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Rio Lorenzo - Rio Lorenzo - Serum Trance 1
Rio Lorenzo - Serum Trance 1SoundSpotTrance, Presets / Patches2016-10-31

We’re proud to announce that Rio Lorenzo has returned with another release on SoundSpot with the ultimate preset pack for trance, progressive and electronic music producers. Rio has worked with a plethora of headline artists over the years and has created unique sounds for many of them. With his vast array of experience in sound design, he’s the obvious choice for producers worldwide, looking to take their sound to the next level. The pack contains 50 expertly designed presets for the infamous Serum Synthesiser. Each preset has been painstakingly crafted to mimic the sound of pure analogue hardware and will instantly give your track a professional shine. When Rio creates a preset bank we take notice, as his attention to detail is unrivaled and all of his work includes cleverly routed patches that use all 4 Macros, to ensure users have a fluid experience, allowing them to easily tweak the presets to gain a unique sound of their own. Along with the presets, Rio has also included 50 midi files to help spark your inspiration and speed up your work flow. But it doesn’t end there! He’s also added audio stems for those of you wanting a quick solution to get your project going in the right direction. The preset pack contains: • 15 x Bass Presets • 15 x Lead Presets • 15 x FX Presets • 10 x Pads Presets • 10 x Plucks Presets • 53 x Midi Files • 2 x VIRUS Wavetables • 65 x Wav Files *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • House • EDM • Progressive House

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 - Progressive FX
Progressive FXSoundSpotTrance, Progressive House2016-04-21

So you’ve you’ve nearly finished your latest progressive masterpiece and all that’s left to do is get those risers and other FX in place to make the track come to life. Well we’ve got just the pack for you. Progressive FX contains over 350MB of professionally produced samples including: • Atmosphere Risers • Downfilters • Drum Fills • Rise Ups • Snare Rolls • Vocal Rise Ups These samples will give any track a helping hand transitioning between elements, giving your track a more professional finish. This pack is a must have in any producers arsenal and can be used across the board in multiple genres. 350MB of professionally produced 24Bit Wav samples at 128 BPM. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Sound FX • EDM

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Holbrook & SkyKeeper - Holbrook & Skykeeper Progressive-Trance Construction Kits, Vol. 1
Holbrook & Skykeeper Progressive-Trance Construction Kits, Vol. 1SoundSpotTrance, MIDI2016-04-20

This release comes courtesy of Holbrook & Skykeeper and features no less than 10 progressive trance construction kits, perfectly crafted to help inspire you in your latest progressive production. The guys have gained traction in the dance music world recently with their original tracks and remixes seeing support from global superstars such as Markus Schulz, Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, Omnia, Fisherman & Hawkins, Giuseppe Ottaviani, RAM, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Ruben de Ronde and M.I.K.E, to name but a few. Each kit is broken down into highly usable stems & MIDI files, allowing you to chop audio to your hearts content, or play around with the midi melodies and use your own synth presets. The pack is a massive 843MB unzipped & contains the highest quality sounds that the guys are becoming so well known for and even includes 1 shots making the kits a highly usable tool in your production arsenal. Download contains 10 construction kits ranging from 130bpm to 132bpm. All kits are 100% Royalty Free and can be used freely in your productions. Download size 843MB unzipped.

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Laniakea - Laniakea Progressive Trance Template 1
Laniakea Progressive Trance Template 1SoundSpotTrance, Progressive House2016-02-25

Laniakea has been producing under the radar for quite some time, working with world renowned labels & helping them to achieve the high quality music production of this day and age. This FL Studio template contains a full track from start to finish, allowing you to answer all of those burning production questions about how to achieve great sound quality, space in the mix, EQ, routing and more. The Progressive Trance production in this FL Studio template is second to none and comes loaded with all the audio samples used in the final track, so you really can hit the ground running from the second you fire up FL Studio. The synthesis elements of the template have been created using one of the worlds most powerful and popular software synthesizers – Xfer Records SERUM. Due to SERUM’S unique way of dragging and dropping modulation, it won’t be long before you’re tweaking away at the synth presets and producing something completely unique of your own. Product requirements FL Studio version 10.0.9 or above. Xfer Records SERUM plugin v1.04 or above. Download contains: • FL Studio Project File • 37 Samples • Custom presets loaded into Serum • 128 BPM • 84.2Mb Unzipped *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • EDM

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 - Perfect Progressive, Vol. 1
Perfect Progressive, Vol. 1SoundSpotTrance, Progressive House2016-02-08

Introducing Perfect Progressive Vol.1 The pack contains 15 construction kits, perfectly crafted in the ever popular progressive style. This pack is an absolute must for any aspiring or professional producers arsenal! Perfect Progressive Vol.1 is packed with over 600mb of content including loops & midi files, allowing you to put your own spin on these awesome melodies. 15 Construction Kits: • A Day Without You Kit 128 bpm C# • Abstraction Kit 128 bpm F# • Armada Kit 128 bpm G# • Dissolved Kit 128 bpm D# • Heavens Kit 128 bpm F • Heavens Pad Kit 128 bpm F • Horizon Kit 128 bpm A • Missing You Kit 128 bpm A# • Olympia Kit 128 bpm G • Seaside Kit 128 bpm A • Skywalker Kit 128 bpm A# • Snowflakes Kit 132 bpm G • The Voice Of Eternity Kit 128 bpm F# • Who Are You Kit 128 bpm G • Wrath Kit 128 bpm F# *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • MIDI

