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Prime Loops provide award-winning sound libraries, fresh in tune with the evolving music scene. We are an extremely passionate team of engineers, sound designers & DJs, hailing from London, UK. All of our loops, samples & sounds are completely royalty free and have been designed to give you instant inspiration for your music productions, soundtracks, game themes, sync projects and a whole lot more!

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 - Future Drum & Bass Drums
Future Drum & Bass DrumsPrime LoopsDrum & Bass2012-07-02

The hi-energy drums and ultra-low frequencies of Drum & Bass have ruled dancefloors for over 15 years now but it’s time to look to the future – with Prime Loops' latest beat smash "Future Drum & Bass Drums" by your side, there’s no stopping you racing your way to a sound generations ahead of its time! Set the crystalline skyscrapers and ultra-sleek city expressways of tomorrow in your sights with over 145 thundering drum loops, over 95 sharp one-shots and over 50 flexible MIDI files. With drum loops split across 3 folders of live, electronically programmed and mixed collections, you'll have the choice necessary to create gigabytes of Drum & Bass musical modernity – what are you waiting for, grab your helmet and get ready to roll! Have no fears over the future, “Future Drum & Bass Drums“ has you covered whether your tunes wander the chart-ready territory of Chase & Status and Pendulum, or skip across old-skool terrain of the likes of DJ Fresh and Goldie. Every nano-bit of audio contained in this pack has been produced to perfection by Prime Loops' skilled soundsmiths so future-proof your sound with this royalty free slice of super-charged and electric drum magic! Stop wondering what the beats of tomorrow will be and treat yourself to so much more than an sneak peek – the future is not tomorrow, next week, or next year... the future is NOW!

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 - Dirty South Vocal Samples
Dirty South Vocal SamplesPrime LoopsVocal2012-02-02

Cut right through the sticky, urban air with Prime Loops' blazin hot "Dirty South Vocal Samples" collection! This is the ultimate one-stop shop for all the Dirty and Southern vocal hooks, group shouts, urban hype hooks and hip hop phrases you'll ever need to make your tracks stand out! The throaty yell of Lil Jon, the smooth braggadocio of T.I. or the self-conscious quips of Ludacris were some of the inspirations for these steaming 400+ shout-outs, phrases and stanzas. All files are delivered in true, relentless Dirty South fashion and have been arranged over 6 folders with names such as "Area Shouts", "Dirty Hollas", "Dirty Shots", "Group Spittin'", "Smooth Talkin'" and "Straight Shootin'"! For this one the Prime Loops team has brought no less than three top-notch MCs into the studio, each delivering a multitude of spoken gems that will instantly pimp up any track. Many of these vocal antics come in several variations, which makes this collection extremely versatile. All samples in this outspoken treasure trove have been recorded, edited and mastered by Prime Loops' cunning sound specialists. Needless to say, all of "Dirty South Vocal Samples" is 100% royalty-free, so you won't have to worry about any sample clearances! Simply load these pre-formatted vocal patches into your favourite software sampler, or drag and drop the 24Bit samples files straight into any sequencer of your choice. Then, listen through, pick what you like, twist it to your tastes or not - and enjoy the authentic Dirty South touch! Whether you want to be the next Luke Skywalker with some extra-fast 2 Live Crew-embracing Miami Bass beats or slow things down in a Codeine-induced 'Chopped and Screwed' style - vocal cords really can't get much more Southern and Dirty than this! And even if you're coming from any other genre, such as house, dance or electro: with this straight-up selection of southern hooks and hype vocals you're sure to add a right street edge to your tracks!

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 - Platinum Piano Ballads
Platinum Piano BalladsPrime LoopsDance2012-04-14

It has always been, still is and always will be one of the biggest feats for any aspiring pop composer and producer: the grand, powerful, all-encompassing piano ballad - a great moment for all involved, be it the musicians, the singer or of course the audience, bathing their ears in those gentle, soulful tones. From Bruno Mars to Adele, Elton John to Beyoncé or Owl City to that piano lady with the fitting name of Alicia Keys: The piano is the instrument of choice for so many great musicians who have created classic ballads on the ebony and ivory and thus landed worldwide hits that easily stand the test of time. It almost seems like the magic spell of the piano ballad can never be broken, even in our modern digital age - and with Prime Loops' latest sample pack "Platinum Piano Ballads" you get a wholesome and diverse 350Mb of beautifully composed, arranged and mastered 24Bit spells to cast upon your listeners. "Platinum Piano Ballads" contains twenty different, multi-layered track selections, each one in a different key and tempo, providing you with endless harmonic options and plenty of inspiration. The thoughtfully selected soundscapes in each track selection range from harpsichord, classical grand and earthy electric pianos all the way to synthesized piano sounds. All sounds and loops in "Platinum Piano Ballads" have been exclusively produced for this pack and are royalty-free to be used without a care for your hit productions in any which way you like. If you're searching for the keys to true piano ballad success, this pack will most definitely provide them for you!

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 - High Voltage Solo Guitars
High Voltage Solo GuitarsPrime LoopsDance2012-06-21

Crank up the volume with "High Voltage Solo Guitars" the electrifying new sample pack from Prime Loops! This exclusive selection of amphetamine heavy highs is the only guitar samples collection that goes all the way to 11! Push your mix over the edge and blow the fuse with this ultimate select library of over 45 professionally played and recorded guitar loops and solos, loaded to the max with an epic array of hammer-ons, pull-offs, string bends, squeals, roars & soars, along with a selection of 30+ electrifying guitar one-shots and so much more! Kick your contemporary electro mix into interstellar overdrive with some serious MJ style tapping or beam your modern dance productions into outer space with some rocket-fuelled riffage inspired by the likes of Daft Punk as well as heavyweight guitar heroes such as Eddie Van Halen, Jennifer Batten and Steve Vai! This is your chance make worlds collide! Turn up the heat with this sizzling selection of licks and loops, available now on instant download in crystal clear 24-bit high definition! All files are 100% royalty free and ready to simply drag and drop straight into your favourite software! You can even stretch and squeeze to your own desired tempo without losing any of the astounding quality, allowing you to mash-up your mix with these maniacal metal style tapping solos! Embrace the power and combine with your cutting edge sounds with of a fresh dose of 80s decadence! So if the most extreme and eccentric guitar loops are what you've been waiting for, put down that air guitar and pick up High Voltage Solo Guitars" for the phattest dose of shock n roll to ever hit the market! These tones are primed and ready to be mixed with the unknown… will you dare to be different?

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 - Ultimate Dubstep Drummer
Ultimate Dubstep DrummerPrime LoopsDubstep2012-02-23

Dance to the beat of your own wicked drum! "Ultimate Dubstep Drummer" is Prime Loops' latest heavy-weight treasure trove (some call it booty, no less) of multi-faceted drum ammunition, including piercing claps, mighty snares, powerful percussion hits as well as ultra low kick drums that will give any of your dubstep productions the ultimate punch! "Ultimate Dubstep Drummer" assembles more than 40 diverse and truly cutting edge, multi-layered 140Bpm dubstep drum patterns and one-shots. Whether you like it more techy, dark and hard like Kode9 and Martyn or want to add a warm, analogue live touch in the vein of producers such as Benga or Nero, these are all the beats you need to turn up the heat! Featuring hard-kicking drum machine sounds as well as powerful live drum samples, this pack has been thoroughly thought through and thus provides all killer no filler material: From the trademark sound of legendary analog rhythm machines such as Roland TR-808 and 909 to the latest digital beats enhanced by modern compression techniques, and certainly not stopping at the most professional studio recordings of a human drum animal. All MIDI files are included for maximum flexibility - this pack allows for endless and carefree mixing and mingling of these top-notch patterns and one-shot sounds. All material contained in "Ultimate Dubstep Drummer" has been exclusively produced and 24 Bit mastered for your music making adventures and is of course a 100% free of any royalty hassle whatsoever. There is no authentic dubstep without some expert rhythm programming. Make "Ultimate Dubstep Drummer" your one-stop shop for exciting drum beats that will form the mighty backbone of any step-worthy production that might enter the clubs and/or charts!

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 - Mega Freak Beatz
Mega Freak BeatzPrime LoopsDrums2012-03-01

With "Mega Freak Beatz", you get a whole carnival's worth of positively freaky, electronic drum loops straight from the vaults of Prime Loops HQ. Get yourself ready for this extreme and edgy drum loops sample pack, with exciting rhythms in the range between a dance-compatible 120 bpm and a Dubstep-meets-Electro-friendly 140 bpm! It's been a long time since freaks were just a curious carnival sideshow attraction! Right now beat freaks rule over the modern dancefloor arenas with their digital drum freak-outs. From Deadmau5 to Skrillex to Major Lazer to Boys Noize - for these bedroom-ghouls-come-superstar-DJs most always the wackiest, most out-there path seems the one to take! Whether you're looking for some extroverted rhythms for an insert to stun the crowd or dare to build a whole track around these multi-faceted drum loops, the results will be fit for the heaviest dervish work-outs. "Mega Frak Beatz" comes subdivided into chapters like "Chopped Freakz", "Filtered Freakz", "HalfTime Freakz" or "Minimal Freakz" but those are merely meant as road signs for the mind-bending tomfooleries that can be explored within all of them. Woo-Haa! So, get your freak on and keep 'les freaquencies' busy with this, Prime Loops' latest stunner of a ultra-modern beat loop pack. This pack is all about letting your inner freak take over and what happens after that. All the sounds in this collection come 100% royalty-free, so you won't ever have to freak out over time-consuming sample clearances again! And, while you're freaking out over these crazy-mad 24Bit mash-up sounds, always remember: Many innovators were first regarded as freaks in their time!

