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Sample Magic proudly present their new imprint - SM101: compact collections featuring 101 samples in a variety of styles or genres. From bass basics to dynamic drums, fills to FX. SM101 achieves award-winning quality, streamlined.

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SM101 Sample Packs

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 - Techno Bass Shots
Techno Bass ShotsSM101Techno, Tech House2017-10-23

Raw, processed analogue melodic shots for pounding techno tracks. Percussive bass bumps, industrial drones and machine drummed kicks, expertly processed in distortion, reverb and analogue FX ready to drop into your sampler of choice. Key-labelled with MIDI and bundled with a powerful custom-built Ableton Rack instrument, these bass shots are primed to beef up your bangers! Download Contains: • 127 x 24-bit Wav files • 18 x MIDI files • 1 Custom Bass Rack Instrument for Ableton Live 9.5 Suite

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 - Trap Hats
Trap HatsSM101Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech2017-10-23

Load up your trap arsenal with this collection of 101 trap hats full of tracky tops, bouncing 808s and crispy hat workouts. Trap Hats dives deep into an eclectic selection of loops that sit comfortably in all Hip-Hop genres, Future R&B, Future Pop and Future Electronica. Please note: This collection contains WAV, REX2 and Apple Loops only. The demo contains drum samples, and melodic content from Raw Grime, Chill Trap, Ultra Trap, Festival Trap, and Future Electronica 2. Download Contains: • 101 x 24-bit Wav files • 101 x Rex2 files • 101 x Apple Loops *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Sound FX

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 - Ambient & Electronica Patches
Ambient & Electronica PatchesSM101Chill Out, Deep House2017-10-02

101 dense, textural synth patches for futuristic ambient, downtempo and deep house tracks. Get to grips with contemporary multi-oscillator and FX processed Sylenth patches complete with custom modulation wheel mapping and all the MIDI files from the demo. Sliding detuned leads, evolving FM pads, moody atmospheres, cold stabs and fat bumping bass bursting with character and usability. Download Contains: • 101 x .fxp Lennar Digital Sylenth1 Patches • 1 x .fxb Sylenth1 Bank • 11 x Bonus MIDi files Please Note: Lennar Digital's Sylenth1 v3 or higher is required to use these patches. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Techno

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 - Cinematic Atmospheres
Cinematic AtmospheresSM101Chill Out, Sound FX2017-10-02

Delve into an ethereal collection of inspirational ambiances. SM101 Cinematic Atmospheres provides Zimmer-esque pads, filmic studio soundscapes, beautiful intricate textures and four Ableton FX Racks essential for composers and scorers alike. Download Contains: • 101 x 24-bit Wav Files • 101 x Apple Loops • 101 x Rex2 files • 4 x Ableton FX Racks

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 - Deep House Chords & Stabs
Deep House Chords & StabsSM101House, Deep House2017-10-02

Iconic house chord stabs and deep melodic shots for modern electronica and future classics. Over 200 rare analogue and digital synths have been painstakingly sampled, processed and re-sampled for authentic old-school melodic flavour. With lush FM keys, organs, dusty rhodes and thick textured polysynths all bundled with a custom processing selector Rack for Ableton Live 9, file under essential sample tools. Please Note: This pack contains chord samples and Ableton racks only. Other sounds in the demo are taken from SM64 - Dusty House, SM74 - 90s House, SM White Label - Retro House & SM Studio - Disco & Funk Bass. Download Contains: • 207 x 24-bit Wav files • 2 Sampler Formats for Kontakt, NN-XT, EXS24 and Ableton Drum Rack • 1 Chord Sampler Instrument for Ableton Live 9 Suite • 1 Processing Effects Rack for Ableton Live 9 Suite Please Note: The Ableton Racks section of this pack requires Ableton Live 9.5 Suite or higher in order to function. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Disco / Nu-Disco

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 - Future Downtempo Patches
Future Downtempo PatchesSM101Chill Out, Downtempo2017-10-02

Blissful digital sounds for modern chillout and downtempo tracks. 101 Sylenth patches with rich, glassy, chord stabs, soothing leads, bumping bass, thick crystal keys, resonating plucks and evolving pads. An injection of synthesizer sounds ideal for Future R&B, Chillout and Downtempo productions complete with all constituent MIDI files. Download Contains: • 101 x .fxp Lennar Digital Sylenth1 Patches • 1 x .fxb Lennar Digital Sylenth1 Bank • 19 x Bonus MIDI files Please Note: Lennar Digital's Sylenth1 v3 or higher is required to use these patches.

