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Waveform Recordings is a record label and music production company founded by Victor Calderone and Mike Frade after an all inspiring late-night studio session in Brooklyn, NY. The Waveform studio is known as 'The Waveform Lab'. Waveform has been designed to be a true music company, and provide all musical needs to the modern world, through cross-platforming products for both fans & artists.

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 - Glitched Vocals Pt 1
Glitched Vocals Pt 1Waveform RecordingsVocal2011-01-27

150 glitched vocal loops, melody-laced layered toplines, beat-building vox rhymatics and more, all expertly engineered to give vocal sparkle to deep, tech and house producers. Divided into folders of Basic, Female, Male, Non-Melodic and Rhythmic, the collection is bursting with ultra-useable funk, soul and disco-influenced vocal loops imbued with dusty, warm vinyl-esque tinges and subtle processing. What's in the collection? Basic Loops > 16 simple one- and two-syllable glitch loops, perfect track-backers or beat-builders. Female and Male Loops > 32 Female and 39 Male glitched and layered melodic loops with funk and soul hints - ideal song-starting inspiration or perfect to drop on an existing dub groove. Non-Melodic Loops > 26 craftily-processed melody-free loops primed slot seamlessly in the mix. Rhythmic Loops > tweaked top-vox primed to give a human feel to any pumping drum workout. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Techno • Minimal

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 - Classic House
Classic HouseWaveform RecordingsHouse2010-12-09

Waveform Recordings deliver the fine follow up to their best selling Vintage Deep & Tech House collection with Classic House - 635 rich, melodic and groovy loops which marry the warmth of vinyl with robust contemporary programming. With subtle nods to the Chicago and Detroit innovators of yesteryear, Waveform draw upon their rich experience to deliver timeless groove after timeless groove. Featuring: 500+MB of dusty vinyl-esque music loops, funk-fuelled basslines, hazy warehouse grooves, live percussion, glitched vocal loops, disco-dipped drum fills, slinky tops and a comprehensive one-shot vault of keys, bass, kicks, snares, claps, hats, percussion, vinyl noise and more. What's in the collection? Beat Loops > 50 warehouse workouts at 125bpm with variants of every loop on offer for maximum creativity Kick-Free Beat Loops > 37 crisp percussion groove builders - add a kick and roll. Bass Loops > 22 Funk-slaps, jazz rolls and liquid lounge bass perfectly poised to sit effortlessly in the mix. Funk & Music Loops > 49 brass-tastic, afro-tinged rhythms, guitar and keys workouts - lush music textures built to inspire. Glitch Vocal Loops > 41 glitchy vocal tops, a mixture of male and female tones, all glistening with that trademark Waveform sound. Drum Fills > 54 'raw'-thentic live workouts prime to be sliced, diced, chopped and cropped or just simply dropped straight into the mix. Percussive Loops > 20 lively ethnic-inspired grooves, many offered with variants. Top Loops & Snare / Clap Loops > 16 pared-down tops and ultra effective snare/clap lines. Simply add kick to get your rhythm rolling. Live Drum Loops > 11 old school acoustic drum grooves to funk up any basic 4/4 pattern. Single Hits > An abundance of beat making ingredients: 330+ kicks, snares, hats, claps, percussion, classic key one-shots, jazz bass hits, crackling vinyl beds and FX ambience. All loops are offered as 24-bit Wavs with tempo information in the filenames.

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 - Afro-Tech
Afro-TechWaveform RecordingsTech House2010-11-05

