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Router's goal is to connect music makers, from one producer to the other. Retailing only the highest quality in royalty-free production tools.

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 - Dark Warehouse Techno
Dark Warehouse TechnoRouter ProductionsTechno2014-02-05

Gutcrushing, raw, volatile loops and stems that will beef your techno productions to their fullest. Tactile and malevolent, this pack of crude, stolid, drum loops, basslines, and erstwhile dark percussion rhythms will guide you as you pursue to construct some of the most obscene obliterating, unearthly, cavernous techno, to be played out through the biggest systems, in the world's best techno nightclubs. Put together by some of the scene's leading producers and most experienced techno heads, Dark Warehouse Sounds is the end result of years of malevolent production. 50 basslooops 50 chord and pad loops 10 drone and atmospheric samples 40 hat and shakes 25 kick loops 55 percussion loops 25 snare and clap loops 50 synth and melody loops 30 vocal loops

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 - Mike Shannon's Modular Synth Works Vol.1
Mike Shannon's Modular Synth Works Vol.1Router ProductionsTech House2013-11-20

No one defines latter day tech house better than Canada’s Mike Shannon. Having firmly established himself on the global DJ scene with his unquestionably tight control of the turntables combined with his fine record selection, Shannon went on to launch the Cynosure and Haunt imprints. In addition to his solid stream of output across labels including Wagon Repair and Plus 8, Shannon has been the to-go-to guy for remixes and collaborations due to his fine reputation for knowing what works on the dancefloor. With the release of his first sample pack, now you can turn to Shannon to help gain over a decades worth of influence for your new productions as well as help gain that special Canadian flare to your new sounds. Bass : 20 loops • BD : 10 Loops • CP: 13 Loops • HH: 20 Loops • MISC : 5 Loops • Full Loops: 3 Loops • MODULAR : 17 Loops • SYNTH : 14 loops