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Formed in 2006, Zenhiser is a leading sound design company based in the UK and Australia. Aiming to bring new and exciting sample libraries to consumers at affordable prices, the Zenhiser team is composed of a key group of sound designers, producers & remixers whose expertise in the music industry spans over 16 years. With a consistent audio production & remix schedule under their belt, they yield a firm understanding of what the customer needs and wants.

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 - Future House Drops
Future House DropsZenhiserHouse, Progressive House2015-03-25

Future House is pushing boundaries with it’s unique modern spin on House music, so we decided to release 60 of the most monumental Future House Drops. Expect to find a gritty driving beats, subtastic basslines, uber cool fx build ups, catchy synth lines and drops that will blow your mind. Every Drop within this Future House pack is truly impressive, the basslines and synth loops have been pushed to their maximum delivering some immersive edgy drops. You can be sure to find exactly what you need in this Future House pack, every drop is separated by sound with multiple beat variations, separate fx build ups, basslines and synth lines plus the all important Full Drop so you know exactly what you’ve got. With 3GB of Future House loops this Zenhiser pack is jammed full of the right beats, basslines, synths and fx for your latest tracks. This sample pack is suitable for a multitude of genres including House, Deep House, Bass House, Progressive House and EDM. “Future House Drops” is a very addictive pack with a comprehensive sound so if you’re looking for an extraordinary collection of Future House loops crafted in Zenhiser’s 100% top end quality and finish then grab this pack today. We will feed your Future House addiction! Specifications: • 60 Future House Drops - 540 loops (including beats, bass, fx, synth) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House

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 - Classic 80's Snares
Classic 80's SnaresZenhiserHouse, Drums2015-03-23

If you can’t get enough 80’s sounds then you in the right place, we’re huge fans of the electronic decade and it was only a matter of time before we had to create another dedicated pack of the 80’s. Focusing solely on 80’s snares we used all the techniques from back in the day to create a truly authentic collection including 200 highly processed snare sounds. Back in the day everyone needed a snare sound that was bigger and better than everyone else, Phil Collins used mixing desk talkback to lift his drum sounds, US 80’s rock / pop bands were saturating the hell out of their snares with insane amounts of reverb and UK acts were focusing on clever reverse reverb sounds to showcase their snares. Well we’ve used all these techniques to create a monster pack of 200 80’s snare sounds capturing the essential 80’s decade. This really is a snapshot of the authentic 80’s sound and was painstakingly created over weeks of trial and error in the studio. What we finished is truly remarkable and something you have never heard or seen before. This nostalgic collection of 80’s snares have all been mastered in 24 bit wav ensuring the highest quality for your future tracks. “Classic 80’s Snares” is full of warm reverb rich sounds, digital drum machine hits, snappy snares and monstrous clap snare combos. You should know by now that if you want 80’s samples Zenhiser is the outfit for you, so listen to the preview and get ready to grab the biggest 80’s snare collection ever released. Specifications: • 80’s Snares - 200 samples *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Progressive House • Tech House • Techno • Trance

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 - Classic Deep House Drum Hits
Classic Deep House Drum HitsZenhiserHouse, Drums2015-03-12

As Deep House takes the world by storm we decided to take a step back and trace the original root sound from the Deep. Focusing just on Deep House drum sounds we have delivered a groovy, truly Jackin’ drum hit array which sits perfectly in any Deep House track. Whether you’re producing a timeless classic or dirty Bass House monster, this inspiring sample library provides the drum tools needed to elevate your next track. This beautiful sexy collection of Deep House drums would suit multiple genres including Deep House, House, Bass House, Classic House and Garage. “Classic Deep House Drum Hits” brings 250 sublime drum sounds to the table, each drum type is foldered separately, designed in 24 bit wav awesomeness and meticulously crafted to ensure extreme sonic clarity. The abundance of choice within these hand crafted drum sounds is plain to see once you’ve purchased this Zenhiser pack, this is the optimum source of Deep House drum hits. Specifications: • Deep House Kicks - 60 • Deep House Hi Hats - 60 • Deep House Snares - 60 • Deep House Percussion - 70 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Minimal • Tech House

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 - Vital: Trance Kicks
Vital: Trance KicksZenhiserTrance, Drums2015-03-10

It’s time for our Vital series to get it’s hooks into the Trance scene and what better way to start than an assault of modern Trance kicks designed to supercharge your next track. Zenhiser has produced the perfect solution for all your kick drum needs with an array of kicks crafted for Big Room, Uplift and the various sub genres of Trance. 300 sharp edged, extreme attack kicks with perfect initial clicks and enough following punch to guarantee our kicks will never be lost in your mix. The kick drum is the foundation to any track, it’s the starting point to every production and can literally make or break a track, so why not give your productions the edge they deserve. These heavy hitting Trance kick drums are well rounded, sonically perfect bundles of bottom end thump. They are primed for the current club sound and usable in multitudes of genres. As with all our Vital series this sample pack is designed to do only one thing, and do do that bloody well, give your future tracks the kick drum quality they deserve. So if you want your drum tracks to be better than the rest grab Vital: Trance Kicks, it’s the treat your studio needs. Specifications: • Kicks - Big Room - 35 • Kicks - FX - 50 • Kicks - Long - 55 • Kicks - Medium - 75 • Kicks - Short - 40 • Kicks - Uplift - 45 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Progressive House

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 - Extreme D&B Drum Beats
Extreme D&B Drum BeatsZenhiserDrum & Bass, Dubstep2015-03-04

Tired of the same Drum & Bass beats, need something new that isn’t a re-hashed drum loop from the early 1990’s? Well, it’s time for the sample revolution, a chance to re-invent your D&B sound and administer new levels of drive. “Extreme D&B Drum Beats” was developed to deliver a new mindset of the Drum n Bass beat, a collection of technology fuelled drum loops with devastating power. Inside the sample pack you will find 100 drum beats with 4 variations of each, these alternate versions of the beat will ensure your tracks are seamless through breakdowns, drops and fill areas. They ensure not only that your latest track has the momentum and raw energy it needs but enough options to scope your sonic soundscapes with peaks, glide and drive. “Extreme D&B Drum Beats” are hard, heavy and in a class of their own. Using forward thinking techniques these DnB drum loops contain so much energised content they will push your drum tracks to a new realm sonic manipulation. This is a collection of beats you simply haven’t heard before, it’s exploration of a new territory in the DnB realm paying close attention to it’s intention of core tearing properties. In sharp contrast to influx of Drum n Bass samples these drum loops are designed to offer something different, something new and something truly exciting. So if you want to push your latest tracks limits to maximum elevation and drive then Extreme D&B Drum Beats will take you there. Specifications: Drum Beats 175bpm - 100 beats with 4 variations per beat (400 samples)

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 - Big EDM Stems
Big EDM StemsZenhiserProgressive House, Electro House2015-02-20

We’ve had so many requests for Stem packs that we had no choice but to lock one of producers in the studio and not let him out until he created some of the most incredible EDM tracks. Then we got him to split every sound into a stem, master the sh*t out of everything and hand over the goods. Only then was he allowed back into the light and we soon realised the potential of this masterpiece. “Big EDM Stems” is truly incredible, 254 stem parts creates 10 EDM kits of epic proportions. With every part ready to drop into an audio track you have access to 10 of the most influential sounding EDM tracks and monster drops. You can get immediate results with these stem parts, simply listen to the master mix sample, choose the parts you want to use and within minutes you’ve got the base to a monumental EDM track. All the EDM stems within this sample pack have been professionally created, recorded and mastered ensuring you receive some of the highest quality programming to use within your tracks. The options with this EDM stem pack are nearly endless, use the stems as supplied, loop your favourite parts, edit any part on the fly without messing around with the rest of the track or even chop, warp and use the parts to create something totally different to the original. This really is an EDM pack for every producer, it’s so good we wanted to use all the EDM stems in the one preview! Specifications: • Kit 1 128bpm G - 26 samples • Kit 2 128bpm D# - 28 samples • Kit 3 128bpm G - 30 samples • Kit 4 128bpm F - 23 samples • Kit 5 128bpm G - 27 samples • Kit 6 128bpm F - 23 samples • Kit 7 128bpm F - 21 samples • Kit 8 128bpm F - 23 samples • Kit 9 128bpm D - 27 samples • Kit 10 128bpm F - 26 samples

