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Formed in 2006, Zenhiser is a leading sound design company based in the UK and Australia. Aiming to bring new and exciting sample libraries to consumers at affordable prices, the Zenhiser team is composed of a key group of sound designers, producers & remixers whose expertise in the music industry spans over 16 years. With a consistent audio production & remix schedule under their belt, they yield a firm understanding of what the customer needs and wants.

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 - Tropical House
Tropical HouseZenhiserHouse, Deep House2017-05-23

Put your summer vibe into overdrive with a blissed out collection of warm, melodic melodies ready to melt your heart. Tropical House is fully loaded with sun drenched hooks, beautiful vocals, inspiring instrumental loops, glorious swung beats, thermal basslines and overall laid back satisfaction. The level of polish and programming contained within this 7GB pack makes these Tropical House sounds the right pack for you! Weighing in with just over 490 loops and samples plus 59 midi, this sun drenched collection has a wealth of possibilities for Tropical House & Chilled House producers. Included in the plush pack you’ll find everything from warm singular kick one shots through to fully fledged songs wedged full of individual stems from classic guitars to captivating vocals. An abundance of Midi helps focus your creative side by instantaneously offering instrument changes, note manipulation and a starting block for fresh new ideas. Combine that with the overabundance of drum sounds, bass + synth one shots, full mix loops, individual basslines, instruments plus superb beats and you’ve got a powerhouse of Tropical House sounds. All loops & samples included are 100% royalty free, with all audio supplied in 24-Bit Wav. Midi is included as standard and Zip files have been reduced to almost half their original size, ensuring a faster download and play time. Sample packs this strong need to be put to work immediately so get these colourful sounds in your studio today. Pack Details: • Drums - 01 Kicks - 20 • Drums - 02 Hi Hats - 20 • Drums - 03 Claps - 20 • Drums - 04 Snares - 20 • Drums - 05 Percussion - 20 • Drums - 06 Crashes - 10 • Loops - Basslines - 28 • Loops - Drum Beats - 73 • Loops - Full Mix - 25 • Loops - Midi - 37 • Loops - Vox & Instrument - 100 • One Shots - Bass Hits - 20 • One Shots - Synth Hits - 21 • Song Starters - 05 (includes full mixes, midi, seperate drum sounds, percussive loops, basslines, vox, melodies, plucks, guitars, chords, brass & synths) - 140 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Drum Hits • MIDI • Vocal

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 - Tech Explorer
Tech ExplorerZenhiserTechno, Tech House2017-05-14

Seductive, deep, beautiful & warming is just a taste of what to expect in Tech Explorer. This tantalisingly addictive sample library from Zenhiser is sure to become your go-to collection when in need for inspirational new sounds, rhythms, melodies and sonic moments that drift your conscious into experimental plains. Perfect for a multitude of genres, Tech Explorer bends the boundaries of stereotypes lending it’s stunning sound to Tech House, Ambient House, Minimal Techno, Microfunk, Leftfield, Deep House, Electronica & Drum & Bass. A delicate blend of graceful sounds and elegant loops impressively completes a 2.1GB sample library perfectly crafted for a more stylish producer in mind. Inside the collection you’ll find a impeccable concoction of warm basslines, tick tock beats, plucky synths, thermal pads, clippy vocals, detailed drum sounds, palatial one shots and lavish fx. Also included are full mix loops and essential midi which add the icing on the cake and deliver an exemplary sample pack of distinctive levels. Tech Explorer is 100% royalty free and available for immediate download in 24-Bit Wav with regulation midi files included as standard. Constructed with the Tech House producer in mind the zip file has been impressively reduced to ensure you spend more time playing with the samples rather then downloading them. Rest assured this sample library will push your creativity to new heights with infinite possibilities. Banish writers block now and get resourceful. Pack Details: • Drums - 01 Kicks - 26 • Drums - 02 Hi Hats - 24 • Drums - 03 Snares - 26 • Drums - 04 Percussion - 25 • Loops - Basslines - 51 • Loops - Drum Beats - 150 • Loops - Full Mix - 52 • Loops - Midi - 52 • Loops - Synth & Instrument - 108 • One Shots - FX - 34 • One Shots - Melody Hits - 26 • One Shots - Synth Hits - 45 • One Shots - Vocals - 30 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Drum Hits • House • MIDI • Minimal

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 - Catharsis
CatharsisZenhiserTrance, MIDI2017-05-02

Rise above your musical platform and immerse yourself within the auditory elegance that is Catharsis. A truly refined Psytrance sample pack of alluring rhythms, pulsating synths, hypnotic basslines, expanding pads, outer worldly song starters and exemplary one shots. Paying tribute to Psytrance’s driving sound this trademark collection is designed to distribute a wealth of creativity for your future musical compositions. Catharsis is divided into crucial sectors to influence your programming necessities, well developed song starters for all out Psytrance war, one shot drums for intricate drum programming, full mix loops for influential melody inspiration, selective individual loops for the ability to use as much or as little Psytrance mastery as you wish, synth one shots for an instantly recognisable sounds, FX to add the final sparkle to your mix and Midi to explode your production potential past limitless proportions. With over 5GB of creative content this sample pack takes Psytrance sounds & loops through the journey of it’s early roots to the more driven style that has spread across the globe today. A Psytrance sample library like this has been a long time coming and Zenhiser proudly tips it’s hat to the monstrous collection of 100% royalty free Psytrance sounds designed exclusively for you. This transcendent sample collection comes with the hallowed Zenhiser license agreement offering royalty free use of the Psytrance sounds, all available in 24-Bit Wav with included Midi as standard. Zip files have been miraculously compressed to reduce download time. So what are you waiting for, grab Catharsis today and enjoy the all powerful Psytrance treasure chest of sacred sounds beckoning your use. Pack Details: • Drums - 01 Kicks - 20 • Drums - 02 Hi Hats - 25 • Drums - 03 Snares - 20 • Drums - 04 Percussion - 30 • Drums - 05 Crash - 05 • Loops - Basslines - 25 • Loops - Drum Beats - 75 • Loops - Full Mix - 25 • Loops - Music - 50 • Loops - Synth - 50 • Loops - Midi - 25 • One Shots - Synths / FX - 50 • Song Starters (Audio & Midi) - 05 (includes Basslines, Drums, Arps, Atmospheres, Pads, Synths, FX) - 71 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits

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 - Techno Addiction
Techno AddictionZenhiserTechno, Tech House2017-04-25

If your tracks are crying out for something more driven, heavier and punishing then Techno Addiction is the sample pack for you. Created by one of Techno’s leading underground producers this stunning collection of infectious loops, stems, midi and one shots will elevate your studio to savage proportions. It’s time to gain Techno mastery with a powerhouse of production potential, you are going to blow the scene apart with these formidable studio tools. Within the deluge of options you’ll find everything you need to create analogue style Techno tracks including five fully fledged Song Starters with added Midi, a mountain of textural full mix loops with imperative individual parts, crucial one shots along with punchy drums, infectious vocals, powerful FX, dedicated Midi basslines, Midi synths and a tantalising bundle of percussive drum tops. With a blistering unzip size of over 6GB this Techno sample pack is the main event, if you’re a dedicated Techno producer this collection has your name all over it. Inside this sample smorgasbord you’ll find an immense 347 Techno samples & loops plus 167 dedicated Midi. All sounds are 100% royalty free and delivered in 24-Bit Wav. Zip files have been drastically compressed to reduce download time and all is available under our simplistic License Agreement for ease of use within your tracks, remixes etc. When Techno sounds get this good you need to be using them immediately. Pack Details: • Drums - 01 Kicks - 10 • Drums - 02 Hi Hats - 10 • Drums - 03 Snares - 08 • Drums - 04 Percussion - 14 • Loops - Basslines - 25 • Loops - Drum Beats - 75 • Loops - Drum Tops - 39 • Loops - Full Mix - 25 • Loops - Synth - 98 • Midi - Basslines - 22 • Midi - Synth - 64 • One Shots - FX - 10 • One Shots - Vox Dry - 03 • One Shots - Vox Wet - 18 • Song Starters (Audio) - 05 (includes Basslines, Beats, Drum Tops, Synths, Vocals, Atmos, FX) - 66 • Song Starters (Midi) - 05 (includes Basslines, Synths) - 27

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 - Spirals
SpiralsZenhiserBreaks, Downtempo2017-04-18

Spirals is a auditory exploration of traditional ethnic sounds fused with today’s electronica movement. Together this unbelievable fusion captures a vast range of unique possibilities that will add exciting new grooves and rhythms into your contemporary tracks. A deluge of aural options including fully fledged Song Starers, Full Mix Loops, One Shots, FX, Midi and Drum Sounds delivers a multitude of options to inject new life into your current musical creations. Combing classic instruments like Violins, Harps, Guitars & Mallets with century old instruments including Kalimbas, Duduks, Kotos, Ouds & Zithers, the Spirals sample pack encapsulates something never heard before creating an alternative aspect of electronica production. This collection literally lifts your musical game into directions you never though possible. The complexity and level of production included within this sample pack provides an organic feel that is 100% unique. Simply imagine a world where nature and technology co existed to create an auditory experience of endless possibilities, this is the world that “Spirals” lives in. This alternative sample pack includes 510 samples & loops, all Royalty Free and delivered in 24-Bit Wav. Midi is included as standard with zip size thoughtfully decreased to reduce download time. Spirals is an exemplary collection of sounds and loops for any producer looking to add some ethnicity to their latest tracks. Pack Details: • Drum Hits - 01 Kicks - 21 • Drum Hits - 02 Hi Hats - 29 • Drum Hits - 04 Snares - 28 • Drum Hits - 06 Cymbals - 18 • Loops - Midi - 25 • Loops - 279 (includes fFull Mixes, Bass, Drums, Leads, Plucks, FX, Flute, Oud, Koto, Kalimba, Harp, Violin, Mallet, Pads, Fills & More) • Loops - Instruments & Vox - 68 • One Shots - FX - 20 • One Shots - FX2 - 20 • One Shots - Synth - 12 • Song Starter - Midi - 05 • Song Starters - 05 (includes Full Mixes, Seperate Drums, Basslines, FX, Leads, Pads, Zither, Duduk, Pluck, Guitar, Oud, Violin, Ambiances & More) - 82 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Glitch Hop • MIDI

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 - House Culture
House CultureZenhiserHouse, Tech House2017-04-11

Influenced by the many sounds of House this opulent and sensual sample pack mixes silky smooth vocals with attentive drum beats, perfectly recorded brass instruments with organic basslines and a voluptuous amount of atmos, chords, synth, one shots and FX to make a Zenhiser masterpiece. Transversing between Deep House, Upfront House, Tech House & Classic House has created a collection that is crying out to be used and abused. House Culture’s immense sample collection ensures true functionality whether you’re using it for intricate one shots sounds, selective instrument loops or fully fledged song starters. Inside the 4GB catalogue of catchy House sounds, loops, stems and midi you’ll be guaranteed to find what your next track needs time and time again. The abundant wealth of lavish sounds ensures your productions will carry the swagger, charm and luxuriant pizazz they deserve. House Culture is both simplistic and complex at the same time, a simplistic approach to design for ease of use and a complex array of highly professional sounds skilfully created to provide a wonderful collection of sample tools exclusively for House producers. Everything within House Culture is 100% royalty free, available for immediate download and delivered in 24-Bit Wav. Midi is included as standard with zip files generously crunched to reduce download time. Download House Culture today and get creative, that’s what our catalogue is here for! Pack Details: • Drum Hits - 01 Kicks - 25 • Drum Hits - 02 Hi Hats - 25 • Drum Hits - 03 Claps - 15 • Drum Hits - 04 Snares - 10 • Drum Hits - 05 Percussion - 25 • Drum Hits - 06 Cymbals - 10 • Loops - Basslines - 24 • Loops - Drum Beats - 75 • Loops - Full Mix - 00 (including Basslines, Beats, Vocal FX, Synths, Instruments & More) - 25 • Loops - Instruments & Vox - 68 • Loops - Midi - 25 • Loops - Synths - 50 • One Shots - Bass - 10 • One Shots - FX - 15 • One Shots - Synth - 15 • Song Starters - 05 (including Midi, Full Mixes, Seperate Drums, Basslines, Vocals, Synths, Atmos, Brass, Live Instruments, FX & More) - 66 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • MIDI • Sound FX • Deep House

