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Formed in 2006, Zenhiser is a leading sound design company based in the UK and Australia. Aiming to bring new and exciting sample libraries to consumers at affordable prices, the Zenhiser team is composed of a key group of sound designers, producers & remixers whose expertise in the music industry spans over 16 years. With a consistent audio production & remix schedule under their belt, they yield a firm understanding of what the customer needs and wants.

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 - Massive Trap Presets
Massive Trap PresetsZenhiserHip-Hop, Presets / Patches2014-04-16

It was only a matter of time before some serious Trap presets were created in the Zenhiser studio for Native Instruments Massive Synth. And after months of heavyweight programming ‘Massive Trap Presets’ was born. 100 smouldering sounds designed for booty shakin’ tracks and show stopping rhythms. Zenhiser has perched itself over the last few years at the forefront of Massive presets supporting some of the biggest producers worldwide on their endeavours to find deliver the finest tracks, and with ‘Massive Trap Presets’ we’ve raised the bar once again. Dedicated to all the sounds which drive your boomin’ productions this is a preset pack no Trap producer should ever be without. ‘Massive Trap Presets’ specs: Bass - 19 Drums - 5 FX - 9 Leads - 57 Pads - 5 Synths - 5

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 - Huge EDM Drops
Huge EDM DropsZenhiserHouse, Progressive House2014-04-08

We’re back with another EDM monster dedicated exclusively to huge EDM drops! Designed to deliver the essentials for massive sounding EDM tracks ‘Huge EDM Drops’ contains all the essential ingredients to make an EDM hit. Separated into folders this Zenhiser pack covers all the main elements, basslines, build ups, kick loops, clap loops, fx and drum beats. Just pick your numbers, drop them in your DAW and get ready to speaker slammin’ drops in minutes. ‘Huge EDM Drops’ is an invaluable source of inspiration for all EDM producers across the board, it’s the perfect tools for main room beats, big room basslines, pumping kicks, hard hitting snares and mind altering build ups. Basslines - 50 Build Ups - 20 Drum Beats - 40 Clap Loops - 20 Kick Loops - 30 FX - 25 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Electro House • Instrumental • Rock / Pop

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 - Insane Dubstep Presets V1
Insane Dubstep Presets V1ZenhiserDubstep, Presets / Patches2014-04-01

We’re back with another monstrous array of Native Instrument Massive presets designed exclusively for the Dubstep and Urban realm. These next level Dubstep presets will make your Massive synth roar so you can warp, distort and twist your dubstep sound to levels never heard before. Each preset has been custom designed with the Dubstep genre in mind but these incredible sounds will also suit the Urban scene just as well, making this preset pack an unstoppable addition to your synth presets. ‘Insane Dubstep Presets V1’ contains 100 elusive massive presets, we decided to concentrate on bass presets first as this is the gritty underground sound most producers will be looking for, then we layered the preset pack with mind altering fx presets and finished it off with a compact selection foundation building lead sounds that shout & punch like no others. Specifications: Bass - 71 presets FX - 14 presets Leads - 15 presets

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 - EDM Festival Anthems
EDM Festival AnthemsZenhiserProgressive House2014-03-25

It’s time for another Epic EDM pack from Zenhiser and this time we’re supplying Festival Hooks like they’re going out of business. These ‘EDM Festival Anthems’ are truly huge, mind boggling huge actually, I don’t think we’ve ever given away so many awe inspiring hooks in one pack, it’s literally one hit after the other. Packed full of basslines, arps, leads, synths and pads ‘EDM Festival Anthems’ delivers all the elements separately so you can use as little or as much of a hook as you wish, go full power with everything or make a new lead to suit a specific bassline, the choice is yours! These EDM samples sound really good right, well now the packs about to lift to a whole new level, we’re supplying all the midi files for this one as well, that means every hook you here in the pack can now be recreated using your own sounds or used as the basis to create your own new exclusive tracks’! Arps - Audio - 46 Basslines - Audio - 45 Leads - Audio - 65 Pads - Audio - 45 Synths - Audio - 83 Arps - Midi - 45 Basslines - Midi - 45 Leads - Midi - 61 Pads - Midi - 45 Synths - Midi - 78 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Instrumental • Trance

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 - Twerk Sessions
Twerk SessionsZenhiserHip-Hop, Drums2014-03-18

Trap has cemented it’s foundations in the clubbing scene and with it has come some amazing sub genres and styles, one we had to get out on Zenhiser is Twerk. Based on a tasty mix of Trap and the spicy flavour of southern Bounce music this subdivision will soon be roaring through the world and blowing up to epidemic levels. ’Twerk Sessions’ is the new breed of Trap, highly energetic booty shakin beats with floor pounding basslines and stuttering top lines. 501 booming samples, loops and sounds makes this Zenhiser release the new must for all Hip Hop and Trap producers. Basslines - 51 Drum Beats -150 Drums - Kicks - 40 Drums - Hi Hats - 10 Drums - Claps - 30 Drums - Percussion - 10 Drums - Crashes - 10 Full Loops - 50 FX - 100 Synth Loops - 50 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Glitch Hop • Instrumental

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 - Futuristic Percussion
Futuristic PercussionZenhiserTechno, Drums2014-03-10