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 - Vital: Techno Percussion
Vital: Techno PercussionZenhiserTechno, Drums2015-02-17

Zenhiser’s Vital series is a collection of invaluable sample packs designed to cover one specific sound type for one genre only, it’s been our mantra at Zenhiser to deliver dedicated sample packs since 2005 so it’s been an absolute pleasure to get back in the studio and go back to basics. The first pack in the series has been crafted for Techno and dedicates itself exclusively to percussion sounds, 380 percussive sounds and loops in total. These hard to find percussion sounds include both one shots and percussive loops to suit both the dedicated programmer and producer looking for instant impact within their Techno tracks. 
 This truly authentic Techno collection has been professionally designed, crafted and mastered to ensure every single percussive hit and loop works as soon as it’s dropped into your track. Inspired by both the current and future sound of Techno these percussion sounds range from woody analogue hits to digital snaps. There is a multitude of frequencies covered in Vital: Techno Percussion ensuring we’ve covered you from subby low end punches to hi end shaker style hits. This really is a sound pack that takes you through a percussive journey into the Techno world of deep, driving rhythms. Specifications: • Percussion Sounds - 280
 • Percussive Loops - 100
 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Minimal • Tech House

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 - Zebra 2 Trance Presets
Zebra 2 Trance PresetsZenhiserTrance, Presets / Patches2015-02-12

After designing highly praised presets for multiple synths including Massive, Sylenth and Spire it was only a matter of time before U-he’s Zebra 2 synth got super charged with some incredible, new and exciting presets. “Zebra 2 Trance Presets” turns this synth into an absolute Trance monster, 100 dedicated presets covering a variety of styles for Trance including Arps, Bass Sounds, FX, Leads, Pads and Plucks. We’ve pushed the boundaries of sounds with these presets giving your tracks instant style and momentum within minutes. The unique, rich palette of Trance sounds is second to none, each preset is ready to use straight away, simply play your notes and you’re on your way to total club domination. Alternatively tweak any preset and you’ve got a cutting edge sound without any programming knowledge. We have paid particular emphasis to designing a bank of sounds that spans the Trance realm, there is utterly melodic synths, pounding basslines, driving leads, dark hooks, rushy pads, snappy fx and even EDM style power leads. Specifications: • Arps - 10 • Bass - 15 • FX - 10 • Leads - 25 • Pads - 20 • Plucks - 20

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 - Dark Techno FX2
Dark Techno FX2ZenhiserTechno, Sound FX2015-02-03

Zenhiser is proud to present the follow up to the highly successful Dark Techno FX. A truly authentic collection of Techno FX designed to inspire and improve your Techno track transitions plus final touches. These forward thinking fx cover a vast array of sounds and styles with abstract long fx through to sharp metallic hits. We also focused on a group of unusual vocal fx which will sit perfectly in todays modern Techno sound and sub genres. As usual every sample within the pack delves deep into sonic perfection whilst edging on the side on audio grit. Dark Techno FX 2 includes 350 sound fx whilst being split into three sections, short fx, long fx and vocal fx, this enables the end user to find precisely what they are looking for at optimum speed. Whether you feel the need to cut, chop, slice and mangle these Techno sound fx or use them straight out the box we are sure they will meet all your songs requirements. All the sounds within the pack have been crafted in industry standard 24bit wav and fed through a multitude of compressors, processors and fx to deliver this electric sound whilst attending to any Techno producers necessity. Dark Techno FX 2 is perfect accompaniment to our first sample pack, creating a very substantial sound fx library for producers of Techno, Tech House, Minimal & House. Specifications: • FX Long - 100 • FX Short - 200 • Voice FX - 50 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Minimal • Tech House

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 - 138bpm Trance
138bpm TranceZenhiserTrance, Drums2015-01-23

We’re back with a Trance wav pack that will absolutely blow your mind. Imagine gaining access to some of the best Trance hooks you’ve ever heard, then being told you can use any of them in your tracks! 1.5GB of brand new basslines, drum beats, fx, fx loops, synth shorts, synth loops and full loops. 13bpm Trance is any producers wet dream, it’s instant access to a catalogue of Trance sounds and loops that simply surpass anything you have heard before. The rich palette of sounds used within these loops is incredible, everything is looped perfectly with key and bpm information added to filenames where needed. This sample pack is ideal for any Trance producer creating tracks round the 138bpm mark, it’s powerful, driving and insanely melodic. 138bpm Trance was created to ensure we covered producers who like their tracks a little faster, classic and power fuelled. The kits included range from utter melodic heaven through to driving, synth heavy power packed loops. An extra array of Trance drum hits and fx sounds delivers a broader sample pack, this covers all eventualities when creating your tracks. This really is a monster of a pack and once you’ve heard the preview we believe you’ll be adding this Trance pack to your cart within seconds. Specifications: • Drums - Kicks 10 • Drums - Hi Hats - 15 • Drums - Claps - 10 • Drums - Snares - 10 • Drums - Percussion - 15 • FX - 70 Full Kits - 40 (includes basslines, beats, fx loops, synth loops, full loop - 317 loops) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Electro House • Progressive House

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 - Trap Vs Twerk 2
Trap Vs Twerk 2ZenhiserHip-Hop, Drums2015-01-14

It’s time for the follow up, bigger, badder and even more thumping, “Trap Vs Twerk 2” will blow your f*ckin socks off! With even more sub bass, acid infused top lines, monstrous stabs and intricate drum patterns this Trap sample pack is the perfect accompaniment to the first in our series. Everything you could possibly want is in this sound pack including sub punching basslines, banging beats, precise drum hits, crazy full loops, essential fx, punchy one shots and incredible synth loops. This truly is one epic sample library for Trap & Twerk producers alike. In detail you can expect to find just over 1.3 GB of 24 bit wav sounds and loops ranging from 70 - 160 bpm. 50 Basslines, 150 Drum Beats, 95 Drum Hits, 50 Full Loops, 39 FX, 69 One Shots & 100 Synth Loops. All the synth loops included in the Zenhiser pack are supplied in two formats, looped seamlessly & with fx trail. Every sample has been created and mastered for optimum sound performance, this ensures a reduction in your mixing time and an overall increase in your production sound. There’s no denying it both Trap & Twerk have dominated the music scene for a long time and cemented themselves in not only their own genres but also fusions with EDM, House, Drum & Bass, Bass House and more. Specifications: • Basslines - 50 • Drum Beats - 150 • Drums - Kicks - 16 • Drums - Hi Hats - 14 • Drums - Claps - 16 • Drums - Snares - 21 • Drums - Percussion - 28 • Full Loops - 50 • FX - 39 • One Shots - 69 • Synth Loops - 100

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 - Techno Drums 2
Techno Drums 2ZenhiserTechno, Drums2015-01-08

We’re back with the second instalment in the Techno Drums series. Covering the deeper, more underground sound of Techno these incredible Techno drum beats and drum sounds will elevate your drum tracks to a new state of awesomeness. Every drum sound within the pack has been designed, programmed and finely tuned to deliver the highest quality drums straight out the box. The kicks are warm and deep, hi hats tight and crisp, the snares sharp, the toms are full and percussion truly incredible. As with all Zenhiser packs we’ve made every part of the pack user friendly, each drum beat is available in multiple elements so you can use as much or as little of the drum loop as you wish. Each drum sound type can be found in it’s own folder and everything within Techno Drums 2 is supplied in 24bit wav. Zenhiser’s Techno Drums 2 is the perfect tool to add punch, warmth and distinctive rhythms to your Techno productions, either experiment with the finished drum beats or create your own percussive style with the included drum sounds, it’s totally up to you. Specifications: • Drum Beats - 240 • Kicks - 30 • Hi Hats - 15 • Snares - 15 • Percussion - 30 • Toms - 5 • Crashes - 5 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Minimal • Tech House