Deep tribal rhythms, voodoo grooves and raw house workouts are the order of the day in the latest from the Waveform Recordings maestros, featuring 490+MB of tech-tinged loops and samples - plus 100 bonus FX chains. Following the chart-storming Vintage Deep & Tech House and Tech-House. Afro-Tech is the third outing for Waveform, merging tribal sounds with cutting edge tech-house beats: a true crossover destined for the mainroom. What's in the collection? Afro Loops Full > 32 massive song-starting tribal rhythms - layered and fully formed for instant satisfaction. Afro Loops Open > 38 pared-down percussive lines, featuring bongos, congas, djembe and more. Layer at will for huge polyphonic backings or go it alone for deep, sparse beat ingredients. Beat Loops > 34 groove-laden tech house workouts, with beat variants offered for added flexibility. Tops Loops > 33 shaker, hat, clap and nu-tech loops: add a kick and roll. Glitch Vox Loops > 47 re-sequenced vocal grooves with an afro-lain tinge: folders for male, female and melodic loops. Music Loops > 37 vinyl-inspired music loops: layered sequences featuring beat elements, synths, Brass, vocals and more. Cut, reverse and re-sequence for hundreds of unique grooves. Bass Loops > 18 floor-rumbling bass workouts. Single Hits > 91 choice Kicks, Claps & Snares, Cymbals & Hats, and Percussive hits - all stacked for the tech floor. Wild Backgrounds > 13 bonus atmosphere loops - foley edits of jungle FX, savannah nights and more. Great to add depth to a mix - just sidechain to the kick and take down the volume. PLUS: Bonus FX Chains > In a first for a Sounds To Sample label, Waveform Recordings are offering all those who buy Afro-Tech 50 free FX chains for Logic (9+) and Ableton Live (8+). If you're tired of your own native chains and want to know how the Waveform guys stack their plugs, you get instructions in the pack on how to claim the generous freebie (external link). All sounds are key-labeled at 125bpm. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Techno • Minimal

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 - Vintage Deep & Tech House
Vintage Deep & Tech HouseWaveform RecordingsHouse2010-10-01

Waveform Recordings follow up their best-selling debut with this deep and delightful tech-house inspired collection - with subtle throwbacks to classic Detroit and Chicago, it features 640+ deep-fried beats and disco-inspired music loops that effortlessly combine old-school vinyl warmth with contemporary tech-house muscle. Vintage Deep & Tech House packs in 490+MB of funk-fuelled music loops, guitar, slinky bass, early Detroit warehouse grooves, live percussion, twisted vocals, funky drummer fills, tops and a bumper selection of Rhodes stabs, key FX, ambience, vinyl noise, kicks, snares, claps and more. Waveform Recordings' first pack, Tech House was a hands down winner. In this second pack in the series, the team go back to their roots, throwing deeper and more organic tones into the mix. What's in the collection? Drum Beats > 62 warehouse-rocking drum grooves at 124 and 125bpm with variant loops offered for programming flexibility. Beats informed by elements of disco, funk, early breakbeat and more - all combined with the up-to-the-moment production sensibilities of deep and tech beats. Bass Loops > Live-inspired retro runs, jazzy P-bass and slap-licks - remastered to slip into the depths of a mix. Funk & Music Loops > 55 brass-laden, afro-tinged, lounge-layered, key hammered workouts - lush music loops to inspire. Glitch Vox Loops > 33 glitched and re-worked vocal toplines with the trademark Waveform sound. Drum Fills > All fills - no filler: 62 real-deal motown workouts ripe to be sliced, diced or used straight from the box. Percussive Loops > 26 deep tribal-inspired grooves, many offered with variants. Top Loops & Snare / Clap Loops > 42 stripped-back tops and infectious snare/clap lines. Add a kick and roll. Single Hits > Rare bounty of 338 disco kicks, funk snares, jazzy hats and - best of all - dusty key one-shots, deep stabs, brass hits, vinyl crackles, bass hits and ambience. All loops are offered as 24-bit Wavs with tempo information in the filenames.

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Victor Calderone, Mike Frade - Victor Calderone & Mike Frade: Tech House
Victor Calderone & Mike Frade: Tech House Waveform RecordingsTech House2010-08-20

Legendary New York producer Victor Calderone and Mike Frade's debut sample pack Essential Elements - Tech House has been our biggest seller of 2010. Now they kick off their own label with this twisted selection of 380 pounding tech-house beats, glitched vocals, tribal rhythms, music loops and more. Waveform Recordings is run by Mike Frade and Victor Calderone, whose residencies at New York's infamous Limelight, Crobar and Pacha clubs have cemented his status as one of the top-ranking DJ/producers in the world. What's in the collection? Drum Basics - The collection opens with 30 pared down beat loops - kick only, snare only and hat only, for backbone beatmaking. Beat Loops & Tops - 67 deep and detailed tech-house beats with kick-free tops and variants for pure production ease. Bass Loops - 21 funky, fried and filtered low-enders - all tinged with tech sensibilities. Glitch Vox Loops - Delicious serving of 30+ twisted vocal grooves for instant topline character. Jungle & Percussion Loops - 30+ voodoo workouts, tribal rhythms and vox'n'hit savannah grooves. Drum Hits - 145+ fully primed kicks, claps & snares, cymbals & hats and deep percussive hits. All loops are offered as 24-bit Wavs with tempo and key information in the filenames. * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Techno • Minimal