Sometimes standard drum sounds just won’t cut it, you’re seeking something alternative, fresh and futuristic. Here at Zenhiser we feel your pain and had to do something to soothe those yearnings so, with that in mind we created ‘Futuristic Percussion’ the alternative drum kit to fill the experimental void. 300 in depth drum sounds that twist, warp and punch their way through frequencies and tones you simply haven’t heard before. ‘Futuristic Percussion’ delivers an incredible array of futuristic drum sounds plus hits that suit so many genres and styles we don’t know where to begin. House producer then yes this for you, Trance producer then yes this is definitely for you, Psytrance, Electro House, Glitch, Trap or Techno producer then yes this is the sample pack for you too! We chose to select the essential styles for this pack where we felt there was a gap in the market, this meant dedicating ‘Futuristic Percussion’ on five key elements, Cymbals, FX Percussion, Standard Percussion (if you can call anything in this pack standard), Kicks & Snares. Specifications: • Cymbals - 31 • Percussion FX - 37 • Percussion - 178 • Kicks - 29 • Snares - 25

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 - Massive Dubstep Basslines 3
Massive Dubstep Basslines 3ZenhiserDubstep, Presets / Patches2014-03-04

We’re back with the third instalment in our Massive Dubstep Basslines series. Once again we’re delivering a brand new collection of royalty free Dubstep bassline loops and awesome Dubstep bass presets for Native Instruments Massive synth. ‘Massive Dubstep Basslines’ is known for it’s huge powerful dubstep sound and Vol 3 delivers on this and much more. These basslines are dirty, growling monsters placed at your fingertips for instantaneous gratification, just drop one in your audio track and watch your latest production hit new heights. ‘Massive Dubstep Basslines 3’ contains 50 bassline loops and 51 bass presets, giving you the option to use one of our killer basslines straight out the box or develop your skills using a specific bass preset that will roar through any dynamic frequency. Bassline Loops - 50 Bass Presets - 51 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Glitch Hop • House • Instrumental Progressive House

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 - Progressive House Super Synths
Progressive House Super SynthsZenhiserHouse, Progressive House2014-02-25

Fresh from the Zenhiser studio’s comes the ultimate collection of Progressive House synth loops dedicated to creating huge Progressive House, Mainroom & EDM tracks. Dedicated to synth loops alone ‘Progressive House Super Synths’ creates a master pack of exclusive hooks designed for high end producers who need a little inspiration in their hook line department. Totalling 292 loops this is a sound pack of extreme power for the current EDM market. Bangin’ leads, euphoric synths, rumbling drop lines and festival style hooks makes ‘Progressive House Super Synths’ the pack of choice for today’s producers and remixers. In total this Zenhiser pack contains 100 distinctive Progressive House hooks, each broken down into parts meaning you can use as much or little of the synth hook as you wish. Hooks - 100 Loops (Total) - 292 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Instrumental • Rock / Pop • Trance

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 - Trap Drums
Trap DrumsZenhiserHip-Hop, Drums2014-02-18

We’re coming out guns blazin’ with another addition to the Zenhiser arsenal of Trap sounds. ‘Trap Drums’ is an all out assault of stunning drum samples created to unleash the deeper side of Trap. So get ready to unleash your Trap rhythms with 280 of the freshest drum sounds you’ve ever heard. ‘Trap Drums’ is THE drum archive you’ve been waiting for with a multitude drum sounds for each type so you can choose the best kick to suit your track, the best snare to snap and groove, the best hi hat to clip just the right attack and Trap percussion sounds with enough shine to lift your drum tracks to epic levels. ‘Trap Drums’ specs: Claps - 49 Cymbals - 30 Hi Hats - 46 Kicks - 47 Percussion - 44 Snares - 64 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Dubstep • Glitch Hop • Instrumental

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 - Classic 90's Synths
Classic 90's SynthsZenhiserHouse, Tech House2014-02-11

As you should know Zenhiser is not just about the now, it’s the past, present and future, that’s what makes our sample catalogue so exciting. We’ve already covered the NY 90’s House sound but this time we’re going bigger, the whole 90’s club sound from London to New York, Ibiza to Australia. This is the decade where piano’s and organ’s reigned supreme, grooves swung like no other time and Garage emerged from the UK House scene. It’s the decade where most of us got our stylish groove on, euphoric piano stabs reverberated through every nook of the clubs, house ruled the airwaves and dance music set it’s feet in stone. With such an important decade and the 90’s sound making a big come back we had to deliver an inspiring collection of synth loops that captured the 90’s house explosion. Classic 90s Synths specs: Piano samples - 72 Organ samples - 28 Synth samples - 96 String samples - 15 Total Files - 211 samples Zip - 499 MB *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Instrumental • Rock / Pop • Techno • World

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 - Epic EDM Kicks
Epic EDM KicksZenhiserProgressive House, Drums2014-02-04

Are you ready for the biggest EDM Kick pack of the year, think you can handle it? Well Zenhiser’s created ‘Epic EDM Kicks’ and it’s your destiny to use these bad boy kick drum samples now. 150 primed, mastered and ready for any situation kicks makes this sample pack the ultimate sample library for 2014. These kicks really are huge, listen to them through the preview and you’ll realise just how much you NEED these kick drums. Solid power kicks, high end drivers, clippy monsters, hard style distortion kicks and everything in between makes Epic EDM Kicks the sample pack you have to have. EDM Kicks - 150 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • Electro House • House • Techno • Trance Please note: The preview includes basslines, synth lines and fx for illustrative purposes only

