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Sidsonic libraries is all about sound! It emerged from the desire to take impact on the sample collection of today's musicians. Apart from frequently used standards and style-regulations we want to deliver products which can be used by a wide range of people to create their own musical ideas. Innovative audio-material from Lofi-, Hifi- and above all most crazy sources, recorded and edited in a professional way, that's what we agonize over the whole day! Our goal is to offer people tools they can easily work with and express whatever they have in their minds. There are no boundaries!

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 - Lead Inc.
Lead Inc.Sidsonic LibrariesPresets / Patches2011-12-01

Many-sided leads, soft to twisted, built for expressive performances. Take your listeners' breath away and show them what your melodies are really about! You can choose Complete to buy all of the sound packs included with Lead Inc. or just the pack(s) you like.

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 - Dark Drums
Dark DrumsSidsonic LibrariesDrums2011-11-30

A percussive world of dark drum samples is waiting to fear the shit out of your listeners. This pack was generated with high end equipment like: The Elektron Machinedrum The Metasonix Scrotum Smasher Wiard Borg and Boogie filters A Steiner Parker filter The Livewire Vulcan Modulator A Doepfer Wasp filter and many, many more. Punch the brightness out of its misery and free the dark side of your rhythms!

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 - Electronic Drums
Electronic DrumsSidsonic LibrariesDrums2011-11-30

A collection of exquisite drum samples. Generated by high end equipment like: Vermona DRM1 MK3 MFB Kraftzwerg Elektron Machinedrum Processed with analog and digital effects, for instance:: A Kyma system A Metasonix Scrotum Smasher Modular gear These sounds get your beats the attention they deserve!

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 - Analog Clicks And Cuts
Analog Clicks And CutsSidsonic LibrariesSound FX, Presets / Patches2011-11-30

This sample pack offers you the finest glitches in a unique collection! Only analog synths and drumcomputers up to a huge modular system were used to create the cutting edge sounds. Moog, Synthesizers.com, Curetronic, Metasonix, Vermona,... all those big names were put together to show what analog Clicks and Cuts are made of! After recording the sounds were mapped in an extended way (88 keys per kit) to provide not only the samples themself but also reversed and tonal sounds, made by looping and editing.

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 - Reverbtized
ReverbtizedSidsonic LibrariesSound FX2011-11-09

If you are looking for 4.6GB of some special flavor to spice up your tracks, you found it! Reverbtized features rather strange lead-, bass- and padmaterial, a perfect substance for creative sounddesign. To create this sample pack several synthesizers were put through complex effect chains, spitting out heavily modulated and distorted reverb sounds. This is nothing like ordinary room emulation! Are you ready for waft sounds that have plenty of character? All samples are recorded in 24bit / 96khz. To provide top quality we only use high end gear like RME or Apogee converters. For easy integration in your DAW mapping files for Native Instruments Kontakt, Apple EXS24, Reason NNXT and Digidesign Structure are included. (Kontakt and EXS24 are compatible with Ableton as well as a lot of other samplers.) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • D&B • Breaks • Chill Out • Progressive House • Electro House • Tech House • Funk/ R&B • Sound FX • Disco/ Nu Disco

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 - Bassism
BassismSidsonic LibrariesPresets / Patches2011-11-04

This sample library with 1.8GB of samples is dedicated to raw, powerful bass sounds. Huge and dirty, the ultimate test for your speakers! Shake your interior with just one finger!!!

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 - Drones - Even Whales Would Cry
Drones - Even Whales Would CrySidsonic LibrariesSound FX2011-11-02

Even whales would cry if they could hear this sample pack. It contains a wide range of abnormal sounds which are useful for a variety of musical genres as well as games, movies and theater productions. All sounds have a long sustain phases with chirps and modulations ranging from deep and dark to high and bright. They will bring some nice textures into your arrangements. Some of the sounds feature a sustain phase of up to twelve seconds, more then enough time to find nice parts to cut and re-sample. Long drone sounds to play with. comes with patches for different samplers e.g. Kontakt, Reason and more