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Speedsound Loops is a digital label that distributes music specialising in digital downloads. Their catalogue is open to all genres and is expanding all the time, so come back and check regularly for more Speedsound offers!

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 - Psysun & Urucubaca: Psytrance & Progressive 2
Psysun & Urucubaca: Psytrance & Progressive 2Speedsound LoopsTrance, Progressive House2013-04-12

'Psysun & Urucubaca: Psytrance & Progressive Vol 2' covers all the sounds that you'll need to produce cutting-edge Psytrance with 1.17 GB of Psytrance Loops & Samples! This awesome sample collection contains over 300 loops and samples divided into easy to access categories, with something for every Psy producer. Categories include atmospheres, breaks and loops, drums, FX, kicks, leads, basslines, pads, synths, vocals, and a special bonus material folder! Check out this essential Psytrance production download today! All loops are BPM & tempo-labelled, ready for instant use in your tracks. Format: • WAV Contents: • 4 Atmos • 13 Breaks & Loops • 23 Drums • 11 FX • 22 Kicks • 5 Leads • 18 Main Bass • 4 Pads • 17 Shots • 22 Synths • 7 Vocals Xtras Folder: • 6 Bass • 8 Drums • 12 FX • 7 Synths • 123 Vocals

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 - Hipgnosis: Ableton Live Psytrance Project
Hipgnosis: Ableton Live Psytrance ProjectSpeedsound LoopsTrance, Progressive House2013-04-11

'Hipgnosis: Ableton Live Psytrance Project' unleashes Psyseed and Speedsound's latest single release "Hipgnosis" for Ableton Live Suite users. This storming Psytrance project features full editability and MIDI for melodic parts, allowing you to explore how this awesome track was made using only Live Suite. Discover how these pro Psytrance producers compose their tracks. Please Note: This project is not compatible with the standard version of Live, you must own Live Suite 8.2 or above to use this project.

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 - PsyAgressive & Terror Vol 1
PsyAgressive & Terror Vol 1Speedsound LoopsTrance, Progressive House2013-04-10

'PsyAgressive & Terror Vol 1' features a massive selection of Psy sounds spread across every category that you'll need to produce awesome tracks straight away! Sample categories include drum loops, kicks and basses, synths, FX, ambiances, melodic elements, and much more. This pack is headed firmly into dark and brooding Psychedelic territory. Containing over 1 GB of solidly constructed Psy samples, these sounds are designed to expand your production tool kit. Product Contents: • 17 Ambiences • 41 Drums • 38 Elements • 112 FX • 22 Kick & Bass • 3 MIDI • 9 Pads • 154 Synths

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 - Psychedelic Morning Loops & Samples
Psychedelic Morning Loops & SamplesSpeedsound LoopsTrance, Progressive House2013-04-09

'Psychedelic Morning Loops & Samples' from Speedsound packs in over 500 MB of top quality Psytrance samples. This collection is jammed full of Psy loops and samples, ready for instant action in your tracks. The pack kicks off with a massive selection of 60 melodic synth loops, backed up by 30 tight rolling Psy basslines. 'Psychedelic Morning Loops & Samples' includes 30 twisted FX loops and surreal ambiences to get your tracks to a flying start. This is an excellent choice for loop-based musicians such as fans of Ableton Live and Sony ACID Pro, as well as being compatible with all current DAW music software. Weighing in with 135 WAV loops, this is an essential tool for any Psy producer! Product Contents: • 60 Synth Loops • 30 Basslines • 30 FX • 15 Surreal Ambient Textures

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Ares, Psysun, Urucubaca - Psysun, Urucubaca & Ares: Psytrance Samples
Psysun, Urucubaca & Ares: Psytrance SamplesSpeedsound LoopsTrance, Progressive House2013-04-08