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 - TR-808 The Drum Machine
TR-808 The Drum Machine ZenhiserHip-Hop, Drums2014-01-28

Introduced by the Roland Corporation in early 1980, the TR-808 drum machine was released to the general public. What Roland didn’t know was this iconic drum machine of the 80’s would still be used in studios worldwide for the next 35 years and re-invent the sounds of multiple genres through the decades. It’s claim to fame started with Hip Hop and the Electro sound from the US, then evolved through UK Dance music, popped it’s head in every genre from Techno to Drum & Bass and now it’s the main drum sound of Trap, there’s no holding back this monster of a drum machine from now or the future. Authentic Roland TR-808’s in perfect condition have become harder and harder to find year on year so here at Zenhiser we decided it was time to sample the hell out of a perfect condition TR 808, then run it through some awesome analogue gear and deliver a pinnacle pack of TR-808 drum sounds plus a superbly programmed array of drum loops that have spanned the 808 decades. We really went to town with the drum sampling of this 808 drum machine, developing new techniques of takes with altering decay and tone times to give you the music producer as much control as if you actually owned this awesome drum machine. Every preset has been sampled to perfection and quickly folder’d for ease of use so all you need to do is assign the drum samples to your DAW or sampler and voila, you have an authentic Roland TR-808 right there in your studio, ready to use and abuse! Drum Loops - 561 loops Bass Drums - 240 samples Claps - 16 samples Clave - 16 samples Conga Low - 36 samples Conga Medium - 36 samples Conga High - 36 samples Cow Bell - 16 samples Cymbal - 72 samples Hi Hat Open - 36 samples Hi Hat Closed - 16 samples Maraca - 16 samples Rim Shot - 16 samples Snare - 216 samples Tom Low - 36 samples Tom Medium - 36 samples Tom High - 36 samples *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Instrumental • Techno • Trance • World

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 - Prophet 5 FX
Prophet 5 FXZenhiserHouse, Sound FX2014-01-21

We love our retro gear here at Zenhiser so it was only a matter of time before Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 synth made it into our catalogue. With a wealth of analogue sounds within this synth monster we decided the best and most usable sounds to add to a new sample pack would be the fx sounds. Prophet 5 makes some obscene fx sounds, white noise risers, pulsating rhythm fx sounds, space infused swirls, choppy lifts, sharp drops and a whole chunk more. FX Sounds - 378 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • Electro House • Progressive House • Techno • Trance

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 - Trapstep Warrior
Trapstep WarriorZenhiserDubstep, Hip-Hop2014-01-14

We’re on a Trap roll here at Zenhiser with our latest offering blasting it’s way into the Trapstep arena. ‘Trapstep Warrior’ is not a sample pack, it’s a Trap movement delivering top end elements to push the musical boundaries of your Trap tracks. We’ve included everything in the Zenhiser pack for your Trap infusion, basslines, beats, full hooks, fx and synth loops, all totalling 380 samples and loops. The zip file comes in at just under 560mb so you know ‘Trapstep Warrior’ is crammed full of 24 bit killer wav’s. • Basslines - 60 • Drum Beats - 180 • Hooks - 60 • FX - 20 • Synth Loops - 60 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Trap • Breaks • Drum & Bass • House • Instrumental

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 - EDM Drums
EDM DrumsZenhiserProgressive House, Drums2014-01-08

Making your next track and finding your drums are just aren’t big enough, well Zenhiser is here to the rescue! 275 of the biggest, up to date club pounding drum sounds and mega drum loops all perfectly crafted and mastered to perfection. These really are some EDM monsters and ready to fit any genre that deserves the drive, punch and power these drums deliver. EDM Drums is packed full of drum types we all need in today’s studio productions including the essential claps, hats, snares, percussion and kicks. Where we pushed the boundaries with this EDM drum pack is the 75 ready to use drum beats (all bpm tagged), 25 super essential drum rolls for all your drops and some extra tasty drum fx just to add that programming master drum sparkle. Claps - 25 Drum Beats - 75 Drum FX - 25 Drum Rolls - 25 Hi Hats - 25 Kicks - 25 Percussion - 50 Snares - 25 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • Electro House • House • Techno • Trance

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 - Classic Goa Trance Hooks
Classic Goa Trance HooksZenhiserTrance2014-01-06

We’re back with another essential pack for all Psytrance and Goa Trance freaks. ‘Classic Goa Trance Hooks’ is a monumental array of Goa Trance sounds, loops and fx delivering all the finest sounds you know and trust in the classic Goa realm. Whether you’re a Koh Pha Ngan seasoned professional, an Isreali based trance lover or you just spent months on the beaches of Goa you’ll know this is the sound that has reverberated through clubs and beaches alike for decades. Crammed full of nearly 2GB pristine, mind elevating synth loops, pulsating basslines, power driven beats and super sharp Goa fx makes this sample pack an absolute certainty for all producers creating the more driving side of Trance. It’s by far the biggest collection of Goa Trance samples ever created whilst using only the highest production skills available. FX - 20 sounds Hooks - 60 (495 loops)

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 - Massive Trance Presets 2
Massive Trance Presets 2ZenhiserTrance, Presets / Patches2013-12-24

