DAW! Take a trip to Prime Loops' very own sonic paradise and get ready to define the Sound of the Summer with Tropical Pop! Pack Details: • 68 x Melodic Loops • 55 x Drum & Percussion Loops • 13 x FX Loops • 11 x Drum Fills • 74 x Drum Hits • 23 x FX Hits • 90 - 110Bpm

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 - Neo Disco Guitars
Neo Disco GuitarsPrime LoopsHouse, Disco / Nu Disco2014-05-23

Have you got the chops to bring back da funk? This mirror ball of digital elements spins a shimmering collection of funky disco guitar loops into the 21st century! There's nothing like the suave swagger of a funky guitar loop to energize your mix and we hit the Prime Loops studio with our favourite six string slinger to freshen up this classic sound for use in any contemporary mix! Ideal for pop, electro, house and a huge range of diverse genres, Neo Disco Guitars was constructed from scratch by our very own six-string virtuoso Sid, who says: “As a composer, guitarist and music producer I often find myself using funk inspired guitars to add some extra movement and groove to a track; be it funk inspired or not. With the explosion of tracks like ‘Get Lucky’ – Daft Punk, bands such as HAIM and Nile Rogers and the Chic revival, these licks and riffs can help to add that soulful vibe to whatever track it is that you’re producing. Whether they are electronic dance or organic live instrument based songs, you should find what you’re looking for amongst these samples. All the samples were recorded with a Custom US Stratocaster and have been for the most part left bare and clean for you to run through whatever plug-ins you see fit. With some variants on tone and different amp models (VOX and Orange tube processors) you should find everything you’re looking for and more in this Funk Guitar pack”. Strutting in with over 450MB of diamante studded samples, Neo Disco Guitars drops a shimmering mirrorball-clear selection of funky rhythms divided into 4 stacked folders of Amped, Clean, Extra Funk and Lead. The 'Amped' folder features a dirty overdriven collection of picked and strummed loops whilst the 'Clean' folder houses a crystal clear selection of super-catchy unadulterated chord sequences and riffs. Within 'Extra Funk' you'll find highly charged set of loops with a powerfully punchy town and the 'Lead' folder throws out a hot assortment of funky licks and riffs recorded through a balmy warm valve amplifier. Neo Disco Guitars totals at 184 stimulating samples straight into your DAW via direct download, delivered at an pure 24-bit sample rate. Each of these files can be dragged straight out of your download folder and dropped into any major piece of software. Key and tempo information is displayed clearly in every filename but you can shift the speed of any of these samples by simply stretching out the stem in your mix for a slower tempo squeezing it down for a faster tempo! So get ready to channel the vibes of funky disco in the contemporary audio arena. Neo Disco Guitars is all tuned up and ready to slip its suave staccato grooves into the mix! As standard with every release from Prime Loops, Neo Disco Guitars is supplied 100% royalty free… that means you get to spend less time on those sample clearance forms and more time on your productions (or modernizing those classic John Travolta dance moves). Download contains: 180 x 24-bit loops (BPM ranging between 125 and 132). 47x Absolute Disco Licks 40x Absolute Disco Licks (Muted) 45x Clean Chord Progressions 36x Dirty Chords & Grooves 12x Extra Lead Riffs *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Funk / Soul / R&B • Rock / Pop

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 - Epic Staccato Strings
Epic Staccato StringsPrime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B, Orchestral2014-06-02

Are you ready for the rapid fire of EPIC STACCATO STRINGS? This jam-packed collection of super-versatile staccato string samples is the perfect tool kit to drop some instant drama and suspense into your productions! Whether composing thrilling film scores or adding some extra musical excitement to Hip Hop, Pop, Reggaeton, R&B or any other genre, EPIC STACCATO STRINGS will deliver all of the theatrical, cinematic and emotional elements for your productions. From urgent arpeggios to exasperated, foreboding and gloomy basses, rousing chord progressions, harmonious string runs, suspenseful string sequences and elevating violin melodies there’s a vast range of colossal sounds constructed from scratch. Plunging into your sample archive via direct download, EPIC STACCATO STRINGS delivers a huge 885MB of orchestral string samples into your hands. Each string loop, supplied in immaculate 24-bit High Definition clarity is arranged into its own category so you can browse folders of Arpeggios, Basses, Progressions, Runs, Sequences and Violin Melodies to find the perfect set of samples for your mix. Selecting your chosen samples from the download folder, you can click, drag and drop them into any major DAW – that’s right, every Prime Loops pack is set to autonomously sync with all the biggest software sequencers! Once that sound is in your mix, you can reset the tempo to match any speed you like by selecting the end of the sample and pushing or pulling it to reach the right bpm. So if you're in short supply of staccato style string samples, load up on the brisk collection that is EPIC STACCATO STRINGS and strike back with strings to give your productions a truly cinematic touch! This fresh collection of epic loops is supplied completely royalty free, so you can glide through the production process without any sample clearance worries.

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 - Hypnotic Chill
Hypnotic ChillPrime LoopsChill Out2014-06-10

Kick back and open your eyes to Hypnotic Chill! Send your tunes spinning into the upward spiral of this spellbinding chillstep sample pack from the tranquil atmosphere of the Prime Loops mastering suite. If you’re looking for mesmerizing elements to bring out the soothing side of your productions then look no further! We’ve been stirring up this fresh, smooth ambient bass concoction, throwing in super-deep elements to compliment the serene vibes of your mixes. From liquid Rhodes Piano riffs and mellow Marimba strokes to lush pads, stabs and subs plus a healthy hit of glitchy, groovy beats and shots, ‘Hypnotic Chill’ presents a cool selection of chillstep and trip hop inspired construction kits ideal for ambient yet upbeat productions. Pouring 430MB of expertly mastered sound files into your sample stash via direct download, Hypnotic Chill delivers 200+ individual samples in a variety of flavours – browse 6 folders of airy Marimba Samples, Warm Pads, Smooth Rhodes Samples, Inspired Stabs, satifying Subs and ultra-tight tight Drums Loops & One-shots. From the gentle ripples of the percussive marimba to the floating refrains of the rich Rhodes samples and the ambient Pads to the saturated Stab Loops and deep Subs, you won’t be short of possibilities for! Delivered in crystal clear audio, ‘Hypnotic Chill’ will sync with any of the main software samplers as it’s available in various formats and you can even drop any these samples straight into your mix – just swipe them from the download folder, drag them over your DAW and drop them in. The sample will sync with any pre-existing mix but you can edit that tempo live in the mix by clicking the stem and dragging it out for a slower tempo or condensing it down to get things sounding tight! So influence your sample archive and make it rain with ‘Hypnotic Chill’! This serene sound library is ideal for mesmerizing your mix with supremely laid back vibes and it comes to you completely royalty free so you can get on with making your next sonic splash without having to worry about sample clearance or royalty implications! 9x Basslines 33x Drum Loops 37x Instrumental Loops 8x Percussion Loops 17x String Loops 13x SubBass Loops 25x Synth Loops 3x Bass One-Shots 8x Claps One-Shots 9x Cymbals One-Shots 14x Hi-Hat One-Shots 11x Kick One-Shots 17x Percussion One-Shots 34x SFX One-Shots 15x Snare One-Shots

