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ShamanStems is the brainchild of the highly regarded Dual Shaman duo. Responsible for a slew critically acclaimed releases on Sounds To Sample, Sample Magic and Sony, ShamanStems is a label with quality and cutting-edge sound design at its heart.

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 - Interference
InterferenceShamanStemsSound FX, Presets / Patches2017-11-20

Harness the power of Electromagnetic Radiation! Have you ever used kicks and baselines made from light bulbs, pads from scanners and tv screens, hihats from hard-drives and routers, keys from photo cameras or sound fx from computer processors? If this sounds both intriguing and confusing, please read on! Using a custom made listening device, the shamans have translated oscillations in the electromagnetic domain to the audible, allowing them to tap into a bewildering sonic playground, unheard to the human ear. More-so, they've turned these soundscapes into playable and controllable percussive and melodic Ableton racks, which serve as building blocks for the song starting Ableton Projects included, which vary from Downtempo and Techno to IDM and House. You can use the soundscapes to build your own instruments, drop them as wavetables into your synths, created sci-fi SFX or use them as sidechained hiss to fill up space - the possibilities are endless. Plus, you can easily stand out with such unique sounds on your hands. What's in the collection? Inside you will discover 200+ Electromagnetic Soundscapes at 96 khz recorded from Computer and Office Gear : processors, motherboards, mouse units, keyboards, screens, scanners, printers – 74 total files, Gadgets and Household Appliances: phones ranging from early 2000's models to modern day smartphones, kindle readers, tv's, microwave ovens, hair dryers and more – 54 total files, Light and Photo: various types of light-bulbs, digital and analog photo cameras, flash lights and studio lamps – 26 files, power supplies and adaptors: from phone chargers to high power group UPS units – 17 files and Sound Gear: from old radios to midi controllers and effects pedals – 30 files. In the Ableton Live pack you will find 30 Percussive Racks: kicks, snares, hihats,shakers and 54 Melodic Racks: bass, synths,organs, keys - all created exclusively with the aforementioned soundscapes, 15 Demo Projects that you can tweak and customize, plus the project for the pack's main demo. The Demo Projects have been also rendered as 44.1 Khz Wav loops -104 loops and Midi melodies – 22 files, and the drum racks and melodic racks as Wav oneshots – 106 files. Note: The demo uses only sounds from this samplepack, and the Ableton Project file for the demo is included in the full release. Full specs: • 74 Computer and Office Gear Electromagnetic Soundscapes • 54 Gadgets and Household Appliances Electromagnetic Soundscapes • 26 Light and Photo Electromagnetic Soundscapes • 17 Power Supplies and Adaptors Electromagnetic Soundscapes • 30 Sound Gear Electromagnetic Soundscapes • 104 Wav Loops • 22 MIDI files • 51 Melodic Oneshots • 54 Percussive Oneshots • 30 Ableton Live 9.7.3 + Drum Racks53 Ableton Live 9.7.3 + Melodic Racks16 Ableton Live 9.7.3 + Demo Projects *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • House • MIDI • Minimal / Deep Tech • Techno

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 - Alarms and Sirens
Alarms and SirensShamanStemsSound FX, EDM2017-10-02

ALERT! This is not a drill! Incoming alarms, sirens and pitchbent SFX from the ShamanStems lab. Real life recordings of emergency vechicles and warning sirens, synthesized alerts, analog, digital, funny and organic, moody and extreme, this pack contains all your alarm needs. The sounds have been created using an array of high-end analog semimodular and desktop synths, Yamaha FM workhorses, wind instruments, ribbon controllers and field recording manipulations. Inside you will discover: 23 field recorded emergency alarms, sirens, train horns, warnings and many more, 58 synthesized emergency alarms, created as closely as possible to their real-life counterparts, presented as wet - processed with carefully tuned convolution reverb set to nuclear reactor or stadium impulse responses for immersive realism and depth - and dry variants as well. The Up and Down folder does exactly what it says on the box, guaranteed hair-raising experience: 19 Wet,19 Dry. 61 Extreme and Damaged , where LFO madness is ensured via all-analog modulations and intricate patching. 81 SciFi and Synthish: perfect for Dub, Drum and Bass, Techno and House as well as film and game sound design. The Pitchbent and Moody sounds will surely bring a touch of mystery and uneasiness to your projects: 48 Wet, 48 Dry. Organic and Nature folder contains processed and live flutes, cavals, xaphoons, harmonicas, nays, animal sounds, the majority of them treated with convolution reverb and presented as dry and wet versions. 42 Funny and Cartoonish for those who enjoy a bit of humor. To wrap things up, the 48 Short alarms can come in handy more often than not. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Dubstep • Hip-Hop / R&B • House • Techno

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 - Chill Pads
Chill PadsShamanStemsChill Out, Deep House2017-09-11

Deep shimmering beds, soothing atmos and moody pads abound in ShamanStems' latest collection, loaded with Ableton Live instruments and effects racks, demo projects, chords, single notes, loops and MIDI files, making it an extremely versatile toolkit for musicians and producers. Perfect for any genre, be it ambient, pop, house or DnB, these sounds have been designed using high-end hardware synthesizers, ranging from Yamaha vector and FM synths to Waldorf Wavetable and Korg mixed-synthesis gear. Inside you will discover 30 Ableton Live Instrument Racks, with macros for sample start time, attack, release, portamento time, filter controls and loop on/off. Three Ableton Effect Racks are also available to further shape the pads, including a Multistomp, ideal for adding warmth and character, a Mangler, which is perfect for degrading and lofi-ing the sounds and a Movement rack, designed liven up the pads via phasing, autofilteringand autopanning. Said racks have been created using the 106 Wav single notes recorded in the key of C, across many octaves, with very little external processing, to capture the genuine sound and feel of the machines they were recorded form. 129 Wav Chords are provided in various keys, with their respective MIDI notes attached. Drop all of these sounds into your sampler or wavetable synth of choice, layer, mangle and get creative. 11 Demo Projects showcase the use of the above racks and all WAV and MIDI content has been rendered inside the Demo Loops folders as construction kits for easy and fast access. Note: The pack contains pads only, the drums, bass, arps and FX from the demo are not present in the pack. Found sounds are excerpted from ShamanStems - Organic Ambience & Textures. Note: Ableton Live 9.7.2. + is required to use the Ableton Live racks and demo projects. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Downtempo • Drum & Bass • House • Techno

