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Formed in 2006, Zenhiser is a leading sound design company based in the UK and Australia. Aiming to bring new and exciting sample libraries to consumers at affordable prices, the Zenhiser team is composed of a key group of sound designers, producers & remixers whose expertise in the music industry spans over 16 years. With a consistent audio production & remix schedule under their belt, they yield a firm understanding of what the customer needs and wants.

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 - Concussion
ConcussionZenhiserDubstep, Trap2016-05-17

Concussion is a downright aggressive sample pack, featuring some of the most outrageous samples you’re likely to ever come across. A real heavy hitter, this sound library will become your go to collection for speaker shocking samples. Loaded with a wealth of useful melodies, hooks, layered sounds and inspiration ensures the longevity of this hard hitter. Inside this flagrant disrespectful resource of technical mayhem you will find a ruthless concoction of sonic wizardry including ear shattering synths, twisted basslines, punch beats, aggressive vocals, perverted fx, contaminated guitars and cone tearing sounds. 40 fully loaded mini tracks around 1:30 minutes and longer, expertly crafted for Dubstep, Hybrid Trap, DnB & Trap will deliver instant weaponry to your studio. Concussion really is an assault on your senses, pushing abrasive samples and loops to a new sonic realm. Jammed full of individual stems you can choose just how much you wish to use in your next production, add a few elements for instant inspiration or ride the full mixes for unstoppable destruction. All loops and samples within Concussion are 24-Bit royalty free Wav. The sample library is available for immediate download, BPM ranges from 80 - 170bpm with key information included as standard. Production skill increase is guaranteed so grab these sounds and get your nasty freak on! 
Concussion includes: • 
Mini Tracks - 40 (includes, basslines, beats, fx, full mixes, synths, vox and more) *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Vocal

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 - Delectable Future
Delectable FutureZenhiserVocal, Trap2016-05-13

Delectable Future is a masterfully produced sample pack equipped with all the musical knowledge for forward thinking individuality. Feeding your creativity with a plethora of samples and loops this pack dips it’s feet into a multitude of genres including Future Bass, House, Electronica and a subtle nod to Retro House flair. Crammed full of soul, melody and modern funk this melting pot of contemporary sounds oozes style from every folder. Featuring an immense sound collection covering all studio essentials, Delectable Future is brimmed full of ideas for sonic creativity. Expect to hear ghetto sub bass, snappy beats, crazy vocal fx, heavy horns, plucky pianos, atmospheric synths, contorted fx as well as an extensive collection of kicks, percussion and layered snares. The full mix folder delivers a comprehensive and unique approach with most loops pushing evolution length status. This sample library is certified to bring fresh new ideas to your productions, honing in on your sonic skills and adding electronic flair to future tracks. A truly diverse sample pack Delectable Future covers a spectrum of usability in today’s musical world. All sounds and loops are 100% royalty free, come as 24-bit Wav and are available for immediate download. BPM ranges from 73 - 136bpm with key information included as standard. Download instantly and add some essential tools to your studio collection. Pack Details: 
• Basslines - 57 • Drum Loops - 155 • Drums - Kicks - 16 • Drums - Percussion Warped - 24 • Drums - Percussion - 43 • Drums - Layered Snares - 27 • Full Mixes - 56 • FX, Hits & Loops - 69 • One Shots - Pads - 14 • Synths & Instruments - 170 • Vocals & Vocal Loops - 32 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Dubstep • Glitch Hop • House

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 - Conscious
ConsciousZenhiserVocal, Downtempo2016-05-10

Sometimes a sample libraries destiny is to evolve past all previous boundaries, push through sonic barriers and emerge overflowing with truly elevating concepts. Conscious is an exquisite chilled sample pack brimming with inspirational sounds designed to feed your musical lust. Full of music making gems this unique and stylish collection opens up your studio to new levels of blissful possibilities. With elements taken from all corners of the chilled genre the diverse sample collection has it’s feet firmly rooted in a sublime spectrum of enlightenment. Inside the pack you’ll find an incredibly vast selection of samples and loops, featuring imaginative beats, pulsating basslines, seductive guitar lines, harmonious synths, emotive vocals, selective drum hits, intricate one shots and atmospheric full mixes. The attention to detail is sincerely astonishing, a pack this intensive with refreshing loops round every corner is near impossible to find. Impressive by both it’s size and quality Conscious enthrals the senses with a vibrant yet laid back foundation, perfect to feed your creativity. This trendsetting sample library of royalty free Chilled samples and loops is available to download in 24-bit Wav. Bpm of the sample pack is set at 140bpm with key information included where needed. Download now and breath new life into your studio with this highly evocative collection of chilled sounds. 
Conscious includes: 
• Basslines - 50 • Bonus Presets - FM8 - 6 • Bonus Presets - NI Massive - 3 • Drum Beats - 150 • Drums - Kicks - 15 • Drums - Hi Hats - 13 • Drums - Percussion - 59 • Drums - Snares & Claps - 14 • Full Mix Samples - 50 • FX - 20 • Guitar Loops - 20 • One Shots - Bass - 9 • One Shots - Synth - 71 • Synth Lines - 101 • Vocals - 12 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Drum Hits • Sound FX

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 - Oldskool Revival
Oldskool RevivalZenhiserHouse, Vocal2016-05-03

Explore a time where sonic exploration was at it’s forefront and producers pushed boundaries with their unique talent. Encompassing the 90’s decade, Oldskool Revival captures the experimental sound that opened people’s mind into a new era of sonic production. With nods to Oldskool Rave, Garage, House and Electronica this sample library accurately acquires the pulsating rhythms, deep grooves, expressive vocal chops and instrumental sections of the 90’s. This retro laiden sample pack from Zenhiser features a myriad of sonic ideas lavishly mastered to divine perfection. Designed to ensure instant gratification, these retro building blocks form the perfect foundation for your future tracks. Each Oldskool groove projects itself with heavyweight basslines, powerful classic beats, retro styled vocals, essential drum fills and full mix combinations. A unique FX folder also adds a new dimension of sound to this exquisitely produced sample pack. The 90’s is when dance music first truly shined, there were no boundaries, producers created what they felt and this was the approach we used with Oldskool Revival, ensuring a truly authentic collection of loops and samples. These beautiful Oldskool samples are available for download in 24-Bit Wav. All sounds are 100% royalty free with bpm of pack set at 124bpm. Download today and time travel your studio back to the 90’s in minutes! 
Oldskool Revival includes: 
• Loops & Grooves - 253 samples (Includes basslines, beats, fills, vocals and full mix loops) • FX - 50 samples *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Tech House • Deep House

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 - The Evolution Of Trap
The Evolution Of TrapZenhiserHip-Hop, Trap2016-04-26

Are you looking to push Trap boundaries to every corner of it’s classification? Well look no further, The Evolution Of Trap is packed to the brim with auditory ideas for your next production. This sample pack is just how we like it, fusing phenomenal concepts never used before with tried and test drops makes this sample library super versatile for even the most seasoned of Trap producers. Once you peel away the phonic wrapping you will find a desirable array of opulent Trap stems expertly designed to encompass melodies, breakdowns, drops and deluxe fills. The Evolution Of Trap will play with your senses, transporting your tracks through an hefty selection of sounds from symphonic melodies to gut wrenching drops. This sample pack is Trap at it’s very core, peak time hooks, speaker pounding beats and basslines constructed of resonant power. The Evolution Of Trap is a ground breaking sample library available for download in 24-Bit Wav. The pack ranges from 82 - 160bpm with key information included. Sometimes a sample library can focus on one style well but every once in a while a sample pack evolves to cover everything tremendously. 
The Evolution Of Trap includes: 
• 20 Full Mixes • 208 stems including basslines, drums, synths, fx and full mixes

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 - Progressive Excellence
Progressive ExcellenceZenhiserTrance, Progressive House2016-04-19

Progressive Excellence is harmonious collection of modern progressive sounds invented to uplift the soul. Ranging from resonant rhythms to heavenly melodies this sample pack delivers a stylish modern take on the origins of Progressive House. Explore this hypnotic collection through a technicolour journey of ecstatic loops and find unique concepts for your latest productions. Inside you’ll encounter a myriad of beautifully written content allowing you to express your future tracks in endless euphoric and rhythmic possibilities. Emotive synths, effective beats, impulsive basslines and spontaneous fx merge to construct expressional tools right at your fingertips. This tremendous sample pack will transform your concepts to new sonic limits, so set aside a considerable amount of time whilst you experiment with the expressive loops that resonate throughout this sizeable pack. This Progressive House sample library is available to download in 24-Bit Wav and available for immediate download. BPM within the pack is 126bpm with key information included in file names. It’s time to get elated so grab this sample library now and turn your track onto cloud nine. 
Progressive Excellence includes: 
• Basslines - 60 • Drum Beats - 180 • Full Mix Loops - 60 • FX - 30 • Synth Lines - 120

