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Sample Magic proudly present their new boutique imprint, SM White Label. Conceived on the hottest underground dancefloors and created in our state-of-the-art studios, White Label is on the cutting-edge of new musical developments across the globe, from minimal to moombahton.

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 - Minimal
MinimalSM White LabelMinimal / Deep Tech2012-08-10

Sample Magic's new boutique imprint White Label announces it s arrival wit h 290+MB of loops and hit s inspired by the new wave of minimal techno sweeping the European underground. Combining full-fat beats, cone-rocking basslines, slick synths and pared-down percussive loops, Minimal chart s t he t errit ory bet ween chunky peakt ime workouts and hypnotic after-hours grooves to capture the essence of forward-thinking minimalism. What 's in t he collection? Drum Loops > Punchy and chunky bigroom beats at 128bpm, offered with full, stripped and kick-free variants for total beat control. Bass Loops > Pulsing and pumping, slick and subby: 52 bass-heavy burners sculpted for maximum low-end response. Synth Loops > Incessant riffs and moody melodics from a raft of classic analogue kit and cutting-edge digital synths - all key-labeled for total ease. Tops Loops > Pared-back kick-free rhythms, glitched grooves and techy tweeter freakers programmed with easy layering at their heart. Percussion Loops > Analogue beats, nu-percussive workouts and tribal-infused grooves to bolster your beats. One Shots > Stacks of expertly sculpted kicks, snares, hats and percussion hits for ground up beat making, plus scores of sampler-ready (and key- labeled) synth shots. FX > Prime cut of tempo-synced FX bleeps, white noise risers and percussive FX. 436 x 24-bit Wav loops and one- shots.299MB (unzipped) * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Techno

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 - Organic Deep House
Organic Deep HouseSM White LabelHouse2012-09-19

Classic synths and keys, intricate tribal elements and raw pumping house grooves: SM White Label delivers 435MB of meticulously programmed loops and hits crafted for underground deep house productions. Merging the best of vintage house ambience, tribal hypnotism and detailed melodics, Deep House puts a lo-fi organic spin on the genre to deliver 100s of rough 'n' ready beats, low-slung grooves, late-night chords, paddy synths and funk-juiced basslines for deeper dancefloors. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > Raw jackin' house workouts, pared-down selections and dusty deep house beats offered with full, kick-free and stripped variants for full track control. Music Loops > jazzy keys, dirty re-sampled stabs, filtered funk and lo-fi progressions: 44 vinyl-style mixed music ensembles to kick-start your inspiration. Synth Loops > classic filtered keys, lush expansive pads and subaquatic synths for the deepest melodic motifs. Bass Loops > 31 sub-heavy bouncers, old-skool squarelines and live-style disco-funkers for ultimate low-end response. Tops Loops > killer kick-free workouts loaded with ethnic percussion and laced with assorted hats, shakers and electronic percussion. Just add a kick to complete the beat. Percussion Loops > rafts of authentic tribal ensembles and reworked rhythms primed for maximum dancefloor impact. Drum Hits > 90+ finely-sculpted kicks, snares, claps, hats, nu and tribal percussion for custom beat creation. Chord & Synth Stabs > 43 melodic one-shots to morph into progressions or pads. Download contains: 443 x 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots. Download size: 435MB (unzipped).

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 - Moombahton
MoombahtonSM White LabelDubstep2012-10-30

470+MB of super heavy tribal beats, Gameboy-style synths, speaker-quaking subs, aggressive leads, warped vox, dub-style FX and more in street-banging collection of moombahton madness. An urban fusion of grimy basslines, pitched Dutch electro leads, raggaeton workouts, calypso rhythms and swinging 808 beats, SM White Label serves up dirty, bouncing, sub-heavy loops primed for bass- crazed producers making low-tempo stompers. What's in the collection? • Drum Loops > 95 bumpin' beats loaded with carnival- style rhythms and electro-heavy 808 grooves. Most offered in full, top- and perc-only variants. • Tops Loops > 30 syncopated kick-free workouts bursting with real congas, timbales, bells and whistles, toms plus assorted raw drum machine hits. • Bass Loops > booming subs, dirty sawfests and aggro bass razors covering moombahton to moombahcore. • Synth Loops > 16-bit bleeptronics, Dutch house sliders, electrified screamers and Sega-style melodics: 59 twisted toplines to freak the floor.Vox Loops > pitched, processed, mangled and mauled voxisms done the moombahton way. • FX > fat drops, dub sirens, space impacts, screechers, screamers, winders and sliders tempo- synced for easy drag and drop action. • Drum Hits > 150 kicks, snares, claps, crashes, hats percussion hits. • All loops are tempo-labeled at the standard 112bpm and melodic loops are key-labeled. • 477 x 24-bit Wav loops and one- shots. • 417.5MB (zipped) * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Moombahton • Hip Hop • Glitch Hop

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 - Underground Dubstep
Underground DubstepSM White LabelDubstep2013-01-15

Inspired by the dystopian depths of south London comes Underground Dubstep: 400MB+ of intricate 2-step rhythms, brooding bass, murky melodics, heavy atmospheres, mournful vocals and more. Eschewing the mainroom, Underground Dubstep goes back to the genre's deeper, darker and more atmospheric roots to deliver 100s of dubby grooves, heady broken beats, burly basslines, Detroit-esque chords, sensual synths and ghostly vocals for dubstep and electronica productions. What's inside? Drum Loops > Punchy percussive rhythms, sharp floorshakers and dark grooves - offered with a range of stripped variants for complex beat buidling. Tops Loops > Slinky, shuffly and syncopated kick-free lines, liquid percs and hi-end layers to mix and match. Bass Loops > Punishing sub pulses, LFO wobblers and analogue raspers, all key-labeled for your convenience. Music Loops > Visceral synths, leaden leads and poignant progressions: 31 emotive songstarters. Atmospheres > Submerged soundscapes, tentative textures and reclusive moods - all key-labeled where appropriate. Vocals > Sorrowful and cinematic pitched vocal cuts served at 140bpm. FX > dubbed-out delays, static hisses and abrasive elements to fill out the mix. Drum Hits & One-Shots > Chunky kicks, reverb-slapped snares, cacophonous claps and assorted tribal and analogue percussive hits for custom beat creation, plus a selection of full-fat and analogue-induced synth and bass hits. All loops are tempo-synced at 140bpm and key-labeled where applicable.

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 - Future Garage
Future GarageSM White LabelHouse2013-01-29

From the sexy and soulful to dark and driving, Future Garage pulls together the classic UK garage hallmarks of skippy 2-step rhythms, elastic analogue-funk basslines, deep keys and sultry vox and merges them with the best of contemporary bass-driven house and post-dubstep across 400MB of loops and hits primed for future proof bass music. Loaded with bump 'n' flex, Future Garage serves up stacks of syncopated 2-step grooves, fat bouncing basslines, cut and pitched vox, sharp synth hooks, classic M1-style chords, vinyl-style music loops, drum hits and FX in industry standard 24-bit Wav format. Drum Loops > 100+ groove-busting beats packed with chunky kicks, rapid-fire hats, snappy snares, vox cuts and melodic flashes. Offered with full, variant, perc-only and kick-free alternatives for maximum creative freedom. Bass Loops > Rolling sub-bass throbs, springy squarewave workouts and LFO-mangled sleazefests for serious tweeter-freaking action. Tops Loops > 24 jacking' kick-free rhythms - just fire up a kick to complete the beat. Music Loops > Ready-rolled melodics with a cut-from-vinyl feel, packed with authentic synths, re-worked vox hooks and percussive flourishes. Offered with variants for full-song control. Synth Loops > Techy stabs, 90s chords and metallic melodics merging deep house, garage and bass house flavours. Vocal Loops > Cut and screwed, pitched and processed: 24 factored vocal hooks to bring the all-important human element. FX > Choice cut of synthesis-derived risers, falls and bleeps for effortless transitions. Drum Hits > Hand-crafted selection of 60 kicks, snares, hats and percussion hits for chunky beats straight out of the box. All loops are presented tempo-synced at 130bpm and key-labeled where applicable. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Future Garage • Breaks • Dubstep

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 - Dance Vocals
Dance VocalsSM White LabelVocal2013-02-27