Thought Massive Trance Presets was huge well check out the follow up ‘Massive Trance Preset 2’. This has to be the pinnacle of Trance presets, they are simply incredible. This time we’ve focused on a very broad range of trance sounds from the ultimate in euphoric to some really nice driving sounds that will push your trance tracks as they need to be. Featuring 5 dedicated folders ‘Massive Trance Presets 2’ is the one stop shop for your trance fix, 25 bass sounds, 15 trance fx, 35 epic leads, 15 essential pads and 10 killer trance stabs. Bass - 25 FX - 15 Leads - 35 Pads - 15 Stabs - 10 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • Electro House • House • Instrumental • Progressive House

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 - Dubstep FX 2
Dubstep FX 2ZenhiserDubstep, Sound FX2013-12-17

Dubstep FX 2 delves into the driving side of Dubstep delivering 240 primed fx sounds ready for battle. Being the second in the series we decided to act on the fx sounds we hear most in Dubstep, Fall FX, FX Hits & the essential Rise FX. There is such a broad selection of dubstep fx sounds in each category that these beauties will keep your Dubstep tracks going for a long time. They will fill the gaps in your productions and transition your sections perfectly. FX Falls - 80 FX Hits - 80 FX Rises - 80 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Drum & Bass • House • Electro House • Hip-Hop / Trap • Progressive House

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 - Movie Stabs
Movie StabsZenhiserHouse, Sound FX2013-12-10

There’s no denying it, the BWAAR horn movie sound has taken over films worldwide, we love them big time, they deliver anticipation, drive, movement and an air of moodiness to films. Until now the movie stab sound was limited to major film companies and buried within the film scores. Well Zenhiser decided to do something about it and create the world’s first sample pack dedicated to only Movie stabs, nothing else. It took us months in the studio to create this pack and boy was it worth the wait, 302 perfectly created movie stabs, cinematic brass stab fx, commercial horns, blockbuster impacts, sci fi punch sounds and a whole lot more. We covered a multitude of options, genre styles and anticipation situations to offer an array of movie stab fx sounds never heard before. They cover everything from Sci Fi through to Horror movies and even an eclectic collection that would suit music productions perfectly. Stab - Anticipation - 8 Stab - Blockbuster - 45 Stab - Deep & Low - 55 Stab - FX - 6 Stab - Hits - 16 Stab - Horns - 28 Stab - Lofi & Distort - 22 Stab - Movement - 16 Stab - Noted - 6 Stab - Premium - 35 Stab - Scary - 17 Stab - Sci Fi - 26 Stab - Space - 16 Stab - Sparce - 6 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Dubstep • Progressive House • Techno • Trance

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 - Trance Hooks
Trance HooksZenhiserTrance, Progressive House2013-12-03

It doesn’t get any bigger than this, euphoric synth melodies, pumping basslines and power fx makes ‘Trance Hooks’ a one stop shop for ultimate trance gratification. Totalling 400 trance samples and loops crafted by Trance heavyweights means within minutes of buying ‘Trance Hooks’ your tracks will lift to a whole new level of quality, style and sheer perfection. There’s a massive amount of melodies crammed into this trance pack and what makes it special is that every hook is superbly programmed creating some of the most euphoric, peak time and downright driving melodies you’ve ever heard. This many trance hooks in one place is a once in a lifetime purchase so don’t deliberate, listen to the preview and let the sounds do all the talking for you. Beats 128bpm - 138 Beats 138bpm - 42 FX - 20 Melody Loops 128bpm - 184 Melody Loops 138bpm - 56

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 - Maximal Techno
Maximal TechnoZenhiserTechno, Drums2013-11-26

Delve into the underground world of Maximal Techno where pounding drums, tripped out synth lines and mind altering basslines are a standard. 654 essential techno samples makes up this unique techno sample pack including a complete array of drum sounds, percussive loops, basslines, beats, synth loops and even top loops. Ranging from gritty percussive hooks through to analogue warehouse style hooks ‘Maximal Techno’ is the one stop shop for techno producers looking to diversify their range of techno sounds. Basslines - 56 Drum Beats - 127 Drums - Kicks - 54 Drums - Hi Hats - 42 Drums - Claps - 31 Drums - Snares - 36 Drums - Percussion - 126 FX Hits - 20 Percussion Loops - 40 Synth Loops - 64 Top Loops - 58 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Instrumental • Minimal • Tech House • Trance

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 - Studio Essentials - Trap
Studio Essentials - TrapZenhiserDubstep, Hip-Hop2013-11-19

We’re delving deep and heavy in the Trap scene here at Zenhiser and it was only a matter of time before we could release a Studio Essentials Trap pack that would blow your mind, so lock the studio door, play the preview f*ckin loud and get ready to press the buy button! Basslines - 50 Drum Beats - 150 Drums - Kicks - 17 Drums - Hi Hats - 17 Drums - Snares - 29 Drums - Percussion - 25 Drums - Cymbals - 6 Drums - Vox - 6 Full Loops - 50 FX - Hits - 41 FX - Shots - 29 FX - Synth - 16 FX - Vox - 14 Synth Loops - 50

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 - Deep House Drummer
Deep House DrummerZenhiserHouse, Drums2013-11-12

It’s doesn’t get much smoother than this, Deep House Drummer is the ultimate in Deep House drum sounds delivering maximum glide to your drum tracks. This is probably one of the most in depth drum kits we’ve released with a multitude of drum types included, just look at the specs below to see how much you will need this sample pack. • Claps - 20 • Crashes - 4 • FX - 30 • Hi Hats - 29 • Kicks - 60 • Percussion - 60 • Rides - 6 • Shakers - 10 • Snares - 49 • Tambourines - 6 • Toms - 6

