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 - TRAP 2018
TRAP 2018SoundmastersHip-Hop / R&B, Trap2018-01-29

TRAP 2018 is giving away the exact drum samples used in top level productions, plus samples and sounds to chop up (or use as they are). It was made in collaboration with an international renowed trap producer that wishes to remain Anonymous. Everything you hear in the demo is actually in the package and has been produced from scratch. If you are good enough, now is the time to shine. If you have great ideas, now you have great tools to realize them. We put everything we got in this package. The sounds you need are here. Take a look inside TRAP 2018: 50 SERUM PATCHES: • 7 808 • 2 Bass • 4 Bells • 1 Clap • 13 Leads • 2 Pads • 13 Plucks • 7 Poly • 1 SEQ 113 DRUMS: • 32 Kicks • 32 Snares • 16 Hats • 2 Crash • 14 Claps • 17 - 808 153 INSPIRATION LOOPS: • 16 808 Loops • 10 Bitcrush Sound Loops • 4 Clap Loops • 5 Electric Piano Loops • 15 Flute Loops • 36 Hihat Loops • 4 Kick Loops • 6 Piano Loops • 34 Pluck Loops • 23 Sample Loops 46 BONUS SAMPLES: • 28 Bitcrush Sounds • 6 FX • 3 Percs • 9 Vocal FXs Total Number Of Files: 360 TRAP 2018 is designed to shorten the space between your mind and the speakers. We put the sounds, you add art. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drums • EDM • MIDI • Sound FX

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 - OVO Complete Production Package
OVO Complete Production PackageSoundmastersHip-Hop / R&B, Trap2017-12-14

How does it feel when your emotions flow freely? You already know that the most important things for an OVO beat are the quality of the samples and the minimal, perfect melodies. So you’re looking for inspiration, tools that will give you the ability to transfer your emotions to the music, something that will spark your heart up… …something that allow you to flow without blocks. This is for the producers that can hear the difference between good beats and great music. Take a look inside OVO Complete Production Package: 100 Massive Patches. Listen To A Demo (go to 8:25 to listen to 808 kicks made inside of Massive – they are better than samples because you can use them like an instrument and play notes without stretching a sample). Pack Details: • 100 Serum Patches Listen To A Demo • 100 Kicks 808 Listen To A Demo • 100 Snares & Claps Listen To A Demo • 100 Inspiration Loops Listen To A Demo • 100 Piano Chords and Loops Listen To A Demo These piano samples are composed by a classically trained musician so every note is placed perfectly. You can definitely hear the difference. The samples are then treated with the same techniques Noah “40” Shebib (Drake’s producer) uses (as he explaines here). They are downsampled to the point they lose all the high-end frequencies. On top of that, they use the best soul harmonic progressions. 100 Extra Samples – Cymbals, percussions, vocal shouts, foleys. Recorded with an Aston Spirit and processed with the best gears to give you an unique sound. 12 Ableton Live 9 Templates – You can use these templates to kickstart your own beat with just a couple clicks. These are already mixed and mastered, add your notes, switch the samples and create your own musical piece. Total files: 911 | Total size: 1.05 GB The first and second tracks in the demo are made after Pop Style by Drake, Kanye West & Jay-Z, and HYFR feat. Lil Wayne. All the other beats are original and are free for you to modify, explore or use like that straight away. No external samples were ever used. Every sound you hear in the demo is in the package. OVO CPP will save you 1000+ hours off the learning curve, so you can just flow and create. OVO CPP is designed to push you to unleash your true potential. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • MIDI • Presets / Patches • Sound FX • Vocal

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 - Martin Gar*xx Complete Production Package
Martin Gar*xx Complete Production PackageSoundmastersEDM, Future Bass2017-12-14

How does it feel to KNOW you have all the sounds you need? Whether you are making Future Bass or Prog House, the amount of sounds you need to achieve a professional mix can be daunting. When I started to make these sounds, I was amazed at the audacity of some of them. They just cut right through your speakers. Take a look inside ‘MARTIN GAR*XX Complete Production Package’: • 100 Serum Patches Listen To A Demo •100 Kicks & Toms Listen To A KICKS Demo Listen To A Demo • 100 Claps & Snares Listen To CLAPS Demo Listen To SNARES Demo • 100 One-Shots & FXs Listen To ONE SHOTS Demo • 30 MIDI Harmonies Listen To A Demo • 10 Ableton Live Projects You will find a RAW version with all the plug-ins and a “No Plug-Ins Version” with frozen tracks and Ableton Live plug-ins instead. (for a total of 20 Live Projects) • Total files: 600 | Total size: 1,00 GB *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Future House • MIDI • Presets / Patches • Progressive House

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 - PROG MOUSE Complete Synth Collection
PROG MOUSE Complete Synth CollectionSoundmastersTech House, Progressive House2017-12-14

