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Wolf-e-Wolf gives you the fundamentals of writing dubstep, trap, bass house, and halftime drum and bass while showcasing samples from his Alien Energy sample pack. To start, you'll get an introduction to sample selection and drum programming. Next, Wolf-e-Wolf will show you the basics of creating an impactful bassline that is the signature sound of modern bass music. With the core track in place, you'll see how to vary your sounds, expand your song's arrangement, and stay organized. Finally, Wolf-e-Wolf shows let's you hear the final track with all his variations in place. Purchase Wolf-e-Wolf's Alien Energy Sample Pack here:

produce Your first trance track

This tutorial video is designed to help you produce your first trance track in the style of Anjunabeats. As part of our Beats In School competition, we are offering one lucky person a chance to a one year long mentorship with the label as well as a load of other awesome prizes. All you need to do is create an original trance composition and submit it on our Mixcloud competition page. head to for more information.

produce Your first tech house track

Get started on producing your first tech house track with this video tutorial from our partners Point Blank Music School. Crafted in the sound of Yousef's Circus Recordings, this video offers a step by step guide to creating your first dance floor smash. Check it out!

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Stay tuned for more great video tutorials. Next up we will be helping you craft a Drum N Bass weapon in in partnership with Hospital Recordings. Check back soon!