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Getting Started Remixing

Watch how to get started remixing with Berklee Online's Erik Hawkins

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Beginner Tutorials

Getting familiar with Ableton Live.

This intro tutorial video is designed for novice producers that have never opened a DAW. (Hey, we all have to start somewhere.) In this first video, we walk you through the very basic steps of getting up-and-running making electronic music, installing Ableton, and opening up Mad Zach's exclusive deep house pack.

Intermediate Tutorials

Music producer Vincent Di Pasquale, from FaderPro shows how to get creative with chord progressions using Sounds To Sample's "Progressive House Bundle."

Advanced Tutorials

Mike Acosta from Beatport Sounds shares a quick tip on shaping your kick drum from mild low end enhancement to the aggressive big boom of current EDM tracks. All done within Logic Pro X using the stock Logic plug-ins and a little creativity.

Learn how to synthesise and program an arpeggiated synth part like the one in Avicii's Levels in this latest quickfire production masterclass from Marc Adamo.