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 - Piano Atmospheres
Piano AtmospheresSM101Chill Out, Hip-Hop / R&B2017-10-02

Raw, processed and manipulated piano textures, ambiences and loops. Ideal for adding foley depth, horror-score harmony and intrigue to a variety of genres. Full of unique house piano loops, dense reverbed textures, reversed harmonic figures and intense cinematic impacts, expertly recorded from a beautifully maintained grand piano to drop directly into a project of your choice. Download Contains: • 101 x 24-bit Wav files • 32 x Apple Loops • 32 x Rex2 files *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Orchestral • Trap

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 - Techno Arps & Sequences
Techno Arps & SequencesSM101Techno, Tech House2017-10-02

Dissonant arpeggios, modular sequences and other-wordly synth patterns - 101 raw analogue melodic hooks and synthesised figures for contemporary Techno. Inspired by timeless Berlin, with roots in contemporary Detroit, this host of melodic inspirations is key/tempo labelled at 128bpm and rendered from live hardware jams, bursting with endless possibilities. Download Contains: • 101 x 24-bit Wav files • 101 x Apple Loops • 101 x Rex2 files

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 - Techno Melodics
Techno MelodicsSM101Techno, Tech House2017-10-02

Dark, piercing leads and thick modular inspired arpeggios for underground Techno. With 101 presets - spacey dubbed sequences, track ready arps, distorted FM bells and carefully crafted melodics available in dry, processed and automated versions with all constituent MIDI provided. Please Note: This pack contains melodic loops & MIDI only. Other content used in the demo is taken from SM101 - Pumping Techno Drums & SM White Label - Raw Minimal. Download Contains: • 204 x 24-bit Wav files • 204 x Apple Loops • 204 x Rex2 files • 102 x MIDI files

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 - Vaporwave Arps & Sequences
Vaporwave Arps & SequencesSM101Chill Out, Disco / Nu Disco2017-10-02

101 tape-soaked melodics from our best-selling Vaporwave series. Spread between 60 - 90bpm, this is the ultimate hazy melodic injection for dirty, degraded and neon-hued tracks. Make the most of crusty delay-processed arpeggios, wildly flanging sequences, soaring chorus melodics and detuned analogue freakouts! Download Contains: • 101 x 24-bit Wav files • 101 x Apple Loops • 101 x Rex2 files • 101 x MIDI files

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 - Dirty Tops and Percussion
Dirty Tops and PercussionSM101House, Electro House2017-09-25

Intricate rhythms, analogue grooves and punchy, gritty, kick-less top loops for the modern producer. Add groove and texture with 101 expertly designed, ready-to-go stripped beats ideal for an eclectic range of styles from jackin’ tech to mainroom house. Tempo-synced at 124bpm these pumping top loops are delivered with constituent Apple and REX2 loops as standard. Get involved. Download Contains: 101 x 24-bit Wav files 101 x Rex 2 files 101 x Apple Loops *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Minimal / Deep Tech • Techno

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 - Pumping Techno Drums
Pumping Techno DrumsSM101Techno, Tech House2017-09-25

Powerful industrial rhythms and raw beats for club-friendly constructions. A carefully curated collection of 610 one-shots integrated into an Ableton Drum Rack with custom processing macros - in addition to 400+ stemmed out beat loops to drag ’and drop into a DAW of your choice. Pounding bass rhythms, warehouse bangers and slamming one-shots all in one easy-to-use pack. Note: This pack contains drum loops, drum hits and racks only. Melodic elements in the demo were taken from SM101 - Techno Stabs & SM White Label - Raw Minimal. Download Contains: • 610 x 24-bit Wav one shots • 404 x 24-bit Wav loops • 404 x Apple Loops • 404 x Rex2 files • 3 Custom Kits for Maschine 2, Battery 4, Kong, EXS24 and Ableton Drum Rack • 8 Sampler Formats for Kontakt, NN-XT, EXS24 and Ableton Drum Rack Ableton Live 9 Racks: • 1 Ableton Drum Hit Selector Rack • 8 Advanced Sampler Formats Please Note: The Ableton Racks section of this pack requires Ableton Live 9.5 Suite or higher in order to function.