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 - UK House Basslines
UK House BasslinesZenhiserHouse2013-11-05

Delving deep back in time ‘UK House Basslines’ delivers a comparable mix of yesteryear’s UK clubbing scene mixed with the emerging Bass House sound. 215 basslines strong means this Bass House sample collection delivers a multitude of options and exceptional bass heavy hooks ready to be used and abused. Suited perfectly to sit with swung out drums UK House Basslines focuses on analogue basslines with silky smooth rhythms and jackin’ patterns, it really is the perfect array of basslines for now. Basslines - 215 loops

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 - Dark Techno FX
Dark Techno FXZenhiserTechno, Sound FX2013-11-05

Are your Techno tracks lacking shine? Well Zenhiser’s got the fix, ‘Dark Techno FX’. 350 techno fx segregated into three folders, short, long and voice. The first, short contains percussive hit fx, metallic sweep sounds, tech one shots, rhythmic mini pattern fx and more. The second, long delves more into fx that move, warp, rise and adjust over time, it’s the perfect collection of sound fx for transitions and subjective atmosphere. The third folder and most interesting is Voices, there you’ll find a multitude of vocal fx ranging from vocoded sayings through to Dalek fx instructions, this is what set’s this sample pack apart from the rest. Specifications: • FX Long - 100 • FX Short - 200 • FX Voice - 50

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 - Sylenth Main Room House
Sylenth Main Room HouseZenhiserProgressive House, Presets / Patches2013-10-29

It doesn’t get any bigger than this, ‘Sylenth Main Room House’ is an EDM superstar and by far the biggest, fattest, speaker crunching synth sounds you have ever heard. These synth sounds are true monsters, designed exclusively from the ground up and ready to change your studio from mediocre to top level. With Sylenth Main Room House presets you now have the tools to create chart busting songs and tunes that are sure to be in every producer’s virtual dj box. These sylenth presets are big, really f*ckin big! 1 MB • 101 x Lennar Digital Sylenth1 presets Bass - 23 Extra - 14 FX - 11 Leads - 31 Pads - 11 Sequences - 10

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 - Sylenth Trance Presets 3
Sylenth Trance Presets 3ZenhiserTrance, Presets / Patches2013-10-22

We can't get enough trance presets here at Zenhiser, they are the fundamental building block to any great Trance track. Everything starts with one single sound in Trance music and the more epic, euphoric and driving the better. So why stop at two trance preset packs for Sylenth, we decided there was a wealth of room for more incredibly detailed and stylish sounds designed exclusively for trance music. With six sections including bass, fx, leads, pads and plucks we covered all the essentials but this time we've included some awesome Trance stabs as well just to make the final preset pack extra tasty. Oh, we nearly forgot, like the preview? Well we've included all the audio files and the midi files from the preview, because we love you! Bass - 20 FX - 10 Leads - 25 Pads - 15 Plucks - 20 Stabs - 10 70 MB • 101 x Lennar Digital Sylenth1 V2 or higher Presets

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 - Deeper Dubstep Hooks
Deeper Dubstep HooksZenhiserDubstep2013-10-15

Need something a little different in your Dubstep tracks, fed up with the same old sound? Well Zenhiser as always comes to the rescue! 'Deeper Dubstep Hooks' is just as the name suggests, more intelligent Dubstep with thought provoking hooks and funk fuel'd rhythms. Grabbing elements from all corners of the clubbing globe 'Deeper Dubstep Hooks' delivers the latest choice in hooks with an eclectic style and grace. Basslines - 50 Completed Loops - 50 Drum Beats - 50 Drums - Crashes - 5 Drums - Hi Hats Closed - 20 Drums - Hi Hats Open - 5 Drums - Kicks - 35 Drums - Snares - 35 Drums - FX - 100 Drums - Synth Loops - 50 648 MB • 400 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit.

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 - Main Room Drops
Main Room DropsZenhiserProgressive House, Electro House2013-10-15

Holy Sh*t, get ready for an all out assault cos 'Main Room Drops' is blowing it's way to the front of the clubbing scene. We've got every conceivable drop know to mankind crammed into one sample pack and delivered in 24 bit wav goodness. Basslines, build ups, beats, fx, kicks and even percussion loops means you've got everything to create stealth tracks and obscene drops! Basslines - 70 Builds - 25 Drum Beats - 37 FX - 25 Kicks - 20 Kicks (Big) - 10 Percussion Loops - 20 362 MB • 207 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit.