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 - The Art of Trap 2
The Art of Trap 2Prime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B2014-06-23

In the original THE ART OF TRAP we strived to provide you with a stunning set of sonic pigments to layer into your mixes and boy, we did good but DAMN SON, now we've pushed things even further! So get ready to unleash your inner artist and express yourself with a staggering array of awesome sounds and samples including some of the freshest trap drum patterns injected with a brittle hit of 808 kicks, nu era hard n' heavy bassline loops, bottomless sub bass, new school rampant synths and more! Tearing in with 220MB of evolved Trap sounds, THE ART OF TRAP 2 drops 170 individual samples and loops, scattered across 7 folders of Bass Samples, Bassline Loops, Drum Loops, Drum One-shots, SFX Hits, SFX Loops and Synth Loops. Just like THE ART OF TRAP 1, each sample lands via direct download in a shimmering polished 24-bit High Definition clarity and you can choose from a variety formats, meaning this pack works with all the major software samplers. Flick any of these new style trap samples into your DAW with speed and ease by clicking on the sample and dragging it over your software then dropping it in. The key and tempo of each sample is supplied in its file name but don’t be put off if the tempo ain’t right; you can change it in the mix by clicking the end of the sample and adjusting the length to match your chosen bpm. So capture the essence of Trap in THE ART OF TRAP 2 with a club rupturing selection of insane and super contemporary trap samples. Did you know all of our sample packs are supplied 100% royalty free? That means you can blitz through the production process without the brain ache that is so kindly provided by those antagonizing sample clearance forms! 20x Bass One-Shots 30x Basslines 30x Drum Loops 41x Drum One-Shots 10x Percussion Loops 11x SFX One-Shots 30x Synth Leads

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 - Essential Trap and Bass
Essential Trap and Bass Prime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B2014-07-14

This ain’t a Trap, it’s an ambush! Get ready for this very latest subgenre of Trap Music: Trap & Bass! Coming in at 174BPM this exclusive Trap & Bass style sound pack will enable any serious bass producer to instantly elevate any music production, DJ set or live performance to a whole new level! Originating from Dirty South, infiltrating mainstream and dominating the EDM scene, Trap is an unstoppable sonic force that’s swallowing every genre it sinks its sharpened teeth into. Prime Loops are caught up in the frenzy and pushing the genre in unexplored directions once again: This time we’ve turbo boosted the tempo all the way to BPM174! BPM174 we hear you say!? Yes! This whole new style of uptempo Trap will even enable you to combine your fast and frantic Drum & Bass productions with some serious Trap vibes! Finally! “Essential Trap & Bass” comes jam-packed with over 200 razor sharp trap infused samples, all split across 8 super versatile main sections, including 808 Kick Bass Loops, Drum Top Loops, Synth Lead Loops, Drum Shots, SFX Shots, Synth One Shots, Vocal Hits as well as Vocal Hit FX! Prime Loops’ latest Trap & Bass sample pack comes from our very own Rob Talbott, who - once again - delivers a truly unique set of audio elements for you to build your next club anthem on. From booming 808 patterns, over a fresh selection of clean and dirty Kick Basslines to the intense Hi-Hats, Kick Click Layers, Snares, Claps and other Percussions ‘Essential Trap & Bass’ will bring you all the essential Trap elements to create your very own genre mix! Let the Synth Leads propel your mix into new territories and top-off your productions with unhinged Vocal Hits and tricked out SFX! “Essential Trap & Bass” comes to you completely royalty free, so you can load these samples into your deadly mixes and fire them into the night without worrying about any of that sample clearance hassle. This nitro fuelled Trap & Bass pack will add some real turbulence to any sample archive, so just imagine what it’ll do to your tracks! What are you waiting for? Get “Essential Trap & Bass” today and join the movement! 269MB of Content: - 28 Clean and Distorted 808 Kick Basslines - 30 Synth Loops - 20 Drum Top Loops - 8 Drum Fills - 21 SFX - 47 Drum One Shots - 25 Synth One Shots - 47 Vocal hits and FX

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 - Electro Trap
Electro TrapPrime LoopsElectro House, Hip-Hop / R&B2014-07-18

On the hunt for a killer sound that will captivate the crowds and gain you sum dope praise? Set your trap with ELECTRO TRAP, the brand new trap sample pack fresh off the production line at the Prime Loops sample factory! This one's got some serious voltage running through it too. ELECTRO TRAP is wired with some explosive Electro elements to give your Trap the true shock factor. So what exactly are we packing here? Inside this sick trap sample library you can expect to find all the standard elements of Trap, except these are the freshest, most ferocious frequencies you've heard so far. Infused with a powerful dose of Electro elements, you'll be buzzing when you plug ELECTRO TRAP into your productions! Loaded with over 350MB of the hottest Trap samples, loops and one-shots, ELECTRO TRAP guarantees to fry your sound with ultimate Crunk infested Dirty South inspired Hip Hop harassing swagger! We've got a massive hit of Bassline Loops, Drum Loops, Synth Loops and SFX Loops, not to mention a One-Shots folder crammed full of Claps, Cymbals, Hats, Kicks and Snares especially for the beat builders out there. With numerous variations of each beat in the Drum Loops folder, and another Sub Folder dedicated to those essential Snare Rolls, you'll have no trouble picking the right beat for your productions! Tempos range from 140 to 174BPM but you set your beats to warp speed whilst they're in your mix by grabbing the end of the stem and adjusting its length! You can literally throw any of these Trap samples in your DAW and they'll sync straight away - just grab your samples from the download folder, drag 'em over any major sampling software and drop them right in. Arriving in insane 24-bit High Definition quality, these samples are impossible to corrupt, you matter how much you choose to chop and change them! So if you wanna capture the raw n' gritty energy of this intense genre, TRAP IT with ELECTRO TRAP and inject your productions with some truly electrifying vibes! DAMN SON, did we forget mention this one comes to you completely royalty free?! Set those sample clearance forms a-blaze, you don't have to worry about those no more. 40x Drum Loops at 140,145,150,160 and 175BPM 10x Cymbal One-Shots 15x Hi Hat One Shots 14x Kick One-Shots 13x SFX One-Shots 15x Snare One-Shots 15x Electro-Trap Basslines at 140,145,150,160 and 175BPM 24x Synth Loops at 140,142,144,145,150,171 and 174BPM 11x Extra Snare Rolls 11x SFX Loops at 130,140,145,150, and 175BPM