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 - Urban Trap Patches
Urban Trap PatchesSM101Hip-Hop / R&B, Trap2017-09-25

Designed to cut through and blend seamlessly with your mixes, Urban Trap Patches comes loaded with 15 x subs and basses, 15 x rich polyphonic and portamento synths and 8 x '808' drum patches and synth and 22 x trapped out dark sequence ideal for forward-thinking and modern trap/hip hop producers. Built in Native Instruments' Massive, each patch contains eight signature macros for instant beat-making flexibility and control. Download Contains: • 101 x .nmsv NI Massive Patches • 37 x bonus MIDI files *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drums • Dubstep • MIDI • Patches / Presets

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 - Raw Techno Patches
Raw Techno PatchesSM101Techno, Tech House2017-09-25

101 Hardcore synth sounds for techno tracks and tough tech-house productions. Bleepy leads, hard-sine riffs, freaked bass, deep chords, white-noise risers and processed dubby stabs for mainroom perfection. A one-stop shop for melodic techno production tools, 'Raw Techno Patches' also comes bundled with 41 key-labelled MIDI files directly from the demo. Download Contains: • 101 x .nmsv NI Massive Patches • 41 x Bonus MIDI files *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Patches / Presets

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 - Big Bass Patches 3
Big Bass Patches 3SM101Drum & Bass, Dubstep2017-09-11

101 big and booming presets for Sylenth and Massive with custom macros and racks for extensions for Ableton. Dark sub presets, bumping monolines, catchy analogue-modelling patches, rolling reese bass, modulating FM sounds and much more in our best-selling bass preset series with selective MIDI included for added inspiration. Download Contains: • 61 x .nmsv NI Massive Patches • 40 x Lennar Digital Sylenth1 Patches • 40 x Bonus Ableton Instrument Rack macros • 44 x MIDI files *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Future Bass • House • MIDI • Techno

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 - Vaporwave Patches
Vaporwave PatchesSM101Chill Out, Presets / Patches2017-09-11

With tape-degraded leads, vaporous chords and VCR-styled pads Vaporwave Patches puts the best-selling synths sounds of Vaporwave directly at your fingertips (and MIDI controllers) for NI's Massive. 101 presets of fat-detuned bass, chorus-kissed flangers and spacey synths with full MIDI for cloud-based melodics Download Contains: • 101 x NI Massive .nmsv Patches • 26 x MIDI Files *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Hip-Hop / R&B • MIDI • Trap

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 - Massive Future Deep Patches
Massive Future Deep PatchesSM101Deep House, Future Bass2017-09-11

A deep, future and tech-house producers melodic arsenal, ‘Massive Future Deep Patches’ puts Massive through its paces with 101 slamming presets for modern house productions. Dazzling polyphonic chords, retro bass pumpers, searing FM leads, glistening house keys, thick melodic plucks and useful noise FX injected straight into your DAW. Download Contains: • 101 x .nmsv NI Massive Patches Please Note: Massive v1.3 or higher is required to use these patches. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Tech House

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 - Raw Garage Drums
Raw Garage DrumsSM101Breaks, Drums2017-09-11

Cutting-edge tops, thick kicks and processed claps: SM101 Raw Garage Drums is a booming selection of drum loops with a distinct UK slant, perfect for House and Tech-House too. Power up with 101 drum construction kits with stemmed-out kicks, snares, claps, hats, stripped and variants loops, as well as a plethora of drum hits for crafting your own beats. Fire up the custom Ableton Racks for instant inspiration... Download Contains: • 1,541 x 24-bit Wav files • 707 x Apple Loops • 707 x Rex2 files • 1 Drum Rack for Ableton Live Suite • 12 Sampler Drum Racks for Ableton Live Suite

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 - Tough Techno Melodics
Tough Techno MelodicsSM101Techno2017-09-11

Morphed Massive patches and loops for slick techno textures and analogue melodics. 101 custom patches for Massive complete with macros and MIDI providing subby low-end boom, dubby tech-influenced chords, soaring ‘horror’ pads, synthesised percussion, raw lead-licks and more! Served with all MIDI parts from the demo as well as with additional audio loops. Please Note: This pack contains melodic loops, patches and MIDI only. Other sounds in the demo are taken from SM White Label - Raw Industrial Techno, SM White Label - Raw Minimal and SM101 - Techno Bass Shots. Download Contains: • 101 x 24-bit Wav files • 101 x Apple Loops • 101 x Rex2 Files • 101 x .nmsv NI Massive Patches • 101 x MIDI files