300MB of killer royalty-free vocal phrases, hooks and harmonies primed for any genre of electronic music. Recorded using the finest mics and signal path, Dance Vocals offers 171 song starting toplines, double-tracked phrases, harmonies and ad-libs for the complete vocal arrangement. Dance Vocals breaks the cliched vocal sample pack mould by focusing on melodies as opposed to glitched vocals and overblown performances. Hooks: The bulk of the collection - three folders full of all-original and 100% copyright-cleared song-starting hooks and toplines, many supplied with double-tracks and harmonies to give full arrangement freedom. Extended Phrases: Longer single phrases, many doubled for added richness. Ad-libs: Single vocal lines; ideal for cutting, glitching and re-sequencing. All vocal lines have been gently compressed on input during recording with no subsequent treatment to allow producers complete freedom in processing the mix. They are recorded at 120bpm, and all samples are key- and tempo-named for your ease. So vocal lines sit perfectly with the groove, each line has been output as sung, meaning some files have a small amount of silence retained at their start. For producers, this means dropping the Wav into the bar before the the vocal starts in the song. From the realms of tech, deep, minimal and bass house to dubstep, trance and beyond, all electronic producers will find something inspiring in Sample Magic's first exclusive vocal pack. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • House • Techno • Breaks • Tech House • Progressive House • Dubstep • Disco / Nu Disco

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 - East Coast House
East Coast HouseSM White LabelHouse2013-03-13

Inspired by 90s New York house and New Jersey garage vibes, East Coast House delivers the scene's archetypal old school energy with a superlative mix of iconic hardware and powerful contemporary tools. Packed with jackin' drums and tops, bumpin' basslines, classic organ and chord riffs, all-analogue synths, track-starting music loops, disco-style vocal refrains, gritty drum hits and sampler-ready stabs, it's a 400+MB refraction of classic house sounds through the prism of contemporary dancefloor trends. Drum loops are now offered with more broken out versions than ever before - kick/snare, hat-only, perc-only, kick-free, full and stripped - to give you maximum beat control. Whilst all melodic loops can be mixed and matched in a myriad of ways, we've named some bass and synth/music loops identically so you know that these melodic elements work seamlessly together instantly. All loops are tempo-synced at 122bpm and all melodic loops are key-labeled. What's inside? Drum Loops > Stomping grooves and New Jack Swing beats loaded with classic drum machine hits, subtle stabs and vox hits - now offered with more stripped variants than ever before for unrivalled beat programming options. Tops Loops > Kick-free workouts and stripped beat-backers expertly crafted for complex rhythm creation. Simply fire up a unique kick pattern and layer loops at will to create hundreds of all-new beats. Bass Loops > Springy live-style lines, voluptuous subs, dirty DX workouts and classic house organs built for instant bottom-end bliss. Music & Synth Loops > Hammering chord riffs, jazzy synth- and sampler-derived strings and sax, soulful song-starters and retro vinyl-style loops offered with multiple stripped variants for ready-to-roll melodic material. Vox Loops > Totally original vocal disco, soul and gospel style vocals reworked and re-imagined within the East Coast House framework for instant house anthemics. All key-labeled for added production ease. Drum Hits and Chord Stabs > A bounty of classic 909s and 707 hats and percs; authentic live disco hits; gritty vinyl-style shots; lovingly layered claps and snares, plus a slew of electric piano, organ, DX7 and Juno inspired stabs ready to load into your Wav-compatible sampler of choice. • 428 MB • Download contains: 574 x 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House

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 - Trap
TrapSM White LabelHip-Hop / R&B2013-03-20

From sub-smacking 808 beats and screaming synths, bombastic bass and red-hot horns to stacks of mutated vox samples, freaky FX and over 100 crunchy 'n' punchy drum one-shots, Trap throws up 400+MB of loops and hits for crunked-out dancefloor bombs. Spanning the entire trap spectrum, the collection comes loaded with epic layered orchestral loops, in-your-face electro elements, trademark 808 drums, bang-on-the-money vox loops, shots and phrases, broken-out song-starters and more in this genre-melting fusion of dirty south hip hop, European electro and Chicago juke. Drum Loops > The 808 is king as cone-crushing kicks, rapid-fire hats and crunchy claps rub shoulders with snappy snares, relentless rimshots and tuned toms across 90 rhythm-rocking beats. Stripped variants offered as standard for total beat satisfaction. Bass Loops > Full-fat subs, bit-reduced bass leads and pitch-mangled madness. Music Loops > From peak-time electro smashes to 6am haze-outs via dirty south orchestral onslaughts: 22 inspiration-sparking workouts offered with multiple mixes for full arrangement control. Synth Loops > Synthetic screamers, digitised bleepisms and rave-style stabs: 23 slamming hooks, all key-labeled for convenience. Vox > 89 all-new, royalty-free loops, one-shots and phrases to add an MC twist to your trap tracks. Pitched, glitched and processed, they're ready to drop in your tracks instantly. Brass Loops > Blastin' brass and hell-raising horns for that urban swagger. FX > Choice cut of risers, winders, falls and stutters for truly twisted breaks and builds. Snare Rolls > 10 machine-gunned snare rolls to spice up your beats. Drum Hits > 115 crisp, crunchy and punchy drum one-shots for completely custom beat creation - many are key-labeled to make drum tuning a breeze. All loops are tempo-synced at 140bpm and key-labeled where applicable. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • Glitch Hop

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 - Warehouse Techno
Warehouse TechnoSM White LabelTechno2013-04-24

A visceral 420+MB volume of acid-injected techno bursting with pummelling grooves, brutish basslines, snarling synths, degraded textures, dark atmospherics and utilitarian drum hits extracted a raft of high-grade analogue artillery. Intense, ominous and distortion-heavy, Warehouse Techno coalesces elements of early acid rave, dub techno and contemporary UK bass into a powerhouse collection inspired by the vanguard of forward-thinking techno. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > 106 raw-to-the-floor grooves packed with classic drum machine grit and industrial filth. Served with stripped-out alternatives: full, kick-free, perc-only and kick/snare. Tops Loops > 34 kick-free loops charged with circuit-derived glitches, industrial clinks and throbbing synthetics. Bass Loops > Acid-jacking 303s, distorted squarewaves, filthy hoovers and inky-black subs: many offered with a filtered variant for more melodic freedom. Synth Loops > Chugging chords, spartan stabs, dubby lines and screeching modulations injected with grimy analogue goodness. FX > Desolate drones, glacial synth storms and twisted circuitry packed with distortion and hiss. Beds > Melancholic layers and haunting atmospheres drenched in synthetic soul. Vox > Disembodied voices and adulterated articulations from deep in the rave. Drum Hits > Raw one-shots for hardcore beats: cast-iron kicks, hefty hats, found-sound percussion, scything snares and more. All loops are tempo-synced at 128bpm and all melodic loops are key-labeled for convenience.

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 - Future House
Future HouseSM White LabelHouse2013-06-11

Plotting a cultured line through UK garage, deep house and techno, Future House fuses stomping, shuffling 90s beats, darkened synths, bulbous basslines, hammering chords, choppy percussion and trippy FX across 400MB of forward-thinking house. Deep and dark, melodic and moody, Future House pushes the envelope for producer's seeking zeitgeist-surfing elements inspired by the likes of Dusky, Waze & Odyssey and No Artificial Colours. Drum Loops > Jackin' 808 and 909-stacked workouts, classic two-step garage shuffles and stripped minimal-infused beats offered with full, kick-free, perc-only and stripped alternatives for full arrangement control. Tops Loops > 20 kick-free rhythms packed with swinging hats, raw drum machine percussionisms and aggressive claps. Chop and layer for intricate beat action. Bass Loops > From deep and subby to dark and techy: 34 low-end monsters on a clear garage-tech tip. Music Loops > Low-slung leads, wonky synths hazy analogue chords, woozy synth washes and dark basses converge across a slew of instant song-starters. All offered with stem loops for total creative freedom. Synth Loops > Lazer leads, scuzzy synths, rasping workouts, re-sampled chord riffs, old skool organs and more. FX > Twaeked and freaked transition tools: manic modulations, fizzing risers, rave sirens, mutant vox pops and digital drones. Drum Hits > 70-strong selection of raw and pumping kicks, claps, hats and percussion hits for custom groove creation. All loops are tempo-synced at 123bpm and key-labeled where applicable.

