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Sample Magic is an award-winning sound design company, specializing in the best cutting-edge sounds across a variety of musical genres. All releases are recorded and mixed in professional 24-bit quality using only the finest audiophile grade equipment and are encoded in a variety of formats from Wav and RMX / Rex2 through to Apple Loops. Samplers supported include HALion, EXS24, NN-XT and Kontakt. Every loop or sample we release is masterfully crafted by the best producers and programmers in the business and is guaranteed 100% copyright-cleared for your peace of mind.

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 - Low End Theory
Low End TheorySample MagicBreaks, Hip-Hop2015-03-10

An artful collage of west coast hip-hop, sample-heavy electronica and chilled trap - pulling in elements of jazz, funk and soul along the way - Low End Theory is a 1.3GB exploration of the influential LA beat scene made famous by the likes of Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer and Daedelus. Spanning the edgy and experimental to the hazy and hypnotic, Low End Theory comes packed with punchy low-slung beats, thick and fuzzy bass, languid keys, kaleidoscopic synths, skittish percussion, wildly pitched vocals, heavily processed FX and stacks of characterful drum hits and melodic shots expertly crafted from over 100 hours of analogue jams, field recording trips and late-night studio sessions. Download Contains: • 797 x 24-bit wav files. • 689 x Apple Loops. • 689 x Rex2 files. • 236 x MIDI files. • 7 sampler formats for Drum Rack, EXS24, NN-XT and Kontakt • 5 custom kits for Maschine, NN-XT, Kontakt, Drum Rack and EXS24

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 - Organic Chillout
Organic ChilloutSample MagicChill Out, Orchestral2015-02-26

Assorted live instrumentation, mellow melodics and sparse lo-fi beats are the foundations of Organic Chillout: 1.3GB of vinyl-style beats and breaks, thick live bass, yearning keys, rich Rhodes, cinematic piano, jazz-infused music loops, live percussion layers, intricate evolving textures and atmospheric FX. The collection is divided into folder of 95, 100 and 105bpm. All loops and tempo and key-labeled where applicable. Download Contains: • 792 x 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots. • 330 x MIDI files. • 692 x Apple Loops. • 692 x Rex2 files. • 5 custom kits and 5 hit type sampler formats for Ableton Drum Rack, EXS-24, Kontakt, Maschine and NN-XT

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 - Berlin Techno Tracks
Berlin Techno TracksSample MagicHouse, Techno2015-02-19

Packed with pummelling stripped-back grooves, cavernous dub chords, industrial synths and functional FX, Berlin Techno Tracks delivers five full-track projects and 15 production kits optimised for Ableton and Maschine. Ranging from utilitarian and spartan through to moody and atmospheric, each of the five projects comes with a 16-pad one-shot kit, synth sampler instruments, full track arrangement, MIDI, FX programming and automation, allowing you to deconstruct and re-configure the tracks with total ease. In addition, there’s also 15 carefully constructed production kits designed to create new tracks from scratch. Totalling 16 one-shots per kit, each one comes loaded with powerful drums (kick, snare/claps, percussion, hats), dark synth shots, throbbing bass shots and electronic FX, each kit is finely-honed sound palette primed for full-track production. Each kit also comes with 3 custom MIDI grooves to showcase the kit and kick-start your creativity. Whether you’re an Ableton or Maschine user, these projects and kits have been expertly crafted to make maximum use of their native effects and functionality to deliver club-ready inspiration alongside instant plug-and-play usability. Everything you hear in the demo is included in the pack and all kits, sounds and MIDI can be mixed and matched at will to create hundreds of unique techno tracks. Download contains: • 240 x 24-bit Wav one-shots • 5 x Maschine projects • 5 x Ableton projects. • 15 x Group kits for Maschine 2 • 15 x Ableton drum racks • 60 x MIDI files

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 - Deep & Bass House
Deep & Bass HouseSample MagicHouse, Tech House2015-02-10

Deep & Bass House returns to the UK underground with 900MB+ of chunky big-room beats, killer basslines, filtered chords, retro piano riffs, brooding synths, pitched vocals, twisted FX and punchy drum hits for the new school of deep house. At the apex of deep house, garage and bass, we’ve gone all-out to recreate the UK sound taking dance music by storm, serving up content in industry-standard 24-bit Wavs alongside fully-flexible MIDI and instant-load sampler drum kits. Download Contains: - 876 x 24-bit Wav files - 576 x Apple Loops - 576 x Rex2 files - 230 x MIDI files - 5 custom kits and 4 hit type sampler formats for EXS-24, Ableton Drum Rack, NN-XT, Kontakt and Maschine.

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 - Vinyl & Tape Melodic Shots
Vinyl & Tape Melodic ShotsSample MagicHouse, Techno2015-02-09

Looking for melodics with that ripped-from-vinyl vibe without the royalty headaches? Look no further than Vinyl & Tape Melodic Shots: 1750+ of our finest bass, synth, keys and pads tracked to tape and cut to vinyl for an essential selection of deep, rich, thick and warm melodic tools. Also well as all the files being offered in four custom analogue flavours, we’ve bundled in 50 fully-mapped instruments for Kontakt, EXS24, Ableton Sampler and NN-XT for instant old school melodic inspiration. We delved into the world of tape and vinyl with our best-selling Vinyl & Tape Drum Hits collection. Now we’ve turned our attention to melodic elements: Rhodes, vintage synths, piano, bass and more. Oozing with a warmth and personality that’s impossible to recreate in the digital realm, these lovingly recorded sounds – tweaked at one of the UK's leading mastering houses – will instantly give your music distinctive depth, fullness and warmth with zero additional processing. Prepare to be surprised how much easier melodies come together with sounds that are bursting with analogue flavour. Meticulously curated from across the Sample Magic catalogue, all sounds have been tracked to industry-leading Qauntegy GP-9 tape on a Studer A80 and A810, cut to vinyl with a Neumann VMS70 lathe, SAL 74C rack and SX74 cutting head and then lightly treated through the Phoenix Thermionic compressor via an all-analogue chain of Focusrite Blue 315 pre-amp's, Maselec MEA-2 EQ and Waves Maxx BCL limiter. Divided into folders of Vinyl, A80 Tape, Hot A80 Tape and A810 Tape, the same hits are given new leases of life in each… Vinyl > The classic vinyl sound – think warmth, body, fullness, air – is what this folder is about. Ideal for all manner of lush melodic creation across all genres, all sounds were finalised using the Phoenix Thermionic valve compressor then cut to vinyl with a Neumann VMS70 Lathe, SAL 74C rack and SX74 cutting head. A80 Tape > Rich, warm and naturally compressed melodic sounds given extra punch and depth through the medium of this classic tape machine. A subtle layer of noise and tape flutter warms digital signals and transposes musically in a pitch-shifted setting. We were careful not to push too hard the sounds here – recorded to 1/4 inch Quantegy GP-9 – fit the mix just right. Hot A80 Tape > Custom-driven gain settings for each hit were employed on the flagship Studer A80 machine for even more analogue character. Top-end transients are aggressively smoothed out and the notorious bottom end of tape saturation widens the stereo image and compresses essential low-end frequencies. A810 Tape > The younger brother of the A80 and a tape machine collector’s dream. Here we’ve pushed the melodic shots to breaking point for a maxed, dirty and driven vibe thanks to the A810’s unique gain structure. Bass and key sounds become wider and slightly harmonically distorted for a distinctively hot retro sound. Bass > 188 synth plucks, deep subs and live hits for the ultimate low-end. Sub-divided into folders of aggressive, distorted, pitch-bend, wobble and subby. Synth > Vast selection of shots and chords from the finest synths including the Juno-106, Oberheim X and Roland System-100. Sub-divided into folders of aggressive, bright, filtered, percussive and processed so you can find the right sound with ease. Pads > Lush, warm, wide and rich: 169 key-labeled pads from classic synths including the Prophet 5, Juno-60 and the Roland JX-3P. Keys > Real Rhodes and piano samples primed for that retro live vibe. Vocoder > Timeless sounds from an analogue classic. FX > Techno bleeps and bloops, house swooshes and swells and disco lazers taken for a vinyl and tape spin. Key-labeled where applicable. Sampler Instruments > A custom selection of sampler instruments fine tuned for playability in a variety of samplers. Download contains: - 1,783 x 24-bit Wav one-shots. - 84 x Sampler patches and 50 x Sampler instruments for Ableton Sampler & Drum Rack, Kontakt, NN-XT and EXS-24. - Additional booklet on behind the scenes look into this pack Download Size: 1.1GB (unzipped) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Minimal • Tech House

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 - Future Skies
Future SkiesSample MagicChill Out, Orchestral2015-01-26

From futuristic dystopia and urban malaise to desolate worlds and barren landscapes, Future Skies presents over 1GB of sparse synthetics, organic instrumentation and real-world sounds expertly produced for the deep chill and sprawling cinematic scores. Packed with hundreds of Blade Runner atmospheres, Vangelis soundscapes, tranquil moods, yearning melodies, drifting motifs, fractured rhythms, glitched beats, electrostatic ambiences, ominous textures and processed field recordings, Future Skies provides a truly arresting and emotive voyage into the stratosphere. The collection is divided into 60, 65 and 75bpm folders. All loops are key-labeled where applicable. Rhythm Loops > Cracked and dusty drums, glitched grooves, tribal tools, lo-fi analogue beats and more. Many served with stripped stems for total flexibility. Bass Loops > Vintage P-bass licks, bottomless subs, thick distorted drones, tone-bent lines and more. All key-labeled for instant use. Keys Loops > Lilting progressions, cinematic runs, mellow motifs, haunting moods and tender moments. From dry to heavily processed, all come key-labeled for convenience. Synth Loops > Dystopian leads, eerie arps, Radiophonic workshops experiementatons, crystalline elements and more. Many offered with variants for full arrangement control. Pad Loops > Trembling textures, endless layers, analogue ambiences, ominous atmospheres loaded with everything from tension and foreboding to hope and relief. Textures > Extended ambiences and beds: neo-natural field recordings, dark cityscapes, sci-fi sounds and more. Download contains: - 507 x 24-bit wav files. - 463 x Apple Loops. - 463 x Rex2 files - 62 x MIDI files. Download Size: 1.3GB (unzipped) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Sounds FX

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 - Garage & Bass House Tracks
Garage & Bass House TracksSample MagicHouse, Tech House2015-01-26

Jackin’ beats, bad-boy bass and moody melodics: 10 club-ready cuts optimised for studio and live performance with Maschine and Ableton. Inspired by the cream of the underground crop - Dusky, Friend Within, Shadow Child - and packed with all-new samples, MIDI patterns, Massive patches and project kits, Garage & Bass House Tracks puts cutting-edge multi-format production toolkits at your fingertips. At the underground apex of deep house, garage and bass, each Maschine project comes with a full track arrangement (including macro automation control), mapped drum kit, killer Massive patches and all associated MIDI data to offer you unrivalled inspiration. Ableton Live users will find full track arrangements with fully-mapped Drum Rack kits, native automation, Massive and sampler instruments, MIDI and 24-bit Wav files ready to rock instantly in Live 9. Loaded with fat drum hits, filthy basslines, pitched vox cuts, filtered chords, old school organs and big-room FX, each project has all the ingredients to make killer garage and bass house tracks. Everything you hear in the demo is included in the pack! All kits, patches and MIDI can be mixed and matched at will to create hundreds of unique dancefloor weapons. Download contains: - 147 x 24-bit Wav one-shots. - 69 x Massive Patches. - 10 x Full-Track Maschine projects. - 10 x Ableton Projects. - 75 x MIDI Files. Please note: Native Instruments Maschine 2.1.1 or Ableton Live 9 and Native Instruments Massive v1.3 are required to use this pack. Full Download: 420MB (unzipped)