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 - Deep Atmospheres 2
Deep Atmospheres 2SM101Drum & Bass, Dubstep2017-09-04

Multifaceted Sylenth patches for retro/futurist textures and melodies, Deep Atmospheres 2 is a goldmine for anyone looking to add depth and substance to their productions. Consisting of 101 chorus-kissed, evolving soundscapes, thumping analogue style basslines, endless Juno-style pads and authentic poly-synth emulations, this sequel to the original best-seller is pure audio gold. Take these patches to the next level with 61 unique MIDI files custom programmed for groove and expression. Download Contains: • 101 x .fxp Lennar Digital Sylenth1 patches (contained in 1 x .fxb bank) • 61 x MIDI files

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 - Raw Drum Loops
Raw Drum LoopsSM101House, Deep House2017-09-04

Driving, powerful drum loops for a range of 4/4 genres. Over 300 fully stemmed beat-constructions, thumping grooves and raw percussion/tops rhythms all key/tempo labelled at 124bpm and served with formats. Rendered from a host of high sought after analogue and digital sound sources, Raw Drum Loops is a guaranteed inspiration starter. Download contains: • 308 x 24-bit Wav loops • 308 x Apple Loops • 308 x Rex2 Loops *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House

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 - Future Progressive
Future ProgressiveSM101Progressive House, Electro House2017-09-01

With cascading pads, dusty melodic arpeggios and cutting-edge digital bass patches, Future Progressive encapsulates the euphoric bliss of modern melodic house. With 200+ custom patches for Sylenth and Massive, Future Progressive is a pan-genre collection of glistening synths, raw sounds and MIDI for transcendental musical experiences. Download Contains: • 101 x .nmsv NI Massive Patches • 101 x Lennar Digital Sylenth1 Patches • 35 x MIDI files *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • MIDI • Trance

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 - Lo-Fi House Patches
Lo-Fi House PatchesSM101House, Deep House2017-09-01

Dark, dusty, degraded patches for the hottest in house production, custom programmed for punch and lo-fi nostalgic bliss. Fire up 101 NI Massive presets with macros for authentic, raw, gritty vibes. Grimey subs, soaring chorused leads, shimmering ambient pads, stuttering glassy chords, detuned arpeggiated riffs and pitched textural sequences ideal for deep basements and dark clubs. Download contains: • 101 x Massive patches • 20 x MIDI Files Please note: Version 1.5 of NI's Massive or above is required to use this product. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Techno

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 - MIDI Elements: Retrowave Drums
MIDI Elements: Retrowave DrumsSM101Chill Out, Funk / Soul / Disco2017-08-30

101 LA-scape rhythms and late-night grooves integrated into 10 custom Ableton kits from our best-selling Retrowave release. Painstakingly sampled from vintage classic boxes such as the E-MU L8, LinnDrum, Oberheim RX and various other 8-bit drum machines then integrated into DAW-specific macro solutions for a distinctly deep drum production experience. Gritty and authentic, this is a one-stop shop for retro inspired beat production. Download Contains: • 120 x 24-bit Wav files • 101 x MIDI files • 10 Custom kits for Maschine 2, Battery 4, Kong and EXS24 • 10 Tweakable drum racks for Ableton Live 9 Please note this sample pack contains drum hits, MIDI and sampler patches only.

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 - Techno Stabs
Techno StabsSM101Techno, Tech House2017-08-30

Dubbed out poly-shots, glassy Detroit keys and filtered chords. A selection of 103 hypnotic loops, along with 101 unique melodic shots to add a hooky element to minimal, tech or dub techno productions. Fire up in your favourite sampler or use as is for instant chord-memory! Key-labelled across the collection for melodic continuity and applicable to a whole range of electronic genres. Download contains: • 103 x 24-bit Wav files • 103 x Apple Loops • 103 x Rex2 files • 101 x 24-bit Wav one-shots • 103 x MIDI files

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 - Eclectic Melodics
Eclectic MelodicsSM101Deep House, Funk / Soul / Disco2017-01-31

Warm, analogue, atmopsherics abound - SM101 - Eclectic Melodics is a one-stop shop for unique musical elements guaranteed to kickstart inspiration. Fuzzy vintage bass, expertly crafted acoustic keys, whispy synths and other-wordly FX - the possibilites are endless for adding unique character. Inspired by the likes of Electronic Soul and Future Soul, Eclectic Melodics goes hand in glove with producers looking to take their tracks beyond the limits of traditional electronica genres. Bass Loops > 44 rich and unique bass loops. Analogue heavyweights rub shoulders with cone-shaking original sounds. Melodic Loops > Melancholic, euphoric and downright funky! 47 pianos and oddball synths to add eccentric flare to your tracks. Spot FX > 10 spot fx to inject another layer of interest into your productions. Ranging from trippy analogue sources to processed found sounds. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout