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 - EDM Worldwide
EDM WorldwideZenhiserProgressive House, Electro House2015-01-07

Reaching far and wide across the globe EDM has set it hooks in Earth’s clubbing scene. The sound and style has varied from continent to continent and with this in mind we decided to make a sample pack that takes different aspects from around the EDM globe and merges them into a melting pot of EDM heaven. This exciting collection of EDM sounds and loops has been designed to grab clubbers attention before dropping obliterating drops and ultra melodic hooks. Perfect for House, EDM, Progressive House, Big Room, Trance and even Electro House this really is a very diverse sample pack for the bangin’ EDM clubbing scene. In detail “EDM Worldwide” holds a tardis full of samples including basslines, drum beats, full loops, fx, synth loops and a bonus folder full of eclectic loops. It’s 702 samples strong with a combined size of just under 1GB. All sounds and loops are 24 bit wav, the bpm of all loops across the pack is 128 bpm so using samples together is a breeze. Plus we supply full loops so you can here exactly what everything sounds like together. Expect to find hook after hook in “EDM Worldwide” , this definitely will be your go to pack when looking for EDM inspiration. If you’re still unsure just turn your control speakers up loud and hit the play button, the preview will show you just how amazing this sound pack really is. Starting off truly melodic the preview will work it’s way to the darker, driving sound of EDM. Specifications: • Basslines - 84 • Drum Beats - 304 • Full Loops - 82 • FX - 22 • Misc / Bonus - 40 • Synth Loops - 170

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 - Oldskool House Chords
Oldskool House ChordsZenhiserHouse, Tech House2014-12-10

We’re delving back, way back into time when piano chords and organ stabs reigned supreme. The 90’s House scene from London to Chicago brought a charismatic sound that reverberated through clubs around the globe, The 90’s sound was driven by chords and most of the tracks melodic content was in these inspirational and fresh sounds. It was such a big part of the 90’s that we had to document it and not just with a few samples but a dedicated sound pack made entirely of these iconic chords and stabs. Comprising of 155 chord stabs “Oldskool House Chords” utilises the most popular chord structures of the time and uses synths that were the staple of the 90’s House sound. Included in the sound pack is piano chords, organ chords, dirty chords, string stabs, vibraphone hits and even marimbas. Each sound within “Oldskool House Chords” is supplied with multiple chord variations so simply mapping the samples to your keyboard will deliver the option of instant chord hooks without the knowledge of chord structures. Each sample also has the key information within the file name and every sound within the pack has been compressed and mastered to ensure uniform content across the sample range. This sample pack really is a must for the 90’s enthusiast but will also suit any producers who missed this iconic House sound the first time round. It’s a genre that has never gone out of fashion which means this sample pack is a very wise investment. So if you’re into the sweeter, more delicious side of House “Oldskool House Chords” really is the Zenhiser pack for you. Specifications: M1 Piano Chords - 10 Ac Piano Chords - 37 E-Piano - 42 M1 Organ - 10 Various Organs - 29 Vibraphone - 2 Bell - 1 Marimba - 3 Strings - 6 Dirty Chord - 15

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 - Spire Trance Presets
Spire Trance PresetsZenhiserTrance, Presets / Patches2014-12-04

One of the synths grabbing huge acclaim in the Trance production scene is Reveal Sound’s Spire Synth, it’s a monster at creating powerful synth sounds with incredible clarity. As with most synths the learning curve is a little steep and it takes a lot of man hour’s to create authentic, melodic sounds. So with this in mind we’ve crafted the most compelling collection of trance presets defined exclusively for the Spire synth. These presets will lift your virtual synth to a new level and supply an array of presets in traditional Zenhiser style. We’ve pushed the envelope with the programming here and delivered 100 Spire presets covering all the essential elements, bass, lead, pluck, pad, arp and fx. What really makes them different is the original sound construction, simply load either the individual presets or the bank file included and this synth pack with transform your Spire synth into a sound library no other Spire producer has. All the sounds are fresh, inspiring and just what your next track needs. We covered nearly all the sounds you’ll want for Trance, 138bpm Trance, Progressive Trance, Tech Trance, Classic Trance and all fusions with EDM, Electro House, Progressive House or even Mainroom Trap. This really is a blockbuster pack for all Spire enthusiasts so don’t dilly dally, grab ‘Spire Trance Presets’ from Zenhiser now for instant sonic gratification. Spire Trance Presets includes: • Bass - 20 • Leads - 25 • Plucks - 20 • Pads - 15 • Arps - 10 • FX - 10 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Progressive House

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 - Massive Trap Presets 2
Massive Trap Presets 2ZenhiserHip-Hop, Presets / Patches2014-12-03

We’re back with our second instalment into Trap presets for Native Instruments Massive Synth.... and this one’s an absolute monster! 100 unique Trap & Twerk sounds designed to assault your audio senses, ideal for any Urban genre including Trap, D&B, Twerk & Hip Hop. We’ve covered all the main sections of your Trap tracks within these presets including a ‘Sub’ section for those deeper 808 style sub sounds and other sonic possibilities you may not have heard before. The bass presets are simply monstrous, the leads as hooky and dirty as can be, the fx perfectly suited for Trap and plucky presets to finish this preset pack off to perfection. With Massive Trap Presets 2 we again focused on delivering the most high end Trap sounds possible so you have an instant array of new Trap & Twerk sounds that can be utilised in seconds. Nearly all the presets have macro controls so you can edit and manipulate the sounds on the fly, giving your tracks movement and momentum when they need it. So if Trap is your genre and NI Massive is your synth of choice then Zenhiser is the only place for the premium presets. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Electro House

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 - Psytrance Drums
Psytrance DrumsZenhiserTrance, Drums2014-11-18

It’s time to go back to basics here at Zenhiser, delve extensively into one part of Psytrance production and cover it well. “Psytrance Drums” is designed to deliver the maximum potential to your Psytrance drum tracks, with exceptional production and professional studio mastering these Psytrance drum loops will create rhythms and grooves in your future tracks you never thought possible. Using ultra sharp drum sounds these drum beats will keep your tracks filled for months to come and levitate your Psytrance to new levels. Every drum loop has been supplied at 145 bpm with three variations, the full drum loop, the drum loop without kick and a stripped down version with the kick. By delivering the Psytrance beats this way we give you the options for use in breakdowns, drops and fills between sections, it’s the way we’ve been delivering drum beats for nearly 9 years now and it works. Also included in the pack is an array of Psytrance drum hits all created in 24 bit wav and guaranteed to be brand new, never heard before drum sounds. The Psytrance kicks are super tight and punchy, hi hats tight as can be, the claps are fast and to the point plus the snares snappy with beautiful high end frequencies. “Psytrance Drums” would be an awesome pack with these drum beats and drum hits but we thought we would take it a little further and add a comprehensive collection of percussion hits plus some essential toms for the icing on the cake. So whether it’s Psytrance, Psy, Classic Goa or Psy Breaks you produce this sample pack has the flexibility to fit in with your tracks and inspire your musical productions from standard to chart topping. Psytrance Drums includes: Drum Loops - 240 Kicks - 14 Hi Hats - 27 Claps - 16 Snares - 19 Percussion - 65 Toms - 21

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 - Trance Synth Shots
Trance Synth ShotsZenhiserTrance2014-11-12