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 - Humid House
Humid HouseZenhiserHouse, Drums2016-04-12

If you’re looking for serenity, blissed out melodies and crisp sonic clarity then look no further. Humid House delves deep inside the more laid back sound of House, combining elements of Tropical, Deep House & Chill House. This intricate sample pack is bountiful with luxuriant sounds, majestic loops, etherial vocals and dynamic one shots, the perfect combination for premium sonic workmanship. Constructed from the ground up using an abundance of studio equipment, Humid House’s warm undertones, washed out beach sounds and submissive loops drift through the pack with effortless ease. The myriad of options hiding away within this treasure chest ensure a extremely diverse collection of sonics ideal for the musical spectrum of House. Generously oversized with 600+ House samples and loops, this diverse assortment will keep you busy for months to come. Humid House is 100% royalty free, 24-bit wav samples and available for immediate download. BPM range is 105 - 118 and key information is cleverly included within filenames. We suggest downloading these luxurious sounds today and explore the lush surroundings of your tropical aura! 
Humid House includes: 
• Basslines - 52 • Drum Beats - 198 • Drums - Kicks - 31 • Drums - Hi Hats - 21 • Drums - Snares & Claps - 17 • Drums - Percussion - 25 • Full Mix Loops - 50 • FX - 65 • Synth Loops - 148 • Vox - Dry - 4 • Vox - Wet - 16 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Minimal • Deep House

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 - Hybrid Bass House
Hybrid Bass HouseZenhiserHouse, Drums2016-04-05

Hybrid Bass House is about as upfront, grungy and mind bending as a sample pack gets. Fuelling it’s core with a melding pot of recognisable classic sounds fused with crunchy beats, pounding basslines and intoxicating drops, ensures a broad spectrum of uses. Generously filled with an abundance of solid melodies this flawless collection of Bass heavy sounds will energise your studio for months to come. Produced by one of the scene’s leading artists, this paramount collection delivers a unique combination of past and present. This principal concept enables the end user to push it’s potential in multiple sub genres of House with ease. Hybrid Bass House includes a crucial selection of loops and samples including gritty basslines, superior synths, weighty beats, heavenly fx, essential one shots, snappy drum sounds and main full loops. A tried and tested layout ticks all the right boxes when it comes to usability whilst upmost sound quality lays the foundations for chart success. This tantalising Bass House sample pack comes in 24-bit wav, 100% royalty samples and loops. BPM range is 126 - 128 bpm with Key information supplied within file names. When you need to push your sonic creativity to new dimensions, this is the pack to do it. 
Hybrid Bass House includes: 
• Basslines - 50 • Drum Beats - 150 • Drums - Kicks - 30 • Drums - Hi Hats - 20 • Drums - Snares & Claps - 25 • Drums - Percussion - 20 • Drums - Crashes - 5 • Full Mix Loops - 50 • FX - 20 • One Shots - Bass - 50 • One Shots - Synth - 30 • Synth Loops - 100 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Future House

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 - Why So Dirty
Why So DirtyZenhiserHip-Hop, Trap2016-03-29

If you like your Trap sounds nasty then look no further. Why So Dirty is a monstrous sample array exploding through Trap territories with immerse power and drive. Lurking in the shadows this gnarly edition of unmissable stems will transform your melodies & drops into outrageous concoctions. Featuring everything you need to construct historic tracks, this pack includes pounding baselines, urban beats, unique chords, gigantuan brass, complexing melodies, immense drops, aggressive vocals and outer worldly fx. Even though the Trap stems are messed up to epic proportions you’ll find the entire pack as tidy as a button. Zenhiser flair oozes throughout every corner of this pack ensuring a hefty collection of nearly 8GB usable stems. Full mixes showcase the weaponry in all it’s glory whilst everything can be found in it’s individual part for sonic expression. All stems within Why So Dirty are 100% royalty free and downloadable in 24-bit Wav. Key information is supplied within file names and Bpm range is 100 - 165bpm. Once you’ve sampled the preview you’ll be obligated to push your sonic boundaries with this Insidious collection. 
Why So Dirty includes: 
• 20 Melodies & Drops • 232 stems including basslines, synth, chords, fx, fills, build ups, vox and full mixes • BPM Range - 100 - 165bpm • Unzip Size - 7.6 GB

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 - Future Drum Alchemy
Future Drum AlchemyZenhiserHouse, Drums2016-03-22

Injecting new flair into an unpredictable sound, Future Drum Alchemy delivers a diverse drum sound catalogue for producers of Future Bass, Trap, Progressive House, Synth Pop, EDM and much more. Initially designed to for-fill your Future Bass needs this gorgeous drum sound source stretched the boundaries and seeped it’s magical charm inside many of today’s finest genres. Packed with warmth, soulful drum hits this overflowing drum alchemy will transform your productions to another level. Inside the impressive pack you will find a sonic spectrum of lush hi hats, effortless kicks, perfectly pitched percussion, catchy snares, deep fx and a miscellaneous section to tantalise your ear drums. For fans of intricately tight rhythms this drum sound collection is perfect, dedicating it’s prowess to high end drum sounds only ensures a pack that get’s right to the point. The level of production is incredibly high with intense focus on sonic clarity, inspiring waveforms and instant gratification. All drum sounds included are 100% royalty free and come in 24-bit Wav format. Please note, the preview includes synth and basslines for illustrative purposes only. Sometimes drums need imagination, forward thinking and attention, but every once in a while they work right out of the box. Download now and take advantage of Future Drum Alchemy. 
Future Drum Alchemy includes: 
• FX - 39 • Hi Hats - 75 • Kicks - 70 • Misc - 23 • Snares - 73 • Percussion - 69

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 - 80’s Synthwave Vol2
80’s Synthwave Vol2ZenhiserHouse, Pop / Rock2016-03-17

It’s time to defy musical boundaries as once again we travel back to the 1980’s. Following on where Volume 1 left off, 80’s Synthwave Volume 2 captures the more neon coloured sound of the eighties. 4x4 beats merge floorlessly with shoulder pad synths, retro basslines compliment 80’s Miami pop pads with everything wrapped up to take your 80’s inspired tracks to a whole new level. The attention to detail is astonishing, all melodies within the pack are 100% 80’s sound influenced ensuring a truly authentic feel through every turn. Exepct to find Juno sequences, Moog basses, Drum machines & FM synthesis at it’s finest. Inspired by cinematic thought provoking music that blessed the eighties you can now take full advantage of this decadent decade. 80’s Synthwave Vol2 suits various types of producers looking for a substantial 80’s sample catalogue, with melodies the emphasis, the pack includes 40 hooks covering cinematic, pop, downtempo, love, 80’s futuristic and more. Ideally crafted for producers of Synthwave, Electronica, Dreamwave, Retro & House, we’ve kept your 80’s needs covered. All loops in the collection are 100% royalty free and available for download in 24-Bit Wav. Bpm range is 85 - 140bpm with noted loops containing key information within the file name. Step back in time when music influenced everything from clothes to haircuts, movies to cars, even your bedroom wasn’t safe neon, black and white! 
80’s Synthwave 2 includes: • 
40 Melodies - Includes Basslines, Beats, Full Mix Loops, Synths, Pads, Brass, Aprs & Chords • Total Loops - 401 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Progressive House • Tech House • World • Deep House

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 - Cinematic 80's Presets
Cinematic 80's PresetsZenhiserHouse, Presets / Patches2016-03-17

