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Puremagnetik is a pioneering sound development company specializing in content for the Ableton Live platform. Developed by seasoned industry sound designers that have worked directly with companies like Ableton and Native Instruments for many years, Puremagnetik offers a unique and affordable way for music producers and sound artists to expand their collection of sounds.

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 - Microtron XL
Microtron XLPuremagnetikOrchestral2011-04-28

A super-saving bundle showcasing the distinctive tones of the classic Mellotron M400 across nine multisampled instruments. From chillout to hip hop, from soundtrack scores to slow lane house, the Mellotron delivers the goods, featuring flutes, horns, clarinets, brass, strings and more. Microtron XL for Ableton Live bundles together all 3 tapes from Puremagnetik's popular Microtron series into a unique and affordable package that captures the the original imperfections, vintage analog quality of the Mellotron M400 through a Neumann U47 Microphone and Reeves Custom 50 Amplifier. Microtron XL integrates seamlessly into Ableton Live 8. It comes packed with 9 individual multisampled instruments and full 'tape' instruments that have similar sound blending functionality to that found on the original M400. The collection also includes over 150 professionally performed Live Clips complete with Ableton Live Rack and Effects integration. Microtron XL includes the following instruments as programmed from the original tapes. What's in the collection? MK II Flute > Undoubtedly the sound that defines Mellotron, the MKII flute instantly conjures images of 1967 Abbey Road. Not only the most famous Mellotron sound, but perhaps the eeriest, the MKII flute's dubious pitching has been in question throughout the decades. The change in timbre and odd intonation only adds to the haunting and mesmerizing character of this timeless sound. Octave Recorders > Composed of soprano, alto and tenor recorders, it has a solid woody tone with breathy articulations and is definitely a contender to fill up the mix with some organic elements. Playing fast staccato chords on this one can make it sound a bit like a harmonium. Cello > Renowned for its melancholy timbre and described by some as "wheezing and groaning" the Microtron Cello is undoubtedly one of the standout characters in the collection. Clarinet > The original Mk1 Clarinet that was discontinued but re-introduced for Puremagnetik's Microtron series. Warm and woody, the Microtron clarinet has an authentic sound that captures its vintage flavour. The Microtron Clarinet patch is programmed an octave higher for quick harmonic layering with other Microtron sounds. French Horn > Big and brassy, the Microtron French Horn is a uniquely expressive addition to the Microtron collection. Glenn Miller > Glenn Miller disappeared from the radar in 1944, but now he has returned for one last swingin' arrangement in your DAW, inspiring hours of fun and creativity with layered brass sounds, warped, flanged and mangled in the classic Mellotron tape style. Brass > The recorded combined output of two saxophones, two trumpets and a trombone, this is a powerful and punchy sound much beloved of King Crimson, Rick Wakeman, The Moody Blues and even John Lennon. 8 Voice Choir > Another of the classic Mellotron sounds, and perhaps the most arresting, consisting of four female and four male voices. String Section > A combination of violins, viola and cello, these multisampled strings are pre-arranged to sound huge, just layer them together in chords or clusters for some outlandish string effects. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Disco/ Nu Disco • Pop/ Rock

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 - Toy Factory
Toy FactoryPuremagnetikSound FX2011-03-18

Twisted electronics, chaotic circuit-bent synthesizers and classic toy store favourites all await in this hacked, glitched and tricked out collection of curveball snthesis. Built specifically for Ableton Live (Version 8 and above), Puremagnetik serve up over 300MB of 24-bit Wav multisamples pre-loaded across 30 Instrument Racks. All Racks are integrated with Ableton's native effects, as well as being specifically routed to offer a range of Ableton Macro settings for comprehensive sound tweaking. Toy Factory includes content from the following Puremagnetik Micropaks: Bender > Circuit bent loops and glitchy percussion kits from modified electronic devices. HackShop > Layered basses, pads and percussion sampled from circuit bent devices and modified signal processors. ToyBox 1 > Toys, gadgets and music education devices. From plastic accordions to toy vibraphones, Toybox is bursting with creative sounds. ToyBox 2 > Multi-sampled toys, speaking devices, handmade wooden instruments, classic noisemakers and battery-powered plastic gizmos. Ultrakord > An electronic instrument inspired by the extraordinary sounds and strumming interface of the Suzuki Omnichord.

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 - Synth Arsenal
Synth ArsenalPuremagnetikPresets / Patches2011-03-11

Puremagnetik announce their arrival to the S2S fold with a sterling collection of synth multisamples and custom-built Ableton effects racks for a host of classic synths, all with near limitless programming potential. Made up of samples and presets from their B-System, Phazeform Vol 1&2 and Opus Micropak collections, Synth Arsenal has got all your synthesis needs covered: from rich detailed leads and basses from the Buchla, lush string, brass and organ sounds from the Moog Opus 3 and gritty, lo-fi sonics from the Casio CZ-1, SK-1 and VL-Tone. The collection is divided into three folders of Moog, Casio and Buchla, each with a selection of 5-8 dedicated Instrument Racks designed to bring these classic synths to life. These expertly crafted Instrument Racks come loaded with extensive Macro mapping for even more creative possibilities and ease sound tweaking. The Moog folder contains 6 Racks which cover the Opus' twisting, evolving textures, analog techno basses, sci-fi sonics and more. The Opus sounds are perfect for synth brass and string sections and their rich analog texture fits seamlessly into house, tech, electro and progressive productions. The Buchla folder contains 5 Racks of richly programmed lead and bass content sourced from an original Buchla 200e modular synthesiser played by Richard Lainhart. Again its custom-built rack comes advanced Macro controls. The Casio folder contains 8 Racks of lo-fi, kitsch sounds made famous by their phrase distortion units. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Tech House • House • Techno

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 - Analog Shakedown
Analog ShakedownPuremagnetikPresets / Patches2011-03-11

Puremagnetik continue their Food For Live series with more golden-era kit being put through its Ableton paces across 160 expertly-programmed Instrument Racks. Analog Shakedown transforms your Ableton Live library into a comprehensive showcase of classic analog synthesis, containing an essential collection of sounds across five separate folders of Analog Drums, Keys & Percussive, Leads & Basses, Pads & Atmospheres and String Machines. The collection is made up of sounds from a number of Puremagnetik Micropak Releases. What's in the collection? Vespine samples > loaded with expertly engineered sounds that fully capture the characteristic charm of the legendary EDP Wasp synthesizer. Programmed with sampler features with voice layering and polyphonic variations. Harvestman samples > a selection of basses, pads, leads and more from the Harvestman synthesiser module. String samples > a lush collection of synth strings from classic string synths including the Roland VP-330, Roland RS-09, ARP Solina String Ensemble and Crumar Orchestrator. Drums > slammin' percussives captured entirely from Doepfer, LiveWire and MFB modular systems. Download contains: 1 x Ableton Live Pack containing 160 x Instrument Racks. Please ensure that your software is fully updated or the pack may not instal properly. Download size: 317MB (unzipped).