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 - Neuro Trap
Neuro TrapPrime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B2014-08-18

Prepare for an all out assault on your audio senses! This ferocious new hybrid genre is making its impact felt, tearing up dance floors and sound systems across the world, and now you can become a part of the uprising with this definitive Neuro Trap sample pack by Prime Loops. Ideal for D&B, Trap and Trap & Bass producers, our latest Neuro Trap Sample Pack is a deadly combination of Neurofunk and Trap, two of the most powerful forces in modern music! We let these two mercenaries battle it out and the result is some of the most fiendish sounds imaginable. Dark, powerful and hitting harder than a machine gun, this aggressive powerhouse is what happens when two heavyweight genres collide. So prepare your speakers, and warn your neighbours, as this will send pure shockwaves through your system! Assembled deep in the Prime Loops secret bunkers, this hell raising demon has been engineered to pack a serious punch to your productions. Featuring over 340MB of brutal 808 and Reese bassline samples, killer synth leads, trap sirens, devastating SFX, powerful drum loops, deep vocal samples, bone-crunching drum one-shots and much more, this ruthless neuro trap producer tool kit has all bases covered, and in stunning 24-Bit high definition, will command the attention of those brave enough to listen! And if that's not enough, we've covered a range of tempos, from 100 over 150 to 172Bpm, for ultimate usability. All sounds are 100% Royalty free for maximum creative freedom. So sound your sirens and prepare for Battle! Neuro Trap is the ultimate secret weapon to add to your arsenal of audio ammunition! 23x 808 Bass Loops 27x Synth Loops 40x Vocal Samples 35x Drum Loops 15x SFX 27x Drum One-Shots 100, 150 & 172 Bpm 24 Bit Audio available as ACID/WAV, APPLE & REX2

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 - Twerktrap
TwerktrapPrime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B2014-09-26

Prime Loops is back with a brand new pack of booty shakin' Trap! #Twerktrap has been specifically designed to add some serious bounce to your productions! So If your looking for a ground shaking sound to make crowds get up to get down, then you have come to the right place! Twerk music has become a staple sound of the clubbing scene, exploding out of sound systems and keeping dance floors moving across the globe. This hot sub genre of bass heavy Trap has an irresistible energy which is guaranteed to get any crowd shaking! So we've been making it clap in the Prime Loops lab, twerking hard to bring you the ultimate collection of supercharged Twerk music samples. With 308MB of turnt up treats, #Twerktrap comes with everything you need to fire up your productions. Featuring a huge selection of 100Bpm drum loops, Synth Loops, SFX, Trap Vocals, one shots, booty shaking 808s, plus much more, we dare you to listen and resist the uncontrollable urge to get low! And in crystal clear 24-bit audio quality, these sounds will shine through your mix for ultimate clarity in the club. So turn up the bass, get hyped up and prepare your DAW for the earthquaking sounds of #Twerktrap. Specifications: Download contains 190+ 24 Bit Twerk Samples • 294MB (Unzipped) Including: • 35 Drum Loops • 26 Drum One-Shots • 20 SFX • 38 Synth Loops • 42 Synth On-Shots • 46 Vox Samples

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 - Kill EDM
Kill EDMPrime LoopsProgressive House, Electro House2014-09-30

Want to step up your game, flip the switch on your EDM and absolutely tear up the Big Room? There's no use in even trying without Prime Loops' lethal new sample pack smash "Kill EDM”! Together with Prime Loops' hottest new in-house producer signing, the super talented Zariis we’re about to drop an absolute bomb! Boasting 5 super official, ready-arranged EDM anthems & Big Room construction kits “Kill EDM" will help you hammer out your next set of secret club weapons like there’s no tomorrow. Prepare yourself for this ultra professional audio arsenal - jam-packed with over 135 epic build-up elements, killer drum fills, super dramatic SFX, cutting one-shots, ultra-fierce bass drops and the most uplifting synth patterns you’ll eve hear! This shockingly awesome sound library has been designed with the modern EDM producer in mind, delivering sonic superiority in the shape of shining 24bit audio samples - and bringing full flexibility through a refined selection of professionally prepared MIDI files. This ultra-tight EDM sound library is available as a 300MB+ instant download, bringing you a cutting range of super lethal audio weapons and elements, all 100% ready to revolutionise ANY mix you’ve ever made. And all DJs beware: as a special add-on we’ve also included the full master of every kit, so you can easily just drag and drop the stems into your DJ software, and go totally nuts with your controller! What are you waiting for? This treacherous EDM sample pack, straight from the Prime Loops lab contains the sharpest, fiercest sounds available on the planet right now! Get ready to deploy the deadliest mix and commit the ultimate audio attack with “Kill EDM”! Take your EDM off the stun setting to switch it to ‘kill’ - with Prime Loops!