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 - Complex Electro Synths
Complex Electro SynthsPrime LoopsElectro House2012-03-07

The radical sound aesthetics of Dubstep are all the rage right now - and slowly trickling over into all other major music genres! Prime Loops' latest cutting-edge electro house samples collection "Complex Electro Synths" brings you over 400Mb of dubstep infused electro synth loops, crazy fragmented lead hooks, sidechained wobble bass samples, chopped-up sound FX and much more to instantly tear up the clubs! With "Complex Electro Synths", your trusted sample wizards at Prime Loops let you travel freely from doomed Dubstep to itchy Electro and back again! Current wunderkind Skrillex shows how it's done, transcending his heavy sonic weaponry into previously unexplored areas, shaping up the sound of tomorrow quicker than you can say "Wow". And he gets away with it quite successfully. So why shouldn't you?! This massive "Complex Electro Synths" sound pack brings you over 400Mb of crazy complex 24Bit synth loops and bass samples, delivered at main room compatible Bpm rates from 122 all the way to 132. Forceful sawtooth attacks meet up with ultra-low subsonic bass frequencies, harsh analogue synth soundwaves clash with FX that are tweaked to full impact - this is all you need to create some serious havoc on the dancefloor! As with all other Prime Loops releases two things are guaranteed: As all sounds have been mastered to sheer perfection for all major music hard- and softwares the fun just won't stop - and you won't ever have to worry about legal hassles - as usual with this sound collection, all synth and bass sounds in this pack come a hundred per cent royalty-free! You can use all of these electro synth samples and complextro loops for your tracks as a whole, or hack and slay away at the lot of them according to your tastes and (dark) desires. So, let's give the Deadmau5s and the Skrillexes and the Moguais and the FeedMes a run for their money - soon it could be you headlining the next all-encompassing uber-rave! 200+ heavily fragmented Electro Synth and Bass Loops arranged over 25 Synth Construction Kits for Electro, Dubstep, Main Room, Complextro, House and more!

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 - Dubstep Melodies
Dubstep MelodiesPrime LoopsDubstep2012-04-20

Dubstep - what is it good for? Absolutely everything! Not only does this most cutting edge of all club styles channel the sounds and noises of the electronic underground, Dubstep is also responsible for some of the heaviest pop moments of the last few years. Enter Prime Loops' latest synth loops collection: "Dubstep Melodies"! This ultra-melodic Dubstep synth pack brings you the very latest in dub sound design, including 60+ synth hooks from fuzzed-out tickles to blissful, crystal-clear chords, 32+ basslines from talking wobbles to distorted monsters and 32+ chopped up, gated and professionally sequenced melodies. Capture ultimate chart-smashing Dubstep success now - it's all just waiting to be let out the sample cage! Whether you're searching for a crazy Dubstep lead to make your track stand out in the club, a cool synth backdrop to get your anthem straight into the charts or the ultimate hand-in-the-air sequence before the next ferocious drop, "Dubstep Melodies" is the pack for you! Rock the clubs like Flux Pavillon, enter the charts like Swindle, destroy the blogs like Tunnidge or make your claim to fame like Skrillex - with this super-solid Prime Loops release you get all the massive and tricky synth sounds of the dubstep trade. Every frequency, every note and every sequence in "Dubstep Melodies" has been created, recorded and mastered with the most ambitious user in mind - you! So, make sure to test it to it's limits and create the next Dubstep meltdown! As you'd expect from a quality Prime Loops product, the entire contents of "Dubstep Melodies" can be used and tweaked without any annoying sample clearance, giving you the opportunity to maximize your creativity and roll your beats into the big league. Download, upzip and load up into your tunes for some kaleidoscopic melodic magic!

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 - Dubstep SFX
Dubstep SFXPrime LoopsSound FX2012-03-30

"Dubstep SFX" is the ultimate heavyweight dubstep sound effects library, dealing out the drops blow by blow, delivering the percussive concussion that your production requires to reign in the ring with that thumping phat bass wobble! This pumped up SFX powerhouse has been primed specifically for the dubstep massive and is essential to any artist, producer or DJ! Hit back with your own original half-step soundscapes, fabricated from an epic abundance of hard punching effect hits, crescendo crushing glass FX, airy atmospheres, cutting intro sounds and much more. This sonic arsenal of over 150 professionally formatted dubstep sound effect samples is carefully organized into 9 easy to navigate folders: - Bass One-Shots - Electric FX - Epic Rises - Filter Sweeps - Impact FX - Interstellar Intros - Momentum FX - Planetary Atmospheres - Sinister FX Upgrade your tracks now with that winning combination of atmospheric filter sweeps, bone-dry bass drops and hard hitting impact sounds. Exploit the sheer ease and power of firing one of the multi-patches into your favourite sampler, literally placing a wealth of earth-shattering sounds at your keyboard-bound fingertips. "Dubstep SFX" will provide you with all the power you need to steal the show! Build up an infinite array of subsonic atmospheres from over 350MB of brain-boxing dubstep bass intros, ultra-dramatic impacts, spaced-out sweeps and stirring synth FX. Available for instant download and 100% royalty free, fight your way into the limelight with "Dubstep SFX", engineered exclusively for Prime Loops in stunning 24bit high definition.

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 - Dubstep Takeova
Dubstep TakeovaPrime LoopsDubstep2012-03-16

Fresh from the shadowy abyss of the Prime Loops lair comes "Dubstep Takeova", a dark and dishevelled sound library of nebulous atmospheres, dissident drum loops, twisted electro synths and downright dirty wobble basslines. This dark collection of samples, loops and one-shots contains all the grit and grime you would ever need to give your dubstep deviations the ultimate evil edge! Prime Loops has harnessed the warped soundscapes of chart infiltrators Nero, Chase & Status, Skrillex and Joker for this adrenalin-fuelled new release. If you have enough of a backbone to break your way into this turbulent world, "Dubstep Takeova" will reward you with a hoard of syncopated hi-hats, epic synth riffs, warbling bass adventures, pounding kicks and slicing snares. Strengthen your sound, steal the limelight and annihilate all expectations with this selection of over 250 24-bit files, available as an instant download so you can feel their malevolent force straight away. At a whopping 390MB+, "Dubstep Takeova" comes pre-formatted for your favourite audio software and hardware, so you just need to pick the right pack and you'll be well on your way to injecting your music with a taste of dubstep chaos. Simply drag & drop the desired samples into your mix, stretch or squeeze any loop to match the timing of your tune! As standard with all PL products, this sample pack is 100% free from any hassle of royalty issues or sample clearance. "Dubstep Takeova" has been authored by Prime Loops' one and only MRK1, who is also the mastermind behind "Dubstep Invasion" and "UK Bass Anthems". This one is the ultimate producer's weapon, a must have for any serious artist ready to shape the sound of the future!

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 - Big Nasty Electro Basslines
Big Nasty Electro BasslinesPrime LoopsElectro House2012-06-12

Do you believe in monsters? We do, because we've created one! "Big Nasty Electro Basslines" is the beastly new bass sample pack fresh from the Prime Loops audio lab, combining some fearsomely feral bass and cacophonous synth chord progressions to unleash the Frankenstein within your music! This dangerous and vast selection of adrenalin-chugging basslines packs savage punch, filthy intensity and head-spinning agility, and is arranged across three folders of basslines, synth chords and bass one-shots. From the fluttering crunch of "Rinse" to the bright and breezy "Freshness", the surging splendor of "Bounce" and the sporadic shifting of "Swagger", this sophisticated beast of a pack is bursting to be unleashed upon your Electro House productions! Created, tried and tested by Prime Loops' very own resident bass crusader Frederik Mooij each loop features multiple variations, so you can build a wall of sound around your beats – you'll find everything from a couple to as many as 10 variants per loop, allowing you to infuse entire tracks with your favourite squelching bassline or mighty sub sound! Weighing in at over 270MB, "Big Nasty Electro Basslines" is available via direct download in blissfully clear 24-bit quality. Should you choose to add this venomous Electro pack to your sample arsenal, you'll find almost 200(!) basslines at your disposal, along with a selection of 100+ bass one-shots and over 30 synth chord progressions – everything needed to slam the motor of your Electro House tracks into the highest gear! So if you're looking for the ultimate in-your-face bass, this sample library guarantees to get the party jumping! Keep a firm hold on this one though - it's big, it's scary and it wants to play with you!

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 - Breakbeat Electronica
Breakbeat ElectronicaPrime LoopsBreaks2012-06-07

Crash-landing from the furthest reaches of the sonic hemisphere, "Breakbeat Electronica" is born! Brand new for our eagerly anticipated Fusion Series, and bursting with crystal-coated future grooves, this exciting new sound suite is alive, delivering driving rhythmical pulses hell bent on terrorising normal civilians on a direct route for the clubs! "Breakbeat Electronica" is a highly addictive digitised mash-up to assault the senses - mixing the hottest genres head on to battle it out: electro vs. breakbeat, minimal vs. house & glitch vs. tech! For the first time you can experience a refreshing palette of distinctive grooves with a DJ-Ready collection combining the filthiest electronic breakbeats with ultra-synthesised minimal-tech beats, upfront dirty electro breaks with precision glitched out rhythms, Jackin' tech-grooves with sexy textured vibrations, presented in over 70 purified drum loops, each one mastered to perfection, boasting endless creative possibilities for a streamline song-writing package. If you are easily offended you may want to look away as this release throws you into a deep pool of razor-sharp grooves expertly and unrequitedly optimised, shockproof tested and fit for only those who possess the utmost genre-defying style! Inject "Breakbeat Electronica" into your mix for immediate results and maximum originality.