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 - Organic Ambience and Textures
Organic Ambience and TexturesShamanStemsChill Out, Sound FX2017-08-21

Fresh, vivid and incredibly detailed organic soundscapes galore in ShamanStems’ latest offering, perfect for livening up your music, creating FX transitions, sound design, game audio, adds, film and video. With over 2 hours of pristine quality recordings and totaling an impressive 1.7 GB + in size, the team has set to create an all-encompassing source of natural ambiences, scouting forests, rivers, lakes, swamps, mountains, plains, parks, cities and villages to find and capture an extremely diverse organic sonic palette. The ambience files go as high as 3 minutes long, ensuring plenty of variance and slicing material for your samplers. Some transient heavy bits have been excerpted from these ambience and placed in the ‘Single Hits’ folders for fast and easy access. Inside you will find a vast number of outdoor and studio recorded crunch and rustle sounds featuring leaves, branches, shells, rocks, bubbles, grains, beans, nuts, paper, cloth and various other materials: 49 textures and 53 single hits. The sounds of cafe’s, parks, citadels, churches, night-time traffic, farmers markets, schoolyards and reverb-filled halls make the ‘Cities and Crowds’ folder shine: 43 ambiences, 59 single hits. The elements are also present, different rain textures abound, winds, boiling water, fire, fizz, steam : 48 textures, 51 single hits. Vibrant bird-songs, dog barks, and swamp creatures amount to 22 ambiences and 49 single hits. To top things off, various hums, footsteps, rattles can be found in the ‘Misc’ folder: 14 ambiences, 18 single hits. Please Note: The demo contains melodic and drum loops not present in this pack, the library contains field recordings only. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Hip-Hop / R&B • House • Techno

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 - Soulful Beach House
Soulful Beach HouseShamanStemsHouse, Chill Out2017-05-08

ShamanStems are back with another summertime hit collection, packed with crisp, cutting edge drums, live percussion, soulful keys, warm basslines and soothing pads. Following the footsteps of their Rooftop House pack, released a few years back, which ignited the creativity of bedroom producers and major label artists alike, allowing their loops and sounds to reach an audience in the hundreds of millions, Soulful Beach House is now up for grabs, providing infinite inspiration for aspiring and well-established artists. Inside you will discover a total of 190 laid-back and vivid Drumloops: 41 Full, 41 Strip, 39 Top, 39 Hihats, 30 Perc plus extra 44 Top Loops, recorded at 115, 118 and 120 BPMs, rigorously EQ-ed and processed to provide a solid back-bone for your hit track. 96 Melodic loops are split into 19 construction kit folders, each one containing full mix and separate parts, including warm analogue and live slap bass, dusty rhodes, FM e-pianos and keys, dreamy analogue pads and soulful chords, plus the according MIDI file for each loop. Organic percussion plays a major part in nailing that beach house sound , therefore 63 live and sequenced bongos, darabanas, cabasas, ganzas, congas, agogos, tambourines , cowbells, shakers and claves are present to satisfy your percussive needs. Some percussive instruments can be used as sound effects as well, you will find them played in outlandish ways in the Sound FX section, along with seashore field recordings, digital birds, reverbed xaphoons, snaps and cymbals, 50 in total. To top things off, 371 drum and percussion hits are provided as well: 221 live, synthesized or layered percussion, 40 kicks, 58 hihats, 18 claps, 22 snares and 12 toms. Pack Details: • 880 files • 190 Drumloops • 96 Melodics loops • 66 MIDI Melodics • 63 Percussion Loops • 371 Drum and Percussion Hits • 50 Sound Fx • 44 Top loops and Add-ons *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Disco / Nu-Disco • Funk / Soul / R&B • MIDI • Deep House • Downtempo

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 - Drop Kicks
Drop KicksShamanStemsSound FX, Drums2017-04-17

An indispensable collection of kick drops, pitch-bent low impacts and speaker shattering sub fx is now available at ShamanStems, ideal for producers of any genre, sound designers and movie trailer editors alike. Crafted with high-end hardware synthesizers and drum-machines from Elektron, Moog, Analogue Solutions and Doepfer, varying from creamy analogue to crisp FM, this pack covers all your drop kick needs with style. Inside you will discover 80 Clean drop kicks, 62 Driven, using onboard and outboard overdrive and distortion. 51 Higher frequency drops, 103 Modulated via lfos and envelopes, 64 processed with delay, reverb and chorus, 115 Synthish, with very bright and sharp nuances, ideal for baselines as well. Product Details: • 475 Total Single Shots • 80 Clean • 62 Driven • 51 Higher • 103 Modulated • 64 Processed • 115 Synthish *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Electro House • House • Deep House • Future House

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 - Digital Glitch & Cybernetics
Digital Glitch & CyberneticsShamanStemsChill Out, Sound FX2017-02-27

Digital Glitch & Cybernetics is a collection of extremely immersive sound effects created using state-of-the-art hardware synthesizers, suitable for music, apps, game audio, film & tv, adds & commercials. Inside you will discover: • 78 Buttons and Interactions • 44 Dramatic fx • 86 Machinery • 45 Malfunctions • 63 Miscellaneous • 60 Processes and Computations • 62 Robots and Creatures *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Dubstep • Minimal • Techno • EDM

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 - Mutant Percussion
Mutant PercussionShamanStemsTechno, Drums2017-01-30

An unfortunate experiment has had the ShamanStems laboratory exposed to critical levels of radiation. The surviving scientists managed to contain the area but their Elektron apparatuses have been permanently damaged, becoming unstable and unpredictable: otherworldly auditory renderings have been appearing and disappearing throughout the precipices in a seemingly uncoordinated fashion. These peculiar sounds have been carefully recorded, edited and arranged as to perhaps provide an insight into the events that have transpired. The final report contains the following: 1466 drum oneshots recorded using Elektron’s Machinedrum UW+ and Rytm’s EFM machines, 123 Toms,100 Claps,55 Claves,99 Cowbells,160 Cymbals,101 FM percussion,125 Snares,127 Hihats,222 Kicks,221 Quirky percussion,64 Piercing percussion,69 Shakers. The folders have also been mapped to 15 Ableton racks, with macro controls for sounds shuffle, transpose, detune, release, filter type, frequency , resonance and drive. A bonus 8 full Demo Drum Loops are present as wav files, with variants for each machine,64 Loops in total , plus 8 Ableton Live Projects for each demo loop where you can edit the racks, MIDI grooves or automation. There are also 16 template project for those who want a quick start with a specific rack, or the full drum kit containing all 15 racks. SPECS: • 1.56 GB zipped • 1466 Oneshots • 123 Toms • 100 Claps • 55 Claves • 99 Cowbells • 160 Cymbals • 101 FM percussion • 125 Snares • 127 Hihats • 222 Kicks • 221 Quirky percussion • 64 Piercing percussion • 69 Shakers • 64 Demo Loops • 1 Ableton Live 9.7 + Pack • 15 Ableton Live 9.7 + Racks • 8 Ableton Live 9.7+ Demo Projects • 16 Ableton Live 9.7+ Template Projects *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • House • Minimal • Tech House • Trap