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 - Drumstep Riot
Drumstep RiotPrime LoopsDrum & Bass, Dubstep2014-10-08

We're rebelling against the bpm in our latest pack Drumstep Riot, so come and fight the tempo with Prime Loops! Are you ready for the hard n' heavy energy of Drumstep Riot?! This diverse pack ranges from half time Drum n Bass palettes to intense American Brostep influenced material. All-in-all this pack is inspired by the massively successful sounds from a wide range of chart-killing contemporary artists including Skrillex, Zomboy, Pendulum and DJ Hazard to name but a few! This unruly Drumstep sound library fuses disobedient half tempo Drum n' Bass beats with some truly disruptive elements including filthy basslines, Dub delays, frantic synth loops plus wet and dry vocal hits! Drumstep Riot is packed with highly original heavily energised content, from individual one-shot hits to immense pre-made loops so you can pick the elements that will benefit your mix. Gather your arsenal of impacts from a colossal 418MB selection of brand new samples arranged across 8 folders of Drumstep Drum Loops, D&B Breaks, SFX, Synth Basslines, Synth Melody Loops, One-Shots, Tonal Dub Delays, and Vocal Hits & FX. From agitated D&B break loops to rise fills accelerating to breakneck speed, the snaking sensations of synth basslines such as 'SharpShoota' and defective 8-bit video game inspired synth melodies such as 'BitCrusher', you'll find various samples in this pack are split into separate layers, allowing you to layer up your sound or insert alternative progressions of each. The key and tempo of each sample is displayed clearly in each filename and every sample in Drumstep Riot is provided in crystal clear 24-bit HD clarity! Get your hands on this disobedient delivery of Drumstep chaos via direct download – you can even choose from a range of formats to suit your favourite DAW! Simply choose your samples from the download folder then click, drag and drop them into your mix. Each sample will sync automatically with your mix and the tempo of each loop can even be tweaked by clicking the end of the sample and adjusting its length. So get ready to inject your productions with this epic hit of pure audio anarchy! Drumstep Riot is all yours 100% royalty free so there's no need to conform to those sample clearance forms!? Download contains 264 sounds in 24bit 44.1kHz at 174BPM Download size: 399MB Unzipped 34 x Bass Loops 40 x Synth Loops 30 x Drum Loops & Breaks 26 x Top Loops & fills 28 x Drum One Shots 25 x Dub Delays 37 x Sweeps and Risers 25 x Synth One Shots 46 x Vox & FX

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 - Zombiestep
ZombiestepPrime LoopsDrum & Bass, Dubstep2014-10-31

Dubstep's back from the Dead! This demented, ever mutating genre has infected dance floors across the globe for a fair few years now, leaving a true trail of destruction and devastation in its path.. But now it's time for something completely new! Welcome to the afterlife - with Prime Loops' very latest OTT sample pack creation: Zombiestep! Invading at over 375MB, there's a monstrous amount of content for you to wrap your teeth around: Invade your mix with this tormented collection of bone-crunching dubstep samples, featuring brutal bass loops, freaky synth hooks, pounding drums, scary SFX, quirky guitar licks and zombie-style vocals! This extroverted producer tool kit is the ideal side-kick for any bass producer looking to cause chaos on the scene: get this very latest strain of the deadly dubstep virus today and prepare to cause a world-wide pandemic! Engineered by Prime Loops' very own zombie crew, these dirty dubstep samples have all been specially designed to create total carnage in clubs and mainrooms all around the world, shattering the peace with an onslaught of monstrous dubstep sounds. And at a razor-sharp 24-bit audio quality, this revolutionary Zombie Apocalypse will come to you in terrifying high definition. Zombiestep has risen from the grave to attack your audio senses and devour your listeners brains! So what are you waiting for!? Join the ranks of the walking dead - and get Prime Loops' Zombiestep today!! Specifications: • 24bit 44.1 kHz • 357MB Unzipped • 20 x Bass Loops • 20 x Drum Loops • 23 x Synth Loops • 29 x Guitar Loops & FX • 62 x Drum One Shots • 20 x Synth One Shots • 27 x Zombie Vox

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 - Dubstep Demolition
Dubstep Demolition Prime LoopsDubstep2014-11-11

We’re swinging a heavy load in our latest sample smash! Dubstep's finished eh!? No way! With "Dubstep Demolition" we deliver you all the tools to knock out the deadwood and salvage the concrete core of this unbreakable urban genre! Yes, it is time to silence the haterz and send a hot cyclone of destruction rising fresh from the ashes. This is your chance to take the toughest Dubstep elements and crush the weak offerings that have been plaguing this genre’s filthy reputation. Dubstep Demolition is the industrial grade sample pack designed and engineered to deliver a brutal impact on the scene and it’s fresh from the minds of your very own masters of destruction in the Prime Loops studio! This resilient sound library delivers an immense collection of expertly crafted beats and single shots optimized for maximum impact, next level synth basslines and synth hits which stretch the limits of your Dubstep desires, including dangerous and defective robot sounds and a truly insane series of SFX. Are you ready for this pure bass carnage? Shatter the digital landscape with over 185MB of chunky Dubstep brutality available via direct download in sonically sharpened 24-bit High Definition clarity! Choose the ideal format for your DAW and drop these heavy duty samples straight into your mix from 7 hefty folders of Drum Hits, Drum Loops with Kick, Drum Loops without Kick, SFX Hits, Robot Sounds, Bassline Loops and Synth Hits! From walloping half-speed beats that’ll make the ground beneath you quake to the hazardous high voltage sonic spark of bassline loop ‘FilthRaver’ and the spasmodic lazer attack of bassline loop ‘PanicNow’ to the lethal folders of defective, malicious machinery, bludgeoning synth hits and rogue SFX, Dubstep Demolition delivers all of the audio apparatus you require to reign your campaign of audio carnage! So forget about Miley's wrecking ball! Dubstep Demolition contains all of the heavily engineered musical muscle you need to make a real impact and it’s provided completely royalty free, so there’s no need to self-destruct next time you’re confronted with one of those agitating sample clearance forms. Specifications: • 230 MB Unzipped • 24bit 44.1kHz quality • 46 x Brutal Bass Loops • 48 x Destructive Drum Loops at 140 BPM • 42 x Drum Top Loops [No Kick] • 8 x Crash One-Shots • 9 x Hi-Hat One-Shots • 12 x Kick One-Shot • 10 x Snare One-Shots • 25 x Synth One-Shots • 46 x Hits One-Shots • 6 x Riser FX One-Shots • 21 x Robot SFX One-Shots • 40 x Shattering Synth Loops at 140 BPM

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 - EDM Essentials - Deep House
EDM Essentials - Deep HousePrime LoopsHouse, Minimal / Deep Tech2014-11-10