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 - House Nation
House NationSample MagicHouse, Tech House2015-01-19

Weaving together early Chicago house, classic disco and contemporary tech across 950MB+ of loops, hits, MIDI and kits, House Nation is the definitive collection for underground house producers. Packed with jackin' and tribal grooves, deep gyrating basslines, authentic analogue synths, reworked Rhodes, cut-up vocals and more, House Nation is a cultured blend of classic influences and modern trends that captures the true spirit of house music. Drum Loops > Raw-to-the-floor jackathons, bumpin’ grooves and pared-back tech workouts: 227 beats including all the stripped stems you’d expect. Tops Loops > 86 superlative kick-free rhythms ranging from vinyl-style rips and dusty disco grooves through to tough drum machine tools. Instant beat-making magic. Percussion Loops > Killer tribal percussion grooves packed with bongos, congas, cowbell and woodblocks. Designed for easy layering in any mix. Music Loops > 98 of our famed song-starters. From soulful disco-dubs to straight-up house jams, each key-labeled kit comes with stripped stems and associated MIDI for unrivalled production control. Bass Loops > Funk licks, sub smackers, Juno jives and dirty DX-ers. 131 bassline grooves to make you move. Key-labeled throughout. Synth Loops > Deep filtered chords, re-sampled riffs and old school organs all oozing with analogue charm. Key-labeled for convenience. Vocal Loops > Original disco diva ad libs, gospel shouts and street voices reworked for instant house anthemics. All key-labeled for total ease of use. FX > Stacks of sizzling crashes, reverses, vox bombs and vinyl crackles alongside uber functional risers, falls and disco lazers. One-Shots > An essential bounty of classic drum machine hits layered and resampled for a unique analogue-fried flavour. Plus a bonus folders of vox shots for good measure. Download contains: - 1122 x 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots - 130 x MIDI files - 771 x Apple Loops - 771 x Rex2 Loops - 5 custom drum kits and 28 hit type sampler patches for Ableton Drum Rack, EXS24, Kontakt and NN-XT - 10 page digital booklet containing introduction, producer tips and kit list. Download Size: 960MB (unzipped)

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 - Future R&B
Future R&BSample MagicHip-Hop, Disco / Nu Disco2015-01-13

Delve into the world of chilled electronic futurism with Future R&B. At the apex of trap, chillwave, hip-hop and west coast electronica, this trailblazing collection of loops, MIDI, hits and kits rips up the rule book, reworking every genre along the way. From clean to crunchy, deep to funky, washed-out to woozy: Future R&B serves up 1GB+ of poppin’ rhythmbox beats, fat sub bass, blissed-out analogue synths, delicate keys, pitched vocal cuts and warm atmospheres, plus stacks of drum hits and melodic one-shots - crafted from a selection of the finest analogue synths, drum machines and outboard gear for a truly rich, warm and fat sound. Drum Loops > 408 poppin’ beats and razor-sharp rhythmics from the classic TR-808 and 606. Fat kicks, tweaked trap hats and crunchy lo-fi percussion. Served with up to stripped stems for full beat flexibility. Bass Loops > Subby melters, dirty overdrivers and tone-bent wonkiness: 29 loops oozing with analogue goodness. All served with associated MIDI loops. Music Loops > A rich reserve of melodic inspiration waiting to be mined: 85 folders of reconfigured R&B workouts packed with elegant keys, ethereal pads, quirky synths, warm bass, lo-fi textures and warped vox elements. Key-labeled and tempo-synced, each jam comes with stripped stems and all the associated MIDI loops. Synth Loops > Lo-fi leads, hazy chords, whimsical keys and wavy analogue tones, all key-labeled and served with the associated MIDI loops. Vocal Loops > Sliced and diced, pitched and glitched: 25 precision-programmed vocal cuts to complex the beat. FX > All-analogue selection of arp modulations, weird risers, tailspins, drones, bleeps and glitchisms. One-Shots > Choice serving of kicks, claps, snares, hat and percussion primed for lo-fi trap, hip-hop and LA beat scene grooves as well as a considered selection of big fat bass hits and rich complex synth shots primed for your sampler instrument of choice. Download contains: - 950 x 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots - 780 x Apple Loops - 780 x Rex2 Loops - 271 x MIDI files - 5 Custom Drum Kits and 24 sampler patches for Ableton Drum Rack, Kontakt, Maschine, Battery, EXS24, NN-XT, Kong. - Download size: 1.3GB (unzipped)

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 - Progressive Anthems
Progressive AnthemsSample MagicProgressive House, Electro House2014-11-25

Potent and pumping, melodic and euphoric: Progressive Anthems delivers 1GB+ of chunky, floor-pounding beats, epic chords sequences, electro-tinged leads, throbbing bass, XXL FX, hits, kits and more. Primed for peak-time ecstasy, Progressive Anthems induces serotonin overload with hundreds of maximal melodics, peak-time beats and super sized synthetics to soundtrack the biggest stages and festivals worldwide. Packed with loops, hits, kits, MIDI and Sylenth patches, it’s the complete producer toolkit running the line between high-octane EDM and bliss-injected progressive. What’s in the collection? Drum Loops > Stacks of chunky, pared-back floor-pounding beats, all offered in full, stripped, kick-free, hat- and perc-only stems for total beat control. Music Loops > xx folders of epic and euphoric melodic track-starters packed with bass, lead, melody, chords and arps. All royalty-free and key-labeled for your convenience. Associated MIDI files included as standard. Bass Loops > Subby throbs, filthy fifths, bin-blitzing bruisers and overdriven razor-blazers, all key-labeled and built for dancefloor destruction. MIDI versions also provided. Synth Loops > Dirty electro leads, driving chord sequences, euphoric progressions and trancey gated leads expertly sculpted for hands-in-the-air hysteria. Sylenth Patches > 60 super-charged Sylenth patches spanning bass, leads, FX, pads and plucks. Just fire up some MIDI and roll… Sampler Instruments > 10 fully-mapped and super-stacked synth instruments for Kontakt, Ableton Sampler, EXS-24 and NN-XT. FX > Scores of big-room builds, downshifters, risers and before-the-drop fills. All tempo-matched for instant drag-and-drop action. Drum Hits & Kits > An essential selection of XXXL kicks, claps, hats, snare, rides, crashes and percussion alongside 5 fully-mapped kits for Battery, Maschine, EXS-24 and Ableton Drum Rack. Big-room beat-making tools at your fingertips.

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 - Synthwave
SynthwaveSample MagicChill Out, Disco / Nu Disco2014-11-03

Emotive, atmospheric, anthemic. SM47 Synthwave is a vintage synth-laden fusion of Moroder melodics, Nightrider riffs and Drive-style neo-retro pop sensibilities primed for iconic 80s-inspired electronica. Packed with classic machine drum beats, funky electro licks, dreamy synth excursions, emotive arpeggios, burbling basslines and new wave riffs from a raft of classic analogue machines, Synthwave serves up 1GB of authentic retro-cool electronica tools. Drum Loops > Authentic 80s machine beats direct from revered classics and forgotten garage sale gems. Served with up to five variant mixes for full-song control. Drum Fills > Choice selection of tom and snare fills. Offered in both wet and dry versions for total flexibility. Inspiration Loops > 40 folders of essential song-starters packed with rich analogue goodness: fizzing synth leads, exquisite arps, bold bass, lush pads, funky guitar and more. Supplied with MIDI for supreme customisation. Bass Loops > 80s arps, dirty synth-funk licks and monophonic monsters to drive the mix. Synth Loops > Retro electro meets Italo disco: late-night leads to cruise downtown LA. FX > Essential all-analogue endorphins: lazers, delays, sweeps, swooshes and more. Drum Hits > Classic kicks, claps, snares, hats and percussion given added warmth and detailed via MPC resampling. Download contains: - 848 x 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots - 220 x MIDI files - 610 x Apple Loops - 610 x Rex2 Loops - 32 x Sampler Patches for EXS24, Kontakt, NN-XT and Ableton Drum Rack - 10-page digital booklet featuring introduction, kit list, producer tips and more Download Size: 1.18GB (unzipped) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Funk / Soul / R&B

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 - Mainroom Deep House
Mainroom Deep HouseSample MagicHouse, Disco / Nu Disco2014-10-23

Epic, energetic and euphoric: Mainroom Deep House effortlessly runs the line between the Ibiza underground and the Top 40 charts with an essential mix of jackin’ beats, anthemic big-room bass, sleek ’n’ shiny synths, classic pianos, huge FX and more. Fusing the best of underground house, UK garage and electronic pop, Mainroom Deep House supplies 1.1GB of loops, hits, MIDI and sampler instruments for our most diverse, flexible and inspirational collection ever. Drum Loops > From garage-tinged jackers to big-room 4/4 slammers: 60 essential rhythm-rockers to kick-start the groove. Served with stripped stems for total control. Inspiration Loops > 20 jam-packed folders of neon-injected song-starters. Big-room beats, full-fat digi-logue basslines, stacked synths, arps, classic pianos, vocals and FX - all key-labeled, tempo-synced and supplied with the associated MIDI for unrivalled flexibility. Bass Loops > Warp speed to Deep Bass Nine with a choice selection of bin-busting bassline bombs. Deep, fat and dripping with sonic filth, each one comes with the associated MIDI for ultimate customisation. Synth & Music Loops > Deep filteronics, detuned sliders, old school organs and cosmic arps sizzling with mainroom appeal. Key-labeled and MIDI files included as standard. Piano Loops > Anthemic and epic chord progressions direct from the classic Korg M1. Classic sounds brought bang-up-to-date. Raw MIDI variants also included. Sampler Instruments and One-Shots > 10 fully-mapped full-octave bass and synth instruments for EXS24, Kontakt, NN-XT and Ableton Sampler. FX Loops > Glitched textures, mashed melodics and twisted transitions to layer in the mix. Drum Hits > Chunky kicks, meaty snares, razor-sharp hats and unique percussive hits for custom beat-building. Specifications: • 480 x 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots • 80 x MIDI files • 300 x Apple Loops • 300 x Rex2 Loops • 10 x Sampler instruments for EXS24, Kontakt, NN-XT and Ableton Sampler • 28 x Sampler Patches for EXS24, Kontakt, NN-XT and Ableton Drum Rack

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 - Analogue House
Analogue HouseSample MagicHouse, Techno2014-10-14