As our Trance catalogue evolves so does our style of packs which creates new opportunities for Trance producers and remixers. Our latest instalment is “Trance One Shots”, 270 primed, essential one shot sounds designed to re-shape your trance tracks in ways you never thought possible. By delivering our synth one shots in multiple options we believe we have created a Zenhiser pack that is an absolute must for all trance producers. These defining sounds include a broad range of bass one shots, synth chords sampled in various transitions, chord one shots for the ultimate stab library, lead synths in both long and short variations with bpm and fx included, an uber cool array of miscellaneous synth one shots for all those little spaces in your tracks that need something fresh and a few Trance presets designed exclusively for the preview, these include 7 Spire presets and 1 Sylenth preset. With Trance Synth Shots used in your tracks you can showcase both your skills and productions in all their Trance glory. Perfect for Progressive Trance, Melodic Trance, both 128 & 138bpm Trance, Progressive House and even EDM, honestly these synth one shots will fill the sample void you never knew you had. By experimenting with these awesome Trance synth shots you’ll create versatile tracks with added fullness, signature elements and consistent momentum. This really is the Zenhiser pack you need in your life so sit back, relax, and check out the preview. Trance Synth Shots includes: • Bass - 50 • Multi Chords - 50 • Single Chords - 40 • Leads - Long - 40 • Leads - Short - 40 • Synths - Misc - 50 • Presets Used In preview - Spire - 7 • Presets Used In preview - Sylenth - 1 Please Note: The preview contains drum beats and drum sounds for illustrative purposes only *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House

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 - Classic UK Garage Presets
Classic UK Garage PresetsZenhiserHouse, Presets / Patches2014-11-06

Taking it’s pride of place back in the 90’s, Classic UK Garage has been ripping through sound systems ever since. Known for rumbling basslines, beats that swing more than your local swingers club and sexy stabs to gel both the clubbers and music together, this is a sound true to the UK underground scene. Garage music has evolved through the years combing it’s talents with Deep House to create a new expression in the Garage evolution. Whether it’s Bass House or 2 Step we’ve got your sounds covered with “Classic UK Garage Presets”. Every Massive preset has been crafted from the ground up to deliver exactly the right timbre to fit the forward thinking Garage sound. We’ve concentrated mostly on NI Massive bass presets as the classic Garage sound revolves around speaker shuddering frequencies, then we’ve added some essential transition fx, some super tight leads, lush pads, essential poly sounds and stabs to die for. As always our focus has been on high quality sounds with supreme usability, this meant that each preset needed multiple macros to ensure quick sonic manipulation and ease of use. With every preset within Classic UK Garage Preset completed to match the Garage evolution we ensure this sound collection will be true for the Garage purist or talented purveyor of Bass House. Classic UK Garage Presets includes: • Basses - 43 • FX - 13 • Leads - 4 • Pads - 9 • Poly - 12 • Stabs - 19 Please Note: These presets will only work with Native Instruments Massive Synth Please Note: The preview contains drum beats for illustrative purposes only. You can find drum like these in UK Garage Drums

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 - Epic Trance Drops
Epic Trance DropsZenhiserTrance2014-10-29

‘Epic Trace Drops’ is the perfect mix of driving power drops and utterly euphoric melodies. 1.7 GB of finely polished hooks, melodies and drops means this Zenhiser pack will keep your tracks fresh and exciting for months to come. The Trance drops are separated in two folders 128bpm and 138bpm, giving you the choice of the two current Trance styles. Each drop contains a multitude of loops, the baseline, synth loop, synth loop cut to loop perfectly, an fx build up loop, 3 drum loop variations and the full loop to see how everything fits together. With all these separate elements you can use as much or as little of each drop, the choice is yours. Also included in the sample pack is a selection of top end drum sounds plus some extra fx to give your tracks that final polish. Every sample, sound and loop within ‘Epic Trance Drops’ is gorgeous, it’s a very refined palette of sounds with a high end finish, this makes the perfect sample pack to ensure your Trance tracks have the easiest chance of topping the charts. We’ve paid particular emphasis on not only mixing and mastering to the highest level but delivering Trance melodies and drops that are nothing short of beautiful. We’re shaping your Trance future so let Zenhiser take your tracks to epic proportions. Epic Trance Drops includes: Drops (128bpm) - 30 (238 loops) Drops (138bpm) - 20 (160 loops) Drum Sounds - Kicks - 9 Drum Sounds - Hi Hats - 21 Drum Sounds - Claps - 12 Drum Sounds - Snares - 34 Drum Sounds - Percussion - 24 FX - 50

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 - Electro Disco
Electro DiscoZenhiserDisco / Nu Disco2014-10-28

Blending elements of the current clubbing trend with 80’s fuelled synthesizers has created one of our most eclectic and sonic inspiring packs, “Electro Disco”. Laying it’s roots with the classic 80’s sound, Electro Disco takes synth programming to new heights, delivering never heard before hooks, basslines, instrument loops, drum beats, fx and an array of perfectly matched fx. Also included in the pack is a selection of loops using live guitars and percussion to deliver an added feel of authenticity to the Electro Disco sound. This Zenhiser pack was designed to supply a multitude of options and therefore we’ve created hooks in various bpm’s including 100, 112 & 122bpm. This ensures whatever sub style of Electro Disco you create there’s something to fit your tracks perfectly. Every element has been meticulously created, every sound crafted and engineered to perfection and every loop mastered to deliver optimum results, this means ‘Electro Disco’ is the 100% royalty free solution for House producers and Electro Disco sound enthusiasts. So if you’re looking for those warm analogue, retro sounds in an awesome selection of inspiring hooks then you’re at the right place. Electro Disco includes: • Basslines (100bpm) - 15 • Basslines (112bpm) - 15 • Basslines (122bpm) - 15 • Drums - Kicks - 20 • Drums - Hi Hats - 15 • Drums - Claps - 15 • Drums - Snares - 20 • Drums - Percussion - 5 • Drums - Rides - 5 • Drums - Crashes - 5 • Drum Loops (100bpm) - 60 • Drum Loops (112bpm) - 60 • Drum Loops (122bpm) - 60 • Full Loops (100bpm) - 15 • Full Loops (112bpm) - 15 • Full Loops (122bpm) - 15 FX - Falls - 10 • FX - Risers - 10 • FX - Various - 10 • Instrument Loops (100bpm) - 30 • Instrument Loops (112bpm) - 30 • Instrument Loops (122bpm) - 30 • Multi Sampled Instruments - Bass - 30 Multi Sampled • • Instruments - - Various - 40 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Tech House

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 - Techno Synth
Techno SynthZenhiserTechno, Tech House2014-10-14

Designed for gritty Techno producers around the globe, Techno Synth delivers a collection of raw and edgy techno synth loops and basslines to match. Masterfully produced using multiple textures and forward thinking sounds, this Techno sample pack fits perfectly in most Techno producers sample spectrum. Expect to find warm, clean sounds with multiple take flexibility, cut perfectly for instant use and delivered in 24bit luxury. The overall sound of Techno Synth is pretty heavy and dark, but compliments a multitude of sub styles including Tech House, Minimal and the deeper side of House. Created exclusively to ignite your Techno tracks, Techno Synth combines both pumping basslines with mind altering synth loops to supply the end user with 100 fresh hooks ready to use right out of the digital box. Perfect for Techno producers of all levels including those who want a quick start to their next track or even the top end producer suffering from the gruesome writers block! Techno Synth includes: Basslines - 103 Full Loops - 101 Synth Loops - 207

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 - EDM Drums V2
EDM Drums V2ZenhiserProgressive House, Drums2014-10-08

Think you can handle the follow up? It’s finally here and we are super proud to present “EDM Drums V2” featuring an obliterating array of EDM drum hits and drum loops. These EDM drums are of epic proportions and deliver enough drive and punch to push your latest EDM tracks to new heights of devastation. Inspiration for this pack has been taken from the current scene, it epitomises the power and slamming attack that EDM drums need. Designed from the ground up this really is the king of EDM drum hits, it’s packed with everything from punchy kicks to head piercing snares, includes an awesome selection of percussion and snare drum rolls to deliver extreme drops, plus a detailed drum loop library with multiple passes of each drum loops, this ensures there’s something for breakdowns, transitions, power driving parts and the option to use as much or as little of the drum loop as you wish. All these Zenhiser samples are suited to not just EDM but also Trance, Progressive House, Dubstep, House even Techno if you’re on the harder side of the genre. Don’t miss out on an amazing EDM drum collection, grab your copy today! EDM Drums V2 includes: • Drum Loops - 21 • Kicks - 25 • Hi Hats - 25 • Claps - 25 • Snares - 25 Percussion - 50 • Snare Drum Rolls - 25 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Trance