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 - Sylenth Deep Tech Presets
Sylenth Deep Tech PresetsZenhiserTech House2013-10-08

Delving deep into the underground realms 'Sylenth Deep Tech Presets' takes you on a journey through the late night outings of thumping nightclub dark spaces where organic deep sounds reverberate through the walls and the unison rocking motion of the dance floor expresses the acceptance of the pounding rhythms. Sounds pretty deep right? That's because this preset pack is deep, really deep. Delivering over 150 presets is a mark of genius on this preset pack, since you will now have enough Sylenth presets to create multiple tracks without losing an array of deep tech sounds to keep both your studio and your mind fresh. Bass - 30 FX - 20 Keys - 25 Pads - 20 Sequences - 31 Synths - 31

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 - Massive Dubstep Sounds 4
Massive Dubstep Sounds 4ZenhiserDubstep, Presets / Patches2013-10-01

We're back with another insane collection of Dubstep presets, all perfectly crafted to deliver incredible impact and power to your Dubstep tracks. 'Massive Dubstep Sounds 4' cuts it's cloth tighter than our previous preset collections focusing on the three essential elements for Dubstep, bass presets, fx presets and lead presets. These presets will immerse you in the Dubstep realm and swagger your way through dubstep sounds you never knew could be so good. Dubstep Bass - 69 Dubstep FX - 14 Dubstep Leads - 17 1 MB • 100 x NI Massive V1.3 or higher presets

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 - Filthy Dubstep Basslines
Filthy Dubstep BasslinesZenhiserDubstep2013-10-01

We're back with another insane collection of Dubstep presets, all perfectly crafted to deliver incredible impact and power to your Dubstep tracks. 'Massive Dubstep Sounds 4' cuts it's cloth tighter than our previous preset collections focusing on the three essential elements for Dubstep, bass presets, fx presets and lead presets. These presets will immerse you in the Dubstep realm and swagger your way through dubstep sounds you never knew could be so good. 128 MB • 150 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit.(BPM & Key Information included)

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 - Tech Drum Fills
Tech Drum FillsZenhiserDrums2013-09-24

Every once in a while the sample world needs a little innovation, something you've never heard before and didn't realise you needed. With that in mind we figured out a great niche that wasn't filled, Tech Drum Fills. Designed exclusively for Tech House, Techno, Minimal Tech & House this sample pack bridges the gaps in your tracks and delivers something fresh to your transitions, drops and areas that need fills. Ranging from tight snappy drum rolls to jackin' swingy fills "Tech Drum Fills" offers a complete collection of drum fillers for every situation. 145 MB • 203 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit.

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 - Sylenth Trance Presets 2
Sylenth Trance Presets 2ZenhiserTrance, Presets / Patches2013-09-24

"Sylenth Trance Presets 2" from Zenhiser is the second instalment of uplifting, driving and melodic trance presets designed exclusively for Lennar Digital's Sylenth synth. Crammed full of 100 fxp presets and one fxb bank this preset pack provides you with more flexibility than you could ever imagine. Now you have an arsenal of cutting edge trance sounds ready to be used in seconds and crafted to deliver maximum impact in all areas of your music productions. Arps - 15 Bass - 20 FX - 10 Keys - 15 Leads - 25 Pads - 15 1 MB • 101 x Lennar Digital Sylenth V2 or higher Prestes

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 - Glitch Hop Mayhem
Glitch Hop MayhemZenhiserGlitch Hop2013-09-17

Zenhiser is steppin' up in the Glitch Hop realm with another masterpiece that morphs genres, bpm's and styles. "Glitch Hop Mayhem" is packed full of basslines, drum beats, full loops, fx and synth loops, now that's friggin tasty! We've also decided to supply the glitch hop samples in various bpm's giving you the chance to choose the speed and style you want (105, 108,110 & 112bpm). Basslines - 60 Drum Beats - 180 Full Loops - 60 FX - 20 Synth Loops - 60 773 MB • 380 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit.

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 - Dubstep FX
Dubstep FXZenhiserDubstep2013-09-17

Dubstep has cemented itself in the EDM scene and we can't get enough of it here at Zenhiser. So we scratched our heads and tried to figure out what dubstep producers still want that we haven't covered yet and ……. voila, a banging pack of FX sounds designed exclusively for Dubstep! So one our producers went into lockdown and a few weeks later this little baby popped out of the studio, Dubstep FX. We say little but this Dubstep sample pack is absolutely huge, crammed full of nearly 200 dubstep fx sounds that will literally make your jaw drop. Atmosphere FX - 20 Lazer FX - 20 Loop FX - 20 One Shots - 29 Subs - 20 Sweep FX Down - 28 Sweep FX Up - 33 Synth Hits - 24 306 MB • 194 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit.

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 - Main Room Drum Tools
Main Room Drum ToolsZenhiserDrums2013-09-10

You can never have enough drum sounds and when they are as banging as these you know you are onto a winner. 'Main Room Drum Tools' is exactly as it say's, a drum sound collection designed for the more punchier sound of EDM. But what makes it so different you may ask, well these main room drum sounds are friggin awesome. We've compiled just about everything you need for your drum tracks and some more, 381 drum sounds, drum loops and fx to be exact, ready to slam through any speaker stack and blast your tracks to a whole new level! Feedback Loops - 11 FX - 26 FX Noise - 21 Hi Hats - 50 Kicks - 52 Misc Loops - 59 One Shots - 65 Rides - 12 Snares - 85 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Dubstep • Electro House • House • Instrumental • Progressive House • Rock / Pop • Tech House • Trance

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 - Epic Massive Presets
Epic Massive PresetsZenhiserPresets / Patches2013-09-03

It's finally happened, a preset pack that covers nearly all genres! 100+ NI Massive presets designed exclusively to fit as many genres a possible, plus doing it in such style and quality this could quite simply be the best Massive preset pack ever released. We don't often brag this much or call our catalogue epic here at Zenhiser but it's once in a blue moon that a preset pack so epic arrives that it's the name it deserves, honestly these massive presets are absolutely awesome. It doesn't matter if you produce Electro House, House, Minimal Tech, Chill Out, Disco, Progressive House, Dubstep, D&B, Breaks, Glitch Hop, Techno, Trance or even Funk this is the preset pack for you. Aprs / Motions - 6 Bass - 36 FX - 10 Leads - 23 Pads - 6 Synth / Keys - 20