Get ready to take the plunge into the smooth depths of Deep House in 'EDM Essentials: Deep House', the latest in Prime Loops' elemental EDM Essentials series! This Deep House sample pack probes into furthest reaches of this cavernous genre, channelling a fresh selection of inspired energies straight into your productions. Deep House has its foundations set in the liquid blend of Chicago House, 80s Soul, Jazz-Funk and Detroit Techno that's earned it attention for decades, however, 'EDM Essentials: Deep House' celebrates the new breed of Deep House: From Disclosure to Duke Dumont, Ben Pierce, Hot Natured and more, there's a new school of artists owning this scene and 'EDM Essentials: Deep House' is your ticket to join them. Build your Deep House mix from the foundations upwards with over 185MB of Bass Samples, Bassline Loops, Drum Loops, Drum One-Shots, SFX Hits, SFX Loops and Synth Loops! With a total of 130 original samples divided into 5 stuffed folders, this Deep House sound library definitely delivers the goods. From the hollow bounce of bass loop 'Boro' to the rubbery palpitations of bass loop 'Typik', the ominous sustain of bass sample 'Owl' to the jacked n' scratched drum loop 'Doshi' and the atmospheric breeze of synth loop 'Fremis', there's a huge variety of sounds to be found in 'EDM Essentials: Deep House'. Arriving in your download folder at an astonishingly crisp 24-bit High Definition sample rate, you can simply click, drag and drop these samples into any major DAW and they'll sync automatically to any mix, matching the key and tempo. The standard tempo of this Deep House sound pack is 120BPM, but if you're starting a mix from scratch, you can manually click and drag the stem to any speed you require. So quit staring into the abyss and jump right in with 'EDM Essentials: Deep House'! We're giving this one away 100% royalty free, so you can stand amongst the biggest names on the Deep House scene without worrying about those big royalty pay-outs. Specifications: • 179 MB Unzipped • 24bit 44.1kHz files • 20 Bass Loops • 27 Drum Loops • 43 Drum One-Shots • 10 SFX One Shots • 10 SFX Loop • 20 Synth Loops

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 - Original Bass Funk
Original Bass FunkPrime LoopsDubstep, Funk / Soul / Disco2014-11-24

Original drum breaks are beating their way back in to current production trends and they’re grinding up against that sizzling electro boogie shuffle in a flirtatious frenzy of old skool vs. new skool in ‘Original Bass Funk’! This bouncing trunk of funk demonstrates the perfect contrast of vintage inspiration and ultra-modern elements, fusing Dubstep inspired wobbles with classic Bass Funk sounds! This fresh sound library is stuffed full of spring-loaded Bass Funk samples and mid-tempo (100Bpm - 110 Bpm) breaks ranging from drum hits and loops, inspiring melodies for you to build upon and an abundance of one-shots allowing you to build up your very own basslines. Prime Loops' resident production guru Rob Talbott is the pimp behind this tricked out pack. Taking inspiration from the awesome sounds of artists such as A-Skillz, Featurecast and Krafty Kuts ‘Original Bass Funk’ was recorded with a wide range of truly old skool hardware, including a classic Roland SH09, and processed through a series of cutting edge plugins. If you’re creating fresh, fun and bouncy Bass Funk mixes or want to fuse that elastic edge with your own sounds or experiment by mixing it with an alternative genre, this Bass Funk sound library will bring you all the freedom and inspiration that you need with an authentic drum sound straight out of the box! ‘Original Bass Funk’ arrives in a shimmering 24-bit High Definition via direct download and adds 260MB of pure Bass-gristle into your sample archive. Containing 232 individual files, you’ll have 5 folders of Drum Breaks, Basslines, One Shots, Synth Grooves and Vocal Hits. Available in multiple formats, you can select the file type that fits your sampling software and once the samples are downloaded you can simply drag and drop the files from download folder into your DAW where they’ll sync automatically with the tempo of your mix. You can even click on the end of each sample and adjust its length to match any tempo! Are you ready to bounce?! From the shady side alley to the mainroom, there’s space for Bass funk in any genre – it’s up to you to have some fun and make it work! What’s more this sound library is completely royalty free so you can forget that vexing sample clearance hassle! 24bit 44.1 kHz 36 x Drum Breaks 30 x Bass Loops 29 x Synth Loops 30 x Vocal Hits 25 x SFX One Shotes 36 x Drum One Shots 16 x Shuffle Snare Patterns 30 x Synth One Shots

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 - Essential Trap & Bass Vol 2
Essential Trap & Bass Vol 2Prime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B2014-12-03

Our highly anticipated follow up to the critically acclaimed 'Essential Trap and Bass' comes harder and darker than before. This all encompassing sample pack is swamped In monstrous bass tones, punchy drums hits and dynamic top loops. 'Essential Trap and Bass Volume 2' is a serious compilation of raw pulsing sounds ready to drag your DAW backwards through a thorn bush and into this bold new era. After floods of requests to expand on what we started with, the Prime Loops squad are fresh out the studio attacking the ever mutating sonic force that is trap. Throwing it down a dark alley way and hoping for the worst. Crushing construction kits and speaker shaking loops at the ready, you better warn your neighbours again. Expect sinister drum and bass influences with growling Reeces, thumping 808 patterns, dripping dutch synth lines, hard hitting drums, intense FX and twisted vocals. We are keeping it at the fore front of modern dance music by bringing out the bite your productions need to wipe out the competition. The Prime Loops lab are serving up over 522MB of beastly content presented in crystal clear 24-Bit WAV, Rex2, Apple Loop, Reason Refill and Ableton Live Pack formats. The loops are at 174BPM and are perfect for Trap and D&B producers alike. All sounds are 100% royalty free to ensure complete creative freedom and are available via direct download. Jam packed with militant bass, predatory drums, aggressive synth lines, Razor sharp FX and vocals to boot, this pack will deliver the catalyst to your next brutal trap anthem. Join us in the second step of our 'Essential Trap and Bass series now! Specifications: • 499MB Unzipped 24bit 44.1 kHz • 36 x 808 Kick Bass Loops at 174BPM • 35 x Drum Loops at174 BPM • 27 x SFX • 35 x Synth Loops • 42 x Vox • 35 x Bass One-Shots • 9 x Hi-Hat One-Shots • 9 x Kick One-Shots • 11 x Percussion One-Shots • 9 x Clap&Snare One-Shots • 35 x Synth One-Shots