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 - Detroit Tech
Detroit TechSM White LabelHouse2013-07-03

A 400+MB assemblage of propulsive machine drum grooves, deep and dubby chords, red-raw basslines, ambient FX and roughed-up one-shots channeling the raw spirit of classic Detroit techno and Panorama Bar influenced house. Drum Loops > Thumping kicks, mechanical hats and rough-edged claps and snares combine to create scores of no-frills, heads-down grooves built for the 'floor. Offered with up to five variant stems to offer more flexibility than ever before. Tops Loops > Jacked up kick-free grooves stacked with crisp analogue percussion and atmospheric melodic hues. Bass Loops > Gritty squarewave workouts, deep rolling subs and acidic-injected explorations abound across 46 loops of bassline bounce. Music Loops > Fully formed cuts of melodic inspiration offered with up to three stripped down versions for full song control. Synth Loops > Shimmering synths, analogue sequences, dubby chords and heady piano riffs crafted from a host of classic machines. FX & FX Loops > Circuit-bent shots, twisted modulations and ethereal textures to complete the mix. Chord Stabs > Choice serving of sampler-ready chord stabs key-labeled for your convenience. Drum Hits > 70 crunchy and punchy kicks, claps, snares, hats and percussion hits infused with old skool character. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Techno • Tech House • Deep House

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 - Analogue Techno
Analogue TechnoSM White LabelTechno2013-08-27

Raw, deep and sexy analogue techno workouts tweaked and freaked for jackin' underground dancefloors worldwide. Weighing in at over 800MB of 24-bit royalty-free loops, Analogue Techno comes dripping with the character and soul of hardware synth lines, jackin' ruff-house beats, dirty basslines, deep and delicate chords, FX-heavy vox loops, degraded textures and more crafted from an enviable selection of finest analogue synths and outboard processing. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > 195 gritty underground grooves stacked with distortion-heavy kicks, decaying snares, mechanical hats and reworked percussion hits. Instant floor-pounding inspiration. Synth Loops > Circuit-bent tones, wonky arpeggios and sleazy leads: 77 analogue excursions on crafted on slew of hardware classics. Bass Loops > 64 low-end monsters oozing with sub energy and warm harmonics. Chord Loops > From deep and dubby melodic melters: 74 expansive and atmospheric chord progressions inspired by Detroit. Vox Loops > Weird and warped vox siphoned direct from the urban malaise. All-original vocal loops uniquely memorable in their own right. FX Loops > Assorted crackles, hisses and hums to inject the mix with analogue air and warmth. Atmospheres > 20 tempo-synced swells, strings and soundscapes to add tension and emotion. Hat Loops > A choice cut of drum machine hi-hat lines laced with distinctive mechanical grooves. Drum Hits > 170 expertly layered kicks, snares, hats and percussion hits for rough-and-ready beat creation. All loops are tempo-synced at 126bpm and key-labeled where appropriate. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Minimal • Tech House

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 - West Coast House
West Coast HouseSM White LabelHouse2013-09-04

400MB of party-starting bass-heavy bounce direct from the Bay Area. Bursting with slinky house shuffles, bold 'n' brash basslines, quirky synth cuts, lush chords, off-the-wall percussionisms, pitched vox, flamboyant FX and chunky drum hits, West Coast House serves up hundreds fun-packed peak-time tools inspired by the likes of Claude Von Stroke, Justin Martin and Eats Everything. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > Jackin' house jams to 80s electro breaks: 100 track-backing beats bristling with tight snare rolls, bumpin' tom fills and more 808 cowbell than you can shake a stick at. Bass Loops > Bubbling 808s toms, classic Reese hoovers, speed-garage burners and dubstep-infused wobbles: big, bold and brash basslines built to dominate the dancefloor. Synth Loops > UKG-inspired chords, vibrant FM swells, percussive plucks and old school organs. Music Loops > Ready-rolled party-starting jams offered with up to four stripped variants for full song control. Vox Loops > 18 pitched and processed vox cuts in the dirty San-Fran style. Drum Hits > 140+ fat kicks, wide claps, tight hats and wacky percussion hits primed for big and bouncy beatmaking. The full download also contains four bonus bass multi instruments and sampler format patches for Kontakt, plus EXS24, Battery, NN-XT and Ableton Drum Racks for the drum hits, bass hits and chord stabs. All loops are precision-cut at 124bpm and key-labeled where appropriate. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Tech House

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 - Slo-Mo House
Slo-Mo HouseSM White LabelHouse2013-10-01

Merging deep house and downtempo grooves with a mass of lush instrumentation and melodic flair, Slo-Mo House serves up 600MB of organic-infused loops and hits for the slower dancefloor. Containing folders at 110 and 115bpm, Slo-Mo House draws influence from the likes of Freerange Records, Buzzin' Fly and Permanent Vacation to deliver deep, melodic and emotive tools for downtempo house productions. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > 140 chugging house grooves and loose organic rhythms offered with up to four stripped variants. Tops Loops > 60 dynamic and intricate beat layers packed with authentic ethnic percussion and live drum hits. Layer up with existing loops for instantly rich rhythms. Music Loops > inspiration-sparking melodic songstarters expertly programmed to slot straight in the mix. Offered with stripped variants for full song control. Keys & Synth Loops > Swelling chords, live keys, tentative textures and dubby synths crafted from a range of hardware classics. Bass Loops > warm, round and buzzing with analogue bite: 50 low-end loops to cement the groove. One-Shots > crafted layered kicks, sharp and shimmering hats, scores of organic and nu-perc shots, stacks of crunchy clap/snares and a choice cut of luxuriant chord stabs. The WAV download also contains sampler patches for Kontakt, EXS24, NN-XT and Ableton Drum Rack.

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 - Glitch Hop
Glitch HopSM White LabelGlitch Hop2013-10-16

Fusing the underground sounds of dubstep, hip hop and IDM, Glitch Hop delivers 550MB+ of futuristic beats, bass and glitched elements artfully designed with cutting-edge tools and techniques. Packed with dubstep-indebted drums, gnarly basslines, unorthodox synths and contorted music loops, plus 180+ drum hits, synth and bass shots, Glitch Hop is bursting with glitched and twisted tools for glitch hop, dubstep and hip hop productions. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > Ancient hip hop breaks battle with futuristic 2-step grooves. Served in full, stripped, kick-free and perc-only flavours for fully-flexible beat programming. Bass Loops > 40 heavyweight basslines dripping with digital funk and dirty distortion. All key-labeled for convenience. Music Loops > 75 quirky mixed melodic track-starters merging arcade game influences, hip hop resampling and dubstep synthetics. Offered with stripped-out variants for full-track control. Synth Loops > Bright chords, 12-bit bleeps, Gameboy arpeggios, glitchy riffs and more to be used and abused. FX > Chaotic modulations, broken circuits, serrated sweeps, twisted risers and epic impacts painstaking sculpted from scratch. One-Shots > 143 killer kicks, tight snares, crisp hats and random nu-perc hits, plus 42 synth and bass shots ready-loaded into your sampler of choice. Downloads contains: 304 x 24-bit Wav loops, 250 x 24-bit Wav one-shots, 304 x Apple Loops, 304 x Rex Loops, plus sampler formats for EXS24, NN-XT, Kontakt and Ableton Drum Rack.

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 - Berlin Techno
Berlin TechnoSM White LabelTechno, Minimal / Deep Tech2013-11-06

An imposing collection of pounding drums, throbbing basslines and ominous synths, Berlin Techno draws influence from techno Mecca Berghain to deliver 420MB of deep and driving techno tools. Drum Loops > 100+ big-room drum workouts that are pummelling and cavernous in equal measure. Tops Lops > Shuddering and juddering kick-free rhythms bristling with sharp hats, gritty claps, dirty snares and reverb-soaked percussion. Serious beat-building ammo. Bass Loops > Ominous and evil: 37 bruising basses dripping with analogue filth. Music Loops > Portentous and powerful trackstarters offered with with three variant mixes for total arrangement control. Synth Loops > From the dark and driving to the deep and devious: 43 rough and ready melodic riffs charged with unease. Atmosphere Loops > Foghorn synths, static hisses and voluminous textures to bury in the mix. FX > Dark drones and synthetic stabs sculpted for maximum build and break impact. One Shots > Fine selection of analogue-derived kicks, claps, snares, percussions and synth shots ready to load into your sampler of choice.