Turn your Sylenth synth into an 80’s time machine with a beautiful collection of synth presets designed exclusively for an 80’s soundtrack era. This cohesive preset pack will inspire your retro fuelled content with suspense ridden strings, evocative pads, time defying bass, emotive arpeggios, impeccable brass, fm synth leads and reminiscent keys of a time where music reigned supreme. Using today’s techniques to create the unmistakable golden age of synth sounds, Cinematic 80’s Presets takes your Sylenth synth on a journey far beyond the boundaries of Blade Runner, Tron, Day Of The Dead & The Breakfast Club. This nostalgic collection is perfect for musicians requiring to envelop their tracks with an alternative emotion of yesteryear character. Featuring a comprehensive range of synth possibilities these 80’s presets will transcend your musical creations into the suspense, anticipation and tension they truly need. Geared towards the more emotive side of 80’s soundtracks you’ll be entranced within minutes as you browse through the plethora of 80’s fuelled sounds. All presets within the collection can be used 100% royalty free and are available for download in both individual preset FXP and bank file FXB format. Please note: Lennar Digital Sylenth is required for use with this preset pack. Download it now and turn your synth into an 80’s soundtrack monster 
Cinematic 80’s Presets includes: 
• Arpeggios - 5 • Bass - 15 • Brass - 5 • Chords - 2 • FX - 7 • Keys - 14 • Leads - 25 • Pads - 7 • Sequences - 15 • Strings - 5 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Progressive House • Tech House • Techno • Trance • Deep House

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 - Trap Attack!
Trap Attack!ZenhiserHip-Hop, Trap2016-03-08

If you’re looking to boost your Trap library, then you’ve found the right pack. Trap Attack! crams a feature ridden selection of immense Trap samples that will make your tracks unstoppable. Featuring everything but the kitchen sink including outrageous vocals, catchy melodies, processed brass stabs, intense bass one shots and basslines with a serious punch. This scandalous Trap sample library delves deep into the urban side resulting in an rebellious selection of sounds that deliver superhuman producer power. All in Trap Attack! Includes 403 samples and loops making this sizeable weaponry essential for tracks lacking in grit, drive and a robust presence. Clearly a selection of this magnitude should never be missed, pounding 808 kicks, blazing snare stack layers, brutal beats and a melodious future loops bonus folder. How can anyone say no to a next level Trap sample pack this concentrated. All loops and samples are 100% royalty free and available for download in 24-Bit Wav. Bpm range is 70 - 150bpm and noted samples contain key information within the file name. Trap enthusiasts will find this the a most invaluable addition to their Trap weaponry. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Sound FX • Vocal• Future House

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 - EDM Floorshakers
EDM FloorshakersZenhiserProgressive House, EDM2016-03-04

Holy guacamole! EDM Floorshakers is the new ultimate stem toolkit, designed to blow the cob webs off your equipment and rattle the neighbours wall hangings. Containing a huge selection of melodies, hooks and drops this EDM sample library has everything you need to mould, shape and master your next track. The uplflifting and gritty collection is packed with 10 chart topping tracks, split into individual stems encasing musical success. By delivering each track in multiple parts you’ll be able to decide just how much Zenhiser ingredients is needed for your EDM cake. Squeezed inside this EDM hit maker is enough punch and drive to power festivals for hours on end. Epic builds up, ear smashing basslines, devastating hooks, spine tingling melodies and all things extraordinary line the walls of this monstrous collection. Unzipped the EDM sample library unleashes 4.6GB of production power, so trust us when we say, you’ll be making EDM bangers for weeks on end. All EDM stems are 100% royalty free and available for download in 24-Bit Wav. Bpm range is 126 - 128bpm with all noted samples and loops containing key information within the file name. Rest assured Zenhiser has you covered with this tremendous pack! *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • House• Trance

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 - House Of The Future
House Of The FutureZenhiserHouse, Electro House2016-03-01

Whisking you through an epic journey down the alternative laneways of House, this killer collection of upfront House music loops and samples squeezes in all the tools for your next studio masterpiece. From classically inspired melodies to pounding Future House anthems this Zenhiser certified collection holds a serious amount of audio credibility. Expect to find beautifully produced sounds for a multitude of genres including Bass House, Classic House, EDM, Future House & more. Within the boundaries of this whopping 1GB array you’ll find both the expected and unexpected. Featuring jackin’ beats, rumbling basslines, sharp stabs, snappy drum sounds, inspiring full mix loops, egocentric synths and delusional fx. Time never stands still in Houseland, that’s why we created a sample pack that covers all the bases of past, present and future. Think of this collection as your smorgasbord of House music loops and samples, delivering the best elements of everything House. House Of The Future is 100% royalty free and available for immediate download in 24-Bit Wav format. Bpm range is 126bpm with all noted samples and loops containing key information within the file name. So why not make your DAW a very happy piece of software today with something perfect to fill it’s empty heart! House Of The Future includes: 
• Basslines - 50 • Drum Beats - 149 • Drums - Claps - 25 • Drums - Hi Hats - 15 • Drums - Kicks - 30 • Drums - Percussion - 15 • Drums - Snares - 15 • Full Mix Loops - 53 • FX - 40 • One Shots - Bass - 30 • One Shots - Synth - 30 • Synth Lines - 83 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Progressive House • Tech House • Deep House • Future House

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 - Kick Back & Sax
Kick Back & SaxZenhiserHouse, Orchestral2016-02-23

Let the deep, sultry ambience of melodic saxophone drift through your productions with blissful ease. Designed to inspire and inject natural elements within your tracks “Kick Back & Sax” is a blissed out saxophone cacophony that will lift your music to new sonic realms. The seductive tones and outstanding melodies sets a new benchmark in sample quality, and with such an extensive collection of saxophone samples painstakingly played and mastered by one of the scene’s predominant members your capacity to extend your instrumental scope has reached refreshing new proportions. Inside this evocative sample library you’ll find live horn jams ranging from easy to use phrases through to complex saxophone loops designed for today’s sound. Styles range from fresh & funky through to lush tropical inspired arrangements with everything in between. This really is a comprehensive collection of unique saxophone lines you will love to use. Get creative right out of the box with the perfect selection of tasteful patterns and loops. As always, this exceptional collection is 100% royalty free and available for immediate download in 24-Bit Wav format. Bpm ranges from 87 - 128bpm ensuring coverage for multiple genres and sub genres. Download now and get instant saxophone gratification, you’ll be glad you did. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Minimal • Tech House • World • Deep House

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 - Devine Melodies
Devine MelodiesZenhiserDrum & Bass, Progressive House2016-02-19

Ever heard a collection of samples that can send tingles down your spine, make every hair on your body stand on end? Well step inside an unimaginable vault of powerful melodies, heart melting hooks and euphoric drops. Zenhiser has pulled out all the stops creating a sonic event that will last the test of time. With Devine Melodies you have the ability to cross multiple genres with ease including Drum & Bass, Trance, Breaks, House, EDM, Dubstep and more. Forged from our natural instincts to desire beauty, love, harmony and ethereal moments this sample collection will transform your next productions to a serotonin overload! Inside Devine Melodies you’ll find 40 hooks and drops deconstructed into 288 samples ranging from intoxicating melodies to utterly mind blowing euphoria. Formatted for instant use this modular sample library is bursting full of inspiration that can sub divided to your requirements. Crammed full of punchy beats, majestic synths, extraordinary basslines and out of this world melodies ensures this sample pack will deliver again and again and …… again. All loops and samples are available for download in 24-Bit Wav with bpm of the melodies ranging from 142 - 176bpm. This is one sample pack you must not miss, a quick listen of the preview is the only thing required. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Drum & Bass • Dubstep • Electro House • Trance

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 - Anodyne Techno
Anodyne TechnoZenhiserTechno, Tech House2016-02-16

This monolithic Techno infusion is exactly how we like it. Expansive loops that transition and evolve through melodic journeys, brimmed full of countless fresh ideas and concepts. The Techno sample library is a non imposing masterpiece, packed full of deep elastic grooves ranging from subliminal progressions to the outer limits of your mind. Anodyne Techno is a masterclass in producing forward thinking tracks. Conceived by one of Techno’s leading producers the attention to detail is second to none. Combining both finely processed mix loops with raw individual samples ensures a multitude of possibilities. You can expect the unexpected with just over 2.2 GB of uncompressed Techno sounds and loops. Anodyne Techno is a truly complex array of samples with practically no limitations, 50 full mix loops, 108 mind bending synth lines, 50 hypnotic basslines, 150 outer world beats, 150 versatile drum sounds, 28 simplistic synth one shots and a bonus percussive loop section. All sounds within this Techno sample library are are 100% royalty free, range in BPM from 123 - 126 and are ready for download in 24-Bit Wav. Sometimes packs this bountiful can be overlooked, but with an awe inspiring level of creativity waiting to be explored how can you turn down next level skills just waiting to be used!