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 - Trance Drums
Trance DrumsZenhiserTrance, Drums2013-08-27

Thought you had the right Trance drums, think again. Zenhiser is blasting it's way through with some of the most inspiring packs out there so just wait till you hear this monster! As it's name suggests is your one stop shop for everything drums, drum beats, kicks, hats, snares, claps, everything you need to either create amazing drum tracks. This sample pack really is the pinnacle of trance drum sounds, it's crammed full of kicks that drive and pop, hi hats that cut the frequencies in your mix perfectly, snares that slap hard and claps that really snap. The beats are friggin awesome as well, with 3 variations per beat, basic, full loop and no kick, giving you the perfect alternatives for your mixes. We've also made sure all the beats are 128bpm, perfect for today's Trance, Progressive House, Progressive Trance and much more. Drum Loops - 180 Kicks - 20 Hi Hats - 33 Claps - 30 Snares - 17 265 MB • 280 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Electro House • House • Progressive House • Rock / Pop

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 - Progressive House Hooks
Progressive House HooksZenhiserProgressive House2013-08-27

Supercharged from the word go 'Progressive House Hooks' is our most euphoric progressive house pack with drops like no other. Crammed full of 380 inspirational loops this sample pack is the key to melodic heaven. This sample pack really does rock and as the name suggests it is Progressive House Heaven, there is nothing like it out there. Crammed full of amazing hooks we reckon with this sample pack you won't be running out of ideas for a long long time, and as everything is separated into it's own folders you can choose just how much or as little you wish to use. Bass Loops - 60 Drum Loops - 180 Full Loops - 60 FX - 20 Synth Loops - 60 839 MB • 380 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in:

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 - Massive Main Room Presets
Massive Main Room PresetsZenhiserPresets / Patches2013-08-21

We don't like to blow our own trumpet here at Zenhiser but these Main Room presets are friggin amazing! It has taken a long long time to get these presets out but boy were they worth waiting for, 104 peak time monsters that will hone your production skills to a whole new level. Designed from the ground up these Main Room presets were crafted for one reason only, to drive your tracks, lift your sounds to new heights and blast their way through speaker stacks worldwide. Specifications: • Bass - 25 • FX - 12 • Leads - 36 • Pads - 11 • Sequences - 10 • Wobbles - 10 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Progressive House • Dubstep • Electro House • House • Trance

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 - Acid House Drum Sounds
Acid House Drum SoundsZenhiserHouse2013-08-13

Retro drum sounds are all the rage at the moment so what else could we do but bring you another storming collection of late 80's / 90's drum samples. Acid House Drum Sounds is much more than the name suggests, it covers mainly the UK Warehouse Rave scene from the late 80's Acid House phenomena through to the early 90's white dove epidemic which hit clubs and raves from London to Scotland. Comprising of over 330 drum sounds from the classic era this is a sample pack no producer should be without. Bass - 20 Claps & Snares - 55 Cymbals - 16 FX - 41 Hi Hats - 69 Kicks - 53 Percussion - 78 10 MB • 332 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Disco / Nu-Disco • Drum Hits • Electro House • Instrumental • Minimal • Progressive House • Rock / Pop • Tech House • Techno

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 - Kick Masters - Trance
Kick Masters - TranceZenhiserDrums2013-08-06

Zenhiser is back with the 4th instalment in the Kick Masters series and this time we're bringing big smiles to all the Trance producer. 200 perfectly crafted trance kicks with ultimate drive & clarity designed exclusively for genre's with a little more depth and power. These kick drum beauties are perfectly suited for Trance, Progressive Trance, Progressive House, Main Room, House, Electro House and even the tougher side of Techno. Whilst creating Kick Masters Trance we decided to break from the norm and morph between kick drum sounds over multiple takes, this means the kicks are more fluid and give extra options rather than every kick being completely different. Rest assured you're still getting a huge wealth of incredible Zenhiser kicks but it also means you can choose just how much depth, character and power you want from the different kick drum sounds. • 25 MB • 200 Kicks - Mono • 200 Kicks - Stereo • 400 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Electro House • House • Instrumental • Progressive House • Techno

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 - Movie Impacts
Movie ImpactsZenhiserSound FX2013-07-30

Zenhiser's back with another thought evoking collection of sound fx for Music, Film, TV & Games. This time we're delving into Movie Impact FX whist going deeper and further than ever before. Comprising of multiple sections, dedicated to specific impact fx this sample pack is a wealth of sonic perfection, with just over 490 perfectly crafted Movie Impact FX you will be amazed at just how big this fx collection is. Every fx sound has been designed from the ground up and delivers that high end quality you know & would expect from Zenhiser. Impact - Anticipation - 22 Impact - Broken - 16 Impact - Complex - 15 Impact - Deep Low - 68 Impact - Distort - 10 Impact - Experimental & Stutter - 25 Impact - Explosive - 31 Impact - FX - 20 Impact - Impact - 38 Impact - Metal - 35 Impact - Objects - 53 Impact - Out Of This World - 40 Impact - Robotic - 60 Impact - Scary - 5 Impact - Sci Fi - 30 Impact - Thud - 26 2.35GB • 494 x WAV 96 kHz, 24-bit.