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 - Chopper FX
Chopper FXPrime LoopsSound FX2012-04-20

Need some new FX to get your sound off the ground? Grab a slice of the action with “Chopper FX”, the razor sharp sample pack fresh from audio masters Prime Loops! This selection of severed sounds guarantees to add instant intensity to your mix, delivering an eccentric anthology of sliced-up atmospheres that is the ideal tool to get your tracks airborne across virtually any genre! Drop the chops from a selection of 120 studio-crafted files arranged across 6 folders: - Throw down fragmented foundations with “Beat Chops” - Formulate a fractured framework with “Construction Chops” - Raise the roof with “Elevating Chops” - Weave fresh frequencies with “Gliding Chops” - Throw in some fresh angles with “Rotor Spectrum” - Raise the bass with “Rotor Bass” Taking influence from a wide range of sources, from Walter Murch's ground-breaking sound work for the film "Apocalypse Now" to modern Dubstep FX mayhem, this pack is designed to spice up your breaks and slice up your choruses! Primarily built around 120BPM but extending up to 145, these turbulent sounds come ready-made for a wide range of genres but you can always stretch your favourite loops to whatever speed you desire! As you can expect with every renowned Prime Loops sound library, all "Chopper FX" comes to you pre-formatted for all major music hard and software – simply drag and drop to get things flying! Delivered in stunning 24-bit quality and totally free from royalty and sample clearance hassle, this pack will please upcoming music makers as well as the multitude of big names who already wisely favour Prime Loops products (check out the community page for recommendations from some pretty big hitters). So climb aboard and hold on tight whilst “Chopper FX” elevates your mix to soaring status! Chop’n’roll all night with this sample library, cracked, warped, mastered and manipulated by Prime Loops exclusively for your euphonic pleasure!

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 - Dancehall Kingz
Dancehall KingzPrime LoopsWorld2012-06-21

Welcome di King of di Dancehall - welcome "Dancehall Kingz"! This ultra-fresh sample pack from your loyal beat addicts Prime Loops gives you castles full of musical ammunition for your riddim productions, whether you're loading up the next dancefloor smash somewhere near the equator or rocking a mega-rave in the heat of the desert! Tropical flavours both classic and cutting edge combine in this majesterial musical melange, with the tricky groove of rustic Dancehall combining with the energy and vibrancy of Electro to form one serious contender for the crown of the tropics. From the big-room dancefloor mega hits of Afrojack and Major Lazer, to the intricate UK bangers of not-only-Funky producers such as Roska and DVA, Prime Loops' latest sample suite delivers a wholesome 250MB+ of dancefloor-shaking beats, basslines, synths, FX loops and drum one-shots. Wile out to the deep frequencies of ultra-fat basslines both analog and digital; shuffle your feet to the most pumping beats and tricked-out percussion patterns; give the crowd a break with some captivating, multi-coloured synth loops and bring them straight back into the flow with all elements combined! This pack also allows you to add some zany sound effects to top your musical cake with some cherry! Calling all Boiler Room tourists, Grime gangsters, UK Funky hipsters and worldwide Bass lobbers – all will bow to the audio sceptres you will create with "Dancehall Kingz". Of course, a true king don't pay so all loops in this pack come to you totally royalty free. Chop and dice this intricate blend of classic, new and future Caribbean spices to become the ultimate winner of the Dancehall game of thrones!

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 - Darkstep
DarkstepPrime LoopsDubstep2012-04-24

Fasten your seatbelt, put on your leaden shoes and try to keep your sweaty hands to yourself: "Darkstep" is here, and things are going to get bloody dark and eerily twisted! Prime Loops' brand spanking new killer collection packs more sick thrills than an allnighter of David Lynch's most out-there movie outings – but here it's not the eyes which the faint-hearted will want to cover, but first and formemost those fragile eardrums. "Darkstep" consists of an unsettling 200MB of one-shots, loops and effects which will leave you yearning for no more – because it's all right there: Ballistic Drums, Percussion and Effects. Devastating Bass One-shots and Basslines. Twisted synth shots and hooks. Vicious Vocal Samples. And a whole number of other sonic weapons to make boom-boom in the most terrifying manner. Don't laugh now and say have not been warned later! "Darkstep" is the work of the legendary Bong-Ra, future-proof veteran producer of musical montrosities who has made his mark in an international scene nestled between Breakcore, Jungle, Hardcore, Metal, Dubstep, Hip Hop and other bass-laden sounds. Bong-Ra has created, produced, twisted and mastered each and every sample and loop contained exclusively for this Prime Loops collection – and "Darkstep" is offered to you without any royalties involved whatsoever. This develish monster of a sample pack even features exclusive elements from Bong-Ra's latest, groundbreaking PRSPCT album release "Monolith", which seamlessly mixes all styles with ease, as well as a whole bunch of strong vocal samples from the American rapper Sole, of Anticon fame! Over 145MB of ballistic drum carnage, deadly bass ammunition, twisted synths, vicious vocals and so much more! * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass

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 - Dubstep Gladiators
Dubstep GladiatorsPrime LoopsDubstep2012-07-16

Calling all contenders for future Dubstep success – power on for "Dubstep Gladiators", the heavyweight new sample pack from sound emperors Prime Loops! Containing a super-charged array of bass, synth, SFX and drum loops, this sound library has all the precision and flawless execution to beat the opposition into oblivion! Kit out your army of sonic warriors with every loop included in "Dubstep Gladiators", specially produced and ready for action at an unrelenting 140BPM. Select your weapons from over 60 full and solo drum loops, the thunderous rhythm that'll shake the competition to the core. Realise your tactical genius with 45+ wobbling basslines, thick enough to crush brick walls with ease. Over 20 synth loops and chord progressions provide the final vehicles to your victory and will slice through your mix with disenchanted Dubstep intensity! All of this restless energy is contained within 7 easy to navigate folders, machine engineered to pack the biggest punch. Weighing in at over 197 MB, this pack is ready to be plundered and the spoils dropped straight in to your mix – even stretch/squeeze any loop to your own desired speed without losing any of the original quality. Of course, these sounds come to you totally royalty free so you can reign at the top without ever having to look back. Force your foes to surrender to the beat and secure "Dubstep Gladiators" via instant download - all you have to do is fire up your favourite audio software, slot some loops into your mix and wait for the flags to be raised across the globe in your name!

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 - Dubstep Illusions
Dubstep IllusionsPrime LoopsDubstep2011-12-21

Prime Loops' latest cornucopia of loops and samples brings an endlessly pulsating flow of spaced-out, atmospheric and imaginative sounds that will leave a lasting impression with any dedicated bass-lobber between Shoreditch and Babylon: "Dubstep Illusions" has arrived! From funky and light-hearted future garage vibes to mega-dark and deep to downright ball-breaking dub attacks, "Dubstep Illusions" has it all - but always, in every detail engineered to the ultra-modern, super-dope 24Bit sound quality one has come to expect from the house of Prime Loops - and needless to say, each and every sound and loop contained is 100% royalty free! Need more details? Here we go: A stunning multitude of drum loops that bring out the best in any producer worth his dubplate vinyl. Tons of one-shot percussions, carrying endless possibilities of rhythm pattern tomfoolery. Endless arrays of shaker varieties that will make you want to move in an instant. Airy synth lines and pads, creating mysterious or hopeful vibes, piano loops, brightening up the most devastating riddim constructions, not to forget those ultra-low frequency bass loops that will have your tummy wobbling for hours on end. Standing on this massive 500Mb+ foundation, there are beautiful choir sounds out of the really big cave, floating organ loops right out of the dark, intelligent FX sounds that spice up any production and so much more. All the loops in this pack come in a stepping tempo of 135-142 BPM, always on the verge of dropping into some serious half-time business! Entirely your choice! Throw your weight into some instrumental sound science in the deeply engraved footsteps of Burial, Mount Kimbie, Breakage, Sepalcure, Peverelist or Jamie XX or build a titanium-solid sonic foundation for your post-modern forays in the recent tradition of up and coming song writing talents such as Jamie Woon or James Blake - whatever your forté, "Dubstep Illusions" is the one to deal with!

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 - Electro House Syndicate
Electro House SyndicatePrime LoopsElectro House2012-03-21

Join the jet-setting electro producers' elite with Prime Loops' dance floor destroying "Electro House Syndicate". Gain instant access to a whole new masterclass of Electro House rhythms, gritty basses and soaring synth lines to hook your music into the minds of clubbers for months to come. Prime Loops' latest pack blends the edgy synth sounds of Electro with the hard-hitting, 4-to-the-floor drum loops of House, and is meant for one thing and one thing alone: hyping up your productions to melting point in order to conquer the main room crowd once and for all! Enter the ranks of internationally renowned DJs and producers such as Afrojack, David Guetta and Swedish House Mafia, rendering yourself a modern dance music legend in the process. This bursting cornucopia of 24Bit digital dance sounds will give your tunes that extra thump required to set the grateful heels of your delighted audience alight. "Electro House Syndicate" has all the necessary ingredients to stir up a triumphant dance cocktail - sizzling basslines inspired by Dubstep, 90s dance classics and modern compression madness; electrifying synth leads that build relentlessly to the point of explosive euphoria; massive, pumping drum grooves both with and without that driving kick drum; and exotic synth chord progressions that will send the minds of ravers into blissful Electro nirvana! Build the big room hits of tomorrow from the ground up with this carefully crafted sample pack, or add an extra sheen of Electro House quality to existing productions. As per the Prime Loops code, all 550MB+ of "Electro House Syndicate" comes to you 100% royalty-free, as well as pre-formatted for your favourite audio software and hardware. Never before has it been so easy to gain membership to the exclusive global Electro House Syndicate!