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 - Melodic Synths
Melodic SynthsPrime LoopsDance, Funk / Soul / Disco2014-12-04

R&B's deeper side is starting to emerge and it's already making an impressive impact on the scene! Taking inspiration from enigmatic R&B artists such as Drake, Frank Ocean and The Weeknd, URBAN WAVES, will help you shade in the blank patches in your productions with a tough new musical mix of urban elements including sub synth basses, sinister brass riffs, low-pitched piano, old skool 808 kicks, reverse cymbals, atmospheric synths and so much more! Sonically engineered to help R&B producers achieve a deeper and more serious vibe, in perfect contrast to the light and airy conventions of this evolving genre, this unique collection of 7 urban construction kits is the perfect tool kit for any producer looking to add a more tougher dimension to any mix. Diving in at over 325MB, URBAN WAVES delivers 7 modern R&B and Hip Hop style beats ranging from 72 to 90bpm. Just grab your samples from any of the beat kits, then fling them towards your DAW with a simple click, drag and drop and create something new! Each sound of this R&B sample pack will sync automatically with your mix, whichever major DAW you choose to use. Constructed a sick beat but need to switch up the tempo? Just click the end of the sample and stretch it out for a slower BPM or squeeze it back for a faster beat! These beatmapped R&B samples radiate incredible eminence, arriving in a stunning 24-bit sample rate, so whether you're looking for pensive, delay drenched snare loops, ominous orchestral brass, irregular synth melodies, haunting choirs or heavily modulated talkboxes, it's all here in URBAN WAVES! Don't get left behind, grab your own slice of the action and step into the darker shadows of URBAN WAVES! We're delivering this dosage of deepness to you completely royalty free, so you can forget about those pesky sample clearance forms and get on with what's important; making some serious music! Specifications: 299MB Unzipped 24bit 44.1kHz + MIDI files BPMs ranging between 75-124 • 15 x Melodic Arps BPM: • 20 x Melodic Bass • 29 x Melodic Chords • 20 x Melodic Hooks • 28 x Melodic Leads • 21 x MIDI Files *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Disco / Nu-Disco • Electro House

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 - Chill Synths
Chill SynthsPrime LoopsChill Out, MIDI2014-12-01

Prepare for instant inspiration - with this super-harmonic selection of 48 warm, immersive and skilfully played chill-out chord progressions, including 48 fully flexible MIDI files. This refreshing different 270MB+ collection of lush chill-out synth loops fuses nostalgia with the present and leans into the future, providing you with a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of washed-out synth pads, sun-soaked chord patterns, dreamy arpeggios, side-chained synth progressions and so much more. No matter whether you produce dusty chillwave, timeless trip hop, intricate chillstep or and other type of ambient, chill-out or electronica infused genre – with Prime Loops’ very latest beautifully sculptured composer tool kit by your side you’re all set for sonic satisfaction. This ultra-cool downbeat sample pack delivers you a rich breeze of distinctive and analogue sounding synth progressions, all ready for you to use in everything from sparse ambient arrangements, over atmospheric hip hop to guitar-infused chillwave. As a special add-on, to enable you full flexibility, we have also included all of the MIDI files, so you can effortlessly combine all of these chill-out chord progressions with Dance, Dubstep, Trap, D&B or any other uptempo genre. Go deep with our brand new premium selection of super cool, rich and characteristic ambient & chill-out synth loops and MIDI files – get into the flow with "Chill Synths"! Specifications: 266MB Unzipped 24Bit 44.1kHz • 48 Chill-Out Synth Loops • 48 MIDI Files • 90 Bpm *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Funk / Soul / R&B

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 - Dramatica
DramaticaPrime LoopsSound FX2014-11-28

Prepare for the climactic sounds of Prime Loops' most suspenseful sample pack yet! Dramatica is the ultimate collection of exhilarating FX sounds and is here to add some cinematic drama to your productions! This breathtaking batch of electrifying audio FX and samples has been engineered in the Prime Loops labs with pure Drama in mind. All of the sounds included have been specifically designed and handpicked to help build up an intensive sense of audio pressure in your music that is sure to keep your listeners on the edge of their seats! Mixed, mastered and ready to drag and drop into your projects, these thrilling sound effects will add a powerful cliff-hanging tension to any genre, so wether you want to intensify your Trap, dramatize your D&B or add a hair-raising edge to your cinematic scores, you are sure to find the best sounds for the job here. This heart-pounding package weighs in at over 200MB and features a diverse range of striking effect sounds. From sound-design FX to musical and rhythmic phrases, these dramatic samples are spread across 8 folders, including pads, impacts, risers, sweeps, rhythmic FX, short FX and more! And coming to you in sparkling 24-Bit high definition, the sounds of Dramatica will slice through your mix and truly shine the spotlight on your productions. So if you want to keep your listeners ears glued to the speakers, fully absorbed into the nail-biting world of your productions, then you need to get to grips with Dramatica; the ultimate cinematic FX and suspense building SFX sample pack! Specifications: • Bpm80-140 • 24 Bit Quality • 169MB Unzipped • 12 Dramatic Pads • 18 Percussive Impacts • 33 Risers & Sweeps • 8 Tonal Impacts • 11 Tonal Risers 32 Rhythmic FX • 19 Short FX Shots

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 - Heavy Impacts Vol. 2
Heavy Impacts Vol. 2Prime LoopsSound FX2014-12-05

Prime Loops definitive series of earth shattering SFX is back! Heavy Impacts Vol. 2 has smashed its way into our catalogue of colossal sounds, bringing you a powerful sound effects library designed to deliver a shot of pure adrenaline into your productions! If you loved the trademark sound of Heavy Impacts Vol. 1, then you will be blown away by its bigger brother. Heavy Impacts Vol. 2 strikes back with sounds that are bigger, more dramatic and more destructive than ever before! Ideal for Music production, cinematic scores and sound designers alike, these heavyweight sounds pack a serious punch, so if your project needs a dramatic quality, Heavy Impacts Vol. 2 can provide it on an Epic scale! Weighing in at a mammoth 421MB, this powerhouse of sound comes packed full 176 individual Impacts and FX. From futuristic glitch and synth Impacts, to climactic sweeps and swooshes, dramatic drones to the terrifying 'Horns of the Apocalypse' and post-apocalyptic 'Hits of The Abyss', these mammoth sounds will cause a sonic boom, bursting eardrums and blowing speakers wherever they are played, and all in exquisite 24-bit audio quality! So hold on tight as these immense sounds shake the ground beneath you! Heavy Impacts Vol. 2 is the ultimate power sound effects sample library. Specifications: 406MB Unzipped 24bit 44.1kHz • 28 x Gltich Impacts • 10 x Heavy Drones • 27 x Heavy Sweeps • 27 x Heavy Swooshes • 27 x Hits of the Abyss • 30 x Horns of the Apocalypse • 27 x Synth Impacts