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 - Float
FloatZenhiserHouse, Downtempo2017-04-04

Defying the laws of genre, “Float” epitomises everything that is right in a beautifully produced sample pack. Nodding it’s hat to the more fun, melodic side of music production this collection designed by Canadian producer Ken Waters truly illustrates the evocative sound that reverberates through even the most experienced of producer’s studios. Throwing standard musical directions on it’s head allows the charm, refinement and character to shine through in new levels of sonic development. Inside the Zenhiser pack you’ll find a wealth of impressive samples including crystal clear drum sounds, punchy beats, melodic chords, glitchy vocals, superior fx and one shots, violins, pianos, strings, horns, accordions, sax and more. Showcasing both analogue and digital instruments diversifies the overall sound and delivers a thrilling selection of production tools suited for Pop, Electronica, House & Tropical to name but a few. Squeezed to breaking point “Float” dishes out over 7GB of content ranging from sharp one shot samples to fully fledged song starters and everything in between. Combined with the copious amount of Full Mix Loops & Midi included this sample pack forms a formidable collection that will shape your future racks for months to come. Utilising a wealth of gear including analogue stacks, live instruments, extensive outboard and masterful programming skills, this stockpile of sounds has to be heard to be believed. “Float” sample pack comes 100% royalty free and can be downloaded in 24-Bit Wav. Midi is included and zip files have been generously squeezed to ensure optimum download times. Highly recommended by all in the Zenhiser team this sample collection must be at the top of your list. Pack Details: • Drum Hits - 01 Kicks - 20 • Drum Hits - 02 Hi Hats - 10 • Drum Hits - 03 Claps - 20 • Drum Hits - 04 Snares - 20 • Drum Hits - 05 Percussion - 20 • Drum Hits - 06 Snaps - 5 • Drum Hits - 07 Tambourine - 5 • Drum Hits - 08 Shaker - 5 • Drum Hits - 09 Crash - 10 • Full Mix Loops - 25 (including Midi, Full Mixes, Basslines, Beats, Vocal FX, Synths, Instruments & More) - 353 • One Shots - Bass - 10 • One Shots - FX & Misc - 18 • One Shots - Plucks - 12 • One Shots - Vocals - 10 • Song Starters - 05 (including Midi, Full Mixes, Seperate Drums, Bass, Guitar, Synths, Vocals, Live Instruments, FX & More) - 119 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • MIDI • Vocal

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 - Utopia - Massive Presets
Utopia - Massive PresetsZenhiserChill Out, Presets / Patches2017-03-28

Immersive, beautiful, addictive and creative is just a small way to characterise the distinctive presets and sounds incorporated within Utopia - Massive Presets. This deceptively intriguing preset pack is perfect for adding rare and unique sounds to your compositions with contrasting timbres for a level of maturity unseen until now. Inside the pack you’ll find divergent presets for Native Instrument’s Massive synth including eclectic bass, singular drums, unique fx, refreshing leads, atypical pads, eminent plucks and out of the ordinary sequences. The superabundance of sounds with some one note complexity is perfect for adding new expression to your future tracks with the upmost of ease. Fitting a genre for these presets is nearly impossible as it’s web of sonic colour charts everything from Ambient to DnB, Future Garage to Experimental Electronica. The huge variety of intricately programmed Massive presets with added macro controls for nearly endless programming possibilities means Utopia - Massive Presets will be an essential addition to your synth sound tools. Warm, analogue style unique tones ensures this purchase delivers intrigue, curiosity and astonishment to the production world, but this commendable preset pack pushes one step further with 4 exclusive song starters included in the pack. Combining both sumptuous audio stems including full mixes and individual stems with midi files provides a Zenhiser pack with such a broad range of premium possibilities. Simply engaging with either the presets or stems will offer exemplary results and a wealth of beauty at your fingertips. This one of a kind preset pack includes our royalty free license and can be download in 24Bit Wav elegance. Presets are NMSV files designed exclusively for NI Massive Synth and we recommend using the latest version of the software to ensure no compatibility issues. We recommend downloading this collection instantly to unlock your creative freedom. Song Starters X4 - 59 Audio & Midi stems including basslines, drums, fx, melodies, synths, instruments and more Pack Details: • Presets - Bass - 18 • Presets - Chords - 1 • Presets - Drums - 15 • Presets - FX - 8 • Presets - Keys - 5 • Press - Leads - 11 • Presets - Pads - 17 • Presets - Plucks - 9 • Presets - Sequences - 14 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Glitch Hop • MIDI • Minimal • Downtempo

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 - EDM Grande
EDM GrandeZenhiserHouse, EDM2017-03-21

Zenhiser is back with the most engaging, overwhelmingly opulent EDM collection ever released. Designed to tear up dance floors whilst amazing listeners with it’s creative, eclectic style. Packed full of absolute EDM hits this sample library literally blows everything else out of the water! Thought your tracks were good, well now’s the time to to turn your studio into a hit making machine. Crammed away in EDM Grande you’l find a colossal 11+GB sample library devised to inspire and establish your music production skills. This massive source of revelation includes 10 killer song starters covering a broad range of genres including modern EDM, House, Progressive House, Big Room and more. Sounds range from full frontal EDM monsters to Eastern inspired chants with a plethora of instrument heavy stems to transfix the end listener. No detail has been missed with these EDM sounds, individual stems for drum samples, separated melodies, dedicated vocal fx and a level of programming that begs to be believed. A generous amount of midi is also included for future programming needs with a copious collection of EDM drum sounds also included to slam your new drum tracks. Be warned, this is one epic collection that can inject beauty with devastating power, it must not be missed. These 100% royalty free EDM sounds are available in 24-Bit Wav stems and one shot samples. EDM Grande is ready for immediate download and has been miraculously compressed from 11.1GB to 3.6GB for download priority. You’ve reached out and we’ve delivered with what could be one of the finest EDM sample packs of all time. Song Starters X 10 - 215 Audio Stems including Full Mixes, Drums, Kicks, Pianos, Plucks, Synths, Strings, Vocal FX, Drops, Brass, Atmos, FX, Live Percussion, Live Instruments & More Song Starters X 10 - 77 Midi including Sub, Bass, Breaks, Guitar, Piano, Pluck, Brass, Drops, Strings, Synths & More One Shots - Drums - 01 Kicks - 27 One Shots - Drums - 02 Hi Hats - 18 One Shots - Drums - 03 Snares - 13 One Shots - Drums - 04 Percussion - 12 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Electro House • MIDI • Progressive House

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 - Chords, Stabs & FX
Chords, Stabs & FXZenhiserTechno, Sound FX2017-03-14

Chords, Stabs & FX is a devastatingly good collection of deep bass hits, impressive stabs, complex chords, rumbling swells, stacked synths, first class FX and extensive hits. Constructed to deliver an Aladdin's Cave of painstakingly designed one shots, this sample library is the perfect solution for expanding a studio’s sound collection. Prepare to be transfixed! Designed with the more stylish of producers in mind, Chords, Stabs & FX goes a long way to add a plethora of options. From construction of melodies to bridging elements this deep rooted sample library will become your go-to when you’re in need of inspiration, alternatives and that finishing sparkle. Ranging from House to Techno, Deep House to Progressive House with everything in between, you’ll be sure this One Shot collection delivers thought provoking sounds in an abundance. Burrow deep inside Chords, Stabs & FX and you’ll find a stunning collection of hidden treasures never heard before, all key-labelled with tempo information as required. Sometimes this return to the essential basics is all you need to inject new life and create deluxe sonic possibilities. Plus, for the icing on the cake we’ve included all the individual audio stems and full mixes of the preview, providing a sample pack that will take pride of place in your sample library collection. This extensive collection of One Shot sounds features 333 24-Bit Wav samples, all 100% royalty free and available for immediate download. Some sample packs should never be missed and this is one of them, download today and realise the auditory potential of this one shot monster. Pack Details: • One Shots - Bass Hits - 31 • One Shots - Chords - 37 • One Shots - FX - 100 • One Shots - Hits - 62 • One Shots - Stabs - 26 • One Shots - Swell - 14 • One Shots - Synth - 26 • Stems - Preview 01 - 6 • Stems - Preview 02 - 8 • Stems - Preview 03 - 5 • Stems - Preview 04 - 7 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Minimal • Progressive House • Tech House • Deep House

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 - Afterlight Sessions
Afterlight SessionsZenhiserTechno, Progressive House2017-03-07

Gazing through a sonic sky of wonder and delight, Afterlight Sessions fine tunes it’s auditory cloak to deliver a sample pack unlike any you have ever heard before. Embracing the interlocking genres of Progressive House & Techno this collection pushes audio boundaries to stunning new levels. A superabundance of imaginative concepts and programming certifies this collection as an absolute classic before it’s initial release. Tucked away behind the Techno & Progressive House bravado you’ll find a collection of underground nirvana including stunning song starters, devastatingly good full mix loops, gritty drums, egotistic melodies, cheeky one shots, scandalous basslines, infamous beats and much much more. Afterlight Sessions is a fully fledged masterpiece that will take pride of place in any studio, it’s expansive collection of influential sounds assures a life span of time defying proportions. Created by one of Canada’s leading producers this Progressive House and Techno sample library transmits the quality, drive and upmost character needed in today’s productions. This is a truly unique sample library, using Zenhiser’s tried and tested pack layout with a tailored hi end sound, delivers immediate results unlike any other pack in the market. Finally produce the music you’ve wanted with Afterlight Sessions, 425 audio samples, 100% royalty free. 63 Midi files for sonic exploration and 5 song starters for immediate results. Everything within the sample pack is delivered in 24-Bit Wav with both key & tempo information embedded in file names. Zip files have been generously squeezed to reduce download time. Get these Progressive House & Techno sounds now, you’ll never be disappointed with this purchase. Song Starters X5 - Audio + Midi - 66 stems including basslines, beats, melodies, drums, atmospheres, percussion, pads & stabs Pack Details: • Drum Sounds - 01 Kicks - 20 • Drum Sounds - 02 Hi Hats - 20 • Drum Sounds - 03 Claps - 20 • Drum Sounds - 04 Shakers - 18 • Drum Sounds - 05 Snares - 4 • Drum Sounds - 06 Toms - 4 • Drum Sounds - 07 Wood - 5 • Drum Sounds - 08 Congas - 20 • Loops - Basslines - 27 • Loops - Drum Accents - 6 • Loops - Drum Loops - 81 • Loops - Full Mix - 27 • Loops - Melody - 42 • Midi - Bass - 27 • Midi - Melody - 27 • One Shots - FX - 10 • One Shots - Synths - 41 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Minimal • Tech House

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 - Psy+Trance
Psy+TranceZenhiserTrance, MIDI2017-03-06