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 - Future House Drum Loops
Future House Drum LoopsPrime LoopsDrums2012-06-16

If you move to minimal, deep, tech, progressive or new forms of electronic house, these house drum loops will tickle your taste buds on many levels. "Future House Drum Loops" out-sources basic kick and snare loops with concise, up to the moment, and intricately crafted futuristic house grooves ready for the clubs. With an addictive blend of over 150 drum loops, and kick-free loops to suit, this comprehensive collection also comes complete with all 90 kicks used to make this professional sample pack. As new producers emerge while the house scene progresses, diversifying styles, and successfully releasing multiple styles and genres, "Future House Drum Loops" delivers an extraordinary collection of DJ-ready grooves exclusively crafted for house producers of the future. The drum loops range from intricate, detailed, and sublime grooves, to more upfront and jackin' grooves, only the very best studio techniques and sonic treatments have been applied here, and of course, as with all Prime Loops releases, strict quality control measures have been implemented to ensure each loop is highly useable in any situation. With over 250 loops, top loops, and kicks, "Future House Drum Loops" is a deep pool of unique samples available to download in many formats of your choice, and should inspire and unlock serious potential on every level. We are confident you will find this release extremely useful when performing foundation rhythmical mixes. This collection enables you to create endless combination grooves within your tracks, and contains everything you need to customize your beats. Get ready to experience a truly streamlined production workflow direct from your studio to the clubs.

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 - Urban & Dance Vocals
Urban & Dance VocalsPrime LoopsVocal2010-03-08

Dubwise and Prime Loops are extremely proud to present this unique collection of nearly 400 vocal phrases, loops and samples for today's DJs and music producers. If you make modern urban & dance music such as dubstep, D n' B, bassline, house, garage... then this pack is for you. Give your sample collection a boost with an arsenal of the meanest royalty free vocal phrases yet. We were looking for someone with a good vocal range, a clear and rich voice and someone who could give us a whole flavour of different vocals that were suited for use in the most popular styles of urban and dance music, and so we enrolled the diverse vocal talents of the highly sought after Kevin Christie aka Majestic. Majestic can be seen weekly in clubs across the globe, in high profile studios, and on the radio hosting for some of the biggest names in the UK music industry. His amazing vocals have been featured on Ministry of Sound compilations, and he has worked with some of the biggest names in the UK hip hop and grime scene such as Wiley, Scorcher, JME, Skepta, Stormin, Jamakabi, MSM and many more. The vocals have been recorded at Majestic's prestigious studio, and mastered by Prime Loops' affiliates Dubwise preserving the natural sounds of each recording. A great deal of care and attention to detail has resulted in a truly original and authentic release the likes of which cannot be found elsewhere. "Urban and Dance Vocals" is one of the most diverse collections of royalty free vocals, all are perfectly suited to your media projects and release whether in radio, advertisement, film, television, or commercial release. With nearly 400 vocal samples, and tempos ranging from 85 to 140 BPM, there is definitely something here for you. You will find Rasta vocals, dutty phrazes, crazy voices, rudeboy shouts, raps, one-shot vocals, movie sentences, scratching tools and a whole lot more. Good vocals can take a track onto a whole new level, and we believe that with "Urban and Dance Vocals", you will find inspiration in a matter of seconds.

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 - RatioPadz
RatioPadzPrime LoopsTrance2011-08-05

Achtung, Achtung! You are just about to fill the arena with guaranteed heart-pumping, crowd jumping, hands in the air euphoria. Prime Loops' brand new "RatioPadz" synth loops collection is right at the cutting edge of epic, euro-dance inspired gated synth riffs and build-ups! Inside you will find an inspiring selection of over 150 spine-tingling synth loops ranging from 127 to 140 bpm, and the awesomely flexible bonus of more than 10 separated chord kits for building your own roof-raising progressions. All the files are 24-bit quality & preformatted for your favourite sampler or sequencer, and backed by our triple-quality check system and royalty-free licence, making this download the no-worries-way to take your ideas to the most professional level. Prime Loops' resident producer David Rose ("Da Sound Of Bounce", "Filter House Attack" & "Progressive Synthesis") has tweaked and pushed these pads into orbit, utilising the whole sonic spectrum and keeping the sound clean, sharp and instantly uplifting. The wide range of tempos and moods makes this download suitable for all anthemic dance music styles from nu-era hip-house to dubstep, adding a contemporary commercial shine to your productions, no matter what direction you're coming from. It's time to hit the big-time and spread your love around the world, and now you have the tools. All the hi-nrg hooks in this pack have been expertly compressed and gated for that superfat full-impact style - and every RatioPad is primed and ready to storm any radio station or superclub.... The only problem is that you might find it difficult to work while you are dancing so hard in the studio!

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 - Filter House Attack
Filter House AttackPrime LoopsElectro House2012-06-16

Hold on tight and ride the sonic wave! Inspired by the cutting edge of French filter house we've compiled a stonking selection of sidechained synth licks, pumping basslines and drum attacks, raining down enough divebombing hooks and beats to make David Guetta's CDJs explode! Ranging from 120-135 Bpm, "Filter House Attack" delivers an explosive galaxy of bouncing club vibes, ranging from laid back filter grooves to uplifting firestarters. With a total of over 200 basslines, synth chords, drum loops and over 100 drum shots this full-on sample pack will enable you to take your crowd into the next dimension... This club-ready pack has been produced and mastered by Prime Loops' resident producer David Rose, compressed to perfection and downloadable preformatted for instant use in your software or hardware. Filtered and processed to the limit, with filenames like "Funkdirt", "ChainMe" and "Nasty Lead" you know this pack's going to be yet another devastating Prime Loops club demolition device. If you don't believe us, just check out the demo above. Expect clearly labelled, 24-bit triple quality checked files, constructed using the latest and greatest studio technology for hassle-free use and a totally professional finish. Target the charts and the major city dancefloors now and unleash your personal filter house attack!

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 - Ambient Illusions
Ambient IllusionsPrime LoopsChill Out2012-05-23

Kick back and relax! Prime Loops are extremely proud to announce this ultimate collection of mind-bending ambient & chill-out instrumental loops - prepare yourself for "Ambient Illusions"! Inside this extraordinary sample pack you will find an addictive blend of over 120 unreal ambient textures, hypnotic arpeggio patterns, mesmerizing chord progressions, intricately crafted sound effects and beautifully sculptured wall-of-sound atmospheres, ranging between 65 and 140 BPM. All of the loops in this lush sounding sample pack are presented in crystal clear 24-bit audio - and only the best hardware gear has been brought together for its production: Amongst other instruments, Prime Loops' resident producer Dimitry Vasilyev has employed the use of legendary synths such as the Roland Alpha Juno, Roland Juno-106, Roland MKS-10, Polyvox, Korg Mono/Poly Korg Poly-800, resulting in an extremely distinctive sound, full of analogue warmth, definition and character. Inspiration for this pack has been provided not only by the works of pioneering ambient artists such as Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream or Jean Michel Jarre but also from the Balearic flavoured easy listening sound of best selling chill-out collections such as Café Del Mar or Buddah Bar. Jam-packed with an endless stream of uplifting sonic adventures this inspiring sample pack will make the perfect song-writing partner for all your future writing, programming and recording sessions. Choose from a large selection of formats such as .WAV, Apple Loops, MPC, Ableton Live Pack, Acid Loops and many other formats, all perfectly formatted for your favourite production platform and clearly labelled with tempo and key info. As you might already know, and as with all Prime Loops sample pack releases, "Ambient Illusions" is entirely royalty free, so there's no need to worry about sample clearances and licensing fees! Prime Loops' "Ambient Illusions" is a must-have sample pack for any producer from ambient, electronica, IDM, dubstep, neurofunk and liquid funk all the way to psychedelic rock and experimental - So dim the studio lights, get comfortable and lose yourself in the "Ambient Illusions".

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 - XXL Reggaeton Drums
XXL Reggaeton DrumsPrime LoopsDrums2011-07-07

Smashing up the dancehall just got a whole lot easier with this essential release, another jam-packed XXL sounding drum collection from Prime Loops. Roll your own spine-snapping sequences from this selection of over 350 one-shot percussion and fx samples, precision engineered to grind, shake and bump hips worldwide. It's time for all you Reggaeton producers to step up and take ownership of the streets. This sizzling hot, platinum-wrapped download will instantly pump up your Latin drum library with hundreds of the baddest kicks, hottest snares, industry claps, intricate rolls, inspiring percussion and nu-skool fx. Everything has been clearly arranged and labelled so that when inspiration strikes, you have the best tools at your fingertips. All our files are 24-bit quality, triple-checked and available preformatted for your workflow, so you just throw them in the mix and start bumpin' and grindin'. You won't be able to sit still when you grab the controls and get a serious groove going, and there's no end to the combinations possible when you lay down your own perfect pattern and develop neck-breaking Latin beats from the floor up to the charts! With our 100% royalty-free licence as standard, you can be sure that your beats are kept strictly exclusive and belong to you and only you, so go ahead and break down some record label holds barred! Don't let genres limit you, these sounds are just as blazing if you use them for dubstep, hiphop, dirty south, r&b, drum & bass or any track that's crying out for a some added flavours. Slamming styles together you can take reggaeton in your own direction, creating truly original vibes for the people inside the ride, guaranteed to keep the party moving 'till the morning light!

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 - XXL R&B Drums
XXL R&B DrumsPrime LoopsFunk / Soul / Disco, Drums2011-05-13

Hold up, you've just found the fullest collection of smooth and sexy R&B drum sounds in the Prime Loops catalogue. This is your opportunity to take delivery of a completely comprehensive and highly-tuned consignment of delicious kicks, sweet snares and sparkling percussion to suit your most seductive sessions. Professionally engineered by Prime Loops signing Nahuel Lescano (who is also the author behind best selling sample pack releases such as "R&B Beat Programmer" and "Underground Beats"), we've put together the ultimate drum library for serious R&B producers all over the planet, giving you elements you need to climb the charts like Usher, Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige and Rihanna. When we say XXL, we mean it, bringing you over 400 individual percussion hits split into 50 drum kits, so you can always find what you need to back up a soulful vocal with radio-ready rhythms. These perfectly prepared files have been formatted for your favourite sampler and optimized using the latest plugins, giving you a high-class finish straight out of the box. There's no tweaking required, all you have to do is lay out a spectacular sequence as soon as the mood hits you. Take your pick from dozens of superior kicks, snares, toms, shakers, cymbals and effects, building up a wide range of moods from deep and sensual to hard-hitting and dramatic, creating truly original compositions that outperform the competition every time. You can kick back and roll beats all day long, knowing that Prime Loops packs come in pro 16-bit quality audio with a 100% royalty-free license, so labels will have no difficulties signing you up for stardom. When you're fixing a truly emotional musical cocktail, make sure you have a powerful rhythm section to bring out the flavour of your vocals and instrumentation. Emerge from the studio packing fresh bounces of pristine productions and there'll be nothing separating you from the stars. With "XXL R&B Drums" in your samples folder, your domination of the airwaves has just begun.