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 - Dubstep Clash
Dubstep ClashZenhiserElectro House, Dubstep2016-02-09

Keeping true to the Zenhiser sound, Dubstep Clash packs an exemplary punch of power. Combining unique melodies with intense drops this unique Dubstep sample library flips traditional Dubstep on it’s head. Featuring an immense selection of powerful sound tools including anthemic synths, noisy basslines, orchestral stabs, face melting leads, punchy drums and experimental fx. If you’re looking for extra impact and drive in your tracks then this collection is for you. Designed for both producers and Dj’s alike Dubstep Clash is both aggressive and welcoming, it’s a melting pot of total bangers and epic drops. Perfectly suited for the broad range of Dubstep producers, the extensive range of ready to use loops will instantly fit within your workflow. All loops range in tempo from 110 - 174bpm with key information within the filename where applicable. As always the Dubstep sample library sounds are 100% royalty free and ready for download in 24-Bit Wav. Dubstep Clash will take you one step and beyond, so prepare to assimilated!

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 - Elevated Psytrance
Elevated PsytranceZenhiserTrance, Vocal2016-02-02

If deep, hypnotic Psytrance is your genre then this pack is for you. Elevated Psytrance is an monolithic collection of driving basslines and forward thinking synths, packed full with all the spiritual elements that differentiates Psychedelic Trance from alternative genres, this collection delivers the knowledge and power to put shivers down your spine. Included in the pack is over 1.8GB of technical drum beats, snappy individual drum sounds, synthetic basslines, outer world vocals, diverse synth hits, evolving synth lines, mind altering fx and more. The soul cleansing cacophony of Psytrance sounds and loops will become your go to sound set. Built upon unique sounds that energise sub genres from Goa to Psychedelic Trance, this array of climactic, pulsating melodies will stockpile your studio for months to come. A global reaching sample library which includes 1.89GB of unzipped sounds is ready for download in 24-Bit Wav. BPM range is 136 - 145bpm with all relevant loops and samples including key information where applicable. Psytrance packs this appealing don’t appear very often so grab these the mightiest of Psytrance samples now. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • EDM

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 - Big EDM Stems 2
Big EDM Stems 2ZenhiserProgressive House, EDM2016-01-26

Step inside the second instalment of extraordinary EDM stems and you’ll find a complex array of bass pounding beats, speaker crunching synths and brain pulsating basslines. These multi track stems deliver a stack full of EDM options with practically no limitations. We’re delivering sample possibilities here you haven’t even dreamed of and by pushing the sonic boundaries of a sample pack Big EDM Stems 2 extends your sonic control for next level productions. Produced by one of EDM’s most renowned ghost producers ensures this pack is bursting with huge melodies, epic builds ups and brutal drops. Within the concophony of audio exploration you’ll find 10 multi track stems comprising of complete mixes, individual parts and dedicated instrument stems. This really is a ground breaking collection, covering multiple styles of EDM. Deep within the walls of anthem melodies you’ll find Tomorrowland bangers, Electric Daisy crowd screamers, Ultra Music monsters and Global Gathering masterpieces. Not for the faint hearted Big EDM Stems 2 put skills into your studio suited for the producer elite. This insane EDM sample library includes nearly 9GB of unzipped sounds and is available for download in 24-Bit Wav. Prepare to lift your next track to epic proportions with this must have collection for the EDM producer. 

Big EDM Stems 2 includes: • 
10 Full Multi Track Stems (includes seperate drum tracks, synths, leads, hoovers, fx, drops and full complete mixes) • Total Samples - 292 • Unzipped Size - 8.9GB

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 - Hybrid Trap Stems
Hybrid Trap StemsZenhiserHip-Hop, Trap2016-01-21

Think you can handle Trap sounds this big, think again! Hybrid Trap Stems is a seriously crazy collection of unique song stems compiled into one brutal, rude, eye opening compilation. Designed to inflict monumental damage to any dance floor, this stem pack an absolute goldmine. The sample pack is your resource for chart topping tracks adding a distinctive sensory experience to your next productions whilst elevating your remixes to a god like status. Inside this collection you’ll find 10 new Hybrid Trap tracks, each one better then the next, each one crazier than anything you’ve heard before. Constructed of moody, downright nasty synths, oppressive basslines, ear punching beats and murky fx makes this stem pack a serious contender. You will find every sonic sound separated by it’s own stem, even drum elements have their own audio track to shine. Juggle your way through full mixes of urban trumpets, savage growls, mesmerising cello’s, spine tingling vox and a stockpile of sub bass pounders. This is the Trap sample pack you’ve been waiting for! All stems within the pack are 100% royalty free and can be downloaded in 24-bit Wav. Each folder contains a full mastered mix with every element deconstructed and delivered in it’s own audio file. BPM’s vary from 80bpm - 150bpm. All audio files and folders contain key information. Unzipped size is 3.3GB 

Hybrid Trap Stems includes: 
• 100 Full Song Stems (includes seperate drum tracks, synths, pads, keys, fx, drops and full mixes) • Total Samples - 112 • Unzipped Size - 3.3GB *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum & Bass • Dubstep • Breaks • EDM • Downtempo

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 - Certified: Wobble House
Certified: Wobble HouseZenhiserProgressive House, Future House2016-01-19

Pulsating, morphing and downright dirty is just how we like it. If you produce jack fuelled beats with huge pounding basslines then take note, there is new sound library tool in town! This sample pack is your go to collection of broody synths, wonky basslines, explosive vocals and signature beats. Expect the unexpected with Certified: Wobble House, this master sound collection will flip your current House ideas on it’s head with rugged drops and bass fuelled impacts. Lifting the lid you’ll find 40 chunky House jams ranging from hypnotic Bass House grooves to vocal heavy Wobble drops. Each has been expertly designed, layered, mixed and then separated to offer all unique elements in their entirety. Sometimes brutal, sometimes twisted keeps this sample pack evolving through a bass heavy journey of epic proportions. Weighing in at just over 2.2GB of Wobble House loop material ensures there is enough action to keep the biggest of producers busy for months. Certified: Wobble House is ideal if you produce Bass House, Future House, EDM or are wanting to add a sensory overload to your tracks. All loops and samples within the pack are 100% royalty free and ready to download as 24-Bit Wav. Loop libraries this powerful don’t appear often, it’s time to pounce quick when they do! 

Certified: Wobble House includes: 
• Melodic Hooks & Drops - 40 (includes baseline, multiple drum loops, vocals, build ups, fx & full mix) • Total Samples - 534 • Unzipped Size - 2.2GB

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 - 80's Synthwave Vol1
80's Synthwave Vol1ZenhiserHouse, Disco / Nu Disco2016-01-04

Do you want to create 80s inspired tracks but have insufficient studio equipment to get the job done right? Then it’s Zenhiser to the rescue with 80’s Synthwave Vol1. This time defying collection is jammed packed with melodic hooks, retro rhythms and neon fuelled memories. Entrusted in whisking you back to a decade where electronic music first ruled and culture was showcased within the emotions of songs. These melodies, drum patters, basslines and guitar licks encapture everything that made 80’s music so radical for it’s time. Created by one of Synthwave’s best kept secrets, this retro goldmine will provide you with endless hours of sonic inspiration. Inside the pack you’ll find 60 melodic hooks ranging from 85 bpm to 142 bpm. Each remarkable hook contains a plethora of 80’s sounds and loops, with each instrument supplied separately. A full mix is included to showcase the warmth and character of each melody with key information included in all relevant file names. 80’s Synthwave Vol1 will make you reimagine the way you see sample libraries, packed full of retro character and true to the classic 80’s sound, this is the pinnacle of Synthwave. All loops and samples in the pack are 100% royalty free and ready to download as 24-Bit Wav. These sounds may want you to roll up your suit sleeves, change your hairstyle to something radical and cover your studio in neon. Do not panic, these are standard symptoms when creating 80’s tracks. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Progressive House • Rock / Pop • Trance • Future House

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 - Techno Chords 2
Techno Chords 2ZenhiserTechno, Tech House2015-12-22

Keeping true to the deeper, more elusive side of Techno, this clean chord & synth sample library from Zenhiser merges atmospheric sounds with compelling chords and stacks of textural stabs to invoke the audio senses. Produced by one of Techno’s leading producers “Techno Chords 2” is a masterclass in twisted sonic elements. This sample library is full to the brim with expressive audio textures designed to work perfectly with Techno, House, Minimal, Tech House and most pulsating fuelled tracks. Techno Chords 2 combined with predecessor contains a huge selection of one shot sounds varying from mind altering chords to the more subtle & delicate side of Techno. Organised neatly into three categories, chords, discords and synth each focuses on a particular Techno style of today. This unique sample pack is a must for all Techno producers, since the early 90’s, prominent chord patterns have been a staple in Techno, encompassing a love affair with beats and bass to create hypnotic rhythms that sets Techno apart from other genres. So don’t miss the chance to expand your sample library with this decadent collection of chord and synth sounds. This impeccable collection of Techno chords are 100% royalty free, 24-Bit Wav and ready to download. All samples include key information and are ready to use in your productions instantly. 