Transcend your Psytrance productions to a superior level with this stunning collection of exceptional audio and midi stems. Methodically crafted to hold the listener under a tripped out spell, every sample within the collection is a bona fide masterpiece of sonic weaponry. So take a deep breath, immerse yourself in the preview and read through as we titillate your senses with what is to offer in Psy+Trance. Designed and produced to deliver one of the largest song starter collections under the Zenhiser brand, Psy+Trance pays homage to the worldwide phenomena that has reverberated it’s sound throughout the world. From India to Israel, Thailand to Australia Psytrance’s iconic presence is more than just a sound. 12GB of epic Psytrance samples with a slithering of Trance memorabilia has been produced. Then divided into individual song starters with full mix stems for instant viewing, midi files for sonic exploration and individual stems to ensure the largest selection of usability. Psy+Trance is the wealth of production help your studio needs, indulgent basslines, etherial pads, driving drums, tripped out vocals, sharp fx, mind altering build ups, beach blasting synths, pulsating rhythms and encapsulating melodies is just some of the sounds that will become a staple in your future hit tracks. When you’re looking for that soaring push of encouragement these Trance and Psytrance samples from Zenhiser will have you covered for months to come. Included in Psy+Trance is 288 audio stems delivered in 24-Bit Wav. 132 midi files bounced on individual tracks and plethora of tempo & key labelled files. All zip files have been squashed to their maximum to improve download time. So to recap, this is a monumental pack of 12GB in size, designed exclusively for hi end Psytrance producers and delivered with Zenhiser’s quality seal. Simply put, it’s a no brainer! Song Starters x 20 - Audio - 288 sample stems including basslines, beats, isolated drum sounds, rhythms, melodies, plucks, chords, acid lines, vocal fx, pads and more Song Starters x 20 - Midi - 132 midi stems including basslines, stabs, pads, acid, plucks, synths and more

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 - Elements Of House
Elements Of HouseZenhiserHouse, Deep House2017-02-22

Beautiful, deep, captivating are just a few words to describe the all-embracing collection that is Elements Of House. This detailed sample library will become your go assortment of sounds when looking for expressive new ideas in the House realm. Taking influence from key genres including Bass House, Deep House, Classic House, G-House, Funky House & Tech House you’re be sure to find what you need for your next production. Squeezed full of essential tools including a huge one shot collection of Bass, FX, Synth & Pads, Elements Of House burrows deep into the musical underworld of House music. A plethora of loops accompanies these House sounds completing a flawless selection of audio ranging from the precise to all out sonic inspiration. Full mixes guarantee a perfect demonstration of use whilst accompanying midi files create everything you need to turbocharge your studio beyond belief. Elements Of House will become your go to sample library for House related sounds, forging it’s foundations on years of musical progression these House samples are the whole enchilada. As with all Zenhiser sample libraries this collection of stimulating audio is supplied in 24-Bit Wav with key & tempo information supplied as standard. Midi is included for increased productivity with all files named, added to a intuitive folder system and mastered to perfection. The zip file has been magically reduced to improve download speeds and this one tidy package of House samples, loops and midi is available for immediate download. Product Details: • Drum Hits - 01 Kicks - 25 • Drum Hits - 02 Hi Hats Closed - 8 • Drum Hits - 02 Hi Hats Open - 8 • Drum Hits - 03 Claps & Snares - 21 • Drum Hits - 04 Percussion - Misc - 11 • Drum Hits - 05 Percussion - Shakers - 4 • Drum Hits - 06 Percussion - Toms - 12 • Drum Hits - 07 Percussion - Sub - 5 • Drum Hits - 08 Rides - 5 • Drum Hits - 09 Crashes - 5 • Loops - Basslines - 50 • Loops - Drum Loops - 150 • Loops - Full Mix - 50 • Loops - Synth Loops - 90 • Midi - Basslines - 50 • Midi - Synth Loops - 62 • One Shots - Bass - Analogue - 10 • One Shots - Bass - Hit - 11 • One Shots - Bass - Modulated - 9 • One Shots - FX - Ambient Texture - 5 • One Shots - FX -Downshifter - 5 • One Shots - FX - Impact - 5 • One Shots - FX - Noise - 3 • One Shots - FX - Riser - 5 • One Shots - FX - Transition - 7 • One Shots - Hits & Blips - 20 • One Shots - Synth - Chord - 10 • One Shots - Synth - Pad Chord - 5 • One Shots - Synth - Pad Multi - 5 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • MIDI • Sound FX • Tech House

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 - Sublime Drum & Bass
Sublime Drum & BassZenhiserDrum & Bass, MIDI2017-02-21

This sample pack contains an immense collection of absolutely stunning Drum & Bass stems, loops, midi, one shots and fx. Broken down into individual elements Sublime Drum & Bass transforms your studio into an extraordinary powerhouse of sensual DnB. Beautiful crafted from years of experience this library delves into a majestic world of rolling percussion, etherial melodies, seductive drops, understated vocals, organic stems, remarkable loops for instant gratification and a bundle of midi for aural programming pleasure. Combing elements of Neurofunk and Liquid DnB has enveloped the senses with a range of sonic tools that will focus your productions on a whole new dimension of Drum & Bass music. The strikingly beautiful sample pack ensures you can access the sounds, loops, stems and midi when you need. It’s extensive categories, styles and melodic expression grant access to unprecedented levels of Drum & Bass programming power. All loops, samples, stems and one shots have been formatted, labelled, grouped and mastered to increase your workflow. Breath new life into your tracks with pristine 24-Bit Wav, tempo & key named files with master Midi files. Zip files have been masterfully scrunched to improve download time. Don’t forget Zenhiser’s seal of approval safeguards your sample library with only exclusive sounds, so download this pack instantly and get inventive. Product Details: • Song Starters x 5 - 110 audio stems (includes sub basslines, reece bass, percussion, drops, pads, synths, drum sounds, fx, vocals etc) • Song Starters x5 - 5 midi stems (includes basslines, pads, subs, synths, leads etc) • Drum Hits - 01 Kicks - 20 • Drum Hits - 02 - Hi Hats - 20 • Drum Hits - 03 Snares - 20 • Drum Hits - 04 Percussion - 20 • Drum Hits - 05 Crash & Rides - 20 • Loops - Basslines - 25 • Loops - Drum Loops - 75 • Loops - Full Mix - 25 • Loops - Melodies - 69 • Loops - Midi - 25 • Loops - Synth - 49 • One Shots - FX - 28 • One Shots - Synth Hits - 22 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Sound FX

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 - Noxious Trap
Noxious TrapZenhiserHip-Hop / R&B, Trap2017-02-14

Noxious Trap is an all gun’s blazing sample pack that delivers a devastating punch of Trap samples, loops, stems, midi, vocals, one shots, beats and drum sounds. As the name suggests this powerful sample library guarantees to raise havoc and set dance floors alight worldwide. This collection is a Trap revolution, expect it to ravage your studio and be used to death in your future productions. Inside Noxious Trap you’ll find an excessive amount of forward thinking sounds, this pack literally has everything you need including fully fledged song starters, bass rupturing subs, aggressive leads, intense drum sounds, trashy vocals, nutty drops, energetic fx and freaked out synths. The inclusion of midi in both the full mix loops and song starter stems means your programming possibilities with this Zenhiser pack are literally endless. This Trap sample library will gain legendary status, it’s the ultimate cooking pot for your next track recipe, so grab these high energy collection and build your tracks to exponential levels of grandeur. Everything has been perfectly foldered, organised and categorised to ensure these Trap sounds are accessible how and when you need. It’s time to show your production magnificence with Noxious Trap from Zenhiser. Every sample, loop, stem and one shot is available royalty free and in 24-Bit Wav. Midi is included as standard with both key & tempo information included within filenames for ease of use. Zip files have been heavy compressed to reduce download time and attention to detail has been applied to this pack to ensure the most useable layout for practical usefulness. Make your next track is a bestseller with Noxious Trap. Pack Details: • Song Starters x 5 - 71 audio stems (includes basslines, beats, drops, foley, synths, drum sounds, fx, vocals etc) • Song Starters x5 - 19 midi stems (includes basslines, plucks, subs, synths, leads etc) • Drum Hits - 01 Kicks - 25 • Drum Hits - 02 Bass - 10 • Drum Hits - 03 Snares - 20 • Drum Hits - 04 - Hi Hats - 20 • Drum Hits - 05 Claps - 5 • Drum Hits - 06 Toms - 10 • Drum Hits - 07 Percussion - 10 • Loops - Basslines - 25 • Loops - Drum Loops - 75 • Loops - Full Mix - 25 • Loops - Midi - 52 • Loops - Music - 49 • Loops - Synth - 50 • One Shots - FX - Downlifters - 10 • One Shots - FX - Impacts - 2 • One Shots - FX - Misc - 3 • One Shots - FX - Uplifters - 5 • One Shots - Synth - 15 • One Shots - Vocals - 15 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • MIDI

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 - Altitude
AltitudeZenhiserHouse, EDM2017-02-07

Altitude is a gorgeous, melodic and graceful collection of Future Bass song starters designed to send shivers down your spine. Consolidating sounds including choppy vocals, synth heavy leads, uplifting chord structures and meticulous drums, this polished selection of sounds lays concrete foundations for your next Future Bass production. Perfectly crafted into 20 song creation essentials, Altitude tastefully delves into the mischievous sound of Future Bass with raw goodness. Focusing heavily on a rich, driving sound, delivering outstanding drops this stem pack has a wealth of usability. Stem structures include full mixes for essential learning, perfectly balanced channel recordings for even the most of particular of producers and dedicated midi bringing an endless option of production possibilities. This mega outing into Future Bass stardom is a must for serious producers, nearly everything you could need is included in this Zenhiser pack. All samples & stems are available in 24-Bit Wav. Tempo & key information is included through the Future Bass sample pack. Midi is added as standard with zip files generously squeezed to almost half download time. The richness of Altitude has to be heard to be believed so get your ears comfortable and listen out for smile appreciation moment. Song Starters - 310 stems (includes basslines, beats, arps, chords, synths, drum sounds, fx, vocals etc) Song Starters - 175 midi stems (includes basslines, arps, chords, synths, leads etc) *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • MIDI

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 - Techno Molecules
Techno MoleculesZenhiserTechno, Minimal / Deep Tech2017-01-31

Exploring the analogue, atmospheric journey of Techno bliss, this sample collection focuses on the minimal construction of progressive excellence. Combining prominent synth infused leads with drum machine precision, this outer worldly collection brings a wealth of new possibilities to your future productions. Digging deep inside Techno Molecules uncovers an eclectic array of loops and samples including incredibly useful folders of basslines, beats, drum sounds, full mix loops, synth leads, one shot bass, fx, synth and a mandatory selection of midi basslines & synth loops. Don’t underestimate the elegance of this sample pack, Techno Molecules features a powerful 4GB of Techno sample power setting itself on a new path of sonic superiority. Harmonically this compilation targets groovy synths, pulsating basslines, dreamy plucks and etherial arpeggiators with a sprinkle of drum infused authority. Combining it’s sound from a mixture of Techno, Progressive & Minimal Techno, this extensive selection of Techno sounds is shamefully perfect for any Techno sample studio library. All samples and loops are available in 24-Bit Wav, tempo & key information is supplied within file names for fast accessibility and zip files have been amazingly squeezed to reduce overall download time. Midi is included for endless programming possibilities and all files have the Zenhiser seal of approval. Download Techno Molecules now and add the clarity your future tracks need. Product Details: • Drums - 01 Kicks - 61 • Drums - 02 Hi Hats - 39 • Loops - Basslines - 50 • Loops - Drum Loops - 152 • Loops - Full Mix - 50 • Loops - Synth - 200 • Midi - Bass - 50 • Midi - Synth - 52 • One Hot - Bass - 6 • One Shots - FX - 48 • One Shots - Synths - 47 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • MIDI • Sound FX • Tech House