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 - XXL Hip Hop Drums
XXL Hip Hop DrumsPrime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B, Drums2009-12-16

XXL Hip Hop Drums" is a powerful collection of beefy, hard-hitting hip hop drum hits. Designed to pack a serious punch, these handcrafted hip hop drum samples have been optimised with state of-the-art studio hardware equipment, valve compression and the finest equalizers. Finding decent hip hop drum samples can be tough, drums create the backbone rhythm to the entire track, so using the correct drum sounds is very important. Many producers settle for lo-fi, clicky, amateur drum samples, which ultimately affect the mix, and can be heard easily by those with a tuned ear. Fortunately Prime Loops' new hip hop drum hits sound suite - "XXL Hip Hop Drums", offers a much-needed dose of over 330 high profile, enhanced drum sounds that pack a serious bang for your buck. Prime Loops' "XXL Hip Hop Drums" one-shot sample pack contains: · Over 100 chunky XXL kicks · Over 100 phat XXL snares · 40 charismatic cymbals · 55 ultra-crisp open/closed hi-hats · 25 shakers & tambourines and lots more... You won't find cheap, clicky, lo-fi drum samples here... Strictly optimised and individually mastered at a 24-bit sample rate, these beats are maximised big, bad, real hip hop drums specifically designed for maximum impact, and presence in your mix. The demo showcases beats made with this Sound Suite to give you a feel for the drum sounds and their capabilities. If you're tired of using low quality over-used drum samples, then it's definitely time you upped your game with a library you can rely on. "XXL Hip Hop Drums" brings the heat, and will deliver solid, chunky drums, whenever you need them, time and time again.

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 - Vanguard Electro Bass Essentials
Vanguard Electro Bass EssentialsPrime LoopsPresets / Patches2010-04-21

"Vanguard Electro Bass Essentials" for the Vanguard VST Synth delivers an addictive selection of the most up to date electro bass samples heard in the clubs today. The Vanguard synth from ReFX needs no introduction, undoubtedly responsible for at least 80% of the most high-profile electro producers basslines heard in the clubs today, and has won the respect of many a producer, defining an era with its sharp, cutting and relentlessly dirty sound. Prime Loops are extremely proud to present this official Vanguard release with the hottest bass sounds of the moment fresh from the studio to the dance floor. Inside you will find a disgustingly sexy selection of the top 70 most sought-after bass sounds - ready to put the definitive electro sound into your mix. "Vanguard Electro Bass Essentials" includes big, bad, spine-tingling synth bass leads, skilfully handcrafted and optimised at a professional 24-bit sample rate, this powerful DJ-ready collection for the creative produce. From the dirtiest electroholic wobbly subs to jackin' tech leads, venomous nu-house licks to twisted filthy chemical leads - these sounds will cut through your mix like jack the ripper and effortlessly take your sound to the next stage. • reFX Vanguard Required

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 - Wonky Beats
Wonky BeatsPrime LoopsGlitch Hop2011-03-31

You may be asking yourself - What the hell are wonky beats!? Well, if you're tired of conventional, 4/4 quantised beats, and could do with some big, slammin' tunes with low-slung slow-motion beats... here's the answer: "Wonky Beats" - A new concept is born! "Wonky Beats" defies the norm with revolutionary chopped-up, morphed-up patterns, and revolutionary free-form organic beats, bursting with interesting (frankly disgusting!) originality, and utterly inspiring to any listener. Gathering influences from hip hop, hyphy, chiptune, grime, dubstep, crunk, glitch and electro, and breaching on genres not yet invented! With over 120 grimey, wonky, wobbling rhythms, this one's gonna' blow your mind (not convinced? check on the mp3 demo, or hit "download some free samples"). This totally unique sample pack has been developed professionally - recorded in 24-bit audio, and processed in true analogue fashion. Firstly the drum hits used to create the loops were all made in-house on numerous synthesizers, such as the Roland Alpha Juno, Roland Juno-106, Roland MKS-10, Polyvox, Korg Mono/Poly Korg Poly-800 and many others. These were then layered, tweaked, and morphasized, before being slammed against each other... the result? "Wonky Beats"! So if you're into Rustie, Prefuse73, Flying Lotus, Gorillaz, Cabbageboy, Starkey, or even if you're not! You're gonna love this one! No matter if you prefer it street bass or aquacrunk, choppage or broken beats - Prime Loops' brand new "Wonky Beats" sample pack will totally satisfy your cravings for crazy-mad audio material!

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 - Underground Beats
Underground BeatsPrime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B2010-08-10

"Underground Beats" is here. Indulge yourself in this powerful collection of killer grooves that will have you itching to get into the studio and create your next masterpiece. The 140+ fat drum loops have an extremely big sound, and showcase a diverse collection of styles with deep sonic character that will quickly gel your songs together effortlessly, and provide hundreds of solid, rhythmical backdrops - even for the most demanding musical scores. "Underground Beats" is very broad in it's appeal, whether you're a rock or hip hop producer, lounge or R&B, trip hop or dubstep...this prestigious collection of club-ready loops represents a relentless blend of bullet-proof beats, jam-packed with only the hottest ingredients, and bursting with energy. The beats range from big, beefy, cracking bangers, to fluid percussion flares, rich majestic rolls to full-on FX licks, downright intricate rhythms to DJ-ready V.I.P. productions just waiting to be injected into your mix. All of the loops are created from 24-bit audio & 100% royalty free, which means you can use them in your commercial releases at no extra cost to you. As an added bonus, "Underground Beats" is available to download in a large variety of popular formats, specifically designed and mastered for your chosen music platform, giving you maximum flexibility every time. This is a Beatmasters masterpiece. Its superior sound is next-to none. We are extremely confident that you will find this collection lucrative, unbeatable in value, and superior in guaranteed usability.

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 - XXL Dirty South Drums
XXL Dirty South DrumsPrime LoopsHip-Hop / R&B, Drums2011-05-13

Keepin' it crunk as ever, our hottest new signing Nahuel Lescano delivers a deadly collection of the ultimate Dirty South drumkits, fully tweaked to snap necks from the first bar to the last. When you get your hands on these professional and crisp drums and cymbals, your tracks will be instantly transported to the highest levels of hiphop, elevating your reputation to primetime with the heaviest beats on the block. A staggering array of kicks, snares, hats and fx are waiting for your individual touch, ready to force your audience to bounce harder than ever. With over 400 one-shot samples arranged into 48 devastating drum kits formatted for your favourite soft samplers such as Battery, ESX24, Kontakt, Halion, SFZ and NN-XT. Here you are free to explore limitless combinations of rhythm and vibe, testing the strength of sound systems from New Orleans to Atlanta. · Over 100 Industry Kicks, Bass Booms & Snares · Over 100 Crisp, Sparkling Open/Closed Hi Hats, Shakers & Cymbals · Over 30 Punchy Claps perfect for different moods and styles · Over 150 New Toms, Percussions & Effects XXL Dirty South Drums will keep you busy for hours in the studio, pushing your projects into playlists all over the place. Just drag and drop real quick to get your monitors pumping and your ass jumping. Using a long chain of the dopest professional plugins on the market, each of these sounds has been crafted, compressed and triple checked by experts, guaranteeing you the supreme level of 24-bit quality you need to climb the charts and invade cities street by street. The best thing is there's no need to look out for lawyers, you get a completely royalty free license to use these sounds for life. If you're ready to expand your horizons beyond the tired old 808 drum machine territory, and you're ready to handle an increase in sexual attraction, you need to get this industry toolkit onto your hard drive as soon as possible. Secure your destiny as a platinum-level performer alongside TI, Ludacris, Mystikal and Lil Jon... all you have to do is grab the future with both hands and lay down some XXL jams today.

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 - UK Funky Producer
UK Funky ProducerPrime LoopsHouse2010-08-10

"UK Funky Producer" is the latest sample pack from Prime Loops and Dubwise...the first of it's kind. UK funky house is a new style of modern electronic dance music coming deep from within the grime, hip hop, bassline, house and urban communities. Heavily influenced by many other styles of music, including contemporary, electro house, and increasingly, broken beat, soca, and afrobeat, UK funky is a new breed of club ingredients mixing traditional UK garage beats, bass loops and synths with Latin percussion, and contemporary R&B-style vocals. Percussion such as bongos, shakers, and snares are used to give a dark exotic African sound, artists such as Crazy Cousins, Donaeo, and Naughty have all been big players in the UK funky scene so far, and as the scene evolves, there is room for many more artists and producers to get involved as the scene blows up. This exclusive and highly original sample pack has been compiled by some of the best producers in the scene today, and as you've come to expect, presented in multi-format, 24-bit and 100% royalty free. We have made every effort to make this pack versatile, and therefore you can use these loops & samples to create the smoothest of soulful funky house productions right through to the darkest bongo bashing, grimey tunes. This awe-inspiring sample pack can also be used to create a multitude of other genres and combinations including electro, grime, garage and many others. With nearly 500 loops & samples, you won't be short of inspiration. Warm textured pads, meaty drum loops, congo natty bongos, mind bending music loops, twisted FX, dark afro basses, dutty drum hits... "UK Funky Producer" has it all.