Rough, raw and uncompromising house tools extracted from stacks of vintage analogue synths, maxed-out drum machines, bashed-up tapes and reworked archival material to capture the DIY aesthetic of classic house. Packed with pounding drum machine grooves, LFO-mangled bass, kaleidoscopic arps, grainy resampled stabs and Detroit dub chords - alongside thick layers of hiss, dirt and overdriven textures - Analogue House is a no-frills take on the fundamentals of house music. The result of a year-long production love affair combining classic hardware, VHS and cassette tape, all-new vocal recordings, found-sound digging and hardcore post production processing, Analogue House is over 900MB of robust yet lo-fi loops for underground house production. Drum Loops > Ruff-and-tuff machine workouts explosive with heavy kicks, incessant hats, crunchy snares and mangled percussion. Percussion Loops > Gritty and groove-focussed percussive layers extracted from classic drum machines. Hi-Hat & Shaker Loops > Jackin’ hats and shufflin’ shakers to work the groove. Pitched, resampled, modulated and laced with hiss, hum and tape noise to offer characterful hi-end response. Kick Loops > 33 propulsive kick grooves laced with tape hiss, analogue noise and distortion grit for an instant lo-fi track backbone. Snare Loops > Jack-attack snare rhythms composed from multi-layered hits and transients. Bass Loops > Deep sine subs, funk-injected jams, menacing FM monsters and more built to work the dancefloor. Chord Loops > From deep and dubby to hazy chord-scapes, vintage keys to disintegrating stabs: 50 melodic layers referencing Detriot and Chicago. Synth Loops > Acidic arps, distortion-dripping leads, palpitating plucks and interstellar synth-plorations for the twisted reaches of house. Vocal Loops > Weird and warped voxisms direct from the urban underground. Drum Hits > Hardcore selection of grainy, overdriven, tape-resampled kicks, snares, hats and percussion for raw-to-the-floor beats. Download contains: • 679 x 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots • 554 x Apple Loops • 554 x Rex2 Loops • 11 x EXS24, Ableton Drum Rack, Kontakt and NN-XT sampler patches *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House

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 - Maschine Magic: Drum Synths
Maschine Magic: Drum SynthsSample MagicDrums, MIDI2014-10-08

Introducing our most powerful Maschine pack ever: 160 custom-programmed drum presets for pan-genre beat production, served with 10 killer drum kits and associated MIDI arrangements covering house, techno, EDM, trap, D&B and more. We’ve pushed Maschine’s native drum synths to the max to bring you 160 expertly crafted drum hit presets covering classic drum machine emulations, live-style hits, tight digital sounds, grimy lo-fi tools and super-stacked mainroom hits. Packed with kicks, snares, percussion, hats, rides and FX hits, the pack is presented as 10 custom drum kits, each with their own unique vibe for instant inspiration. Not only does each kit come with 8 top-level macros (including filters, reverbs, distortion, swing and more), each drum hit preset within the kit is also macro-mapped for detailed sound sculpting and customisation. Finally, each kit comes with a full MIDI drum arrangement to get you started. Each kit contains: > A full drum kit containing custom drum presets for kick, snare, hats, cymbals, percussion and FX. > Full MIDI drum arrangement (16 bars) > Extensive native Maschine FX processing for top-level marcos for intuitive live performance and programming. > Total macro-mapping for all drum presets. To showcase the versatility of the presets, each project track covers a different genre of cutting-edge electronic music, including house, techno, EDM, trap, downtempo, D&B and more. The Kits: Machine Kit - The sound of classic drum machines like the TR-808, 909 and 606 with the added flexibility of digital processing and FX. Whether it’s raw techno rhythms, analogue house grooves or old school electro beats, this classic drum machine kit is the one. Acoustic Kit - A killer live drum kit primed for everything from disco to D&B. Effortlessly program live-style beats with macros for swing, room ambience and more. Broken Kit - Dirty and distorted, cracked and smashed, this degraded kit is primed for those who like their beats served filthy. Amsterdam Kit - Crisp kicks, clean snares, sharp hats and tribal-style percussion hits channel the vibe of Amsterdam’s tech-house luminaries like Joris Voorn and 2000 And One . Crossover Kit - Blend digital sounding kicks and snares with organic-inspired percussion that will work in everything from deep tech-house through to D&B. Cloud Kit - Raw, dirty and atmospheric sounds of cloud rap inspired by the lo-fi hip hop beats of Clams Casino. A woozy beat of off-kilter kicks, rough hats, crunchy snares and sinewave toms. Tweak dirt and swing macros to taste. Clinical Kit - Enter the sounds of modern minimal techno with tight digital drums supplemented with glitched and twisted FX processing. Industrial Kit - A hardcore electronica kit channeling the pioneering sonics of Aphex Twin and Sqaurepusher. Hard-hitting and abrasive, dial in the macros for maximum weirdness. Trapped Kit - A deadly cocktail of heavy 808 kicks, stacked snares, fat claps, tight hats and rim shots for trap and urban bangers. Disclosed Kit - The sound modern deep house: fresh kicks, crisp claps and tight percussion aimed squarely at the dance floor. Anthem Kit - Big-room sounds for EDM and hardstyle anthems. Tweak saturation, bit crush and spot reverb macros for huge track-backers. Download contains: 10 x Maschine Drum Synth Kits (Groups) 160 x Drum Synth Presets. Please note: Maschine 2.1.1 or higher is required to use this pack. Additional installation instructions can also be found in the Magic Maschine: Found Sounds Booklet available from this product page. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • House • Minimal • Tech House • Techno

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 - Ultimate FX 3
Ultimate FX 3Sample MagicTechno, Sound FX2014-09-18

Ultimate FX returns with 1.8GB of immaculately crafted FX tools: adrenaline-inducing risers, epic builds, tension-busting drops, sonic slams, bass booms, drum fills, classic dub FX, synth lasers and cinematic cymbals primed for electronic music and soundtrack producers. After two best-selling editions, Ultimate FX 3 again raises the benchmark for FX sound design with 550+ tempo-synced loops and hits skilfully produced and painstakingly honed to offer our biggest, boldest, wildest and sonically detailed transition FX, hits and loops ever. Utilising the finest analogue synths, digital tools and outboard processing, we’ve pushed the SM studio to the limits to offer a comprehensive and versatile collection that you will return to again, again and again. Risers & Uplifters > 240+ peaktime builds, epic risers, sweeps and winders to whip the crowd into ecstasy. Divided into 128 and 140bpm folders. Falls & Descenders > 97 bottomless falls, pressure drops, sonic sliders atmospheric gliders - tempo-synced at 128 or 140bpm for convenience. Impacts & Bombs > 47 Galactic slams, sub booms and atomic bombs sculpted for apocalyptic cone-cracking impact. Atmospheres > 37 affecting ambiences, ominous drones and esoteric noise loops to add eerie tension. Side-chain low in the mix to create pumping mix energy. Spot FX > Stacks of all-analogue synth modulations, bleeps and sirens. Drum Fills > 30 slamming rhythmic builds packed with everything from funky live drums to quirky glitch-perc fills. Cymbal FX > Choice selection of processed cymbal smashes, splashes, crashes and gongs. EDM Builds > Epic extended builds for dancefloor bombs. Stacked snares, fat synths, bass booms and more - all fully-mixed and tempo-synced for instant drop-and-rock action. Key-labeled for convenience. Dub FX > A choice selection of classic dub delay spot FX. All loops are tempo-labeled at 128 or 140bpm where applicable.

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Radio Slave - Radio Slave - Beats Collection
Radio Slave - Beats CollectionSample MagicHouse, Techno2014-07-02

After his best-selling debut, Radio Slave returns with a fresh collection of hypnotic grooves, tribal-infused rhythms and driving beats synonymous with his revered releases for the likes of Rekids, NonPlus and Perlon. From his marathon DJ sets through to his epic elongated productions, Matt Edwards’ Radio Slave moniker is all about the groove. Here he hones in on the beat, exclusively serving up stacks of raw rhythms, warehouse grooves and jack-hammer drum hits direct from his unreleased Radio Slave archives. Alongside the loops there’s also five exclusive Radio Slave drum kits created from the hits included in the pack. The kits are available for instant drag-and-drop action in Ableton Drum Rack, Maschine, Battery and Kong. What’s in the collection? Drum Loops & Grooves > Track-starting drum workouts loaded with machine drum hits, organic percussion, live hits and gritty textures. Many offered with stripped-out stems for full beat control. Tops Loops > Rough-and-ready kick-free tools to layer for complex beat creation. Percussion Loops > Full tribal-style grooves and live percussive layers to inject detail and dynamism into beats. Drum Kits > 5 exclusive drum kits created by Radio Slave to offer inspirational beat-making from the ground up. Please note: demos contain additional FX sounds not included in the pack. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Minimal • Tech House

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 - Magic Maschine: Found Sound
Magic Maschine: Found SoundSample MagicTechno, Drums2014-06-17

Take your beat-making to the next level with this unique and diverse collection of 153 found sound hits presented in 10 full-track macro-integrated Maschine projects and kits for underground dance production. An exploration of the sound possibilities all around us, Maschine Magic: Found Sound puts a wealth of unconventional audio material at your fingertips. Expertly recorded in numerous urban environments — from railway stations to skate parks, construction sites to city centres — Found Sound captures all manner of metallic clinks, mechanical noise, electrical buzzes, footsteps, door slams, scrapes, sirens, taps, knocks and re-works them into an unorthodox palette of percussive sounds for use in all genres of electronic music requiring creative and edgy beats. For instant inspiration we’ve integrated the sounds into 10 Maschine projects loaded with: - A full drum kit (30+ sounds in each including kick, snare, hats, claps, cymbals, percussion, atmospheres, bass, etc) - Melodic elements and FX - Full MIDI arrangement - Extensive native Maschine effects processing, and - Total macro-mapping and automation for all elements in the project. To showcase the versatility of the sound, each project track covers a different genre of cutting-edge electronic music, including house, techno, garage, dubstep, downtempo and more. In each project, explore the sounds used, song structure, FX processing and automation. Each project comes mapped with between 40-48 creative group and master macros, giving you powerful performance and mix control instantly. Use the projects as track-starters in their own right or import the kits into your own projects to create boundary-breaking original beats from scratch in minutes.

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 - Chillwave 2
Chillwave 2Sample MagicChill Out, Disco / Nu Disco2014-06-06

Our first Chillwave release made Sample Magic history, outselling every library in our catalogue and staying in the charts for over a year. Now the original production team revisit the same sepia ground for their next essential outing, loaded with 1.8GB worth of retro melodics, beach-hazed beats and tape-saturated music loops inspired by the best of 80s synth pop, chillout, indie and nu-wave. Featuring even more sounds, even more inspiration kits and even more drum hits – as well as bonus MIDI files and new arps, fills and basslines folders – Chillwave 2 is the result of a two-year production love affair fostered by a host of second-hand synths, garage-sale guitar pedals and battered outboard. Drum Loops > 240+ cassette-deck drum loops and lost-summer grooves. 8-bit re-sampling and Casio processing inject every frequency with organic sweetness. Beats are offered with kick-free, perc-only and stripped variants for maximum arrangement freedom. Drum fills > Choice selection of tried and fested tom fills for the turnarounds. Inspiration Loops > 44 packed folders of sepia song-starters. Basslines, synths, arps, atmospheres, pads, guitars, music loops - they're all here. Use them as they are, or treat them as crate-dug vinyl cuts. Re-work them for 1,000s of new progressions. All loops supplied with bonus MIDI for supreme flexibility. Bass Loops > Live indie and synth low-enders to underpin the groove. Synth & Key Loops > Drifting toplines, wave-bent synths and classic progressions: key-labeled hooks aplenty. Arps & Sequences > Moog runs, sultry sequences and neon cascades. 70+ rhythmic melodics. Guitar Loops > Cracked soundscapes, wavering chords and hazy reverses to bury in the mix. Vocal Loops > Fractured choirs, re-modelled vox and washed-out sung-phonics: concentrated soul in every hook. Dust and Found Sound Loops > Rainy beaches, dust roads, twilight cafés and more: backing beds in search of melodic reclinees. Chords > Craft your own progressions with this 110-strong chord vault of stacked, resampled and effected one-shots, each trembling with detail. Many offered with different chordal variants (including major, minor, 7, 9), with extra folder for tempo-synced fx. Just sample and go. Drum Hits > 330+ masterfully sculpted one-shots (folders for kick, snare, clap, toms, hats (open, closed, cymbals), percussion) offer beat-builders that rare mix of effortless usability and sonic integrity. From layered Linn Drums to vintage snares recorded in our LA studio, every hit is passed through our much-imitated, yet-to-be-bettered outboard chain. Loops are offered in 90 and 100bpm tempo groups. Download contains: - 939 x 24-bit Wav Loops - 939 x Apple Loops - 939 x Rex2 Files. - 445 x 24-bit Wav One-shots. - Sampler Formats for Ableton Live Drum Rack, EXS24, Kontakt, NN-XT.