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 - Symbiotic
SymbioticZenhiserDrum & Bass, Dubstep2017-01-24

Symbiotic blurs the boundaries between Liquid DnB, Dubstep, Downtempo, Breaks and thought provoking melodies to deliver a truly expansive collection of contemporary samples and loops. Fusing multiple genres into one mega 6.4GB compilation works perfectly for producers veering away from 4 to the floor tracks. Simply put, Symbiotic is a flawless, clear-cut sample library that seizes the current rhythm infused sound of electronic music’s more seductive scenes. Never punching above it’s weight this assortment of eclectic samples and midi branches out into an exquisite selection of usability including fully fledged song starters for instant inspiration, direct drum sounds for snappy rhythms, a huge array of full loops including individual parts for musical instruments, basslines, synths and beats plus an impressive assortment of one shot sounds to add some spice to your future music compositions. Designed to add both flexibility and nostalgic elegance, Symbiotic delivers crisp percussion, thick layered synths and authentic style to an impressive layout of musical superiority. This is the pack you need but didn’t know, 465 samples + 41 midi, all 100% royalty free and available in 24-Bit Wav. All stems are clearly labelled for speed use, tempo & key information is supplied within file names for fast accessibility and zip files have been amazingly squeezed to reduce overall download time. Seriously, could you ask for anymore in pack! 5 Song Starters - 77 Audio + Midi Stems including full mixes, vocals, drums, basslines, various instruments, synths, pads & pianos Product Details: • Drums - 01 Kicks - 30 • Drums - 02 Hi Hats - 15 • Drums - 04 Snares - 45 • Drums - 07 Ride - 10 • Loops - Basslines - 25 • Loops - Drum Loops - 75 • Loops - Full Mix - 25 • Loops - Midi - 25 • Loops - Musical Instruments - 79 • Loops - Synth - 50 • One Shots - FX - 25 • One Shots - Synths - 25 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Downtempo

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 - Memoirs
MemoirsZenhiserTrance, Progressive House2017-01-17

Delve into a beautiful immersive world of Trance with all the melodic devotion needed to accomplish remarkable tracks. Memoirs journals what is breathtaking in the Trance scene, enveloping a broad range of musical styles and tempo’s to deliver unsurpassed quantities of samples, loops, stems and midi. This symphonic collection of musical Trance bliss includes high energy song starters, unrelenting full mixes, power packed drum loops, sparkling drum sounds, hypnotic basslines, majestic synths, momentum defying leads and all out heavenly melodies. With over 450 Trance samples, loops, midi, stems and one shots this is a beast of a sample pack that must be heard to be believed. A whopping 4.8GB of musical godliness ensures your studio won’t be running on empty for months to come. Memoirs perfectly carves it’s foundation in the Trance scene by branching out into Classic Trance, Progressive Trance, Melodic Trance, Minimal Trance with a sprinkling of Psytrance as the icing on the cake. Every sound within this sensational sample pack is 100% royalty free. All audio comes in 24-Bit Wav, stems are clearly labelled for compatibility, tempo & key information is supplied within file names for ease of use and zip files have been generously squeezed to reduce download time. See, we really do care about you here at Zenhiser! So let’s share the Trance sample love and make beautiful tracks together. Pack Details: • 5 Song Starters - 62 Audio + Midi Stems including full mixes, vocals, drums, basslines, various instruments, synths, pads & pianos • Drums - 01 Kicks - 20 • Drums - 02 Hi Hats - 15 • Drums - 03 Claps - 10 • Drums - 04 Snares - 20 • Drums - 05 Percussion - 15 • Drums - 06 Toms - 10 • Drums - 07 Ride Cymbals - 5 • Drums - 08 Crash Cymbals - 5 • Loops - Basslines - 25 • Loops - Drum Loops - 75 • Loops - Full Mix - 25 • Loops - Leads - 54 • Loops - Midi - 25 • Loops - Synth - 74 • One Shots - Impacts - 10 • One Shots - SFX - 20 • One Shots - Synths - 20 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • MIDI • Sound FX

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 - Eclecticism
EclecticismZenhiserDubstep, Trap2016-12-27

Get ready for some of the most intense, spell binding samples you’ve ever heard. Drive, character and effectiveness have been combined into legendary proportions to create a must have sample library encompassing everything you need to create monster tracks over and over again. This intense collection of audio stems and midi provides a blistering lineup of creative options catering for a myriad of musical tastes including Trap, Future Bass, Dubstep, Bass House, Future House & EDM. 7.2GB of programming godliness including forefront vocals, pounding basslines, soaring leads, slamming beats, upfront chords and the most remarkable of drops delivers spine chilling song starters in a matter of minutes. Eclecticism defies the laws of previous sample libraries by serving up hit after hit whilst defying the boundaries of genre, this smorgasbord of production heaven is guaranteed to last as long as your endorphins levels. The attention to detail is spell binding with production levels soaring, this stunning sample collection is all here, you’ll be wanting for nothing once you’ve downloaded this pack! Every audio and midi stem has been crafted to the upmost attention which ensures instant focus for you with immediate track building results. All audio included in the sample library is 24-Bit Wav with key & tempo information included in filenames as standard. All zips have been generously squeezed to reduce download time. Song Starters - 161 Audio Stems including full mixes, vocals, drums, basslines, various instruments, synths, stabs & pianos Song Starters - 80 Midi Stems *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • House • EDM • Future House

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 - High On Samples
High On SamplesZenhiserHouse, Downtempo2016-12-20

High On Samples blends the beautiful world of analogue and digital with chic, expressive style of graceful proportions. Combining opulent vinyl style with live instruments procures a sample pack that defies the test of time. This elegant collection floats between genres with sumptuous ease delivering evolving melodies, thought provoking sequences and a sense of belonging. This is the Rolls Royce of sample packs! Inside you’ll find a bountiful array of loops and samples including hybrid live / digital drum sounds, etherial vocal fx, complex organic full loops, guitar infused melodies, seductive bass guitar one shots, blissful basslines, calming piano progressions and a bunch more comforting sounds for your next composition. The attention to detail is absolutely astounding with hidden treasures in every folder. Every element has been planned, played, reordered and mastered to deliver a highly authentic sample library that will showcase your inspirations in new light. With over 2GB of content you’ll be sure to find countless projects just waiting to explored. We’ve also included Midi to expand the range of possibilities with High On Samples. So if you’re looking for elegant maturity combined with precise perfection then this is your next purchase. The sounds, loops and midi within this sample library are 100% royalty free. Wav files are recorded in 24-bit 44.1 Khz and include tempo & key information where applicable. High On Samples will ensure you never get stuck with writers block, the endless collection of original possibilities will deliver creativity in bountiful measures. You’ve been waiting for a pack like this, you just didn’t know it. Product Details: • Basslines - 54 • Drum Loops - 150 • Drums - 01 Kicks - 17 • Drums - 02 Hi Hats & Shakers - 17 • Drums - 03 Claps - 13 • Drums - 04 Snares - 14 • Drums - 05 Rims & Sticks - 11 • Drums - 06 Percussion - 20 • Drums - 07 Cymbals - 08 • Full Mix Loops - 51 • Instrument Loops - 124 • Midi - 50 • One Shots - 01 Bass Guitar - 17 • One Shots - 02 Electric Guitar - 29 • One Shots - 03 Keys - 27 • One Shots - 04 FX - 27 • Vocal FX - 22 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits

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 - Sex Vocal FX
Sex Vocal FXZenhiserHouse, Vocal2016-12-13

Zenhiser has proudly pushed the sonic boundaries with Sex Vocal FX, a world first collection of exceptional and downright dirty vocals that will scratch your filthiest itch. Focusing heavily on the raunchy side of music seduction these sex sound effects will make Lil Louis “French Kiss” admirers weak at the knees. Packed to the brim with 398 brand new vocals, stems, fx & midi gives this phenomenal pack a podium place for fresh, new X-rated sounds. The unthinkable has finally been created with Sex Vocal FX, an in depth library of moans, groans, orgasm’s, screams, erotic grunts and vocal phrases that range from sexy and seductive to smutty and utterly lewd. Until now vocals packs like this have been unheard of, producers have always been searching for that steamy collection of sex vocals and now Zenhiser has delivered. Truly unique in quality and style these sex sound effects cover a huge expansive of uses, out there groan fx add depth & character to more unique genres, authentic groans and moans fit perfectly in House, Hip Hop, Trap and more, with our X-rated vocal phrases making any dance floor worldwide stand to attention with your tracks guaranteed to stand out from the rest of the set. We’ve used vocalists that not only sound great but can turn you on within seconds with their expressive, authentic and downright seductive voices. This really is the vocal pack of your wildest desires, 4 song starters including stems & midi get your juices flowing with a plethora of lingerie wrapped sex vocals to make even the most seasoned of producers blush. The vocal arena is now your oyster with the must have collection pornographic ad-libs, phrases and explicit fx. We even kept the preview pretty tame as not to offend but rest assured these sex sound effects get more dirty than you could possibly imagine. All sex sound fx within the pack are 100% royalty free and available for download in 24-Bit Wav. Tempo & bpm information has been included in file names where applicable and once again we’ve squeezed the files generously to reduce download time. So if you’re looking for sexy, indecent and salacious vocals then look no further than Sex Vocal FX, it will lift your tracks to pornographic levels of epic proportions. WARNING: Sex Vocal FX contains spoken vocals and phrases that some people may find inappropriate. It includes strong language of sexual content and therefore may only be purchased by producers over the age of 18. If you believe you may be offended by the sexual content of this sample pack we recommend not purchasing. Product Details: • Song Starters x4 - Audio (Includes individual stems for beats, basslines, instruments, synths, fx & vocals) - 38 • Song Starters - Midi - 4 • Groans - FX - 34 • Groans - FX (Low Bitrate) - 20 • Groans - FX (Long) - 22 • Misc - FX - 80 • Vocal Groans - Session 1 - 54 • Vocal Groans - Session 2 - 38 • Vocal Phrases - Session 1 - 35 • Vocal Phrases - Session 2 - 35 • Vocal Phrases - Session 3 (Extreme) - 42 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Sound FX • Techno • Trance • Trap • Deep House

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 - Insomnia Sessions
Insomnia SessionsZenhiserHouse, Techno2016-12-06

The most extensive House & Techno sample library has finally landed. 29GB of bona fide gorgeous samples, loops, midi and stems. Fusing together the heavier side of Techno & House with incredibly impressive production talent has resulted in a sample collection that guarantees to transcend any producer to the top of their game. Think you’ve got all the sounds you need in your studio, think again. Insomnia Sessions is the best thing since sliced bread, an incredibly impressive tool for today’s producers designed to deliver a huge selection of options from complete song starters bursting to the seems with ridiculous audio and midi stems, a prolific fx selection, devastatingly good beats, basslines and synths, an all new one shot collection, tough to the bone drum sounds and dedicated midi for basslines & synths, what more could you possibly want crammed into a single pack. Insomnia Sessions is a certified classic in the making, brutally useful with an expiry date that will test the hands of time. It really is all here, the definitive sample library for House & Techno producers worldwide. Simply drop a few samples into your latest production and watch that feeling of immortalises rush through your veins at godspeed. Presented in flawless 100% royalty free 24-Bit Wav’s with essential midi included. Temp & key information included as standard with the zip files miraculously squashed to well under half their size for optimum download time. Take a sneak peak at Insomnia Sessions with the always impressive preview, it showcases only a smidgen of what can be found under the hood of this sample fuelled masterpiece of audio inspiration. Pack Details: • Songstarters - Audio (Includes individual stems for beats, basslines, instruments, synths, fx & vocals) - 300 • Songstarters - Midi - 75 • Loops - Basslines - Audio - 25 • Loops - Basslines - Midi - 25 • Loops - Drum Beats - 102 • Loops - Full Mixes - 50 • Loops - Synth Loops - Audio - 59 • Loops - Synth Loops - Midi - 36 • Drums - 01 Kicks - 35 • Drums - 02 Hi Hats - 26 • Drums - 03 Claps - 15 • Drums - 04 Snares - 25 • Drums - 05 Percussion - 36 • Drums - 06 Crashes & Rides - 16 • FX - 01 Background Textures - 12 • FX - 02 Downsweeps - 10 • FX - 03 Uprisers - 14 • One Shots - Bass - 22 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • MIDI • Tech House