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 - Bass House
Bass HouseSM White LabelHouse, Tech House2013-11-21

Bass House delivers 400MB of garage-flecked grooves, burbling basslines and moody melodics direct from the UK underground. Merging the best of 90s house, UK garage and contemporary deep house, Bass House comes stacked with shuffling beats, elastic and aggressive basslines and 90s-inspired chords championed by the cream of the UK crop. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > 140+ jack-injected beats loaded classic drum machine shots, tech-infused glitches and tribal percussion hits. Served with stripped stems for full-song control. Percussion Loops > Body-rocking bounty of percussive grooves primed for layering in the mix. Bass Loops > 38 sub-soaked and hook-heavy basslines tweaked for maximum dancefloor response. Music Loops > Moody and melodic, deep and dark: fully-mixed trackstarters offered with 4 variant loops for maximum arrangement flexibility. Keys & Synth Loops > Delay-heavy leads, classic house stabs and trippy progressions. FX > Choice selection of FX hits custom crafted for spaced-out builds and breaks. Drum Hits > Kicks, hats, snare and percussion one-shots expertly crafted for powerful beat-building straight out of the box. All loops are tempo-synced at 122bpm and key-labeled where applicable.

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 - Dance Vocals 2
Dance Vocals 2SM White LabelHouse, Vocal2013-12-18

390MB of sassy and sexy vocal hooks and extended phrases served at 120 and 128bpm for use in almost any genre of electronic music. Recorded with a classic Neumann U87, Dance Vocals 2 delivers 69 topline hooks and 91 song-starting phrases - all key-labeled for total production convenience. Vocals with double-tracked versions or additional phrases are presented in individual sub-folders for instant full-song inspiration. All files are presented 100% dry, giving you the freedom and flexibility to add your own processing and FX so the vocals fit your mix each and every time. All the files have been recorded at 120bpm, and all samples are key- and tempo-named for your ease. So that vocal lines sit perfectly with the groove, each line has been output as sung, meaning some files have a small amount of silence retained at their start, so you can drop the file onto the grid and still have the vocal come in on time *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Disco / Nu-Disco • Electro House • Progressive House

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 - Amsterdam Tech-House
Amsterdam Tech-HouseSM White LabelTech House2014-02-07

SM White Label makes a pilgrimage to the spiritual home of contemporary tech-house, returning with 400MB of rolling drum grooves, funky sub basses, bleep-freak synths, classic stacked stabs and extended FX rushes built for peak-time action. Inspired by the likes of Bitten, Remote Area and 100% Pure, Amsterdam Tech-House delivers stacks of chunky and funky drum workouts, stripped-back synths and epic transition FX aimed squarely at the mainroom ‘floor. What’s in the collection? Drum Loops > Pumped and punchy grooves littered with tuned and tribal percussion. Offered with stripped variants for total beat control. Tops Loops > From sparse drum layers to intricate kick-free rhythms, discover stacks of re-programmed organic grooves with a live touch. Bass Loops > Swollen subs, liquid licks and bouncing funk for the ultimate bottom-end. Synth Loops > Spartan stabs, freaked filters, classic chords and more tweaked for the 4am vibe. FX > White noise rushes, percussive slams, LFO mutations, synth sirens and more. Chord Shots > Stabs, synths, bass shots and more - all served dry to add your own FX. Drum Hits > Choice serving of powerful kicks, snares, percussion hits and hats to beef up your beats. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Minimal

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 - Deep House & Nu Disco
Deep House & Nu DiscoSM White LabelHouse, Disco / Nu Disco2014-02-18

From sleek and deep to freaky and funky: 400MB of tools for the new wave of deep house and nu-disco. A heady fusion of neo-funk house and shimmering synth-disco, packed with pumping beats, glossy synths, immaculate music loops, bouncy basslines, electrofied FX and more. Drum Loops > Body-rocking bounty of stripped-back beats infused with an 80s Linn-drummed edge. Served with stripped stems for flexible beat-making. Tops Loops > 32 hi-end and kick-free rhythms primed to cut and layer. Percussion Loops > Snappy snares, brazen claps, layered disco percussion and drum machine tweakery programmed with funk and flair. Music Loops > Instant track-starters precision-engineered for unrivalled inspiration. Offered with variant mixes for full-song control. Synth Loops > 80s arps, e-piano licks, 90s house organs and spacey synths packed with melodic muscle. Bass Loops > gurgling groovers and and disco burners to make the dancefloor sweat. Glitch Vocals > Subtle and soulful vox cuts precision-cut and key-labeled for convenience. FX > Disco lazers, bleeps, sweeps and bombs to bring beats to life. Drum Hits > Prime cut of kicks, clap/snares, percussion hits and hats. All loops are tempo-synced at 122bpm and key-labeled where applicable.

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 - Dance Vocals 3
Dance Vocals 3SM White LabelHouse, Vocal2014-03-28

Our best-selling Dance Vocals series continues with 100+ club-ready hooks, phrases and song-starters packed with chart-topping potential and primed for the new wave of vocal-led house. Expertly recorded using a classic Neumann U87 microphone and passed through a DBX 1046 compressor for added crispness and evenness, the vocals are served unprocessed to give you total creative freedom in the mix. Recorded at 120bpm and key-labeled throughout for total production ease, Dance Vocals 3 is broken down into 16 full-song folders, each containing up to 15 vocal stems: verses, hooks, harmonies, ab-libs and more. Inspired by the likes of Annabel Englund, Louisahhh and Syron, Dance Vocals 3 places emphasis silky smooth and soulful delivery with a distinctive UK flavour. So that vocal lines sit perfectly with the groove, each line has been output as sung, meaning some files have a small amount of silence retained at their start, so you can drop the file onto the grid and still have the vocal come in on time. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House

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 - Jack House
Jack HouseSM White LabelHouse, Tech House2014-03-28

Chicago meets Panorama Bar in this 400MB jack-a-thon of machine drum grooves, acidic basslines, pitch-bent synths, sampler-saturated stabs and retro vox distilled for maximum dancefloor functionality. Channeling classic jack-track and ghetto house aesthetics, Jack House loads up on frenetic analogue rhythms, siren bleeps and sampled vocal snatches to keep you jackin’ for days. Drum Loops > Maniacal and mechanical rhythms raining down with 909 and 707 kicks, claps, toms, rims and cowbells. Synth Loops > MPC-sampled keys, analogue bleeps, filtered chords, bright strings and dubbed pads - all key-labeled for convenience. Bass Loops > Squarewave jams, raw riffs and lo-fi licks from the Juno-60, SH-101, MS-10 and beyond. Percussion & Jack Loops > Percolating analogue grooves stacked with skittering hats, pummelling percussion and vox hits - all stripped and ripped for easy layering Tops Loops > Scores of rough-and-ready kick-free beats primed for the jack attack. Drum Hits > A choice selection of vintage-infused kicks, claps, snares, hats and percussion hits from a raft of classic beat boxes. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Techno

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 - G-House
G-HouseSM White LabelHouse, Tech House2014-04-11

400MB of booty-shaking bass, phat beats and gangsta-style vox fusing hip-hop attitude with heavy house grooves. Inspired by the genre-mashing exploits of Amine Edge, DANCE and ClekClekBoom, G-House comes correct with booming funk-flex basslines, slick beats, rap vox chops, trippy synths built for the underground.