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 - Techno Drums
Techno DrumsZenhiserTechno, Drums2014-09-30

Drawing on the years of Techno progression and development this raw collection of Techno drum beats and drum sounds has evolved into an organic, stylish drum library of limitless proportions. Covering all the current styles of Techno, “Techno Drums” is an in depth collection of 100% royalty free drums available in 24 Bit Wav. Taking it’s roots from the darker, late night sound that reverberates underground clubs worldwide Techno Drums is the definitive drum hit and drum beat collection for after dark masters. The Techno sound from it’s infancy was based around the groove of the track, it’s the rhythm that controls the crowd, moves the dance floor and turns clubbers into a moving wave of unison. With this in mind we decided to create a sample pack dedicated to just that monumental movement. We’ve created a huge amount of Techno drum loops and impact drum sounds within this Techno pack to do just this. Either drop in one of our pre made beats into your track or construct something inspiring with the included Techno drum hits, whichever way we are going to lift your Techno productions to a new level. So whenever your inspiration is lack luster or you’re just figuring out the starting block for your next Techno chart topper, simply grab your copy of Techno Drums for instant rhythm inspiration and immediate Techno gratification. Techno Drums includes: Drum Beats - 240 Kicks - 20 hi Hats - 42 Claps - 20 Snares - 20 Percussion - 37 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Minimal • Tech House

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 - Sexy Deep House Drums
Sexy Deep House DrumsZenhiserHouse, Drums2014-09-23

It’s time to get your drums deep, really deep and Zenhiser is here to shine the light. With an incredible collection lush Deep House drum loops and crisp authentic drum sounds ‘Sexy Deep House Drums’ has all the warmth and character you could possibly need. Each drum loop within the Zenhiser pack balances retro flair with creative patterns, and is supplied in various options including full beat, without kick, stripped down with kick and stripped down without kick. With just the right frequency response in each loop, the exact amount of swing, the perfect balance of authentic deep house drum sounds and forward thinking patterns to deliver something new, exciting and fresh makes this sample pack that cut above the rest. On top of that we’ve supplied a new array of pristine and downright sexy drum sounds to complete the sound pack. As with all Zenhiser samples the amount of time, dedication and focus within this pack creates the most usable samples for producers and remixers alike. The Deep House drum beats and drum sounds give you the tools to ignite unparalleled creativity and evolve your future music into something inspirational. Sexy Deep House Drums includes: Drum Loops - 240 Kicks - 30 Hi Hats - 20 Snares - 20 Percussion - 30 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Minimal • Tech House

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 - Trance Drums 2
Trance Drums 2ZenhiserTrance, Drums2014-09-19

We’re back with the 2nd instalment of trance drums and it’s an absolute beauty. Delving deeper into the sub genres associated with Trance, these drum sounds and drum loops are the pinnacle of Euphoric Trance, 138bpm Trance, Progressive Trance, Tech Trance and also blur the line between Trance and EDM. Designed to give optimum solutions we made sure the Trance drum loops in the pack were delivered in 128bpm and 138bpm, all drum sounds were foldered by type and everything was delivered in 24bit clarity. We’ve included everything in Trance Drums 2 for floor pounding drums, euphoric drum clarity, booming kicks and tight tech loops. 135 drum beats at 128bpm, 45 drum beats at 138bpm and 85 incredible drum sounds. Boasting Zenhiser’s distinctive Trance style and trademark sound you can be assured these signature drum elements will become a staple in your Trance drum library. All the sounds in Trance Drums 2 are 100% royalty free. Once purchased and downloaded you can use these samples in your music releases and remixes, with no restrictions. Trance Drums 2 includes: Drum Beats (128bpm) - 135 Drum Beats (138bpm) - 45 Kicks - 15 Hi Hats - 20 Claps - 20 Snares - 10 Percussion - 35

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 - Strictly Deep
Strictly DeepZenhiserHouse, Techno2014-09-18

Delving deep and downright sexy into a melting pot of Tech House, Deep House & Techno, “Strictly Deep” is the calling for all current stylish producers. Jacked full of inspiring basslines, beats, drum sounds, percussion loops, synth loops, top loops and full loops means this Zenhiser pack is truly versatile for a multitude of styles. It’s packed full of lush synth lines, punchy basslines and tight drum loops, with every element separated plus full loops to show you exactly how good the combinations can sound. This is the complete package for producers looking for something fresh, new and forward thinking. Don’t think of this pack as your stock sounds and loops, it’s pushed the boundaries too far creating an array of studio tools that is simply orgasmic on the ears. As with all our Zenhiser packs we’ve spent a lot of time not only making some truly inspiring sounds and loops but also focused on what is the most usable sounds for producers. So check out the preview and let the deep sounds do the talking! Strictly Deep includes: Basslines - 52 Drum Beats - 100 Drums - Kicks - 25 Drums - Hi Hats -43 Drums - Claps - 21 Drums - Snares - 27 Drums - Percussion - 56 Full Loops - 52 Musical Loops - 51 Percussion Loops - 50 Synth Loops - 50 Top Loops - 53 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Minimal • Tech House

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 - Huge Zebra 2 Presets
Huge Zebra 2 PresetsZenhiserProgressive House, Presets / Patches2014-09-02

Huge Zebra 2 Presets is our first sound bank for U-he’s Zebra 2 synth, it’s designed for the current EDM scene but caters for nearly all genres of dance music. Delivering punchy, clearly detailed sounds with extreme presence these presets will transform your Zebra 2 synth into a sonic fuelled monster. The bank contains a multitude of styles including Leads, Plucks, Chords, Pads, Poly, Bass & Sequences. Every preset was designed from the ground up and balances both drive and clarity to create an incredible sound palette. We are very proud of this preset collection, it’s true to the sound of Zebra 2 but gives a new sonic platform and extra life into a powerful synth. These 100 presets are perfect for all styles including House, EDM, Progressive House, Trance, Techno, Electro House, Dubstep and more. Huge Zebra 2 Presets includes: Zebra 2 Presets - 100 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • House • Tech House • Techno • Trance

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 - Futuristic Glitch
Futuristic GlitchZenhiserBreaks, Glitch Hop2014-08-26

Futuristic Glitch is a sonic journey mixing experimental Glitch patterns with futuristic robotic sounds. This inspiring match gives birth to intricate tripped out glitch loops of breath taking proportions. Split of over two tempos, 85bpm & 100bpm this futuristic sound library lends itself to a multitude of genres. The complexity of these glitch loops is astounding, with intricate patterns using modern robotic sci fi sounds the end result is Glitch loops that will simply blow you away. Every loop has been meticulously crafted with a clarity to shine in any future track. This really is a must have pack for all Glitch producers, it’s that something you’ve been searching for inject a fresh, new style in your Glitch fuelled tracks. Simply drop a loop in your track and watch it turn into a futuristic sci fi sonic master. Futuristic Glitch includes: Basslines 85bpm - 30 Basslines 100bpm - 30 Drum Beats 85bpm - 90 Drum Beats 100bpm - 90 Glitch Loops 85bpm - 100 Glitch Loops 100bpm - 100 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass

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 - Xtreme Dubstep Variations
Xtreme Dubstep VariationsZenhiserBreaks, Dubstep2014-08-20