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 - Found Sound - Junk & Trash
Found Sound - Junk & TrashShamanStemsSound FX, Drums2016-10-03

They say that one man’s trash is someone else’s treasure. Well the ShamanStems team is now unraveling a treasure trove of trash. The crew have scoured through abandoned fields, industrial areas, slums, construction sites and forests (of all places) to find and record junk ranging from broken TVs and PCs to car parts, construction materials, glasswork or just every-day items not thrown away in specially designated places by a ‘select-many’ careless individuals. After months of successfully dodging stray dogs, wild boars, hornets and other ghastly creatures and staying clear of shards, shrapnel, stings and cuts , they have narrowed down the bulk of the recordings to 420 + single hits structured into ambience, metal, glass and ceramics, rock and construction, wood and paper, plastic and mixed folders. The sounds range from short to complex, a number of them additionally possessing rhythmical nuances. The team is now employing an ongoing forest cleanup in their neighboring areas and strongly discourages littering. Note: The demo uses kicks, snares and synthloops not present in this pack. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Hip-Hop • House • Tech House • Techno

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 - Acid House 2
Acid House 2ShamanStemsHouse, Techno2016-08-08

The long awaited sequel to ShamanStems’ Acid House hit release, which has spawned countless underground hits throughout the years, is now finally here. Featuring 3 times more content than volume one, at almost 1 GB in size and encompassing 1000+ loops, single hits and midi files, Acid House 2 is set to become a ShamanStems classic. What’s in the collection? • 206 Acid Synth and Bass lines: 100% authentic and analogue, with vast numbers of variations, a plethora of bars for each loop with tons of modulation to keep your productions as captivating as possible. Featuring dry and distorted versions, including processing with the iconic RAT distortion pedals, and various other transistor and tube based pedals. On top of that you get 70 MIDI files to play around with. • 131 Drum Loops: Hypnotic classic grooves from legendary drum-machines of the 80’s and 90’s, set to jack you into infinity. Full, strip, top and perc variations present as always. • 564 Single Hits: 347 Acid Hits, 191 Drum hits, 26 Synth hits. • 40 Oldschool FX resurfaced from vintage romplers and synths • 23 Mangled Vox to give your traxx some extra flair. Note: All loops are recorded at 122 BPM, key labelled where applicable. The demo uses reverb in post on some of the loops, all ther sounds present in this pack are recorded dry. 1034 total files: 70 - MIDI, 964 - WAV X 24 bit 44100 hz *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House • Deep House

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 - Electro
ElectroShamanStemsTechno, MIDI2016-04-18

Due to the scarcity of pure Electro sample libraries, the Shamans have decided to create a collection that pays tribute and stays true to the classic works of Kraftwerk, Juan Atkins, James Stinson, Gerald Donald, Underground Resistance, AFX, AUX88 and DMX Krew. PACK CONTAINS: Drum Loops > A total of 171 drum loops expertly programmed on analog and digital machines, with tempos ranging from 126 to 138 BPM. Fx and Ambience > 23 alien and machine-made soundscapes. Drum Hits > 227 kicks, snares, claps, hi-hats, percussion hits, toms and cymbals. Arps and Sequences > 36 total audio loops + 23 MIDI Files. Pads and Textures > 23 total audio loops + 23 MIDI Files. Bass Loops > 20 total audio loops + 19 MIDI Files. Please Note: Some loops present in the demo have been treated to compression and reverb in post production, whereas the loops in the collection are recorded as dry as possible. Total number of files : 500 X Wav + 65 x MIDI. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Electro House

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 - Origin Series - Analog Glitch
Origin Series - Analog GlitchShamanStemsSound FX, Drums2016-03-07

ShamanStems’ R&D team has been slaving away for many moons, developing a one-of-a-kind toolkit for modern music creators… Encompassing 300+ all-analog glitched hits and textures, lacerating stabs, extreme drum shots, contorted arps and much more. Recorded using high-end machines from Elektron, Analog Solutions, Doepfer, Moog and Acidlab; all sounds follow an analog signal path, with no digital post processing or editing. PACK CONTAINS: 234 x Single Shots > An immensely vast array of sounds: from drums, to stabs, to bass and beyond. 46 x Compound Samples > Complex rhythmic and arrhythmic analog creations. 39 x Textures and Backgrounds > Atmospheric textures and beds, which can generate genuine immersion with extreme ease. Please note: The demo uses kick drums not present in the pack. This library contains only one shots and textures. Reverb and delay has been added to the sounds for the purposes of the demo. Sounds are key labeled where applicable. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • House • Techno • Trap • EDM

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 - Ghetto Traxx
Ghetto TraxxShamanStemsHouse, Techno2016-02-08

ShamanStems get down and dirty with Getto Traxx, having conjured up the grittiest, toughest house and techno loops imaginable. Paying tribute to the early days of Chicago Ghetto House and pushing thing forward by taking notes from the ever inspiring and vibrant Paris, London, New York and Berlin underground scenes, this collection will satisfy all your needs for high-octane, forward-thinking dance music. Mr.G, DJ Funk, DJ Deeon, Radio Slave, Bambounou, Jimmy Edgar and labels Rekids, ClekClekBoom, Hessle Audio, Ultramajic and Trip are responsible for providing the inspiration in creating this library. What;s in the collection: 190 Drum Loops > Vintage rhythm boxes from Roland, Korg, Boss meet state-of-the art drum machines like the Elektron Analog RYTM and Elektron Machinedrum. All dirtied up and damaged via analog distortion, tube overdrive and EQ pedals. Full, strip, perc and top versions present. 76 Melodic Loops > Bass, stabs, chords, pads, pianos, music cuts and many more. Expertly filtered and colored using high-end effects pedals from Strymon and TC Electronic. 51 FX > Old school alien fx from EMU, Roland and Yamaha passed through extreme EQ settings. 198 One Shots > Kicks, claps, snares, toms, percussive hits, hihats and cymbals. All raw and dirty, just how we like'em. 43 Vox > Captivating rhythmic vocal cuts, precisely sliced and bit reduced using Bastl Instruments' Micro Granny. All loops recorded at 127 and 129 BPM, key labelled where applicable. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Tech House • Deep House