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 - Percussive Techno
Percussive TechnoSM White LabelTechno, Tech House2014-04-11

380MB of deep, percussive mainroom techno tools, packed with techy tribal-infused grooves, moody synths, dark basslines, glitched layers, FX and more. Crafted from the finest analogue machines and digital tools, Percussive Techno delivers a heady dose of nu-noise synthetics, re-worked tribal rhythms and deep melodics primed for use in across the techno spectrum. Download Contains: - 292 x 24-bit Wav loops - 325 x 24-bit Wav one shots - 292 x Apple Loops - 292 x Rex2 Loops - Sampler Patches for Kontakt, EXS24, Ableton Drum Rack, Maschine and Structure. Download Size: 384MB (Unzipped)

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 - UK Techno
UK TechnoSM White LabelTechno, Tech House2014-04-24

400MB of ruff-n-ready rhythms, dirty bass, dubbed-out chords, monochrome synths, analogue FX and gritty hits inspired by the new wave of UK techno. What’s in the collection? Drum Loops > From intricate, industrial-tinged beats to trippy Roland-heavy rhythms, each beat comes with stripped variants (full, kick-free, hat-only, perc-only, kick/snare) for unrivalled flexibility. Tops Loops > Rivet-gunned rim shots, scuzzy hi-hat lines, jackin’ toms and more combine across scores of rugged kick-free rhythms. Bass Loops > Acid-injected excursions, darkroom subs, rave-aping hoovers: XX brutish basslines to hold their own on any system. Synth Loops > Dubby chords, re-sampled stabs and analogue oscillators abound across xxx melodic motifs. Music Loops > Fully-mixed track-starters broken out into constituent stems to mix and match at will. All key-labeled for convenience. FX > Deviant alarms, short-circuit meltdowns, trippy melodic beds and more. Drum Hits > Roughed-up one-shots for heavy beats: solid kicks, dirty hats, metallic percussion and re-sampled snares. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Minimal

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 - Garage House
Garage HouseSM White LabelHouse, Tech House2014-06-17

Brandy and cokes, no hats, no hoods! It’s UK garage vibes in the latest underground outing from SM White Label. Locked and loaded with trademark shuffling beats, soulful vocals, funky basslines and classic keys, Garage House is a 590MB homage to the genre’s 90s roots. Drum Loops > Stacks of syncopated 4/4 grooves bursting with deep kicks, skittering hats, analogue percs and more. Offered with stripped stems. Tops Loops > Jackin’ hi-end rhythms for that quintessential garage skip. Percussion Loops > Mid-range beat bounty packed with drum machine toms, tribal hits and nu-perc knocks. Bass Loops > All-analogue juiciness from square-wave bouncers to sine-line melters. Synth Loops > Classic M1 chords, Akai-sampled stabs, DX7 organs and more. Vox Loops > 32 pitched and processed hooks for an instant topline hit. One-shots > Hundreds of all-original drum hits (kicks, snares, claps, hats, percussion), chord stabs and bass shots. Bundles with 82 playable bass patches and drum hit type patches. The collection is divided into folders of 124 and 130bpm and all loops are tempo-labeled and key-labeled where applicable.

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 - Future Bass
Future BassSM White LabelFuture Bass2014-06-19

Broken beats, menacing bass, ghostly synths, pinpoint percussion, glitched-out FX and more abound in this futuristic fusion of garage, dubstep and grime. Packed with dark drums, pinpoint perc rhythms, ominous low-end loops, twisted synths and FX served at 128, 130, 135 and 137bpm - Future Bass covers the full spectrum of cutting-edge bass-driven music. Drum Loops > 323 intricate rhythms spanning grimey 2-step grooves, half-time dub burners to jacked 4/4 beats - all offered with a range of variants. Percussion Loops > Glitched grooves, processed percs and shuffling synthetics primed to layer. Bass Loops > Pulsating square waves, analogue LFO melters, filth-dripping Reeses and speaker-ripping subs - all key-labeled as standard. Synth Loops > Futuristic leads, bleak soundscapes, dubbed-out chords, synth strings and more. Key-labeled for easy melodic matching. FX > Tempo-synced risers, winders, modulations and circuit freak-outs to fatten the mix. One-Shots > 154 of our finest drum one-shots: heavy kicks, razor-sharp hats, crunchy snares, tweaked found-sound percussion - expertly honed for big and bad beats. Please note: the audio demo contains additional vocals from Dance Vocals which are NOT included in the collection. Download contains: 495 x 24-bit Wav loops and 154 24-bit Wav one-shots. 495 x Apple Loops 495 x Rex2 Files. Sampler Formats for EXS24, Ableton Drum Racks, Kontakt and NN-XT.

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 - Downtempo Electronica
Downtempo ElectronicaSM White LabelChill Out, Downtempo2014-06-20

Delve into 750MB+ of fragmented beats, soothing synths and off-centre instrumentation to soundtrack a hot summer daze or late-night stargaze. Packed with sparse rhythms, bliss-inducing melodics, rich multi-layered music loops, organic textures and more, Downtempo Electronic filters elements of chillwave, lo-fi electronica and future hip-hop just in time for summer. Beat Loops > 160+ loose, deep and chunky beats fusing analogue, digital and organic hits. Many offered with up to four stripped mixes. Inspiration Loops > Melodic and rhythmic combo song-starters to spark the imagination. Filled with real pianos, xylophones, bells, chimes and more, each one comes with stripped variants for full mix freedom. Music Loops > Rich melodic motifs broken out into constituent stems. Mix, match and rework to create unique ideas. Synths & Keys Loops > Analogue washes, spritely leads, resampled keys and delay-drenched progressions - all key-labeled for ease. One-Shots > Expertly-crafted selection of drum hits and stash of lush key-labeled synth shots. All loops are key- and tempo-labeled where applicable. The collection is split across two tempo groups: 85bpm and 140bpm. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • Glitch Hop •House

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 - Deep Grooves
Deep GroovesSM White LabelHouse, Tech House2014-08-12

Stripped back grooves, sensual synths, bubbling subs and dubby chords fusing deep and tech flavours for hypnotic house workouts. Taking inspiration from the late-night and after-hours exploits of scene stalwarts DJ T, Steve Bug and Martin Landsky, Deep Grooves serves up scores of intricate drum workouts, floating filtered synths, deep and delicate chords and warm analogue basslines for house hedonism. Honing in on the groove and built for the dancefloor, the collection is bursting with timeless drum rhythms, funk-injected basslines and moody melodics inspired by the underground clubs of Hamburg, Amsterdam and Berlin. All loops are presented at 120bpm and key-labeled where applicable. Drum Loops > 125 groove-focussed workouts packed with authentic analogue hits. All loops presented with stripped, kick-free, perc-only and hat-only stems for total beat-building flexibility. Bass Loops > 118 subby and funky low-end loops oozing warmth and weight to keep the dancefloor moving. Synth Loops > 111 melodic excursions featuring fuzzy FM filtronics, dubbed-out chords, spacey leads and classic keys. All key-labeled for convenience.

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 - Melodic House
Melodic HouseSM White LabelHouse2014-08-12

Melancholic, hypnotic and melodic house fusing taut machine workouts, loose tribal-laced percussion, sprawling synths and warm basslines into a 650MB collection of emotionally-charged house tools inspired by the likes of Ten Walls, Ame and Dixon. Designed for house music that moves body and soul, the collection comes with a heavy dose of evolving melodic motifs, dense drum rhythms, syncopated percussive grooves and lush textures suited to the more emotive reaches of the genre. What's in the collection? Drum Loops > Intricate drum rhythms splicing machine hits, authentic tribal percussion, synth strokes and vox elements. Instant track backbones offered with stripped stems for mix and match flexibility. Music & Synth Loops > 140+ melodic song-starters spanning from epic and anthemic through to deep and delicate. Key-labeled throughout and many offered with individual stems for total melodic freedom. Tops & Percussion Loops > Loose and live percussion, shuffling tops, shakers and hi-hat grooves to layer in the mix. Bass Loops > Rich, plump and understated low-end burners to cement the groove. Drum Hits > Prime selection of finely-sculpted kicks, snares, clicks, sticks, claps and percussion hits for from-the-ground-up beat making.