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 - Raw Tops
Raw TopsSM101House, Tech House2017-01-27

Jacked-up top loops, floor filling grooves and dusty rhythmic sequences for slamming tech and mainroom house. Rendered from analogue drum machines and programmed with legendary MPC swing, inject your latest track with a shot of proper house groove. Tempo-synced at 123bpm these techy and pumping top loops warp flawlessly to any tempo and come with consitutent apple and rex2 loops as standard.

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 - Retrowave Patches
Retrowave PatchesSM101Chill Out, Presets / Patches2017-01-27

Instant inspiration from authentic 80s synth sounds delivered direct to your DAW. Painstakingly modelled on the classic patches that spawned a thousand hits, Retro and Synthwave patches come custom tweaked for Massive and Sylenth. Channeling the late-night synth vibes of SM109 Retrowave expect melodic arpeggios, detuned glo-fi leads, epic FM chords and chunky, funky bass.

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 - Spire & Serum Electronica Patches
Spire & Serum Electronica PatchesSM101Chill Out, Presets / Patches2017-01-27

Ignite your inspiration with over 200 expansive and detailed patches for Spire and Serum. Epic orchestral leads, richly refined polyphonic pads, broody FM bass and glassy atmospheric keys all programmed with exclusive custom macros. With intricate and detailed soundscapes sitting alongside full-bodied analogue song-starters, Spire and Serum Electronica Patches is one-stop shop for a genre-bending journey into modern melodic dance music. Download Contains: • 101 x Reveal Sound Spire Patches • 101 x Xfer Records Serum Patches • 41 x MIDI files

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 - MIDI Elements: Trap Drums
MIDI Elements: Trap DrumsSM101Hip-Hop / R&B, Trap2017-01-25

Low-slung sub grooves, slamming snares and pitch-perfect toms in 10 exclusive kits for hard-hitting bass and trap productions. Each kit comes with all drum hits and custom macro programming in Ableton for instant beat-making flexibility. Master complex rhythms and velocity sensitive grooves with 101 tempo-flexible MIDI files, rounded off with an exclusive tom kit ideal for pitched 808 sequences or bass-emulating riffs. Download Contains: • 127 x 24-bit Wav files • 101 x MIDI files • 11 x Custom Kits for Maschine 2, Battery 4, Kong and EXS24 • 11 x Tweakable Drum Racks for Ableton Live Suite *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Funk / Soul / R&B

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 - Big Room FX 3
Big Room FX 3SM101Drum & Bass, Sound FX2017-01-18

Euphoria inducing impacts, epic textural risers and dense noisey atmospheres feature in over 101 tempo-synced and one-shot loops. Painstakingly crafted from a host of digital, analogue and found sound sources Big Room FX 3 will bring you track to life and ensure energy levels peak at every moment. Expertly divided into folders of Fallers, Impacts, Reverse SFX, Rhythmic Builds and Risers - alongside length-labelled files - we've made it easier than ever ebfore to find the right FX for the job. Dive into 101 synth-style transitions, space-echo implosions and 15 bonus white-noise tools custom made for dancefloor devastation. Download Contains: • 101 x 24-bit Wav files • 15 x Bonus noise tools *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • Glitch Hop • Progressive House • Techno • Trap

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 - Mainroom Melodics
Mainroom MelodicsSM101Progressive House, EDM2017-01-18

An epic injection of mainroom melodic bliss perfect for sprucing up your track with memorable riffs, hooky leads and inspiring chord sequences. Anchor your low-end with 60 cone quaking, raw and distorted, FM and analogue bass loops with custom automation and dynamic movement. Conquer epic synth sequences, flowing pads and soaring mainroom leads with 41 tempo-synced and key-labelled synth loops - all mainroom melodics loops are provided with MIDI as standard.