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 - Origin Series - Analog Bass
Origin Series - Analog BassShamanStemsHouse, Techno2015-07-20

Throbbing, in your face voltage controlled phatness, that's what this pack is all about. Feed your samplers with these colossal bass shots gathered from a wide array of highly sought after bass machines. What's in the collection? • 432 oneshots divided into 5 folders Acidlab Bombass - 61 hits The now extremely hard to find acid machine which sounds like a modded TB-303 on steroids. Analogue Solutions Telemark - 72 hits Inspired by the Oberheim SEM,Telemark is a behemoth of a synth,with tons of modulation possibilities. Doepfer Dark Energy - 77 hits Doepfer's hands on,straight-forward bass-in-a-box machine.It always gets the job done and packs quite a punch. Moog Minitaur - 149 hits A no-nonsense bass synth delivering extremely powerful low end and the unbeatable, trademark Moog creaminess and warmth. SFX - 73 bass heavy sound effects :drops,sweeps,risers,the works. Note: The demo uses drums, pads, vocals and synthloops not present in this pack. The library only contains bass oneshots.

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 - Origin Series - Found Sound
Origin Series - Found SoundShamanStemsSound FX, Drums2015-05-11

Liven up your productions with organic and industrial field recordings hand picked from hours of material gathered from warehouses, scrapyards, tool sheds, construction sites, forests, parks and many more. The sounds range from percussive,to rhythmic and atmospheric/fx,from polished to lo-fi,offering you a very diverse sonic palette. What's in the collection? 280 field recordings organized by Timbre : Organic & Nature - 173 oneshots Industry & Machines - 107 oneshots Length : Long - 17 oneshots Medium - 131 oneshots Short - 132 oneshots + 134 Bonus field recordings excerpted from ShamanStems - Organic Tech 414 sounds in total. Note: The demo uses kick and synth loops not present in this pack,the pack only contains field recordings. 694 X WAV 24 bit oneshots,261 MB total size *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Drum & Bass • House • Tech House • Techno

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 - Snares & Claps - Loops & Hits
Snares & Claps - Loops & HitsShamanStemsHouse, Tech House2015-04-14

500 snare & clap loops, midi grooves and oneshots tailored for the house & tech enthusiasts. Featuring analog, digital, oldschool and newschool hits from all ShamanStems releases + many more and loops ranging from complex to sparse, machine-like or live-like and offering midi versions for each single loop plus ghost versions (no clap/snare on the 2nd and 4th beat), this pack is a very useful toolkit to get your productions on track. What's in the collection? 300 snare & clap hits recorded from analog drum modules and grooveboxes, state of the art digital drum machines like the Elektron Machinedrum UW+, oldschool gear from Boss, Yamaha, EMU, Roland, Korg and live drums recorded through transistor preamps for full warmth & grit. 100 snare & clap loops with ghost versions for extra versatility at 120,122,125 and 126 BPM 100 MIDI loops for endless possibilities and permutations Note: The demo uses kicks,hihats,misc percussion and music loops not present in this pack. The library contains exclusively snare & clap loops and hits. Specifications: • 300 X WAV oneshots, • 100 X WAV loops, • 100 X MIDI, • 171 MB total size *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • MIDI

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 - Deep & Analog Melodics
Deep & Analog MelodicsShamanStemsHouse, Tech House2015-03-30

Deep,raw and 100% analog.That's what this pack is all about. Be it house,deep tech or garage,these synth and bass loops will kickstart tons of new ideas and help you overcome your writer's block in no-time. Experience the power of analog beasts from Moog, Elektron, Analogue Soltutions and Doepfer at just a fraction of the price. What's in the collection: The library features deep evolving pads,dubby chords, souful keys, shuffling stabs, with each synth loop having its own bass counterpart: from subby, to acid, noisy or funky. No compression, limiting or normalization has been applied to the loops, leaving room for you to process them however you may please. Specifications: • 154 files in total • 77 key-labeled WAV loops recorded at 122 BPM • 77 corresponding MIDI files for each WAV loop Note:All loops in the demo,excluding drums and fx are present in this pack.

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 - Origin Series - Vintage Pads 2
Origin Series - Vintage Pads 2ShamanStemsHouse, Chill Out2015-03-02

The ShamanStems crew deliver a second serving of lush pads,dusty strings, divine choirs and alien soundscapes sampled from old and forgotten machines, full of character and vividness impossible to recreate with modern VST's. These pads are perfect for any genre,from House,Techno ,DnB to Neo-Classic,Ambient or Experimental. What's in the collection? 216 oneshots divided into 37 folders,containing minor,major and single note variants for full control over your sounds. Just drop them into your sampler of choice and you're ready to go. Specifications: • 216 X 24 bit WAV,918 MB unzipped *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Disco / Nu-Disco • Drum & Bass • Orchestral • Tech House • Techno

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 - Arps and Sequences
Arps and SequencesShamanStemsHouse, Techno2015-02-16

100 pristine arps and sequences made exclusively with state of the art analog and digital hardware from Korg,Waldorf and Elektron. Suitable for techno,house,electro or experimental,this pack is aimed at the serious producers out there looking to push their sound forward and break the mold. What's in the collection? 100 arps and sequencer loops divided into two folders,with up to 3 timbral variations: 123 bpm - 44 loops 126 bpm - 56 loops All loops are key and tempo labeled. Note: demo uses drums,fx and pads which are not present in this pack.The library contains arps and sequences only. Specifications: • 100 X 24 bit WAV at 123 and 126 BPM *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Minimal • Tech House

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 - Origin Series - Analog Chords 2
Origin Series - Analog Chords 2ShamanStemsHouse, Techno2015-01-19