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 - Urban Waves
Urban WavesPrime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B, Funk / Soul / Disco2014-12-08

R&B's deeper side is starting to emerge and it's already making an impressive impact on the scene! Taking inspiration from enigmatic R&B artists such as Drake, Frank Ocean and The Weeknd, URBAN WAVES, will help you shade in the blank patches in your productions with a tough new musical mix of urban elements including sub synth basses, sinister brass riffs, low-pitched piano, old skool 808 kicks, reverse cymbals, atmospheric synths and so much more! Sonically engineered to help R&B producers achieve a deeper and more serious vibe, in perfect contrast to the light and airy conventions of this evolving genre, this unique collection of 7 urban construction kits is the perfect tool kit for any producer looking to add a more tougher dimension to any mix. Diving in at over 325MB, URBAN WAVES delivers 7 modern R&B and Hip Hop style beats ranging from 72 to 90bpm. Just grab your samples from any of the beat kits, then fling them towards your DAW with a simple click, drag and drop and create something new! Each sound of this R&B sample pack will sync automatically with your mix, whichever major DAW you choose to use. Constructed a sick beat but need to switch up the tempo? Just click the end of the sample and stretch it out for a slower BPM or squeeze it back for a faster beat! These beatmapped R&B samples radiate incredible eminence, arriving in a stunning 24-bit sample rate, so whether you're looking for pensive, delay drenched snare loops, ominous orchestral brass, irregular synth melodies, haunting choirs or heavily modulated talkboxes, it's all here in URBAN WAVES! Don't get left behind, grab your own slice of the action and step into the darker shadows of URBAN WAVES! We're delivering this dosage of deepness to you completely royalty free, so you can forget about those pesky sample clearance forms and get on with what's important; making some serious music! Specifications: 7 deep R&B/Hip Hop construction kits featuring synth pads, leads, sub basses, drums, one shots, sfx & 40 x drum one-shots BPMs: 72, 2x 75, 76, 85, 87, 90 352MB Unzipped 24bit 44.1kHz

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 - Planet Pop
Planet PopPrime LoopsDance2014-12-11

Wanna make a red hot entrance into the mainstream pop domain but found yourself stuck in orbit? We've got something that'll stop your head spinning! Take the controls and touchdown on PLANET POP, our latest collection of chart-ready and dance inspired pop samples, featuring an electric atmosphere of pure and ultra-modern progressive pop elements. If you want to liftoff into the charts, you're gonna need a steady supply of incendiary audio fuel to see you to the top. We've formulated the finest loops, samples and one-shots to see you on your way! Whether you want to create euphoric anthems, emotive ballads, radio melting hits or epic dancefloor fillers with a heavy hints of modern Electro, Dubstep, Hip Hop, House and everything that's hot, all the tools you need are right here in PLANET POP. PLANET POP is home to 300MB of the most contemporary pop sounds, samples and building blocks, featuring erratic electro synth riffs, powerful electronic beats, boundless melodic leads, emotive synth chords, fuzz driven basslines and so much more! Adapt any of these elements and make them your own. Landing in blissful 24-bit high definition clarity, these flawless pop and dance samples will maintain their quality no matter how much you customize them. If all this production business is a little alien to you, we've engineered this pack to work with any major software and any file in PLANET POP will automatically sync with your DAW once you've selected that sample from your download folder, dragged it over your favourite software and dropped it in. Adjusting the tempo is even easier - just adjust the length of the stem in your DAW and the tempo will move with it! So if you're looking to make an astronomical impact on the scene, explore this universal mainstream pop sample pack! There's a whole world of choice on offer in PLANET POP and this extra terrestrial collection of dance-inspired pop samples comes to you completely royalty free, so you can just keep practising your signature on those redundant sample clearance forms and get yourself prepared for pop superstardom! Specifications: • 315MB Unzipped • BPM: 120, 122, 124 • 24bit 44.1kHz • 44 x Basslines • 20 x Drum Loops • 47 x Synth Leads • 7 x Claps One-Shots • 8 x HiHat One-Shots • 9 x Kick/Snare One-Shots • 8 x Kick One-Shots • 8 x Percussion One-Shots • 7 x Snare One-Shots • 12 x FX One-Shots • 14 x Percussion Loops • 10 x Synth Chords

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 - Nightmare Strings
Nightmare StringsPrime LoopsDrum & Bass, Orchestral2014-12-11

Just in time for Halloween Prime Loops are proud to present “Nightmare Strings”, a huge sample library of painstakingly recorded violin played by Benjamin Talbott with tempos ranging from 128 – 174 BPM. This collection of dark and melodic string samples is suitable for a wide range of users looking to bring a magical, organic edge to their productions. Weather you are writing tense dance music for the club or scoring atmospheric themes for broadcast, Nightmare Strings will offer you plenty of inspiration for your next project! Our latest artist signing Benjamin Talbott is a multi-instrumentalist and an award winning composer and established producer. He has worked as a music director, lyricist and writer, and has been involved professionally writing and directing music since 2007. Nightmare Strings is an orchstral sound library of unrivalled quality and versatility boasting over 855MB loops of solo and quartet pieces with a gritty honesty to them, every breath and stroke is heard and at no point have the loops been sugar coated, freeing you up to process them however you see fit. Broken down into its separate components this pack includes 6 different folders - Bittersweet Progressions, Nightmare Waltzes, Plucked Progressions, FX & One Shots, Tension Builders and Warped Progressions! All of which contain dry loops bar the FX which plunge you into a twisted grainy environment perfect for building tension and adding a metallic, haunting edge to your production. From dramatic quartet arrangements and solo loops to single hit construction kits and sharp FX shots, this string library is jam packed with usable content that is completely royalty free and ready to use in your latest productions. This collection covers a huge spectrum of possibilities and is sure to bring your productions to life, weather you want to drop the loops straight in or build your own sequences using the one shot samples everything you need is right at your fingertips. Nightmare strings has been brilliantly compiled and meets what we have all come to expect from Prime Loops, a genuinely original pack of high quality, instantly usable loops! Specifications: • 818MB Unzipped, 24bit 44.1kHz BPM's: 128, 140 & 174 • 93 x Bittersweet Progressions • 304 x FX & One Shots • 53 x Nightmare Waltzes • 14 x Plucked Progressions • 25 x Tension Builders • 33 x Warped Progressions