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 - Underground Bass House Patches
Underground Bass House PatchesSM101Tech House, Future House2017-01-18

Dive into classy urban melodics with Underground Bass patches for Sylenth, inspired by timeless artists such as Flava D, My Nu Leng and DJ Q. Melt the dance floor with 43 cone-ripping sub bass and drone patches, 21 precision programmed polyphonic stabs, 10 sizzling FX twirls, 8 analogue-style pads and 3 digital arpeggios for instant garage-house mayhem. Into the melodies but want to use your own synths? Not a problem. The pack comes complete with 30 MIDI files as heard exclusively in the demo. Please Note: This pack contains Sylenth patches and MIDI only. Additional sounds in the demo are taken from Underground Bass House and UK Garage. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Presets / Patches • MIDI

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 - 303 Acid Lines
303 Acid LinesSM101House, Techno2017-01-13

Instant acid! Painstakingly sampled from the original TB-303 and expertly programmed, tweaked and tracked through a precision-perfect signal chain, create instant track-starters with 101 raw filtered squelching bass and soaring lead-lines. Each loop comes as a dry and a processed version ideal for techno, lo-fi house and 90s rave gold at 122bpm.

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 - Ambient House Sounds
Ambient House SoundsSM101House, Minimal / Deep Tech2017-01-13

Featuring pumping analogue basslines, rich polyphonic chord loops and modular evolving synth leads at 120bpm, Ambient House Sounds comes complete with 4 precision multi-sampled Ableton racks with custom macro programming. Laced with iconic vintage synthesiser runs from the Juno-60, Korg MS20 and many more, make floor-ready authentic ambient melodics with 75+ key-labelled MIDI files for instant inspiration. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House

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 - Future Bass Patches
Future Bass PatchesSM101Presets / Patches, Future Bass2017-01-13

Heavy-duty polyphonic pads, screaming leads and fat sub sounds for huge-room festival madness. 100+ fat dripping oscillated basses, epic evolving chords, stabby FM plucks, anthemic pads and searing track-defining synths presets for industry-standard powerhouse Serum. Download Contains: • 101 x .fxp Xfer Serum patches • 13 x MIDI files • 10 x 24-bit Wav vocal chop samples Note: This pack requires version 1.11b2 or higher of Serum to use the presets.

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 - Future Techno Patches
Future Techno PatchesSM101Techno, Tech House2017-01-13

Pulsating bass, epic synthscapes and gritty FM-style arps for all genres of future and classic Techno. Lush and spacey echoes, esoteric drones and glassy Detroit stabs feature, with each NI Massive patch coming complete with 8 custom macros for maximum tone sculpting ability and live performance tweaking. Please note: The demo contains drum samples which are NOT included in the pack - the drum sounds heard in the demo come from SM White Label Dark Techno. This pack contains Massive synth presets and MIDI only. Download Contains: • 101 x .nmsv patches for NI Massive • 48 x MIDI Files.

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 - MIDI Elements: Chillwave Drums 2
MIDI Elements: Chillwave Drums 2SM101Chill Out, Drums2017-01-13

Authentic analogue beats delivered in MIDI format with over 100+ meticulously processed drum hits, MIDI Elements: Chillwave 2 Drums delivers 10 painstakingly crafted Ableton racks with custom macro programming. Each kit is fused with a selection of lo-fi, retro and tape processing styles, providing an an essential addition to any downtempo producer's library. Each drum-hit has been meticulously processed and rendered from classic samplers such as the Akai MPC60 and MPC1000 for maximum punch and authenticity. All the MIDI drum loops are mapped to general MIDI: simply load up one of the 11 bundled drum kits to complete the beat. Please Note: This pack contains drum hits and MIDI only. Melodic sounds in the demo are taken from the Chillwave series.

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 - MIDI Elements: Glitch & Electronica Drums
MIDI Elements: Glitch & Electronica DrumsSM101EDM, Trap2017-01-13

MIDI Elements brings full-throttle Glitch and Trap inspired electronica drums across 10 kits for sub melting peak-time floor hitters. 101 precision perfect programmed MIDI files give way to unique triplet vibes and club swung urban heat - served with a bonus 50 drum hits for next generation bangers and digital funk breaks. Download Contains: • 101 x MIDI files • 130 x 24-bit Wav files • 50 x Bonus drum hits • 10 custom drum kits for Maschine 2, Battery 4, Kong, EXS24 and Ableton Drum Rack

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 - Old School Chords & Stabs
Old School Chords & StabsSM101House, Tech House2017-01-13