Volume 2 of the chart-topping 'Analog Chords' collection is out now. Featuring 780 + chords and stabs recorded using analog polysynths and passed through vintage 70's transistor outboard for maximum warmth and punch. The timbral palette ranges from lush,deep or techy to uplifting, jazzy or vintage.As a plus, at the same price point as volume 1, this collection offers 50 % more sounds! what's in the collection The chords are sorted either by timbre or by root key, making it much easier to find the sound you want,fast. By timbre 30 different sets,with up to 8 timbral variation folders (filter,ADSR,vibrato,overdrive,chorus etc.) for each set. Each variation folder contains up to 28 different chord combinations in various root keys for maximum usability. By root key For those in need of a chord in a specific key,both minor and major,ranging from A to G#. Note: Demo uses bass,drums and fx which are not present in this pack. In the audio demo,some of the chords are processed using external fx such as reverb or delay. The chords in the collection have been recorded as dry as possible. Unziped size : 1.1 GB ,1566 X 24bit WAV oneshots.Download size : 651 MB *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Disco / Nu-Disco • Drum & Bass • Minimal • Tech House

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 - Classic House
Classic HouseShamanStemsHouse, Techno2014-11-18

Shamanstems celebrate their 3 year anniversary with the release of Classic House,a 520+ mb collection tailor-made exclusively for the true house heads. Crafted using only equipment available in the glory days of house and taking inspiration from the likes of Mk,Todd Terry, Kerri Chandler and legendary labels Strictly Rhythm,Ibadan and Nervous Records, this library has all the tools you need to bring 90's nostalgia to either your house,garage or afterhours techno tracks. What's in the collection? Drum loops - 135 drumloops created with the aid of Boss,Emu,Roland and Korg drum machines and grooveboxes,with full,strip and top variants for extra flexibility. Drum Hits - 237 claps,kicks,snares,perc,toms,cymbals and hihats Melodic loops - 110 stabs,pads,bass,pianos & e-pianos,sax,vibes,marimbas and many more,all recorded using classic digital synths,analog gear and live instruments. Melodic Hits - 43 bass,piano,stab,electric piano and sax hits Top loops - 55 kick free ,precisely tuned,shuffling tops. Vintage Fx - 23 grainy,gritty atmosphere and impact hits Vocal Loops - 13 vocal cuts fit to spice up your mix Download contains 620 X 24 bit wav loops and oneshots.Download size : 520 mb unzipped.Loops recorded at 120 & 123 Bpm

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 - Origin Series - Classic Bass Shots
Origin Series - Classic Bass ShotsShamanStemsHouse, Techno2014-07-14

ShamanStems are back with another one-of-a-kind library,comprised of 300+ bass shots recorded using classic 80's and 90's fm synths,romplers and samplers from Yamaha,Kawai,Korg,EMU and Roland. These hits are perfect for deep & vintage house,techno,oldschool dnb or nu-disco,but work well within any genre. What's in the collection 310 key labelled oneshots,with 2-3 variations (key,filter or note lenght) Note: Demo uses drum/key/vocal and fx samples from other ShamanStems releases.This library contains bass oneshots only. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Chillout • Disco / Nu-Disco • Drum & Bass • Tech House

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 - Classic Leads & Solos
Classic Leads & SolosShamanStemsHouse, MIDI2014-06-23

Experience the flavor of classic 70's and 80's synth leads with ShamanStems' bold new release. All loops are recorded using Moog and Elektron analog gear ,classic samplers from Roland, Yamaha, E-MU and high end hardware digital synths from Waldorf and Korg, with the keyboard's pitchbend and mod wheel being heavily abused in order to get that oldschool vibe. To top it up,we're making the MIDI files available as well. What's in the collection? 28 Dry Leads and Solos WAV Loops + 28 MIDI files 21 Processed Leads and Solos WAV Loops + 21 MIDI files Note: Loops recorded at 120 BPM.Backing sounds (drums/percussion/bass/keys/fx) are excerpted from our Rooftop House,Sultry House Sessions and Nu Jazz and Soulful House libraries and are not included in the pack. MIDI files should be used only with mono (1 voice) instruments,unless the 'poly' tag is present. 49 X 24 bit WAV Loops,49 X MIDI files 172 Mb total Size

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 - Origin Series - Analog Percussion
Origin Series - Analog PercussionShamanStemsHouse, Drums2014-05-19

360 + all analog percussive shots recorded directly from highly sought after Analogue Solutions,Elektron,Moog and Doepfer gear. This is not another Roland X0X - style library,you'll find tons of quirky and outlandish sounds inside,ready to be dropped into your sampler of choice. What's in the collection? 25 Bleeps and Bloops 19 Claves 24 Clicks 58 Fx and Glitch 25 High Percussive Hits 45 Hihats and Shakers 65 Kicks 29 Low Percussive Hits 31 Mid Percussive Hits 30 Snares and Claps

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 - Origin Series - Analog Chords
Origin Series - Analog ChordsShamanStemsHouse, Techno2014-04-21

550+ analog chords and stabs ready to breath life into your Deep House,Techno,Garage or D'n'b tracks,all recorded using state of the art analog polysynths and passed through a vintage 70's transistor outboard for some serious grit and punch. The chords are organized into 47 sets,with filter,vibrato,release and/or analog chorus variants for maximum usability. What's in the collection? Major Chords - 251 oneshots divided into 23 folders Minor Chords - 300 oneshots divided into 24 folders Note: Demo uses bass oneshots,drums and cymbal fx excerpted from various ShamanStems libraries and are not present in this pack. 551 X 24 bit Wav oneshots *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Disco / Nu-Disco • Drum & Bass • Progressive House • Tech House

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 - Origin Series - Cymbal FX
Origin Series - Cymbal FXShamanStemsSound FX, Drums2014-02-04

100 pristine crashes,rides and splashes,created using live cymbals,classic drum machines and state of the art digital and analog drum synthesizers,passed through TC Electronic and Strymon reverb processors. Cymbal effects are essential in any genre,and the scarcity of such niche packs makes 'Cymbal FX' a no-brainer at such a small price. Pack contains 39 Live Cymbal FX 40 Synthesized Cymbal FX 21 Extreme Cymbal FX Total number of sounds :100 x WAV,Unzipped size: 304 MB *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • Electro House • House • Progressive House • Techno

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 - Sultry House Sessions
Sultry House SessionsShamanStemsHouse, Disco / Nu Disco2013-12-17