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 - Chillstep Express
Chillstep ExpressPrime LoopsChill Out, Dubstep2015-02-27

Pack your bags, Prime Loops are proud to present Chillstep Express, an unmissable journey through the warm and wonderful world of ambient dubstep. A truly versatile chillstep sample pack of drifting melodies and deep understated tones. A superb collection of timeless soul infused Liquid Dubstep Samples ready to drop straight into your DAW. From blissed out keys to ethereal pads, Punching drums to subterranean basslines, Chillstep Express is the essential collection for those wanting to enter the golden sound scape, where dubstep meets ambient electronica, with BPMs ranging from 122 to140BPM. This serene collection of deep chillstep samples, loops and one shot sounds include emotionally driven chord progressions, deep warm basslines, delicately produced strings and melting pads that have been topped off with a bounty of well rounded drums and spellbinding FX. Chillstep Express features a huge range of organic melodic content with vintage Rhodes, mallets, guitars, harps and string arrangements sitting alongside carefully sculpted synth elements that when combined form complex sonic textures that will satisfy even the most discerning of listeners. All of the samples, loops and one-shots are 100% royalty free and ready to drop in your project and be manipulated however you see fit. All of these chillstep loops will sync with any of the main software samplers and sequencers and will sync with the tempo of any DAW, just swipe them from the download folder into your production suite and drop them in. Space out your next chillstep production with this laid back collection of ambient dubstep samples and construction kits delivered in pristine 24-Bit quality and ideal for a wide range of producers. Specifications: • 24bit 44.1kHz • BPM range 122-140 • 36 x Drum Loops • 30 x Bass Loops • 30 x Synth & Instrument Loops • 31 x Pad Loops • 22 x Keys & Rhodes Loops • 26 x SFX Loops • 31 x SFX One-Shots • 45 x Drum One-Shots

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 - Sci-Fi Soundscapes
Sci-Fi SoundscapesPrime LoopsSound FX2015-03-02

Ready to shape the soundscape with a future classic? We've hacked into the mainframe and extracted some secret frequencies in our super advanced sample pack Sci-Fi Soundscapes, transmitting a mind-bending selection of 10 dramatic soundtrack inspired construction kits directly into your DAW! This next generation sound pack is a sophisticated fusion of analogue and digital elements; an ultra-contemporary collection of contrasting, multi-layered atmospheres heavily inspired by gaming soundtracks such as Splintercell by Amon Tobin as well as film scores such as Tron Legacy by Daft Punk, but the clinically crafted contents within Sci-Fi Soundscapes can add intense new elements to EDM, Trap, DnB and more! Guide your listeners through a complex labyrinth of sounds. This cinematic sound library will transform your DAW into an immense new control unit, allowing you to master the matrix, spinning a digital web of darkness as your mix traverses gloomy dystopias, dazzlingly sterile distant futures and unexplored galaxies where the sound clarity is an astounding 24-bit HD quality. At 294MB, Sci-Fi Soundscapes contains ten tracks broken down into individual samples that you can drag and drop into your software. Leap into the unknown with the edgy tension, sprawling synths and meteor shower beats of 'Airlock'; immerse your mix in the neon-drenched synths and neo-noir styling’s of 'Extraction Point'; float towards epic and emotive sensations with 'Destination Earth'. Dissect any of these alien frequencies and rearrange the kits as you wish! These cinematic compositions are totally versatile with tempos spanning from 80 to 140bpm and can even shapeshift to suit any genre - dial in your own tempo and the samples will adjust automatically. Dock the 100% royalty free Sci-Fi Soundscapes with your DAW and future-proof your productions! Specifications: • 24bit 44.1kHz • 28 x E at 70BPM • 20x C at 80 BPM • 23x B at 90BPM • 17x E at 90BPM • 12x G at 90BPM • 23x C at 100BPM • 15x G at 100BPM • 15x C at 11BPM • 43x A at 140BPM • 20x G at 152BPM

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 - Ableton Live Projects: Bass House
Ableton Live Projects: Bass HousePrime LoopsHouse2015-02-24

Slip inside Bass House! We've prized open a secret doorway giving you all-areas access to 4 fully flexible "Ableton Live Projects for Bass House". Learn how each track is constructed and then chop it, change it and rearrange it to suit your own signature production style! "Ableton Live Projects: Bass House" features 4 pumping original UK Bass House templates for Ableton Live, all ready for your production takeover. From the bouncing vibes of 'Feeling' to the anthemic 'Keeps Me Up All Night' and the warmth of 'Let The Fire Out' to the flow of 'Pull Up The Bass', you'll be able to pop the hood on each track and play around with each component. Before you supercharge any of these jacked-up tracks, you can study the construction of each mix, gaining valuable insight into the entire layout of the track and each component, as well as taking hints from the bass and drum balancing, drum programming, synth placement and processing and much more! 3 of these Ableton Live Templates also include a NI Massive routing, but if you don't own NI Massive you can also just import in the full audio stems which have been included in this product as well. "Ableton Live Projects: Bass House" lands via direct download, injecting a jam-packed array of Bass House mastery into your Ableton Live DAW and each of these 4 project tracks includes a royalty free vocal hook! Get ready for a masterclass in UK Bass House and then break all of those rules, unleashing your very own interpretation of each club-ready original project track in "Ableton Live Projects: Bass House"! PS: The download file for "Ableton Live Projects: Bass House" also includes FULL AUDIO STEMS (in 24Bit Wav Format), so you can even use these compositions if you're not a Ableton Live user. Specifications: • 4 x Ableton Live Projects Minimum Requirements: Live 8 Intro & NI Massive 1.3