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 - French House
French HouseSample MagicHouse, Disco / Nu Disco2014-05-20

Smashed synthery, disco guitars, funked-up bass, raw beats and filtered melodics abound in this 950MB+ collection inspired by over 20 years of groundbreaking French electronica. Served at 120, 125 and 128bpm, we’ve pulled out all the stops — and classic kit — to faithfully re-create the finest of French House, from funk-fuelled filter house to new-wave electro and pop-primed nu disco. Drum Loops > From live disco to chunky 909 electro: stacks of killer beats infused with vintage flavours and hardware processed crunch, all offered with full, stripped and perc-ripped variants. Top Loops > Kick-free retro rhythms blurring the disco/house boundary, packed with dirty hats, fat claps, tight snares, tambourines, blocks and bells. Percussion Loops > Discofied rhythm layers with live hats, organic percussion, drum machine hits and layered studio claps. Bass Loops > Live slaps, eighties arps, raucous Moogsters and more. Filter Loops > Prime selection of crate-dug filter loops that would slot straight into Roulé back catalogue. Inspiration Loops > 17 folders of broken-out song-starters. Drums, basslines, synths, keys, guitars - they're all here. Each folder contains a full mix and constituent stems, tempo-synced and key-labeled for mix & release ease. Guitar Loops > 39 electric riffs and licks channeling the disco funk of Nile Rogers. Music Loops > Fully-mixed loops for instant ripped-from-record sampling - cut, reverse and mash-up just like the the French masters. Many offered with variants for added flexibility. Synth Loops > Funky keys, cut-up circuitry and synth piano: 63 all-analogue hooks key-labeled for convenience. Some offered with variants. FX > Choice selection of 8-bit hits, rough risers, tawdry winders and processed crashes. Drum Hits > 376 of the finest kicks, snares, claps, hats and percs sculpted and layered from stacks of analogue and live sources. Beat-building never sounded so raw. Download contains: - 714 x 24-bit Wav loops and 397 Wav one-shots - 714 x Apple Loops - 714 x Rex2 Loops - Sampler formats for Ableton Drum Rack, EXS24, NN-XT and Kontakt - 10-page digital booklet with collection introduction, producer tips and kit list. Download Size: 891MB (Unzipped)

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 - Cinematic Chill
Cinematic ChillSample MagicChill Out, World2014-02-28

East meets West in this expansive library of beautifully captured instrumentation and organic rhythms inspired by the best of world music. Scored for everything from lush cinematic soundscapes through to downtempo and ambient, Cinematic Chill offers 1GB+ of exquisite live instrumentation - from African Udu to Irish Dulcimer - bolstered by lush synth beds, fractured lo-fi beats and more. Sub-divided into folders of 65, 70 and 75bpm loops are tempo- and key-labeled as applicable. What's in the collection? Rhythm Loops > Sparse, loose and lo-fi grooves programmed with everything from djembe and xylophone to classic 8-bit drum machines. Many offered with variants for added flexibility. Percussion Loops > Woodblocks, cymbals, bells, gongs, shakers, glockenspiels, toms, tambourines and more are infused with dust and crackle to create intricate percussive rhythms to layer in the mix. Bowed & Wind Loops > Violin, pan pipes, harp, digeridoo, flute and accordion deliver haunting toplines. Hammered & Plucked Loops > Electric and acoustic guitar, African thumb piano, Irish dulcimer and more captured using a pristine channel strip. Keys & Synth Loops > Plaintive progressions and stirring synths: a rich selection of melodic starting points. Beds & Textures > Ethereal atmospheres and effected textures - all key-labeled for convenience. Layered & Lo-Fi Hits > 100-strong selection of sepia-toned kicks, snares, hats, cymbals and percussion hits of both organic and analogue provenance.

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 - Drum Hits 2
Drum Hits 2Sample MagicElectro House, Drums2014-01-27

Sample Magic returns with a vast second volume of 1,500+ of our fattest, punchiest and most detailed drum hits to date, packed with expertly synthesised and layered kicks, snares, claps, hats, crashes, percussion one-shots, FX glitches and vintage processed hits to serve every electronic music genre. Created over a 12-month period, we accumulated thousands of transients from a variety of sources - classic and forgotten drum machines, vinyl records, digital synths, field recordings, live studio sessions - which were then painstakingly layered and processed through our high-end outboard signal path for unparalleled analogue warmth and sheen on each and every hit. Designed to be the ultimate drum one-shot collection, this essential second addition contains the beat-making tools for all underground electronic music genres, from house and techno to disco and dubstep, chillout to electro and nu-disco to trap. With unrivalled ease of use at its heart, each hit type folder is divided into as many as seven descriptive sub-folders to make finding the hits you want as straight-forward and intuitive as possible. And to kick-start your beats, we’ve also bundled 18 genre-based drum kits patches for all major DAWs and samplers, including Battery, Maschine, Kong, NNX-T, EXS24 and Ableton Drum Rack. All samples are presented in industry-standard 24-bit Wav quality for use in all Wav compatible samplers and DAWs. All drum sounds in Drum Hits are completely new. They have not appeared in any previous Sample Magic libraries. Kicks > 350+ chunky kicks, slammin' subs and punchy thumps to anchor the groove, sub-divided into folders of subby, layered, live and mid-range. Snares > 330+ snappy, crunchy and dirty snares spanning the entire electronic spectrum, from dusty and live to pristine and punchy. Percussion > 460+ percussion one-shots packed into sub-folders of assorted clicks, sticks and rim-shots, fx-dipped hits, weird glitches, twisted nu-perc hits, authentic tribal drums and shakers, retro analogue drums, live hits and more. Hats > 50+ killer closed hi-hats (divided into tight and loose folders) and 80+ open hi-hats (in long and short length folders) sculpted from a range of digital, analogue and live transient sources. Claps > 180+ clap/snare combos, sharp hi-end thwacks, uber-wide layered claps, live-recorded claps and synthetic-sourced claps. Cymbals > 60+ epic crashes, shimmering rides and FX-processed cymbals to complete the beat. Drum Kits > 18 genre-focussed kits covering deep house, techno, house, progressive, disco, dub step, EDM and tech-house. Each kit contains at least 10 hand-picked hits to get you making big beats in an instant. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Minimal • Progressive House • Tech House • Techno

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Chus & Ceballos, DJ Chus, Ceballos - Chus & Ceballos: Iberican Grooves Vol 1
Chus & Ceballos: Iberican Grooves Vol 1Sample MagicHouse, Tech House2014-01-22

Legendary house production duo Chus & Ceballos hit the studio to create their first ever sample pack collaboration exclusively for Sample Magic Presents. Famed for their pioneering ‘Iberican Sound’ and marathon DJ sets which seamlessly fuses house, techno and Latin flavours into a hedonistic percussion-led groove, Chus & Ceballos: Iberican Grooves Vol 1 perfectly captures vibe across 200MB of rolling drum workouts, chunky low-end grooves, techy glitch vox loops and dancefloor-ready FX to keep the party going ’til sunrise. What’s in the collection? Chus & Ceballos Grooves 42 groove-busting beats from the Iberican masters, from samba rhythms to floor-jackin' jams - many are offered with stripped variants for added flexibility. Iberican Tops Loops 45 kick-free drum workouts to kick-start a track. Just fire up a fat kick for an instant Iberican floor-filler. Low End Loops 48 sub-strong basslines to shake hips and speakers in equal measure. Glitched Vocal Loops 50 expertly chopped and reworked vocal phrases to add a human flavour to the beat bounty. FX Hand-picked selection of ultra-useable dancefloor FX primed for rushing-inducing breaks and builds. All loops are tempo-synced at 125bpm and key-labeled where applicable. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Techno

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 - Synth Shots
Synth ShotsSample MagicHouse, Electro House2013-12-11

Sample Magic present the ultimate synth one-shot collection, serving up over 1,000 key-labeled shots, chords, bass hits, pads, keys and FX expertly crafted for almost any genre of electronic music. Packed with supersized EDM stabs and aggressive dubstep bass, dubby filtered chords and vintage resampled chords, live keys, lush ambient pads, epic FX impacts and much more, Synth Shots offers up melodic elements for electro, house, disco, dubstep, electronica and beyond. With unrivalled ease of use at its heart, each synth shot type is subdivided into as many as five descriptive sub-folders to help you find the sounds you need with consummate ease. Created using a raft of classic hardware - including the Moog Voyager, Roland TB303 and Yamaha DX7 - plus selected cutting-edge digital synths, Synth Shots offers up the gamut of synth inspiration in one value-packed collection. Synth Shots also contains ready-to-play hit type patches for all major DAWs and samplers, including Kontakt, NN-XT, EXS24 and Ableton Drum Rack. All samples are presented in industry-standard 24-bit Wav quality for use in all Wav compatible samplers and DAWs. What's in the collection? Synth > 461 chord stabs and 246 single synth shots taken from a host of classic analogue synths and current digital gems - all sub-divided into folders of aggressive, bight, filtered percussive, pitch bend and processed. Bass > 172 full-fat bass shots dripping with analogue filth and digital bite. Served in folders of aggressive, distorted, pitch bend and subby. Keys > 67 chord stabs from live keys, including a classic MK1 Roland Rhodes. Pads > 36 lushly expansive pads perfect for adding depth and atmosphere to the mix. FX > Glitches, bleeps and drones derived from circuit-bending trickery. Download contains: 1027 x 24-bit Wav one-shots, hit type sampler patches for Ableton, EXS24, Kontakt and NN-XT, plus 6-page digital booklet. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Disco / Nu-Disco • Dubstep • Progressive House • Tech House

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 - EDM
EDMSample MagicElectro House2013-10-30

Sample Magic return to the fore with the definitive EDM sample collection, expertly crafted to soundtrack the biggest festivals, arenas and clubs worldwide. Weighing in at almost 1GB of industry-standard 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots, EDM joins the dots between house, electro and progressive to devastating dancefloor effect. Setting a new standard in musicality, flexibility and sonic fidelity, SM37 EDM comes bursting with superlative anthem-building tools: pristine and punchy beats, complex melodic songstarters, brazen basslines, sizzling synth hooks, XXXL builds and fills, towering FX and hulking drum one-shots. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > Chunky and punchy, slick and sparse: 180+ of the fattest floorfillers we've ever created. Tops Loops > 81 tweeter-teasing kick-free grooves bursting with energy. Just load up a slammin' kick to complete the beat. Music Loops > 91 super-stacked mixed melodic loops dripping with inspiration. Offered with up to four variants for full song flexibility. Synth Loops > Searing synth leads oozing chart-topping appeal. Many offered with wet and dry variants for unrivalled mix control. Bass Loops > Bold, brash and beefy: 63 low-end loops to shake the floor. Build & Fills > 42 epic extended builds and one-bar fills for the ultimate crowd-rocking drop. FX Hits & Sweeps > Choice selection of slams, impacts, risers and sweeps: the sonic spice to heat up the mix. Drum Hits > 400 of our most powerful drum one-shots ever. Bristling with sonic depth and character, each one is expertly sculpted for big-room beat creation.