ShamanStems proudly present their sexiest collection to date, 570+ of the hottest house loops and oneshots out there. Merging Deep House, Nu Disco and Progressive, and taking inspiration from the likes of Phonique,Stefan Biniak, Adriatique, Disclosure, Oliver Koletzki, Finnebassen and Robin Schulz, record labels Stil Vor Talent, Dessous,Noir Music, Diynamic and popular youtube channels such as The Sound You Need, Majestic and Eton Messy, this pack will surely be your number one weapon for creating sultry, smooth yet pumping house anthems and bootlegs. What’s in the collection? Drumloops : 101 raw beats, fusing organic elements and nuskool percussion with pumped up kicks and crisp claps and snares Bassloops : 40 loops of pure analogue PHATNESS Synthloops : 40 of the finest e-keys, pianos, organs, analog stabs, digital bells and lush pads Toploops: 78 kick-craving polished-clean tops and percussive add-ons Onehots: 233 kicks, snares, claps, hihats, perc and toms MIDI : 81 original midi loops to ignite your melodic ideas Note: Loops recorded at 122 and 125 BPM,key labeled where applicable.Demo contains fx and crashes not present in this pack. Download contains 574 total files : 341 X 24 bit WAV loops,233 X 24 bit WAV oneshots,81 MIDI files.Download size 390 mb (unzipped)

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 - Berlin House
Berlin HouseShamanStemsHouse, Techno2013-11-06

ShamanStems are back,taking you deep inside the Berlin underground with their newest collection of relentless beats,brooding analog synths and throbbing bass. 'Berlin House' is the definitive sound of Berghain,Tresor or Watergate after-hours. What's in the collection? Drum Loops : 100 gritty workouts,with nods to classic techno,chock full of oldschool kicks,industrial hits,distorted hihats,organic shakers and subby toms.Presented in full ,strip and top variants. Bass Loops : All analog subs,reeses and arps treated with precise amounts of external chorus,tube overdrive and delay. Synth Loops :A vast array of shuffling synths,dub techno stabs,quirky arpeggios and moody pads. Created using analog gear from Doepfer,Waldorf, Elektron,Analog Solutions and AcidLab. Oneshots: 160+ original kicks,hihats,snares,claps,toms,perc and stab hits. Just drop them into your sampler of choice and get creative. Note: All loops are recorded at 123 and 125 bmp and key labeled where aplicabble.All files presented as 24 bit WAVs. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Minimal • Tech House

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 - Sylenth1 Drum Patches
Sylenth1 Drum PatchesShamanStemsDrums, Presets / Patches2012-11-14

ShamanStems proudly present their one-of-a-kind Sylenth1 Drum Patches library. A staple in sound design craftsmanship,this collection covers all your drumshot needs, from almighty kicks to quirky percussion, analog-emulating hihats, impulsive snares/claps, heart-rate augmenting toms, realistic shakers and unique fx hits like lfo automated drum-fills, lasers, clicks, glitches and many more. And the best part don't have to worry about loosing the punch and quality when transposing as with the regular audio drumhits, you have FULL control over your sound, being able to tweak filters, ADSR or tune oscillators to your own preference and get that unique drum sound you've been looking for. So either you're a producer looking for unequaled out of the box patches, you're starting out with audio sculpting and want to learn more about drum synthesis or you're a sound design enthusiast in search of inspiration, this library is right up your alley. What's in the collection 18 Kick patches - a plethora of different kick-drum textures to choose from - subby, deep or dirty, you name it. 18 Percussion patches - from bread and butter percussion to quirky digital madness. 17 Hihat patches - 9 closed and 8 open hats, from analog emulations to nuskool experiments. 16 Tom patches - ball busting toms to keep the groove going. 14 Clap and Snare patches - punchy, crisp and ready to roll. 9 Shaker patches - amazingly realistic shakers for an added organic touch. 8 FX hits - lasers, snare rolls, clicks, robotic hits and many more. Needless to say this collection fits ALL genres, and having the ability to tweak the drums to your liking will make this your number 1 choice when building your beats. Note: Each folder comes with it's respective fxb soundbank.Demo contains only patches from this sample library; no further processing has been made other than light compression on the master bus. 100 X Sylenth1 fxp patches 7 X Sylenth1 fxb banks Size: 125 kb (zipped) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • Electro House • House • Minimal • Presets / Patches • Progressive House • Techno

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 - Platinum Bundle
Platinum BundleShamanStemsHouse2012-09-26

After one full year of supremely successful releases, ShamanStems bundles their top 3 bestselling libraries + BONUS material at a staggeringly low price. Chicago House, NYC Tech House and Rooftop House, and a vast selection of organic single hits total up to 1290 + loops and oneshots of the highest grade. What's in the collection? Drumloops: A generous selection of 310 loops, from jacking Chicago grooves to re-sequenced live drums and pumping NYC beats, offered in full, strip and top versions. An extra 20 classic drum-fills to top that up. Bassloops: Moogs, Doepfer modules, FM synthesis, live slap base and many more. Ultra phat baselines galore. Synth and Music Loops: Deep chords, soulful keys and analog synth workouts to give your tracks the extra edge. Oneshots: A whopping 600 + pristine drum,chord,bass,and vox hits. Ambience and FX : Vinyl, tape hiss and field recordings for added warmth. Vox loops: Chopped, glitched or synthesized ooh's and aah's. BONUS files : 150 fieldhits excerpted from our Organic Tech library. Grants a unique glare to any house or techno groove. 839 MB • 1296 loops and single hits presented in WAV, 24bit and Midi. Loops offered at 120,125,126 and 127 BPM. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Techno • Tech House • Deep House

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 - Origin Series - Vintage Pads
Origin Series - Vintage PadsShamanStemsHouse2012-09-12

Classic analogue string machines,obscure FM tone generators and early vector synthesizers have been the basis for creating the first in a new line of ShamanStems sample packs aimed at providing quality tools at very reasonable prices. 'Vintage Pads' has been crafted using a vast number of aparratus,from the underrated Yamaha TQ5 and TG33 to classics like the Kawai K1 and early Roland LAS synths, shaped using Electro Harmonix,TC Electronic and Strymon effect processors. The result is a staggering 850+mb collection of authentic sounds perfect for Deep House, Techno, Ambient or DnB. Just drop them into your sampler of choice and you're ready to go. What's in the collection? 180+ key labelled oneshots divided into three folders :Major (chords),Minor (chords) and single notes. • 182 x 24 bit WAV oneshots.Total size : 860 mb. Compressed size: 747 MB *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chill Out • Indie Dance / Nu Disco • Techno • Tech House