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 - Massive Trance Presets
Massive Trance PresetsZenhiserTrance, Presets / Patches2013-07-23

We're back with probably the most anticipated NI Massive preset pack to date, it's been a long time waiting but here is 'Massive Trance Presets'. 100 of the most epic, fattest sounding, jaw dropping trance presets you have ever heard. Honestly this is one of the best preset packs we have ever created, it's got everything you could need for Trance, Progressive Trance, Progressive House, Electro House & Main Room House. Every sound is monumental in it's own right, this is synth heaven and will take your Native Instruments Massive synth to a level it's never been before. Bass - 20 FX - 15 Leads - 25 Pads - 20 Pluck - 20 * Other Genres that this package may be usefu l in: • Progressive House

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 - Complextro Electro Drummer
Complextro Electro DrummerZenhiserDrums2013-07-23

Zenhiser proudly presents the latest addition to our drum sound arsenal 'Complextro Electro Drummer'. 369 pulverising drum sounds, fx & drum fills to drive even the most comprehensive tracks. Designed and built to rock the biggest of club rooms Complextro Electro Drummer delivers the essentials tools to create floor pounding beats and chunky rhythms. With 9 sections including kick, snares, claps, fx and drum fills you'll never be short of killer drum sounds again, this is a monster drum pack! 79 MB • 369 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit. • Claps - 32 • Crashes - 14 • Drum Fills - 46 • Drum FX - 25 • Hi Hats - 59 • Kicks - 64 • Percussion - 62 • Rides - 31 • Snares - 36

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 - Progressive House Drummer 3
Progressive House Drummer 3ZenhiserDrums2013-07-18

With the success of Progressive House Drummer 1 & 2 we thought it would be a must to deliver one more drum sounds pack that would complete the collection. Progressive House Drummer 3 is crammed full of high end progressive house drum sounds designed exclusively for Zenhiser and mastered to absolute perfection. All the drum sounds are epic, larger than life and punchy. Totalling 340 brand new drum samples divided into folder types 'Progressive House Drummer 3' will deliver the ultimate tools to all Progressive House, House, Main Room House & Trance producers. With these drum beauties the drum beat world is your oyster, you will have unlimited access to some of the best drum sounds you've ever heard, they are simply astounding! Specifications Claps - 50 FX - 40 Hi Hats - 50 Kicks - 100 Percussion - 50 Snares - 50 * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Progressive House • Electro House • Pop / Rock

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 - Glitch Hop Junkie
Glitch Hop JunkieZenhiserGlitch Hop2013-07-09

Prepare to delve into the twisted world of Glitch Hop, venture through the absolute unknown and re-emerge with an enormous collection of Glitch Hop hooks from the unadulterated funk to the Glitch slap madness that is 'Glitch Hop Junkie'. We've absolutely crammed this pack with everything you need to glitch up your studio, funky ass basslines, choppy beats, tight snappy drum sounds, glitch manic fx and full on riser fx. Sounds great right, well it get's even better, 70 Glitchtastic bassline and synth presets are also included in the pack, ready to deliver Glitch Hop preset awesomeness. Now Glitch Hop Junkie becomes a series player for all you Glitch Hop, Glitch Step and Breaks producers. • 286 MB • WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit. • Massive V1.3 or higher • Basslines - 30 • Beats - 99 • Drum Sounds - 51 • FX & FX Loops - 30 • Riser FX - 20 • Bass Presets (NI Massive) - 50 • Synth Presets (NI Massive) - 20 * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Electro House • Sound FX • Presets / Patches

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 - Studio Essentials - Trapstep
Studio Essentials - TrapstepZenhiserHip-Hop2013-07-08

It was only a matter of time before Trap hit the Studio Essentials series and this one was worth waiting for. 450 samples and loops that have more swagger and sub smacking frequencies than you could ever need. Studio Essentials - Trapstep spans the whole Trap spectrum, from raw Trap through to the peak time Trapstep sound. We crammed the pack full of just about everything you need including 808 fuelled drum beats, serious basslines from thrashy dubstep style through to subby Trap rhythms, an impressive array of drum sounds, fx to raise any dance floor, hooky as hell synth loops and an FX kit full of screamers, horns and everything in between. Specifications: • 454 MB • Basslines - 50 • Drum Beats - 150 • Drums - Hi Hats - 17 • Drums - Kicks - 21 • Drums - Snares - 27 • Drums - Claps - 11 • Drums - Percussion - 10 • Drums - Cymbals - 11 • FX - 50 • FX Kit - 50 • Synth Loops - 50 * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • Electro House

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 - Underground Techno
Underground TechnoZenhiserTechno2013-07-08

Inspired by the techno sound from Berghain, Underground Techno takes you on the deepest, most raw Techno journey we have ever delivered. Packed full of the purist techno sounds these samples will blow your socks off. The sound is wide, really wide, the clarity perfect and the grooves dark & sublime, it's cutting through the current dance floor trends and will work seamlessly in your Specifications: • Basslines - 25 • Drum Beats - 66 • Drums - Kicks - 26 • Drums - Hi Hats - 25 • Drums - Claps & Snares - 20 Drums - Percussion - 47 Percussion Loops - 35 Synth Loops - 34 • Top Loops - 30 * Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House • Minimal