'Psysun, Urucubaca & Ares: Psytrance Samples' is a massive Psytrance loop library developed jointly by producers Psysun, Urucubaca and Ares covering all of the sonic elements that you'll need to create twisted and cutting-edge Psy. This awesome sample gold-mine contains 450 loops and samples across 1.35 GB of material that's ideal for creating Psytrance, Dark Psy and Progressive. 'Psysun, Urucubaca & Ares: Psytrance Samples' features 450 Psytrance loops and samples, offering something for every Psytrance producer. From melodic and driving basslines to twisted synth loops, dark FX loops, eerie synth pads and textures and speaker-cone shattering Psytrance drum loops. All loops are BPM and tempo-labelled, ready for instant use in your tracks. Product Includes: • 225 Synth Loops • 65 Drum Loops • 60 Bassline Loops • 10 Pads & Textures • 85 FX Loops • 5 Vocals • BPM & Musical Keys Listed

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 - Psytrance Project: Full Night 2
Psytrance Project: Full Night 2Speedsound LoopsTrance, Progressive House2013-04-05

'Psytrance Project: Full Night 2' lets you explore how this awesome producer arranges his tunes for live performances using audio loops. If modern Psy beats are your thing, this project is bound to please as Speedsound return with another top-notch Psytrance project for Ableton Live! The project folder contains everything you need to open and edit this track in Ableton Live 8. You're free to edit and re-arrange this track royalty-free, meaning that you can use it as a template for a new production, add your own musical elements, remix, and much more! If you like the sound of this project why not take a listen through Speedsound's Psytrance sample packs, all packed full of high quality, usable Psy samples and loops, ready for instant integration into your Ableton Live projects.

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 - Jorg3: Psytrance Vol 2
Jorg3: Psytrance Vol 2Speedsound LoopsTrance, Progressive House2013-04-04

'Jorg3: Psytrance Vol 2' includes over 500 MB of authentic Psytrance sounds to take your own personal tracks or your remixes to a higher level. It doesn't matter whether it's your first contact with Psytrance music or you're already a producer. This pack is a must-have for all Psytrance lovers! 'Jorg3: Psytrance Vol 2' includes original full-on loops, hammering kicks and basses, dreamy atmospheres and dark, underground grooves- this sample pack won't let you down! Product Includes: • 35 Psytrance Bassline Loops • 10 Psytrance Kick Loops • 15 Psytrance Pads & Intro Loops • 15 Psytrance Percussion Loops • 60 Psytrance Synth Loops • 115 Psytrance Single Loops (effects, synths, guitar, drums, percussion & atmos) Genres: Psytrance, Goa Trance, Melodic Trance, Full-on, Dark Psy & Psytech Product Details: • BPM: 145 • Format: WAV • Audio Quality: 24-Bit/44.1 kHz • Audio Files: 250 • Total Size: 515 MB

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 - Space Robots: Ableton Live Psytrance Project
Space Robots: Ableton Live Psytrance ProjectSpeedsound LoopsTrance, Progressive House2013-04-02

'Space Robots: Ableton Live Psytrance Project' from Speedsound is their latest full-on Psytrance track "Space Robots" as an Ableton Live 8 project. Delve into the mind of a Pro Psy producer and learn how they use Live Ableton to construct tracks. The project folder contains everything you need to open and edit this track in Ableton Live 8. If you like the sound of this template why not take a listen through Speedsound's Psytrance sample packs - all packed full of hi-quality usable Psytrance samples and loops ready for instant integration into your Ableton Live projects.

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 - Ableton Live Psytrance Project: X2
Ableton Live Psytrance Project: X2Speedsound LoopsTrance, Progressive House2013-04-01

'Ableton Live Psytrance Project: X2' from Speedsound is the second incarnation of the "Psytrance Ableton Live" project files series. This new and open project file for Ableton Live is fully editable and perfect for your Psy-Trance and Old-style productions, with melodies reminiscent of Goa-Trance and strong beats. This is a real journey with the sound of Trance. Technical Specifications: • Speed: 138 BPM • Project compatible with Ableton Live 8.1.3 or higher