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 - UK Bass Anthems
UK Bass AnthemsPrime LoopsDubstep2012-01-25

Dubstep is heavily crossing over to the pop world as well as gaining entry to the big-room clubs. UK Bass sounds are en vogue, all the while bringing out new talent from the underground. Have your piece of that fat cake - with Prime Loops' latest sample and loop collection "UK Bass Anthems" you get all the right ingredients to make peak-time history! Whether you're aspiring to become the next Rusko or Joker or want to back your fellow vocalist all the way into the ranks of Wiley or Miss Dynamite, this selection has it all: shock-and-awe bass frequencies, droning sawtooth waveforms, uplifting synth lines, terrorizing drum beats and timeless sounds effects - and at 600 MB, there's plenty of it! The selection titles Cardiac, Inspire, Press, Rage, Raw, Roar, Skretch and Unite say it all: Indulge in eight different crates full of synths, kicks, snares, subs, effects and a whole load of more sound loops that can be mixed and matched easily - all selections come in the handy 140 bpm steppers tempo that is easily served as a stomping 70 bpm half-time fest. All sounds and loops in "UK Bass Anthems" have been produced by Prime Loops' resident producer MRK1 (also the mastermind behind our top-selling "Dubstep Invasion" sample pack). Mastered and pre-formatted, and of course 100 % royalty free, it's all yours for paving the way to a massive climax that will have the crowd on its bended knees yearning for more of your instant classics! Remember: These were made for anthems!

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 - Tropical ShakeUp
Tropical ShakeUpPrime LoopsHouse2012-01-30

Tropical beats and sounds are all the rage in the global dance music business right now - and this one is for all you producers out there always looking for that perfect beat! Kuduro rhythms from Cape Verde, Baile Funk straight outta Rio, Kwaito from the South African Townships, Tumba from the island of Aruba to house-infused Moombahton - acts like Afrojack, Major Lazer, Swedish House Mafia and many more have already taken influence from all of these elements, and now it's your turn! From the hefty rave business of acts like Buraka Som Sistema or Schlachthofbronx - musical excursions of Brackles, MA1 or Ossie, all the way to the varied house syncopations by DJ Mujava, Osunlade or Radioslave - these are the sounds that make a modern, globalized world unite on the dancefloor! Prime Loops' latest pack "Tropical ShakeUp" is a Shambhala filled to the roof with big beat arrangements and truly rocking Global House Drum loops & samples. Tons of percussion instruments unravel in these loops - from traditional congas and toms to berimbau, from digital drum effects to far-away Sci-Fi noises. "Tropical ShakeUp" is subdivided into three parts: Full-on tropical drum loops, tropical drum loops without the kick drums - and the one-shots, giving you each and every sound contained in the previous crates as a sample to work with: claps, hats, kicks, percs, shakers, snares, toms and FX. All beats in "Tropical ShakeUp" have been recorded and mastered in the high quality you've come to expect from Prime Loops' sonic grand wizards. And as usual, the 400+ loops and samples contained in "Tropical ShakeUp" are all 100% royalty free and supremely mastered at 24/44.1 Bit rate, letting you create big tunes without any limitations whatsoever. Now, we won't say "The World Is Yours'' with this pack - but its sounds sure are!

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 - Trip Fantasia
Trip FantasiaPrime LoopsSound FX2011-09-15

Prime Loops are proud to announce "Trip Fantasia" - a fine selection with over 450Mb of evolving ambient textures, mind-bending chill-out atmospheres and intricate IDM soundscapes! Inside this extraordinary soundeffects pack you will find an inspired blend of 48 beautifully sculptured sonic adventures, ready-formatted to just drag and drop into your favourite hardware or software. If you are looking to add some sublime ambiance, ear-tickling brilliance and satisfying depth to your productions then look no further: Ranging between 64 and 120 BPM "Trip Fantasia" delivers you a superb selection of wall-of-sound soundscapes and textures from beyond the ultraworld, all gathering great inspiration from the stunning works of pioneering ambient artists such as Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream or Jean Michel Jarre. All the atmospheres in this SFX collection are presented as crystal clear 24-bit audio files, with each and every file expertly crafted, triple quality checked and professionally labelled. Also, as you have come to expect with all Prime Loops sample pack releases, "Trip Fantasia" is entirely royalty free, so there's no need to worry about sample clearances and licensing fees! Prime Loops' "Trip Fantasia" is not only a great add-on for any producer from ambient to electronica, IDM to dubstep or liquid funk all the way to experimental music - it's also the perfect supplement for any music producer who already owns some of our loop-based ambient libraries, such as for example "Ambient Illusions" or "Babylon Beats"! * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Atmospheres

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 - Tribal Percussion Loops
Tribal Percussion LoopsPrime LoopsDrums2010-08-19

Sun soaked funky bongo grooves, passionate African rhythms, pulsating djembe progressions, hot Latin percussive jams, majestic samba flavours, intricate moving percussion combinations, deep warm acoustic vibrations, classic driving earth-shaking sessions... we are extremely proud to present "Tribal Percussion Loops", weighing in at 250+ hi-res organic recordings just waiting for you to add that lively rhythmical element to your beats. This authentic and highly original song-writing package has been recorded in 24-bit audio, and is truly diverse in its range of styles. There are a multitude of highly inspirational loops here - an intelligent blend of amazing material delivering innovative musical building blocks that will melt effortlessly into your mix. And as if that wasn't enough to compliment this selection, you also get single hits from all the percussion sets, perfect for adding a custom sparkle to your grooves. "Tribal Percussion Loops" can be used to create a vast amount of styles and genres such as tribal house, deep house, dubstep, trip hop, funky, soul, funky house, house, hip hop, R&B and many more. Recorded at 130 BPM, this highly rhythmical release also comes in a variety of flexible formats for adaptable tempo control, and as with all Prime Loops sample packs, each of the 250+ recordings are completely royalty free, 24-bit, and perfectly suited to your releases and future media productions. If you are looking to add new, exiting percussive grooves to your beats, look no further than "Tribal Percussion Loops".

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 - The Temple of Breaks
The Temple of BreaksPrime LoopsDrum & Bass2010-11-29

Deep within the pitch-black jungle, far from civilisation and urban safety, "The Temple of Breaks" awaits your arrival. Dare to explore this rhythmic fortress, carved out of heavy ancient rock by the high priests of Drumfunk, built to hold the power of the most frenetic old-school beats known to man. Injecting venomous influence from a wide range of artists and labels such as Paradox, Calyx, Prolix, Noisia, Chase & Status, Ed Rush & Optical, Moving Shadow, V Recordings, Full Cycle and a host of up and coming and current artists and labels... Find your way around 75 pounding loops of hack n' paste percussive energy, sped up to an inhuman 170-182 BPM, expertly compressed for the controlled chaos you crave in your productions. These pristine and searing beats are available in many perfected formats such as 24-bit .WAV, Apple Loops or Rex2, so you can drop them straight into Cubase, Logic, Reason, Fruityloops, Ableton, Acid and many more sequencers easily. "The Temple Of Breaks" sample pack is all about rhythmic imagination, so with breaks like "Hitman", "Overdose" and "Incoming", you know your audience is going to get some serious brain food, especially if you select the Scissors tool and go mental! At Prime Loops we never forget that you demand the highest quality, so for this pack we recruited Russian engineer Dmitry Vasilyev, a musician and programmer so hardcore he writes his own software. His original plug-ins combined with authentic old-school hardware, valve preamps and reel-to-reel tape will give that nu-retro shine to your rhythm section. Have no fear, there are no useless scratchy pseudo-Amens here, just beautifully sliced and fully saturated funk breaks for a legion of drum & bass styles, such as drumfunk, darkstep, dubstep, hardstep, jump-up, liquid funk, sambass, techstep, neurofunk, drill n bass, breakcore & many more. The lords of the jungle are sharpening their knives for the ceremony, so prepare to cut and chop your way through this feast of drums, breaks and crashes! Take a trip beyond the limits of mainstream drum & bass civilisation and lose yourself in "The Temple Of Breaks".

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 - Tech Legacy
Tech LegacyPrime LoopsTechno2011-09-30

Somewhere in a parallel universe not so far away, where androids dream of electric bleeps and pulses, the future of music technology has been developed by an advanced civilization. Manipulating stacks of vibrational energy sources, these waveform scientists have created a sound so far ahead of its time, it can never be allowed to fall into the wrong hands. This sub-heavy box of tools and tricks will have fans of acts such as Tiesto, Armin van Buuren and Markus Schulz locked in the studio for days, before turning every club on the planet into a sauna. Get to grips with hundreds of floor-filling basslines, epic synth hooks, unforgettable arpeggio patterns, hard-hitting drumloops and high-impact one-shots, exploding from the stage in a shower of starlight. Filtered and engineered for compatibility with Earth-based equipment, each 24-bit file of this huge 350MB payload has been formatted for all major sequencers and samplers, compressed and laser-cut to ultimate precision. You're also protected by a 100% royalty-free license, valid anywhere in the galaxy, so there's no limit to how far your productions can go. Fusing maximal techno with minimal darkness, hypnotic acid with epic trance, you can fly as far overground or underground as you like, with maximum originality all the way. Your crew are waiting, so start building your very own legacy today!

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 - Guitar Anthology: Jazz Edition
Guitar Anthology: Jazz EditionPrime LoopsFunk / Soul / Disco2011-07-01

"Guitar Anthology: Jazz Edition" delivers 50 inspirational guitar loops, hooks and riffs, mastered to perfection and hand played and on a range of high-end guitars such as: · Gibson Les Paul 1976 · Gibson Les Paul custom · Fender Stratocaster · Yamaha APX 4A Amps used include: · Fender Hotrod · Marshall JCM 2000 · Laney VH100R Concentrating specifically on jazz styles, this unique collection contains everything from dusty jams, right through to clean chord progressions, light plucks into intricate leads. If you're looking for a fresh selection of jazz-soaked hooks, "Guitar Anthology: Jazz Edition" has got you covered.