‘Xtreme Dubstep Variations’ delivers something fresh and exciting for all you Dubstep freaks. Comprised of power driven hooks and supercharged one shot samples this pack concentrates on particular sounds and creates multiple options by stripping down elements to the bare bones. It’s a wealth of dirty basses, punchy beats and screaming synths. ‘Xtreme Dubstep Variations’ brings you an ultra rare sound collection of epic proportions, these must have 348 Dubstep sounds are designed for aspiring producers and seasoned professionals alike. With the elements delivered by separation you can use them as you wish, in total, or twist, warp, chop and mix till your heart is content. ‘Xtreme Dubstep Variations’ really is a hands on pack, it’s an exciting sound palette designed to inspire producers and lift their musical game. ‘Xtreme Dubstep Variations’ includes: Bass Hits - 54 Basslines - 49 Drum Loops - 71 Drums - Kicks - 25 Drums - Hi Hats - 10 Drums - Claps - 25 Drums - Snares - 15 Drums - Toms - 5 Drums - Rides - 6 Drums - Crashes - 10 FX & Stabs - 22 Synth Loops - 56

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 - Trap Sessions
Trap SessionsZenhiserHip-Hop, Drums2014-08-12

‘Trap Sessions’ is the first line in assault style Trap beats, comprising of 500 stunning Trap sounds, loops, beats and fx. Designed to be a complete Trap toolbox these Zenhiser samples will keep your Trap tracks fuelled and ready to hit the charts for months on end. ‘Trap Sessions’ was designed with Trap producers in mind but most of these samples will feel right at home whether you produce Hip Hop, Trapstep or any urban flavour. With over 530mb of sonic power ‘Trap Sessions’ is the essential tool for Trap producers, all relevant samples have bpm and key information in the filename for ease of use and the quality of these Trap sounds are second to none. It’s just a matter of hitting the preview button to hear how these Trap sounds sit above the rest. ‘Trap Sessions’ includes everything you’ll need whether a seasoned professional or just starting off in the Trap scene, basslines, beats, drum sounds, drum loops, fx, fox fx, synth hits, synth loops and of course full loops. This truly is a monster of a pack. ‘Trap Sessions’ includes: Basslines - 50 Drum Beats - 150 Drums - Kicks - 17 Drums - Hi Hats - 18 Drums - Claps - 9 Drums - Snares - 21 Drums - Percussion - 23 Drums - Crashes - 12 Full Loops - 50 FX Hits - 26 FX Shots - 41 FX Vox - 12 Synth Hits - 21 Synth Loops - 50

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 - Epic Massive Presets 2
Epic Massive Presets 2ZenhiserElectro House, Presets / Patches2014-08-05

It’s time again to supercharge your Massive synth with another awesome collection of presets designed exclusively by Zenhiser. Just like the first pack in the series ‘Epic Massive Presets 2’ covers nearly all the key genres in dance music, House, Techno, Minimal, Tech House, EDM, Trance, Progressive House, Drum & Bass, Chilled, Funk and anything in between. This Massive preset pack is truly innovative, not only does it have an array of synth sounds you haven’t used or heard before but also the inclusion of essential macro controls makes controlling these preset sounds an absolute breeze. ‘Epic Massive Presets 2’ is the complete collection of Massive presets any producer must have, it will become the epicentre of your studio sounds. And if you’re a fan of the first pack you’re truly gonna love ‘Epic Massive Presets 2’. ‘Epic Massive Presets 2’ includes: Arps / Motions - 6 Bass - 37 FX - 10 Leads - 23 Pads - 7 Synth / Keys - 20 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Dubstep • Funk / Soul / R&B • Tech House • Techno

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 - Classic House Drum Sounds
Classic House Drum SoundsZenhiserHouse, Drums2014-07-31

We knew it was only a matter of time before we received a huge amount of requests for Classic 90’s House drum sounds, and with our love for everything retro we knew it would sit perfectly in the Zenhiser catalogue. Consisting of all the elements anyone needs to create authentic 90’s drums ‘Classic House Drum Sounds’ weaves it’s way through Jackin’ 90’s House, Piano House, 90’s Techno, Italo House, the early UK Garage sound and just about everything in between. The drum sounds within ‘Classic House Drum Sounds’ sound truly authentic, there’s no crystal digital drums, instead a little dirt, some sharp frequencies and the odd vinyl crackle which makes these vintage drum sounds refreshingly iconic. Included in the sound pack are hi hats, kicks, percussion, snares and misc sounds including vinyl crackle and vocal stabs. To finish the classic house drum pack off we also included ‘Instruments’, a select collection of oldskool chord stabs and instrumental one shots. ‘Classic House Drum Sounds’ includes: Hi Hats - 60 Instruments - 27 Kicks - 64 Misc - 20 Percussion - 35 Snares - 61

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 - Sci Fi FX
Sci Fi FXZenhiserDubstep, Sound FX2014-07-30

Welcome to Zenhiser’s “Sci Fi FX” sound library, one of the most in depth sound effects library we have created which fits perfectly along side our Transformer FX, Movie Impacts & Movie Stabs sound packs. Inspired by some of Hollywood’s biggest Sci Fi blockbusters, Sci Fi FX takes audio drive and sound manipulation to a whole new level. We covered the main elements for both Music Producers and Movie / Game creators which means “Sci Fi FX” sounds contain 96 khz wav clarity for optimum performance and unrivalled original sounds for aural gratification. Crafted entirely from scratch these FX sounds will absolutely blow you away, dark, mysterious, futuristic and downright incredible. Trust us when we say this is the SFX pack everyone needs. ‘Sci Fi FX’ includes: Atmospheres - 15 Boom FX - 40 Dark FX - 14 Engine FX - 11 Glitch FX - 13 Explosion FX - 20 Impact FX - 125 Metal FX - 59 RiseFX -26 Servos Stutter FX - 34 Stinger FX - 74 Swoosh & Scrape FX - 40 Whoosh FX - 94 Wobble FX - 42

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 - Melodic Trance Midi
Melodic Trance MidiZenhiserTrance, MIDI2014-07-29

‘Melodic Trance Midi’ is the ultimate blend of melodic trance and euphoric sounds creating a plethora of truly stylish hooks. This detailed and diverse sound pack delivers multiple options and ideas to both develop and hone your trance skills. Consisting of multiple parts ‘Melodic Trance Midi’ gives you full trance hooks, then separates them into their individual parts. Not only have we supplied the lead loops with alternate versions for fx trails but everything within this sample pack also includes midi parts, this is a huge leap forward for programming variations, now you can delve into the parts, change notes, amend arrangements and turn every part of ‘Melodic Trance Midi’ into your own clubbing anthem. Inside the pack you’ll find Trance basslines, leads, synth loops and of course the full loops. This truly is an essential trance sound and midi pack, we recommend it for all levels of producers, and as with all Zenhiser sample packs the level of programming, mixing and mastering is second to none. ‘Melodic Trance Midi’ includes: Basslines - Audio - 50 Basslines - Midi - 50 Full Loops - Audio - 50 Leads - Audio - 100 Leads - Midi - 50 Synths - Audio - 50 Synths - Midi - 50 Please note: The preview contains drum beats for illustrative purposes only

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 - Trapstep Warrior 2
Trapstep Warrior 2ZenhiserDubstep, Hip-Hop2014-07-15

Zenhiser’s back with the eagerly awaited follow up to Trapstep Warrior. This second instalment in the series delivers all the tools you need to create chart topping Trapstep tracks. This Trap sound archive is the ultimate toolbox for crafting bangin’ underground tracks that will reverberate dance floors worldwide. We’ve kept everything true to form with all Trap sounds separated by type, key and bpm tagged where applicable and with full loops included you know exactly how everything fits together. Trapstep Warrior 2 delves deep into the underground Trapstep sound, it’s bulging full of hooks and just needs your creativity to finish tracks off. You can use as much or as little in your productions, we supplied all the tools ready to use, the fun part is up to you! ‘Trapstep Warrior 2’ includes: Basslines - 50 Drum Beats - 150 Drums - Kicks - 40 Drums - Hi Hats - 10 Drums - Claps - 30 Drums - Percussion - 10 Drums - Crashes - 10 Full Hooks - 50 FX - 100 Synth Loops - 50