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 - Ambient & Chill
Ambient & ChillSample MagicChill Out2013-06-27

Dreamworld melodies, lush organic textures and grainy broken beats form the backbone of Ambient & Chill: an expansive 1.3GB collection subsuming elements of leftfield electronica, chillwave and post-dubstep and re-imagined through an analogue lo-fi filter. Drum Loops > 145 tape-distressed and sepia-toned beats blended from original live breaks, organic percussion, vintage drum machines and obscure found-sound samples. Many beats are offered with stripped variants. Inspiration Loops > 17 folders containing blissful, fuzzy and dreamlike song-starters broken out into their constituent stems. Synths, basslines, pads, guitars, pianos, atmospheres - they're all here, key- and tempo-labeled for total ease. Synth & Keys Loops > from tranquil and hazy to sombre and reflective: 54 compelling key-labeled toplines. Music Loops > Rich and complex melodic backing loops dense with real pianos, xylophones, bells, guitars and more. Many offered with variants. Guitar Loops > Fireside acoustics, FX-heavy textures and drifting progressions oozing indie credibility. Percussion & Shaker Loops > Woodblocks, shakers, classic drum machines and more combine across 59 percussion lines primed for easy layering. Ambience & Found Sound > Mountain streams, ocean surf, birdsong and urban bustle to breathe life into the mix. Pads & Soundscapes > Synth swells, blurred textures and battered melodics waiting to unfurl. Chords > Re-sampled chord shots oozing with lo-fi character and analogue warmth. 77 of our finest ever single hits designed to inspire unique progressions. Drum Hits > 270+ rough, grainy, cracked drum hits for custom beat making. Dive into folders of kicks, claps, snares, hats and percussion layered and tweaked from a variety of classic drum machines (including Linn Drum LM1 and Roland TR707) and stacks of live studio and field recordings.

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DJ Chus - Sample Magic Presents - DJ Chus Iberican Tech-Tools Vol 1
Sample Magic Presents - DJ Chus Iberican Tech-Tools Vol 1Sample MagicTech House2013-04-03

Tribal house maestro DJ Chus returns to Sample Magic with the first edition in a new series of tech-infused loops, packed with intricate afro-latin grooves optimised for maximum dancefloor damage. Inspired by Chus' exploits in Ibiza, Miami and beyond, the pack serves up stacks for killer kick-free tops, detailed organic percussive workouts, full-bodied low-end loops, infectious glitch vox and a choice cut of dancefloor-teasing FX primed for the mainroom. What's inside? Groove Loops > 67 of Chus' trademark tribal workouts packed with congas, bongos, djembes and more. Many offered with variants for full song control. Tops Loops > 60 kick-free groove-busters to get the party started. Just fire up a slamming kick to complete the beat. Low End Loops > 24 sub-heavy loops designed for pure bottom-end bliss. Glitched Vocal Loops > 29 glitched and twisted vox phrases to add a human feel to your beats. Percussion Fills > Spice up your beats with 14 unique live percussive fills packed with swing and swagger. FX > Impacts, reverses, fall, risers and more: dancefloor destroying FX ammo designed to work the crowd into a frenzy. All tempo-synced for total use of use. All loops are key- and tempo-labled where applicable. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Techno

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Florian Meindl - Florian Meindl: Tech-House Sound of Berlin
Florian Meindl: Tech-House Sound of BerlinSample MagicTech House2012-12-28

Berlin mainstay Florian Meindl returns for his second Sample Magic Presents collection, with a stellar serving of thumping grooves, rolling basslines, stubby synths, dubbed-out chords, gritty background loops, twisted vox lines, precision drum hits and more. Weaving together elements of warehouse techno, mainroom tech-house and after-hours deep house, Florian Meindl delivers 540 MB of loops and hits inspired by the dancefloors of Berlin today. Drum Loops > 98-strong selection of raw rhythms and analogue grooves designed for serious mainroom action. Offered with full, stripped, kick-free and variant versions for the ultimate in beat control. Tops Loops > from machine-gunned grooves to organic live beats: 19 hi-end loops to complete the beat. Percussion Loops > 808 toms and cowbells rub shoulders with live bongos, congas and woodblocks, plus a sprinkling of atmospheric chords for added deepness. Bass Loops > acidic burners, sub-heavy churners, squareline bouncers and overdriven growlers: 42 bassline beauties sculpted for the perfect bottom-end. Chord Loops > 46 dubby deep house chords and Detroit-inspired motifs, many offered with variants for extra creative control. Synth Loops > classic arps, restrained stabs and punchy riffs packing an all-analogue punch. Vocal Loops > 22 mangled and processed vox lines primed for the late-night dancefloor. Background Loops > vinyl crackles, static hiss and washed out, distorted beats to fill out the mix. Drum Hits & Chord Stabs > Choice selection of kicks, snares, hats and FX, plus a bumper serving of 90 subterranean chord stabs. All loops are presented as 24-bit Wav files and are tempo-labeled at 125bpm. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Techno • Minimal

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 - Terrace House
Terrace HouseSample MagicHouse2012-11-06

Fusing punchy tech-house, futuristic disco and digital funk, Terrace House is an odyssey into the depths of contemporary house delivering 720MB of pared-back grooves, full-fat basslines, sexy synths, trippy keys, emotive music loops and seductive vox chops in one of their most requested collections to date. Combining original Moog, Korg and Roland synths, classic outboard processing cutting-edge digital VSTs, Terrace House crams in hundreds of stripped-down beats, bulbous basslines, deep melodics, cut-up vox and finely-honed FX that supply funked up soul and under-the-influence wonkiness in equal measure. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > 168 minimal-infused grooves, raw backing beats and chunky beatbackers served with full, stripped and kick-free versions for total groove control. Tops Loops > 80 kick-free rollers and top-end tweeter-freakers packed with classic machine hits, minimal glitches, organic hits and digital shots. Percussion Loops > More beat bounty serving up organic and synthetic bongos, congas, toms, cowbells, woodblocks and more into sparse, groove-laden loops primed for easy layering. Bass Loops > From deep sub pulsars to fierce digital growlers via discofied jams and retro electro stompers: 74 expertly-sculpted low-end loops to fill out the mix. Synth Loops > Razor-sharp synths, drifting arps and dubby lines from a slew of old school icons and modern favourites. Music Loops > Emotion-drenched melodics rub shoulders with late-night wonkiness across 47 fully-mixed songstarters. Offered with stripped variants and key-labeled for added production ease. Vox Loops > Specially recorded R&B-inspired phrases chopped, pitched and re-worked into ready-rolled topline hooks. Drum Hits > Choice serving of our trademark drum samples: 270 kicks, claps, snares, hats, crashes and percussion hits custom-created from a variety of analogue, digital and live sources. FX > 21 killer spot FX for seamless transitions, including tweaked chord hits, delayed cymbals, LFO winders, downshifters and more. All loops are tempo-labeled at 120bpm and key-labeled where applicable. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House

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Matthew Codek - Matthew Codek's Fonkin' House
Matthew Codek's Fonkin' HouseSample MagicTech House2012-10-23

Stereo Productions continue their exclusive Sample Magic series with 310+MB of jackin' and funkin' house workouts, percussive grooves and kick-free tops, merging raw Nuyorican beats with authentic latin and tribal rhythms to devastating dancefloor effect. Loaded with an array of beat-making ammunition, Codek mines his personal sample collection to serve up killer groove after killer groove: from ready-rolled beats with full, stripped and kick-free variants, to rolling percussive rhythms and detailed kick-free loops packed with bongos, congas, timbales, woodblocks, whistles and more. Locked in at 124bpm, the collection is bolstered with pumping filter loops and dancefloor-primed FX impacts, bombs risers and falls - plus 332 drum hits for custom beat building. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > 48 bumpin' beats stacked with full-fat kicks, snappy snares, raw hats and authentic ethnic percussion hits. Beats are offered in full, stripped and kick-free varieties for full song flexibility. Tops Loops > 40 incessant kick-free workouts, jackin' top-end grooves and slinky hat-only loops to layer up or add a kick to complete the beat. Percussion Loops > Intricate combos of congas, bongos, djembes, whistles and carnival ambience geared for ultra detailed and dynamic beat programming. Filter Loops > 40 classic filtered house grooves. Simply sidechain against the kick for that early 90s aesthetic. FX > tempo-synced bombs, impacts, risers and falls sculpted for maximum dancefloor impact. Drum Hits > vast vault of slammin' kicks, fat snares, crunchy hats and stunning ethnic percussion hits. 553 x 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots 201 x Apple Loops 201 x Rex2 Loops 201 x Stylus-RMX Rex2 Loops * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House

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 - Drum Hits
Drum HitsSample MagicDrums2012-10-09

More than six months in the making, SM34 Drum Hits contains over 1300 painstakingly crafted kicks, snares, claps, hats, crashes, percussion hits, slams, vintage live kit hits and cymbal FX designed for use in virtually every genre of dance music production. With seven of Sample Magic's leading sound designers working on their respective genres, SM34 Drum Hits stands as an essential arsenal of supremely crafted samples to form the backbeat of every genre from house and techno, electro to progressive, dubstep, chillout to chillwave, nu-disco and beyond. With ease of use at its heart, each hit type is subdivided into as many as seven descriptive sub folders to make finding the hits you want a breeze. Drum Hits also boasts more than 20 custom-programmed genre-focussed drum kit patches for all major DAWs, including Battery, Kong, NN-XT, EXS24 and NN-XT. Sculpted for maximum character, width and punch, beats don't get bigger than this. What's in the collection? Kicks > 260+ punchy kicks, slammin' subs and chunky thuds to kickstart the groove, all subdivided into subby, layered, live and mid-range folders for total ease of use. Snares > 280+ crisp, clear and crunchy snares in an assortment of flavours, from live and vintage-infused to slick and synthetic via layered and loaded. Percussion > 330+ percussion palette loaded with clicks and sticks, FXed bleeps, squeals and winds, digitised glitches and twitches, futuristic nu-perc hits, lush organic shakers, live and drum machine toms plus stacks of authentic tuned and tribal percussive one-shots for complex beat building. Hats > 209 closed hi-hats (divided into tight and loose folders) and 117 open hi-hats (in long and short length folders) taken from live, machine and digital sources. Claps > clap/snare combos, tight hi-end slaps, ultra-wide layered claps, loose live claps and synthetic claps. Cymbals > clamourous crashes, raucous rides and FX-dipped cymbals: the perfect beat transitions. Drum Kits > 22 genre-based kits covering house, techno, progressive, disco/funk, chillwave, chillout, electro, dubstep, tech-house and indie-dance. Each kit contains between 10 and 19 carefully selected hits to get you making big beats in minutes. Drum Hit Patches > Dedicated banks of kicks, claps, cymbals, hats, percussion snares to make sample browsing a cinch. All samples are presented in industry-standard 24-bit Wav quality for use in all Wav compatible samplers and DAWs.