It’s the unexpected that changes our lives. When you begin making a track, you always have to chose your first sound. That single sound can make your track – or break your creativity. We recreated the sounds from 13 deadmau5 tracks so you can share the same creative juice. Can you hear the difference between good music and great music? It’s in the sounds. Who could you be if you had the opportunity to use the same sounds that Million Dollar Producers use? You can find out Now, because PROG MOUSE COMPLETE SYNTH COLLECTION is giving you EXACTLY THAT. Take a look inside ‘PROG MOUSE COMPLETE SYNTH COLLECTION’: • 100 Serum Patches Listen To A Demo • 100 WAV Inspiration Loops Listen To A Demo • 100 WAV One-Shots Listen To A Demo • Total files: 300 | Total size: 650 MB It’s easy to get noticed with the right sounds. Save 1000+ hours off the learning curve, so you can just flow and create. This is designed to push yourself and unleash your true potential. It’s up to you now. *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • EDM • Electro House • Future Bass • Minimal / Deep Tech • Presets / Patches

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 - Future Bass REVELATION
Future Bass REVELATIONSoundmastersPresets / Patches, Future Bass2016-04-12

The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up Future Bass sounds finally REVEALED The mysterious “powersaw chord” sound typical of this genre is now unlocked. These sounds are all made after the chart-topping-Flume-inspired style of Future Bass. No filler, no gimmicks, just the best quality sounds you can get. Most of the sounds are conceived to be used in chords of 4 or more notes, but they sound epic as single-note leads, too. You will find 52 Massive sounds, focusing on polyphonic timbres. Get ready to embark on a journey of sounds, so professional, they will DROP you out of college INSTANTLY. You just WON’T find these sounds anywhere else on the market. Some products give you WAV samples, but they keep the original patches (you cannot change the chords). Instead, we’re going all out giving you 52 original patches, so you can write YOUR OWN music with them. Trust your ears and gain an edge on the competition. This is brought to you by Sound Masters and Maarko, also creator of FUTURE HOUSE Complete Production Package and SECRET SOUNDS *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Funk / Soul / R&B • Sound FX • Trap • EDM • Downtempo

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 - Future WOBBLE House
Future WOBBLE HouseSoundmastersPresets / Patches, Future House2015-11-16

Future House is getting WOBBLES in it. Are you catching up? Let us introduce you to latest Sound Master's creation: Future WOBBLE House. We are confident THIS is the BEST soundbank for Future House around at the moment. It doesn’t only contain strong WOBBLES, but also FUTURE HOUSE BASSES you’ve never heard in a soundbank before! Sound Masters didn’t hold anything back this time, as this truly are Tools you can build a musical career on. Expect endless hours of musical inspiration. The Sounds are not just “good enough”, they are of the same quality you can find in tracks by artists like JAUZ, Curbi, Oliver Heldens, Tchami, Malaa and other masters of the genre. Here’s a little breakdown of what you will find inside “Future WOBBLE House”: • 66 Presets for NI Massive • 39 Basses • 5 FX • 5 Leads • 1 Laser • 3 Plucks • 13 Poly Synths • BONUS! 20 Presets for Serum • 10 Basses • 4 Poly • 4 Synths • 1 Pluck • 1 Laser • BONUS! Ableton Live9 Project w/MIDI melodies (This is for you to look into and understand how to layer the patches so you can recreate the sounds and melodies heard in the demo. Drums samples are not included.) These are the sounds EVERYBODY IS TALKING ABOUT, but nobody HAS yet. This is ARTIST LEVEL sound design you can now have for a ridiculous price, NOW! Designed and produced by Maarko, also author of FUTURE HOUSE Complete Production Package and SECRET SOUNDS. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • House • MIDI • Progressive House • Sound FX

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 - BIG ROOM Complete Production Package
BIG ROOM Complete Production PackageSoundmastersProgressive House, Electro House2015-09-11

The time has come. Now you can step up. Now you can be Creative. Now, you can be Powerful! SoundMasters and Maarko are bringing to you, the sound library Martin Garrix probably doesn’t want you to have! All the sounds of the genre disclosed and much, much more! Let’s take a closer look now: Synth Patches: • 32 Massive Patches • 32 Sylenth1 Patches Wav Files: • 20 Big Room Kicks • 10 Big Snares (inspired by the famous Eric Prydz’s snare) • 7 Reverberating Claps And Snap • 5 ‘Before The Drop’ Drum Fills MIDI Files: • 17 MIDI Melodies and Harmonies • Demo Project • 2 Ableton Live 9 Demo Project Folders THE Complete Production Package for Big Room. 64 royalty free patches professionally prepped for top level producers of the EDM scene. Now don’t take our word for it, take a listen and finally decide by yourself!