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 - Peak Time Massive Presets
Peak Time Massive PresetsZenhiserProgressive House, Presets / Patches2014-07-08

We make some seriously hot presets here at Zenhiser and this month we’ve crafted something really special for you, 100 presets designed exclusively for deep, driving and banging club tracks. Like it’s predecessors, this incredible preset pack is jammed packed full of serious bass sounds, anthemic pads, pushy leads, authentic fx, melodic plucks, driving stabs and more. All presets have additional macro controls meaning you get to affect, warp and filter the presets without any synth programming knowledge. Every preset within ‘Peak Time Massive Presets’ has been designed from scratch and crafted exclusively for the more driven clubbing genres including Progressive House, EDM, Trance, Electro House, Complextro, Dubstep and others. For ease of use all the relevant presets are grouped together so you can find what sound you need in an instant. Peak Time Massive Presets includes: Leads - 26 Pads - 10 Stabs - 25 Rhythmic FX - 06 Bass - 10 FX - 7 Arps - 10 Plucks - 03 Kicks - 03 Please note: The preview includes drum beats for illustrative purposes only

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 - Epic Drum Rolls & Fills
Epic Drum Rolls & FillsZenhiserProgressive House, Drums2014-07-01

The key to anticipation, drive and euphoric rushes in your EDM tracks is the build up. It should take you a higher level of appreciation and turn clubbers into field of pulsating stompers. The uplifting drum intension, filter swept snares and rise of sfx makes this part of your track so important, the right drum roll, drum fill and sometimes upriser can turn a track from great to truly epic. ‘Epic Drum Rolls & Fills’ does exactly what it says, supplies an array of edm drum rolls and drum fills to epic proportions. Designed exclusively for EDM, House, Trance, Electro House, Progressive House and all the sub genres of dance this Zenhiser pack delivers exactly what you need in precession perfect quality. As with all Zenhiser packs we like to be a little ahead of the curve so to keep in tradition with our other drum rolls and drum fills packs we’ve supplied everything by size for ease of use. Xtra Small Drum Rolls in 05. - 1 bar long, Small Drum Rolls in 2 bars length, Medium in 4 bars and Large in 8 - 16 bar long samples. This makes it so much easier for browsing Zenhiser drum rolls, you can choose the right roll for the right place within your track in seconds. ‘Epic Drum Rolls & Fills’ includes: Xtra Small Drum Rolls - 40 Small Drum Rolls - 60 Medium Drum Rolls - 50 Large Drum Rolls - 25 FX Shots & Percussions - 100 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • House • Instrumental • Techno • Trance

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 - Dirty Dubstep Drums
Dirty Dubstep DrumsZenhiserDubstep, Drums2014-06-27

Zenhiser is proud to present a new avenue of Dubstep beats and drum sounds, ‘Dirty Dubstep Drums’ delves deep and dark into the dubstep realm whilst delivering power and drive. The core of the pack is the 60 supercharged drum beats all with multiple variations including kick free versions delivering 180 super fast options to your Dubstep drum tracks. T he signature sound of ‘Dirty Dubstep Drums’ reflects the underground sound of the masses into irresistible grooves an d creates cone crushing beats to spice up any track. Also included is a multitude of Dubstep drum sounds for the forward thinking Dubstep enthusiasts, intense kicks, mind bending snares, complex percussion and frequency cutting hi hats. You can expect to find all the beats in this Zenhiser pack in bpm order (135 - 160 bpm), foldered by type and mastered to absolute driving perfection. Everything you need for top end Dubstep drums is included in ‘Dirty Dubstep Drums’, it’s the ultimate producers mixing pot for straight out the box beats or Dubstep groove creation tools. ‘Dirty Dubstep Drums’ includes: Drum Beats - 180 Drums - Crashes - 5 Drums - Hi Hats - 20 Drums - Kicks - 20 Drums - Percussion - 25 Drums - Rides - 10 Drums - Snares - 19

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 - EDM Banger Drops
EDM Banger DropsZenhiserProgressive House, Electro House2014-06-27

As the name suggests the EDM drops in this pack are absolute huge and bang like a monster. Every melodic part is separated so you can use the full bass drop or as much or as little as you wish, now that’s usability! We’ve also included essential EDM drum sounds including kicks, claps, percussion and hi hats for a more user friendly pack plus a tasty selection of fx to add the icing to the EDM cake. This is a true EDM weapon, packed full of nearly 2GB of the latest EDM sounds. “EDM Banger Drops” is designed to deliver peak time madness, make your tracks stand out above the rest and above all, devastate dance floors around the globe. It’s packed full of turbocharged EDM sounds that will shine in any top producers set. This is the Zenhiser pack for chart topping potential, it’s where you’ll go for up front and dirty drops and it delves deeper into EDM than you’ve ever been before. ‘EDM Banger Drops’ includes: Drums - Kicks - 50 Drums - Claps - 25 Drums - Percussion - 15 Drums - Hi Hats - 10 FX - 50 Bass Drops - 50 (Includes Full Bass Drops, Basslines Filtered, Uprisers, Drum Beats) - 346

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 - Progressive House Drums
Progressive House DrumsZenhiserProgressive House, Drums2014-06-17

The back bone to any EDM track is the drums, they need to be floor pounding, eq’d and compressed to perfection with just enough swing to give chart topping appeal. “Progressive House Drums” delivers all plus much more, not only does this Zenhiser pack include 60 drum beats with multiple variations totalling 180 progressive house drum beats but also a wealth of solid drum sounds including essential kicks, huge percussions and confident claps. These Progressive House drum sounds and drum beats are as fresh as they get, they have that distinctive Zenhiser sound and fit well ahead of the curve. Every producer needs a new, fresh collection of drums to punch new life into their tracks and today, this is the sample pack will do it. Inspired by the future sound of EDM and Progressive House these drum sounds will not disappoint. Simply load the beats into audio tracks or the drum sounds to your sampler and let the samples do the work for you. ‘Progressive House Drums’ includes: Drum Beats - 180 Drums - Kicks - 10 Drums - Percussion - 80 Drums - Claps - 10 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • House • Instrumental • Rock / Pop • Trance

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 - Massive Psytrance Presets 2
Massive Psytrance Presets 2ZenhiserTrance, Presets / Patches2014-06-10

It was only a matter of time before the office got inundated with requests for more Psytrance presets, could we refuse ....... hell no!!! After a few months back in the studio our favourite Psytrance producer emerged with what is probably the most detailed, crystal clear and truly awesome psytrance presets ever heard. Totalling 105 broad spectrum NI Massive presets this Zenhiser pack delves deep into the Psytrance sound and delivers a soundest that turns your Massive synth into a true Psytrance monster! To put it simply, Massive Psytrance Presets 2 will take your future psy tracks to a whole new level, it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for the latest Psytrance sounds or something to cover the classic Goa era, “Massive Psytrance Presets 2” has it all. Massive Psytrance Presets 2 includes: Bass - 11 Drums - 12 Leads - 14 Pads - 11 Sequences - 16 FX - 14 Stabs - 12 Sweeps - 15 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Instrumental • Progressive House

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 - Trap Vs Twerk
Trap Vs TwerkZenhiserHip-Hop2014-06-03

It doesn’t get any bigger than this, “Trap Vs Twerk” is an absolute monster bringing you ear damaging hooks, speaker destroying basslines, 808 style beats and some of the tightest one shots you’ve ever heard. There’s also killer fx, crisp as f*ck drums and super addictive synth loops. “Trap Vs Twerk” has everything you need to create the real Trap & Twerk sound, it’s over 1GB in size and gives you creative control from the ground up. We didn’t make a sample pack that sounds like famous producers we made a Trap & Twerk pack that had all original sounds, melodies, basslines and beats. ‘Trap Vs Twerk’ includes: Basslines - 50 Drum Beats - 149 Drums - Kicks - 21 Drums - Hi Hats - 8 Drums - Claps - 24 Drums - Snares - 20 Drums - Percussion - 34 Full Loops - 50 FX - 50 One Shots - 50 Synth Loops - 98