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 - NYC Tech House
NYC Tech HouseShamanStemsTech House2012-06-06

NYC Garage, Underground House and Modern Tech harmonize seamlessly in ShamanStems' latest, featuring deep throbbing rhythms, ultra-phat Moog subs and discofied melodic cuts. Taking inspiration from the likes of Danny Tenaglia, Todd Terry, Joey Negro, Joris Voorn, Nic Fanciulli and respected labels such as Strictly Rhythm, Defected,Ministry of Sound, Toolroom, Rejected, this pristine collection is destined to become your number one tool for creating unparalleled house gems. What's in the collection: Drum Loops: 100 Raw, pumping beats,featuring full, strip and top versions. Classic drum-machines and live beats re-sequenced and injected with a healthy dose of funk. Bass Loops : Super-sleek all Moog baselines. Music Loops : All original melodic cuts,merging classic keys, vocal hits and deep analogue chords. Oneshots: 130 + kicks, snares, claps, hihats, percussion, toms and hits. Polished clean and ready for action. Note: Loops recorded at 126 BPM. All files presented as 24 bit WAVs Download Contains: 260 MB(unzipped) - 262 x 24 bit WAV *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House

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 - Rooftop House
Rooftop HouseShamanStemsHouse2012-04-11

Slow, sun-soaked house grooves and smooth, sensual harmonies aplenty in the latest from ShamanStems. Taking inspiration from the likes of Art Department, Maceo Plex, Jamie Jone, Dop,Lee Foss, Sebo K and labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Hot Natured, Noir Music and Mobilee, this collection will breathe life and soul into any after-hours or warm-up act. What's in the collectionDrum Loops - Crisp, illustrious beats, carefully produced using a blend of vintage analogue gear and organic, terraqueous rhythms. A whopping 100 drumloops in total, featuring full, strip and kick free versions. Drum Hits - 200+ finely tuned kicks, snares, claps, hihats, crashes, percussive hits and toms ready to be dropped in your sampler of choice. Polished to perfection. Baselines - Rich, subby, all analogue melodic b-lines crafted with the utmost care. Synth Loops - Luscious pads,smokey chords and soulful keys. Offered in WAV and MIDI formats, for extra versatility. Note: All loops are tempo labeled at 120 bpm, and key labelled where applicable. All files offered as industry standard 24 bit WAVs. Download Contains : • 355 x 24-bit WAV loops and single hits.15 x MIDI files. • Total size: 222 mb *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chill Out • Tech House

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 - Ultimate Dance Fx and Patches
Ultimate Dance Fx and PatchesShamanStemsSound FX2012-03-28

ShamanStems' new cutting edge collection delivers a plethora of expertly crafted risers and downlifters, speaker-busting impacts and mighty sweeps tailored for the serious dance music enthusiast. Designed for house,techno, progressive, dubstep or DnB and presented in WAV, Sylenth1 and NI Massive patches,'Ultimate Dance FX' is both flexible and highly usable. A must. What's in the collection? WAV- 100 tediously programmed sfx made with state-of- the art analog and digital hardware from Doepfer, Korg, Waldorf, Roland, Yamaha and many more. Split into 35 Risers ,30 Downlifters, 15 Impacts, 10 Sweeps and 10 Misc sound effects. Sylenth1 patches - Precisely engineered collection of 12 Risers, 11 Downlifters, 10 Impacts, 10 Sweeps and 7 Misc fx. NI Massive patches - Healthy dose of 16 Risers, 10 Sweeps, 9 Downlifters, 9 Misc and 6 Impact sfx. Note:All audio files are offered as industry standard 24-bit Wavs. Download contains: • 200 files(total) • 100 x WAV • 50 x Sylenth1 patches • 50 x NI Massive patches Download size: • 390 mb (full) • 294 mb(zipped) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Presets/ Patches

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 - Acid House
Acid HouseShamanStemsHouse2012-03-15

A slave-to-the-rave collection of twisted acid synth and basslines, jackin' drum machine grooves, warehouse lazers and modulations, FXed hits and 6am orb-like pads in this stunning all-analogue offering from ShamanStems. Inspired by the second summer of love, Acid House pays homage to the 303, 808 and 909-led tracks of the late 80s and early 90s - serving up squelching 303 basslines, bleepy synths, classic rave chords and vintage drum machine beats created from 100% analogue sources including Roland, Yamaha and Korg. All loops have processed with a host of outboard kit to ensure a richness, warmth and punch that will max out any contemporary club system. What's in the collection? Acid Synth & Bass Loops - 120 authentic Phuture and Cajmere-style analogue acid bass and synths processed with various modulation, distortion, phaser and delay pedals. Many loops are offered with up to five variants. Drum Machine Loops - 20 bangin' and jackin' drum machine rhythms created on classic sequencers from Roland, Korg and Boss. Vintage Textures & FX - lost-in-a-field FX, drug-induced ambiences, vast pads, reverbed hits, lasers, modulations and more. Mangled Vox - Classic house phrases ('Chicago', 'jack your body') and indecipherable glitchisms to supplement the groove. All samples are tempo-labeled at 122bpm and key- labeled where applicable. Download contains: • 181 x 24-bit Wav loops. • Download size: 378MB (unzipped) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in; • Minimal • Techno • Tech House • Sound FX

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 - Dark Progressions
Dark ProgressionsShamanStemsHouse2011-12-15

455MB of melancholic melodics, deep synths, rising tech progressions and shadowy pads, dark analogue basses, glitched-out tops, machined drum hits, alien FX and more for techno and house productions. ShamanStems turn their attention to the darker and more melodic dancefloors with Dark Progressions, a clandestine collection of intricate and rapturous synthetics, haunting ambiences, industrial-tinted kick-free tops, brooding basslines and esoteric FX built for epic and atmospheric through to the dark and driving. What's in the collection? Melodics > 45 melodic song-starters, from ethereal 8-bar progressions and hazy pads swells to incessant arps and dark chord stab lines - all offered with a customisable Midi file for added creative control. Bass Loops > 35 tough bass-bin bruisers and driving, distortion-dipped pulsars for big-room bottom-end. Tops Loops > 45 pared-back mechanical kick-free layers riveted with synthetic hits and brimming with industrial textures. Drum Hits > 25 subby kicks, 22 synthetic clap/snares, 25 glitchy hi hats and 28 circuit-sourced percussion hits - precision engineered for the production of tough techno beats. Synth Shots > 16 bass hits, from subby to overdriven, 10 dreamscape pads and 21 complex chord shots all finely sculpted for intense and emotive melodics. FX > 19 alien swirls, haunting ambiences and all-analogue modulations for builds, breaks and filling out the mix. All loops are tempo-synced at 126bpm and all files are presented as 24-bit Wav files. Download contains: • 144 x 24-bit Wav loops • 100 x 24-bit Wav one-shots • 45 x Midi files. • 455MB (unzipped) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Techno • MIDI

