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Berlin-based DJ producer Mad Zach showcases his ample production expertise with tips, tricks, and tutorials for beginner, intermediate, and advanced producers in this new video series proudly presented by Beatport. Discover everything you need to make tracks; from the very basics like loading up your first sample pack in Ableton, all the way to quantizing grooves and creating sample instruments with the loops and one-shots provided in Mad Zach’s new, exclusive sample pack.

Mad Zach's Lab: Deep House

Pick up Mad Zach's Deep House sample pack exclusively through Beatport Sounds here.

More Sound Packs

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Installing Ableton Live and the Deep House Project (Beginner)

This intro tutorial video is designed for novice producers that have never opened a DAW. (Hey, we all have to start somewhere.) In this first video, we walk you through the basic steps of getting up-and-running making electronic music, installing Ableton, and opening up Mad Zach's exclusive deep house pack.

Get Started Playing with Loops (Beginner)

This second tutorial video is also designed for first time producers that have never opened a DAW. Now that you’re up-and-running in Ableton with the pack, it’s time to trigger some loops and start having fun. Here, you'll get the rundown on how the loop clips work, and we'll show you how fun and easy it is to start making some cool sounds right off the bat, even if all you have is a mouse.

Building a track from Scratch (Intermediate)

Targeted towards more advanced users, our third easy-to-follow video teaches you step-by-step as Mad Zach builds a beat from scratch with his pack. Starting with just the beat, he walks you through synths, atmospheres, and even a breakdown. Along the way, you’ll explore how to record waveforms and turn them into sample instruments. This video also showcases an array of sampler synths featured in the pack.

Discover the Groove (Advanced)

Custom-made for all of you true music nerds and drum-machine aficionados, our fourth and final video spotlights how to add a bit of soul to your newly created groove. We dissect the "grooves" section within Ableton, and extract one of the original TR-909 shuffles. We’ll also teach you how to go "off grid,” draw in your own swing, and record in through MIDI controllers.