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 - Warehouse Rave
Warehouse RaveSM White LabelHouse, Techno2014-08-12

From the M25 orbital to The Hacienda, don your dust masks as Warehouse Rave transports us back to the birthplace of UK dance music and the second Summer of Love with over 700MB of blistering breaks, authentic analogue synths and bass, classic pianos, old skool organs, throwback vox, madcap FX and more. Warehouse Rave eschews the standard White Label format, shifting the focus from loops and instead supplying a whopping 114 fully-mapped synth, bass, piano, organ and pad instrument patches for Ableton, ESX24, Kontakt and NN-XT. Alongside these inspirational auto-load patches there's also a choice selection of 24-bit Wav drum loops, FX hit and vocal samples that ooze old school authenticity. It’s a stunning rave revival that will have you grinning from ear-to-ear! What's in the collection? Breaks > 25 breakneck live beats spanning 120-150bpm. Pumped with outboard processing, each loop delivers power, dynamism and an unmistakable lo-fi flavour. Rave Hits > Processed pianos, resampled rave stabs, soaring strings and even guitars are given the instrument patch treatment. Basses > 17 filthy bass instrument patches dripping with analogue dirt and grit. Synths > 25 vintage synth instrument patches sampled direct from a slew of rave classics including the Korg M1, Korg Wavestation, Roland JD800, Roland JV1080, Roland M-DC1 and Minimoog. Pads > 10 lush, fat and stacked pad patches for epic builds, breaks and atmospherics. Organs > Deep and dirty organ patches for that bouncing bassline groove. Pianos > Classic clean house piano patches primed for euphoric rave anthems. Reeses & Hoovers > Recreate the archetypal rave sound with unrivalled ease: 9 heavy and hardcore instrument patches inspired by best of rave, jungle and D&B. Vocals > 48 soulful ad-libs and phrases, robo-space lines and MC shouts with an insane ripped from vinyl vibe. FX > Air horns, dub sirens, lasers, spin backs and booms to get hands in the air. Drum Hits >Choice selection of vintage drum hits covering kicks, claps, hats, snares, cymbals and percussion. Pure analogue gold from classic machines like the TR-808, TR-909. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Drum & Bass

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 - Mainroom Techno
Mainroom TechnoSM White LabelTechno, Minimal / Deep Tech2014-08-26

Enter the sound of contemporary techno: 400MB of rolling big-room beats, siren synths, driving bass, trippy percussive grooves, warped vox and all manner of bleeps, blips and drones inspired by the likes of Richie Hawtin, Dubfire and Paco Osuna. Techy, tracky and twisted, Mainroom Techno tunes into the sound of ENTER and Cocoon to deliver pumping beats, pulsating bass, stripped synths, nu-perc grooves and huge FX primed to work the biggest dancefloors. Drum Loops > Propulsive big-room grooves bristling with power and mainroom energy. Served with kick-free, perc-only and stripped variants for full beat control. Tops Loops > Intricate kick-free grooves packed with jack-injected hats, nu-noise elements and FX to bolster the beat. Bass Loops > From pulsing and throbbing to deep and dirty: 41 low-end loops sculpted for maximum club response. Key-labeled throughout. Percussion Loops > Pared-back percussive rollers packed with tuned percs, glitches, beeps and squeaks. Vocal Loops > Pitched and processed, glitched and twisted: 21 tempo-synced vocal tools. Synth Loops > Incessant arps, synth bleeps, dub chords and dark stabs - all key-labeled for convenience. FX > Killer selection of tempo-synced risers, winders, dippers and rippers - plus other-worldly impacts - expertly crafted for the biggest builds and breakdowns. Drum Hits > 135 hand-crafted hits for big-room beats: booming kicks, stacked synthetic snares, fizzing hats and quirky nu-perc hits. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House

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 - Future Garage 2
Future Garage 2SM White LabelHouse, Hip-Hop / R&B2014-09-18

400MB of killer 2-step grooves, cone-crushing basslines, dark synths, track-starting music loops, soulful vocals, detailed FX at the apex of garage, bass and house. Like the chart-topping original, we’ve fired up the finest analogue and digital tools to sculpt stacks of jackin’ beats, full-fat basslines, gritty synths, deep vocals and creative FX primed for underground anthems. Drum Loops > 100+ groove-laden beats locked and loaded with tight kicks, swinging hats, snappy snares and syncopated percs. Served with full, variant, perc-only and kick-free alternatives Tops Loops > Prime cut of gritty kick-free rhythms and hi-hat grooves to complete the beat. Bass Loops > Huge sub-bass throbs, filthy FM workouts and LFO wobbles sure to cause serious stylus trouble. Music Loops > Expertly programmed and mixed ensemble song-starter loops packed with killer bass, lush synths and processed vox. Offered with stripped stems for unrivalled flexibility. Synth Loops > Powerful stabs, old-school organs, metallic melodics, chicago-style keys and chords dripping with inspiration. Vox Loops > Cut-up, re-pitched, processed and modulated vocal tools. Tempo-synced for instant drag and drop use. FX > Essential transition tools: risers, falls and lasers tempo-synced at 128bpm for effortless track integration.

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 - Grime
GrimeSM White LabelTechno, Dubstep2014-09-29

SM White Label returns with one of our rawest, dirtiest and darkest collections ever. Packed with minimalist machine beats, menacing bass and twisted synths, Grime mines the boundary-pushing UK underground and strikes sonic gold with 400MB of soundsystem-shredding loops and hits for futuristic grime bangers. Drum Loops > Hard-hitting rhythms and banging broken beats loaded with slamming 808 kicks, stacked snares, industrial percs and trapped hats. Stripped stems offer peerless beat control. Bass Loops > Subsonic assaults and filthy analogue tear-outs to work the basement vibe. Synth Loops > Wonky squarewave jams, sliding oscillators and CPU-bleeps. Key-labeled for convenience. Percussion Loops > Killer rhythm workouts packed with analogue slams, chip tune chirps and red raw hats. Load the kick and roll… Drum Hits > Booming kicks, crunchy snares, razor-sharp hats and odd-ball percs for seriously banging beats. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in; • Glitch Hop

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 - Amsterdam Essentials
Amsterdam EssentialsSM White LabelHouse, Techno2014-10-24

SM White Label delivers the sound of Amsterdam Dance Event 2014 with an essential 350MB selection of pumping peak-time grooves, rolling big-room basslines, filtered chords, twisted synths and FX. Landing just in time for Europe’s biggest dance music conference, Amsterdam Essentials pulls inspiration for the leading lights of underground house and techno to present the definitive sound of ADE 2014. Download contains: 346 x 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots 57 x MIDI files 261 x Apple Loops 261 x Rex2 Loops

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 - Trap Hop
Trap HopSM White LabelGlitch Hop, Trap2015-01-15

Trap meets hip-hop in this monster collection of crispy beats, 808 bass, tweaked synths, original vox loops, twisted FX and stacks of tight drum hits primed for street-ready bangers. All loops presented at 100 and 140bpm. All loops are key-labeled where applicable. Drum Loops > MPC-swung rhythms and poppin’ 808 grooves served with stripped variants as standard for total beat satisfaction. Bass Loops > Chunky subs and booming bass designed to induce dancefloor twerk-a-thons. Tops Loops > Killer kick-free layers and trap-tastic hat lines primed for easy layering into complex beats. Percussion Loops > Intricate percussion grooves packed with stacked snares, real congas, timbales, bells, blocks and more. Synth Loops > Bleeps, screams, tweaks and slides: 39 twisted toplines to work the ‘floor. Served with MIDI for total flexibility. Vocal Loops > 49 all-original vocal one-shots and phrases oozing authentic hip-hop swagger. FX > Epic builds, fat drops, 8-bit fills, gun loads and more. Drum Hits > Choice collection of tight drum one-shots and custom-programmed drum kits for ground-up beat-making. Download Contains: - 368 x 24-bit Wav files - 246 x Apple Loops - 246 x Rex2 files - 39 x MIDI files - 3 custom kits and 28 sampler patches for Ableton Drum Rack, NN-XT, Battery, Kontakt, EXS-24 and Kong

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 - Glitch Hop 2
Glitch Hop 2SM White LabelBreaks, Hip-Hop / R&B2015-02-16

Mashing together elements of classic hip-hop, futuristic dubstep, off-the-wall IDM and 8-bit pop, SM White Label returns with a second edition of wonky, twisted and funked-up sounds in Glitch Hop 2. Packed with 650MB+ of hyper-detailed drums, monster morphing basslines, pixelated synths, chopped and screwed music loops, mad-cap FX and more, Glitch Hop 2 serves up quirky inspiration for use across the electronic music spectrum. Download Contains: • 561 x 24-bit Wav files • 253 x Apple Loops • 253 x Rex2 files • 10 Sampler instruments built for Kontakt, EXS24, NN-XT and Ableton Sampler • 3 custom drum kits and 5 hit type sampler formats for Maschine, Kontakt, NN-XT, EXS24 and Ableton Drum Rack.