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 - Punch Drunk
Punch DrunkZenhiserDubstep, Glitch Hop2016-11-29

Get ready for an incredible, hard hitting, industrial strength assortment of samples and loops that will obliterate your studio in minutes. Worldly caustic instruments collide with abrasive rhythms to create an aggressive sample pack of big budget movie proportions. Punch Drunk burrows into the disheveled sound of cinema combing Neuro / Dubstep with Soundtrack to establish an intense, unique sound that probes new life into your tracks and productions. Carefully crafted and aggressively mastered this forceful sample library delves as deep into your unconscious as humanly possible. Over 600 powerful ambiances, drum sounds, fx, monster sounds and one shots combine to deliver a beast of a pack that will send shockwaves through your production skills. Using this extraordinary collection will send shivers through your spine, confuse your endorphins and replicate profound imagery usually left up to illegal substances to create this hallucinogenic state. An exemplary collection of audio stems showcased in the preview supplies mangled melodies, crushing drums and fanatical fx with devastating power. Midi has also been included for these admirable stems to increase production potential. There’s no lacking in programming opportunities with Punch Drunk, the final uses of these sounds, loops and midi is truly endless. This impressive selection of sounds is available for immediate download in 24-Bit WAV. Key & tempo information is included in file names with the zip generously squashed to reduce download time. With unique film score libraries like these, your studio potential is almost boundless. You’ll find Punch Drunk is perfect buddy to Sucker Punch in the fight towards Sound track domination. Product Details: • Ambiances - 62 • Drums - 01 Kicks - 18 • Drums - 02 Snares - 11 • Drums - 03 Percussion - 128 • FX - 198 • Monsters - 39 • One Shots - 135 • Preview Stems - Audio - 21 • Preview Stems - Midi - 11 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • MIDI

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 - Serum Trance Presets
Serum Trance PresetsZenhiserTrance, Presets / Patches2016-11-22

Euphoric, melodic, hard hitting Trance presets designed exclusively for Xfer’s Serum Synth. Inspired by today’s multicultural Trance sound, Serum Trance Presets energetic style delivers everything you need to construct the next big Trance hit. Created from the ground up these beautifully smooth presets exude sonic class allowing producers to showcase the auditory beauty constrained within this pack. The quality of programming here is truly inspirational, injecting new light, power and drive into Serum’s synth. 105 committed presets covering all the main categories including pulsating basslines, intense fx, energetic leads, sublime pads, heightened instruments and passionate plucks. Added to the mixing pot is 5 unique mini Trance songs for all out track inspiration, these melodic masterpieces include full mixes, all the individual audio stems, and essential midi for all out Trace rivalry. There’s no lacking in inspiration with this indispensable pack from Zenhiser, these Trance tools will help carve your name in a genre that has beat the test of time. So start leaving your legacy with Serum Trance Presets added to your studio roster. This royalty free collection of presets, samples, stems and midi is ready to download in 24-bit wav, standard midi and fxp presets. All audio is mastered in 24-bit Wav with key & tempo information included within filenames. This really is the pack to turbocharge your Trance sound. Please Note: This collection contains Serum presets. Please ensure you have the latest version of Xfer Serum Synth. Product Details: • Presets - Bass - 20 • Presets - FX - 10 • Presets - Lead - 30 • Presets - Pad - 15 • Presets - Pluck - 30 • Song Audio Stems - 47 (includes basslines, beats, fx, synths, instruments, pads, drops and more) • Midi - 16 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • MIDI • EDM

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 - Trance Arena
Trance ArenaZenhiserTrance, MIDI2016-11-15

Trance Arena is an exuberant, fiery collection of Trance stems showcasing some the finest studio workmanship needed for today’s most epic of productions. This collection holds the secrets to chart topping success with an overabundance of melodies, drops and opulent layouts solely isolated in individual audio stems for an incredibly detailed and in depth usability toolset. Meticulously programmed, recorded and mastered by one of Trance’s leading production teams this sample collection holds a wealth of pumping basslines, pushy beats, euphoric leads, hairy raising pads, mind altering arps, emotive fx and seductive synths, complimented with enough track ideas to keep your production schedule at full tilt for the foreseeable future. This downright immense supply of audio and midi pleasure clocks in at just under 20GB, one of our largest and most prolific sample packs to date. Designed to generate dance floor hysteria, Trance Arena will push your studio to it’s outer limits, simply explore the full mixes, evaluate the elements you wish to use, then drop individual Trance audio stems or midi parts into your DAW for immediate gratification. With 10 high energy, royalty free Trance tracks at your disposal Trance Arena is monster of a pack waiting to be unleashed. 261 audio stems and 10 full midi files spread across the sample pack are all available for immediate download and 100% royalty free. All audio is mastered in 24-bit Wav with key & tempo information included within filenames. The multiple zips have been incredibly squeezed to reduce the near 20GB pack to just over 9GB lowering download time by over half. Trance Arena encompasses the more driven and luxurious side of Trance in one mega excursion so it’s a no brainer that this is the toolbox all Trance producers now need. Audio - 261 (full audio stems including basslines, beats, drum sounds, pads, strings, instruments, synths & fx) Midi - 10 (full midi files)

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 - Intoxicated Techno
Intoxicated TechnoZenhiserTechno, Drums2016-11-08

Intoxicated Techno is a deep immersive journey into the hypnotic, gritty world of the Techno scene. Packed to the brim with alluring rhythms, complicated synths and versatile loops this sample library sheds new light on a sophisticated genre. Limitations on audio constraints have been lifted with Intoxicated Techno to extend your programming potential to exponential new levels. Step inside the meticulous content of this pack and you will find a line up of understated loops and samples expertly mastered to deliver the drive, momentum and modular experience every producer needs in their latest production. Drums pump, basslines pound, synths explore brittle lines of melody, vocals warp to explore new possibilities and full mix loops transcend genre limitations ensuring Intoxicated Techno caters for all sub genres of the after-light scene. This sample pack is one of the most comprehensive collections of drum sounds, beats, fx, vocals, synth hits, midi, synth loops and basslines to date, with no less than 613 audio samples + 146 midi files. Even by Zenhiser standards this is a truly legendary sample pack for Techno producers. All loops and samples within the pack are 100% royalty free, supplied in 24-bit Wav ad include midi where applicable. Tempo & key information is supplied within filenames with zip files generously squeezed to reduce download time. So what are you waiting for, take your productions to the next level with a Techno sample collection that will stand the test of time. Product Details: • Basslines - 51 • Basslines - Midi - 50 • Drum Beats -149 • Drum Tops - 81 • Drums - 01 Kicks - 25 • Drums - 02 Hi Hats - 13 • Drums - 03 Snares - 12 • Drums - 04 Percussion - 23 • Full Mix Loops - 50 • FX -17 • Synth Hits - 14 • Synth Loops - 148 • Synth Loops - Midi - 96 • Vocals - Dry - 3 • Vocals - Wet - 27 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Tech House • Vocal

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 - The Art Of Psytrance
The Art Of PsytranceZenhiserTrance, Drums2016-11-01

We’re pushing Psytrance to heroic proportions with some of the most impressive, hypnotic Psytrance samples you’ll ever hear. Consistently driving, direct and intense this sample pack delivers simple fundamentals through to instant song builders with the quality, style and craftsmanship you’d expect from Zenhiser’s catalogue. Delve inside the library and you’ll find pulsating basslines, complex instruments and synths, hard hitting drum sounds, snappy one shots, thought warping vocals, full mix loops packed to the brim and midi files to express, alter and hone your production skills. Zenhiser is gaining ground at lightning speed in the Psytrance arena with a focused desire to push boundaries, The Art Of Psytrance masterfully takes a forefront position in this epic movement for one of the pioneering and most prolific genres. This is a monster of a pack that needs to be unleashed, unload into your favourite DAW or sampler and watch your brain light up like a festive Christmas tree. The Art Of Psytrance is a force to be reckoned with and the must have Psytrance sample library for any producer involved in the Psytrance scene. As usual all loops, samples and midi are 100% royalty and delivered in 24-Bit Wav. Both key & tempo information are supplied as standard within filenames with zip files cleverly compressed to decrease download time. Product Details: • Basslines - 50 • Drum Beats - 150 • Drums - 01 Kicks - 18 • Drums - 02 Hi Hats - 20 • Drums - 03 Snares - 20 • Drums - 04 Percussion - 30 • Drums - 05 Toms - 12 • Full Mix Loops - 50 • FX - 49 • Midi Files - 50 • Synth Hits - 50 • Synth Loops - 220 • Vocals - 5 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • MIDI

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 - The Drum Vault
The Drum VaultZenhiserHouse, Drums2016-10-25

Blissful elegance combined with melodic style has created a drum sample pack comprehensive enough to fill any House producer’s fantasies. Get ready for your hairs to stand on end with this sensational collection of drum beats, drum one shots, fx and striking song stems. This is THE sample pack House producers have been waiting for! Devised to supply an opulent bundle of drum beats, The Drum Vault’s wealth of styles encompasses everything from straight up 4 to the floor through to hypnotic percussive rhythms suitable for a wealth of genres including Progressive House, Bass House, Deep House, Tech House and EDM. The drum one shot collection begs to be used with a mesmerising cumulation of punchy kicks, snappy hi hats, tight claps, powerful snares, extensive percussion and stunning fx. To wrap it up into exemplary territory we also included all the individual stems from the preview, that includes sax lines, melodic synths, pounding basslines, drops to die for and a wealth of inspiration for your latest tracks …. what more could you want! Every sample, loop & audio stem in this pack is 100% royalty free and delivered in 24-Bit Wav. Tempo information is standard with key information supplied where applicable. Our zips are generously squeezed to reduce download time. Download these drum samples now and let Zenhiser’s samples do the hard work. Product Details: • Drum Beats - 181 • Drum Fills - 25 • Drums - 01 Kicks - 30 • Drums - 02 Hi Hats - 30 • Drums - 03 Claps & Snares - 30 • Drums - 04 Percussion - 40 • Drums - 05 FX - 29 • Preview Song Stems 01 - 16 • Preview Song Stems 02 - 13 • Preview Song Stems 03 - 14 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Progressive House • Tech House • Deep House • Future House

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 - Omnisphere Psytrance Presets
Omnisphere Psytrance PresetsZenhiserTrance, Presets / Patches2016-10-18