Featuring 100+ raw and re-sampled polyphonic one-shots ideal for Chicago, Detroit and Jackin’ house and 100+ atmospheric, glassy synths and digital renders for esoteric and ambient genres - combine the best of both worlds for tracks that have equal parts analogue grit and crystal clear precision sound design sheen. Rendered from classic gear and recorded through legendary samplers, fire up your DAW with fuzzy rhodes, paddy Juno-style chords, detuned stabs and processed Prophet 5 cuts. Download Contains: • 204 x 24-bit Wav files • 2 Sampler formats for Kontakt, NN-XT, EXS24 and Ableton Drum Rack *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Techno

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 - Serum D&B Patches
Serum D&B PatchesSM101Drum & Bass, Breaks2017-01-13

101 Neuro hoovers, ominous pad drones, sizzling screaming leads and deep churning sub-bass for Xfer Record’s Wavetable VST Serum. Combining state of the art oscillator synthesis with custom waveforms new levels of depth, punch and aggression have been reached in 101 patches complete with custom chaos and matrix mappings. Download Contains: • 101 x .fxb Xfer Serum patches

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 - Sub Bass Tools 3
Sub Bass Tools 3SM101House, Techno2017-01-13

A rip roaring selection of low-end power and punch consisting of 101 cone-shaking sub bass loops, drops and FX. Key and tempo-labelled at 128bpm to ready fit a wide range of house and techno styles, Sub Bass Tools 3 gives subtle groove and foundation to guarantee dance floor inspiration! Download Contains: • 101 x 24-bit Wav files

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 - House Pianos
House PianosSM101House, Deep House2016-10-07

Deep jazzy keys, melodic hooks and lush progressions in an ode to classic NYC garage, House Pianos is a one-stop shop for harmonic inspiration. Vintage recordings and uplifting summertime funk give way to 101 meticulously composed MIDI files and audio loops, all designed to bring a classy live feel to your production. Spanning tempos from 113 - 132 (complete with tempo-flexing formats) these key-labelled loops and MIDI files work across an entire range of genres pulling in influences ranging from slo-mo disco to rolling garage-house. Tap into a dense, rich world of complex musical chords and phrases to illuminate your composition.

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 - Hybrid Trap Patches
Hybrid Trap PatchesSM101Hip-Hop / R&B, Trap2016-10-07

Turn up with Hyper Trap - 101 melodic motifs, rip-roaring bass and Hi-NRG screaming lead presets. Combining the bounciest elements of Trap, Future R&B and Hip-Hop, this is the ultimate pack for instant main stage heaters. Designed to offer maximum sonic impact, the pack comes loaded with 22 sub and wobble basses, 22 ravetastic leads, 16 siren, riser and impact FX, 23 rich polyphonic and portamento synths and 7 x 808 and synth style drum patches guaranteed to take your productions to the next level. Download Contains: • 101 x Sylenth Patches • 35 x MIDI Files *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • Glitch Hop

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 - Melodic Techno Presets
Melodic Techno PresetsSM101Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech2016-10-07

Undulating arps, cavernous leads and endless pads usher in an epic era of Techno. SM101 goes in on melody with a broad collection of presets inspired by the likes of Alan Fitzpatrick, Cocoon and Kiasmos. 115 lavish leads, massive-mono basses, esoteric bells and much more - all meticulously crafted to work with 115 key-labeled MIDI files for instant epic techno melodics. From the monumental and driving to the subtle and atmospheric, Melodic Techno Presets is the ultimate collection for the warmup, underground and afterparty alike. Please note: The demo contains drum samples which are NOT included in the pack. This pack contains Sylenth synth presets and MIDI only. Download Contains: • 115 x Lennar Digital Sylenth Presets • 115 x MIDI Files

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 - MIDI Elements: Future Pop Drums
MIDI Elements: Future Pop DrumsSM101Chill Out, Deep House2016-09-09

Futuristic beats, trapped out percussion and precision-programmed kits from classic beat machines and vintage samplers. MIDI Elements: Future Pop Drums put the drums of our best-selling Future Pop release at your fingertips with 10 custom kits and over 101 velocity sensitive midi-grooves programmed with just the right amount of swing. Totalling 120 drum one-shots from classic machines such as the Roland 808 and 909, to the unmistakable sound of the MPC60 - we’ve gone all the way to render an authentic, fat, rich and unique collection of drum hits that will work in everything from pop, trap, chillwave, future R&B to hip hop, future bass and beyond. Download Contains: • 120 x 24-bit Wav files • 101 x MIDI files • 10 custom kits for Maschine 2, Battery 4, EXS24, Kong and Ableton Drum Rack *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drums