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 - Ultimate FX 2
Ultimate FX 2Sample MagicSound FX2012-08-22

The highly requested second volume to an undoubted Sample Magic classic, packed with 1.4GB of meticulously programmed FX tools for dance music and soundtrack production. Bursting with 800+ tempo-synced loops and single hits, Ultimate FX 2 is an incendiary collection of atomic impacts, vast sweeps, towering risers, near infinite falls, massive bombs, tweaked cymbals, freaked drum fills, twisted synths and otherworldly atmospheres primed to ignite almost any genre of electronic music. Building on the sonic standard set by the original, this second edition ups the dancefloor ante with bigger, bolder and more detailed sounds painstakingly sculpted in stunning 24-bit quality to maximise tension and euphoria - whatever the genre. What's in the collection? Risers & Lifters > 100+ peaktime sweeps, epic risers, tension-teasing swells and palpitation-inducing winders to work the floor. Divided into 128 and 140bpm folders for instant drag and drop action. With loops at 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 bars in length it's easy to find the sound you need. Falls & Descenders > 100+ downshifters, drops and descenders to shift the tempo: sonic sliders, esoteric gliders and white-noise divers to load and layer. Drum Fills > Stacked archive of processed beat-bounty including Funky Fills (packed with old-school live kit hits), Glitch Fills (twisted synthetic rhythms) and Heavy fills (dirty and driving drum machinery). Offered at 128 and 140bpm. Impacts & Bombs > Massive impacts, booms and bombs sculpted for apocalyptic cone-cracking impacts. Atmospheres > 22 claustrophobic soundscapes, esoteric drones and forbidding ambiences primed for film, game and music production. Dust & Air Loops > Inner city ambiences, organic soundscapes, vinyl crackles, and other found-sound foley to breathe life into the mix. Synth FX > Vast stockpile of all-analogue synth shots, chords and reverses (tonal, atonal and breath) for the ultimate big-room stabs and melodic motifs. Noise & Dirt One-Shots > Analogue artefacts, digital dirt and scrambled signals: 150 short circuit-bent explorations perfect for glitch and minimal percussion. Cymbal FX > Choice selection of hi-hats, splashes and huge tempo-synced crashes to sprinkle sonic spice on your beats.

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 - Progressive House 2
Progressive House 2Sample MagicProgressive House2012-06-20

A 600+MB opus to the new school of stadium filling progressive house, uniting elements of tech-house and electro. Jam-packed with tracky, tribal-infused beats; maxxed out music loops, brazen cut-up synths, throbbing subs and gnarly dubstep-style basslines; stacked chord stabs, XXL drum hits and monster FX, Progressive House 2 comes bristling with anthem building at its core, oozing raw sonic power. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > 123 mainroom grooves - bassy, bold and brassy - pumped for maximum dancefloor impact. Served with stripped, variant and kick-free versions for total beat control. Bass Loops > Electro tinged-belters, cone-flapping sub and arpeggiated melodic bliss, essential for the new school of Progressive House and beyond. Music Loops > 40 track-starting melodic workouts including up to four varitions to mix and match for full track usage. Synth Loops > 84 maxxed-out synth workouts: lush chord progressions, glossy seqs, euphoric hooks and fist-pumping leads primed for peaktime damage. Tops Loops > 73 detailed percussive jams laced with nu perc, tribal and vox elements. Load a kick to complete the beat or layer with other grooves for added depth. Drum Hits & Chord Stabs > 260 sub-smacking kicks, punchy percussion, crispy hats, crunchy claps and snappy snares, plus 31 epic chord stabs for melodic manipulation. FX > Fizzing risers, deep impacts, tension-slaying sweeps, rhythm busting falls, white noise rushes and modulated synths for added sonic spice. All loops are offered at 128bpm and all melodic loops are key-labelled. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House

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 - Drum & Bass
Drum & BassSample MagicDrum & Bass2012-05-16

From cranked-up filth-fests for the jump-up and neuro styles through to the smouldering and cinematic vibes of the liquid sound, Sample Magic deliver over 560MB of raw breaks, tear-out basslines, scintillating synths, lush pads, deep keys, stacked stabs, twisted FX and a slew of stunning drum one-shots for cutting-edge D&B productions. What's in the collection? Breaks > 68 stunning vintage-style funk breakbeats jam-packed with live kit hits and touches of authentic tribal percussion for retro vibes. Drum Loops > 67 raw track-backing beats served with stripped and variant versions to suit every beatmaker's needs. Bass Loops > From subbed-out melters and bouncy 2-step rollers to mid-range gnarl-fests: 78 bin-blitzing b-lines to shred the floor. Music Loops > Deep keys and bliss-inducing synths rub shoulders with introspective liquid textures for the liquid flavours whilst sci-fi pads, tech-heavy synths and menacing layers combine for instant jump-up inspiration. Synth Loops > A killer cut of synth-spiration packed with savage leads, absorbing 3am dub lines, reach-for-the-lights progressions and prowling hooks. Synth Stabs > 29 super-stacked stabs to spread across the keys in your sampler of choice. Drum Hits > 370+ of the finest vintage-style kicks, snares, hats and percussion hits ever assembled: each one passed through our all-analogue signal path for unparalleled warmth and air, and served in an intuitive collection of grab-bag folders. FX & FX Loops > Prime cut of analogue FX risers, falls and winders to rinse the floor. All loops are tempo-labeled at 170 and 174bpm and all melodic loops are key-labelled. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks

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 - Tech-House 2
Tech-House 2Sample MagicTech House2012-05-10

From minimal to tribal, house to progressive, this essential follow-up to our biggest ever seller delivers 530MB of pounding pared-back rhythms, moody melodics, slick seqs, sleazy synths, pulsing subs, nu-perc workouts and huge breakdowns, plus 230 finely-sculpted hits for the mainroom. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > 4x4 floor-jackers, pumping minimal grooves and slamming tech-house workouts: 134 beatdowns offered with stripped, kick-free and perc-only alternatives. Percussion Loops > Tribal-infused grooves, neo-perc rhythmics and tech interplays: layer up for walls of digi-logue funk. Hats & Kick-Free Tops > Tracky & techy tops, and crisp hat-only lines to mix and match for 100s of all-new beat motifs. Bass Loops > 49 bouncy sub-smackers and beefy bin-blasters power-injected for the ultimate bottom-end. Synth & Music Loops > From funky and freaky to slick and slinky - 71 evolving aps, sleek chords and filtered filth for instant melodic inspiration. FX & FX Loops > Tempo-synced impacts, blasts, risers, whooshes, sirens and modulated blow-outs for epic mainroom breaks and builds. Glitched Vox Loops > Stuttered phrases and mangled melodic snatches: 18 shredded and effected voxmatics to tear up your production. Drum Hits > 230-strong archive of slammin' kicks, synthetic snares, potent percussion, crunchy claps, revved-up reverses, crisp hats and full-fat toms precision-processed for XXL big-room beats. Loops are divided into folders of 125 and 128bpm.

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Radio Slave - Radio Slave
Radio SlaveSample MagicTechno2012-05-09

In the hottest addition to Sample Magic's exclusive artist-led series, Berlin techno supremo Radio Slave mans the controls to deliver 500MB of deep, dark and atmospheric loops direct from his Berlin studio. Bustling with jacking warehouse grooves, dark and sparse synths, moody music loops, booming basslines, tribal-infused percussive rhythms, dark FX hits and an extensive selection of drum shots, the collection is primed for peaktime jams as well as hypnotic after-hours workouts. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > 104 tracky grooves loaded with full-fat genuine analogue hits, organic percussion, live hits and gritty textures - many offered with stripped-out variants for full beat control. Synth Loops > Gltichy Moogs, deep chords, sparse stabs and quirky synthetics: 59 loops dripping with analoguegoodness to cut through the mix. Music Loops > 22 mixed melodic songstarters to kick-start your inspiration, packed with off-kilter programmed synth, keys, pads and bass and peppered with subtle percussive hints. Just add a kick to roll the groove. Bass Loops > Sub-laden bubblers, techno-driven burners, retro 90s organ-style lines and glitched-out bass busters: 42 lines optimised for the ultimate low-end. Tops Loops > 56 raw kick-free loops stripped the right side of sparse for near endless layering possibilities. Percussion Loops > From deep tribal-tweaked rhythms to pared-back nu-perc layers, mix and match to create hundreds of unique beats. FX > Stacked with impacts, risers, beat repeats, delayed vox and modulations for instant ambient atmosphere. Drum Hits > 200-strong selection of fat kicks, crunchy claps, slammin' snares, tweaked hats, FXed crashes and assorted nu and organic percussion hits for custom beats, the Radio Slave way. All loops are tempo-labeled at 125bpm. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Tech House

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 - Nu Disco
Nu DiscoSample MagicDisco / Nu Disco2012-04-24

Mashing up elements of house, classic French electro and timeless Italo-disco, Nu Disco serves up 600+MB of Indie-Dance melodics, glitched synthery, neon music loops, pumping basslines and more. Song-starting hooks, neo-retro beats, live percussion, chunky chopped-up vox, kinky guitars and classic analogue FX are supplemented with 380 all-new drum hits. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > From classic funked house to Linn-drummed electro: prime beats infused with vintage values and subtle live percussion, all offered with stripped and perc-ripped versions for complete flexibility. Bass Loops > DX7 mono-runs, Jupiter and Junos arps and re-worked live jives. Music Loops > Treasure trove of song-starting riot riffs, pop-tarts, gallic phunk, Roland choruses and brass pads: bleepy, wobbly, ravey, metro and acid in equal measures. Synth Loops > Italo meets electro at an afterhours rave - sizzling symphonic synthery in a variety of guises. Tops Loops > The meat without the kick: from 80s tamba to classic samba - chunky snares, brazen claps, layered disco percussion and drum machine tweakery. Drum Hits > Live claps, original 70s and 80s snares, chunky kicks, classic percussion, hi-Qs and - of course - plenty of cowbell. 380 of our best-yet hits. FX > Drives, falls, swoops and sweeps: the analogue spice for the disco sauce. Guitar Loops > Rhythmic retro riffing from our man with the strings. Vocal Loops > The icing on the sonic cake: re-wired vocals smattered with disco dust - subtle throwbacks to a bygone era. All loops are sub-divided into tempo-linked folders 122 and 125bpm; all melodic loops are key-labelled. As with all Sample Magic products, Nu Disco mines the analogue domain to produce sounds with a warmth and usability that few others attain.

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 - Indie-Dance
Indie-DanceSample MagicDisco / Nu Disco2012-04-24

Sample Magic serve up 560+MB of discofied debauchery, mashing up lo-slung indie guitars, phunked up French synthery and Nuyorican disco beats, drum hits, FX and more. Featuring a sweaty selection of disco-trash, electro-thrash and indie-smash, Indie-Dance packs in 100s of guitar hooks, distorted leads, retro-electro beats, livewire drums, twisted vox cuts and FX, plus 374 live-infused drum hits and chord shots. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > From live-infused classic disco to Linn-drummed 80s nu wave: rocking beats laced with vintage warmth, all offered in full, stripped and variant versions for total flexibility. Bass Loops > Distortion-dipped live lines and filth-laden synth basses dripping with stomp-box grit. Music & Combi Loops > Rock'n'rave smash-ups and raved-up mash-ups to kick-start the mayhem. Synth Loops > Old skool techno, fusion electro and nu rave melodics combine: irrepressible synth hooks from the golden age of electronic music. Guitar & Bass Loops > Rockstar riffs, glitched power chords and snarling basslines drenched in all manner of fuzz for authentic post-punk inspiration. Tops & Nu-Perc Loops > Live hats and snares, electronic hits, crisp claps and percussion seamlessly fuse across 57 retrofied electro loops. Pick the kick and roll.. Drum Hits > Chunky kicks, live lounge hits, all-analogue shots, cowbell, shakers and more. 374 brazen beatbuilders. FX & FX Loops > Circuit-bent modulations, dirty noise loops, arcade game shots, dusty vinyl crackles and more. Vocal Loops > Sliced and diced, processed and pumped: twisted vocal cuts to get the party rocking. All loops are sub-divided into tempo-linked folders at 122, 125 and 127bpm; all melodic loops are key-labelled... * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Indie Dance • Funk / R&B • House • Tech House