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 - Essential EDM
Essential EDMZenhiserProgressive House, Drums2014-05-27

We’re back with another EDM monster delivering the biggest and badest EDM Drops, EDM Melodies and everything in between. With just over 1.2GB of brand new uber melodic hooks, banging bass drops and all the EDM drum sounds you could ever need this EDM pack is at the forefront of the current EDM sound. As with all our new EDM Bass Drop and Melodic Hook packs we have created such detailed sample extracted parts that you can use as much or as little as you wish. Every element is separated so you have a choice of drum beats, risers, basslines, bass drops, melodic loops or synth loops, everything is there for the the taking. It’s the ultimate festival weapon, a plethora of EDM bass drops that have so much punch and drive plus EDM melodic heaven for all those monumental breakdowns. ‘Essential EDM’ includes: Drums - Kicks - 50 Drums - Hi Hats - 20 Drums - Claps - 20 Drums - Snares - 10 Drums - Rides - 20 Drums - Percussion - 30 Bass Drops (Includes Basslines, Beats, Uprisers, Filter’d & Full Drops) - 166 Melodic Hooks (Includes Basslines, Beats, Synth Loops & Full Loops) - 125

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 - Future Trap Hooks
Future Trap HooksZenhiserHip-Hop, Glitch Hop2014-05-20

As the Trap scene evolves, new sub genres develop creating new divides and an ecletic sound of their own, one of those uber cool arms of Trap is Future Trap. This diverse sound grabs the essential elements of Trap and adds melodic, authentic and even romantic melodies. It’s a blissful, fresh new branch on the Trap tree and we’re loving it! ‘Future Trap Hooks’ grabs all these elements and morphs them into a melting pot of brand new, exciting Trap melodies that summarises the Future Trap scene perfectly. Instead of going harder and darker Future Trap saturates it’s tracks with popular synths and takes it’s listeners on a truly music ride. Crammed full of everything you need to distinguish yourself from the rest ‘Future Trap Hooks’ bursts at the seams with over 500 Trap samples and loops. We pushed the boundary with this Zenhiser pack, giving it a very distinctive sound and an array of melodies that should push your tracks to the top of the Trap charts. ‘Future Trap Hooks’ includes: Basslines - 58 Drum Beats - 223 Full Loops - 58 FX - Falls - 10 FX - Risers - 10 Snare Rolls - 10 FX - Sucker - 10 Synth Loops - 116 Vocal Loops - 10 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in; • Breaks • Funk / Soul / R&B • House • Minimal • Sound FX

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 - UK Garage Drums
UK Garage DrumsZenhiserHouse, Drums2014-05-13

Garage is the sound of now and what makes it most identifiable is it’s drum beats, they swing like a mad man and thump with their own eclectic craziness. The hats are nasty, claps snap like a mule and once combined make sure even the least energetic people have to get up and dance. ‘UK Garage Drums’ encompasses all the authentic elements from the Garage music scene and deliver 24 bit luxury drum beats that no Garage, Bass House, House or even Deep House producer should be without. ‘UK Garage Drums’ contains legendary drum loops with that London street attitude and swagger, it’s the evolutionary place where Garage was raised and we’ve captured that classic urban sound. 30 drum beats with 172 loops makes up the beat section giving multiple takes of the same beat, with kick, without kick, broken down and the essential driver, this is a serious part of the garage pack but there’s much more, 123 drum sounds, all classic, all 100% guaranteed Garage! ‘UK Garage Drums’ includes: Drum Beats - 172 Kicks - 25 Hi Hats - 39 Claps - 17 Snares - 25 Percussion - 17

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 - Blissed Out Deep House 2
Blissed Out Deep House 2ZenhiserHouse, Tech House2014-05-07

Zenhiser is proud to announce the follow up to the incredibly successful ‘Blissed Out Deep House’. Once again abound with authentic groove loops this Deep House sample pack is tailored precisely for the deep house sound of today. ‘Blissed Out Deep House 2’ is bursting full of deep house basslines, aesthetic organs, smokin’ pianos, advanced drum beats and of course some dreamy fx. Everything is super easy to use with samples expertly cut, bpm and key information within the filename plus all corresponding loop numbers working perfectly, so you can trust bassline 006 is going to work with beat 006 and chord 006 straight out the box. ‘Blissed Out Deep House 2’ moves deeper into the realms of house music with beautifully constructed loops meticulously crafted to create a multitude of Deep House tracks. ‘Blissed Out Deep House 2’ includes: Beats - 244 FX - 20 Grooves (Includes basslines, chords & full loop grooves) - 180 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Disco / Nu-Disco • Instrumental • Minimal • Rock / Pop

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 - Studio Essentials - EDM
Studio Essentials - EDMZenhiserProgressive House, Electro House2014-04-29

After months locked away in the studio, the Zenhiser team returned to the EDM scene with what will certainly be the biggest, most epic, hook filled sample pack to date. ’Studio Essentials - EDM’ is crammed full of top notch EDM samples and loops and destined to be a chart topper for many months. The attention to detail is astounding within this EDM pack, we’ve broken down everything so the choices are nearly endless. Each Bass Drop has a full loop with everything guns blazing, then separate bassline, separate bassline filtered, separate upriser, two versions of the drum beat used and a full version from the drop, now that’s detailed! Not only that but every bass drop in this sample pack is mind blowingly awesome so you’ve got the choice of 25 chart topping bass drops at your fingertips. Think that’s the selling point, well it gets even better, we’ve added 25 meticulously crafted full Synth Hooks and all of these bad boys boys have the full loop, separate bassline, separate synth loop and two versions of the beat used, so once again you can use as much or as little of these anthemic building hooks to become one of this year’s biggest EDM stars. Includes: Drums - Kicks - 52 Drums - Hi Hats - 40 Drums - Claps - 40 Drums - Percussion - 10 Drums - Rides - 10 Bass Drops (Includes Basslines, Beats, Uprisers, Filter’d & Full Drops) - 273 Lead Hooks (Includes Basslines, Beats, Synth Loops & Full Loops) - 125 FX - 60 One Shots - 45 Uprisers - 25

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 - Massive Trap Presets
Massive Trap PresetsZenhiserHip-Hop, Presets / Patches2014-04-16

It was only a matter of time before some serious Trap presets were created in the Zenhiser studio for Native Instruments Massive Synth. And after months of heavyweight programming ‘Massive Trap Presets’ was born. 100 smouldering sounds designed for booty shakin’ tracks and show stopping rhythms. Zenhiser has perched itself over the last few years at the forefront of Massive presets supporting some of the biggest producers worldwide on their endeavours to find deliver the finest tracks, and with ‘Massive Trap Presets’ we’ve raised the bar once again. Dedicated to all the sounds which drive your boomin’ productions this is a preset pack no Trap producer should ever be without. ‘Massive Trap Presets’ specs: Bass - 19 Drums - 5 FX - 9 Leads - 57 Pads - 5 Synths - 5

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 - Massive Trance Presets 3
Massive Trance Presets 3ZenhiserTrance, Presets / Patches2014-04-15

We’re back with another epic collection of Trance presets for Native Instruments Massive Synth. If you’ve already bought the first two trance preset packs then this is the perfect addition to your trance sound collection and if this is your first then welcome to a new era of truly huge Trance sounds. ‘Massive Trance Presets 3’ was designed as the perfect addition to Zenhiser’s preset collections for Trance, with these presets recognised for the stunning clarity, signature sound, euphoric elements and macro controls for versatility. Massive Trance Presets 3 includes: Bass - 20 FX - 15 Leads - 25 Pads - 20 Plucks - 20 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • Electro House • House • Instrumental • Progressive House