Techno Chords includes: 
• Techno Chords - 75 • Techno Discords - 75 • Techno Synths - 100 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Minimal

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 - 128bpm Trance
128bpm TranceZenhiserTrance, Progressive House2015-12-15

Re-immerse yourself in the world of Trance with 1.2GB of utterly lush, decadent Trance hooks, melodies and drops. Find yourself lost within the 40 Trance construction kits as each melody takes you deeper on a melodic emotional journey. This epic collection breaks sonic boundaries with expertly programmed synths, pads, aprs’s, drums and ecstatic drops. The amount of spine tingling melodies and Trance drops within the pack is jaw dropping. When melodic inspiration becomes a necessity “128bpm Trance” will revolutionise your tracks, it’s the turning point from standard to worldwide heavenly epidemic. Designed by one of our favourite Trance producers, this is the pack of the year, monumental builds ups from years of experience ensures that every kit can turn your musical composition into a festival masterpiece. “128bpm Trance” will give you the power to improve your tracks exponentially, it’s the next Trance blockbuster and the must have pack for every Trance producer worldwide. This outstanding collection of epic Trance loops are 100% royalty free, 24-Bit Wav and ready to download. All loops have been crafted in 128bpm with key information supplied for all notable sounds & loops. 

128bpm Trance includes: 
Construction Kits - 40 (Includes baselines, drum loops, fx loops & synth lines)

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 - Sleazy Future Tech
Sleazy Future TechZenhiserTech House, Future House2015-12-08

A true House masterpiece, designed to take influence from both the retro House and current Tech House revelations has resulted in this beautifully crafted collection of loops, sounds, drums, fx and more. This impressive toolset provides an extensive resource of creative inspiration based around multiple sub genres of House. The simplicity and downright authentic-ness of “Sleazy Future Tech” ensures an impeccable array of musical elements suitable for adding detail to current tracks or landscaping new possibilities in uncharted realms. This melodic fuelled sample library features a broad spectrum of loops and samples including bouncy baselines, crispy tight drum beats, snappy individual drum sounds, silky smooth synths, retro vocals, a plethora of fx styles, multi purpose drum stems and full music loops to identify mixing connections and capabilities. We’ve pushed the wild side of retro House goodness with “Sleazy Future Tech”, merging classic synths and drum machines with today’s programming and mastering techniques. This collection of stand out House samples are 100% royalty free, 24-Bit Wav and ready to download. All loops have been created in 122 bpm with key information supplied for all notable sounds & loops. 

Sleazy Future Tech includes: 
• Basslines - 24 • Drum Beats - 80 • Drums - Kicks - 31 • Drums - Hi Hats - 47 • Drums - Claps & Snares - 33 • Drums - Percussion - 23 • Full Loops - 26 • FX - Crash - 23 • FX - Impacts - 35 • FX - Up & Downlifter FX - 30 • FX - White Noise - 08 • FX - Zaps - 15 • Stems - Snares & Claps - 21 • Stems - Hi Hats - 43 • Stems - Various - 19 • Synth Loops - 60 • Vocals - 22 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • Minimal • Progressive House • Sound FX • Techno

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 - Massive Hard Dance Presets
Massive Hard Dance PresetsZenhiserHard Dance, Presets / Patches2015-12-01

Get ready to turn your Massive synth into a Hard Dance monster. Until now it’s been pretty challenging to create banging sounds specifically for the harder genres especially Hardstyle, HardTrance, HardTechno, Hardcore and all Rave genres. We focused on the most exhilarating sounds to date over a span of styles including Bass, Leads, Screeches, FX & Sequences, this has ensured “Massive Hard Dance Presets” is the complete package when looking for revolutionary new sounds. To deliver both quality and customisation we made sure each Massive preset has a number of macros including sidechaining, resonance, fuzz, noise, cut offs, phasing, bandwidth and feedback, great for instant manipulation even for those who have limited synth knowledge. Every sound within the pack will roar from the word go, it’s as easy as import, play and attack! “Massive Hard Dance Presets” really does have the sonic touch, it will elevate your Massive preset collection to new heights and earn the glory with crowds worldwide that your future tracks deserve. Welcome to the brutal world of powerful, hard and aggressive sounds. Massive Hard Dance Presets is available to download now and are 100% royalty free. 

Massive Hard Dance Presets includes: • 
Bass - 17 • Drums - 10 • FX - 11 • Leads - 35 • Pad & Seq - 9 • Screech - 18 Please Note: The preview contains drum sounds and vocal fx for illustrative purposes only. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • Electro House • Progressive House

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 - Vital: Techno Kicks
Vital: Techno KicksZenhiserTechno, Drums2015-11-24

Probably the most essential pack in our Vital Techno range, this kick drum selection stands out from the crowd with an expressive collection of 457 Techno kicks. We love kicks big time here at Zenhiser, so the chance to release another epic kick drum collection designed exclusively for Techno was a no brainer. Inside this smouldering collection you’ll find a full arsenal of kicks drums crafted into five distinct styles, standard kicks, boom kicks, fx kicks, sub kicks and top kicks. Each dedicated style delves into the deep, emotive sound of Techno. This fresh selection of new kicks is crammed full of sonic inspiration for future Techno beats and rhythms. Simply by adding these juicy kicks to any exisiting or new percussion loops will create (by sonic wizardry) a magical, more professional percussive overlay almost instantly. Huge attentional to detail has been paid to each and every kick drum within the pack ensuring the boom kicks really rumble, the fx kicks stand out from the crowd and the standard kicks are anything but standard. As always, all the kick drum sounds in this library are 100% royalty free and come ready to download in 24-Bit Wav. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Minimal • Tech House

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 - Detroit Techno
Detroit TechnoZenhiserTechno, Tech House2015-11-17

Fusing yesteryears Detroit Techno sound with today’s expressive and deep rhythms has resulted in a truly special sample pack. Produced by one of Techno’s leading artists, “Detroit Techno” is full to the brim of twisted underground sounds and analogue synthesis. Drawing from the roots of Detroit’s original Techno artists this sample pack firmly set’s it’s foundations into the birthplace of Techno. We’ve managed to include everything from industrial synths to warm baselines, intense drum beats to colossal percussive loops. So if you’re looking for a Techno pack that merges the past, present and future into one perfectly sonic entity then this is the sound collection for you. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Drum Hits • House • Minimal

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 - Antiutopia SFX
Antiutopia SFXZenhiserTechno, Sound FX2015-11-10

Antiutopia is an exquisite collection of twisted experimental sounds and thought provoking layers. Produced exclusively to blur the lines between media SFX and sound FX ensures a sample pack with a plethora of creativity. Incorporating one off sounds you simply haven’t heard before creates an array of FX sounds that lift the sonic bar of your future productions. Included in the FX pack is ready to use bass FX, drones, ghost noises, growls, hits, soundscapes, a dedicated SFX library and evolving rhythm loops for maximum flexibility. We’ve pushed the boundaries with this SFX & FX collection, the sonic clarity is outstanding and with a range of styles from emotionally challenging movements to futuristic motion. The soundscapes evolve through epic journeys, drones pulsate at a anticipated speed, growls attack like nothing you have ever heard before, the hits have all the impact to deliver heart shuddering attacks and the rhythm loops turn this incredible FX pack into something exemplary. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Minimal • Progressive House • Tech House • Trance

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 - Vital: Techno Hi Hats
Vital: Techno Hi HatsZenhiserTechno, Drums2015-11-03

We’re back with another Vital Techno pack you’ll be using for years to come. “Vital: Techno Hi Hats” consists of over 400 perfectly crafted Techno hi hats sounds for all your high-end sonic needs. Included in the Zenhiser pack is both open and closed hi hats, rides, crashes, hi hat fx and reverse hat fx. We also included 100 hi hat loops ready to be used in your drum tracks and deliver instant sonic gratification. Once again the attention to detail is second to none, sonically these drum sounds are perfect. Ready to be used by your sampler, drum machine, DAW or any equipment wav related this hi hat pack is the pinnacle high frequency clarity. This will become your go to pack for hi hats, crashes, rides and drum fx, it’s that simple. Perfectly suited for Techno, Minimal Techno, Progressive Techno, Tech House, House and all the classics. All the drum sounds have been created and designed from an array of classic analogue modules, drum machines and outboard kit whilst using today’s technology to master and refine. By using these techniques we’ve ensured a collection of hi hat sounds that will sit perfectly into your future tracks. Please note: The preview includes extra drum sounds for illustrative purposes only *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Minimal • Progressive House • Tech House • Trance