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 - Chillwave
ChillwaveSample MagicChill Out2012-04-24

Fading sunshine, Polaroid memories and neon starbursts. These form the visual backdrops to Chillwave - the definitive 1.12GB collection of lo-fi melodics, beach-hazed beats and tape-saturated music loops encompassing Chillwave in its broadest possible sense, bolstered by elements of synth-pop, chillout, indie and nu-wave.What's in the collection?Beats > 93 fractured beats and lazy grooves. 10-bit re-sampling and real-tape processing injects every element with true organic character. Many beats are offered with kick-free and stripped variants for workflow ease.Drum Hits > 300+ finely-honed one-shots (kick, snare & clap, tom, hats, cymbals, percussion) offer beat- builders some of our finest drum sounds ever released. From layered Linn Drums to vintage snares recorded in our LA studio - all run through our all- analogue chain.Inspiration loops > 35+ folders of instant Chillwave and '80's dreampop song-starters. Basslines, synths, pads, music loops - they're all here. Use them as they are, or treat them as vinyl-style samples - cutting and re-working them for 1,000s of new, original musical backings.Synth loops > Neon toplines, wave-bent arps and signature progressions: a rich selection of key-labeled hooks.Music loops > The backing loops. Rich, multi-layered beds, from the melancholic to the euphoric: most offered dry and side-chain pump free.Vocal loops > Distant choirs, re-modelled vox and solo meanders. Instant topline interest.Guitar loops > Cracked soundscapes, lilting chords and hazy reverses to bury in the mix. Chords > If you want more control over your progressions, dig deep in the 100-strong chord vault. Deep, stacked and carefully effected, each chord is a song-starter in its own right.Dust and found sound loops > 4pm beach-noise, late- night coffee shops, vinyl cracks, tape bursts and more: the perfect rhythmic bed on which to build the groove.

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ATFC - ATFC House Samples
ATFC House SamplesSample MagicHouse2012-04-19

The world’s biggest house brand joins forces with Sample Magic to deliver the definitive sound of Defected with 350MB of loops and hits from Defected uber-producer ATFC. Stacked with chunky mainroom beats, tribal-infused rhythms, bumpin’ basslines, peaktime melodics, jackin’ kick-free tops, XXL one-shots and FX, ATFC mines his personal sample vault to create the essential sample collection for Defected disciples. Since 1999 Defected have been at the forefront of house music worldwide releasing classics from a myriad superstars including Kings of Tomorrow, Copyright, Roger Sanchez and ATFC. Now for the first time, and exclusively via Sample Magic, you can inject your productions with the sound of Defected, 100% royalty-free. What's in the collection? Beats > From chunky big-room beats to jackin’ minimal grooves and deep tribal rhythms: 93 floor- filling drum workouts to kick-start your tracks. Beats are offered in full, stripped and kick-free flavours to sweeten the beat-making deal. Basslines > From deep and funky to beefy and dirty: 33 pumping bin-busters to blitz the groove. Synths > Full-fat chords, all-analogue arps, stonking synths and rampant hooks: 52 key-labeled melodics for the mainroom. Kick-Free Tops & Percussion Loops > 69 fully-primed beat building tools - from poppin’ and pumpin’ to jackin’ and jivin’ – finely-sculpted organic rhythm-rollers for seamless layering. FX > Huge synth sidewinders, swirling modulations, spring-loaded impacts, beat-delay bangers, reach-for- the-lights risers, deafening descenders and more. Drum Hits > Prime cut of kicks, claps, snares and hats live and direct from the main man's personal drum bank. All loops are tempo- (125-130bpm) and key-labeled where applicable. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House

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 - Vintage House
Vintage HouseSample MagicHouse2011-12-16

A future classic in the making, Vintage House transports us back to an era of 909s and 101s, weaving together elements of authentic classic house with soul, disco and techno. Packing in 650+MB of jackin' beats, pumpin' bass and classic DX synths, the genre is revitalised with tight and punchy production for the demands of contemporary dancefloors. With deep chords, spacey synths, 70s disco slap bass, vinyl-styled music beds, whistlebump horns, dusky fills, monosynth FX and stacks of live and machine one-shots, Vintage House revives the raw energy of the heyday of house. What's in the collection? Drum loops > 147 Irresistible drum machined rhythms with vintage live drum tops - all offered with full, stripped and kick-free alternatives to make beat programming a breeze. Bass Loops > From bouncy funk licks to dubbed sinelines and squelchy acid: 90 low-enders to lift the floor. Music Loops > Soulful melodics with a cut-from-vinyl feel, packed with authentic synths, live instrumentation and organic percussive hints. Offered with variants for full-song control. Synth loops > Pure analogue riffs, spacey pads and rave-tinted progressions from the iconic machines of the day. Tops Loops > From discofied jams to straight-up dancefloor jackathons: 60 grainy kick-free grooves to complete the beat. Percussion Loops > Stripped organic loops primed for layering, including live maracas, shakers and tambourines. Horn Loops > Choice cut of re-worked and re-sequenced looped brass blasts. Fills > Funky drummer fills and machine rolls to swing the groove. Drum Hits & One-Shots > 374 Gritty kicks, snares, 8-bit claps, sizzling hats and percussions hits, plus live and analogue synth and bass shots for custom melodic creation. FX & FX loops > Reverbed hits, retro risers and falls, plus tempo- synced noise beds - vinyl crackle, tape hiss and amp distortion. All samples are presented as industry-standard 24-bit Wav files and all loops are tempo-synced at 120 and 125bpm.

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 - Stereo Productions Present: David Herrero's Organic House Beats
Stereo Productions Present: David Herrero's Organic House BeatsSample MagicHouse2011-12-02

Latin and tribal house specialists Stereo Productions return for their second Sample Magic collaboration with 460+MB of chunky tribal rhythms and funky filtered music loops designed for total house music hedonism. Packed with a myriad of organic percussion, deep rolling basslines, French-inspired filter loops, classic keys and brass, killer vox cuts and tempo-synced FX, the collection is bursting with dancefloor-ready tools that will find fans across the house spectrum as Herrero seamlessly merges hints of tribal, funky and tech-house to stunning effect. Produced by Stereo Production's rising Spanish star David Herrero, the collection encapsulates the intense groove-laden funk synonymous with his floor-filling productions across 388 precision-cut loops. What's in the collection? Bass & Low End Loops > funk-slapped licks, bubbling subs and rolling rhythms: 56 bass and low end loops built to shake the floor. Beat Loops > 52 fully-layered rhythm workouts stacked with pumping kicks, authentic ethnic percussion and crisp hats. Some offered with variants for added flexibility. Filter Loops > classic Roule-reminiscent filter loops primed for sidechain action. Some offered with variants. Musical Loops > old school synths, classic house keys, funky brass and more. Tops Loops > sparse hat-only lines, slammin' kick-free workouts and processed pared-down tops. Simply add a kick to cement the groove. Percussion Loops > Latin and Afro loops laced with authentic instrumentation, from congas and bongos to djembles, woodblocks and beyond. Glitched Vocal Loops > stacks of cut-up vox and processed phrases tempo-synced for instant drop 'n' rock compatibility. FX > dancefloor friendly risers, falls, percussive loops and twisted musical FX for added sonic spice.

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Thomas Schumacher - Thomas Schumacher: Berlin Techno
Thomas Schumacher: Berlin TechnoSample MagicTechno2011-11-04

Sample Magic's artist series continues with a sterling 300+MB collection of dark and driving loops and hits from techno trailblazer Thomas Schumacher, featuring beats, synths, bass, FX and vox. Taking influences from throughout his 20-year career, Schumacher puts his all-analogue studio through its paces to merge classic European and US techno with contemporary tech-house techniques, serving up driving drums, gritty tops, booming basslines, moody Moogs and classic chords, sidechain-ready FX loops, all-original pitched vox and a choice cut of thumping club kicks. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > 55 uncompromising rhythm workouts packed with crunchy analogue hits and laced with industrial grit. Offered with kick-free and stripped alternatives for complete mix control. Moog Loops > A long-time fan of the Moog synth, Thomas packs in 28 deep, dark and twisted lines wrung from his all-analogue artillery: the classic machines for the trademark Berlin sound. Chord Loops > More vintage melodics with deep Detroit pads, tough stabs, re-worked keys, deep synth progressions and dirty rhythmic pulses. Bass Loops > 34 bottom-end grooves, from growling tech monsters to deep and subby bubblers. Tops Loops > Machine-derived grooves and afro-tribal elements infused throughout 47 kick-free loops. Just load a kick for an instant track-backer. FX Loops > Evolving tempo-synced transitions - precision-cut for instant drop and place builds and breakdowns. Vox > Neat selection of glitched and pitched vocal loops ready to be used and abused. Kicks > Choice selection of slamming kicks - the perfect accompaniment for the kick-free tops. All samples are presented as industry-standard 24-bit Wav files and all loops are tempo-synced at 125bpm. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House • Minimal

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 - Hed Kandi: Disco House Samples
Hed Kandi: Disco House SamplesSample MagicDisco / Nu Disco2011-10-17

Sample Magic team up with the world's biggest disco house brand to deliver 700+MB of the finest disco house samples: from classic live disco to twisted reaches of house - all with the Hed Kandi seal of approval. Designed to reflect the sound of the Hed Kandi dancefloor, from the live-inspired disco heaven through to the late-night debauchery of twisted disco, the collection comes bursting with stunning live bass licks and sexy guitar riffs, 100s of disco rhythms sprinkled with afro and latin spice, straight-from-vinyl songstarters, classic keys, peaktime synths, shimmering tops, plus 100s of Sample Magic's fabled drum hits and assorted FX ear Kandi. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > 180 live-infused beats, from the classicly retro to shades of nu-disco. All beats are offered with full, stripped and top-only variants for 1000s of new groove combinations. Tops Loops > Hats and percussive kick-free tops loops - all bristling with depth and detail. Just fire up a kick to pump the groove. Drum Loops > Bass Loops > From '70s octaves through noughties Juno-jives to slapped workouts: a prime selection of bottom-enders. Music Loops > The heart of the Kandi: 70 neon-stacked vinyl-stlye workouts primed for instant song-starting duties. Synth & Key Loops > Peaktime progressions, dusty Rhodes, Clav runs, hands-up strings and funky filters. Guitar Loops > Funky wah, tight plucks and afro-infused mute guitar licks - experly played and recorded for instant inspiration.   Drum Hits > Perfectly edited kicks, snares, claps, hats and percussion hits - all run through the never-bettered Sample Magic channel strip for assured air, depth and clarity. FX & FX Loops > Hits, vox stabs, bubbles and shots: the icing on the Kandi cake. All loops are tempo-synced at 125bpm and are key-labeled where applicable. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House

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 - Techno
TechnoSample MagicTechno2011-09-23

Driving bass, pumping kick-heavy grooves, chunky drum-hits, dark synths and 4am atmospheres abound in SM27: Techno - a sonic traverse that takes root in Detroit, draws on influences from contemporary Berlin and is guaranteed to impact on floors the world over. Packed with 100s of authentic 909-led rhythms, throbbing subs, industrial synths, incessant kick-free tops, lost-in-a-warehouse FX, ambient beds and stacks of pumped one-shots, Techno melds the best elements of the genre into a genre-defining 500Mb+ bundle. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > 180+ slamming grooves engineered to impact on any rig - offered with full, variant, stripped and kick-free alternatives for precision programming. Bass Loops > From sub melters to gritty acid burners: 83 groove-laden, all-analogue blazers to shake up the floor. Synth Loops > Detroit-inspired FM7 chords, Rolandised arps, contemporary tech hooks and squealing leads - 46 floor-slaying synths to soundtrack the afterhours. Tops Loops > 80 tech-twisted tops, machine-gunned rhythms, white noise hats, industrial percussive hits - all bristling with depth and detail - fire up a kick to pump the groove. FX & FX Loops > Risers, pressure-busting falls and tempo-synced glitch loops, plus a bonus selection of lush melodic beds for the ambient reaches of the genre. Drum Hits > Prime selection of kicks, snares, claps, hats and percussion hits optimised for ultimate punch and power. All loops are tempo-synced at 128bpm for instant mix and match action.