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 - Funk House
Funk HouseSM White LabelHouse, Disco / Nu Disco2015-02-23

Fusing elements of classic disco, neon nu disco and bass-driven deep house, SM White Label administers a funk injection with 400MB of booty-shaking beats, groovy bass, shimmering synths, soulful vox, funky guitars and keyboard licks primed for late-night disco-house sleaze. Download Contains: • 357 x 24-bit Wav files and one shots • 291 x Apple Loops • 291 x Rex2 files • 79 x MIDI files

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 - Raw House
Raw HouseSM White LabelHouse, Techno2015-03-12

Inspired by the rough and woozy house music emanating from labels such as White Material, L.I.E.S and Mister Saturday Night, Raw House delves deep into the New York sound with a expertly crafted selection of hazy analogue melodics and distressed drum grooves synonymous with the underground east coast sound. Raw House utlises an enviable array of hardware synths including the Roland SH-101, Juno-106; a Eurorack modular system; Dave Smith Pro-2, Tempest and Prophet 08; Arturia Minibrute and Moog Little Phatty alongside a host of outboard processing including the OTO Machines Biscuit, Waldorf Streichfett and Roland RE-201 Space Echo - and even a Tascam Portastudio cassette tape deck - for an original and authentic vibe. Download Contains: • 458 x 24-bit Wav files • 297 x Apple Loops • 297 x Rex2 files • 66 x MIDI files • 3 custom drum kits and 8 hit type sampler formats for Ableton Drum Rack, NN-XT, EXS24 and Kontakt.

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 - House Vocal Tracks 2
House Vocal Tracks 2SM White LabelHouse, Vocal2015-03-16

SM White Label returns with another essential selection of ten all-new royalty-free vocal arrangements oozing with dusky, rich and soulful tones from one of the hottest house vocalists around. Taking inspiration from the seminal vocalists such as Anabel Englund, Roisin Murphy and Laura Welsh, House Vocal Tracks 2 contains ten full-track vocal compositions containing verses, choruses, harmonies, ad libs and double-tracked phrases - all broken out into constituent stems and key- and tempo-synced as standard. Written and performed by one of the rising talents in the London scene and recorded using the finest studio facilities, this comprehensive collection injects delivers fresh vocal inspiration in industry-standard 24-bit Wav format to ensure pristine audio quality. All files are presented with no additional processing, allowing you total freedom to add your own effects and tweaks to fit the mix perfectly. Finally, so that vocals sit perfectly with the groove, each accapella has been output as sung, meaning some files have a small amount of silence retained at their start. For producers, this means dropping the Wav into the bar before the the vocal starts in the song. Please note: the audio demo contains additional vocal processing in places merely to highlight processing potential of the samples. Download Contains: 112 x 24-bit Wav files.

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 - Big Room Techno
Big Room TechnoSM White LabelTechno, Tech House2015-03-18

Monolithic and muscular techno designed to impact on the biggest floors the world over. Packed with relentless drum workouts, brooding bass, dark Detroit-nodding synths, expansive FX and stomping drum hits, Big Room Techno strips back to the fundamentals of the genre with powerful results. As always, the pack comes with a comprehensive mix of superlative 24-bit audio content in Wav, Apple Loops and Rex2 format, alongside MIDI files for melodic parts and custom drum kits for Ableton Drum Rack, Battery, EXS24, Kontakt and NN-XT. Download Contains: • 344 x 24-bit Wav files • 270 x Apple Loops • 270 x Rex2 files • 78 x MIDI • 3 custom drum kits for Ableton Drum Rack, Kontakt, Battery, Maschine, NN-XT, EXS24 • 16 sampler formats for Ableton Drum Rack, NN-XT, EXS24, Maschine and Kontakt

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 - Retro Analogue House
Retro Analogue HouseSM White LabelHouse, Progressive House2015-03-27

Take a voyage into the deep moods and grooves of 90s house with 430MB of retro machine beats, classic synths and deep bass lovingly crafted from a host of legendary hardware, elusive outboard gear and the finest analogue consoles for an authentic old school sound. Download contains: • 363 x 24-bit Wav loops • 363 x Apple Loops • 363 x Rex2 loops • 14 x MIDI files

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 - Afterhours House
Afterhours HouseSM White LabelHouse, Tech House2015-04-06

SM White Label takes a trip into the deep sound of the after-hours with 400MB of shuffling tribal-laced grooves, groove-heavy basslines, trippy analogue synths, classic resampled keys and weird 4am vocal cuts which seamlessly merge elements of deep house, minimal and tech-house. Download Contains: • 284 x 24-bit Wav files • 284 x Apple Loops • 284 x Rex2 files • 96 x MIDI files

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 - Future Dub
Future DubSM White LabelTechno, Breaks2015-05-01

Take a journey into the depths of dub-infused electronica with Future Dub: 450MB of deep, dark and atmospheric sonic excursions inspired by the evolution of dub. From 70s pioneers King Tubby and Lee Perry, via 80s operators like Mad Professor and Adrian Sherwood, to contemporary torch-bearers Burial and Martyn, we explore the decades of dub to deliver sparse broken beats, heavy bass, ambient synths, abstract percussion and classic delay FX - all crafted from stacks of classic hardware. Download Contains: • 255 x 24-bit Wav files • 215 x Apple Loops • 215 x Rex2 files

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 - EDM Vocal Tracks
EDM Vocal TracksSM White LabelHouse, Vocal2015-07-18

Add red-hot vocals to your electronic dance music productions with EDM Vocal Tracks: 10 essential full-song vocal arrangements inspired by the finest vocal-led anthems of today. Written and performed by one of America’s leading session singers and recorded using the finest audiophile equipment at our LA studio, all samples are 100% royalty-free and served in pristine 24-bit quality to guarantee professional sounding vocals in an instant. Each track is key- and tempo-labeled and tracks are broken out into their constituent stems for total production flexibility. From verses, chorus and harmonies through to ad-libs and double-tracked phrases, you’ve got all the building blocks for full song arrangements. So that vocal lines sit perfectly with the groove, each line has been output as sung, meaning some files have a small amount of silence retained at their start. For producers, this means dropping the Wav into the bar before the the vocal starts in the song. The samples are presented 100% dry to give you the freedom and flexibility to process them as you wish in any mix. Please note: the audio demo contains additional vocal processing in places merely to highlight processing potential of the samples. Download contains: • 301 x 24-bit Wav files

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 - Ibiza Tech-House
Ibiza Tech-HouseSM White LabelHouse, Tech House2015-07-20

As the Ibiza season shifts into top gear, SM White Label serves up a 400MB slice of modern tech-house loops, hits and MIDI inspired by artists taking the island by storm: Jamie Jones, Patrick Topping, Sidney Charles and wAFF. Packed with, chunky drum grooves, fat and funky basslines, freaky synths, killer kick-free percussion, bleepy FX and solid drum hits, Ibiza Tech-House is tailor-made for the dancefloors of DC-10. What's Inside: Drum Loops > Full-fat and ‘floor-ready drum workouts stacked with classic 808/909/707 sounds. Just the right side of sparse, each groove has been expertly programmed to underpin serious dancefloor tracks. Served with stripped stems as standard. Bass Loops > Fat and funky to deep and rolling: 42 essential low-end grooves tweaked for maximum dancefloor impact. Key-labeled throughout and offered with MIDI variants. Synth Loops > Bright chord stabs, bleepy synths, detuned leads, acid-injected lines and more: 41 key-labeled loops bursting with melodic inspiration. MIDI versions provided. Music Loops > 19 complete melodic track-starters loaded with leads, synths, bass, pads and FX. Use as is to kick-start new ideas or chop, process and re-arrange into totally unique ideas. Each kit comes with all melodic elements stemmed out in audio and MIDI formats. Percussion Loops > Sterling selection of detailed percussive loops packed with classic machine hits and re-sampled tribal elements. Tops Loops > 25 jackin’ kick-free drum grooves - just fire up and kick and work the beat… FX Loops > Epic and extended risers, sirens, bleeps, builds, falls, down shifters and more - all tempo-synced for instant drag-and-drop action. Drum Hits > Hand-crafted selection of rock-solid kicks, snares, hats and percussion hits for ground-up beat-making. Download Contains: • 373 x 24-bit Wav files • 336 x Apple Loops • 336 x Rex2 files • 131 x MIDI files