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Jdakk & French - JDakk & French - The Bounce
JDakk & French - The BounceSoundSpotProgressive House, Electro House2015-07-15

After years of international touring and a couple of million frequent flyer miles, JDakk & French are undoubtedly two of the freshest DJ’s & Producers to emerge in today’s EDM scene though have been in the industry for years! Having previously been hailed for their excellent production work, including official remixes for world-renowned artists like Boy George, they display a remarkable versatility enabling them to play in small, intimate clubs to life-size festivals. Their marathon DJ sets capture their unique character, while their blend of styles, unique bootlegs & turntablism lie in perfect harmony, accentuating the unmistakable beat of the percussions. Their new, perfected sound is conductive to dedicated dance music fanatics and fledgling EDM ears, creating an experience that is enjoyable for listeners from all musical backgrounds. Now you can create tracks with the same bounce and drive that the guys do with this pack. The pack contains 573 Files Of Drum loops, one shots,melody loops, fx and percussion. Includes midi files for melodies plus Sylenth 1 & Spire synth presets. Everything you need to produce your next hit. Specifications: - 573 Files - 40 Claps (20 Short, 20 Regular) - 60 Hi Hats (30 Closed, 30 Open) - 20 Crashes, 20 Rides - 20 Drum loops divided into multiple separated stems (100 Loops in total) - 20 Fills (10 Short, 10 Long) - 20 FX (10 Impacts, 10 Risers) - 40 Kicks - 59 Bass Loops (5 Full octave packs) - 20 Drops Loops with Sidechain, 20 Drop Loops without Sidechain + MIDI - 10 Melody Loops + MIDI - 40 Percussion - 20 Presets for Spire, 20 Presets for Sylenth1 (Banks as well as solo presets) - 30 Snares

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Redhead Roman - Redhead Roman - Total EDM
Redhead Roman - Total EDMSoundSpotProgressive House, Electro House2015-06-10

Joining us for an exclusive release is none other than Redhead Roman. Roman has been the driving force between many sample packs over the years and has more recently been collaborating with the mighty Austin Leeds who has worked with a plethora of dance musics finest including the legend that is Paul Van Dyk. The pack contains everything you need to get that professional sound from your production. Over 500MB Of Drum loops, one shots, melody loops, fx and percussion. Includes midi files for melodies plus Sylenth 1, Spire and Serum synth presets. Specifications: • 670 Files • 20 Big Snares • 30 Claps • 100 Cymbals (30 Open Hi Hats, 30 Closed Hi Hats, 20 Rides, 20 Crashes) • 20 Drum Loops - each divided into 4 individual stems • 5 folders of Fat tuned big room kicks - each folder contains full octave of samples of the current kick • 20 Fills • 30 FX (20 Impacts, 10 Risers) • 50 Kicks • 40 Medodies - 40 WAV + 40 MIDI Loops (20 Melody, • 20 Drops) • 70 Percussion (20 Fat, 50 Snappy) • 20 Sylenth1, 20 Spire, 10 Serum presets (divided into separated presets as well as complete banks) • 30 Snares • 10 Vocal loops

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 - Rio Lorenzo Progressive Trance 1
Rio Lorenzo Progressive Trance 1SoundSpotTrance, MIDI2015-05-20

Over 600MB Of Drum loops, one shots, bass loops, melody loops, fx and percussion. Includes midi files for melody and bass and Sylenth 1 & Spire synth presets. Specifications: 530 Files: 604MB • 20 Bass Loops (With and without sidechain) - 40 Files + 20 MIDI • 10 Big Snares • 30 Claps • 20 Rides, 20 Open Hi Hats, 20 Closed Hi Hats, 15 Crashes • 20 Drum Loops - divided into 3 versions - Full, No Kick, Top Loop - 60 Files • 20 Fills • 10 Impacts, 10 Risers • 50 Kicks • 20 Melody Loops - divided into multiple versions - 75 files + 20 MIDI • 40 Percussion • 30 Snares • 20 Sylenth1 Presets • 20 Spire Presets

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 - The Guru Project Future House, Vol. 1
The Guru Project Future House, Vol. 1SoundSpotHouse, Progressive House2015-05-13

500MB Of Drum loops, one shots, bass loops, melody loops, fx and percussion. Includes midi files for melody and bass and Sylenth 1 & Spire synth presets. Specifications: • 530 files • 30 Bass loops, 30 Bass loops with Sidechain, 30 MIDI • 20 Melody Loops, 20 Melody Loops with Sidechain, 20 MIDI • 30 CLaps • 10 Crashes • 20 Full Drum Loops divided into stems - 80 drum loops • 20 Fills • 20 FX - 10 Impacts, 10 Risers • 40 Hi Hats - 20 Open, 20 Closed • 40 Kicks • 40 Percussion • 20 Rides • 40 Snares • 20 Spire Presets • 20 Sylenth1 Presets • 10 Toms *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • MIDI • Presets / Patches • Tech House