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 - Timeless Chords & Stabs
Timeless Chords & StabsZenhiserHouse, Tech House2015-10-27

Are you listening to tracks and wondering, where did the producer get all those classic sounds from? Well, there’s no doubt it’s from “Timeless Chords & Stabs”. We’ve painstakingly created a library dedicated to the biggest sounds from the 1990’s & early 2000’s. This retro pack collection has been reborn as the sound of today, with most of the ubiquitous chords and stabs being used in nearly every sub genre of House, from Bass House to Future, Chill House to Future House. Don’t be fooled though, there’s such a wide array of nostalgic sounds included in the pack you probably haven’t even heard of half of them unless you were in the music business back in the day. We’ve managed to cram 846 multi sampled synth sounds into this pack including Bass Hits, Synth Chords & Melodic Stabs. “Timeless Chords & Stabs” is simply a retro nerds wet dream, nearly every sound is multi sampled, most sounds are in chord format for ease of use and everything is mastered to ensure instant drop and play ability. Please note: the preview contains drum sounds and fx for illustrative purposes only. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Chillout • Minimal • Rock / Pop • Techno

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 - Designer SFX
Designer SFXZenhiserHouse, Sound FX2015-10-20

We’ve blurred the lines between track FX & sound SFX, creating a sample collection for both your tracks and media productions. These truly complex sound effects include an array of powerful sounds including but not limited to warped atmospheres, shuddering downlifters, intense impacts and immense uplifters. The design process of every sound has been meticulous, extra thought was given as to how this library can be used for sound design, music production, tv, radio and movie work. We are really proud on how this pack turned out and can’t wait for you to test spin the FX sounds in your next production. We tried to keep the preview for this pack really simple, leaving the SFX sounds room to breath and shine. Every once in a while you may hear a pop of EDM but this is just to show you how versatile the sounds really are. As usual all FX sounds are organised into appropriate folders and come completely ready to use. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Progressive House • Tech House • Techno • Trance

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 - Nu Bass Movement
Nu Bass MovementZenhiserElectro House, Dubstep2015-10-13

Time to get downright dirty and deep as Nu Bass Movement blends beefed up classic sounds with today’s forward thinking genres. With 550 extraordinary sounds and loops this sample masterpiece suits a multitude of styles including Bass House, Future House, House, Electro Breakbeat, Neuro Bass and Bassline. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a breakbeat aficionado or 4/4 master our sample pack has enough hooks, melodies, basslines and beats to keep you busy for months to come. Within this diverse pack you’ll find a massive collection of melodies and drops to inspire and supply all your future needs. All based around 126bpm ensures you can mix and match as you wish, take elements from different loops to create your own authentic masterpieces or use the full loops for maximum impact. With elements that shine light on producers like JAUZ, Desctructo, AC Slater, DJ Snake, Jack Beats, Tchami, Hunter Siegel, Skrillex you know you’re in the right place. Beats are super versatile meaning they will work with multiple styles, basslines are deep and dark, perfect for anything from Garage to 4/4 genres and synth melodies mean whatever your flavour, your tracks will stand out from the rest. To beef up your studio Nu Bass Movement doesn’t just include loops, we’ve also filled the pack with individual drum hits, fx sounds and an array of one shot bass & synth sounds to explore your inner musical dimensions. There is a whole lot of awesomeness crammed into this pack, it’s difficult to describe just how spectacular this release is so, to get a taste of how inspirational your future tracks will be, listen to the preview now, it will open up your productive mind to new levels.

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 - EDM Tonal Kicks
EDM Tonal KicksZenhiserDrums, EDM2015-10-06

EDM producers, this is one pack you must have! EDM Tonal Kicks consists of 300 brand new intricately crafted kick drums, all processed and mastered to deliver ultimate impact. Each kick within the pack has an extremely detailed sound, they will cut through the mix perfectly and with key information included on every kick you can ensure perfect tonal correlation. Trust us when we say these EDM kicks have some serious punch. This drum library once again focuses on one sound and does it extremely well. With a huge variety of kicks included in the pack their uses can branch many genres and sub genres. Perfectly suited for the current EDM sound but can also be adapted for House, Progressive House, Trance, Techno and everything in between. Don’t expect light, flammy kicks here, these guys are super tight, driven and truly well rounded. Please note: The preview includes extra drum sounds, synth and basslines for illustrative purposes only. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Dubstep • Electro House • House • Techno • Trance

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 - Vital: Techno Snares & Claps
Vital: Techno Snares & ClapsZenhiserTechno, Drums2015-09-29

As our Vital series evolves we cover more essential sounds for the Techno genre. This time we’re dedicating the whole pack to Techno snares & Techno claps only. By focusing solely on these sounds we ensure a sample pack of extreme quality, durability and style. Rather than supply a pack of snares and clap sounds covering multiple genres we wanted delve deep and deliver an intricately designed pack of essential drum sounds with the sole purpose of elevating Techno rhythms. With influences ranging from classic Detroit Techno, Berlin’s underground sound through to todays’s hypnotic Techno we’ve created an essential tool of everlasting drum sounds. This will become your go to pack for snares and claps, it’s that simple. Perfectly suited for Techno, Minimal Techno, Progressive Techno and the classics. All the drum sounds have been created and designed from an array of analogue modules, drum machines and outboard kit whilst using today’s technology to master and refine. By using these techniques we’ve ensured a collection of Techno Snares & Techno claps that will drop perfectly into your future tracks. Please note: The preview includes basslines, synth and other drum sounds for illustrative purposes only. *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Minimal • Tech House

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 - Trance Chords & One Shots
Trance Chords & One ShotsZenhiserTrance, Electro House2015-09-22

Sometimes your Trance tracks can only take you so far, a gentle melodic push from Zenhiser in the right direction is all you need to elevate your productions to epic proportions. With this in mind we created “Trance Chords & One Shots”. Designed to engulf your Trance sound by the means of decadent and melodic chords, chopped into various parts and mastered to sonic perfection so you can assemble in whatever new melody you wish. Packs like “Trance Chords & One Shots” push your production abilities much further by delivering epic melodies in a form for the 21st century producer. In total we added 343 Trance chords, that’s a wealth of chord structures, all easily assembled to ensure your future tracks can reach festival hit proportions. Due to the nature of the pack bpm is not an issue, you can drop these Trance chords into your tracks, add delay and reverb then choose your desired tempo, it’s that simple. To lend a helping hand we also included 24 midi files, perfect for using with your own Trance sounds to create authentic hooks and lush melodies. Leaving the pack as is would have created a great resource for today’s producers but we decided to take things one step further. We also included 206 one shot samples ranging from euphoric pianos to deconstructed bleeps, after playing around with these sounds for a few weeks in our own studio we guarantee this will become your one stop shop for adding the finishing touches to all your future tracks. It’s basically an Aladdin’s chest for audiophiles and fits perfectly in multiple genres not just Trance. Between the chords and one shots, this will become your go to sample pack for along time to come, it’s the type of pack we wished we had years ago. Please note: The preview includes basslines and drum beats for illustrative purposes only

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 - Future & Bass House
Future & Bass HouseZenhiserTech House, Future House2015-09-15

Zenhiser is back with the pinnacle in House sounds “Future & Bass House”. 1.4GB of truly unique melodies, drops, hooks and loops delivered in blissful 24-bit clarity. From bouncing piano lines to synth pumped melodies, bass infused swung beats to classic rave style hooks this sample pack is a House producers wet dream! We’ve included 30 ultra new melodic drops into this pack, all broken down into separate elements so you can use as much or as little in your future tracks. We guarantee these House loops will supercharge your productions in minutes and with such a multitude of House styles & sub genres in one pack your sonic direction can reach clubs, charts and festivals you never thought possible. Created by one of House’s leading producers has ensured “Future & Bass House” leaves no corner unturned, this Future & Bass House sample pack will form the foundation of your tracks for months to come. Our advice is get in fast before the production world realises just how much sonic potential this House sample pack contains. Future & Bass House includes: • 30 Melodic Drops (including basslines, beats, melodies, fx and drops) Total - 240 loops *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Minimal • Progressive House