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 - Deep Dub House
Deep Dub HouseSM White LabelHouse, Deep House2016-04-12

Aimed squarely at the late night dancefloor Deep Dub House comes packed with 500MB of authentic analogue material tailored for hypnotic heads-down rollers. From infectious drum machine beats and throbbing bass grooves via dubbed-out melodics and dark vocal elements, Deep Dub House seamlessly merges the best of Detroit and Berlin to keep the dancefloor moving ’til morning. All loops are tempo-synced at 125bpm or 130bpm and key-labeled where applicable. Drum Loops > Authentic drum machine rhythms, from understated rollers to upfront pumpers. Many served with stripped stems for mix-and-match control. Bass Loops > 91 carefully-crafted low-end loops: throbbing subs, bouncing squares and more. Key-labeled throughout for convenience. Synth Loops > 95 Detroit and Berlin inspired synth workouts. Key-labeled throughout these sculpted synth lines span the deep and dubby to techy and trippy. Offered with MIDI where possible. Analogue Grooves > 26 live analogue jams expertly captured and rendered into ready-to-roll loops packed with pumping beats and trippy synth elements. Use as-is for instant inspiration or cut up and re-sample for that “ripped from vinyl” vibe. Served with variant mixes for full-track flexibility. Percussion Loops > Jackin’ machine snares, rims and shots rubs shoulders syncopated tribal lines and processed percussion layers. Served the right side of sparse for easy layering. Vox Loops > Vocal chops pitched and processed into precision-cut loops ready to drop in any mix. FX > Modulated static, dub delay elements, reverse risers, bleepy experiments and more: 40 classic house transitions and elements. Drum Hits > 60 classic house and techno hits for seminal beat making. 15 kicks, 15 hi-hats, 15 claps/snares and 15 percussion hits. Quality over quantity. Download contains: • 545 x Wav loops and one-shots • 445 x Apple Loops • 445 x Rex2 files • 95 x MIDI files • Sampler Formats for Ableton Drum Rack, Kontakt, NN-XT and EXS24. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Minimal • Tech House

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 - Deep Melodic Tech
Deep Melodic TechSM White LabelTech House, Deep House2016-05-06

SM White Label returns with 400MB of stomping beats, big-room basslines, expansive melodic progressions, dubby delayed chords, classic 90s stabs, processed vocal loops and detailed FX tools that seamlessly fuse the best of mainroom tech, deep and dub house. Focused on the deeper and more melodic reaches of mainroom tech-house, the collection comes brimming with epic and expansive melodic inspiration across folders of bass loops, synth loops and music loops - all crafted with the finest analogue and digital tools for the fullest and fattest sound possible. The pack is underpinned with folders drum loops, percussion loops, vocal loops and FX designed to deliver instant big-room inspiration straight out of the box. What’s Inside: Drum Loops > Mainroom-ready drum workouts stacked with classic machine drum hits and sculpted nu-perc sounds. Pumping and jackin’ in equal measure, each groove has been expertly programmed for maximum dancefloor response. Served with stripped stems as standard. Bass Loops > From fat and funky to deep elongated drones: 29 essential low-end loops to underpin your tracks. Key-labeled throughout. Synth Loops > Percussive staccato synths, retro 90s stabs, lush expansive progressions and more: 31 key-labeled loops bursting with melodic inspiration. Music Loops > 15 mixed-melodic motifs brimming with synths, bass, pads and FX. Each idea comes with between 2-5 variant mixes for maximum creative control. Use as is to kick-start new ideas or chop, process and re-arrange into totally unique ideas. Tops Loops > Jackin’ kick-free groove tools - just fire up and kick to work a big-room beat… Percussion Loops > Precision-engineered percussive loops designed the right side of sparse for easy layering in any drum mix. Vox Loops > Choice selection of heavily processed vocal tools to add that human touch to deep tech tracks. FX Loops > Ultra functional folder of risers, falls, impacts and transition tools to work the dancefloor. Drum Hits > Small but perfectly crafted cache of drum hits to craft your custom big-room grooves. Comes with custom kits to kick-start the beat-making. Download contains: • 313 x Wav loops and one-shots • 273 x Apple Loops • 273 x Rex2 files • 90 x MIDI files • 4 x Sampler formats for Ableton Drum Rack, EXS24, NN-XT and Kontakt • 2 x Custom drum kits for Ableton Drum Rack, Maschine, Battery, Kong and EXS24 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Techno

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 - Underground Bass House
Underground Bass HouseSM White LabelHouse, Tech House2016-08-22

Fusing elements of tech-house, deep house and garage, Underground Bass House comes correct with hundreds of heavy 'n' hard beats, cone-quaking basslines, moody melodics, MK-esque vocal cuts, swung percussion grooves and a selection FX, hits and stabs primed for bass-heavy house bangers inspired by the likes of Chris Lorenzo, Hannah Wants and Will Clarke. All files are presented at 125bpm in the industry standard 24-bit Wav format, with Rex2 and Apple Loops versions also aavilable. MIDI files are provided for melodic loops where possible. What’s Inside: Drum Loops > Heavy 'n' hard garage-infused grooves loaded with punchy kicks, skippy hats, snappy snares and pin-point percussion. Offered with full, variant, perc-only and kick-free alternatives for maximum beat control. Bass Loops > Killer selection of low-freq loops spanning 'floor shaking subs to metallic FM tear-outs. Key-labeled and provided with MIDI where possible. Synth Loops > From dark and moody to twisted and techy: 43 melodic ideas taking in elements of UK garage, house and bass. Key-labelled throughout and MIDI served as standard. Top Loops > 21 Jackin' kick-free rhythms - just fire up a kick to work the beat. Percussion Loops > Skippy, swung 2-step-inspired percussive loop to inject instant groove into any programmed beat. Vox Loops > Classic house/garage vocal chops and grooves to add a human element to any track. Tempo-synced for instant drag-and-drop compatibility. FX > Expertly sculpted selection of one-shot transition tools: hits, risers, falls and modulations to make builds and breaks a breeze. One-Shots > Punchy and powerful drum hits rub shoulders with a choice selection of sampler-ready synth stabs. Create beats and melodics from scratch with total ease. Download contains: • 367 x 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots • 271 x Apple Loops • 271 x Rex2 files • 108 x MIDI files • 3 x Custom drum kits for Maschine, Battery, EXS24, Kong and Ableton Drum Rack • 6 x Sampler formats for Kontakt, EXS24, NN-XT and Ableton Drum Rack

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 - Ibiza Deep House
Ibiza Deep HouseSM White LabelHouse, Deep House2016-09-07

With the summer season kicking off on the White Isle, SM White Label returns with a fresh selection of sounds reflecting the deep house sound reverberating across the island. Deep, groovy, techy and soulful in equal measure, this on-point collection comes bursting with classic house beats, full-fat basslines, retro synths and keys, emotive vocal elements ready to soundtrack this summer. Served in industry-standard 24-bit Wav, Apple Loops and Rex2 format - alongside MIDI files for melodic elements - this is an essential collection for deep house producers. What’s Inside: Drum Loops > 10 solid grooves and jackin' workouts served with full mixes plus the usual stripped stems: kick-free, perc-only, kick/snare. Served at the same tempo for easy beat creation. Bass Loops > Classic house meets contemporary tech: 20 bassline bombs spanning old skool organs throguh to modern FM workouts. Key-labeled throughout. Synth Loops > Raw old-school stabs, euphoric piano progressions, sleek tech leads and more: 59 key-labeled loops primed for topline action. MIDI Kits > 10 melodic song-starters to put your own sonic stamp on. Each kits contains bass, synths and pad progressions that are ready to mix-and-match as they are or you can easily edit and update them to make your own melodic ideas. The perfect starting point when inspiration is running low. Pad & String Loops > Classic synth pads and strings to add retro house flavours to your tracks. Key-labeled for your convenience. FX & FX Loops > Effected kicks, lush risers and euphoric falls for seamless track transitions. Guitar & Vox Loops > Sun-soaked guitar loops rub shoulders with soulful and emotional vocal cuts. Download contains: • 182 x 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots • 150 x Apple Loops • 150 x Rex2 files • 63 x MIDI files