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 - Mainroom Anthems
Mainroom AnthemsSample MagicProgressive House2011-07-07

650MB of pumping beats, Swedish synths, Dutch leads, progressive arps, driving bass and jackin' tops - bundled with bags of essential FX, XXL drum hits and stacked stabs. The 26th outing from the multi award-winning Sample Magic sees them heading straight for the mainroom, with a fist-pumping fusion of melodic house, euphoric progressive synths and subtle electro leads. Stacks of uplifting seqs, chunky, techy beats, massive chord progressions and sun-drenched synths rub shoulders with slammin' percussive rhythms and kick-free tops, stadium-sized FX, plus 100s of Sample Magic's highly-prized drum one-shots. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > Less is more: stripped workouts and pared-down beats, all offered in full, stripped and variant versions for total mix control. Bass Loops > Subby and techy throbbers, bin-blitzing portamento slides and overdriven razor-blazers, all built for dancefloor destruction. Music Loops > Ecstasy-injected mixed musical phrases, many served with variants for maximum creative control. Synth Loops > Stacked synth hooks, euphoric progressions and trancey gated leads designed for hands-in-the-air hysteria. Tops & Nu-Perc Loops > Jackin' house tops and slammin' nu-perc jams: load up a kick for an XXL back beat. Drum Hits & One Shots > Sub-soaked kicks, punchy percs, crisp hats and deep bass hits, plus synth shots and stacked chord stabs waiting to be laced in reverb. FX & FX Loops > LFO risers, deep impacts, noise sweeps, sidechained pads and more. All loops are offered at 128bpm and all melodic loops are key-labelled.

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DJ Chus - DJ Chus & Stereo Productions: 10 Years of Iberican Grooves
DJ Chus & Stereo Productions: 10 Years of Iberican GroovesSample MagicTech House2011-06-10

Sample Magic proudly presents Spanish tribal-house wizard DJ Chus, with 350MB+ of 125pm pumping Balearic beats and sun-soaked rhythms, mashing primetime Ibiza workouts with classic afro-latin rhythms to devastating effect. Congas, bongos, djembes, whistles and samba ambience all abound, with subtle nods to classic tech-house and driving techno. Chus needs little introduction. Famed for his collaborations with Ceballos and Abel Ramos, on labels such as Defected and his own sterling Stereo Productions, the Madrid born DJ digs deep in the crate for his first ever sample CD exclusive to Sample Magic. With multiple variations on each loop, the pack also contains a bounty of dancefloor friendly fx and impacts, tribal glitched vocals and bonus bottom end loops, perfect for blending with the exhaustive selection of percussive tops and full bodied grooves. As always, Sample Magic apply their exacting flare for sample accurate loops, readily Rexed and diced in Apple Loop format for maximum compatibility. The perfect ingredient for that sun-soaked dancefloor smash. What's in the collection? Bottom & Low End Loops > 27 sub-soaked melters and low-end burners for a full bodied mix. Chus & Ceballos Grooves > 57 groovebusters from the tribal kings, from samba rhythms to floor-jackin' beatdowns - many with stripped variants. Glitched Vocal Loops > 46 sliced and diced vox phrases, all FX-dipped to produce top drawer ear candy. Iberican Groove Loops > 56 red-hot percussive grooves presented at 125bpm and ripe for rhythmic layering. Iberican Tops Loops > 55 kick-free rhythm-rockers. Just fire up a pumping kick for an instant Iberican bomb. Tribal Percussion Loops > 31 afro-rhythms and voodoo grooves loaded with authentic africian drum elements from congas to djembes. FX > three sub-folders of impacts, effected atmospheres and expansive reverses for super-wide transitions and builds.

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 - Deep House
Deep HouseSample MagicHouse2011-05-05

Sample Magic serve their first outing of the summer: a sublime foray into the afterhours party, with nods to nu-disco, classic tech and soulful house. Weighing in at over 650MB, the collection comes loaded with deep and dubby drum workouts, classic keys, expansive beds and pads, lush music loops, pumping basslines, live-infused percussion, 500+ chunky drum hits and precision-sculpted nu-perc slams, groovy vocal offcuts and much more. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > 150+ bumpin' workouts, jackin' grooves and raw backing beats, with percussive, full, top and stripped variants to meet every production need. Top Loops > 75 kick-free cuts, from tribal-tinged ensembles to pared-back organic layers. Choose a kick and work the rhythm. Percussion Loops > Another folder of rhythm-bounty. Classic Balearic tribalism featuring re-worked live percussion and pared-down nu-perc shifters: custom-aerated for easy layering. Bass Loops > Bubbling basslines with touches of the fretboard: from the loose and live to the dubby and subby. Synth & Music Loops > It's all about the melodies: analogue key, synth and dusty music loops bristling with vinyl-infused character. Chord Loops & Beds > Lilting chords and lush textures blended with soulful progressions and bottomless beds: the perfect foundation to a blissed-out mix. Drum Hits > 500+ of the finest kicks, snares, hats, claps, live and synthetic perc hits ever assembled: all passed through our all-analogue signal path for unparalleled warmth and air, and served in an intuitive collection of grab-bag folders. Bonus sampler-ready chords and stabs: vintage Rhodes, electric piano, organ and more. Combi Loops > 26 pre-mixed percussion and music loops to kick start the inspiration: layer with ease or chop and filter at will. FX & FX Loops > Choice selection of analogue synth FX, hits and vinyl crackle loops. Vocal Loops > Stuttered vocal offcuts to give the groove a human touch. All loops are tempo linked at 122 and 125bpm and all melodic loops are key-labelled. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Deep House

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 - Dubstep
DubstepSample MagicDubstep2011-04-21

Combining underground club workouts with anthemic arena-sized sounds, SM23 Dubstep delivers 585+MB of pounding 2-step rhythms, cone-quivering basslines, searing synth leads, monstrous music loops and more. From its early esoteric d'n'b roots to contemporary bassline-infused bangers, Dubstep covers all ground and more, with subtle nods to rave, garage, grime and classic electro. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > From the wantonly sparse to the brashly bold: 170+ gargantuam beats encrusted with classic valve distortion, all offered with stripped and top-only variants for optimum mixing flexibility. Bass Loops > Unabashed wobblefests, futuristic robo-bass and deeply dubby subs - all supplied at industry-standard 140bpm. Music Loops > Mangled and mashed musical elements, from ravey synths and off-kilter arps to creaking pads and underworld instrumentation, all primed to kick-start the inspiration. Synth Loops > Circuit-searing runs, dirt-encrusted progressions and glow-stick synthery, key-labeled for your ease. Tops Loops > Kick-free rhythm-rockers and melted percs: add kick and roll. Smash Vox > Glitched and re-worked vocals, infused with garage MC styling. Drum Hits > 382 mighty kicks, crispy crashes, hi-hats and live-layered snares. FX & Toys > Tweaked toys, sonic rippers, filthy falls and 8-bit bleeps. Undersounds > City soundscapes, side-chainable noises and ready-rolled intros: creative jam for sonic toast. Stabs & Shots > Choice bit-crushed and distorted synth shots and stabs: load into your sampler of choice for 1000s of original lead lines. All loops are tempo linked at 140bpm and all melodic loops are key-labeled.

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Florian Meindl - Florian Meindl: Berlin Deep House
Florian Meindl: Berlin Deep HouseSample MagicHouse2011-03-18

Sample Magic's new artist series imprint returns with this stunning 350MB collection from Berlin tech-house innovator Florian Meindl, covering beats, synths, bass, drum hits and uniquely sculpted FX. Packed with material reminiscent of his Royksopp and Format B remixes, the pack is essential sampling for lovers of all things deep. What's in the collection? Beat Loops > 43 shuffling rhythms, stripped and tripped workouts and breakdowns, offered with stripped, kick-free, perc-only and full variants. Beat Layers > Beat-building bounty consisting of 16 tops, 6 percussion loops, 8 background elements plus broken out hi-hat, kick and shaker loops. Mix and match ad infinitum. Bass Loops > 31 loops divided into rhythmic, riffs and sub bass. Booming bottom-end for a variety of grooves. Evolving Synth Loops > 12 extended and ever-changing synth leads and atmospheres with pin-point processing for instant melodic inspiration. Music Loops > 17 mixed musical loops of deep and dirty synths, vox percs and bass, extended and evolved over 8 bars. Drum hits > Cache of of high-grade drum hits for total rhythm-building freedom: 14 claps/snares, 15 hats, 9 kicks and 10 perc hits. Load into your sampler and roll. FX > Risers, rattlers, blasts, falls and one-shots: unique and finely-honed ear candy for that final touch. As always, all loops key-labelled and recorded in 24-bit, 44.1khz quality, presented at 125bpm.

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 - Tech-House
Tech-HouseSample MagicTech House2011-02-11

Merging the best house, techno, progressive and minimal, Tech-House delivers 560+MB of powerful peak-time jams, pared-back beats and pounding workouts for the mainroom, all presented in industry-standard 24-bit. Oozing with detail, Tech-House packs in driving drums, bouncy off-step bass, glitched vocal rhythmatics, brazen synths, melodic musical loops, FX and a bumper selection of Sample Magic's highly treasured drum one-shots. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > 150+ pounding low-end melters, minimal-infused floor-slayers and wired tech-house grooves that pay subtle nods to classic house, disco and techno. Offered with stripped, kick-free, perc-only and full variants. Perc, Hats & Tops Loops > Body-rocking bounty of ensemble tribal workouts, stripped nu-perc rollers, kick-free shaker and top loops, tight hi-hat-only lines and more: cut and layer for 1,000s of raw, original grooves. Bass Loops > Sculpted to fit the beat: bouncy, beefy and just the right side of dirty. Synth Loops > Epic but understated, massively melodic and guaranteed to get the groove started. Music Loops > The icing on the cake: precision-cut production tools to mark your tracks apart. Slice, dice and re-splice for endless variants. Glitched Vocals > Off-step verbal acrobatics, minimal and mindful: just the ticket to sparkle life into the mix. XL Drum Hits > Nearly 500 snappy snares, punchy percussion, countless crashes, hats, spurious FX and XXXL kicks reign supreme in this voluminous archive. FX & FX Loops > Risers, blasts, squalls, falls, impacts, freakouts and tempo-linked whips to round off the collection. All loops are tempo linked at 128bpm and all melodic loops are key-labelled. As with all Sample Magic products, Tech-House packs in fine sounds processed in the analogue domain for a warmth and usability that few others attain. And at a lower prince point, there's even more bang for the bucks. Download contains: • 925 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots (564.3MB) • 410 Rex2 Loops (297.7MB) • 410 Stylus-RMX Rex2 Loops (650.8MB) • 433 Apple Loops / AIFFs (504.6MB) plus EXS24 • Kontakt 3, HALion and NN-XT sampler patches plus 12 page digital booklet (including hints and tips, kit list, folder guide and more).