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 - Guitar Anthology: Indie Edition
Guitar Anthology: Indie EditionPrime LoopsDance2010-12-22

"Guitar Anthology: Indie Edition" delivers 50 classic, anthemic guitar loops, hooks, riffs, and leads mastered to perfection in the UK and hand played and on a range of high-end guitars such as: · Gibson Les Paul 1976 · Gibson Les Paul custom · Fender Stratocaster Amps used include: · Fender Hotrod · Marshall JCM 2000 · Laney VH100R Concentrating specifically on indie hooks and leads, this inspiring collection contains everything from clean-cut catchy brit-pop sessions, right through to alternative fuzzbox studio hooks, contemporary jams and elements of shoegaze moving into independent licks and mod-rock classics. If you're looking for a unique blend of tight indie hooks, "Guitar Anthology: Indie Edition" is your ticket to the gig.

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 - Ambient Fractals
Ambient FractalsPrime LoopsSound FX2012-07-28

Engineered to capture the true essence of ambience, "Ambient Fractals" will twist you through the mathematics of sound, bringing you a mesmerizing selection of waveform manipulations and spaced out oscillations from the sublime side of synthesis. It's never been easier to find that extra layer of texture for your tunes and soundtracks, adding depth, tension and mystery to any mixdown. Using state-of-the-art kit like the Waldorf Q, Access Virus, Roland JP8000, Korg Prophecy and Clavia Nord, Prime Loops' resident sound scientist Dmitry Vasilyev has created a full range of atmospheric elements, with leftfield noises and superwide soundclashes to expand the horizons of your productions. More than 250 one-hit SFX such as moving atmospheres, experimental LFO sounds, fascinating ambient chords as well as a fine selection of 20 FX loops from 90-130Bpm give you all the sonic supplements to take your projects to another dimension, filling the stereo picture with awesome vibrations that will instantly stimulate your listeners' minds. Delivered as clearly categorised and perfectly cut 24-bit files, preformatted for all the main samplers and sequencers such as Ableton Live, FL Studio, Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase, Sony Acid and Propellerhead Reason, these sounds will perfectly compliment your compositions without frustrating your creative process. You'll find stabs, glides, blips, noises, sirens and swooshes of all kinds, suitable for a seriously wide range of genres from dreamy ambient and minimal techno to hectic dubstep and devastating drum & bass. As always, this pack comes with a royalty-free license and our triple quality guarantee, leaving you completely free to take your projects on a journey through space and time without legal or technical difficulties along the way. "Ambient Fractals" was created purely to inspire the deepest thinkers, so get ready to push your projects into the furthest corners of your musical imagination.

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 - Dark Ambiences & Textures
Dark Ambiences & TexturesPrime LoopsSound FX2012-04-20

Darkness is creeping upon us so step into the shadows and embrace the ethereal with “Dark Ambiences & Textures”, the suspenseful new sound pack from Prime Loops! This intricate archive of unnerving sonic atmospheres offers everything you need to add a little anxiety to your professional film scores, downright bass productions and a whole lot more! Brimming with tension, this sample pack draws upon the menacing white noise of ‘The Ring’, the eerie sounds of ‘The Exorcist’ and Charlie Clouser’s frightening score for ‘Saw’. Spread across 5 folders, a dense array of mysterious sounds await your ears such as swirling soundscapes, sinister drones, distorted rhythms and fragmented synth progressions. At over 550MB, “Dark Ambiences & Textures” offers you oceans full of dark, cinematic inspiration! Set spines tingling with this gripping selection of unfurling crescendos, noisy circuit glitches, haunting textures and much more! Whether you need to add some creep and crawl to your film soundtrack, or a darker edge is required for your Dubstep and Drum & Bass tracks, this enigmatic sample pack guarantees to set pulses racing! As per the Prime Loops code, this pack comes to you pre-formatted for all major hardware and software in 24-bit quality, and is completely royalty free. So, for a close encounter in electrifying uncertainty, “Dark Ambiences & Textures” is the ultimate all thriller, no filler sound library, guaranteed to infect your music with surging currents of subtle intensity!

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 - Ibiza Dance Anthems
Ibiza Dance AnthemsPrime LoopsTrance2012-07-31

Add some golden sunshine to your productions with a one-way ticket to the clubbing promised land! "Ibiza Dance Anthems" is the ultimate club season sound library fresh from Prime Loops' exclusive studio yacht! This epic collection of beach dwelling construction kits is the ultimate accessory for any DJ or producer looking to re-live and re-define that euphoric Ibiza vibe! From Pacha to Privilege and Eden to Amnesia, move the dancing masses with this glow-in-the-dark sample smash! Consisting of 5 complete construction kits, this sound suite channels waves of hypnotic beats, rousing melodies, thundering rhythms and of course those big, mean, trance infused synths! Dive right into the Prime Loops foam party and you will find all the elements you need to bridge the gap between beach and beat, keeping the party bouncing through to the early morning hours and beyond! Packing over 110 loops and samples, "Ibiza Dance Anthems" will heat up your mix to boiling-point without the loss of that crystal clear 24-bit quality! Simply drag and drop any loop into your desired software and stretch or squeeze to whatever anthem-creating speed you want - from immense trance vibes to manic techno momentums, you can make it happen with these mesmeric loops! Rock your way onto the party boat with "Ibiza Dance Anthems", a sizzling slice of paradise available via instant download and 100% royalty free! If your destination is international dance floor domination, then what are you waiting for? Buy the ticket, take the ride!

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 - Minimal D&B
Minimal D&BPrime LoopsDrum & Bass2012-07-31

Like your Drum & Bass tasty and filling? Then reduce the juice with “Minimal D&B“, the latest cutting edge sample pack fresh from the Prime Loops sample warehouse! This loop feast is filled to the brim with all the nano precision, lightening quick groove and musical fluidity of those state-of-the-art Microfunk and Neurofunk genres – strap on your bib and get chewing! This pack is for those who are willing to walk the extra mile to the outer regions of musical space, between the bleeps, bass and breaks! Out there you’ll find a massive 530MB+ of intricate drum breaks and one-shots, addictive FX, super sub basslines, lush pad and chord loops and delicate synth progressions ripe to be thrown straight into your mix. All loops and samples in “Minimal D&B“ have been programmed at the classic Drum & Bass tempos of between 163 and 175BPM and cover the vast range of moods that typify the genre – from the chill of deep space to the warmth of the perfect house party! Those familiar with the sonic tinkerings of Prime Loops resident soundsmith Dmitri will known the sort of dedicated craft and quality that can be expected from his work - for those who are uninitiated, you’re in for a treat! Dmitri has specially engineered this latest cornucopia of minimal Drum & Bass hysteria to be ultra flexible and easily integratable into virtually any kind of modern electronic style, so you won’t be left out in the cold. As ever, “Minimal D&B“ comes to you totally royalty free so you can feel free to do as you wish with this most maximal collection of minimal Drum & Bass soundscapes!

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 - Arcade Flashback
Arcade FlashbackPrime LoopsSound FX2012-07-31

Up your game with "Arcade Flashback", the pixel pounding new sample pack fresh from the Prime Loops audio lab! More than just a nod to nostalgia, this retrospective take on old skool game sounds emulates the golden age of the arcade, inviting you to step up to the joystick and bring that 8-bit orchestra back to life! Collect all the loops and unlock a whole new level of retro FX, primed and ready to take on the Big Bosses across a range of genres from Hip Hop and Electro to Dubstep and Drum & Bass. Soak in the sounds of Sonic, punch up the percussion of Streets of Rage and fire through the FX of Mortal Kombat! K.O every enemy with this array of pulsating pings, rising chimes, percussive punches, frenetic fuzz and flipped out glitches! Scoring a mighty 350MB+, "Arcade Flashback" will reward you with some classic 8-bit crunch in blistering 24-bit clarity. Available exclusively in easy mode, stretch and squeeze any of the loops and samples in this pack to any desired tempo and the quality will remain totally uncorrupted! Available now via instant download, this sample pack also comes to you completely royalty free so all the coins you collect will be yours to keep! If you’re looking for a sample pack that blasts the past straight into your mix, "Arcade Flashback" is the name of the game – take control now and allow this fusion of classic and new sounds to leave you well and truly wired!

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 - Liquid D&B Essentials
Liquid D&B EssentialsPrime LoopsDrum & Bass2011-08-08

If you feel like rolling your drum and bass up with an intelligent nu-soul injection, this mammoth D n' B sample pack will make your year, filled to the brim with all the essential elements you need to immerse yourself in the amazing sound of the current liquid funk movement. Whether you're a drum n' bass veteran, or new to the scene, this massively flexible and totally organic library will fit right into your workflow, and spark up serious creative outbursts... 8 days a week! Spin smooth soundtracks for intelligent clubbing, mixed with with deep and punchy drum loops, searing basslines, surgical synths and master FX, all grouped and labelled by tempo and musical key for your convinience. Drift effortlessly between dozens of moods from major to minor, relaxed, to downright deadly serious club material. By mixing and melting these carefully crafted beats, synths, bass and pads with your own inspiration you can instanly take advantage our royalty-free licensing; so you own 100% of what you make, and our triple-check guarantee ensures you are officially armed and radio-ready to go! There's no holding back! For rhythm junkies, we've split the breaks into 200 completely separate one-shot drums, and if you like to dive really deep, just drag and drop one of the over 140 amazingy versatile synth patches for plugins including NN-XT, EXS24, Halion, Kontakt and SFZ. The 24-bit looped samples are also available preformatted for Ableton, Rex2, Reason Refill, Acid Loops, Apple Loops and more, so with one instant download you're minutes away from directing the dancefloor! The Prime Loops London Team have gone all out to produce the most comprehensive liquid drum n' bass sample pack on the market today, leaving no corner unturned, and no soundscape untouched. With our combined knowledge of grooves and synthesisers, this is yours to pour into your own productions. So take a break, sit back, and relax.... It's time for full frequency liquid drum & bass.