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 - 80's Synthtastic
80's SynthtasticZenhiserHouse, Disco / Nu Disco2015-09-08

Time to get truly nostalgic with our latest offering in the 80’s sample arena. “80’s Synthtastic” delves into the realm of 80’s synths creating an array of warm, electronic leads, basses and fx, perfectly crafted for that classic 80’s sound. Unlike many of our other packs, we’ve packaged this one a little differently. Nearly all samples are available in multiple keys or chords so you can use these straight out the box for instant 80’s intoxication. All samples also have fx added, our producers tried this new technique to enable producers to drop these chords, synth hits or fx into their mix and envelop their 80’s inspired tracks almost instantly. As per usual all samples within “80’s Synthtastic” include bpm and key information within their file name for fast use. A great amount of thought & time has gone into “80’s Synthtastic” resulting in an exciting new breed of sample pack which can be used instantly without the need for fx or melodic training. Our preview shows off the pack to it’s entirety, our producers created some beats (using 80’s Retro Drummer) and guitar lines then filled the rest of these mini songs with parts from “80’s Synthtastic”, what they created was a music symphony which has actually inspired a collection of new songs for them. If that wasn’t testament to a how an 80’s same pack can produce super fast inspiration then we don’t know what is. So if you’re shopping around for the classic 80’s sound then there is no better place to start. Please note: The preview includes drum beats and live guitar for illustrative purposes only. The preview used 80’s Retro Drummer for beat creation *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Funk / Soul / R&B • Progressive House • Rock / Pop • Trance

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 - Trance FX, Percussion & One Shots
Trance FX, Percussion & One ShotsZenhiserTrance, Sound FX2015-09-01

Zenhiser prides itself on covering specific areas in dedicated genres, we’ve designed one the largest Trance sample catalogues worldwide covering everything from exclusive Trance snare packs through to huge melodic Trance hooks. One area we’ve been crazy keen to cover is dedicated Trance FX, so it’s gives us great pleasure that from today “Trance FX, Percussion & One Shots” is ready to use, abuse and devastate your biggest Trance monsters. This is probably the most in depth Trance FX pack to date, we’ve thought hard about what Trance producers need and crafted an FX pack to cover all eventualities. Need to get your Trance groove rolling, we’ve got Percussive Loops in both 128 & 138bpm, want synced fx loops for breakdowns, two folders in the pack have covered. There’s a huge folder of Trance FX One Shots for perfection transitions, Melodic Stabs and Synth Shots (with key information) for driving synth lines, Percussive One Shots to take your beats to new levels and even all the melodic parts in the preview broken down into wav and midi parts, that’s just how in depth and awesome this pack really is. Sometimes big sample packs just won’t cut it when you need to focus on elements that are lacking in your tracks, we’ve taken notice and crafted an explosive Trance FX pack that compliments our Vital Trance series perfectly. Never again will you go without Trance Synth Shots, Percussion, One Shots & FX. “Trance FX, Percussion & One Shots” has the uncanny ability to fill the gaps in your Trance tracks and do it with style, grace and sonic elegance. So if you’re a Trance producer that wants to step up their game then grab the sample pack now, it will deliver the final sparkle your tracks deserve. Specifications: • Trance FX Loops (128bpm) - 15 • Trance FX Loops (138bpm) - 15 • Trance Fx One Shots - 80 • Trance Percussive Hits - 170 • Trance Percussive Loops (128bpm) - 45 • Trance Percussive Loops (138bpm) - 25 • Trance Stabs & Synth Shots - 75 • Trance Preview Files (Audio) - 13 • Trance Preview Files (Midi) - 10

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 - EDM Attack!
EDM Attack!ZenhiserEDM2015-08-25

We coming out guns blazing with this EDM pack, there’s hooks, melodies and drops galore within “EDM Attack!”. Crammed full with multiple styles within the EDM realm this one off pack from Zenhiser is dangerously good. Expect to hear everything from dirty leads to pounding basslines, clever hooks to menacing synths. We didn’t hold back on this pack but gave our producer free reign to explore every corner of EDM, what we were left with was truly amazing. It’s safe to say you won’t run out of EDM hooks or melodies for a very long time. Every EDM kit within the pack includes separate basslines, multiple drum beats, an fx loop and two variations of synth loops. Also as standard with Zenhiser packs we include a full loop so you can hear how each EDM kit fits together. Every melodic loop is key labelled and all samples also include bpm within the file name. Suitable for a huge range of genres from EDM, Future House, Bass House and Electro House to Progressive Trance and more. So sit back, click the preview and hit the buy button before all producers add “EDM Attack!” to their production tools. EDM Drops & Melodies (including beats, basslines, fx & synth lines) - 40 kits Total Samples - 285

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 - Explosive Trap Drops
Explosive Trap DropsZenhiserDubstep, Hip-Hop2015-08-18

Explosive Trap Drops is our latest monster in the Trap scene. Jammed full of Trap hits, Zenhiser has forged it’s roots from various styles including Festival Trap, Melodic Trap, Trapstyle, Twerk & Hip Hop. This intense pack works it’s way through frantic basslines, ferocious beats, mesmerising synth lines and atomic build ups to deliver explosive drops of epic proportions. Every drop is separated into it’s own Trap kit with multiple beat variations, basslines, fx and separate build up fx plus synth lines and a full loop to show you exactly how everything should fit together. All samples have been normalised with bpm and key information attached where needed enabling each Trap kit to deliver everything you need for your next infamous Trap production. Our producers decided to focus on a multitude of Trap styles within the pack ensuring your future tracks won’t run out of inspiration for months to come. Whether it’s horns, snarly basslines or melodic hooks you’re looking for, Explosive Trap Drops delivers all and much much more. We’ve managed to cram 1.3 GB of gritty Trap sounds into this pack, all brand new, fresh and ready to destroy dancefloors and festivals worldwide. Trap Drops (including beats, basslines, fx, build up, synth lines) - 40 kits Total Samples - 356

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 - Manipulated Beats & hits
Manipulated Beats & hitsZenhiserHip-Hop, Drums2015-08-11

A truly mind blowing collection of defragmented rhythms, beats and drum hits is the only way to describe this pack from Zenhiser. Based around three speeds, 60bpm, 80bpm & 100bpm “Manipulated Beats & Hits” provides a wealth of possibilities to craft your next musical masterpiece with. Ranging from pulsating Trip Hop grooves to experimental Trap & Dubstep, the ever evolving landscape of these drum beats ensures a dense collection of loops to inspire for months to come. Designed to blur the boundaries between multiple genres “Manipulated Beats & Hits” inspirational sounds and loops fit a multitude of productions including Electronica, Breakbeat, Downtempo, Trip Hop, Broken Beats, Hip Hop, Trap & Dubstep. 210 drum beats ensures a wealth of percussive knowledge for your studio whilst the included 150 eclectic drum hits delivers a cacophony of sonic drums to create your own drum masterpieces. So sit back, listen to our demo and imagine the musical possibilities this leftfield drum collection can take you. Specifications: • Drum Beats 60bpm - 30 • Drum Beats 80bpm - 78 • Drum Beats 100bpm - 102 • Kicks - 49 • Tops - 9 • Snares - 36 • Claps - 22 • Percussion - 34 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Breaks • Glitch Hop • House • Minimal • Tech House

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 - Spire Bounce Presets
Spire Bounce PresetsZenhiserProgressive House, Presets / Patches2015-08-04

Zenhiser proudly presents a brand new collection of 100 presets designed exclusively for Reveal Sounds Spire synth. Focusing on the infectious Bounce sound which originated in Melbourne’s club culture, these synth presets will devastate your future tracks, guaranteed. Grabbing it’s influence from multiple genres including EDM, Electro House, Hardcore and older style off beat basslines means these Bounce preset sounds will suit a multitude of today’s tracks and styles. Spire Bounce Presets was created from the ground up, crafted to ensure the intense drive and pounding sound that is Melbourne Bounce is captured in every sound. Our producer team have held nothing back with these epic sonic monsters, expect every sound to rock anything from sweaty underground clubs to huge EDM festivals. Our producer chaps focused mainly on bass sounds to give Bounce tracks their essential pounding attack, then knuckled down to create lead presets in two areas, the classic Bounce sounds everyone knows and loves, plus a collection of leads you’ve never heard before, both will work perfectly lifting your tracks to new heights and making them shine brighter than any other tracks in a DJ set. Pads aren’t used too often in Melbourne Bounce so we just included a killer few but pluck sounds are a Bounce producer’s best friend. With that in mind there is 25 new snappy pluck sounds included to drive any dance floor crazy. So whether you’re a Melbourne Bounce enthusiast or aspiring producer in the EDM realm, these Spire presets are this year’s must have collection of basslines, leads and plucks! Specifications: • Bank File - 1 • Bass - 30 • Leads - 40 • Pads - 05 • Plucks - 25 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Trance