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 - Nu-Jazz & Soulful House
Nu-Jazz & Soulful HouseShamanStemsHouse2011-11-23

A sophisticated fusion of underground house, soulful analogue synths, jazzy bass and guitars, stunning live sax and clarinet licks and loops, tribalised percs, deep ambiences and FX hits for organic house tracks. Shimmering with detail and bottomless depth, the Shaman boys pull together hints of nu-jazz, funk, soul, disco and classic house to create a 370+MB collection for any four-to-the-floor track that requires an organic injection - all offered in industry-standard 24-bit Wav format. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > Live-loaded house workouts choc-full of disco hits, tribal knocks and classic analogue beats - many offered with kick-free and stripped alternatives. Keys & Synth Loops > Soulful house stabs, deep pads and timeless keys progressions from vintage Yamaha and Roland hardware. Bass Loops > From deep synth rhythm rollers to live-lounge funk/jazz flexers: 25 slick key-labeled grooves. Guitars > Nebulous processed riffs, soulful licks and raw shots: 38 6-stringed songstarters. Sax & Clarinet > Beautiful live freestyle licks to cut, paste, re-work and re-sample, tempo-synced loops for instant drop and rock action plus sampler-ready one-shots. Live Percussion Loops > Hand-played bongos, cabassas, djembes, shakers, ganzas, woodxylos - all tempo-synced for ease. Vox > 53 all-original, copyright-free vocal lines, tempo-labeled loops and vocal ad libs served dry for maximum flexibility. FX > Sonic sprinkles: assorted hits, digital whirrs and knocks. All loops are key- and tempo-labeled (123bpm) where applicable. Download contains: • 373 x 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots • Download size: 377MB (unzipped) • 260MB (zipped). *Other Genres that this package may be useful in; • Nu-Jazz • Deep House

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 - Organic Tops
Organic TopsShamanStemsTech House2011-11-21

10 kick-free tops jam-packed with ethnic percs, assorted live hits and found-sound ambiences for house and techno productions. • Download contains: 10 x 24-bit Wav loops. • Download size: 9.7MB (zipped). *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Techno • House

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 - Chicago Drums
Chicago DrumsShamanStemsHouse2011-11-21

10 drum loops from ShamanStems chart-topping Chicago-inspired collection. • Download contains: 10 x 24-bit Wav files. • Download size: 9.7MB (zipped) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drums

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 - Organic Tech
Organic TechShamanStemsTechno2011-10-27

After the chart-topping success of their debut release, the ShamanStems boys are back, this time merging a cacophony of organic elements and tough tech tools in this 320MB serving of loops and hits for tech, deep house and techno productions. Rising like a phoenix from the after-hours ashes of a lost weekend clubbing in Berlin comes Organic Tech, a dark collection of gritty techno tools and tribal-infused house elements for forward-thinking dancefloors. Organic Tech is packed with driving drum workouts, pumping FM basslines, tweaked resequenced percussion loops, twisted and deep synths, lo-fi vox cuts, background percussive beds - plus FX and found-sound hits. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > A variety of full, stripped and kick-free loops imbued with industrial grit and rainforest canopy ambiences for beats that breathe with life. Bass Loops > Classic FM basses, rumbling sub-smackers, acid-infused burners and processed live lines for bottom-end bounce. Synth Loops > Deep stabs, twisted leads, rising arps and more from a host of high-grade analogue kit. Perc Loops > All-original Afro percussive loops processed and resequenced into functional floor-rocking rhythms. Tools > Detailed ambient backing loops with light percussion to add instant depth and texture to your tracks. Vox Loops > Vocals with that straight-from-wax feel - cut-up and tweaked to slot seamlessly with your beats. Field Hits > Field recorded one-shots of bells, whirrs, clicks, knocks and noises for quirky beat making. FX & Ambiences > Lo-fi musical beds, analogue distortion and processed ambiences, plus extended risers and falls. All loops offered at 127bpm and all melodic loops are key-labelled. Download contains: • 200 x 24-bit Wav loops • 150 x 24-bit Wav one-shots. • Download size: 323.7MB (unzipped). *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Tech House

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 - Chicago House
Chicago HouseShamanStemsHouse2011-09-29

Jackin' Chicago drum workouts, classic drum fills, funky acid-tinted basslines, vinyl-infused music loops, all-analogue synth hooks, warehouse-inspired vox, FX and drum hits in this 350MB house spectacular. Dual Shaman, ceators of best-selling collections for S2S and Sample Magic open the taps on their new label with an inaugural release of classic Chicago grooves and vintage synth workouts to sum up the sound of the cutting-edge dancefloors across the globe. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > Classic Chicago grooves and jackin' house workouts from the hey-day of house, all offered in full, stripped and variant versions for total bat control. Bass Loops > All-analogue lines and acid-laced bottom-ends for that old school jack. Music & Synth Loops > Unabashed leads and vintage melodics to inspire modern house anthems. Classic Fills > Pure analogue grooves seamlessly melded with discofied funky drumming to create all-original percussive passages. Vox Loops > Glitched workouts and diva-infused utterances imbued with authentic depth and warmth - human touches with contemporary programming. Drum Hits > Chunky kicks, live lounge hits, circuit-derived shots, cowbell, shakers and more. Unmissable beat-making elements. FX & Ambiences Loops > Sonic naughtiness for builds and transitions - all bursting with depth and warmth. All loops are sub-divided into tempo-linked folders at 125 and 127bpm; all melodic loops are key-labelled. Download contains: • 214 x 24-bit Wav loops • 286 c 24-bit Wav one-shots • Download size: 351MB (unzipped).