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 - Future Wobble Patches
Future Wobble PatchesSM101EDM, Future House2016-09-08

SM101 returns with a supercharged selection of 101 patches for Massive, Sylenth and Spire that are custom designed to inject wonky, wild, techy, twisted and ultimately up-front synth sounds into your tracks. Packed with futuristic basses, morphing neuro-style wobbles, fat EDM leads, powerful plucks and more, this heavy collection is bursting with the finest synth artillery to create the fattest, filthiest and heaviest future house and EDM bombs. To offer maximum sonic variety we’ve used three of the hottest soft synths (Massive, Spire, Sylenth) to create this diverse selection of synth inspiration. We’ve played to each synths’ individual strengths to get the best sounds possible - for instance, using Massive’s macro controls to create easily customisable wobble bass sounds. Be warned - these heavyweight sounds and guaranteed to push any system so approach with caution! Download contains: • 45 x NI Massive Patches • 35 x Lennar Digital Sylenth Patches • 21 x Reveal Sound Spire Patches • 20 x MIDI files

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 - Mainroom Serum Patches
Mainroom Serum PatchesSM101Progressive House, EDM2016-09-08

SM101 goes full-force festival stage Future House with Xfer’s Serum, combining wavetable synthesis with gold-standard oscillation and signal-flow for 101 super-charged presets guaranteed to empower your sound. Spanning the gauntlet of all mainroom genres the collection contains: 20 growling, multi-oscillator bass patches, 21 screaming, thick and portamento enabled lead presets and 20 polyphonic, glistening and saw synth sounds. If you’re inspired by the sounds of EDX, Will Sparks, Fedde Le Grand and Quintino, you won't be disappointed. Triplet and syncopated grooves run easy with 10 tempo-synced rhythm and 6 tuned drum patches. Rounding off the collection are 9 epic and evolving pads in addition to 9 stabby, twinkling plucks - with all patches making use of 20 wavetable audio files and come with 4 custom macros as standard. Download contains: • 101 x Serum patches • 24 x MIDI files • 20 x Wavetables (32-bit Wav files) *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House

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 - MIDI Elements: Synthwave Drums
MIDI Elements: Synthwave DrumsSM101Chill Out, MIDI2016-08-23

SM101 takes us on an analogue adventure with 10 hardware-sourced drum kits inspired by the sounds of synthwave. Fusing elements of 80s pop, new wave and electro, these authentic drum kits are packed with iconic drum machine sounds and paired with classic MIDI drum grooves to ensure instant 80s inspiration. Totalling 120 killer drum one-shots from authentic 80s machines such as the Linn Drum LM-2, Sequential Circuits Drumtraks, Roland TR-505 and 707 - which have all then been given extra crunch and punch via the Ensoniq Mirage and Akai MPC 60 samplers - each sound and drum kit has been curated to offer maximum sonic cohesion. The hits have then been curated into 10 powerful drum palettes for Ableton Drum Rack, Maschine, Battery, Kong and EXS24 and supplied with 101 retro MIDI drum rhythms to get your groove going instantly. If you’re inspired by the 80s, serious about synthwave or nostalgic for new wave then this is the place to start your next track! Download contains: • 120 x 24-bit Wav one-shots • 101 x MIDI files • 10 x custom drum kits in Ableton Drum Rack, Maschine, Battery, Kong & EXS24 formats

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 - Sylenth Classic & Deep House Patches
Sylenth Classic & Deep House PatchesSM101House, Deep House2016-05-09

SM101 takes things deep into the sound of classic house with 101 retro and analogue-inspired sounds covering everything from rich basses and warm leads to lush pads, classic keys, vintage stabs and more. Crafted to offer old school inspiration this timeless collection is perfect for house producers seeking analogue-style sounds they can use time and again. Inspired by the deep and classic house of the late 90s and early 00s, this collection offers a wide mix of melodic inspiration that can be used in so many sub genres of house, from deep and tech to dub or micro house. Totalling 101 Sylenth patches, the bank contains 54 rich and fat basses, 8 retro keys, 9 warm pads, 27 classic leads and stabs, plus a handful of sequences and FX sounds - giving you all you need for warm retro melodics completely in-the-box. We’ve also bundled in 36 MIDI loops spanning bass, keys, leads, pads and stabs to kick-start your next track when inspiration is running low. Download contains: • 101 x Sylenth Presets • 36 x MIDI Files