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 - Melodic Guitar Hooks
Melodic Guitar HooksPrime LoopsDance2012-04-20

Kick out the jams with "Melodic Guitar Hooks", the glowing hot guitar sample pack fresh from the Prime Loops audio lab! We've been surfing our fretboards to bring you an epic array of home grown tones, lovingly crafted to fit snuggly in your next smash-hit anthem across a vast ocean of genres! This ultra-melodic collection captures all the strummed and plucked Pop, Rock and R&B class of today, from the strings of Gotye, Ed Sheeran and Rizzle Kicks to Adele and Arctic Monkeys - these riffs are more up-to-date than the clock! From light and airy acoustic arpeggios to manic bursts of electric energy, these catchy hooks guarantee to shake up your sound. Made using only the best and most iconic guitars around, this genre-spanning selection boasts gleamingly smooth electric flavours, crisp acoustic incantations, distorted stadium-ready debauchery, punchy funk and so much more! Whether working to the recipe of a specific genre or experimenting with something new, "Melodic Guitar Hooks" provides the freshest ingredients available! Many of the 140 tasty licks featured in “Melodic Guitar Hooks” have been arranged in groups from 2 to 5 sounds, giving you the option to slip a sneaky riff into an existing track or build entire anthems from scratch! The loops are split across 3 folders: - “Ballad Hooks [75-90BPM]”; steadies the tempo and offers some sweet lulling tones for your Pop and R&B jams. - “Steady Riffs [95-115BPM]”; keeps it solid and rolls out some funky R&B licks amongst some big Rock riffs. - “UpBeat Jams [120-140BPM]”; pumps up the beat and throws some agile and energetic chord progressions and sleek notes into the mix. Simply drag and drop any of the loops into your mix and don’t be afraid to stretch and squeeze to your desired tempo – you won’t lose any of that 24-bit high definition quality! This pack is instantly available via direct download and all 340MB are 100% royalty free. You'll even save money on strings! So if you're looking for a diverse selection of 6-string sounds without working your fingers to the bone, get your hands on "Melodic Guitar Hooks" now! From John Mayer to Santana by way of Jimi Hendrix, this ultimate guitar sound library guarantees to add some Rock and Pop melody to your tracks! * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Funk / R&B • Hip Hop

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 - Melodic Empire
Melodic EmpirePrime LoopsElectro House2011-12-21

Right! You've just found the fullest collection of ultra-melodic chord progressions currently on the planet. This is your opportunity to get your hands on a completely comprehensive and 100% royalty free arsenal of professionally recorded arpeggiated synth loops. Whether you're looking for big chart licks, soaring piano runs or pumping basslines, "Melodic Empire" will simply blow your mind and instantly add world-class magic to your mix! Drawing influences from chart toppers like Jason Derulo, Black Eyed Peas, David Guetta, Lady Gaga and Rihanna, this collection has been made with nothing but hits in mind. Expose yourself to this state of the arp sample pack, featuring over 150 arpeggiated hooks, dramatic patterns, bouncing basslines, multi-chord building kits and much more! At Prime Loops we never forget that our customers demand the highest quality, so for this pack we once again recruited our highly skilled producer, engineer & multi-instrumentalist Richard "Wilx" Wilkinson. Wilx is also the author and engineer behind Prime Loops' best selling sample pack releases "NYC Piano Sessions", "R&B Progressions" and "Club Keys", so there's a high possibility that you have come across his work already! With all files ranging from 80 to 150Bpm this pack has been designed for producers of any current genre, looking to add that extra sparkle to their tracks. Each loop comes ready-formatted at 24-bit quality WAV, Akai MPC, Logic, FL Studio, Acid, Garageband, and many more, clearly labelled with key and tempo info for your convenience. Just drag & drop "Melodic Empire" into your dance, r&b or pop session - and start making hits straight away! * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Progressive House • Pop / Rock

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 - Minimal & Twisted House Drum Loops
Minimal & Twisted House Drum LoopsPrime LoopsDrums2010-04-23

Prime Loops are extremely proud to present one of their hottest releases to date: "Minimal and Twisted House Drum Loops". Drawing inspiration from around the world's most prestigious bars, beaches and nightclubs, this masterful infusion of over 130 underground drum beats forcefully tears down the boundaries of modern dance music to the core. Minimal techno from Berlin, twisted beats from Miami, dark house music from London and rhythmic grooves from Brazil all come together to bring you one awe inspiring album of twisted filth! Prepare to be utterly revolted yet ultimately fascinated by this collection of construction grooves, drum loops, top loops and percussion, which will help you to bring your productions into focus with the next generation house music. Inside you will find a variety of grooves and rhythmic styles, including warm organic rolling drums that make your feet tap uncontrollably, to floor filling minimal grooves, intricately crafted complex beats and sporadic patterns that give you that spine-tingling chemical rush of techno satisfaction! Verging on minimal, flirting with electro, sparring with house and dicing with techno, this pack has been inspired by many genres... all of which have been chewed up and spat out into a big lump of rebellion! Whether your style is dark and ambient or downright dirty, this sound suite will have you itching to get in the studio and begin your next masterpiece. "Minimal & Twisted House Drum Loops" was created by the same artist responsible for the best selling "Minimal Synthesis", and has been developed with today's producer in mind. Each drum loop is provided with an identical loop minus the bass drum, should you wish to drop it out for a few bars or add an entirely different kick altogether, and the more complex loops have been split up into 3 or 4 parts, so that you can build up or drop them out as you please. We hope you enjoy using these samples, but be warned: your productions may never be the same again!

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 - Nitro Remix Synths
Nitro Remix SynthsPrime LoopsPresets / Patches2010-08-19

"Nitro: Remix Synths" is one of the most upfront synth sample packs available on the market today. With over 2,700 files, and 500+ professional remix synth patches, this is a mammoth release, and the ultimate collection of chemical, up to the moment synths for your remixes and releases. We used a vast amount of hardware analogue synthesizers in the creation of this sample pack, these include the Access Virus, Korg MS2000, Roland Juno 106, Roland Alpha Juno, Microkorg, Korg 03W, Reese, Korg Prophecy, Korg Mono/Poly, Roland MC303, Roland JP8000 and many more. All of the sounds have been tried, tested and manipulated for maximum impact at our state-of-the-art recording laboratory in crystal clear 24-bit audio, so you can experience the full power of the each sound to the core. This is an advanced collection of upfront, assertive sounds that will cut through any mix and is one of our favourite releases to date. We are confident you will find the 500+ highly developed synths unique, and extremely valuable. "Nitro: Remix Synths" has been specifically designed to give you the edge over other remixers, and is also perfectly suited to top-notch releases in a vast array of styles such as electro, drum n bass, house, techno, dubstep, breaks, main room, big beat... or any other modern electronic music styles. We are proud to present this sonic overdose to assault your senses...with edgy chemical leads, brutal subby basses, utterly addictive pads, crystal coated synths, downright rude hits, stabs and chords; and piercing synth leads bursting with raw attitude... inject these into your mix for instant results. From the classic analogue pads of the 80's, to liquid ecstasy infused 90's techno and filthy drum n' bass sequences, right through to the twisted hybrid electro mash-ups of early 2000 and beyond..."Nitro: Remix Synths" is the ultimate producer's synth collection, and a must have for any serious artist ready to sculpt the sound of the future.

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 - Orchestral Scores
Orchestral ScoresPrime LoopsOrchestral2011-02-09

Mo'Zart or Beathoven? Prime Loops' brand new "Orchestral Scores" sound suite offers an extensive collection of 100 expertly processed and professionally recorded symphonic orchestra loops for your music production. For this stunning Philharmonic loops collection Prime Loops has teamed up once again with the terrifyingly talented Jean Baptiste Lacaze, also known from Prime Loops' critically acclaimed sample pack releases such as "Planet Of The Orchestra" and "Ambient Funk". Inspired by Hollywood's greatest musical legends, "Orchestral Scores" fuses vibes from the minor melodies of Danny Elfman, with the tear-jerking progressions of James Horner and the undisputed king of unforgettable film music, John Williams. With a production value that would impress even the most weathered studio engineer, these pieces are nothing less than cinema-ready. Inside this sample pack you will be exposed to over 500mb of royalty-free inspiration for your musical adventures. All of the 100 loops in this pack are clearly labelled with key and tempo for easy induction into your music productions or soundtrack projects. Just drag and drop these files into your Fruity Loops, Ableton, Logic and Garageband productions or any other piece of sequencing software - it couldn't be easier to use. Truly a testament to the diversity of the orchestra, "Orchestral Scores" offers only the best orchestral compositions and arrangements for musicians and filmmakers alike. Sweep through soaring melodies, paramount string ensembles and intricate piano progressions. Experience moody ambiences and hear the deep thump of epic percussions resonating into the distance. These loops are ideal for use with film, animation and video games and especially suited for producers who want to avoid the expense of hiring a professional composer or arranger. This collection is also tremendously accessible to anyone who just loves to sample, chop, mash-up and rearrange. Remember - all the samples, as with all Prime Loops packs, are 24-bit audio & 100% royalty free; meaning they can be used in all your creations without having to worry about pricey licensing costs, and you will retain full ownership of your work. No matter if you are into hip hop, pop, dubstep or more kind of experimental things, all of the compositions in this pack will perfectly compliment your needs. This is a sample pack to inspire - bringing together the intense and the ethereal, the uplifting and the sombre, the movie theatre with the music charts. "Orchestral Scores" is an uplifting collection of finely crafted samples that your productions are just aching for!