The phenomenal synth for sound designers worldwide has been expanded to tear up Psytrance producers studios with a collection of intergalactic sounds that breathes new life into Omnisphere’s powerhouse of synth mastery. Spanning 125 Psytrance presets designed to procure both the classic and refreshing new sound of Psy, this preset pack guarantees to ignite your creative aura and establish new ground in your latest productions. Inside this exhilarating library you’ll find power bass, transcending arps, hypnotic acid, melodic chords, spine tingling sweeps, impressive risers, tripped out fx and dominant leads. Programming of all included Psytrance presets has been taken to another level, ranging from strikingly sharp clear sounds to power driven arrangements. For added inspiration 201 Psytrance audio stems have been included delivering a huge source of inspiration when combined with the raw power of Omnisphere’s Psytrance Presets. All presets within the pack are compatible with Spectrasonics Omnisphere Synth only, using Version 2.2.0 or higher. All audio stems are 100% royalty free and available in 24-Bit Wav with key & tempo information included within filenames. The zips have been amazingly squeezed to deliver 6.2GB into a 479MB two zip combination. Once you realise how much this pack has to offer you’ll be keeping it secret from your friends to gain the musical upper hand. Product Details: • Presets - Acid - 2 • Presets - Arp - 36 • Presets - Bass - 1 • Presets - Chord - 6 • Presets - Drums - 2 • Presets - FX - 18 • Presets - Lead - 12 • Presets - Melody - 3 • Presets - Pluck - 8 • Presets - Risers - 3 • Presets - Sequence - 8 • Presets - Stab - 8 • Presets - Sweep - 17 • Presets - Voice - 1 • Preview Audio - Stems - 201

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 - Linndrum - The Drum Machine
Linndrum - The Drum MachineZenhiserHouse, Drums2016-10-11

Roger Linn’s iconic drum machines, the LM-1 & LM-2 have been expertly recorded, processed and sonically mastered to create the ultimate vintage drum collection. Linndrum - The Drum Machine is the finest collection of Lindrumm samples and loops ever created, a colossal amount of time and effort sourcing pristine hardware and recording endless knob tweaks has resulted in a perfectly crisp, clear and abundant array of one shot drum samples and 80’s inspired drum loops. Any producer is aware of Linndrum, the sexy black & orange panel with wooden casing is regularly voted one of the top 5 drum machines in the world, synonymous throughout the 80’s with A class producers like Prince, Human League & Tears For Fears. The drum sounds are thoroughly distinct in both units due to using samples of acoustic drums which makes the sound of the Linddrum’s LM-1 & LM-2 totally iconic. Whether it’s Tears For Fears “Shout” or Aha’s “Take On Me” this drum machines tonally quality and audio presence has set it sound in the music hall of fame till the end of time. Producers looking for a non synthetic alternative to Roland’s TR-808 or TR-909 will find this retro drum sample library the ultimate choice. Inside the comprehensive collection you’ll find multi sampled kicks, hats, claps, snares, congas, side sticks, toms, cowbells, cabasas, rides, crashes and tambourines. Variations in pitch and decay combined with analogue samples from both drum machines ensures a collection comparable with owning pristine, vintage units of both the LM-1 & LM-2. Designed to suit a multitude of producers this sample pack also delves deep into the juiciest rhythms of the 80’s with an immersive 405 drum loop collection for plethora of 80’s flair and style. All drum sounds and drum loops within the sample pack are 100% royalty free and supplied in 24-bit Wav. Tempo information is standard for all applicable filenames and the zip is generously squeezed to reduce download time. This collection of Linndrum samples is a no brainer, the quality is second to none, the price of buying pristine units is astronomical plus all the drum loops included in the pack will blow your socks off, so what are you waiting for! Product Details: • Drum Sounds - 01 Kicks LM-1 - 70 • Drum Sounds - 02 Kicks LM-2 - 41 • Drum Sounds - 03 Hi Hats 1 Decay - 16 • Drum Sounds - 03 Hi Hats 2 Decay - 16 • Drum Sounds - 03 Hi Hats Open Decay - 16 • Drum Sounds - 03 Hi Hats 1 Pitched - 27 • Drum Sounds - 03 Hi Hats 2 Pitched - 27 • Drum Sounds - 03 Hi Hats Open Pitched - 27 • Drum Sounds - 04 Clap LM-1 - 26 • Drum Sounds - 05 Clap LM-2 - 35 • Drum Sounds - 06 Snare LM-1 - 93 • Drum Sounds - 07 Snare LM-2 - 90 • Drum Sounds - 08 Conga LM-1 - 32 • Drum Sounds - 09 Conga LM-2A - 43 • Drum Sounds - 10 Conga LM-2B - 06 • Drum Sounds - 11 Sidestick - 34 • Drum Sounds - 12 Toms LM-1 - 18 • Drum Sounds - 13 Toms LM-2 - Electro - 05 • Drum Sounds - 13 Toms LM-2 - Standard - 29 • Drum Sounds - 14 Cowbell - 35 • Drum Sounds - 15 Cabasa - 38 • Drum Sounds - 16 Ride - 06 • Drum Sounds - 16 Ride Pitched - 68 • Drum Sounds - 17 Crash - 02 • Drum Sounds - 17 Crash Pitched - 25 • Drum Sounds - 17 Crash Runs - 04 • Drum Sounds - 17 Crash 1234 - 05 • Drum Sounds - 18 Tambourine - 35 • Drum Loops - 87bpm - 117bpm - 171 • Drum Loops - 118bpm - 141bpm - 234 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Tech House • Techno • World • Deep House

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 - Arcadian Drums
Arcadian DrumsZenhiserDrums, Downtempo2016-10-04

Arcadian Drums is a sublime, understated sample pack like no other. Dedicated solely to drum hits and drum loops of exceptional clarity this drum sample library guarantees to add soulful emotion to your next Downtempo or Hip Hop composition. Constructed using both digital and analogue drum sounds recorded live exclusively for the pack, Arcadian Drums sets it’s own benchmarks with diverse downtempo drum sounds ranging from complex brushes to extensive snares and bespoke rhythms with broken down beats in engaging alternatives taking front of stage. An overabundance of tempo options from 70bpm - 100bpm ensures whether you make film soundtracks, downtempo productions or soulful Hip Hop this sample library will have you covered. Also included in this voluminous drum collection is midi for all drum beats plus full mixes, individual stems and collective midi for everything heard in the preview. This is one truly unique drum sample library merging the boundaries between live and processed drums, it definitely should not be missed. All samples & loops within Arcadian Drums are 100% royalty free, 24-bit Wav. Key & tempo information is included as standard to all applicable file names with zip files generously squeezed to reduce download time. Download now and add sonic depth to your drums you never saw possible. Product Details: • Drum Beats - Audio - 210 • Drum Beats - Midi - 70 • Drum Sounds - 01 Kicks - 18 • Drum Sounds - 02 - Hi Hats - 19 • Drum Sounds - 03 - Claps - 26 • Drum Sounds - 04 Snares - 21 • Drum Sounds - 05 - Toms - 11 • Drum Sounds - 06 - Rims - 8 • Drum Sounds - 07 - Percussion - 17 • Drum Sounds - 08 - Brushes - 17 • Drum Sounds - 09 - Cymbals - 13 • Preview - Audio & Midi - 41 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Hip-Hop

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 - Deluxe House
Deluxe HouseZenhiserHouse, MIDI2016-09-27

Are your House productions craving something melodic and inspirational? Deluxe House fuses elegant loop collections with highly polished production skills to channel one of the most aspirational House sounds and loops pack to date. A no nonsense, straight up House medley featuring over 6 GB of royalty free sounds, stems, one shots, basslines, beats, vocals and more. Referencing genres from Melodic House, Deep House, Bass House, Mainroom House and everything in between, this sample library packs a huge supply of musical options for top end producers and remixers. Expect to find piano packed melodies, bouncy basslines, deep soulful grooves, upfront drops, gorgeous weighty beats your tracks have been crying out for. Deluxe House breaks itself down into a powerhouse of categories, 10 fully fledged inspirational House songs including full mixes and seperate stems for every element used, we even threw in the midi too. Full mix loops with individual parts including beats, basslines, midi, instruments & synths, a mountain of classic drum sounds, delicious one shots and the icing on the cake, killer one shot vocals. These 100% royalty free House samples are available for immediate download in 24-bit Wav. Key & tempo information is included as standard to all applicable file names with the three zips generously squeezed to reduce download time. Download these House sounds now and prepare to clock up hundreds of studio hours having more fun than should be legally allowed. Product Details: • 10 Full Songs / Stem Kits - Includes stems for Basslines, Drops, Drums, Melodies, FX, Instruments and Pads • Basslines - 25 • Drum Hits - 01 Kicks - 20 • Drum Hits - 02 Hi Hats - 20 • Drum Hits - 03 Claps & Snares - 30 • Drum Hits - 04 Crashes & Rides - 10 • Drum Hits - 05 Percussion - 20 • Drum Loops - 75 • Full Mix Loops - 25 • Leads - 50 • Synths - 50 • One Shots - Synth - 20 • One Shots - Vocal - 42 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Deep House

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 - 303 Acid
303 AcidZenhiserHouse, Techno2016-09-20

Get nostalgic with a highly sentimental collection of retro Acid House sounds and loops that defies time. Bringing the underground sonic palette that reverberated throughout clubs from Chicago to London this epic acid movement collection documents the impact Roland TB-303 had on the Acid House revolution. Packed full of dirty 303 loops, degrading beats and deeply hypnotic rhythms this pack has your Acid needs covered. Inside the late 88-89 inspired pack you’ll find a simply stunning melting pot of retro house sounds, squelchy basses, organic rhythms, charismatic acid loops, clunky pianos, killer top loops, rave style fx and stacks of heavily processed drum sounds. 303 Acid pays homage to the Acid House sound in ways you never thought possible, it’s a snap shot of musical history paying tribute to what was the birth of House & Techno. Whatever you produce this sample and loop collection contains everything you need to create a re-generated Acid House banger. All classic Acid House sounds are available to download now in 24-Bit Wav. Key & tempo information is included as standard to applicable file names. Download now and inject some 303 goodness into your latest tracks. Product Details: • 303 Loops - 56 • Bass Loops - 50 • Drum Hits - 01 Kicks - 20 • Drum Hits - 02 Hi Hats - 31 • Drum Hits - 03 Claps - 20 • Drum Hits - 04 Snares - 21 • Drum Hits - 05 Percussion - 35 • Drum Loops - 102 • Drum Top Loops - 101 • FX Hits - 20 • Instrument Loops - 52 • Percussive Loops - 50 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Tech House • Deep House

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 - Psy FX Vault
Psy FX VaultZenhiserTrance, Sound FX2016-09-13

Are your Psytrance tracks needing the finishing touch, something to take then from great to outstanding? Psy FX Vault crams everything you need to add sparkle, clarity, drive and tonal excellence to your studio. Compressed full of 2.4GB immaculate FX sounds, loops and samples this spine tingling collection showcases all that is beautiful within the Psytrance empire. Inside the beautifully constructed pack you’ll find a boundless assortment of etherial pads, emotive atmospheres, stylish textured loops, diverse live recordings, punchy kicks, pounding booms, essential one shots and inspirational hits. The remarkable plethora of unchartered sounds and loops will strengthen your productions and spark new ideas. Psy FX Vault takes it one step further including all parts of the preview in both audio stem parts and traditional midi for an extremely luxuriant and complete sample pack. This FX collection is a true insight into a high end Psytrance producers studio, so get your hands of these beauties today before the world realises what’s available. This phenomenal FX sound pack comes licensed royalty free and is available in 24-bit Wav. Immediate download is available with one zip lavishly compressed to reduce download time. Download now and get the only Psytrance FX collection you’ll ever need. Product Details: • FX - Atmospheres - 50 • FX - Kicks & Booms - 30 • FX - Live Spatial Recordings - 20 • FX - Long One Shots - 40 • FX - Short - 90 • Preview - Audio - 21 • Preview - Midi - 11 • FX - Textured Loops - 100 • FX - Vocal Pads & Melodies - 50 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits

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 - Trap Attack 2!
Trap Attack 2!ZenhiserHip-Hop / R&B, Trap2016-09-06

Following the uncharted success of Trap Attack!, another masterpiece of boundary breaking beats, melodies and drops had to be constructed. Inspired by the vocal wizardry of forward thinking Trap chart toppers this sample library delves deep into the resonant underground sound of today spanning a tempo range from 85 through to 170bpm. Trap Attack 2! is one epic Trap sample pack featuring nearly 1GB of overdriven beats, deep 808 kicks, outrageous hooks, upfront vocals, pounding basslines and all the swagger you need for your next Trap hit. Served up in typical Zenhiser fashion you find a copious feast of options ranging from folder friendly alternate vocals to dedicated midi chords, 808 one shots to complex instruments and synths. With nearly 550 loops and samples covering the evolving sound of Trap you’ll have everything you need to create your next Trap monster. Honestly, no Trap producer can afford to miss this sample pack. All Trap loops and samples are available in 24-Bit Wav, 100% royalty free and available for immediate download. The zip file has been generously squeezed to reduce download time with bpm and key information added to file names as standard. Midi has also been included in this Trap pack. Thought the first pack was great, welcome to a bountiful follow up of unmeasurable proportions. Product Details: • Basslines & 808 Loops - 30 • Drum Beats - 64 • Drums - 01 Kick Layers - 10 • Drums - 01 Kicks - 22 • Drums - 02 808 One Shots - 10 • Drums - 03 Claps - 27 • Drums - 04 Snares - 30 • Drums - 05 Percussion - 50 • Drums - 06 Metal Hits - 21 • FX - 59 • Instruments & Synths - 56 • Midi Chords - 20 • Midi Lines - 33 • One Shots - 54 • Vocals - Ambient - 17 • Vocals - Chants - 25 • Vocals - Phrases - 42 • Vocals - Words - 32 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Sound FX

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 - Summer EDM Blowout!
Summer EDM Blowout!ZenhiserProgressive House, EDM2016-08-30

What a way to boost your EDM tracks this summer! With Zenhiser’s successful formula added to your studio, Summer EDM Blowout will elevate your future productions to epic proportions. This sample pack is loaded with absolutely everything you need to make EDM hits, energetic, driving, melodic EDM sounds ranging from Festival anthems to underground monsters. Summer EDM Blowout was tailer made to cover the global EDM sound, from USA to Europe, Australia to Asia this incredible sample library caters for such a wide range of EDM possibilities that your next international hit is pretty much covered. Consisting of essential parts for ground up inspiration you’ll find a medley of hand in the air drops, hard hitting loops, bouncy rhythms, euphoric melodies, bass smashing grooves and much more. Different levels of usability have been covered with Inspiration Kits grasping everything you need for one production domination, full mix loops catering for as much or as little as you need to destroy your next track, one shots for ground up construction and midi to broaden the scope of programming to infinite possibilities. Weighing in at nearly 7GB, this EDM factory is an instant creativity goldmine for any EDM producer. All EDM samples and loops are available in 24-Bit Wav and 100% royalty free. Tempo throughout the pack is 128bpm and midi in included as standard. The two zip files have been generously squeezed to reduce download time so try them out today and kick off your production season with this premium EDM collection from Zenhiser. Product Details: • 5 Full Song Inspiration Kits/ Stems - Includes Basslines, Drops, Drums, Melodies, FX, Instruments, Brass and more • Full Song Inspiration Kits - Midi - 28 • Drum Fills - 20 • Drums - Kicks - 19 • Drum - Hi Hats - 28 • Drums - Claps - 14 • Drums - Snares - 8 • Drums - Percussion - 19 • FX - 50 • Loops - Basslines - 25 • Loops - Basslines - Midi - 25 • Loops - Drum Beats - 81 • Loops - Full Mixes - 25 • Loops - Synth - 25 • Loops - Synth - Midi - 25 • One Shots - Synth - 20 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Electro House

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 - Sucker Punch
Sucker PunchZenhiserDubstep, EDM2016-08-23

If you’re looking to delve into a dark, mysterious world of abrasive samples & loops where film scores merge with Neuro / Dubstep, then this is the must have sample library for you. Devised to leave genre categories behind Sucker Punch is suited for all composers, film scores, electronic genres and game designers alike. Fusing dark energy with blends of industrial rhythms has given born to one of Zenhiser’s most intense sample monsters. The heavy tech sound of Sucker Punch explores uncharted realms of sonic black spots guaranteeing this original sample collection will breathe new, unheard life in your latest tracks. A mixture of advanced synthesis with field recordings has been heavily re-sampled, tweaked and distorted, then passed through multiple FX chains, DSP algorithms and finally mastered to deliver an incredibly unique blend of loops, basslines, beats, drum sounds, one shots and fx. Combined with added midi for all bass and instrument parts Sucker Punch is an all out attack on your senses, the perfect sample pack for your dirty production needs. This sample library is 100% royalty free and available as 24-Bit Wav. Midi is included where applicable with tempo range of loops at 140bpm. The zip file has been generously squashed to reduce download time. Pack Details: 
• Basslines - Audio - 30 • Basslines - Midi - 30 • Drum Beats - 120 • Drums - Kicks - 13 • Drums - Snares - 10 • Drums - Percussion - 92 • FX - 104 • Instrument Loops - Audio - 60 • Instrument Loops - Midi - 30 • One Shots - Bass - 28 • One Shots - Midi - 20 • One Shots - Various - 70 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Drum Hits

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 - Luminous
LuminousZenhiserElectro House, Dubstep2016-08-16

Zenhiser takes you on a musical adventure where Dubstep, Trance & Neuro Bass combine to create something absolutely magical. Supercharged melodies combined with hard hitting drops create jaw dropping song starters making Luminous a timeless sample pack that defies the laws of EDM genres. A visionary package of exquisite sound partnered with sonic drive brings an exquisite sample library into existence. Inside you’ll find a huge array of stems, one shots, full mixes, fx, atmospheres, bass hits and full midi. With this amount of sonic freedom the world is your oyster! Luminous is packed to the brim with unparalleled auditory climaxes, it pushes the realms of a sample pack and delivers everything you need for your next EDM banger. This pack is the real deal, over 10GB of samples & loops constructed for aural destruction. So what are you waiting for, download today and thrust your studio into a powerhouse of heavenly intoxication. This sample pack of 100% royalty free samples & loops is available in 24-bit wav and includes midi where applicable. Tempo ranges from 128bpm - 174bpm with key information supplied within filenames. Stems are foldered with full mixes for ease of use and zip files have been generously squeezed to reduce download time. Pack Details: 
20 Full Songs / Stem Kits - Includes stems for Basslines, Drops, Drums, Melodies, FX, Synths & Instruments: • Atmospheres - 55 • Bass Hits - 33 • Drum Loops - 15 • FX - Glitch - 56 • FX - Percussion - 52 • FX - Preview - 11 • FX - Various - 38 • Midi - 20 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Progressive House • EDM

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 - Future Bass Stems
Future Bass StemsZenhiserEDM, Trap2016-08-09

Zenhiser is proud to present a positively elegant Future Bass stem pack for the masses. Summer soaked melodies glide through an ecliptic journey of warm, seductive sounds paralleled to none. Focusing on smoking grooves combined with exquisite programming this luxurious sample library provides racks of sonic wealth for next Future Bass hit. Comprising of 10 sumptuous song starters, Future Bass Stems is expertly organised with individual stems to assist with as much melodic content as you need. This eclectic mix of upfront sounds, funky synth lines, deep basslines, choppy vocals and snappy drums delivers a graceful level of production at your fingertips. This Impeccable sample pack establishes a new level of stem production with the perfect balance between classic refined instruments and smokin hot rhythms. Magnificently recorded and mastered to perfection helps every song starter within the Future Bass pack stand out from the rest. This really is the must have toolbox for any Future Bass producer. This seductively sweet aura of summer goodness contains 100% royalty free 24-Bit Wav files and is ready for immediate download. All sounds and loops within the sample pack contain bpm and key information within the file name, tempo of loops range from 80bpm - 160bpm with everything wrapped in Zenhiser’s meticulous perfection. Product Details: 
10 Full Songs / Stem Kits - Includes stems for Basslines, Drops, Drums, Melodies, FX, Instruments and Vocals Midi Files - 10 BPM Range - 80bpm - 160bpm *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Dubstep • Hip-Hop • House • Downtempo

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 - Heavenly Melodic Tools
Heavenly Melodic ToolsZenhiserHouse, EDM2016-08-02

Are you looking to boost your melodic energy and uplifting sounds to a whole new level, then this is definitely the pack for you. Crossing multiple genres including EDM, Future Bass, Progressive House, Tropical House, Dubstep & House this unforgettable collection of samples & loops delivers everything you need to elevate your tracks to blissful heights of epic proportions. Consisting of 20 expertly produced song starters, Heavenly Melodic Tools sun soaked, upfront energy is designed to inject instant arousal to any track you are currently working on. With all individual stems included plus a full mix to showcase the full potential of this sample pack, you can guarantee writers block will be a thing of the past. Midi is also included as standard plus with a broad mix of genres eloquently covered this eclectic collection will take pride of place in your studio sample library. Sometimes a sample pack has to be truly refreshing, instantly kickstart your musical mind whilst delving into a cloud nine state of heavenly euphoria, Heavenly Melodic Tools does this at a legendary scale. This auditory dose of positive energy is 100% royalty free, available in 24-Bit Wav and ready for immediate download. All sounds and loops within the sample pack contain bpm and key information within the file name, tempo of loops range from 85bpm - 160bpm with everything wrapped in Zenhiser’s enchanted goodness. 
20 Full Songs / Stem Kits - Includes stems for Basslines, Drops, Drums, Melodies, FX, Instruments and more Midi Files - 250 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • Electro House • Progressive House

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 - Next Level Trap Stems
Next Level Trap StemsZenhiserHip-Hop / R&B, Trap2016-07-26

Zenhiser is back with an immense collection of Trap stems that will make your musical mind boggle. This sensational pack contains an astounding batch of eclectic Trap sounds designed to bend your thoughts of Trap reality. Containing a melting pot of fresh programming ideas this sample library is guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing. Designed to deliver both powerful track starters and all out musical freedom with mid files included, you have the ability to take huge creative leaps once you’ve purchased Next Level Trap Stems. Within the pack you’ll find huge Trap anthems, a serious assault on your 808 senses, ghetto vocals, snappy synths to make floors bounce uncontrollably, sub rumbling basslines, razor sharp drops, destructive fx and a core philosophy to tear dance floors apart. Trap sample libraries like this don’t appear very often so take this musical advantage now, it’s literally the best decision you’ll make this year. All stem samples and midi within the pack are 100% royalty free, ready to download in 24-bit Wav with key & bpm information included in the filenames. BPM range of the sample pack is 90bpm - 150bpm and the unzipped size is a whopping 6.0GB! So grab Next Level Trap Stems now before you realise what you’re missing out on. 
13 Full Songs / Stem Kits - Includes stems for Basslines, Drops, Drums, Vocals, FX, Flutes, Arps, Synths, Piano’s and more 13 Full Midi Files

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 - Chilled Drum Academy
Chilled Drum AcademyZenhiserChill Out, Drums2016-07-19