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TROPICAL PARADISESoundmastersHouse, Chill Out2015-08-10

"Hello Producer, this is Maarko, founder of Soundmasters. Today I wanna present you the latest Soundmasters’ creation: TROPICAL PARADISE. It’s a Complete Product that will teach you a new approach at Tropical House production, because not only does it contain 80 perfectly crafted Massive sounds, but it also contains the whole demo project for you to look at. You will have access to all the samples, the MIDI melodies and harmonies heard in the demo and more. Furthermore, you will be able to see how each track relate to each other and exactly which plug-ins were used (only Ableton internal plug-ins, with the excpetion of LFOTools for some sidechain effect and the Ozone5 Maximizer on the master track). I made ALL the sounds and samples with Love and Attention. The quality of the Kicks and Snares is something you WILL definitely notice. Everything is made with Tropical House in mind! The Kicks have that nice controlled attack and upper part difficult to create (the kind of attack that you find in a real kickdrum), united with a round bass side that gives it body and meaning. You can easily create a WHOLE TRACK around these kicks! The Massive Patches are of a type of sound design that is very rare to find in a commercial soundbank. The Sounds are not just “good enough”, they have a SOUL of their own that you can definitely FEEL it when you play them. I’m sure that these Sounds will inspire you, because I was very inspired when I made them! Any piece of this product is copyright free so you will feel free to use any melody or part of the demo with no worries. Here’s a little breakdown of what you will find inside TROPICAL PARADISE: – 80 Presets for NI Massive • 11 Basses • 5 Pads • 5 FXs • 21 Leads • 30 Plucks • 9 Poly Synths – Wav Samples, key elements heard in the demo, organized as follows • 21 Kicks • 10 Snares • 2 Hats All the guitars, atmospheric sounds and drums heard in the demo. The complete Ableton Live 9 project The complete package is 142MB. TROPICAL PARADISE is designed to give YOU the tools that you need to create an unique track. With this I want to give you a different perspective on the genre. There are a lot of great sounds that I didn’t use in the demo, so Now it’s up to you to Discover what’s inside this inspiring product! Please Note: Requires Massive 1.3+" *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Electro House • Progressive House • Tech House

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 - FUTURE HOUSE Complete Production Package
FUTURE HOUSE Complete Production PackageSoundmastersHouse, Progressive House2015-05-25

Everytime you use a weak sound or sample, you’re missing the opportunity of creating a huge track. Stop doing that. Step up your game, right now. You can now have the sounds that nobody has. FUTURE HOUSE Complete Production Package is giving you the tools to expand your creativity, instantly. We promise, these 131 high-quality sounds will be game-changing for you. These are not the usual bad attemps at sounds, these are the real deal of quality and usability. Here’s what’s inside this big package: – 68 Presets for NI Massive: a LOT of Future House basses, leads and FXs. – 63 WAV Samples: tight kicks, perfect claps and snares, reverberating claps and empowering impacts. – Ableton Live 9 project of the demo with all the midi melodies inside of it. This is probably the best Future House soundset out there right now. Discover these sounds before everyone else and gain an edge on the competition. Other genres may include: MIDI Presets/Patches Sound FX

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SECRET SOUNDSSoundmastersElectro House, Hip-Hop / R&B2015-04-01

These are the patches they don’t want you to have. These are SECRET SOUNDS! Soundbank quality just reached a whole new high. We used the three best soft synths out there, Massive, Sylenth1 and the newborn Serum, to create THE ULTIMATE tools for your EDM, Trap and next-gen House productions! Use these sounds for Electro House, Future House, Tropical House, Trap (have you heard that kickdrum in the demo? It’s a Sylenth pactch and yes, it’s included). This pack features 150 must-have preset patches for the best synths out there. What makes this even better is that we’re giving you 50 bonus files including audio samples, musical midi loops and instrumental wav loops – but it’s really the quality that makes this a 5-stars product! 185 total sounds will give you all the audio elements you need to feed your creativity for hours and hours of musical inspiration – it’s more than 3 times your average soundbank! Listen to the demo to hear what we mean! Here’s what’s inside this big package: – 60 Presets for NI Massive, for powerful Big Room Drops and fat Future House basses, organized as follows: • 26 Basses • 14 Drops • 7 FXs • 10 Leads/Lasers • 3 Powersaws – 60 Presets for Sylenth, for sharp Electro House leads, warm analog Plucks and perfect Effects, organized as follows: • 18 Leads • 10 Basses • 6 Polyphonic • 5 Drops • 12 FX • 3 Chords • 6 Plucks – 30 Presets for Serum, for Future House basses it’s the best synth you can use, organized as follows: • 14 Basses • 1 Drop • 2 FXs • 5 Leads • 6 Plucks • 2 Powersaws – 35 Wav Samples, key elements heard in the demo, organized as follows: Piano Drop Loop Dry/Wet Piano Stabs divided by Chord • 3 Vocal Effects • 3 Drum Samples (including the signature deep house Hi Hat) Electric Piano Progression The Impact Sound in the Big Room demo @ 5:29 • 4 Big Room Kicks • 8 Reverberated FX (Claps, Snaps, Bells) 10 Eric Prydz style Snares – 14 Midi Clips BONUS 1 | Piano, Electric Piano, Kicks and more WAV Samples from the Demo BONUS 2 | 10 Pryda Snares and 8 FX Claps from BIG ROOM Complete Production Package BONUS 3 | MIDI Clips directly from the audio demo This is probably the best soundbank you’ll ever buy. You’re getting TONS of quality material that you won’t find anywhere else. Every sound is designed to fit into your productions in a memorable fashion. You will be asked “”how did you make THAT sound?”", well of course is a secret. Who knows how these sounds can inspire you? Maybe, you will be the next big thing. Don’t wait, find out NOW, before anybody else. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • MIDI • Presets / Patches • Sound FX