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 - Ibiza: Deep House Sunset
Ibiza: Deep House SunsetZenhiserHouse, Tech House2015-07-28

Veering towards the balearic island sound “Ibiza: Deep House Sunset” captures the beautiful deep sound that reverberates around exclusive bars as the sun glides into the sea. Designed for a more gentrified producer this Zenhiser collection is packed full of elusive basslines, mature chords, creative beats and seductive fx. “Ibiza: Deep House Sunset” stays true to it’s origins and with just over 1.1GB of loops and sounds it should keep your studio busy for a very long time. A lot of care and attention has been put into this sample pack, ensuring each Deep House loop has just right balance of seduction, groove, emotion and drive. As with most of our packs we’ve created an array of full loops to show exactly how the elements fit together, then separated each sound into their own dedicated audio file and supplied all ready to drop into your DAW for instant use. Mastering has been balanced perfectly to ensure each drum loop, bassline and chord loop will work perfectly with it’s numbered brother. We compiled “Ibiza: Deep House Sunset” to capture that endless summer vibe, that feeling of warmth, calmness and hedonistic beauty only Ibiza can delive, so with this in mind we couldn’t ask for a better month to release the pack. Now you can inject that summer flavour into your Deep House tracks for months to come and bring back those ingrained holiday vibes to future clubbers through any week of the year. Specifications: • Basslines - 60 • Chord Loops - 60 • Drum Beats - 240 • Full Loops - 60 • Vocoder & FX - 20

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 - Tech House Vs Techno
Tech House Vs TechnoZenhiserTechno, Tech House2015-07-21

Delve into the deep, sexy world of your dreams. Encounter intense basslines merged with tripped out chord loops whilst repetitive rhythms take your body & mind on a emotional journey through the worlds of Tech House, Minimal & Techno. We’ve been waiting a while for our producers to create a pack like this, “Tech House Vs Techno” blurs the line between these impressive genres, using truly analogue gear and hi end techniques ensures this sample pack is a masterclass in how to make rich, emotive Tech House & Techno tracks. Crammed full of fresh and inspirational loops “Tech House Vs Techno” is the closet thing you’ll get to having a big name producer co-writing your tracks. Combining all the main elements of your productions including basslines, drum beats, full loops, hits, fx and synth loops encapsulates the finest array of processed sounds that will cover all your wants and needs. Producers of House, Tech House, Minimal, Minimal Tech, Minimal Techno & Techno will find a huge array of expressive sounds within the Zenhiser pack. For ease of use all loops have been created at 125bpm allowing swappable parts for almost endless possibilities. As usual all files have key information contained within the filename, every sound within “Tech House Vs Techno” is 100% royalty free and mastered to 24-Bit Wav quality. We guarantee this pack will add additional warmth, depth and clarity to your next composition. So indulge yourself in this collection of deep chords, pulsating basslines, snappy beats and immersive FX. Specifications: • Basslines - 60 • Drum Beats - 180 • Full Loops - 60 • Hits & FX - 30 • Synth Loops - 120 *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • House • Minimal

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 - Strictly House Ad-Libs
Strictly House Ad-LibsZenhiserHouse, Vocal2015-07-14

Zenhiser presents an essential collection of vocal phrases, sounds and ad-libs to enhance your House tracks. Recorded in a truly prestigious studio these vocal samples will give your tracks identity whilst delivering the highest possible sound quality to cut through the mix. Drawing inspiration from classic House tracks and today’s many House sub genres “Strictly House Ad-Libs” is the explosive vocal samples your studio has been waiting for. Using both male and female vocalists ensures whatever the purpose of your next track we have you covered. All vocals include key information in the filename and each take was done at 124bpm to ensure ease of use for combining, layering and tweaking to your desire. The overall feel of “Strictly House Ad-Libs” is very professional, we wanted to deliver the virtual effect of using truly expressive singers in a high end studio without the cost incurred. After weeks in the studio and countless hours of vocal takes we believe we have created the optimum source of House vocals and sounds. Included in the pack is a plethora of oohs, aah, yeahs, hey’s and vocal phrases that will melt your heart. Think beyond the box we also took this pack one step further and delivered every vocal sample in both wet and dry versions, this allows the end user to either drop the vocals straight into their mix or chop, arrange, manipulate and process to their preference. So if you’re a House producer, whatever your sub genre, click the preview button now and get yourself ahead of the crowd. Specifications: • Vocals - Dry - 138 • Vocals - Wet - 138 *Other genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Minimal • Progressive House • Tech House • Trance

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 - Future House Drum Hits
Future House Drum HitsZenhiserHouse, Drums2015-07-07

It’s time to get your Summer thump on, stock up now on the latest Future House Drum hits and make sure your studio is ready for this year’s festival season. Future House is currently taking the world by storm, a fusion of House, Deep House & EDM makes this genre an immediate hit on nearly every dance floor and the first thing to cut through the mix with any Future House track is the drums. Tighter than your cheapest friend’s wallet and snappier than your Mum’s Tupperware collection these chunky and pumpin’ drum sounds will lead the way in your Future House tracks. Within “Future House Drum Hits” you can expect to find an incredible spread of noted kicks, hats, claps, snares, percussion, rides, crashes and drum fx. It’s the precise drum sounds you need for all forward thinking Future House tracks and also an inspiring collection for producers of alternative genres including House, Tech House, Progressive House, Techno, Trance, EDM and more. Produced by one of Future House’s leading composers ensures every drum sound within the pack is top notch, second to none, freakishly good and downright thumpy. All in, the pack contains 347 Future House drum sounds, everything from kicks designed to be gated through to drum fx that perfect any fill or drop. Each sound within the pack has been recorded in a high end studio, mastered to perfection using vintage outboard plus modern techniques, and is ready for you to use without any third party plug ins, simply drop and use, direct out of the Zenhiser box. We also recommend if you want to get super creative to try soaking snares in reverb, delays on hats, stack and merge multiple samples or even use your most twisted FX on the percussion sounds, the end result will definitely be worth the fun. So why not take “Future House Drum Hits” for a test spin, your studio will thank you in more ways than one! Specifications: • Kicks - 69 • Kicks (For Gated Use) -10 Hi Hats - 70 • Claps & Snares - 90 Percussion - 70 • Rides - 15 • Crashes - 07 • Drum FX - 16

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 - Oldskool Acid
Oldskool AcidZenhiserHouse, Techno2015-06-16

Thought your days of experimenting with Acid were over, well think again. We’ve delved deep and dark into the Oldskool Acid sound creating a collection of Acid House loops that would sit proud in any old Warehouse rave. Recently the world was re-introduced to the Acid House scene and it’s sounds just as squelchy, twisted and mind altering the second time round so Zenhiser had no choice but to document, refresh and rebuild the classic TB303 sound from the ground up. Taking inspiration from the classics of 1987 - 1989 “Oldskool Acid” delivers a basement sized pack of acid loops including plucky basslines, squelchy synth loops, techno fuelled saw lines, mind altering square pushing and some extra long stems to let filters and resonance shine. We haven’t cut any corners with this sample pack, we’ve gone back to where everything started, used the classic equipment from the late 80’s and supplied so many different acid lines your brain will probably be fried before even listening to the first 303 loop. As per always, info and bpm information is supplied with every filename, mastering is second to none and all you have to do is drop these samples in your favourite DAW for instant sonic trips. Please tread carefully with this pack as you may induce thought provoking emotions and twisted psychedelic visuals by looping any of these samples. We recommend informing a friend, family member or neighbour that you have just bought “Oldskool Acid” just in case you are not seen leaving the studio for the next 72 hours. Happy tripping, our music friends! Specifications: • Bass Loops - 50 loops • Drive Loops - 192 loops • Saw Loops - 168 loops • Square Loops - 179 loops • Stems - 15 stems Please note: The preview contains drum loops for illustrative purposes only *Other Genres that this package may be useful in: • Electro House • Minimal • Progressive House • Tech House