Zenhiser’s choice for warm lush beats is Chilled Drum Academy, a spiritual collection of soulful drum sounds and blissed out drum loops perfectly packaged to deliver an almost instantaneous back drop for your next track. This sample pack is a stunning collection of loops, samples and midi solely devoted to exploring the seamless link between organic drums and ambient electronic sounds. Within the pack you can expect to find an immeasurable amount of natural beats ranging from 80 - 174bpm, covering dreamy genres including Ambient, Chill-out, Chill House, Deep House, Breaks, DnB and more. A cacophony of delicate chilled drum sounds including alternate drum foley samples recorded exclusively for the pack immerses your senses in new sonic frontiers and compliments the rest the pack perfectly. Drifting seamlessly through multiple genres makes Chilled Drum Academy accessible for so many audio tastes, plus with the added bonus of midi for all drum beats your true programming potential is about to sky rocket. This dreamlike pack also includes audio stems and associated midi for all the preview / demo making this 1.4GB drum pack an indispensable addition to your studio. All loops and samples in this sample library are 100% royalty free and available for immediate download in 24-Bit Wav. Drum Beats are foldered by bpm with bpm information included within the filename. Download now and add something inspirational to your drum tracks! 
• Drum Loops 80bpm - 30 • Drum Loops 90bpm - 30 • Drum Loops 110bpm - 30 • Drum Loops 125bpm - 30 • Drum Loops 140bpm - 30 • Drum Loops 150bpm - 30 • Drum Loops - 174bpm - 30 • Drum Loops Midi 80bpm - 30 • Drum Loops Midi 90bpm - 30 • Drum Loops Midi 110bpm - 30 • Drum Loops Midi 125bpm - 30 • Drum Loops Midi 140bpm - 30 • Drum Loops Midi 150bpm - 30 • Drum Loops - Midi 174bpm - 30 • Drum Sounds - 01 Kicks - 10 • Drum Sounds - 02 Hi Hats - 13 • Drum Sounds - 03 Claps - 10 • Drum Sounds - 04 Snares - 15 • Drum Sounds - 05 Percussion - 12 • Drum Sounds - 06 Drum Foley - 70 • Bonus - Raw Foley - 20 • Preview Audio Stems + Midi - 29 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Drum Hits • Dubstep • House • Downtempo

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 - Jackin Bass House
Jackin Bass HouseZenhiserHouse, Drums2016-07-12

If you’re in the market for intoxicating Bass House samples that will have your booty shaking, then you are definitely in the right place. Jackin Bass House incorporates a copious amount of beats, basslines, synths, one shots, fx, midi and influential full mix loops concepts you’ll need to juice up your next production. Created by one of best Bass House producers out there, Jackin Bass House provides unprecedented skill injected into one hefty sample library. Featuring a huge 3.1GB of essential Bass House sounds & loops, this exquisite collection perfectly combines swinging beats, growling basslines with crunchy leads. Ranging from dub influenced bangers to Garage inspired masterpieces you’ll have the current Bass House movement firmly at your fingertips with this unparalleled sample pack. Concentrating not only on smashing it out the park with intoxicating loops this pack explores the diversity of one shot sounds too including tight ass drum sounds, punchy one shot basses, powerful synths and caustic fx. Midi is supplied granting a myriad of production options whilst all audio has been recorded loud, punchy and beautifully crisp. Jackin Bass House is the go to sample library for House producers needing a hit song. All Bass House sounds and loops are available to download 100% royalty free and in 24-Bit Wav. Audio is bpm & key labelled with tempo synced loops ranging form 120 - 124bpm. Midi is included as standard. Specifications: • Basslines - 50 • Drum Beats - 150 • Drums - Kicks - 50 • Drums - Hi Hats - 50 • Drums - Claps & Snares - 50 • Drums - Percussion - 50 • Full Mix Loops - 50 • FX - 25 • One Shots - Bass - 51 • One Shots - Synth - 51 • Synth Lines - 110 • Midi Files - 100

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 - Deep House Stems
Deep House StemsZenhiserDeep House, Vocal2016-07-05

Deep House Stems is a gorgeous collection of loyally inspirational House music stems focussed on strong male vocals and melodic sounds. Served up in Zenhiser’s timeless fashion these unforgettable song starters will deliver motivation when it’s most needed. Packed for full of pristine, original audio solutions Deep House Stems captures the sumptuous sound of Deep House, Chill House & Beach House to forge a silky smooth cluster of influential sounds to construct you next masterpiece with. Inside the pack you’ll find stems dedicated to seductive vocals, summer soaked melodies, solid drums, timeless basslines, graceful drops, angelic grooves and snappy percussion. This dazzling Deep House sample pack deserves it’s pride of place in your studio, holding it’s ground against Deep House’s most respected producers. Each of the 10 songs within the pack contains a full mix plus all the individual stems, everything is key labelled with bpm information in the filename. Midi files are also included maximising your possibilities to endless levels. With the added flexibility you have full melodic control, use as much audio as you require for instantaneous results, manipulate, edit & chop the stems for elevating results or tweak the midi content for brand new sonic ideas. This dedicated sample library for producers of Deep House & House is what your alter ego has been crying out for, so download today and make your underprivileged studio a very happy bunny. All samples and loops are presented in 24-Bit WAV, tempo synced at 120bpm with Midi included as standard. 
10 Inspirational Song Starters - Includes beats, basslines, synth, fx, instruments, vocals and full mixes 10 Full Midi Files

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 - Boutique Drums
Boutique DrumsZenhiserHouse, Drums2016-06-28

Take your drums to monumental heights with this extraordinary collection of electronic drum sounds, beats and percussive loops. An absolute must for your production library this outerwolrdly sample pack contains everything drum related for the forward thinking producer. Packed full of diverse drum loops ranging in bpm from 90 - 140, Boutique Drums caters for multiple genres ranging from 80’s Synth Pop to Hip Hop. Truely functional grooves within the drum pack veer towards the more steppy side of music whilst the impeccable collection of drum sounds are suited for every use including 4 to the floor productions. FX sounds shine bright with sweeps, crunches, slides, beeps, percussive tones, bangs, shakes and samples you simply haven’t heard before. You’ll also find all the stems from the preview, neatly folded with key information for added musical inspiration. This impressive drum pack is available for download in 24-Bit Wav, so harness your sonic abilities with these 100% royalty free drum sounds now, they need to be heard in isolation to be believed. Specifications: • 
Drum Loops - 105 • Drum Sounds - Bass Hit Kicks - 5 • Drum Sounds - Kicks - 25 • Drum sounds - Hi Hats - 20 • Drum Sounds - Claps - 30 • Drum Sounds - Snares - 30 • Drum Sounds - FX - 45 • All Preview Audio Stems - 26 (includes beats, basslines, synths and fx) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Drum & Bass • Hip-Hop • Progressive House • Deep House

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 - Trance Vs Psytrance
Trance Vs PsytranceZenhiserTrance, Progressive House2016-06-28

Explore the endless possibilities between Trance & Psytrance with this masterfully crafted collection of upfront Trance sounds. Designed to add extra layers of drive, melody and punch, Trance Vs Psytrance’s unique stem song collection delivers musical freedom and full melodic control when needed. Born out of necessity this Trance sample collection fuses the two sides of Trance & Psytrance into one symbiotic masterpiece, with inspiration abound you’ll be sure not to run out of ideas. Inside this gargantuan sample library you’ll find 11GB of Trance stems ranging from the euphoric side of Trance to the pulsating rhythms of Psytrance. Included is everything today’s forefront producers need including powerful basslines, super tight beats, modulating synths, technical rhythms, complex fx and the whole caboodle needed for your next immense production. With the flexibly of midi added, sound changes, tweaked patterns, key changes and bpm adjustments are no longer an issue so expect to lift your sonic game to new heights with these universal Trance sounds from Zenhiser. Trust us, download today and push your expectations to colossal. As always all loops and samples are 100% royalty free and available in 24-Bit Wav. Bpm and key information is included within file names with midi supplied for all Trance stems. 
10 Inspirational Stem Songs - Includes beats, basslines, synth, fx, instruments and full mixes Midi - 54 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • EDM

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 - Urban Brainwaves
Urban BrainwavesZenhiserHip-Hop / R&B, Downtempo2016-06-21

It’s time to get your velor tracksuits on because music never got this comfy. Urban Brainwaves fuses everything seductive, stylish and downtempo into one signature collection of exceptional loops and samples. Unlike any other, these signature urban sounds guarantees instant inspiration whilst infusing both warmth and sophistication into your compositions. The pack’s functional design explores a myriad of opportunities, broken down into individual elements Urban Brainwaves contains a galactic lineup of grooves inspired by today’s Urban, Downtempo and Hip Hop scene. Inside every individual folder you will find shelves full of sensuous instruments, plush rhythms, lavish melodies, rich fx, dense basslines and perfectly mastered mixes. 6GB of content ensures a highly original sample library that will defeat the hands of time, offering creative concepts and a wealth of material for countless music productions. This royalty free Urban sample library comes in 24-Bit Wav, Bpm ranges from 80 - 145bpm and all sounds are available for immediate download. Rest assured, adding this bunch of Urban sounds to your studio will never leave you short of ideas. 
50 Inspirational Melodies - Includes beats, basslines, synth, fx, instruments and full mixes.

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 - Trap Drum Academy
Trap Drum AcademyZenhiserDrums, Trap2016-06-14

If you’re looking for impeccable Trap drum samples & beats that instantly seize the unmistakable sound of Trap then this is the pack for you. Trap Drum Academy is a supreme collection of forward thinking samples devised to become the must have drum pack for Trap producers. Designed exclusively to focus on Trap drums, this intrusive collection executes next level drum programming alongside endless precision cut one shot sounds. With over 450 top level drum beats, kicks, claps, snares, fx, percussion and cymbals you’ll never be at a loss for drums again. We’ve also included all the synth & bass parts from the preview / demo, for added instant inspiration. So the next time you need to inject power, energy and drive into your productions grab this fiery collection. All Trap drums and beats are available for immediate download in 24-Bit WAV. Bpm ranges from 92 - 190bpm and everything within the pack is 100% royalty free. 
Drum Beats - 210 •Kicks - 38 • Claps - 37 • Snares - 37 • Percussion - 38 • Cymbals - 13 • FX - 69 • Preview Stems - 10 (includes basslines & synths from preview / demo)

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 - Extreme Serum Bass
Extreme Serum BassZenhiserPresets / Patches, EDM2016-06-07

Explore the boundless possibilities of bass sounds with this power driven pack of presets for Xfer Serum synth. Masterfully crafted to deliver ultimate sonic impact, these ear shaking, sub frequency quaking sounds will supercharge your synth to galactic realms. Packed to the brim with both experimental and today’s forefront presets you’ll be sure to find the synth sound you need within minutes. Inside Extreme Serum Bass you’ll find Acid squelches, Bass House monsters, Dubstep pounders, Future House style, devastating growls, metallic futuristic bass, modulated sounds, Reese style movements, super squelchy bass, wobbles, morphing mayhem and more. Extreme Serum Bass is designed to do one thing and do it well, push next level bass sounds to their extreme. With nothing else on the market like it, these 101 Serum presets need to be heard now. All presets within this Serum pack are 100% royalty free and ready for immediate download. You will need to own Xfer Serum synth for this preset pack to work. The preview is composed using Serum presets from the pack plus drums and vocals for illustrative purposes only. Specifications: 
• Acid Bass - 13 • Bass House Bass - 13 • Dubstep Bass - 11 • Flange Bass - 12 • Future House Bass - 14 • Groove Bass - 10 • Growl Bass - 12 • Metallic Bass - 2 • Modulation Bass - 1 • Morphing Bass - 1 • Pwuah Bass - 1 • Reese Bass - 1 • Squelch Bass - 5 • Wobble Bass - 1 • Yay Bass - 4 Additional Genre(s) • Dubstep • House • Progressive House • Trap • Future House